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Trying to get them to nap with you and fluffy stuff

y'all are constantly requesting sleep stuff r u tired
-he would be over at yours
-it would be like 5pm, he’d been at yours for 3 hours, but he would still be intently bent over a book he needed for a test tomorrow
-you’d come up behind him sitting on your bed and hug him from behind, resting your head on his back
-he’d smile and rest his hands on yours
-“hey, baby”
-“hey, c'mon, come nap with me. you’re stressing yourself out. you’re gonna get an A.”
-it wouldn’t exactly be hard to convince him; fall asleep for a little while with his gorgeous girlfriend or read some stupid book about a whale?
-he’d lazily half drape himself over you and kiss your hair before falling asleep
-dylan had really bad days sometimes. days when the weight of all the shit in his life-school, depression, social anxiety-just crushed down on him and even your company couldn’t lift his spirits
-you were currently over at his house, stroking his hair as he stared vacantly at the wall in front of him
-he was always willing to talk to you about what was bothering him, but it was tiring
-you noticed his eyes drooping closed and wrapped your hand gently around the back of his neck, his only acknowledgment being a slight head turn
-“let’s sleep for a while, dyl, c'mon. you’re not doing yourself any good staying awake.”
-he’d sigh deeply and make eye contact with you for the first time in an hour
-he’d lay down without saying anything and open the covers up for you, sighing almost imperceptibly in relief when you curled into his side
-“love you,” you’d whisper to him before you slept
-“i adore you”

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Dude if you're feeling sick you should definitely rest, you deserve it. But whatever you do I hope you get better soon!

You’re sweet, my dude, thanks. I’m probably gonna come straight home from school tomorrow and pass tf out until I need to leave for rock climbing, and I’m eating vitamin C tabs and multivitamins, along with dayquil, trying to get better. 

My mom might even make samgyetang for me, which I’m looking forward to because samgyetang is the best thing ever; I love being Korean.

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Ooh can I request a fluffy cuddling session with kasamatsu?? C:

Kasamatsu Yukio:

After long days, Kasamatsu liked to be held and comforted, wanting you to tell him that tomorrow would be better.

He rests his head on your chest, lying nearly on top of you on the couch as he sighs in frustration. No words need to be exchanged as you can basically read his mind at this point, his eyes clothing as you soothe him by running your fingers through his hair, and massaging his scalp to rid him of he headache he’s suffering from. He further buries his face in your chest until your scent is the only thing he can smell, eyes sliding shut as he feels the frustration from the day melt away.

When you hear his snoring you giggle, knowing that you had put him to sleep again; you preferred him asleep and resting on his long days, proud that he would come to you to relieve his tension over anyone else.


The stars twinkled in the clear night sky as you and your fiancée, no your husband, drove to the villa that the both of you would be spending a couple weeks at. The front windows of the car were rolled down and you stuck your right hand out the window to feel the fresh air. Your newly wed husband, Minseok, was driving the car, his left hand on the steering wheel and his right hand holding your left hand. His thumb was tracing circles on your hand and occasionally his thumb would brush against your wedding ring and you whenever he did, you could see from the corner of you eyes that he would smile.

During the drive Minseok seemed so relaxed, so cool, and so confident. His posture was tall, his shoulders were relaxed, and his grip on the steering wheel wasn’t intense. You liked to see him like this, but you also had to admit that he did look cute when he was nervous. You could remember as clear as day the first time Minseok was nervous around you; it was the day that he asked you to go on your first date together.  That day he was so nervous that you wanted to wrap your arms around him and give him a big hug. You could remember how he was stuttering and tripping over his words and how his gaze was shifting from side to side, never settling on you until you gave him a response. You remember how his innocent brown eyes sparkled in excitement when you said yes. The memory brought a smile to your face and it peeked Minseok’s curiosity.

“What are you thinking about?” he asked as he briefly turned to look at you. You turned your head to him and responded.

“Just thinking about the first time you asked me to go out on our first date,” you replied. “What are you thinking about?” you questioned. His question sparked your curiosity and you wanted to know what was causing him to smile. For a brief moment he brought his gaze back to the road to check for anything that he should be aware of. He brought the car to a stop at a red light and fixed his gaze on you.

