and the reason i am obsessed with them

  • <p> <b>Me:</b> I hope that in a few years I'll be done with this obsession<p/><b></b> *10 years later*<p/><b>Me:</b> I think it's finally over!<p/><b>Brain:</b> NEW INSTALLMENT TODAY<p/><b>Me:</b> WHYYYYYYY<p/></p>

Rowan and Thorne are currently what floats my boat lol

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What are your favourite documentaries (about true crime or anything else)?

My favourite documentary is Dear Zachary: A letter to a son about his father. It’s probably one of my favourite films in general to be honest. I can’t give it a higher recommendation - I inflict it on everyone I know!

Other than that I consume I shocking amount of documentaries so it’s hard for me to pick ones - especially true crime. There’s a good American Justice series available on iPlayer right now (and another recent one called I Shot my Parents which is worth a watch!), Making a Murderer is also a firm favourite, and anything by Louis Theroux I will watch (and probably love - although My Scientology Movie really wasn’t up to scratch). Capturing the Friedmans, Team Foxcatcher, West of Memphis (and Paradise Lost), The Confessions of Thomas Quick, The Fear of 13, Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial Killer, The Paedophile Next Door, Who Took Johnny?, Newtown and The Witness are other true crime ones that i’d recommend 

Right now though I am obsessed with Adam Curtis documentaries. Hypernormalisation and Bitter Lake are phenomenal and I could watch them over and over and over again. Also The Trap, The Power of Nightmares, The Century of the Self (like I needed any more of a reason to hate Freud), The Living Dead and The Way of All Flesh are incredible and all available on youtube. They are not true crime, some of them are different but in general his documentaries are about what has influenced the current geopolitical landscape and the development of western culture (and the impact this has had in the middle east - and vice versa). I can’t stop watching them…

Also - Requiem for the American Dream, because Noam Chomsky. 



This is my favorite look to date, I don’t know how we found this amazing ally but I am so thankful and obsessed with how this spread came out.

I’m finally featuring these lace up thigh high boots that I got for xmas. I have been wearing them so much, even when I shouldn’t, like when it’s at a rainy and muddy music festival or it’s Wednesday morning and I’m working postmates🙃… sometimes I just like to dress up for no reason at all. The hoodie is instant tomboy paired with the girly tights and boots. + the purse, choker and hoops bring the tomboy glamgirl styles together. I love how it all works in a weird way and lets me feel boyish & badass & girly & sexy all at the same time.

Hoodie : Walmart
Fishnets : thrifted (new in packaging)
Lace-Up Thigh High Boots : Gift (EBay)
Hair Clips : 99 cents store
Purse : Just Fab (Online)
Belt Choker : Thrift DIY


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Do you have any evak + girl squad headcanons?<3

Okay let me just say I live for evak and the girl squad. Like so so so much. The birthday one shot I did for Even’s birthday was basically just a massive girl squad and Isak hanging out fest. I am obsessed haha

  • So just like the boy squad the girl squad and evak work all for so many different reasons depending on the girl. So Even and Noora find themselves in serious discussions about women’s rights and human rights and equality all together. Even is actually one of the few people that make Noora rethink things she was so sure were the only way to think about them. They listen to each others perspectives and then broaden the way they originally think about something, and it is both beautiful and annoying because Isak is just like ooohhhh eeem geee stop. And then omg Chris cracks up Even so much. her jokes and omg omg omg 
  • Okay so Chris does not let Even forget that she had this ‘connection’ with Isak. She is all “So Even, you know I am really glad that Isak found you because, I mean we kinda had a thing” and Even raises his eyebrows and is like “really?” she nods “Oh yeah, gawd our energy, the sexual tension, it was electrifying!” then she lowers her head in pity “poor Isak tho, He tried to make me jealous once which didn’t work, and then by the time he would have been ready to profess his love for me I had already found my Kasper. I can tell it really cut him up.” Even is just like “wow, I had no idea” and she is all “yeah it hurt so much that no other girl could compare. But I mean I’m just glad he finally got over me,” And Even laughs and says “same Chris, same.” 
  • And then ahhh Eva and Isak are finally reunited. They had such a precious friendship before the snake stuff went down and now they are baaack. They like have so many silly inside jokes and do such fun and silly stuff together that just makes everyone smile and go “ahhh you two” Like Isak and Eva’s super cute and adorable shenanigans truly come out together and Even and Vilde just sit there all heart eyed as they watch Isak and Eva compete to see who can fit the most marshmallows in their mouths. (this of course leads to some inappropriate jokes from the girls, especially Chris who says something along the lines of “this is really a competition to see who is better at fitting something else in their mouths” Even laughs of course and gives her a dick joke of his own. they are adorable) 
  • Oh and Eva showers Even in stories of baby Isak. of all the goofy stuff he did in middle school, and how his obsession with trying to rap began. And she leans forward and whispers “I’m pretty sure he actually thinks he’s really good so just go with it so we can get more footage of him being a dork” And Even is like “That won’t be a problem” and shows her the million videos he has secretly taken of Isak doing silly things and it is amazing and Eva is giggling and telling him a story for every video he shares with her. And it is like so perfect. <3 
  • Ahhh Sana my angel Sana gets along so well with our boys. Her and Isak are so so close (as we know) and they just mock each other and banter in such a fond way. It is adorable. and then Sana pays out Isak to Even which he loooooves but then Just like Sana and Isak, Even and Sana talk about so much issues that are happening in society and religion and cultural beliefs and basically their own personal values that truly make them understand each other and feel less alone. It’s beautiful. Sana clearly has a soft spot for both these boys which the girls tease her about immensely. Because this one time Even corrected her and the whole table just gasped and went into a dead silence, waiting for Sana to put him in his place buuuut instead she was like “Oh yes. Thank you. So anyway…” and they are just like OMG and now they laugh and go “Sana is a softie!” and Sana just glares and is like “I can make you all disappear.” 
  • And then Vilde omg I love Vilde + evak. I actually want to write a real drabble about this one day (I will when I finish the prompts and get a chapter out for each fic ahhh) so anyway this one is so funny because Isak and Even absolutely adore and love Vilde buuuut in completely different ways. So to Isak, Vilde is that super annoying little sister who is just like always there asking him things and telling him things and interrupting kissy time with his boyfriend and he is just like “oh my gawd Vilde I don’t care what dress you are wearing! Just cos I am dating a boy doesn’t mean I know fashion. gawd” And then she lectures him on his manners and he tells her to look in a mirror and she says I was gonna say the same to you but then I thought you would probably break it and they just totally bicker like siblings and it’s adorable. But then Even, oh Even he finds Vilde so endearing and sweet and he just wants to protect her and keep her happy and safe from the world. So this makes things awkward cos he is always like “Vilde join us to the movies tonight!” when she is complaining about having no plans and Isak is just like “ummm baby what the actual hell” because it always turns into Vilde rambling and Even listening politely while Isak is rolling his eyes and mumbling under his breath. He really does love her tho. Like if anyone actually hurt Vilde he would be the first to be like “I will defeat you with my muscles” and Even would be all “Isak you are the softest boy I know” and Isak is all “I am the master at fighting” and Even is just like “Okaaaaay sure Jan” 

Ahhh omg this is ridiculously long and probably not very good. I think I will try to make a better girl squad and evak headcanon in the future haha sorry for messing this up :( 

the reason why I am so obsessed with Class B is because we don’t know anything about them but we should like

