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Harry Styles, who plays another young private in the film, says that he took strength from observing Nolan lead by example. 'The biggest thing I learned from making this movie is that Chris doesn’t sit down. Any time there was a break it was because he knew everyone else needed one. He would always be the first person on set and the last to leave. He’s not sat in some warm tent watching everything on a monitor, he’s really out there doing it, mucking in with everyone.‘
—  Little White Lies: The Dunkirk Issue
  • Peter: i want to grow a beard
  • Sirius: it's like james and lily ; not likely to happen
  • James: hey!
  • Sirius: tell me otherwise
  • James: well, if you must know.. lily and i kinda had a thing last night
  • Sirius: really?
  • Peter: what happened?
  • James: it was right after potions, she and i were alone in the classroom and we had.. eye contact
  • Remus: eye contact? i hope you were using protection

“What is this?” He asks softly, holding up a ripped piece of paper.

Her eyes are bloodshot and brimmed with tears. “Oh, I wanted to write all my thoughts down.”

“But… this paper is blank.”

Her smile is sour.

“Yeah, and I couldn’t have captured them any better.”

—  Blank Mind…

When I would get nightmares, you’d wake up to hold me and to tell me that everything will be just fine.

Yet, the worst nightmare I’ve ever had is the one I’m living in. The one where I wake up everyday to see that you’re gone.

—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write #42 // @loveactivist

The boy I loved, was like a lily.
He was beautiful and vibrant.
He was larger than life.
He had a way of making everyday feel like we were living in a movie.
He was popular, and commanded attention and respect.

The boy I loved, was like a lily.
He was big and beautiful.
But me, I was always just the girl with the lily.
I was only ever known, because I was with him.

The boy I loved was like a rose.
His love was the deepest shade of red I had ever seen.
It was passionate, the silky shade consumed my soul whole.
An all encompassing love that left me breathless.

The boy I loved was like a rose.
Because the closer I got to him, the deeper his thorns dig into my skin.
Dragging me into a monstrous game of how close I could get to the edge, to the brink of death, before I toppled over.

The boy I loved was like a daisy.
He was kind, and he had a way of making everyday feel like spring.
He was like a breath of fresh air, in a bleak reality.

The boy I loved was like a daisy.
He was fragile.
And in the end even he couldn’t save me.

The boy I will love will be like a sunflower.
He’ll be strong and dependable.
He’ll make my world brighter.
He’ll make me smile whenever I peer into his face.
He’ll be my favorite thing in the world.
He’ll tell me he won’t save me, because I’ve already saved myself
He’ll be worth the wait
He’ll be worth the hardship and struggle

He’ll be mine

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write
Think about how you can still look up at the sky and see the sun, even on your darkest days. Think about flowers that grow from dried earth or come alive in the desert, colourful blossoms that burst from seeds no one believed in anymore. Think about the waves of the ocean, how they lift you up instead of pulling you under, how you stay afloat when you’ve been preparing yourself to drown. When your heart feels a bit lighter, think about me before you go to sleep and when you wake up in the morning, think about how convinced you are that I have given up on you - when I never would.
—  I’m here / n.j.
When was the last time you fell in love?”
She sat quietly collecting fragments of yesterday’s events.
“We were sitting and looking at each other, despite that the lights were all off except for that one in the back that illuminated our features barely. Suddenly, all the lights were on, and I swear I saw happiness swarming in as his eyes he looked into mine saying ‘Damn, your eyes look even more beautiful’. I fucking swear, my heart was all his in that moment and beyond.
—  I fall for your eyes every single time // r.k
string me along: i’m your puppet, now make me your martyr. it’s been years and still all i crave is your skin on mine even if it kills me. burn me at the stake, put your crown of thorns across my hairline and call me yours. that i am willing to die for.
—  still in love // abby, day 277 // prompt for anon

I love him,
I do.
I always have.
And I probably always will.
He can be the sweetest person.
He would give you the shirt off his back.
He will be right by your side,
if you’re in trouble.
He listens patiently and never judges.

But on the other hand,
I hate him.
He’s selfish.
He will disappear without a trace.
He hurts you,
never apologizing for it.
He need you most when it benefits him.
He’s the only person that can make me see red.

I love him,
but I also hate him.
The bad sides comes out,
more than the good ever has.
As hard as it is,
sometimes you just have to step away.
that some people can’t help but bring you more harm
then good.
No matter how much you love them.

—  Chapters from my life

Sweet Creature and From The Dining Table by Harry Styles, journal by me