and the rest of her face

He’s mapped out every freckle on her skin, the distances and angles between them as familiar to him as the constellations are to an astronomer. The soft dip between her shoulder blades holds a tiny mole, almost microscopic. It’s something she hates: she feels like it ruins the plane of her back, that it stands out and draws attention. But he loves it. To him, it’s the sun the rest of her freckles revolve around.

The first time he kisses it, mouth closing over the skin in quiet adoration, she lets out a low gasp and tilts her head backwards. His hands slip lower down her waist, thumbs tucking into the top of her jeans, the tips of his fingers resting over her hip bones. With her back pressed into his chest and his arms containing her, Jughead feels like he could define her very shape at that moment.

Betty twists herself around so that she’s facing him. Her eyes are full of unspoken things and he slowly intertwines their palms and lowers her so that she’s lying on her back, surrounded by her fluffy pillows.

“My mom will be home soon,” Betty whispers as Jughead leans in to kiss the spot just under her ear.

“I know,” he replies, catching her lips with his and kissing her so gently she feels like her soul might break. When he pulls away, his eyes are so sincere, her heart feels full. She raises a hand to his face and traces his cheekbones with a fingertip.

“Juggie –“ she starts, her breath catching with the weight of what she’s about to say. It’s not like she’s never said it before. She has. To Archie. To Veronica. To her parents. Even to Polly. But this time it’s different, this time it means more than it ever has.

“Juggie, I love you.”

Jughead’s face breaks into a smile so genuine and happy that she can’t help but pull him in for another kiss.

“I love you too, Betts,” he breathes against her mouth, repeating it with each kiss he trails down her neck while she tries to stop herself from smiling madly by biting down on her lip.

And at that moment, in the waning afternoon sun lighting up the soft waves of Jughead’s hair and his safe presence enveloping her, Betty knew that she’d found something she never wanted to lose.

for @this-too-too-sullied-flesh who wanted the first cs dinner party (with bonus if it’s an engagement announcement) 


“We have enough food, right?”

Next to her, Killian mumbles incoherently, shifting his arm to rest more comfortably. He’s barely awake, his face still in his pillow, but Emma has been up for nearly an hour, and this freaking dinner party is going to drive her insane.

“Did you pick up that bottle of scotch for my dad? I finished the one we had last night, and–”

Killian is apparently awake enough to kiss her, his lips firm against hers as he slides across the mattress to settle between her thighs. He’s warm, his skin radiating heat from sleep, and when he pulls back enough to blink blearily at her, it’s with a soft smile. “Relax, darling. I’ve got it all sorted as you asked.”

“But everyone is coming over tonight, and–”

“And if we served them moldy bread and rotten fish, they wouldn’t even notice.”

His accent is thicker when he’s still half-asleep, or maybe it’s the underlying emotion as he reaches for her hand, the newly-placed ring shining in the early morning light. He rubs his thumb against the metal, and their eyes catch, and it hits her all over again.

They’re engaged. Emma Swan, the sad little lost girl with no home is going to marry the love of her life – the true love of her life.

But first they have to tell everyone, and she doesn’t know why she’s so nervous. Her father likes Killian. Her mother will be thrilled. Regina will say something snarky, and then probably get her some extravagant gift she doesn’t need. And Henry…well, Henry probably had something to do with the proposal in the first place since he rather conveniently stayed at a friend’s house last night.

“We’re not serving moldy anything, love.” Killian is looking at her with a faint amount of concern when she glances up, his voice pulling her from her thoughts. “Roast chicken, with–”

It’s Emma’s turn to shut him up with a kiss, a needy thing that has her gripping his shoulders to pull him closer. Who is she kidding? Killian has had this all planned. The dinner party was arranged a week ago – wouldn’t it be nice to have everyone over for Sunday dinner now that I’ve properly moved in and we’ve a moment’s peace? – and there he was last night, asking her to marry him.

He probably knew she’d never be able to keep it a secret, and if she’s honest, Emma likes that he was so sure of her answer that he already made a plan to tell everyone before he’d even asked the question.

Which is why she decides that worrying about the menu is probably not the best use of her time when they’ve got the house to themselves, and Killian’s bare skin is on hers. He must be of a similar mind, his hips grinding against hers as the kiss deepens as his fingers dance along her waist and up over her ribs.

It’s a pleasant way to pass the morning, and in the end, it turns out the Emma really shouldn’t have worried about anything. The moment her parents walk through the door, Mary Margaret zeros in on her left hand, nudging David before he’s even started to take off his coat.