  • Ibara’s favorite food is bread
  • there’s this guy called Manga whose quirk is called “comic” and his head is a speech bubble????? 
  • he also likes to draw I’m
  • Reiko’s quirk is called Poltergeist and as far as we know she could be a damn ghost
  • Honenuki is a good-looking boy who got into UA for recommendation and likes giving and receiving massages
  • There’s this girl called Kinoko (which means “mushroom” in Japanese) who looks like a mushroom and whose quirk’s name is “mushroom”. Her favorite food? take a wild fucking guess.
  • they got a discount version of Beast from X-Men. His hobby is taking naps
  • when the plan to take down Class A during the Cavalry Battle failed they all just decided to go against Team Monoma like who cares it’s just Monoma they had all been waiting for an excuse
  • Tsuburaba got googly eyes and he is???? so cute????
  • not that is that important but Kaibara is a Pretty Boy™
  • their class is full of lesbians who admitted that they would date Kendou
  • let’s be real Class B is just Kendou’s harem 
  • Tetsutetsu

I Know You Like Me

(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count :
3 713
warning : smut
summary : Reader and Kai always are cocky / tease each other , one day Reader is kidnapped and Kai comes to her rescue.
* not my gif

“Oh crap.” she muttered , noticing Kai walking in the Grill making his way towards her. He was hot as hell , that was true but also super annoying getting on her nerves all the time. Yet for some unexplicable reason she liked being around him more than she cared to let on.
“Hello beautiful. How’s your day going?” he said with a smirk , sitting opposite her and reaching for the fries in front of her. Y/N smacked his hand away , but he was too fast for her. Kai grinned. “Oh don’t look so sad. It’s just a few fries… I’ll get you more. That’s what boyfriends do right ?”
Y/N crossed her arms on her chest , a sigh of frustration leaving her lips. “Stop reffering to yourself as my boyfriend. You are not my boyfriend. Don’t you have someone else to torture?”
“Lots of people but I like torturing you most.” said Kai snatching another couple of fries from her plate. Y/N smacked his hand and he grabbed it , both of them leaning in towards each other. He was driving her insane. They stared into each other’s eyes for a long moment before Kai let go of her wrist smiling at her. “Love that vein popping on your forehead when you get angry… and how your eyes literally burn with fire.”
“Funny. That vein didn’t appear so often until I met you.”
“Oh don’t pretend like you are not obsessed with me.” Kai winked at her.
“I am not obsessed with you but I do know you are obsessed with me.” Y/N said leaning in onto the table , Kai doing the same until their faces were inches away from each other.
“You are so full of yourself , Y/N.” he said in low voice.
“Look who’s talking.” she retorted.
The waitress came by , glancing at them for a moment before her eyes focused on Kai. Every girl at the Grill and everywhere he went always did that and for some reason it bothered Y/N.
“Hello. My name is Emma. What can I get you?”
Y/N sat back , crossing her arms on her chest starring at Kai.
“A flight of stairs I can throw myself down on.” she muttered. Kai started to laugh at her comment and Y/N made a face at him.
“Fries , large serving. My girlfriend loves them so much and she never lets me near hers.” said Kai smiling at the waitress who looked disappointed hearing him call Y/N his girlfriend. She wrote the order down and stepped away.
Y/N scoffed. Every time they were together Kai would reffer to her as ‘his girlfriend’. Part of her was flattered , another was ready to strangle him. A couple of times he had done this around guys who were talking to her. Kai would casually walk over to her , put his arm around her shoulder , lean in whispering in her ear how much she annoys him and then would turn to the guys saying “Isn’t my girlfriend the best ?” at which point they would smile , nod and go away. Last time he had done that Y/N turned around punching him hard in the shoulder.

“Ouch! What was that for ?!” he had said , starring at her.
“Being an ass , that’s what.” Y/N had replied , turning on her heels angrily walking away from him.

“I am not your girlfriend Malachai. How many times do I have to tell you this ?! Stop calling me that.
“But you could be.” he teased , taking another french fry from her plate. Y/N didn’t even bother trying to swat his hand away this time. What would be the point ?
“Not in a million years.” she retorted just as the waitress returned with the fries.
Kai turned towards her , flashing the girl his best smile.
“Thank you sweetheart.”
The girl blushed and walked away , but for some reason it made Y/N felt angrier with Kai about calling the girl ‘sweetheart’ than about anything else in the past half hour. When Y/N looked at Kai , he was starring at her with an amused expression on his face and curiousity in his eyes.
“These are for you.” he said pushing the plate towards her. “See ? I’m a nice boyfriend.”
“No thanks.” Y/N said getting up. “And again - you are not my boyfriend.” she turned on her heels walking away from him.
Kai left some money on the table and got up chasing after her. He grabbed her hand , stepping in front of her. Her jaw was clenched and there was that vein on her forehead again he loved so much , her lips were pressed into a thin line. Y/N didn’t look angry , not exactly … she looked upset.
“Wait wait.. Can’t you see I am trying to be nice ?” he said suddenly serious. “You are the only one who can stand being around me. What’s it going to take to get you to like spending time with me ?”
“Nice ?” she glared at him. “We must have different definitions of ‘nice’. And I will never like you or enjoy your company , Malachai. Stop trying.”
“Don’t call me that.”
Y/N had touched a nerve. He hated it when people used his full name. In truth she loved his full name , she also loved teasing him with it.
“OH but I love calling you Malachai. … Maalaachaaiii.” she repeated smiling at him , watching his jaw clench. He looked around them for a second and then he smashed her into the nearest wall in vampire speed , his hands on either side of her boxing her in. Every time she called him by his full name , he felt both angry but also liked the way she said it.
“I can hear your heart beat , sweetheart.” he said quietly. “I know you are lying. You love it when I am around you.”
Y/N leaned in towards him , her lips almost touching his as she spoke.
“Maybe ..or maybe not. You can’t prove anything anyways.”
Kai snaked his hand around her waist noticing yet another change in her heartbeat and the corners of his mouth twitched. Y/N might deny it but she liked it when he was around.

* * *

Two whole days passed after the last time he saw her at the Grill and Kai couldn’t find Y/N anywhere. Not at home , not a her college. He started getting this awful feeling he hated most - worry. Something must’ve happened to her. In the end Kai decided to go to the Salvatores , they were her friends and maybe would tell him where she is. Just as he was about to walk inside , he heard voices and decided to eavesdrop instead.

“What did Matt say ? Don’t they have a security footage or something ?!” Caroline raised her voice.
“No. All they have is a statement from a witness who was too drunk to remember anything but a 'black suv with tainted windows’.” said Damon.
“Well , we have to find her. It’s been two days…” sighed Caroline. “What if something happens to Y/N and we are too late? We have to do something.”

Kai froze on the spot. Something had happened to Y/N. Suddenly his worry was replaced with anger quickly boiling into rage. Whoever it was that had gotten her , he intended on finding them and killing them in a very painful way. No one got to mess with her but him.

