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13 Days of Outlander - Day 4  La Dame Blanche

One of the busiest episodes of the season, La Dame Blanche wastes no time with it’s frantic pace. 

Favorite Costume: the purple and red embroidered jacket. It’s a striking color combination that could have been awful but ended up working beautifully. And I absolutely love the way the colors seem to shift drastically depending on the lighting in the scene.
Honorable Mention: Louise’s red dress for the dinner party (see a little further down). A bit more ostentatious than Claire’s infamous red dress with a great many more ruffles and bows, Louise easily could have borrowed Claire’s shoes for the evening. 

Favorite Minor Character: Louise. Though she has mostly been used for comedic effect, in La Dame Blanche we see a more serious side to Louise as she seeks Claire’s assistance and advice over what to do about her recently discovered pregnancy. Listening to the way she talks about her situation brings home the fact that, while Louise can be shallow she is by no means blind or impractical. Then there is Louise at the dinner party with the recently jilted Charles (she is totally winning that breakup). 

Favorite Jamie and Claire Moment, Favorite Book to Screen Adaptation, Favorite Scene, Favorite Performance, Favorite “That’s not in the book” Part, Favorite Location: Jamie and Claire’s fight and reconciliation. Okay, this is a long back-to-back scene/sequence but it is the very heart of the episode and has SO MUCH GOING ON. It manages to be both my favorite Book to Screen moment and “That’s not in the book” moment because so much of the material comes from Outlander rather than Dragonfly in Amber. The blending of the text from both books is seamless and plays into the way they’ve changed Jamie’s recovery, drawing much of his emotional and mental healing from the Abbey into Paris and having the stresses of their self-assigned mission play into the stress that recovery has on their relationship. Favorite Performance goes to Sam Heughan for the delivery of that scene alone. The emotional complexity of what Jamie is going through and trying to understand how and why he is able to come to Claire physically where he had been struggling so much is incredible. 

And yes, this all counts as one looooong scene because there is no real pause or break between the two, only a change of set to my Favorite Location of the episode: the blue daybed. I fell in love with that set in the promo pictures mostly because of the blue cushions and bedclothes. And once Jamie and Claire have reconnected physically, we get another few lines from Outlander with Jamie’s reference to the lean-to with its roof for keeping out the rain in what is my Favorite Jamie and Claire Moment. 

Favorite Line: “We take what God sends us. Still the bulk of our physicians are better than nothing… You, Madame, are a great deal better than nothing.” Have I mentioned how much I love Mother Hildegarde? It’s pretty much her only scene in the entire episode and it is such a wonderful moment between her and Claire. 

Favorite Music Moment: the dinner party disintegrates into a fight. I think my favorite part of the whole sequence and why it is my Favorite Music Moment in the episode has to do with the fact that the music shifts and becomes a little more Scottish when Murtagh joins the fray. (Also whoever it was who did a re-edit of this scene with the Benny Hill theme way back when the episode first aired is my hero)

i had a dream about robert and aaron being dads last night so i’ve literally just woken up and decided to write it out

just a small drabble for @sugdens-robert because i know you were wanting daddy!robron


Robert barely heard the little voice call from the living room over the singsong of the cartoon playing on the TV, but he did see two hands shoot up into eyesight from the couch, gently waving a plate for Robert to grab. Shutting his laptop, he drank the last of the dregs of his coffee as he stood, laughing at the impatient “Daddy!” that called from the couch, the waving turning into small bounces.

Taking the plate, he reached down to grab the remote, cutting off Daniel Tiger’s song about hand washing or bath time, whatever it was. “Alright then, you’ve got five minutes to get dressed before we go,” Robert said as he made his way back to the kitchen, trying his best not to but still managing to touch something sticky that was likely – hopefully, please God let that just be – jam, but with children, you never really knew.

He heard Riley scoot off the couch and run into his room as Robert dumped the plates into the sink unceremoniously. 

There’s a lot of things people don’t tell you about having kids, one of them being trading your nice ceramics and glassware for plastic plates and cups in bright neon colors with animals printed on them. Not exactly the household Robert had had in mind, but it did make cleanup easier, which was everything he needed at the moment.

“No!” he heard Riley yell as he gave a high-pitched giggle that sounded much more like a scream. Following the sound to Riley’s room, he leaned against the doorway, taking in the sight. 

Riley was mostly dressed, spinning around in circles as he tried to get his arm into the sleeve of his jacket. He was in an awful orange and red striped shirt that Robert certainly didn’t remember buying him, bright blue shorts, and mismatched socks, his frustration with his jacket visibly growing as he huffed and paused, pouting into his mirror at his reflection.