“I was right. Pay up.”

anonymous asked:

Highschool blurb where dan and reader are on the school bus and dan fingers her?


- plopping down next to your boyfriend dan after a long day, calculus homework and deadlines flooding your thoughts as you rub your temples

- “you okay baby?” he asks, his curly hair framing his lovely face as he looks to you in concern

- you nod, mumbling a quick “stressed” before closing your eyes and resting your head on his shoulder, your backpack on your lap

- after the bus starts moving away from your hellish high school you hear dan chuckle to himself, placing his hand on your bare thigh, as your skirt had ridden up your leg from sitting and massaging it softly which makes your stomach flood with butterflies and you clenched your thighs together as an attempt to avoid becoming turned on

- dan tracing his nails in patterns, his fingers going higher on your leg with his new found confidence as your squirm, feeling yourself become more turned on by the second

- unknowingly to you, dan watched over your sleepy body with a smirk, watching as you squirm from his contact before leaning over to your ear and kissing your neck softly

- “you wants a stress reliever babe?” he whispers and your face goes pink and you shy away and whisper a quick “we are on a bus dan!”

- “guess you’ll have to keep quiet then, hmm?”

- dans fingers slipping up your skirt and tracing patterns over your *soaking* panties as you inhale sharply

- dan sliding them aside, gently pushing in one of his long digits, looking to you to make sure you were okay to see you already panting with sweat droplets forming at your hairline

- dan forming a steady pace with one finger before sliding in another, grinning as he covered your body with the bag so the people sitting in the row beside you wouldn’t see his ungodly actions

- “dan, im close!” you whimper as he smiles, “keep quiet baby.”

- as you come, your toes curl and your vision goes dark, a combination of pleasure and thrill from your very public actions as you moan out a muffled “oh god” and the whole bus turns around

- “wasn’t me!” dan giggles, his hands in the air as if he were defending his innocence as the bus driver glares at you two

- “i told you to be quiet baby,” he whispers to you as you blush a bright red shade, not being able to believe that your boyfriend just make you come in front of all your classmates

- “damn you howell.”


- the bus driver pulling up to dans stop as he kisses you quickly before standing up, just then realizing his semi. mumbling a quick fuck, he darts out of the bus, flipping you off with a grin as he hides himself by his front door.

This woman around my age (20s) came up to my register and before I started the transaction, she picked up one of her things and said she wanted it left out.

I thought it was kinda weird cause it was like an instant steam veggie pack but I’m a cashier… people are weird… nothing phases me anymore. So I say ok.

And people leave things out a lot to begin with… heck I’ll even ask them. “Do you want your drink/snack/chapstick/small item left out or do you want it in a bag?”

So nothing weird there at all despite what the actual item was and even then like… whatever, don’t care.

Anyways, I scan things and I scan the package, and place it in front of her on the counter and bag the rest of her things. Let it also be known that we have a large monitor that faces the customer at our registers, so they can see what’s being rung up and the price.

Well, she pays and everything is fine, but when she starts walking away I see she’s forgotten her veggie packet. So I say, “m'am, don’t forget this!”

She turns around and says she didn’t want it.

It was anticlimactic because I apologized like 3 times and she said it was fine and just ended up taking it. I feel really bad… but I also feel like it’s not my fault.

There were so many opportunities to see that I misunderstood her and to clarify… starting with saying “I decided I don’t want this.” Instead of telling me to leave it out? Idk.

It honestly wasn’t that big of a deal but something that I kinda felt bad but mostly confused about. Please, be clear and pay attention to what’s going on when you’re checking out if you can!

“A Soul for a Soul: a new hope”

Arrow Season 5 spec fic

Word count: 1414

gif source

Rating: Teen

Summary: Based on the new info released for episode 5x16, this fic involves what Helix may ask Felicity to do, and why she’s willing to do it. It also involves who I think may be responsible for leaking the cover up of Malone’s death, and it’s not who most think.

A Soul for a Soul: a new hope

“How did we get here?”

His words are loud and abrasive…meant to intimidate her, but the vacuumed silence that follows is so much more deafening.

She can hear his feet shuffle against the floor, perhaps taking a step closer. She doesn’t know. Her eyes have been closed for a while now, blocking the outside world. She’s not ready to open them and see the look of disdain on his face. By now the rest of the team has filled him in on what she did to stop the impeachment hearings, to clear his name.

The answer to his question is simple, but one she’s not sure he’s ready or willing to hear.

A deflated sigh breaks the silence before he asks her again, this time more softly, his voice desperate and laced with confusion.

“Felicity…how did we get here?”

