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The Signs Hold a Crying Baby


Taurus: Keep your tears inside your eyes where they belong, you pathetic excuse for life

Gemini: Continues the one sided conversation, “so I said to Tom, I said Tomas, that’s MY fucking sandwich- wait, is it okay to cuss in front of a -what am I saying, you don’t understand words yet- anyway I said to him…”

Cancer: *is the Crying Baby* 

Leo: Worry not, I will calm you with my talent for, uh, singing, “rock-a-bye baby in the -” baby: *screams louder* leo: okay well, fuck you too

Virgo: Gross pls tell me this thing didn’t poop OH MY GOD IT POOPED GET IT OFF GET IT OFF

Libra: Smiles and patiently calms the child, artfully hiding their discomfort and disgust, thinking “why the fuck do people keep making these things I hate them I hate them I fucking hate them ughh”

Scorpio: *glares* shut the fuck

Sagittarius: Tbh if you were my kid, I’d probably “forget” you in a shopping cart at the grocery store… shit, where is your mother? Don’t tell me she-  HEY LADY, YEAH YOU, COME GET YOUR KID

Capricorn: Calmly sets the child down and walks away forever

Aquarius: According to some scientific studies, crying indicates that in later life, the infant will adapt qualities of…

Pisces: Me too, kid. Me too.  By the way, it only gets worse from here…

why the houses need the other
  • slytherin needs gryffindor: they're great thinkers, but fucking hell, they pussy out. they overthink all their decisions. they need someone to help them just push the button to their amazing plans
  • slytherin needs ravenclaw: just to calm the fuck down. both of the houses stress their butts off, they get annoyed by ravenclaws when they stress, forgetting their own stress and realizing that, now they see the ravenclaws stress, their stress is not gonna solve anything
  • slytherin needs hufflepuff: guys, i dont wanna follow the stereotype, but F U C K, slytherins are just way too mean and rude and need a little positivity nd genuinely nice people
  • gryffindor needs slytherin: 1) sexual tension 2) s e x u a l t e n s i o n 3) they can make the best plans ever, but a gryffindor seriously needs a slytherin to help them with like, take over the world
  • gryffindor needs ravenclaw: just to keep their feet on the ground & their head on their shoulders when they dream TOO big
  • gryffindor needs hufflepuff: to keep their heads orientated. when idea's & thought become one big blur, they need a hufflepuff to help them sort it out
  • ravenclaw needs slytherin: to talk about feelings. slytherins can be very understanding and good at listening, and a ravenclaw can really need this sometimes
  • ravenclaw needs gryffindor: to have a stubborn opponent. they like a tiny bit of challenge sometimes and the slytherins are just TOO determined to win, the hufflepuffs not determined enough & the gryffindors are just perfect; fun and stubborn
  • ravenclaw needs hufflepuff: to have someofun. i'm really not saying that ravenclaws aren't fun, just that their fun is 10x better when with a hufflepuff. they also make sure you stay healthy in stressfull periods of time, a must for a humon body
  • hufflepuff needs a slytherin: to realize fun isnt everything in life, to keep them out of their dreamworld back to reality sometimes. also because sometimes you kinda really need to get to get things done
  • hufflepuff needs gryffindor: because of all the challenges they bring in hufflepuffs life and their bolder qualities allowing hufflepuffs to be less shy & more comfortable in their skin
  • hufflepuff needs ravenclaw: to help them focus on little things & help them see beauty in things like WHY the stars move and how it comes the sky is bluer in spring than in summer
The Signs Hold a Crying Baby


Taurus: Keep your tears inside your eyes where they belong, you pathetic excuse for life

Gemini: Continues the one sided conversation, “so I said to Tom, I said Tomas, that’s MY fucking sandwich- wait, is it okay to cuss in front of a -what am I saying, you don’t understand words yet- anyway I said to him…”

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Finn| Into Your Arms |Bálor

Title; Into Your Arms

Pairing; Finn Bálor/Reader

Word Count; 5523

Summary; If it’s just a game, then I like the way that we play.

Warnings;  NSFW. Body painting leading to smut. Smut for smut’s sake. Here be no plot. Latex free.

A/N; Found this little gem saved in my documents from months ago because I forgot about it. Heathens!Tyler is a work in progress. Thinking next week.  You know what to do fam. Leave me some noise and kisses.

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amosaicofmagic  asked:

Hey, tumblr mom! Since everyone is asking you about food can I ask your opinion on frying pans? We need to replace ours and my husband is really into the idea of buying cast iron frying pan. It seems like to much work for me, tough. I've always used either stainless steel or teflon ones. What do you think? Is it worthy? And if you had to choose between teflon or stainless steel which would you buy?

