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So Taylor’s been following me for over 2 years now and she’s showed up for me somewhat regularly ever since she followed me which I’m incredibly grateful for (like INCREDIBLY). When she did secret sessions last era, I didn’t even have a fan account for anything and I got all the news off insta and my best friends in real life @thislove-brittany and @thosegeorgiastars13 when we would come into school and talk about how some extremely lucky fans got to go into her home and hang with her for hours on end. At that point we all almost had to laugh because we live in Australia and we weren’t known AT ALL by Taylor and we just told ourselves it was such a far fetched dream it was ridiculous… Fast forward a few months later that next year in 2015, when Taylor followed me – I believe to this day she saw a photo of B, G and I posing as Bad Blood characters, and she followed me from that. So basically the first memory I have of Taylor acknowledging my existence was shared with my 2 best friends, but let me now continue with the story….

 On the 1st of January this year, I wrote this post: 

About 4 weeks ago, things at uni went downhill and I had quite literally hit rock bottom in terms of my stress and my future regarding uni. At the same sort of time Taylor had started joining people’s livestreams but she would do so between the hours of 3-7am Australian time so I just kept waking up to her lurking people and watching their lives while I had zero chances in the first place and it was there and then that I thought to myself ‘I’m never meeting her, I have negative hope that I’ll ever meet Taylor” and basically I spent a few days not logging in very much because I was so upset about everything and just didn’t want to bother. But then I started having so many fun events like friends and family birthday parties over those next few weekends and life felt a bit better. During one of those weeks, Taylor had seen 2 or 3 of my tumblr posts where I complimented people’s selfies and it hit me then that good things were still coming and that she still probably maybe had her eye on me (but it was still just wishful thinking). Then London SS happened and my best friend from England, Katy aka @ethereal-swiftness ended up meeting T and I’d sent her an ask about keeping the secret and Taylor saw that a day later and once again I really started to feel things again and it was almost as if right then I knew something was coming for me – like I just knew.

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The photo could be the closest taken to the date he met John Lennon, showing a 15-year-old who’s come through his chubby period and is looking good: slim and like a real teenager—no longer a boy, not yet a man, a keen youngster singing Elvis into the North Sea breeze at Filey Bay.”

— Mark Lewisohn about these photos taken by Mike McCartney on August 1957. from the book The Beatles: All These Years.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any idea what "lie" Ciel is asking Sebastian about? Given 2CT is probably about to be confirmed, could it be about real!Ciel being dead or something? Aaah everything is happening so quickly now I'm;; Σ(゚Д゚ )

I immediately had an idea what they might be talking about in that scene but wasn’t sure if it made sense, but judging from the reviews I’ve seen on twitter as well as on the Kuroshitsuji fan thread, it seems many people in the Japanese fandom had the same idea, so I’m kinda relieved.^^;

Anyway, I think Ciel is referring to this scene where Ciel and Sebastian made the contract three years ago:

Ciel found the message on the wall and immediately understood what it was about. Assuming the 2CT is true, he probably thought of his twin brother (maybe the word “candy” was a secret code for the twins) but then dispelled that thought because he thought it was “impossible” for real!Ciel to be alive.

But later he found the pieces of the family photo that fell from Soma’s hand (which most probably showed the twin) and now he can’t exclude that “impossible” possibility, namely the retrun of his twin brother, anymore.

So he asks Sebastian “You didn’t ever lie to me, did you?” in the sense of “You DID eat real!Ciel’s soul that day, didn’t you?” and Sebastian replies “No, I don’t tell any lies.” meaning “Yes, I DID eat your twin’s soul.”. With that confirmation, there’s only one possiblity left, namely that his twin has come back as a **bizarre doll (anything else is impossible because the twin’s soul most probably doesn’t exist anymore). Hence, Ciel’s huge shock at the end of the chapter:

That’s how I and many others in the JP fandom interpreted the last scene. It might be completely wrong, but whatever, we’ll get to know the correct answer someday, anyway (hopefully, next month!) (=゚ω゚)ノ

((**Note: Many people tend to forget this, but in order to create a bizarre doll you need 1) a somewhat clean body including the cinematic records + 2) fake records + 3) future episodes, i.e. it does not require a soul. A BD does not have a soul, that’s why they are after living humans in the first place.))

Down To Mephisto’s Cafe PT. 4.5

Brown Eyed Girl

One phone call later…

Pansy: Draco, I am having a crisis.

Draco: Did someone suggest florals for Spring again? Those tacky bastards.

Pansy: That was a real crisis Draco, as is this. I can’t tell if someone is gay.