Better than that, though, was Aaron who was also watching the scene with his hands on his hips and water all down the front of his shirt. Robert made his way over to him, putting his hands over Aaron’s on his hips, assessing him. Before he could even ask, Aaron pulled one hand away to point at Riley.

“This one decided it would be hilarious to pretend to be a fountain. Spit all of his rinse water onto me, didn’t you?” He directed the question back to Riley whose laughter took over his face, his smile pushing his eyes into a squint. Aaron always said Riley learned his smug smile from Robert, but his genuine laugh? Every single feature of that was Aaron, from his cheeks to his sense of humor, and Robert couldn’t believe how he much he loved them both more and more every day.

“What on earth is he wearing?” Robert asked as he shook himself from his thoughts, letting go of Aaron’s waist so that he could grab another shirt but keeping close to let himself check out his husband.

“He chose everything he’s wearing,” Aaron answered with a shrug. “Need a charm school to get him to ‘match his patterns’ at this point,” he said sarcastically, but Robert just rolled his eyes and turned his attention back to the matter at hand.

“And your hair’s a mess! I thought I told you to brush it, mister,” he said to Riley, taking pity on his son to right his jacket for him, helping him slip his arms into their proper sleeves. Bending down, he pushed his hand through Riley’s light brown hair, catching on a small knot. “See?” he asked when Riley tried to pull away with a whine.

Robert felt Aaron’s hand on his back as he leaned over and stuck a hat on Riley’s head. “There, sorted,” he said with a wink as Riley ran back out to the living room, growing impatient again. “I’ll help him brush it out tonight, it’ll be fine, it’s just one day. C’mon,” Aaron said, patting Robert on the back as Robert stood back up straight.

The next five minutes were a flurry of missing left shoes, packing water bottles and snacks into Aaron’s backpack, and a small argument – that Robert had won, thank you very much – about the necessity for sunscreen when they were already late, because they had become thosedads that were never on time now that they had a kid.

Robert had always thought of himself as a stickler for time, thinking it rude when others left him waiting, and always took a bit of pride when someone had to apologize to him for it. But then he met Aaron, and, like most things in his life, that habit had changed in him quick, and now with their son who was Aaron’s spitting image, right down to his habits, Robert couldn’t say he much cared for the old Robert he used to be. 

A life that didn’t have the two most important people in the world in it? It could never even compare.

a long-promised Alfons for Taylor!

Feel better, darling girl. You’re fantastic. 

Bowie, who reported to the set in early June, also had to learn how to act with Labyrinth’s elaborate puppets. He found himself especially troubled by scenes with Hoggle, whose mouth opened and closed in front of him, but whose voice came from Brian Henson, sitting just offstage, speaking into a microphone and performing Hoggle’s mouth remotely with a waldo. “Once I’d overcome the disorientation,” laughed Bowie, “we all got along great!” “[Bowie] has been wonderful to work with,” Jim wrote privately, “and has added a truly magical spark as Jareth.” Jim also respected Bowie’s songwriting, giving Bowie—as he had Paul Williams —"a completely free hand" with the songs. While Bowie winkingly described Jareth as “a spoiled child, vain and temperamental, kind of like a rock ‘n’ roll star,” Jim found Bowie himself to be anything but spoiled or temperamental. “[He’s] a very normal well-grounded straightforward person,” said Jim. John Henson, who visited the set with a friend, was starstruck by Bowie, who greeted the twenty-year-old while still dressed as Jareth. When Bowie, finally out of makeup, sought John out at the end of the day, prowling the Elstree lobby in a bright red jacket, John was so awed by the sight of the musician that he and his friend ducked out of the studio without being seen. 

“Supposedly, David Bowie went around looking for us for about an hour after,” said John sheepishly. “But we were gone!” For his part, Bowie was impressed by Jim, who seemed constantly in motion, yet oddly unaffected by his own crazy schedule. “Jim is undoubtedly the most unflappable guy I’ve ever encountered in any profession,” said Bowie admiringly. “I just can’t believe his capacity for work. For instance, he would finish shooting for the week on Labyrinth in London, catch an airplane to New York, work … over the weekend, then catch a plane back to London Sunday night and be at the studios early on Monday morning…. He’s desperately work-conscious but he seems to love it all. His calm spirit made the whole film a pleasure to work on, not just for me, but for the entire cast and crew." 

Excerpt from the book Jim Henson: The Biography by Brian Jay Jones.

