and the reason is you lauh

转: the turning point; l.d.h

a/n; had a lil writers’ block for this part, special thanks to @jjeehoon for helping me out:)) third part of my 起承转合 series, i hope you guys enjoy it:)

starting line: “I hoped we could actually meet on the same stage.”

synopsis: loosely based off BTS’ highlight reel. In this chapter, the reunion of Y/N and Daehwi on his last day as a trainee.

warnings: prepare your tissues if needed, and a stuffed toy to squeeze the cringe

genre: fluff, slight angst, heartbreak

length: | a paragraph | drabble length | a short story | your average essay of less than 10,000 words | a fic too long but too short for a part 2|


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17 June 2017

“Y/N fainted due to extreme exhaustion, has she been dieting lately?” The doctor looked up from his clipboard.

“No, I’m not too sure either.” Daehwi shook his head sheepishly, as the doctor chuckled.

“She doesn’t look like she’s the type to diet, she has been sent to me before to treat her indigestion from eating too much.” The doctor sighed, “She’s almost my regular patient now.”

Daehwi smiled slightly, as the doctor patted his back gently, “There are some towels in the ward to dry yourself, and Y/N should be awake in an hour or so.”

“Thank you, doctor.”

“Is Y/N okay?!” Your group members streamed in as soon as you woke up.

“I’m okay guys–” You tried to sit up but a weight was pulling you down. You looked at your arm, it was a sleeping Daehwi. Your heart slightly melted at the sight, as you gently removed your hand and used your blanket as a pillow for him.

“Are you really alright, Y/N? We were so worried for you.” Your group’s leader held your face in her hands, squishing it in the process.

“We don’t even need to worry, unnie,” Your group’s maknae quipped as she pointed to Daehwi’s sleeping figure, “Daehwi is here to worry for her anyways.”

“Yah! I’m still 2 months older than you are okay?” You shot her a glare, which she returned with a wink.

“Anyhow, we brought you porridge, and we cooked it specially for you too.” The leader placed a thermos flask on your bedside table, “We asked a few days off from practice for you, please rest well okay?”

The rest of the members nodded, as the maknae sat on the other side of the bed, “I really miss you, Y/N, please get well soon so you can play with me and,” She motioned her head to Daehwi, “Just date him already.”

You swatted her hand away, “It’s not good for his group and him if we date, the press will go crazy over it.”

“Love knows no bounds, Y/N,” She spoke as if she was at an election rally, “So does his popularity, it’s best that you date now than later when he’s a mega superstar.”

You really hated it when your friend had a really good point at something you weren’t supportive of.

“Y-you’re awake?” Daehwi’s hair was spiking in all directions, making his head look like a birds’ nest.

“Yeah, like 4 hours ago,” You answered, “You should go rest, Daehwi, it’s your showcon tomorrow.”

“It’s next week but, I want to stay here with you.”

“Don’t lie, I heard Youngmin talk about it the day before.” You weakly pushed Daehwi, “and I can’t stand having a superstar tend to a sick person.”

“Superstar?” Daehwi lauhed, “Since when I was one?”

“Since the start of Produce.” You waved him off and pushed him away with much more force this time, “Now shoo.”

“Well, before I go,” Daehwi sat up straight, “May I ask what is the real reason of you practicing till the brink of death?”

“To be honest,” You began, “I hoped we can actually meet on the same stage.”

“We would,” Daehwi assured you, “Rhymer praised you the other time, remember?”

“I did, but I wanted to show what I was capable of.”

“To me, you’re already the best,” Daehwi confessed. “No one can dance as well as you, and no one can ever replace your voice.”

You scoffed, “There are much more talented dancers and vocalists out there like–”

You were cut off by Daehwi’s lips on yours, as he put his hands on your waist gently, pulling you closer. You, in return, softly pressed you lips against his, slightly deepening the kiss as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

As if Daehwi was supposed to disappear at the strike of midnight like Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage, your senses pulling your arms apart and pushing Daehwi away from you.

“No, no. We can’t do this.” You shook your head, tears forming in your eyes.

“Why?” Daehwi tilted his head in confusion, as to why someone would cry after being kissed.

“You have Wanna One, you can’t afford to date. The press will go crazy, so will your fans, your reputation.” You warned, “Are you willing to risk that because of a girl like me? I don’t think it’s worth jeopardizing your career for me.”

“But you’re my everything, Y/N,” Daehwi stared into your eyes desperately, “I need you.”

“Wanna One needs you more than I do, Daehwi,” Your unshed tears began to fall, “let’s not be selfish here.”

Daehwi pulled your weak frame into his embrace, “I’ll make this work, Y/N, trust me.”