Draco: What!? 

Pansy: I know! It’s driving me mental! She was giving me vibes at a photo shoot, attends a party with me, comes back to my place where she wants to cuddle? And share secrets? Secrets, Draco!

It was like some weird heterosexual coming of age film for 14 year old girls!

Draco: *teasingly* Did you share secrets?

Pansy: That’s besides the point! And then she comes into my office, unannounced, to tell me we are going out tonight!

Draco: Darling, I fail to see the crisis. That sounds like a date to me.

Pansy: Yeah, until you had to go and sabotage it all!

Draco: Me?! How did I-

Pansy: She invited you! 

Is it a date? Is it a group outing? Should I wear underwear!?

Draco: So, do you like her? Because the Pansy I know wouldn’t be a little bitch about it. Think darling, think. Don’t let Ginny Weasley be the one exception to the “I get what I want rule”. You deserve to be happy, love.

You like her. We both know you do. Sound the alarm! Pansy has a boner in her heart!

Pansy: I have work I should be doing, unlike some people.

Don’t forget to dress casual!


Christmas in Newcastle

Pairing: Will Lenney (WillNE) x Reader
Word Count: 2,350
Warnings: A couple of swears
Requested: Yes!
Requests: Open (Sidemen, sidemen of the sidemen, ChrisMD, WillNE, Joe Sugg, Caspar Lee, Buttercream Boys etc etc.)  

Y/N: Your name
Y/B/S: Your birth stone

“William!” I yell, jumping on top of him where he lays asleep in bed.  Gee has let me in their flat because I decided that its been too long since I’ve seen him.

“Jesus Christ, Y/N,” Will groans, pulling the blankets further over his head.  I yank them back and climb in beside him, cuddling up to his warm body.  He wraps his arms around me and looks at me sleepily, “What are you doing here?”

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The Making of a Blog. Well, Really Just MY BLOG.

So, since I had a few sweet followers comment about the content quality of my little blog, here, so I thought I’d share a little about HOW I go about creating that content.

If you had to guess where I got it from, you’d probably think I just searched the internet, maybe screenshot a few episodes, downloaded the manga. And while I do watch Sailor Moon frequently, I only do so to make GIFs, which I do make all the ones I post here, in case you were wondering :) But the images I post, are actually photographs.

You see, I have a ridiculously extensive collection of Sailor Moon print material. From the manga, to the animanga, to the 5 art books and the Materials collection, to the Nakayoshi Sailor Moon ‘albums’, I’ve got it all. 

And because I have such ‘vast’ resources, (no you really DON’T want to know how much all of those cost xD) I’m a hobbyist photographer, and doing things the EASY way is just too obvious, I take photographs.

And it takes a LOT of time. 

First, there’s searching through the books to find what I’m looking for. Sometimes, I go on photo sprees where I’ll just photograph a bunch of things, and then use them later, but if it’s something specific, I sometimes have to do research to figure out where it is. And when I finally do find it, the real fun begins.

I photograph entire pages, because almost none of the images are big enough to fill the frame by themselves. And getting the focus on the correct image on the said page can often be tricky. (Thank God my nails look nice on the day I took this xD)

Then, comes post processing. I have to crop, tweak the exposure, desaturate (if I’m working from manga images), deal with shadow/light inconsistencies, contrast, white balance, highlights, you name it! It’s lengthy and intensive process. BUT I LOVE DOING IT <33

This is one of my absolute favorite pastimes! I get to spend time with the anime that won my heart at the age of 8. I get to photograph, which I LOVE. AND I get to share it with you <333 It’s so fun for me to see the response to my semi-not-so-really-original content. Thank you all SO much for following along, and please let me know if there’s anything you ever want to see. 



Pairing: Teen Wolf x Supernatural crossover / Dean x Reader

Requested: Yes by anon.

A/N: confession: i like daddy dean but there is no daddy dean in this i just thought i’d voice my fantasies

I want to thank @lauraaccuetly for helping me out and for encouraging me! ❤️

Originally posted by yourfavoritedirector

Scott looked at you, before glancing at the two strange men dressed in suits on your door step. “Should we trust them?” Scott asked, nervously shifting from one foot to the other. You studied them for a second, clearly they were brothers and from the cuts and bruises on their faces, you knew they definitely were not FBI agents.

You shrugged your shoulders before patting your little brother on the back, “I’m not the werewolf, you are.” You wandered into the kitchen, hearing Scott let the ‘FBI agents’ in and they soon appeared in front of you. “Firstly, cut the crap.” You said, the two men stopping in their strides with a shocked look. The shorter of the two smirked at you and shrugged his shoulders.