Now that question is different. She’s not sure if she could ever fit the pieces back together and make sense of how things had unraveled so much. Their story is a complicated one.

Another minute passes before she turns her head, her cheek rubbing against the starchy fabric. She opens her eyes and the world is sideways. She sees him several feet away, his hands clinging to the metal bars separating the two of them.

She’s surprised to see fear and concern in his eyes…and sadness. But no disgust or loathing.

Sitting up slowly from the cot, she adjusts her glasses on her nose. Her following joke falls flat.

“Well, you know me. I binge watched every season of ‘Orange is the New Black’. Thought hey, let’s see what all the fuss is about.”

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Lafayette x Reader

And since they are indeed open, something cute maybe where Lafayette and the reader are already dating and the reader wears glasses and one day loses their contacts so they have to actually wear glasses and Laf thinks it’s super cute 

“Where are they!” you cried as you frantically searched your room for your pair of contacts. You thought that they would be on your dresser, but you couldn’t find them anywhere.

“Dammit,” you growled, trying to accept your fate of having to wear glasses for the rest of the day.

You really hated wearing your glasses, they were too big for your face and they made your skin feel oily.

Worst of all you were afraid of how people would react. You hadn’t worn your glasses out in public in a long time. And you would see Lafayette today, they guy that you had a gigantic crush on.


“Don’t worry Y/N,” your roommate Maria said as she and her girlfriend Eliza were lounging on the couch. “You look just fine.”

“Those glasses are adorable Y/N! I wouldn’t be surprised if Lafayette passed out from how cute you look!” Eliza giggled.

You blushed and mumbled a thank you.

“I’ll see you guys later,” you said, walking out the door.

You kept your head down as you continued to walk down the path to your next class.

“Y/N!” a voice called from behind you. It was Lafayette, you gave wave to him and then turned around and kept walking.

“What’s up Y/N?” he asked you as he caught up with you, out of breath.

“Not much,” you mumbled. “Just making my way to class.

“Is everything okay Y/N?” he asked concerned. You nodded but kept walking.

“Y/N,” he replied, grabbing your arm to stop you from going anywhere. “What’s going on?”

You sighed, giving in and letting him look at your face. His jaw dropped and his eyes widened. He let go of your arm and took a step back.

“I just have to wear my glasses today. I don’t like them, I’m very insecure. They make me look funny.”

He shook his head.

“Y/N, you look great what are you talking about?”

You blinked.


“You look positively adorable in those glasses!” he laughed, squishing your face.

You started blushing again, unable to control your emotions.

“Thanks Laf… that really means alot to me.”

He gave you a small side hug and quickly gave you a peck on the forehead.

“I gotta get to class Laf, I’ll see you afterwards okay?”

He nodded and you continued your way to class, keeping your head up this time.

Lafayette keep standing there, watching you walk off.

“They’re so cute.”

A Friendly Suggestion

Summary: Lucy bumps into Cana at a café and girl talk ensues.  NaLu Drabble. 

Prompt: A Sex and the City episode. 


“I don’t know what to do Cana,” Lucy sighed, that’s all she seemed to be doing recently. Sighing. “Natsu’s in one those moods.”

“The ‘I just gotta’ relax’ mood?” Cana stirred her late, leaning forward to rest her chin on her hand.

“Yes, but it’s more than just missions, you know?” Staring down at her mocha, Lucy refused to make eye contact.

“No. I don’t know.” She didn’t need to look up to predict Cana had an all-knowing smirk on her face.

“You’re really going to make me say it.”


“You’re evil.”

“I know.” At Cana’s chirped response, Lucy groaned.

“He’s not…initiating.” Whispering so low she could barely hear herself, her cheeks turning the same shade as her heart earrings.

“Wow, that doesn’t sound like Natsu.”

“I know.”

“And you want to?”

“Well, yes.” She squeaked, fascinated by the swirling froth that topped a mocha.

“Lucy,” Cana said, holding her chin up, “you gotta’ take the initiative, make him pay attention!”


“Make it so he can’t look at anything else but you” Cana’s hand swept downwards, drawing her attention to her body “And nobody said you can’t play dirty”

“What do you mean?” Lucy had never seen a more devilish look on her companion’s face as she grabbed something out of her shopping bags. Now she was worried. Opening her hand with enthusiasm, Lucy could have died of embarrassment at her solution.

“Fake nipples!”

“Cana inside voice please,” She said, nearly pulling a muscle in her neck as she surveyed the room for eavesdroppers, “And, there is no way I am wearing those!”