“You. My beautiful wife,” he said. Even though you and Minseok had been together for quite a few years now, his comment still made you blush. You couldn’t believe that you were so fortunate to have met an amazing person such as Minseok and to be now married to him. He would always remind you though that he was the one who was lucky to have you in his life.

You knew that marriage wasn’t an easy thing and that you would both go through lots wonderful and difficult times together, but you were okay with that and so was Minseok. You were both ready to spend the rest of eternity together and you couldn’t wait to see what tomorrow would bring.

A/N: So I know that lately that I haven’t been posting requests, but I just want you all to know that I’m working on the last two drabbles from the drabble game and on the scenarios for the winners of our giveaway. The scenarios that I’ve been posting are just random things that I’ve written up so that I can keep the blog updated while I’m gone. Thank you so much for all of your support and patience. :) 

-Admin C

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Hi! I would like it if you would write a FrUK fanfiction based on how I met my best friend who roleplays France? England's friend, any country you'd like, was over and commented on how England needed to get more social skills so they said despite knowing that Arthur would hate it, they invited France over. of course Arthur pretended to hate this at first, but something about France made him go crazy. Once he left Arthur immediately asked if he would be coming back over and invited him every day

I am SO sorry this took FOREVER AND A HALF! I’ve been so busy! But! I never forgot! I hope it’s alright for you :P

Arthur refused to act anything short of indignant after Antonio had announced he had invited another one of his friends along to their movie night.

“You need to get out and meet more people, mi amigo,” he had said happily as Arthur scowled at the mere suggestion. He didn’t need more friends. He was on friendly terms with the cheery Spaniard and he had a couple of online friends he liked to game with; he didn’t need any more social interaction other than what was absolutely necessary.

“Why did you invite someone else along without consulting me first?” Arthur asked, crossing his arms over his chest and putting on his best ‘I am disappointed in you’ face. He had barely been coaxed out of the house to go to the movie at all, only bending to Antonio’s desires to not go to the theatre alone when he offered to pay for Arthur’s ticket.

“Because he needs to get out of the house just as much as you do,” Antonio laughed and shrugged, grinning as the two boys walked towards the theatre. “I am thinking that you two will get along,” he added, nudging Arthur in the arm.

“His social life is none of my concern,” Arthur said, nudging Antonio back, “what’s his name?”


“Oh bloody hell, Tonio, you didn’t invite the Francis Bonnefoy to our movie night did you? That bloody frog is the most detestable creature I have ever had the misfortune of meeting.”

“You know him?” Antonio paused, eyebrows high on his forehead. Arthur could not help but roll his eyes and sigh heavily; of course Arthur knew Francis, everyone knew Francis. He was one of the most popular boys in school and popular among the ladies. He was widely known as the school’s resident playboy and flirt.

“I can’t imagine why you think Francis needs to get out. I’m fairly certain he spends too much time getting out.” He held open the theatre door for his friend, his stomach turning in his gut. He didn’t want to spend the next two hours sitting beside Francis, he might have to make pleasant conversation before or after the movie. He would make Antonio sit between them. Antonio sighed.

“I have known Francis for a while now,” he said, fishing out his wallet and standing in line to buy tickets, “he is a different person once you get to know him. He’s not as confident as you might-” Arthur was not sorry that Antonio’s speech was cut short, he didn’t really care about all the lovely things Antonio would likely have to say about the French boy, as the very object of their discussion suddenly flounced up next to them.

“Antonio!” Francis practically sang, throwing his arms around his neck and laughing happily. “I have been waiting for ages for you to arrive. I thought you had abandoned me!” He turned and smiled at Arthur, who took a step back, not willing to be subjected to a similar greeting. “Hello,” was all he said, much to Arthur’s appreciation.

“Hi,” was all he said with a glare. He should never have let Antonio convince him to leave his house. He could be at home, raiding a dungeon online with Lukas and Vlad. He outwardly scoffed at the idea of being friends with someone like Francis.

“He’s a bit prickly on the outside,” Antonio said to Francis, handing over a debit card to pay for the movie tickets, “but he’s quite nice once you get to know him,” he threw a smirk over his shoulder at Arthur, then handed him his movie ticket.