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Man Meets Woman

When Cory first met Topanga, he didn’t yet know
His initial exasperation would someday grow
Into the beautiful behemoth LOVE–
Where he used to ridicule, poke, and shove
It turned into hand-holding, hugs, and kisses…
Then in college, they became Mr. and Mrs.

When I first met you, I also couldn’t see
How much you’d someday come to matter to me.
I grew up with Cory and Topanga as the ideal,
But I took a step back to remember they’re not real–
Two characters created by writers like me,
Who know how to plan and plot a love story.

They may have a cute love story that blossomed in youth,
But our later-blooming one is rooted in the truth.

**the rights to the photo and characters from Boy Meets World belong to ABC

Mind Games

Author- @skepticalstilinski

Characters- Void!Stiles x Reader

Words-  3174


A/N- I finally finished my fanfic! Oh my god! Thank you so much @villain-void for showing me that insta edit of Void!Stiles, you are literally so awesome, ilysm!! This fanfic is for @villain-void - she inspired me so hard to publish this fanfic, GODD THANK YOU D!!! LOVVVE YOUU!!

Song Choice- Right Here by Chase Atlantic (their songs today are so fucking good, plus the song goes so well with this fanfic!!) hope you enjoy this fanfics and more are going to come xx!

Originally posted by stilinski-jpeg

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kittyincup  asked:

Hello~ I just wanted to request if MC and the RFA members + Saeran and V met MC's ex-boyfriend. How their reaction would be. I guess it would be great. ^^

omg this is like @myetie‘s comic strip!! it’s seriously the best thing ever so please check it out!! <3


  • ok so MC and yoosung are inside a gaming store right cuz he needs the new COD game edition and MC wanted to check out SIMs 4 
  • im sorry idk i don’t play games lmao
  • so they were at different sections of the store and suddenly
  • “Yo MC! long time no see! how ya doin’?”
  • that guy grabbed MC’s shoulder and had this really gross grin on his face 
  • “Uhh… yea, about that, I actually have to go-”
  • yoosung is STOMPS over to this guy like he’s ready to go
  • *in the voice of a squeaky mouse* “fight me” lol


  • they were at the beach and yenno MC was smokin’ hot so she got catcalled by a few guys
  • obviously they earned a few death glares from Zenny but one guy walked over with, seemingly, no shame
  • “MC! Don’t you remember me?”
  • dude this guy was a real f@#ker and MC wanted nothing to do with him so she was about to walk away until he made another comment
  • “still rocking those hips MC” and he did this disgusting cringe worthy wink omfg ew
  • and he started to TWIST HIS HIPS EARNING A FEW HOLLA’s from his friends wtf
  • but before MC could retaliate, Zen literally just kicks him in the balls :D
  • “Suits you right.”


  • man MC was her were having a great relaxing time at the park when this stranger plops down next to MC 
  • he obnoxiously holds onto MC’s arm and puts her head on MC’s shoulders 
  • like im sorry do i know you?
  • Jaehee is mortified just omg what the heck who is dis
  • so MC tries to brush that guy off but he just tightens his grip
  • Jaehee notices MC’s discomfort and literally starts calling the police
  • “Hello, yes, I’d like to report…”


  •  they were at a real fancy restaurant and Jumin went off to pick the best wine to go with their seafood dinner
  • so MC was sitting alone enjoying the view and the live classical music when suddenly
  • *tap tap* someone tapped her lightly on her shoulders
  • “Hi, MC.” the waiter smiled kindly and gave her a gentle wave
  • MC was pleasantly surprised and nodded at him to acknowledge his presence but apparently that wasn’t enough for her ex because
  • the waiter leaned in and said kinda loudly
  • “I see you’ve now down-graded to ‘gold-digger’”
  • MC was shook like excuse me that was rude
  • funnily enough um Jumin had just come back from the wine cellar (with the manager) and kinda overheard everything so 
  • he noted:
  • “And now I will see you be down-graded from waiter to ‘unemployed’.”