Vampires. Of course , it had to be vampires. How it was that somehow as one of the few human friends of the vampire population in Mystic Falls , Y/N always got caught in the cross fire ? For two days they have kept her locked away. The first time she had come to , her hands and legs had been tied up and she was in the back of an SUV . Y/N had no idea who the people were or what they wanted with her , all she knew was they were vampires. Then they had knocked her out again and the second time she had woken up , she found herself in an abandoned house with broken windows. No sounds came from anywhere , no cars … just silence. At least the second time her legs and hands hadn’t been tied up.
Y/N got up from the old sofa where she had been layed down and quietly got up heading towards the exit. Maybe if she got her hands on one of their phones or found a way out of the house, she could save herself. No one else appeared to be coming to her rescue. Either they didn’t know she was missing or couldn’t track her down.
“Where do you think you are going, girl?”
Y/N turned towards the voice. The guy had black hair , blue eyes and was wearing torn up black jeans and a black t-shirt. Excluding the fact he had been the one to grab her , fed on her not once but twice … he was hot and under other curcumstances maybe she would’ve even liked him.
“Bathroom.” she lied. “I need to pee. You know ? Like a lady.”
The guy laughed. “You are lying.I can hear your heart rate changing.” he grabbed her hand pushing her roughly back onto the sofa. “Sit down. Don’t move.” he ordered. “Or I will gladly take a bite again.”
Y/N sat on the sofa bringing her knees up.
“Good girl.” he said. “Unfortunately , I am hungry and you are the only thing to eat around here.”
“What ?” she asked confused , as the guy forcefully pulled her wrist towards him. “No , please don’t.” she begged.
In that moment from somewhere outside came loud noise as if glass shattered and the door had been pushed off its hindges followed by screams. The guy titled his head listening and got up quickly , a few of his friends she had seen the past two days rushing into the room.
“What’s going on ?” the guy asked confused.
No one answered him. His friends froze in one spot , with a pained expressions on their faces. Some got beheaded , others lost their hearts. Y/N pulled herself up onto the sofa , trying to get a better look at what was going on and then he saw him.
“Oh my God.” she whispered.
The guy vamp - ran towards Kai trying to grab his neck but Kai was faster. He twisted the guy’s arm behind his back breaking it and sank his teeth into his neck tearing his head off , letting it roll on the floor close to the sofa where Y/N was standing frozen in shock.
Kai wiped blood off his mouth , looking around the floor covered in blood and body parts.
“Well … that was fun.” he muttered to himself , kneeling down to check if someone had accidentally been left alive. He didn’t intend on leaving survivors.
“M-Malachai?” Y/N said quietly , trying not to look at the severed head a few meters away from her. Kai looked up at her and a smile spread across his face. In a flash he was next to her. Kai kicked away the guy’s head as if it was a football ball and pulled her into his arms.
“I thought I lost you !” he said , stroking her hair as she wrapped her hands around him. Kai pulled away cupping her face , his fingers tracing every inch of her face , a smile spreading across his face. “Are you OK? Did they hurt you ?”
“Y-You came for me ?” she asked in a quiet voice trying to process everything that had happened the past few minutes. Of all the people that could’ve come to her rescue it was him. “Why would you care ?”
Kai gazed into her eyes for a long moment before his lips smashed against hers backing her against he sofa.
“Because I love you. I … I didn’t realise it until I learned you had been taken. All I knew was I had to find you or I’d die.” he smashed his lips against hers again not letting her say a word. Nothing he had ever felt compared to the relief he had felt seeing her a few minutes ago.
Y/N moaned into the kiss , her hands pulling him closer to her. Kai’s ’I love you’ echoing in her mind. She pushed him off her , quickly moving onto his lap.
“You love me ?” she said , her hands cupping his face.
“Yes ! I do. I love you. ” he smiled. “I have probably loved you this entire time without realising it.”
Y/N smashed her lips against his , his hands on her hips pulling her towards him. A low growl came from deep inside his throat feeling her grind against him.
“I love you too Malachai.” she said smiling at him , leaning in to whisper in his ear. “You know you look even hotter covered in blood.”
Her lips smashed against his , her hips grinding on his crotch while her hands tangled in his hair. How it was possible she hadn’t realised earlier she has feelings for him ?
“Slow down princess. Not the time or the place.” he said gently pushing her away from him. Y/N pouted for a second before Kai swept her off her feet , bridal style carrying her to his car only then noticing the puncture wounds on her neck realising they had fed on her. He felt the same anger burn through his veins. A few moments later they got to his car and Kai let her feet gently onto the ground , caressing her face. He bit his wrist bringing it to her and she took it without hesitation.
“I don’t know what I would’ve done if I had been too late.” he said softly while helping her get the seat belt on. A second later he got into the car and put the keys in the ignition.
“Don’t tell me you are going soft on me?” she winked at him.
Kai leaned in towards her , his breath tickling the skin on her neck. He listened to her heart beat change and smiled to himself. “Never. You are still the most annoying person I know.”

* * *

Y/N turned towards Kai as they drove down the dark empty roads. He looked different. There was a glow in his eyes she hadn’t seen before , and she already loved that glow. Y/N tilted his chin towards her before kissing him again , lightly biting his lower lip earning a low growl from him.
“Where are we going?” she asked curious as he took another turn. There were no buildings anywhere , just trees and more trees and occasionally an animal somewhere near the road.
“Some place … private.” he said with a delivish smirk.
They drove in silence for while until suddenly Y/N’s legs parted as if by magic and she felt something teasing her folds through her panties. Except there was nothing there. For a moment she thought she had imagined it but then there was pressure on her clit as if someone was rubbing it in slow eight figures. Y/N cleared her throat pulling herself up on the seat. The pressure didn’t disappear. She tried to push her legs together and for a second she was sucessful until her legs parted all by themselvesagain.
“You OK sweetheart ?” Kai asked concerned.
“Mmhmm… ” she mumbled , fearing her voice might betray her if she tried to say something. Y/N could feel herself getting wet , the slow eights turning into fast rough ones. She grabbed the seat , her nails digging into it as she tried to muffle her moans and figure out what or how this was happening. Then she caught a glimpse of Kai - his eyes had darkened , and his fingers on the steering wheel moved remarcably like the pressure she felt on her clit.
“Fuck Kai” she moaned out as an invisible finger entered her suddenly. She gripped onto the seat closing her eyes for a moment. Kai was using his magic to tease her.
“What did I do ?” he asked innocently.
Y/N turned her head towards him. “You know what.” she moaned out.
Kai turned towards her grinning as the invisible finger was joined by another. She could feel how they curled inside her , going in deep before pulling out almost completely. His pace was slow at first , teasing and then the invisible fingers began moving faster. Y/N found herself pushing her hips down on the invisible fingers , her moans getting louder.
Stop the car.
There was no way they could make it to wherever they were going. Y/N wanted him now and it was not up for discussion. Kai glanced at her for a second , feeling his jeans getting tighter around his length.
“MMmm whatever is it y-you are d-doing don’t stop… but stop the car.” she insisted , her eyelids fluttering closed and open.
Kai grinned and pulled over to the side of the road. Y/N quickly unbuckled her seatbelt turning towards him , her hand slid on his crotch plaming him through his jeans.
“I want you.” she said in a hushed voice. “Here. Now.”
A louder moan escaped her lips as the invisible fingers inside her curled up again. She couldn’t take it anymore. As good as it felt having Kai tease her with magic she wanted him , his actual touch. Y/N grabbed his and practically shoved it in her jeans and under her panties.
Kai groaned feeling how wet she had gotten , his fingers replacing the invisible ones. Y/N moaned out a little louder closing her eyes at the feeling. He thrusted his fingers inside her again , feeling her walls clench around him.
“Fuck Kai , I’m so close.”
Her hand had slid in his jeans , drawing circles and stroking his hard length through his briefs. Just as she was about to tip over the edge , Kai’s fingers disappeared. In a flash he pushed her onto the back seat , crawling over her. There wasnt much space there and he just snapped his fingers tearing her clothes off her before pushing her legs wide open wide (one of them over the top of the back seat , the other off the seat). Kai leaned in , burying his face between her legs , devouring her like he had always wanted. Her hands shot for his head pushing his mouth closer to her warmth.
“You taste fantastic.” he groaned, his eyes meeting hers.
Kai nibbed on her clit with his teeth for a moment , then licked a bold stripe across her warmth stopping for a moment to look at her. Y/N had thrown her head back , her fingers pulling at his hair , a louder moan tumbling from her lips as he slid his tongue inside her curling slowly.
“MMm Kai !” she screamed feeling herself about to tip over the edge. His nose brushed against her swollen clit. Then she came , squirming and trashing , as he kept devouring her. Kai moaned and groaned as he did so , sending waves of pleasure getting her closer to another release.
“If I only I had known how it would feel to be with you … ” she said out of breath , her fingers still tangled in his curls.
Kai suddenly stopped , snapping his fingers and his clothes were off him too. Y/N’s eyes widened and she pulled him up , bringing his lips to hers , tasting herself on them. Her hands snacked to the back of his head and she could feel his hard length pressing at her entrance. Y/N slid one of her hands between their naked bodies , her fingers wrapping around his thick shaft pumping him slowly while her thumb drew circles on the tip of his length.
Kai moaned into the kiss , his hand wrapping around her neck as purple / black veins showed under his eyes. Y/N had thought he looked hot covered in blood but the sight of his vampirism was completely another level.
“Go for it.” she said , not a second later Kai sank his teeth in her neck, only getting a taste. Y/N slightly arched her back towards his chest , pumping his hard length a little faster now. Kai pushed her hand away and with one hard trust he pushed his thick shaft deep inside her making her scream out. Blood was dripping on his chin. Y/N licked his lower lip tasting her blood as she did. He thrusted inside her once again , fast and deep every time making her throw her head back hitting the car door.
“You’re so tight..” Kai growled , his hands on her thighs pushing her legs open wider , allowing him to thrust deeper inside her , hitting her g-spot. Every time he did , Y/N’s moans got so louder , nearly turning into screams. “Right there sweetheart ?”
Y/N hummed in response.
“Fuck ” she moaned out as Kai thrusted in hitting her spot again bringing her closer and closer to another release. Y/N met his eyes , black with lust and something else. He pulled his infamous sideways smirk making her heart flutter and the next few thrusts pulled out all the air from her lungs.
“KAI ” she screamed out arching her back off the seat, her eyes rolling in her head. Kai had used his vampire speed bringing her right on the edge. His thrusts were starting to get sloppier and she could feel his hard length twitch inside her a little as her walls contracted around him. Y/N’s eyes caught a glimpse of his expression , the same devilish glow in his eyes as he did it again. Thrusting in hard and deep in vampire speed , her walls contracting around his thick shaft as she came for a second time screaming his name. Y/N felt on fire , even more so when he cheated using his vampirism. Her orgasm triggered his and a few thrusts later he came in hot spurts inside her. Kai’s hands braced against the car door for a moment before he collapsed on top of her , his head burried in the crook of her neck.
“We should’ve done this weeks ago.” she muttered , laughing for a moment.
“I know.” he said kissing her deeply. “I intend on making up for that.”
Y/N smiled at him , gazing in his eyes. “MMmm , can’t wait.”