“Why are you so prickly, Arthur?” Francis asked; he was smiling innocently enough, but his eyes had a mischievous glint to them that made Arthur’s stomach do a flip.

“Because.” Francis seemed to get the hint and busied himself chatting happily to Antonio as the three stood in line for popcorn and drinks. He continued to chat all the way until they were sliding into their seats, Arthur only noticing last minute that they were filing to sit down in the wrong order, Arthur first, then Francis, then Antonio.

“Shouldn’t we switch seats around? Why don’t you sit in the middle, Tonio?” He tried to correct the problem.

“Nah, mi amigo, I’m already sitting. Just sit down, it’s fine how it is.” Arthur grumbled and sat down, Francis gave him a sympathetic smile. He remained silent through the majority of the previews before finally leaning in towards Arthur to tell him something; he smelled like vanilla and lavender.

“I am sorry you are stuck sitting next to me,” he whispered, “I can ask Toni to switch with me if you are really uncomfortable.” Arthur was surprised by the gentleness in his tone, his eyes looking sincere in the gloom of the theatre, bright blue irises reflecting the preview on the screen and casting him in an eerie, flickering light. Arthur cleared his throat.

“No, that’s alright, this is fine.” Francis smiled and turned back to face the screen.

Arthur did not expect Francis to jump so much during tense moments, he briefly reached out and grabbed Arthur’s arm before hastily apologizing and curling in on himself while he refocused on the movie. Arthur kept glancing at him, enjoying the array of expressions on the French boy’s face as he was completely absorbed in the movie, feeling everything the characters were feeling on the screen. Arthur was more entertained watching Francis than the actual movie. Near the end he had only meant to glance at him, but openly stared when he noticed him wiping away what looked to be tears; Francis turned to him, quickly rubbing his eyes with the palms of his hand and laughing quietly.

“Just something in my eye,” he lied and Arthur smirked.

After the movie Antonio invited both of them back to his house to play some board games. Arthur could not help himself but agree to go along, secretly enjoying both of their company. During the walk, Arthur relentlessly teased Francis for crying during the movie.

“You are being mean!” Francis pouted, “you only noticed because you were staring at me the entire time!” Arthur bit down on his tongue and was silent the rest of the trip, scowling at the ground in front of his feet.

Antonio laughed, appearing between the two and circling his arms around both of their necks, knocking their heads together at his chest.

“I knew you two would get along!” He happily cried, squeezing both boys tight before releasing them.

“I’d hardly count this as getting along,” Arthur mumbled, rubbing his forehead and scowling at his friend…s.

Arthur did not mean to enjoy himself. He had tried very hard to hate every moment he spent with Francis. But there was something about him, something so very different than he had expected. In school, he was loud and charming, charismatic and confident. In an intimate gathering with just the three of them, he lapsed into contemplative silence, chewing on his bottom lip and coming off as quite shy. Arthur was so fascinated by this turn of events he simultaneously wanted to strangle him. Would the real Francis Bonnefoy please stand up?

It was quite late in the evening when Arthur finally stood from the table, announcing his intent to leave. There were only so many board games he could lose at, and it was quite tiresome listening to Antonio lord his wins over both his and Francis’ heads.

“One more round!” Antonio pleaded and Arthur shook his head.

“I have to walk home still, idiot,” he chided, helping pack away the game pieces. Francis hummed in thought and nodded, quietly agreeing that he should do the same.

Arthur thanked Antonio’s mother for having them over so late in the evening. He was sitting on the bottom stair of the landing putting on his shoes when Francis sat next to him. He tried to ignore the fact that he could smell him, that their shoulders were brushing together as Francis pulled on his fancy boots. Arthur caught himself slowing in his lace-tying, prolonging how long they were connected, then mentally gave himself a shake before quickly finishing his task and jumping to his feet. He called farewell to Antonio and his hand was on the door handle when there was a quiet, “ah, s'il vous plaît, can I walk with you?”

“Why?” Arthur turned to face him, ignoring the way his heart hammered in his chest when he saw the flushed and worried expression in Francis’ face.