  • they were at this anime convention and Seven and MC were cosplaying as the couple from Kaichou wa Maid-sama! (so cuute)
  • and it was common to take pictures so when some guy asked MC to have a picture with him, she agreed without much thought
  • until they were about to take the picture when some asshole threw a bucket of water over her
  • “MC! looking good ahahah” some guy dressed as a titan from AOT laughed
  • dripping wet and shivering MC was about to flip him off after realizing it was her ex when 
  • 707 DEFENDER OF JUSTICE came back from a stand with a handful of gudetamas
  • “TAKE THIS!!!”
  • *Seven then proceeds to attack on the ‘titan’ with his new gudetama plushies*
  • do you like my pun or what


  • MC and Saeran were at the library because MC wanted to do some studying
  • and Saeran was the perfect study buddy because he was really quiet and polite and he also liked reading new books too
  • when suddenly this loud and disrespectful fella stomped over to their table and threw his books down
  • shit it was her ex.. he was known to be very aggressive
  • “Look, we’re in the library can we just talk later?” MC just didn’t want to make a ruckus
  • the dude was about to yell but with one swift motion, Saeran pinned the guy down on the table with one hand and silenced the him with the other
  • “Shh.. we’re in the library. You and I can take this outside like real gentlemen.”
  • *cue sparkles, sunset glow and wind blowing on SUPERMAN SAERAN*


  • they were going on a photo shoot date and MC was acting as his modèle so she dressed really really nicely
  • and as she was posing for a shot with the flowers some guy comes and fricken photobombs it like
  • “HEY WHAT’S UP!!!!” and proceeds to hug MC like a koala on a tree
  • MC was obviously uncomfortable and V wasn’t just going to stand there and stare
  • “Excuse me sir, you’re disrupting our shoot. I would appreciate it if-”
  • she gave Jihyun one of her save me looks as she kept trying to push him off
  • so V did the most logical thing he could think of
  • *cue him throwing the ice cream prop at the guy so it splatters all over his shirt* (amazingly it didn’t get on MC lol)

ahh I’m sorry this took so long~ it’s hard balancing school and tumblr hahah

I hope you like thisss <3

~Cherry L.

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sailormoon_25th: Tuxedo Mask! Your fluttering cape is amazing! ✨

KD_0223: This is my hairdo for the opening scene✨  Did anyone notice? I’m actually wearing a bow. (*^^*)

mirai0913_as:  Today was our 9th day of performances✨ Thank you very much! 🙌  Tomorrow is the Tokyo finale! I’m sad, but I’m also treasuring each and every show so that I can make great memories! I’ve been receiving your letters and presents💜  They give me strength! Thank you very much. 🙇 😊  Today’s photo is with Jupiter/Kino Makoto, Kaede💚

riona_tatemichi: Thank you for coming today! Tomorrow is the Tokyo finale. Sayaka. Michiru.

cocobell0105:  I’m fighting too. Against myself. The Tokyo finale. It doesn’t seem real. I’ll be waiting for you. We took lots of photos so I’ll upload them later!

cocobell0105: Healer… You think you can take me on by yourself…?

gyukag: The Starlights are cool and cute, I like them…💙  I want a Lights T-shirt(*´ω`*)  It’s already time for the Tokyo finale!

stm_o_: I need to go straight to bed to prepare for tomorrow! I hope I have a happy dream tonight…🐰🌙🌃💗


Every artist, a painter, writer, sculptor, it doesn’t matter what type knows one thing; inspiration is a bitch. It comes and hits you usually when you can’t create or at three on the morning, and the leaves you with ideas but no way to develop them. Trying to matain your artistic career on inspiration is unrealistic, and Baz knows it very well. The problem is that he was block. If someone was more of an asshole than inspiration it was a an artistic block. Every thing he wrote was either too cliché, not original or just straight up shit. It was driving him nuts. 

He had tried everything to unblock his mind, no results yet. Key word; yet. In his mind there was still one thing other than throwing his computer in to the ocean. 


Baz sat down in the shade of a tree. He inhale and exhale deeply. Stare and listen to his surroundings. Nothing but birds and wind. Nothing but the sky painted on light blue, and the sun shinning bright behind him. The grass was bright green, soft at his touch, and tress that tall and small enough to climb if he wanted. Baz smiled at the peace around him. It was a small hill, he had gone a couple of time when he needed just silence. To breath out the stress of people.

He put his notebook on his lap, he took out his perfectly sharped pencil. His attention finally on the blank paper. Ok here it goes. 

Seconds pass, and his pencil was tapping on the notebook.

Maybe a man who killed his family.

Tap. No, too cliché.

Maybe a girl on drugs wakes up surrounded by blood and doesn’t remember what happened last night.

Tap. Did she killed her family? 

Maybe a…

Tap. Fuck it.

Fuck this.

Fuck everything. 

The pencil ended up somewhere far Baz. 

Baz rested his head on the tree, with eyes close, cursing on everything on this earth he could think of. When a not so natural sound alert him.

Great, people. 