MASTERLIST March / April 2017

NOTE : to the anon who requested it - I am not sure if thats what you wanted , but I hope you enjoy reading it anyways .😊

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Have you seen the Martinez twins? Man do they show each other love through their Instagram posts. There's only one problem: I don't speak Spanish and I hate subtitles haha. I love your blog btw :)

I am obsessed with the Martinez twins lol. They are the main reason I watch Jake Paul’s vlogs (but sadly they went back to Spain this week…). I honestly don’t get an incest vibe from them, but they do show each other a lot of affection which is super cute. 

Throwback to this beautiful moment <3 

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HELP! So I've been an avid sterek shipper for the past 2 years and they are definitely my self-proclaimed OTP, but recently, I have begun to lose interest in it, and I'm sadly becoming numb to it... is there anything I can do to respark that love for them???

//Anon, I am sorry to hear that :( Sometimes, that happens. We move on, even from things we love. But if you want to respark your love, I will try to help. 

The main thing I do to keep my love alive is to separate the pairing from the fandom and the show. That helps me the most. I love Stiles and Derek. Sure, I love TW and the other characters, but the reason I’m obsessed with anything is Sterek. I love Derek’s stupid face and his grumpy eyebrows and his tough exterior and his soft yet resilient interior. I love Stiles’ stupid face and his beautiful eyes and his ramblings and his idgaf attitude unless he loves you, and you better watch out if he loves you bc he will burn down the WHOLE WORLD to protect you.

Maybe you need a good fic. When I get on a string of blah fics, I lose interest. But a good fic, that period where you are pulled in and you can’t stop reading about these two idiots falling in love for the 239802394th time…it’s magical. I can rec you fics if you want, fics that make me love the pairing. Or you can go trope hunting, which is what I do a lot. I want…historical! I want sports! I want coffeeshops! I want college! I want kids! I want deputies, prostitutes, slaves, amnesia, magic!stiles, human!derek, high school…there are so many possibilities. Find fics instead of relying on rec lists. Read outside of your comfort zone. I think sometimes ppl get stuck reading only what they like and don’t branch out and find new fics that can be exciting bc it’s different. I read two fics recently that are not usually my thing. One had a lot of pot smoking, the other was hate sex/enemies to lovers. Neither are my tropes and I usually avoid them. But they were recced to me highly, so I gave them a try. And I LOVED both of them. They were different than what I usually read, but it helped me get excited and think about the pairing in a different way. Read a long fic, esp if you avoid them. I avoid long fics a lot of times bc I’m a slow reader and have limited time. But some of the best fics I’ve read are over 100k. Read short fics. I don’t read much under 10k, but there are some great short fics that can give you a quick fix.

I guess where I find the most feels for Sterek is when I think about them together in ways I want to see. I write fic, so I do this a lot, but I have friends who don’t write fic who come up with ideas all the time. I just love thinking about Derek and Stiles’ lives, in so many different ways. 

Like, I like to think about them being domestic, coming home from long days at work and bickering over who didn’t do the dishes the night before and what to watch after dinner. Taking baths together and washing each other’s backs and pressing each other against slippery bathroom walls and dropping to their knees to blow each other right in the shower. Derek helping Stiles keep from getting too obsessed with anything and practice moderation, and Stiles helping Derek learn to open up and accept that he deserves good things, like a partner and a house and a Pack and a family. Waking up together and snuggling together, maybe lazy morning handjobs while they’re kissing and don’t even care about morning breath. Derek being there with Stiles in the hospital when his dad goes in for something, and Stiles going to Derek’s family’s plots to put flowers on their graves. Derek sitting in the car while Stiles goes to his mother’s grave and refusing to listen as Stiles talks to her. Stiles and Cora ganging up on Derek when they play board games, watch television, choose a restaurant, or do anything really, but Derek doesn’t mind bc he loves that Cora loves Stiles and just stares in awe as Stiles interacts with her like he’s known her his whole life. He thinks about how his mother and father would have loved Stiles, and how he wishes his family could have known him. He thinks about Stiles laughing with Laura and running through the woods with his human siblings, imagines his mom watching them with tears in her eyes bc she’s so happy for them. Stiles sometimes hovers in the doorway when Derek and his father are standing in the kitchen cooking together, or sitting on the back porch drinking beers, or sitting in the living room watching baseball games. Stiles knows that Derek can sense him, but Derek never lets on, just keeps talking to the sheriff. And Stiles can see the love and pride that the sheriff has in his eyes when he looks at Derek, and there was a time he thought he’d be jealous, but he’s not jealous, oh no. He’s so fucking happy because he loves Derek so much and Derek deserves someone to be a father figure, even though he knows it’ll never replace his own father. But he sees the way Derek almost craves the sheriff’s touch on his shoulder, his approval, the way Derek’s chest almost puffs up when the sheriff calls him “son” and the way Derek just lights up when the sheriff hugs him. He never thought his dad would accept Derek, but he’s adopted him like a second son. And they grow old together, get gray and get wrinkles, and they’re still sneaking off to blow each other in public bathrooms and pulling over on the side of the road for a quick handjob at 50 bc if anything, they’re more in love at 50 than at 25, and they’re both in such good places, with adopted kids and a strong Pack and it’s good, and Derek’s accepted it.