Oh, and I was going to mention it in the other ask I sent but forgot. I have IBS and one thing that really helps me is chilean boldo infusion. Idk how easy it to find it where you live (the fresh leaves work best), but it’s something a lot of south-americans use to treat hepatic and gastrointestinal issues. (Fun fact: the nurse at my high school used to have a bottle of concentrated cold boldo infusion in the fridge to give to students who were hangover)

Thank you for that last little bit, it’s something I will bring up with my allergist/many doctors as a quick google tells me it could also help my gallstone/bile production issues. So thank you :)

And ooooh god not teflon, anything but teflon, firstly because I don’t like how they cook/retain heat, and secondly because of some of the health concerns that comes with what happens when teflon starts to break down and you start eating it/breathing it in. Y’all can call me a mad hippy over that if you want but when your immune system is as fragile as mine you’ll avoid anything at all that might harm it.

Both stainless steel and cast iron have their merits. 

Cast Iron

You are right in that the cast iron takes a little more work to upkeep—initially. After it’s been seasoned a few times and you don’t do things like soak it in water or scrub it with lemon juice, it’s going to become practically indestructible. There’s a reason you can still buy cast iron skillets in antique stores that just need a little bit of salt and oil to get them back in working order. If you maintain it right, your cast iron will likely outlive you by quite a few decades. I wipe mine clean after every use using waterand  a non acidic soap, dry it on a high heat, and then season lightly with some oil after each use. Once it starts to smoke, that’s you, you’re done seasoning. You only really have to do the salt and oil scrub if it loses the coating or if something gets burned onto it, or if you have rust spots, which happen form not being properly sealed. 

I will say, cast iron is hard to get used to working with at first, because of how differently you have to manage the way it conducts heat. Cast iron is great at retaining heat, which is what makes it great for searing meat and yes, even baking in, but you need to get it hot first, which can require about ten minutes of prep over a hot stove trying to ensure even heat coverage. (I throw mine in the oven for 20 mins)

That might seem like a lot of work, but given how well it retains the heat after that, it actually cooks things better. With stainless steel the output of heat is enough to sear the outside of something, but to cook say, a chicken in it (yes you can cook a whole chicken in a skillet) you’d need to keep it on the heat for longer for the heat to reach the middle, resulting in chewy over tough food. With cast iron, the heat output from it is so much better that it’s already starting to cook the rest of the bird while you’re searing it, resulting in less cook time, and hopefully a more juicy meat—as well as making the outside very nice and crispy. Cast iron is great for making things crispy.

That and you know, you can fight the Fae folk with it if the need arises.

Stainless Steel

There’s a common misconception that you can just throw things into a stainless steel pan and it’ll be fine. But the truth is if you want to maintain your stainless steel in good working condition, you will want to make sure it’s evenly oiled before any food touches it (Ask ETD about the time he made popcorn and ruined my pot because there wasn’t enough oil around the SIDES of the pot so the heat just obliterated everything and I had to buffer the pot to get it back to working condition, he felt so bad lol) and make sure that it is adequately preheated. Otherwise your food is just going to burn and stick to the base and it’s going to be a mother fucker to get it off. I’ve seen far too many people burn away the caramelization going on in their stainless steel pans because they don’t know how to heat/preheat with it. (note if your caramelization does get stuck, loosen it up with some water or better yet some stock, get that flavor back in your food yo!) Other than that, yea, once you get used to how stainless steel works and retains heat, it is lower energy when it comes to maintenance vs cast iron. Just don’t use cold salt water in them, or you risk pitting the pans. (As I have previously talked about)

Because you have mentioned you have IBS, I will stress the importance of trying to buy as high quality stainless steel as you can, as not all stainless steel is made equal. 

Surgical stainless steel is the safest as it is non porous, while a lot of the cheap stainless steel you can pick up (I’m thinking of places like Walmart and Target) can break down and leech into food during the cooking process. Stainless steel is an alloy made from a mix of metals including iron, chromium (is what keeps it from corroding) and nickel to name but a few components, and given nickel is a high allergy metal you don’t want that going into the foods of people who may be sensitive/allergic. (I had a friend find this out the hard way that that is what was going on with her)

The way I was taught to test the quality of the pan is by holding a magnet up to it. If it sticks? It’s typically going to be higher in nickel than you want it to be and could cause a possible health risk for people with nickel allergies. Nickel is also a carcinogenic and considered worse than aluminium which everyone and their dog is now trying to get away from because of the metal being linked to cancers and altzheimers, so, just something to keep in mind seen as how you already have a compromised gut <3 

(Also to those of you reading this now who are about to go check your pans: if it sticks? It’s not a cause for panic. Although if you have a known nickel allergy and you keep getting sick and you have no idea why…you may want to consider replacing your pans.)

There is also a third option available to you, which is ceramic pans. Which honestly have become my favorite frying pans to cook with. Due to their low metal content they will not work on induction stove tops, but if you’re using electric or gas you’re good to go.


They still don’t have the slippy non stick you get from teflon pans where flipping a pancake is akin to wielding a projectile weapon, but given how ceramic heats up and retains heat, they are pretty non stick and it makes them ideal for cooking with a lot of things. You also generally shouldn’t use metal utensils on them, because you can damage the glaze, but plastic, wood and silicone are fine.