Baz open his eyes looking at the source of the sound. The weird click, and steps. In front of him there was a boy. A very pretty boy Baz would say. In front of him a canvas, with something already painted on it. Baz realized the click was probably the easel. 

Baz cursed under his breath, already packing his things to go. Time to time stopping to glare at the guy, who had already started painting. He would pick colors without hesitating, change brushes from the pockets of the cloth on him. Still Baz could see his white T-shirt was full of paint too. Then the blond boy laugh as Baz was closing his notebook, when he accidentally painted his face.

What about a Romeo and Juliet type of story? 

And just like that, as if lighting had stroke him. Baz was full of words again.

A pair of twisted lovers, who believed to be doom, separated by their destiny, curse by the world. So death surrounds them.

Then again Baz was twisted, perturbed even. Since he was young and started wrtting he had heard it. His passion was suspense, death, scary in his best days. 

He would have to edit later but, he felt full, happy. Finally. 


His name is Simon. Simon Snow. 

Well that’s the name he sign the painting at least. It was the sunset from the hill. Baz was close enough a week later, when the guy finished it. It looked as real as photo, only that a photo wouldn’t have look so magical. 

Baz had been coming everyday at the hill, same hour every time that week(his inspiration had been in a good streak, and he was going to hold on to it as much as he could), and had seen the same sunset as that guy but through the painting it was like he had miss something from another world. 

Well to be fair, Baz had spent most of time writing and looking at his muse for inspiration. And maybe he hadn’t lost a beautiful sight. 


The next week, Snow(Simon was too intimate for a guy you barely know his name), had sat in the tree in front of Baz. It made writing harder but Baz realized every time he would look at the painter, he was so focus on the notebook, drawing. His blond messy curls would fall in his face, he would frown his eyebrows when he made a mistakes, and bite his pencil while erasing. Sometimes, when Baz felt blessed by the sky, he would see a glance of the boy’s eyes, blue. A deep blue, penetrating blue.

The worse was when later after a couple of weeks more between sketches and canvas(smiles and hypnotic blues). In one sketch day, the boy seem rush, probably coming from somewhere. Not wearing a cloth fill with drops of random paint. Instead he had a blue pastel jacket, tight jeans and a white T-shirt with big bold black letters “i don’t really care.” Although that wasn’t what left Baz writing an actually passionate, romantic scene. It was the piercing. He had a bloody lip piercing. It made Baz think on how tall the hill actually was and how much would it hurt to fall from there, especially when instead of biting his pencil he would bite his lip.

Baz tried so hard to not look, but damn that boy. That boy asked to be looked at. He was a fucking masterpiece from the heavens, it was a sin not look at him. 

He was Baz’s muse. He was a sun of inspiration and fantasies, always shinning. And at this point Baz didn’t exactly too much mind burning.


Baz was late. Too late. 

Simon wasn’t there anymore.

Baz began cursing out of breath from running, until he saw that in his usual spot there was a paper pasted to the tree. 

His heart was running fast as he walked closer to it. Then stopped. 

It was a portrait, of him. Baz was sitting, resting on nothing, one leg spread and in the other one his notebook. Pencil on one hand, smiling, and the other putting back some hairs out of his ponytail. His face was so detailed. Everything was. 

Just like in the painting, Baz felt that he was missing something, something he failed to see in the mirror if that’s how that pretty boy saw him like.

There was something written in the back. The letter was messy, horrible but in someway fitting for someone like him.

“Dear stranger;

This is the one I like the most(there is more of this?), the least embarrassing too…

I would have colour it but I fell you are more of black and white type of guy. 

Yeah…this is my thanks to you. 

I feel inspiration when you are around, I want to paint and draw every part of the world close to you…even when I spend a lot of time watching you write(you write right? I wish I knew what do you write).

This is weird, I’m sorry…I just thought you deserved a thank you…

So yeah thank you.

~Simon Snow.

Oh fuck.

(Sorry if there’s any grammar or spealling mistakes, I tried the best to correct all of them.)

Aya Is for Lovers

Pairing: F!Ryder x Liam
Rating: PG
Summary: Their first date on Aya may have gotten off to a rough start, but it takes more than that to ruin a day in paradise. (Spoilers for Day Out on Aya)

Aya was amazing.

It reminded Liam of vids he’d seen of Hawaii, or Fiji, or the Bahamas, except weird and alien and brilliant. Lush, sun-warmed plants filled the warm air with a heady perfume that drove his brain half-mad in the vain attempt to match the scent to something it knew. Small creatures with fur, scales, and feathers darted through the brush and across pathways or flitted from branch to branch, behaving so similarly to Earth animals, but looking so incredibly different. Hell, even the drinks nearly drove him to distraction, his mind scrambling to identify the new flavours hitting his tongue.