Or maybe Derek shows up in DC after Stiles moves there for school. He’s there bc he’s been making his way across the united states and now he’s stopping in DC, and he catches Stiles’ scent on the street and thinks, no, this can’t be Stiles. But he follows it one day, and sure enough, sitting at a table on the quad of a college campus, surrounded by stacks of books and clicking away on a laptop is Stiles. And Derek watches him like a creeper and feels something he can’t put into words- is maybe too scared to put into words - and then he leaves bc he doesn’t want to disrupt Stiles’ life. But Stiles, of course, befriends the wolves on campus and ends up at a full moon pack party and guess who is there? Derek fucking Hale, all long limbs and Henleys and scruff and Stiles is just fucking angry, but happy to actually see him, so he acts cool and sarcastic, and the other wolves are confused about what’s going on, which is to say NOTHING about the confusion Derek and Stiles feel, and they aggressively snipe at each other for weeks when they HAPPEN to cross paths (bc Derek just happens to go to the coffee shop and public library near campus, and Stiles just happens to pester his wolf friends to invite him to things) and after weeks of being sarcastic shits and angry at each other, Derek ends up pressed against the brick wall in a side street bc Stiles pushed him against it and just kisses him stupid and they’re pretty sure they would have rubbed off on each other right there against the brick wall if someone hadn’t said something as they walked by. But they end up kicking out Stiles’ roommate and fucking each other into the mattress and Stiles doesn’t even care when his roommate comes back and gets an eyefull of Derek’s glorious ass bc he just tapped that ass all night long.

But maybe you want to think about them in AUs, like Derek as a baseball player and Stiles the batting coach, and they spend hours together training and have sweaty sex in the locker room. Or maybe they’re both turn of the century lords in fancy houses who need to get married bc it’s their duties, but they’re in love with one another so they’re sneaking around at London balls just to have a moment to kiss each other or to hold hands. Or maybe Derek is a mermaid and Stiles is a marine biologist who saves him from a net he’s been caught in, and Derek is terrified of him, but Stiles is like “dude, I just want to observe you for science!” and they fall in love as Stiles learns about merpeople but he never betrays Derek’s confidence, even when Derek introduces him to all his merfamily and Stiles could change science forever.

You may be ready to move on. You may pick up a new fandom or love, but you can still love Sterek. My first otp was Harry/Ron from harry potter, and I still love them though I’m not as active in the fandom.I still read fic sometimes. I’ve currently been obsessed with Downton Abbey and took a sterek reading/writing break, but I plan on writing again soon. Sometimes we need a breather just to renew our love.

Most of all, just remember that you love that grumpy werewolf and that rambling human, and despite all their bickering, they love each other and care about each other and will protect each other.

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megamushroom64 is probably starting shit because they're bored. I mean, why else would anyone appear on a post about experiencing anti-semitism, bring up a topic that has nothing to do with it, and exaggerate/straight up lie about your views to make you seem bigoted. Sorry you have to deal with these kind of people.

This is actually a valuable lesson for how some people are on this website.

You have someone that makes a personal post or responds to someone about something that has nothing to do with anything else (like me answering an anonymous user who asked me which ways have I experienced antisemitism in the UK).

You then have someone and dismiss the seriousness of the original message to accuse the OP of something that they haven’t done (like how @megamushroom64 jumped on said post about my personal experiences of antisemitism to call me “xenophobic” for absolutely no reason) and then, when they’re proven wrong, to use real bigotry themselves, showing themselves up as hateful, horrible people.

Why do these kinds of people act the way that they do? Why do they decide to lie, manipulate and attack out of the blue to falsely accuse others?

Well, I’ll show you, using some of @megamushroom64′s private messages to me.

After some pointless back-and-forth where Mushroom kept accusing me of ridiculous things, and I mocked him for his strawmans (him ironically accusing me of strawmanning when, apparently, me saying the neutral “illegal immigration is illegal” apparently means “All illegal immigrants should kill themselves” – seriously, check that second link, because it’s insane), this happened:

Out of nowhere, Mushroom brought up his envy that I apparently have more followers than they do, and brought up that they are diabetic and have autism, and “possibly” ADHD, as if that has any bearing on absolutely anything that happened.

They brought up follower counts, and then twisted their bringing that up to me “fishing” for some reason. You’ll also notice the amazingly fast jump from admitting how sad they are about their own life, but would “sooner blow [their] brains out than live [my] life,” for no other reason than to try to be hurtful. It’s beyond puzzling.

And then the self-victimisation starts. Because I was mildly annoyed that they made false accusations against me on a serious post and criticised them for it, they turned around and tried to guilt-trip me by bringing up their disabilities and even how suicidal they are. They’ve managed to equate me criticising them and their behaviour to believing that I would honestly want them to talk about how much they want to kill themselves – right after claiming that they would rather kill themselves than be me.

The guilt-tripping continues.

And here’s a particularly cruel manipulation, to try and say that I, somehow, am one of the reasons that they want to kill themselves – along with my friends, apparently.

And this is where the crux of the matter appears. They are so obsessed with their own difficulties that they are incapable of seeing that it’s not a competition between who had a worse time of growing up or being alive. They’re more than happy to dismiss my life and experiences as nothing because they think that their life and experiences must be “the worst.” (Even going so far to claim that I’ve just been “bullied” on a post that discussed how I was stalked and had the most vile threats against me just for being Jewish – away from any other difficulties in my life.) It’s all about being the biggest victim.

And, of course, ending on another ridiculous, “You’re totally a bigot!” line.

This is what these people are like.

They are absolutely obsessed with being seen as “good,” so they find topics to virtue-signal about. Because they’ve had awful times in their past (or their present), but decide to stay bitter about it, their self-hatred lashing out to hate and abuse others, they use that virtue-signalling as a shield.

No one has had a more difficult time than they have.

Nothing that they do is wrong.

And they’ll bounce back and forth between, “I’m a victim, look at how terrible I feel and how low my self-esteem is, you can’t disagree with me or make me look bad because of everything I’ve been through/my labels!” and “I’m better than you and would hate to be you,” because no matter what, they can’t admit when they’re wrong or when they’ve been cruel.

You can’t argue with them, because they’ll keep trying to change the subject and trip you up so they can justify their horrific behaviour. They constantly falsely accuse others of the same behaviours that they’re guilty of – even in the same conversation – because they have to project their own self-esteem issues onto others, attacking them because it’s their only outlet aside from hating themselves.

It’s genuinely saddening. And as much as I can easily roll my eyes and shrug that nonsense off, they have to live like that. They’re stuck in this toxic cycle of hating themselves, attacking others, losing friends, then hating themselves even more, all whilst desperately trying to justify their own terrible behaviour, blaming the whole world instead of looking inwards and realising that at least some of their current issues are down to no one else but themselves.

So, honestly, I just feel genuinely sorry for @megamushroom64 and others like them.

I can easily ignore them after showing others how ridiculous and hypocritical they are. But they’re the ones stuck in that toxic, self-destructive mindset. And it’s just… really, really sad.


Hello Everybody ! 

It was a long time !

But I found the path of reason and here I am again on Tumblr!
(Joy in your souls and your heart I know!)

As you know I’m an (obsessive) fan of BTS. (They won yesterday I’m SO proud of them T^T)
And here is a series finally finished of our little one in hybrid!

So we are : Kookie : Bunny (OF COURSE)

Hoseok : Puppy

Yoongi : Cat

Jin : Panther

Namjoon : Bear

Jimin : Cat

Taehyung : Fox


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hii! i read your tags from my post (aka 7thtens) hahaha. i can tell that you really love those boys and it's so nice to see! but yes, please send me cute bap things. but i think it'll be easier if i followed you, so i'll look out for those cute (and not so cute ones too lmao 🙊) things! ahhhhh, i genuinely wanna know more about them.

