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aquadoozy  asked:

Hi! Hoping to request an dangerous death defying dramatic Soryu fic? With lil Soryu babies or still preggo? (Yes I'm a sadist lol) Thank you!


MC x Soryu

Note: Omg I am so pumped for this one like angst my thing! I did a headcon kinda like this if you wanna check it out! I wanted to make somehting a’lil different and aquadoozy said she liked it so here it is don’t kill me for never posting gosh im horrible.

A lazy Sunday afternoon. The birds were chirping and the sun shinning down. Nothing seemed to go wrong.

You and Soryu were driving to the hospital, youR hand resting on the swell of your stomach, for your six month check up to see how the baby was doing.

You both were over the moon about your pregnancy. You can still remember the tears and laughter as you broke the news. The happiest day of your life besides your marriage. 

Looking out the window you watched the scenery pass by. The tall trees, the houses and buildings. Life couldn’t get any better.

Since the pregnancy, Soryu has taken it upon himself to up the protection around you. Either having Inui or Samejima be with you at all times when he could not, and making sure you were staying with one of the guys when he was away since you had taken a maternity leave since the pregnancy. You thought it was sweet at first, but over time the constant pestering left you feeling bitter as right now you both were in a argument with each other.

You finally convinced him that you didn’t need Inui to come with you both to the hospital, and he was mumbling about protection and your safety the whole way to the hospital. But this was it. This was the day you found out if you were having a boy or a girl, and you wanted the moment to be between you both.

“Soryu I-” You began to explain, when the car got hit from behind, sending you flying into your seatbelt, a grunt leaving your lips, “Aaarg!” 

Soryu’s hands instantly went to keeping you in your seat as he flew into the steering wheel, head banging on the wheel as he winced in pain, “Are you ok!? The baby-”

“I’m fine.” You reassured, rubbing your hands on your stomach to prove you and the baby were just fine, “But who hit us fr-Soryu!” Before you could continue another car was coming from the side, straight for you at full speed.

You both had not time to react, and were hit side on by another car. You car flipped and rolled a little ways away from where it once was parked. During the hit you and Soryu’s seatbelt were unlocked, and the crash sent you both flying out of the windshield. 

Laying on the ground you couldn’t see anything. You felt the shards of glass in your arms and the cut and bruises all over your body. You head felt to heavy to lift up as you saw people running over to you. Help….maybe?

“We got them sir.” A man said into a phone.

“Awe shit the girl was pregnant.” Another said.

“That baby didn’t make it.” One added.

“Fucking shit!” The same man on the phone yelled.

The bent down to look into your face, “Hey doll listen, this wasn’t about you, it was about Soryu Oh. You just happened to be collateral damage.” He said, before pulling away and pointing his gun at you, “You wouldn’t make it to the hospital anyways.” 

You wondered where Soryu was. Who were these people? Why were they attacking you and him? Was he ok? You felt like such a idiot saying you didn’t need protection as you felt tears from frustration and pain sting your eyes. 


Soryu watched, unable to move, as they killed you in front of his eyes. He was helpless as he laid in the pile of glass the scattered across the pavement as you were taken away from him. And there was nothing he could do about it.

“Hey,” The man said, turning to face Soryu, “Sorry about your wife. We thought you were in the car alone. Life sucks sometimes right?” He asked, a crooked smile on his face as he pointed the gun to Soryu and locked it back.

He didn’t care anymore. He didn’t care about revenge, his men would get it. He didn’t care about living a life without you. He didn’t care who watched on now as he looked the man straight in the eye, hoping, pleading, that he would pull the damn trigger.