It was so freaking wild.

He should have brought a camera. A real, proper camera. He’d had one back home, barely used. He’d told himself there was no point. The only time he went anywhere exciting was after there’d been a disaster, and that was hardly the time or place for photo ops. Later, Initiative weight limits being what they were, it hadn’t even occurred to him to bring it along.

Figured he’d be kicking himself for it now. Yeah, the omni-tool’s image capture function was fine, but it didn’t come close to the depth and resolution you could get with the right equipment. What good was it being part of the first Milky Way crew allowed to set foot on the planet if all he’d have to prove it to his grandkids were low-res omni-tool snaps?

Heeeey, buddy.”

Well, okay. There was that.

Liam bit back a smile as Grace inched closer to the creature’s perch. The object of her fascination was a brightly-coloured, vaguely reptilian animal about the size of an iguana, but with leathery, bat-like wings instead of front legs. Its large yellow eyes regarded the two of them warily, but it made no attempt to flee. The fanned tip of its tail flicked apprehensively.

“Maybe don’t try to pet this one?” Liam said, discreetly setting his omni-tool to record in case she did just that.

For science.

“Hi, sweetie,” Grace cooed softly, the finger she lifted into the air the only indication that she’d heard him. “You’re just so pretty. Can I scan you?”

Her scanner flared to life and the creature spooked, letting out a shrill cry as it disappeared into the canopy.

“Guess not.”

“He’s probably just shy around girls,” Liam said, handing back her bottle of… well, he didn’t remember what the bartender at the Tavetaan had called it, actually, but it was fizzy and tasted kind of like a weird blend of strawberries, basil, and rum.

“Or weird furry aliens,” Grace suggested.

They continued along the path, pausing every now and then to take the odd photo or scan some new and colourful flora or fauna. After a while they came to a dead end by one of the city’s waterfalls, and they stopped. A break in the foliage afforded a view of the jungle below, and they leaned against the railing, staring into the distance where brilliant greenery gave way to blackened volcanic rock and bubbling lava.

Grace sighed. “God, this place.”

Mist from the waterfall clung in tiny droplets to her sleek chestnut hair, glittering like diamonds in the afternoon sun. Her nose, cheeks, and shoulders had started to go a bit pink beneath their sprinkling of tawny freckles.

Liam smiled. “Yeah.”

“Kudos, by the way.”


“You took a day on what might be the most beautiful place in the galaxy and managed to turn it into totally unsexy corporate espionage,” Grace said, giving him a cheeky smirk. “Probably the least romantic date I’ve ever been on, and I’m including the time my lab partner decided I owed him a beej because he brought tacos to our study session.”

“Oof. Grim.”

“Yeah, no kidding, they weren’t even good.”

Liam laughed. “Well. At least he learned his lesson, eh?”

Grace pulled a face.

“Aw, Grace, you didn’t.”

“There… may have been some self-esteem issues in play?”

Liam tamped down the completely irrational impulse to fight someone who’d almost certainly been dead for at least five hundred years.

“So, yeah,” Grace continued. “New record. This calls for–”

Her lips were soft and plush, her open mouth pliant against his. Her cheeks, smoother than silk, warmed beneath his palms. She tasted of what they’d drunk, but so much sweeter, her little sigh of pleasure more intoxicating than the finest liquor. He would have been extremely content to spend the rest of the day seeing what other sounds he could coax out of her.  

But it was a first date. And he was a gentleman.

He released her lips slowly, gently suckling the lower between his own as he pulled away. Grace’s eyes fluttered open belatedly. She looked slightly dazed, her cheeks even pinker under the sunburn, and Liam chuckled, resting his forehead against hers.


Liam grinned, bumping his nose lightly against hers. “Had to at least beat out the taco guy,” he explained.

And, one day, to be able to tell his grandkids that his first kiss in Andromeda had been on the most beautiful planet in the galaxy, with the most amazing girl in the universe.

Me Rewatching ML: Reflekta

So Aurore and Mirielle are in the same class. I feel that has to be awkward post Climatika, especially if Aurore is capable of holding a grudge to loosing. Justin Extra is in their class too! And there are 3 Asami look a likes. All different colors XD And 3 Justin Extras, two with orange and red hair. And wow, they recycled a good few models this shot. 

Mylene is sitting next to Nathanael and hanging out with him. They are friends. 

Oh Julerose, my heart. 