OMG I truly with all my entire heart and soul adore these men and lovelovelove sharing them with new fans and it makes me very happy when people show interest in them so here I am, willing to give you any content you should ask for lol (sorry I just am very dedicated to them) 
((also I just linked a lot of info so please if you ever have the free time go through them, B.A.P is so neat and just wow lol)

I made a post a couple months ago for just my favorite reasons to stan B.A.P if you would like to go throug there?
It just points out cute moments/MV’s, songs, interviews and other variety things that I personally enjoyed and other Babys basically obsess over (truly they are the cutest weirdest bunch)

Heres a list of all their MV’s
(strap yourself in for their mvs, they’re all amazing!)

Members SNS
Yongguk: Twitter || Instagram
Himchan: Twitter || Instagram 
Daehyun: Twitter || Instagram
Youngjae: Twitter || Instagram
Jongup: Twitter || Instagram
Zelo: Twitter || Instagram || 2nd Instagram(videos) || Mochii (his pupper) instagram

Official websites: VAPP || TS.Ent Youtube || B.A.P Japanese Youtube 

B.A.P Blogs: @itsbap @mato-world

 Member wise you Got
Bang Yongguk: Leader, Rapper, composer, writes almost all of B.A.Ps music. fluffy awkward dad, tigger enthusiast , puppy cuddlier prolly, mean mugging intimidating to others but is actually a cupcake, cave voice marshmallow. holy shit Yongguk is actually so precious 

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Kim Himchan: Sub vocals, Visual, wine mom, bunny teeth smile, actually so super adorable with Babys, actual fucking nerd it’s ridiculous, softest heart with the hardest head, in love with bbang and jongup, will protect his children over anything. Took over as leader when bbang went out on hiatus for health reasons, carried B.A.P through end of the year performances/award shows + Noir comeback so bless Himchan ;;;

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Jung Daehyun: Main vocals, annoying oldest son, biggest fanboy of B.A.P, biggest fanboy of Babys, spoils all of us, is really loud and really extra, screams a lot, bounces around a lot, singing at any chance he gets, has really cute dimples and whiskers when he smiles, is actually a soft cute bun, like the softest honestly, can be a massive asshole to the other members but does it out of love, never take Daehyun srs please lol

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Yoo Youngjae: Lead vocals: sassy middle son, soooooo extra, brains of the group, MC of the group, fluffyfluffyfluffyfluffyfluffy, also super loud, gives everyone hella sass during interviews and vlives it’s actually super great. Daehyuns husband bestfriend, they are a power duo, never leave them alone together honestly. Is also rude but is just really smol can never take srsly, has a deal with his mom to never expose himself, we have yet to see any skin of Youngjae and it’s a curse. #DaehyunsMomOwesHimFood, looks really amazing in pink, Young+longcoats=gods work, actual king of aeygo.

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 Moon Jongup: Lead dancer, sub vocals, little nerd boy, “one puuunch~” is actual a pup, needs to be protected at all costs, is really shy on camera, but sometimes he lets his real self show when he’s comfortable, is actually the most hilarious man ever, loves anime, loves reading manga, likes to be naked, is Himchans lil love bug, this kids sense of humor is amazing, literally a fucking meme without trying to be. Has a really strong love connection with chocolate milk. Likes to take his shirt off a lot, no ones complaining, he’s ripped asf, flips, flips everywhere. cutest crooked teeth. someonebuyhimglassesplease.

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Choi Junhong(Zelo): Maknae, rapper, lead dancer. tall .-. only member with a stage name, goes hard asf with his verses honestly, imo one of the strongest rappers in kpop, loves his puppers, loves his hyungs, his hyungs love him so much. respects all of his brothers so much, meme lord, likes to be shirtless on instagram. huge flirt, 3am vlive adventures to waffle houses alone, drinks underage in America and we don’t understand how???????? He and Jongup help make up the choreography for B.A.P, has helped Yongguk write and compose music. is actually a very tall squish, needs to be stopped 25/8

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shit okay this got long, but if you have any questions feel free to ask me or any B.A.P blog on here, theres so many and I can give you some of the best if you feel like joining the fandom. We’re all really chill really meme-y sweet people and always welcome new babys to the fandom with open arms! 

First Time Again (8)

I have been slightly slacking with fan fic writing lately. Mostly because I started another new story of my own. Thanks for the reads and the comments, they def make me keep writing these!

One Two Three Four Five Six Seven 

Chapter 8

Cassian pulled me closer. I clung to him, my nails biting into his skin. I couldn’t imagine losing him again, not after what we had found together. “I know I’m new but that’s not possible is it?”

Rhys shook his head, “no. Not normally. But he’s using a shadow so we don’t know what’s possible. You two have to stay together. You haven’t gotten your abilities so you’ll be safer if he tries anything.”

Cassian nodded, then wrapped his arms around my shoulders. I felt his lips press against my head and I tried to take the comfort he was offering me. But it was hard to relax when the thought of losing each other was still there looming over our heads, “I’m not letting you out of my sight Nesta.”

My eyes went to Feyre who had come back from the kitchen and sat there listening. Her eyes were huge, “uh what the hell are you guys talking about?”

I pulled away from Cassian, who’s full attention was now on Rhys asking him about Tomas and what their uncle was doing to get his son in line, and went to my sister. I took her hands in mine and swallowed.

“I uh. I have to tell you something Fey. But you have to promise you won’t call me crazy or tell anyone else. My life and Cassian’s depend on it.”

“Nesta. Did he do something? Did Tomas do something?”

I shook my head, “no not yet. But he’s trying. Cassian and I imprinted, bonded. We’re souls who have been together since the beginning of time. And we’re apart of a bigger world. Meant to keep the shadows out. It’s why he comes here every morning. Because without him I start to get sick. And Tomas is trying to break our soul imprint and force one with me.”

Feyre let out a whoosh of a breath, “wow. That’s uh. A lot.”

I laughed slightly, “tell me about it.”

Keep reading

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Do you ship jalec cause you hate Malec?

Hi! No, not at all.

I don’t ship Jalec because I hate Malec, nor do I feel the need to hate on Malec to justify my love for Jalec.

I don’t even particularly hate it, to be honest. I’m just not feeling it. I mean, I started watching the show because of cute Malec gifsets (I think it was around the time 1x07-ish was airing on tv?), and I’ve said this a thousand times, by the 4th episode I was like ‘’da fuq? Where did all this Jalec gloriousness come from? Why are these two in love? Why is nobody talking about this?’’ And that’s how my Jalec love started, all their backstory and angst and Alec’s unrequited love but also Jace’s heart-eyes-that-I-still-don’t-get made them my otp.

Pretty soon I did start disliking Malec cause back in season 1 Magnus was acting all entitled to Alec and there was that cringeworthy moment with Alec asking Magnus what he wanted in return for helping Izzy and Magnus said ‘’you’’ and like…ugh. But no, I don’t hate them. I think they’ve shaped up to be your run of the mill insta-love, and on that front Clace is worse (Clace makes me cringe, tbqh). And the writing for Jalec itself has been horrid at times. Like with the fact that Alec can feel it when Jace cuts his hand but Alec could be facing a troll and three Balrogs and Jace would be mooning over Clary. But then you get Jace doing everything in his power to reach sleeping beauty and ~bring him to life and…yeah. Shitty writing all around.

If we’re gonna look at the writing I think every shipper can find a gazillion reasons to ship their otp and a gazillion reasons not to. It’s just that kind of thing :P (Which makes me so mad cause I love the actors and characters so much and the show could!be!so!great!).