“You never know until you try. He won’t be able to take his eyes off them.” Cana’s sing-song retorts were really grating on her nerves.

Not going to happen.”

“Of course,” Cana replied, shrugging as she continued sipping her beverage. 

Later, after placing her bags on the kitchen counter. Lucy located the previously discussed props stuffed in her handbag. No wonder her friend had looked so amiable when saying goodbye. Cana was always giving her a push to discover unchartered territory, especially in matters of the bedroom.  


Will Lucy try them? Do they work? 

Who knows…what do you think? ;)

Girlfriend Hyeri

This is an old request so I’m sorry about that but I’m fine, ty! how are you? and sorry once again for taking so long to get to this! TTvTT

Originally posted by mondayblueberry

  • dating this nerd will be an adventure, that’s for sure
  • she’s the type of rude individual to wake you in the morning with tickles and laugh so hard that her sides hurt
  • but her kisses and morning coffee make up for it
  • constant skinship
  • likes to always be linked to you, whether it’s sitting apart but sharing earbuds or resting her legs over yours or holding hands
  • if she’s eating something tasty she’s like “babe!!! omg you HAVE to try this!!” and makes the cutest expression, brows raised, while thrusting the spoon in your face, hand cupped beneath to catch any crumbs
  • tries to be cute one Valentine’s, throws on an adorable “Kiss the Chef” apron and bakes you cookies
  • well
  • she tries to
  • they’re a little burnt but she looks so damn cute in her apron after working so hard and stressing about the measurements that you can’t look into those doe eyes and say anything other than “MMMM so good! why haven’t you made cookies before?”
  • and her face lights up so cute before shyly looking away “well, I added my own little touch to make them special”
  • (you don’t need to ask what the “special touch” is)
  • (you can taste it)
  • (there’s so much sugar in the cookie)
  • (it didn’t dissolve properly and crunches under your teeth)
  • “ooh, aren’t you gonna tell? or is that the Chef’s special secret?”

Originally posted by daisynous

  • and she taps the side of her nose, hobbling over to bury herself against your side. “I made lots so make sure to eat them all. if you want more then I can make more!” she’s so happy at having made you happy and promises to try make you more things
  • she shows her love in ways like that, by cooking or coming home with your fav movies to watch
  • if your clothes are missing, don’t worry, they’re not lost, Hyeri probably took ‘em
  • and no offense to you but she looks SO good in 'em
  • like, you’ll never rock anything as good as Hyeri
  • even in a tattered shirt, she looks runway ready
  • buys drinks and orders two straws so you can share
  • same for buying some food but asking for an extra fork
  • she’s all about sharing actually
  • there’s no boundaries in the relationship
  • she has no shame in using your things and if you try asking “babe, can I - ” she’s already like “you know you can use that, there’s no need to ask!!! how could I not share with my jagi?!?!”
  • would share a toothbrush if you wanted
  • even poops with the door open bc like ?? why not?? you’re dating?? and everyone? poops?? so?? what’s the big deal?
  • the other girls think you’re gross sometimes
  • like, if you needed to get rid of some gum, Hyeri would hold it for you or something like that and they’re “EEEWWWW"ing so loudly
  • she says cheesy things that you not so secretly love
  • "I would swim across the galaxy for you”
  • “but … there’s no oxygen? you’d die?”
  • in essence, despite your ages, it’s almost a young, puppy kind of love. she knows when to be mature but for the most part, the relationship is fun and bubbly and filled with laughter. you’re big children essentially, that hold hands a lot and eat all the time and sometimes you get to touch her butt

if you follow me you should already know 1) that I have very little patience for bad and dangerous opinions about ~~urban blight or whatever and I expect you to operate at a higher level and 2) I am from Flint and the water crisis impacted me directly and is continuing to impact me directly, and not only because I am faced with the reality that my hometown, that I always imagined myself returning to, is being absolutely gutted even more than ever, it’s being treated by so-called allies as unsalvageable and whenever I open my mouth about it I’m reminded that in the Era of Trump the REST of America Has Problems Now and I Should Step Back, I mean also because I maybe lost my only actual family as a consequence of it and it’s impossible to even get any answers about what happened to her because, in part, local hospitals maybe-intentionally dragged their feet in testing for a virus they knew they were seeing an outbreak of with because it could implicate them, so now… there is probably no record of what happened and I’m forever in limbo about it meanwhile I have people asking me dumb insulting shit about my pathetic hometown nonstop while also sassing me to get attention because There’s Unclean Water Everywhere Sweetie, why do I have to do this SO MUCH

anonymous asked:

Notice how everyone just rug swept the fact that Boruto cheated? Maybe he will become a ninja like Sasuke in the sense that he can do anything he wants, no matter how shitty, with no repercussions.