So not only did Marinette use to wear a bun in her hair, but she also used to wear blue jeans. 

Rose, Alya, Marinette, Kim, and Juleka hang out time to time. Kim has a fondness of giving Marinette bunny ears. 

There are a total of 18 classes attending Francoise Dupont, maybe more. The photographer says there are 16 more classes he has to take pictures for, and I’m assuming Marinette’s class is the 2nd to get their picture taken. 

All the smols in the first row. 

Photographer ain’t taking any of Chloe’s shit. It is beautiful. 

“You’ll be right in the center. All eyes will be on you.” Oh Marinette sweetie, I could dunk you in my coffee.

Marinette is determined to do a fist bump this school picture. 

Ivan and Max don’t really want to be there. 

Bustier is not in the mood for Chloe. 

Mutual Adrienette sigh. 

Of Chloe and Sabrina’s schemes, this one really does have to one of the meanest I think. Bathroom stalls have no way for you to crawl under, Jules really is stuck there till someone comes to let her out. And that is stressful. I know I’d be freaking out. 

HM seems gentler this speech, empathizing with Juleka in being lonely and ignored, to a point he refers to the akuma as little friend this ep. Off the top of my head can’t quite recall if he does that other eps and if so, how often. For sure he is inspired to see Juleka shine out. 

I wonder if Rose and Juleka are recent friends since Rose was doubtful of Juleka’s jinx, then confirms that it must be real. 

“Great idea! But why would the photo disappear?” Oh Rose. Sweet Rose. 

Marinette isn’t inclined to let Rose know she is going to steal the photo. 

“…You must do a favor for me, when the time comes.” HM is fine letting Juleka have her moment, miraculouses later. 

Tikki is really against Marinette stealing and deleting a photo so they can retake it. Displeased Tikki is a sassy Tikki. 

Reflekta goes all out, HM is so proud. 

Civilians suck at stealth. 

Look at Adrien! Thinking on his own! Buying himself time so he can try and get everyone to escape. 

Juleka hates cats. 

Reflekta may have the ability to reverse this power since she reassured an unhappy HM she’ll take care of it. 

Sabrina has a soft evil giggle. 

WHY IS MARINETTE SO GOOD AT STEALING? I really want to know. She just really good at moving under people’s radar and strikes so fast. 

This is the closest ep where we have Adrien working with LB, no powers on him, no Chat Noir… could I maybe count this as Ladiren… ish? 

Bless Adrien for hating heels. He knows the pain. Go with a slow awkward walk, boy on a mission. 

And there he goes, rallying people to his cause. Not as vibrant as Marinette, but Adrien is capable stepping up as a leader if he has too. 

LB enjoys this too much. 

Adrien is observant this time, noting before LB that they shouldn’t face Reflekta head on. 

My gosh, they’re flirting. 

And there goes her stealing habit again, swiping the brooch this time. 

…I randomly noticed that there’s this one butterfly that’s just spinning around and around in one spot. 

While I adore Julerose, I must confess, I’m developing a soft spot for Nino and Rose. I like seeing them interact or just being close. 

Lmao, there goes Kim doing bunny ears again. 


Captions aint my strong point; I leave that to Mahliya 

But earlier today was the time that most members of our team were able to finally meet up! We wanted to give them the opportunity to talk a lil and get to know eachother a bit since we would be working together more or less… But somebody ( @prince-habesha ) didn’t book a big enough table for everyone soo Like a few of us were just back up at the centre which was literally like a few levels above the food spot.

But on to commentary; From what I can tell through these is that Nathaniel really doesn’t like people. Damn. The women @helloitskeetz, @danaifromtheway and @babynoriii (baby girl you sound like Luna from Harry Potter and I’m LIVING for it) look fine as hell. Like let me grab yall’s style real quick. From what I got out of @bourbon-creamss later on was that @bodhimurray, Nathaniel and @trvllinese stayed as a three and were discussing things i wish i knew. Maybe next time.

I heard that food was good too…

Anyway this is just the first part however but I would still love to thank y’all for making the time to come out today!

-Kennedy xo

OOC: I promise you if my computer didnt hate me there would be a lot more photos and stuff. But technology hates me ya know? I apologise in advance x

Camren 2016 indirects theory #1

So… as my blog gets more known, I get a bigger follower base, and those followers give me their assumption about camren and what’s going on amid them, this is 1/3 out of the anon theories. I organized this post from a bunch of theories and pictures this anon sent me. So a big thanks to you dude. 

Credits to the person who wanted to stay anonymous, thank you boo.