Therefore, I just happened to love Jalec before Malec even had a chance with me. Even though I started watching the show for Malec in the first place. And right now I’m okay with Malec (’’i’m okay’’ = I tolerate it cause well, they do have a lot of issues - it’s just that everything in this show has issues aka bad writing, so I can’t really base my dislike on actual canon cause actual canon fucks everything up, pretty much), they’ve been kinda okay this season, but it’s still insta love and needs sooo much development, whereas Jalec already HAS all the development in the world and the writers just aren’t doing anything with it - until they remember to re-enact Sleeping Beauty and kill us all, that is.

Fic Recs and Shout Outs!

What have I been reading so far in February?  Let me share with you! 

Not in any particular order… just a look into fics I have read over the past little bit. Feel free to send me fic recs! 

Blinding Lights by @itisariddle - This is a lovely one-shot and drabble collection that features some fantastic Sevmione and Tomione stories. WIP. Rated M. My favorite one -oh so hard to choose!- Is probably #2 as I’ve read that one 6 times already.

Marked by @ash-castle - Femione drabble that pulls you fully into the story in 772 words. And that last line…oooh! Rated T.  I also really enjoyed Sisters - a Evans sisters both at Hogwarts one-shot. Actually, just stay on her ffnet page and keep reading :-)

Transplanting Potions by @disillusionist9 -Well, Dis does it again with this drabble/ficlet collection!. She writes a mentoring Severus so well in #2! WIP. Rated K+ While we are on Dis- please check out Circadian , her fabulous Luna x Theo collection.

The Other by @ladiefury (who I accidently called LadieFurie I think on my rec post earlier- sorry!) Okay this story…wow! An explosion of emotions centering around a very dynamically written Pansy. WIP. Rated M.

Red Right Hand by @nauticalparamour - Nautical has really become an expert in my mind for these historical au’s (my term but hope you understand what I mean). If you enjoyed Fille du Roi by her then this fic will become a fast favorite of yours too. Hermione as Tom Riddle’s mother works so well under Nautical’s care. WIP. Rated M.

Short and Sweet by @primruesabcd - This drabble collection had been going on for a few months and I was happy to catch up with her last few chapters. Prim is the Queen of Fredmione and #20 & #21 have my heart. While we are on Primrue’s wonderfulness- she has a new Barty x Hermione (DeathMione goodness) fic called Value and Worth. Stunning so far! Value and Worth is a WIP- Rated M.

Blaise Zabini Oneshots by @ff-sunset-oasis - This lovely one-shot collection dives into Blaise as a character through a few different pairings and plot lines. I binged them all back to back and thoroughly enjoyed my evening with Blaise. ;-)  WIP. Rated T.

Toothpaste Kisses by @calebski You all know by now that I am obsessed with Calebski as a writer and this story is another reason why. She took a pairing I usually avoid and made me fall head over heels for them before the second chapter was done. This story makes me all blubbery and happy like Reflector by her did and I know I will be re-reading it over and over for years. 

Playing Angola by @chiseplushie - A fantastic drabble for Flintwood. She uses action so well in this fic. Also please read The Bridge by her too. Seriously- this is how I wished the 7th book had ended. Rated T and K respectively. 

Fragments by @amortenia1992 (are you on Tumblr?) - I just discovered this writer and enjoying her take on a Rabastan / Hermione semi-Marriage Law fic. Rated M. WIP.

Bad Habit by @ashenrenee - I said it once and I’ll say it again..of what I have read by Ashen this is my favorite. The way this is written made me want to read more and almost beg her for it. Triad fic with Ron/Hermione/Harry. Also, please check out Somewhere in Time - her Remione that shows the time and devotion she puts into writing. Both WIPs. Rated M.

Aca-demic Arrangments by @dulce-de-leche-go - I know, I know, I know… I’m so late to this party but happy to have found it finally. Thanks in part to @primruesabcd and her Youtube page. Pop-corn silliness that kept me clicking next chapter. WIP. Rated M.

Deleted Seeds by @hollowg1rl - This one-shot is technically a ‘deleted scene’ from her other fic From Lilies to Pomegranates …however it reads really well on its own and one of my favorite things from her. A re-telling of the Persephone story still with HP influence. Both WIP and Rated T.

Therapy by @the crownless Queen- A perfect Luna x Barty one-shot that uses therapy, art and a prison setting to tell a story with two characters I adore. Completed. Rated T. 

Freedom by @jheeley - Speaking of Barty (seeing a theme this week?) Heeley’s Freedom is one of my favorite thriller/romance/AUs. The latest update almost had me feeling sorry for a hated character. Want to know who? Read it! :-) Rated M. WIP. 

Seasons by @synoir - Add Crookshanks meddling fun in with a Sirimione (see @calebski you influenced me!) and you get this delightful story. WIP. Rated T

Bound to The Light by @kristeristerin - Another new(er) writer I am so glad to have found! This is a very interesting Fenrir as Hermione’s parent story and I devoured it (wink wink) right away…so looking forward to more. Establishing an OC can be difficult but she did it well with Calia. Rated T. WIP.

Skittish by @just-things-i-like-mostly -  I haven’t read much from the FBaWtFT (is that right?!) movies but these Goldgraves drabbles by her are so well done! Tina is wirtten as such a relatable character. Also I suggest Triple Chocolate Cake too. The sexual tension made me blush! Both Completed-rated M and T+.

I also wanted to add that I read quite a few drabbles from @defenseagainstthedrabbles but had a hard time linking particular fics. 

Happy Reading! (And please remember to review!) 

anonymous asked:

Well if you are 100% here for it, let's talk a little bit about Adam being overwhelmed with Belle's touches ;)

Shoot am I about to write headcanons?? Alright man, here we go:

-Adam is completely obsessed with touching Belle, for two reasons other than the most obvious being that he’s hopelessly in love with her. One, it’s because he can’t get over the strange feeling of skin on skin with no barrier in between them - just complete smoothness and warmth. Two, it’s because even before the curse, touch is something he rarely experienced after his mother died and the servants drifted away from him in the midst of his father’s abuse. Even before he was cursed with a slightly alarming appearance, he was so deprived of touch for so long, and once he realizes that Belle is more than willing to give it, he can’t keep his hands off of her.

Most of all, though, it’s because he loves her, and he still can’t believe she loves him too, that she loved him even when he was covered in fur in claws, that she danced with him when he was that way, that she kissed him on the forehead when he was that way. He still has trouble believing that she came back, that she’s really there, even when they’re holding each other in the library, one hand laced in his, the other running through his hair.

Belle catches on one night when he pretends to fall asleep in the library just so she’ll stay in his arms for the rest of the night. She presses a kiss to his cheek, placing a hand on his jaw, and whispers in his ear. “I’m staying right here, don’t you worry.” 

He does fall asleep after that, and they wake up slightly uncomfortable a couple of hours later, their limbs tangled. She mentions that she understands why he doesn’t want to let go of her, and shares that she feels the same way, because just a few weeks ago she’d held onto the cold body of the Beast thinking she’d never feel warmth again. They decide to sneak into the West Wing, despite how improper it is, and just lay in bed together.

7 Reasons why I Love Akira~

7 Reasons why I Love Akira~!

-He is so ducking extra~! I love it! First of all~ his attire is Extra~ I swear he wears taller heels than I do. Also let’s talk about when he jumped out that window. So fucking extra~ and it’s a huge damn turn on.

-His hair~ it’s so fucking cute. Do not tell me it is not cute! It’s so adorable, it’s like, “I woke up like this,” look. I don’t even know why I’m so obsessed with his hair, I just am.

-We all know that his glasses ain’t real! He try’s to wear them to look all innocent but he somehow accomplishes to look so sexy~! Extra~ those adorable oblivious expressions he makes during the anime cutscene. Like boi~! That is too much for me to handle! Don’t even try Akira~ we know you’re the son of Satanael.