“Company is always nice,” Francis said after a moment, offering a weak smile. Arthur heaved a sigh, unhappy at how happy he felt on the inside at the prospect of walking home with the annoying French boy. It was conflicting, confusing, and it was driving him crazy.

“Bye, boys!” Antonio called after them as they left his house.

“Where do you live?” Arthur asked, stuffing his hands into his coat pockets, trying not to look over at Francis and watch as he wound a soft-looking scarf around his neck. He gestured in the direction of Arthur’s house.

“I live over on Roanwood Avenue,” he said quietly, Arthur noticed him peeking through his hair at him. He cleared his throat.

“Oh, I live on Mapleton,” Arthur said, musing at how close their houses were. Strange, he had never run into him before. They fell into silence, the only noise was their shoes hitting the pavement. Arthur cleared his throat.

“Well, since we live so close an all,” he looked over at Francis who was watching him over his scarf, his eyes bright and expectant, “do you want to come over some–”

Oui! I would love to!” Francis laughed, pulling his scarf down a bit to reveal his grinning face. “Are you free tomorrow?”

“Oh, uh, yeah.”

Francis chatted happily the rest of the walk; Arthur’s house was first and he waved the the blonde boy as he climbed the steps to his front door.

“See you tomorrow!” Francis called as he continued down the street.

Arthur tried not to feel excited at the prospect of spending more time with Francis. He was so strange, though, it was hard not to look forward to observing him more. That was how he decided to look at it: a study of the French boy and comparison between different social settings. He nodded to himself, happy with the justification and squashing the butterflies stirring up in his stomach.

Arthur tried not to enjoy himself when he spent time with Francis. But, how was he to stop himself from hiding smiles at Francis’ strange antics. He tried so hard not to be interested in everything that Francis was – he found himself asking questions, slowly discovering everything he could about the strange French boy. He tried to stop himself from inviting Francis to come over, again and again… He could not get enough of him, despite the fact that they argued bitterly at times, he was so interesting and beautiful.

Arthur tried even harder to ignore the fact that he found himself attracted to Francis.

Cher, you are staring at me, again,” Francis had the audacity to giggle when he said this, reaching over and poking Arthur in the nose. “I’m going to start thinking you like me if you keep that up!”

“Like I could ever like you like that, frog,” Arthur spat, quickly turning away to hide his blushing face.

“Don’t be like that, rosbif. Come, let’s finish this homework quickly, I need to get home for dinner tonight.”

“Oh,” Arthur turned, forgetting his previous embarrassment, “you can’t stay for dinner tonight?” Francis smiled, shrugging and shaking his head.

“I cannot eat here every night. You could always come home with me, instead? Ma mère keeps asking who this person I spend all my time with is,” he chuckled, bending back over his textbook. Arthur felt the ‘oh’ on his lips but hesitated when Francis kept speaking. “She says I must like them an awful lot if I frequently miss her home-cooked meals for British food.”

“Do you?”

Pardon?” Francis looked up, blue eyes wide and shining. Arthur cleared his throat, absently wondering why he had asked such a thing, his courage was quickly dissipating.

“Do you like this person an awful lot?”

“I…” Francis tilted his head, not breaking eye contact as he thought about this, chewing on his bottom lip and Arthur’s heart rate picked up making him feel light in the head. “I do,” Francis said at last, “he is an idiot and terribly grumpy at times, but he is very cute when he thinks he’s hiding his blush and when he thinks he looks away in time for me not to notice him staring.” The breath hitched in Arthur’s chest.

“He, ahm,” he cleared his throat, “he likes you too.” Francis laughed.

“I am glad! So does that mean you will be coming to dinner?” Arthur choked, suddenly furious and he half rose to his feet, but a wink from Francis sent him back to sitting.

“Yes, I’ll come to dinner.”

On the short walk to Francis’ house, Arthur asked him to clarify “like how? Like like?” His response was Francis stopping, grabbing Arthur’s shoulders and placing a brief, warm kiss to his cheek. Francis laughed and skipped away, calling for Arthur to hurry up as he stood there stunned, hand against his cheek and heart pounding in his chest.