  • Regina: Is that my dress?
  • Emma: ...
  • Regina: And my coat?
  • Emma: ...
  • Regina: And is that one of my Evil Queen capes?
  • Emma: ...
  • Regina: Did you leave me any of my closet?
  • Emma: I left you my comfy sweater than you like.
  • Regina: I do like that sweater. Why did you steal all of my clothes?
  • Emma: Well I had to start somewhere! Do you mind?
  • Regina: look hot in my clothes.
  • Emma: Yeah?
  • Regina: Yeah.
  • Emma: You look hot in mine, you know since you're the saviour we could wardrobe swap?
  • Regina: I'm not wearing your red jacket and driving around in the Bug.
  • Emma: Aw...not even once?
  • Regina: No.
  • Emma: But you secretly love my car.
  • Regina: Secretly now can I have my blazer? I have a town hall meeting to get to.
  • Emma: Plotting to destroy me?
  • Regina: I could never destroy you. *She kisses Emma lovingly* Now please stop raiding my closet all the time!
SQW Day 4: Illness

Beyond the heavy wooden door, silence. That is, perhaps, the most worrying of all. Regina inhales deeply, smoothing her dress in an attempt to assume an air of confidence, certainty. She knocks lightly, three times in quick succession, and immediately hears the click of heels gaining in volume before the door swings open.

Snow attempts to plaster a vague smile on her face in greeting, though it translates to more of a grimace. “Regina, please, come in.”

Entering the room, Regina surveys the scene before her. Snow returns immediately to Charming’s side and they stand rigidly, their brows furrowed with concern. Leaning against the stone windowsill opposite them stands Hook, who makes no efforts to hide his disdain, his lip curling in disgust at her arrival. She doesn’t waste even a second matching his ire, her own distaste for the pirate very much besides the point at the moment. Especially when…

Emma lies prone on the velvet chaise, her skin chalky and sallow, as she stares blankly at the ceiling with veiled eyes, saying nothing. The sight is jarring and unexpected. To Regina, Emma looks simultaneously so young and yet so weary, like she’s seen the end of the world but has been rocketed back in time to live out each day painfully full of dread for the inevitable future.

“She won’t speak… not to any of us,” Snow offers. “It’s like she’s not here. Help her, please, Regina.”

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Choose Your Position

A/N: This could very well be one of my favorite on-shots I’ve ever done. Again, thank you to the gals at the OUACS podcast for making me “do the thing,” as usual. This one is definitely dedicated to @jenzica. This has humor, fluff, smut, feels, Captain Book feels…you’re welcome. As always, thank you to my AMAZING beta Bianca, aka @shipsxahoy

Killian wasn’t used to celebrating his birthday. When you get past a certain age (especially when it was over 300), the years just seem to blend together. But after the constant pleading from both Emma and her family, he finally relented on being thrown his first birthday party in centuries. On this late February evening, Killian sat in a crowded booth at Granny’s with Emma, Dave, Snow, Henry, Belle and her infant son. While the whole of Storybrooke had gathered to celebrate, the people at this table were truly his family.

Over the past few months since being awakened from the sleeping curse, Belle and Killian’s friendship has only grown stronger. He even allowed her to stay on the Jolly for quite a bit of time, while she tried to figure out what she wanted to do and how to live her life without Rumpelstiltskin.  Killian was even there to assist Belle with the birth of her son, Anthony; and named Killian the godfather, which he could honestly say was one of the best moments of his life.

Everyone who Killian cared for was present to celebrate his birthday.

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Fic: Mistaken Identity

Awkward first meeting AU: “I thought you were my friend so I slapped your ass in greeting.” (Please picture Kurt with his early season 4 blond highlights to make this more plausble.)

PG-13, ~1000 words, total fluff.

“Ow! Sam!” Blaine yelped from in front of the stove as Sam smacked his ass while hustling out the door.

“I’ll meet you outside NYADA after class for our bro date!” Sam called out, punctuating his statement with a slam of the apartment door.

“Why did I have to make friends with the one guy who doesn’t get that ass slaps aren’t appropriate greetings off the football field?” Blaine said to himself, flipping his omelet out of the pan and onto a plate. “Especially since we’ve been out of high school for two years now.”

He took his plate and plopped down at their tiny kitchen table, deciding to just shove the incident out of his mind. He had more important things to focus on, like how to incorporate his newest bow tie into his wardrobe and what monologue to do for his Shakespeare class next week. By the time he had to ditch his plate in the sink and scurry out the door, he’d already started narrowing down the possibilities and worked his new tie into his current outfit.

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