-Out of all the damn protagonist in the Persona series, Akira-Senpai has the most personality. Also his voice is sexy af~! I make it a priority to activate 3rd eye often so I can here that hot voice of his~ like I need to have a fan in front of me on full speed because I get so hot when I hear Akira’s voice.

-Let’s all face it~ Akira gets all them ladies. Unlike Ryuji~ Akira just has to say something sassy and we fall in love with him! Some of the choices we’re able to choose in the game makes me love him more! He can be so fucking sassy and I adore him for that~

-The little gestures he does. I love it when he’s likes “awe yeah!” Whenever he answers a question right in the game. It’s so adorable, especially when he rubs the back of his head. All the little gestures he does is so adorable and makes me fall in love with him~!

-Just like Ryuji~ his smirk is so fucking hot. Like so hot. I need to see more of that smirk because it’s such a turn on. Akira in general is such a turn on. Whenever he smirks I just need to pause the game and remind myself that he’s only a fictional character. Once I realize tha he’ll never be real I turn off my ps4, climb on my bed and sob my heart out. Then I go on Tumblr and spend hours reading hc and imagines~

Wow This Title Sounds Like A Fall Out Boy Song Huh Who Woulda Guessed It

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This was a request from @frostpuppy14 thank you sooo much for sending in this idea, it was so much fun to write!

This is gonna be pure fluff for Pat over here and I hope y’all enjoy it!

Prompt: Imagine Patrick getting scared over the bad feedback from Young and Menace so you reassure him that a lot of people actually love it.

Note: All of the youtube comments I use in this fic are real comments I found in the Y&M comment section O.o

“Spill it, what’s bothering you?” I resigned, rubbing the sleep from my eyes. If you’re dating someone long enough, it becomes pretty easy to catch your significant other’s tells. When he was feeling anxious or worried, Patrick would start tapping his foot quickly and resting his head on his hands with his eyes closed. And that’s how I found him when I walked into the studio room. Him, crumpled on the couch with a laptop on his jeans, a frown resting on his lips.

He shook his head, “It’s nothing, really,” Patrick said quickly, and I looked up at the computer.

It was open to youtube, scrolling over messages about the future of Fall Out Boy. They had just released Young and Menace yesterday and from Patrick’s face, it wasn’t received well.

“Pat, you shouldn’t worry about what other people are saying.” I murmured, slipping beside him and snuggling into the fuzzy sweater he was wearing.

I sighed, “You know how excited I was about this. I thought that everyone was going to love it, you know? I’m proud of American Psycho, but this? I’ve been waiting to do something new for so long and people just…” He trailed off. I could practically sense the ambivalence coming off of him in waves.

“What are they calling it?” I timidly asked, leaning my head on his shoulder.

Quietly, he said, “Fall Out Boy are a bunch of sellouts now… How are they even going to play this shit live… This dubstep stuff is so old…” Patrick continued absently.

Pursing my lips, I wrapped my arms around his torso, running my fingers through his hair. “Listen, Patrick. These guys don’t want to listen to the meaning you put into those lyrics then screw them. I’m sure that those aren’t all of the comments,” Patrick cocked his head back against the pillows, refusing to look at the screen.

Grumbling, I pulled the laptop closer to me and glanced at a few of the notes people had wrote.


Mark K – 3 hours ago – FallOutBoyVEVO Was a fan before but now  in NOT!

Emily Gorst – 1 day ago – FallOutBoyVEVO what happened this is so not the original fob it’s so pop and auto tuned most of it music and slow words

Ethan Peterson – 4 hours ago – FallOutBoyVEVO congrats sell out boy, you’ve managed to make another shitty pop song

omgilovehiphoplo – 14 minutes ago - FallOutBoyVEVO you guys are the Shittiest programming tier artists ever. Pete is a faggot . gay is an awesome synonym for shitty. these kids sound like screaming cat ladys. they worship cucks like Patrick stump lol. this band is nothing more than a form of indoctrination for stupid kids 😂

Reading these bullshit hate comments always made me angry. What fucking right do these people have to take these songs and rake them through the mud when they have no idea how much is put into making them. And to call them sellouts? That just didn’t make any sense. Pete wrote Young and Menace about the insecurities these kids are going through, and how to keep their heads above water. But those commenters made the song out to be some soulless cash grab with a pop beat.

“I told you, they hate it,” Patrick uttered, and I grit my teeth.

“If they hate it then they can go to hell, that’s what I say.” I snapped, and Patrick raised his eyebrows. “If those assholes don’t care enough about a song to listen to the lyrics or look up the song’s meaning then their opinion is invalid.” Suddenly I got an idea and grabbed the laptop again, frantically scrolling through the comment section.

Jubilee Unique – 2 hours ago – FallOutBoyVEVO I absolutely love this song can’t wait for more

Fancy Muffin – 1 day ago – FallOutBoyVEVO I am in love with this piece of art!😍❤

nat oquendo – 7 hours ago – this is one of your best songs I love it. I love u so much

Morgan Lamp – 3 minutes ago – omgilovehiphoplo umm actually bands like fall out boy help people get through difficult things. But why come and hate you don’t like them ok keep it to your self. Fall out boy spent their time and energy on this FOR THEIR FANS no one made you listen to this song so you have no reason to hate. And the people who are “obsessing” as you said aren’t hurting you one bit so just leave it alone.

“Hey Pat, look at this,” I grinned, showing him the laptop. Patrick’s face changed from grim disappointment to warm joy in less than ten seconds. I loved these fans. The fans that took time out of their day to share how much they enjoyed the music and defend the band they love. Especially that one girl at the end who went after that homophobic dick from the other comment. They meant a lot to Patrick and the boys, and the fans that I’ve met have always been some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. If anyone was going to be able to lift Patrick’s spirits, it was them.

“This is pretty incredible…” Patrick beamed, awe struck and genuinely touched by all the messages that followed after each hate comment. It seemed that with every hate comment came three fans ready to pour out positivity onto the screen.

“See?” I asked, a warm sense of accomplishment glowing in my chest as I stared at Pat’s wonderstruck face. “Patrick, so many people love this song, and they don’t hate you. Why not focus on these fans instead of the bitter ones?”

Patrick looked up at me, smiling brightly, before pulling me into a chaste kiss. When he pulled away he was still grinning. “What did I do to deserve you?”

I chuckled, “Oh shush, let’s just go to bed already.”

“Well…” He hummed, pulling me into a hug, “I’m already pretty comfortable here, and the bed is so far away…”

I rolled my eyes and pressed a quick kiss to his lips to shut him up. “Fine, we can sleep here…”

Patrick giggled, snuggling into me and spooning gleefully. Just as his eyes began to dip shut I whispered a soft, “I love you,” to him, and he drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

I was satisfied and about to go to sleep as well, when the laptop on the coffee table ahead gave me an idea. It was stupid and I knew that I shouldn’t… but I also couldn’t resist the temptation. Leaning over, I typed into the youtube comment section where the homophobic hater had commented, quickly typing out a reply while I was still logged into the official band account before closing the laptop and going to bed with the steady beat of Patrick’s heart as a lullaby.

FallOutBoyVEVO – 2 seconds ago – omgilovehiphoplo If you talk shit about Patrick again I will fite you, bitch.

I know it was short but I enjoyed writing it so much xD

Welp It’s 4am right now so I could either go to sleep or I could get no sleep and try writing that fluffy vamp!gerard fic… uuuuuugh.

Please remember to request! If it is any emo band in existance, it shall be done. But if you request blood on the dance floor I will punch you in the face (nah jk I just hate them) byeee

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