You have just slain me with this ask God bless. 

And that was my main beef with the Boruto movie in general. Like Boruto…….was not a good ninja? I’m not even just talking about the cheating, I’m talking about his base set of skills to begin with. He had to cheat because basically every other genin in that exam would have whooped his ass if he didn’t. And then when he’s #exposed Sasuke invites him on a high risk mission to save Naruto with the rest of the kage even though not five minutes prior he proved himself to be extremely under qualified - to the point that if kept in character he should have been a huge liability. Manga magic kicks in and out of nowhere he’s worth his salt as a ninja and defeats whats her name and whose his face, despite not earning that skill upgrade at all. When he gets back NO ONE even brings up the cheating again and acts like he’s totally redeemed himself even though he should have apologized to Shikadai and acknowledged that he beat him fair and square. And then God AND THEN Shinki goes on some self deprecating brood-sess ruminating on how jealous he is of Boruto for helping defeat the big bads as if to further drive home to the reader that “boruto is super great and amazing! What a guy!”. To round it all off Boruto gets some self aggrandizing speech about how he’s gonna make the choice not to be Hokage so he can play the support role and protect Sarada when 1.) He couldn’t be hokage even if he tried as he lacks the natural talent and inclination and 2.) Sarada’s left thumb could provide better protection than mr cheater mc cheatison on his best day. 

This isn’t even supposed to be a Boruto roast session, he’s fine as a character in theory but the writers are casting the sasuke syndrome spell over him where he never earns anything he has, never faces any consequences, and somehow gets rewarded by both the narrative and the characters within the narrative for being mediocre and underwhelming. Bye. 

Commander Thexan: One More Night

Art inspiration found here.

It was probably our last day of happiness. We stole moments here and there since then, certainly, but there was always sadness, rage, and tragedy following us. It has been hard, and we have lost much, but we faced it together. That matters more than all the rest.

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Driver - Little Red Part 7

Driver - Little Red Part 7

Warning: Cussing. Smut

Chapter 12


I lay there, smiling as I watch my little red sleep. She seems to peaceful, so innocent. A course, I knew she was anything but innocent. Finally, after all these years of searching, I found someone, like me. 

She let out a soft sigh and rolled of my chest. I lean over, brushing her hair away from her face and kissing her cheek. I moved her off my arm and quietly got out of bed.

 I grabbed my pants and headed downstairs. I gather up the rest of my clothes and put them on. I looked at the bodies that were on the floor and shook my head. We got caught up with our need for each other, that we forgot about the bodies.

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This one is the weirdest thing I had to do so far. I didn’t even want to post it - I had to take something like ten days more or less to think if it was worth being shown. At least the prevailing idea was “Fuck… yeah, let’s give it a try”. So there it is.
It was requested by my delightful friend @nickrhodeslittledarling as a help for a commission she was working on. It’s a prospective study on the position of three characters I just received some clues about - stance, faces, dresses and the first drawings made by her (she’s already a GOOOOD artist and the whole characters’ design is stuff of her own… I simply had to copy and rework it, which makes my artwork even less effective than how it looks. Well, honesty comes first.). That’s all I know about it. For the rest, I can’t really tell why or what I drew this one for - except the favour, of course. This uncommon bunch of guys, their ethnic costumes - japanese, viking and egyptian - their mysterious relationship (I can’t imagine what they could possibly have in common… Bof.)… it still remains a riddle to me. At a first look, I could even guess it’s something conceived in a World Heroes’ fashion (those who love retrogaming like me know that SNK masterpiece and what I’m referring to), otherwise, even after a couple of weeks since I did it, nothing better comes to my mind.
However, it doesn’t matter what I may think of it. I just hope this drawing of mine, a little more than a doodle and a little less than a complete sketch, was of any help to my friend.
See ya and wait for a new, improvised, bizarre special request!

ari’s eyebrows got no business being that light ebcause if they were trying to make her look more ghostly theres no point making them that light if theyre not gonna do the same to the rest of the face like her lipstick

thinking about all the good carrie left behind. her wonderful daughter, all the girls and women who were and are inspired by her strength, all her books and gift with words, her unmatched self-awareness and humor, facing mental illness and addiction and dedicating her life to helping others recover. she lived the fullest life in her short time with us and was truly one of brightest lights in our galaxy. rest in peace, carrie, knowing your legacy will live on.