Alright let’s go

Originally posted by realhousewivesofatlanta

(Once again, this is a mixture of this anon’s theories and my opinion, so im not taking full credit, 99% of it goes to you anon)



*to me it’s not a thing but there is some triangle here*

“Quotes Camila liked, posted whenever Lauren posts a picture and is seen with Lucy. “

 Lucy with Lauren before her birthday: 

It says: “no comes atras de las mariposas, cuida de tu jardin y ellas vendran hasta ti”

Which in english is:  “do not run care back of butterflies, take of your garden and they will come to you”

Lucy with Lauren ON her birthday:

“Ta tranquilo…”

Which in English is: Be calm


Lauren posted the IG photo with Lucy, “fave and I”:

Camila liked this on Twitter:

“The wound is the place where the light enters you.”



Alexa posted an ig photo of Lauren and Lucy in the pool:

Camila reblogged this

“And a mistake repeated more than once is a decision.”

   ~ Camila later UNFOLLOWED Alexa on IG, and after that Camila reblogged these two tumblr posts~

The anon said he/she is 100% sure that camila was following the alexayferrer instagram account.

“ I can risk my college degree on this because Im 100% sure Camila is following @alexayferrer instagram account “

Camila then tweeted a song called “Somebody to Love”

and tweeted it with the lyrics of “Can anybody find me somebody to love?”. Clearly, Camila ain’t happy about this photo of Lucy all over Lauren.

So… as a payback, Camila dined out with France..

Yep. France.

Recently, there were obvious indirects between the two (C&L) like: 

July 17th, 2016

Days Later Lauren tweeted:

(What is Lauren’s age in camren’s glory year of 2013? Answer? 17, exactly)

 AND NO, IT WAS NOT ABOUT LUCY’S POST, because Lucy also posted an IG photo about year 2013. Hers was posted July 25. Lauren answered this after Camila’s post (july 24) and NOT after Lucy’s. (But not to be too biased, with this intention of Lucy, I think she has feelings for Lauren and wants to fight to have her heart) Logical, right?

Originally posted by realitytvgifs

Anyway, what I think is that.. they aren’t together now. MAYBE, Lauren has given up to Camila days after their July 27th anniversary that explains Normani’s behavior since she’s such a Lauren girl solely.  There were so many times Lauren looked at Camila, but notice how cold Camila was?

let’s not forget that “no way” moment… like df was that?

and that time lauren could keep her eyes off camila at an acoustic performance of BHB

~Maybe, just maybe Roger Gold doesn’t want Camren rumors since she’s building a straight/heterosexual image for Camila’s future (let’s be honest, he’s been watching Camila’s actions more strictly during this US tour). Camila may have agreed to this contract and Lauren cant bear that she has chosen her career over hers. This is from assumptions because I cant think of any reasons for Lauren’s sudden posts with Lucy again, knowing she and Camila had so much indirects to each other before the tour—(not to add Mike Jauregui liking a Camren post) and Normani who MIGHT got angry on how Camila would have chosen her career over Lauren? 

Moreover, these are some hints that Camren arent together anymore..

1. Surprisingly, Clara posted about deception in love or making someone believe that his/her love was true 

(July 31).. 

2.  Camila changed her header from the sun and the moon being together and in love, to a girl watching over the distance. Far away from the moon.

And then Lauren going back to Lucy whom she thinks would appreciate and love her more. May it be as a friend or more.

(iDK IF IM DELUSIONAL BUT THIS WAS POSTED ON #NATIONALGIRLFRIENDDAY, idk if they knew, but it was trending on twitter) 


“And here’s Camila who reblogged this. She clearly knows and aware that she’ll lose Lauren. “

“Yes Laucy are just friends. But i think Camila can really get jealous to Lucy. It’s Lauren’s way of getting Camila’s attention. I think?”

Remember this?

If there’s something i know with Camren is that their mantra will always be letting each other feel a bit jealous for the other side to come after and fight for her.

Meanwhile, let’s remember how Lauren described “No Way” —“Being in a relationship that from the outside, to everyone it looks toxic and you guys shouldn’t be together but… it’s about the conversation and that relationship and how you guys have kind of overcome. It’s like you know you shouldn’t be together but you want to be together and you want to make it work.” 

  Sadly, this is what I assume that is happening on Camila and Lauren’s beautiful but complicated relationship right now.

~Lauren gave advice to anyone wanting to enter the music industry, there’s even video proof she said this:


It may be Camila’s contract with Roger Gold or not, Camila might have no choice. Tragic.

Alright! I figured this post was long enough, I have another 1-2 coming theories, so keep an eye out for that.