and the rainbow beach ball

upset woozi/jihoo

[When you almost drown and Woozi was unable to save you in time…]

“Hey, hyung help me take a picture for us!” Dino gestured Woozi over to him and Jeonghan whom was basically having a beach photoshoot all by themselves.

Woozi relucantly let go of your hand, “I’ll be back.”

You nodded as you watched Woozi run towards where Dino and Jeonghan were at.

Just as you were about to take another sip of your juice, someone grabbed your arm, almost causing you to spill your drink. 

“Y/N, come on! Join us, you look extremely lonely,” Jun grinned, his eyes twinkling. You shook your head, you are had enough of being under the sun.

“No. Don’t give me that face. Lets go!” 


Somehow, Jun managed to drag you along to the sea and you entered the water carefully until you no longer can touch the sea floor and had to swim towards the rest of the boys. 

“Assa! Okay now we will begin our 2015 long awaited water polo game. Sort of.” Hoshi grinned, eyeing the childish rainbow coloured beach ball. Everyone tsked and started splashing water onto Hoshi. 

You were having so much fun with the boys, surprisingly that you didn’t realise the boys had left the water one by one onto shore. Everyone have gotten tired and now you were swimming back onto shore as well.

Out of a sudden, you couldn’t really feel your left leg at all. 

‘No no no…Not the cramps.’ You cursed in your head, trying to swim even faster by depending mostly on your right leg. The shore just seem yet so far away. 

Then it got worse, you realised you are starting to sink, you couldn’t move your legs. You started to flail your arms and splash the water, your heart started to beat even faster. Swimmining was never your forte but you have never drown before. Ever.

Tears started to flow down your cheeks, the tears blurring out the vision infront of you. 

Just then, you saw a figure jumped into the water and was swimming towards you. You hoped for the best as you continued to flail your arms, trying to stay afloat.


“Y/N. Can you hear me?!” 

You fluttured your eyes open and coughed, stinging your nose and throat. You realised all the boys were crowding around you. 

“Woozi?” You croaked, as you saw Woozi heaving a big sigh of relief. 

“You okay? You feeling any discomfort?” Wonwoo asked, pushing his wet hair back. You furrowed your brows at Wonwoo and then at Woozi. 

“Wonwoo saw you drowning and got you out of the water.” Woozi explained.

“I’m just glad you are okay. Okay, we will be getting some food at the nearby restuarant. Hyung, you and Y/N can join us later.” Wonwoo smiled as all the boys gave you comforting pats on the head and went off. Leaving Woozi and you all alone.

You noticed how disorienated Woozi looked and shook his arm, “Why?”

“What even happened to you? Did you had cramps?” Woozi avoided your question swiftly. You puffed your cheeks and nodded, earning a slight frown from Woozi. 

Despite being all wet, you actually realised someone put a shirt over your swimwear. That someone was probably Woozi. You glance at Woozi, whom seem lost in thoughts as he packed the stuffs to join the boys. 

“You’re hungry right? We should hurry and catch up with the others.” 

You wrapped your arms around Woozi’s waist, “Give me a smile.”

Woozi stared at you for a good 5 seconds and wrapped his arms around you as well, “Don’t go into the sea ever again.” 

You made a face, “What?”

Woozi gave his usual smile and ruffled your hair. 

requested by annoymous! alil longer than usual xD

The Wedding Day
  • Victoria: "Kate, I'm surprised you're accepting with all of this, with the whole sanctity of marriage thing."
  • Kate: "Victoria! I told you I'm not that sort of person. Everyone should be able-"
  • Victoria: "I meant everything else. The rainbow motif, the beads, the beach ball..."
  • Kate: "Oh Heavens no, this is more sinful than that awful awful club Chloe had us go to a week ago."
  • Victoria: "I'm surprised Price- or I suppose Caulfield now- didn't bring more singles."
  • Kate: "What I'm more surprised with is the... padding everywhere. The rounded corners reminds me of ball pits I used to take my sister to."
  • Victoria: "I heard about that actually; apparently Max was screaming in the dressing room earlier, 'No, not on our goddamn wedding day Chloe! Just sit there for two hours and don't move!'"
  • Kate: "Oh goodness. I sure hope Max didn't have to do too much. I doubt blood would match her dress very well..."
  • Victoria: "Yeah."
  • Kate: "...Hey Victoria?"
  • Victoria: "Yes Kate?"
  • Kate: "If you don't catch the bouquet I'm going to be really upset."
  • Victoria: *smirk* "Haven't you learned Kate? I always get what I want." *kisses cheek*