They’re sort of like the easier to maintain version of cast iron in that regard and use less oil to cook with. (I personally would never fry eggs on stainless steel, meat and veg sure, but eggs need a surface that is more forgiving and ceramic was a god damn revolution to me. I speak from over a decade’s worth of experience of making breakfasts in restaurants and cafes) They are also great for throwing in the oven, and using as shallow casserole dishes, provided you make sure they are listed as oven safe. (Mine is good up to 350′f)

Due to the materials  they are made with, they are also pretty damn sturdy and hard to break, and you also can’t damage them by soaking them in water, which is also nice. You should not however cook on anything higher than a medium-high heat on them, whacking your heat up as far as you can with a ceramic pan is going to cause issues (it will cause issues with a lot of pans tbh, but you can generally get away with it for boiling water, just not in a ceramic pot), like breaking down the glaze quicker and ruining the non stick. You also should not take it from a hot stove and throw it in the sink right after cleaning. You really shouldn’t do that with any cooking utensil, but especially do not do it with ceramic as you might crack or even explode it. And no one wants that. 

Again, like stainless steel, not all ceramic pans are made equal and some will be made from cheap material/coated with an extra non stick layer to compensate for this, and they will break down faster/ruin your food, so keep that in mind if you do decide you want to look into them. Between the three, ceramic is in my experience the best, most easily maintained non stick without the health risks of teflon. It’ll also cost less in the long run, because you wont have to replace the pan as often as you would a teflon one.

I currently have the Green Pan Lima frying pans, which tbh I found a lot cheaper in an outlet mall than Amazon currently has it listed for, and I think Target might be selling them right now too for cheaper. It’s an excellent pan and I can get really crispy results with it due to how well it holds heat. I’ve also used it to bake with.

I have also used the Cuisinart ceramic range, which you can use metal on, but I sort of found the heat retention to be not as good as Green Pan Lima.

And then there’s also the Green Life range which tends to be cheaper and rather cute, even if it doesn’t feel quite as sturdy in my hands. (They currently have both the large and small pan on sale on Amazon for $30, which is pretty good)  I’ve got my eye on their ceramic bake ware sets though. I’m intrigued to see how they’d work out compared to my metal tins.

Anyway, I hope some of that was helpful for you, in weighing your options. Ultimately it’s about personal preference. I love all my pans, cast iron, stainless steel and ceramic, but it really depends on how much maintenance you are willing to put in, and how much you are willing to spend.

As for the rest of you, you now know more about cookware than you likely want to, but who knows, it might be useful for you one day :)


Anon said: Hello there!! I L-O-V-E your fics and was wondering if you could do an angsty Jaehyun one?? I know how much you loathe him but Tbh i adore him (even if he’s acting stupid). I was wondering you could do one where in y/n is an idol and they are on the verge of breaking up because of rumors/fans??????? Love you!! <3

Being an idol kind of really fucking sucked ass sometimes.

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I get really fucking pissed when men start arguing that they were the ones providing for the woman because no, that is bullshit, the woman is always doing more and providing more and enabling men so much higher life quality than she herself will ever have, are they implying if they didn’t have a woman they wouldn’t need to have a job? bc they would, they would still have to work to support themselves and guess what, it would have been way more fucking expensive for them to live without a wife, how much do you think they would have to pay for their meals, cleaning, emotional and psychological care, company, childcare (if they have kids), comfort, keeping their home from falling apart, keeping their social status, keeping their ego inflated, and thousand things more that women do for men every fucking day of their life.

my father would never fucking ever be able to put together furniture or appliances he has without his wife’s salary, his nutrition would be either insanely expensive or utter garbage without delicious homemade meals his wife made with next to no cost, his clothes would be a ragged, dirty, misplaced and lost because he didn’t ever learn to clean or iron one piece of cloth himself, house he claims is his, even tho his wife worked and paid for a big part of it, would be falling apart if she didn’t keep it clean, livable and comfortable, his life would be not only ten times as expensive but severely worse quality without her, and he, just as all other men, has the nerve to picture himself as ultimate provider and authority and owner of everything and everyone in that house, and this is not just him, where i live, every single man is doing this exact thing, even when the wife is working as well, even when he’s getting financial help, even as he does zero work at home as is nowhere to be found when heavy physical labour is required, he is still not willing to give one percent of credit to his wife, or anyone else who is doing his part of the work. It’s easier to pretend that part of the work isn’t important or doesn’t exist or gets done on it’s own, well i’m thru with it, without being tricked into marriage women could live happily together with each other without ever being treated as a fucking worthless servant, without ever being demoted to another person’s convenience and use, without all their labour being dismissed and ignored and devalued, without ever feeling guilty and inferior due to financial dependence on a selfish, narcissistic, self-absorbed manipulator.

I want every woman to know that what they do will always, in every single case trump everything men do, that their input, labor, participation and presence is always more valuable than men’s, their consideration and caring point of view will always be superior to men’s opportunistic and self centered views, their abilities and strengths and passions are more valuable and more necessary to existence of humanity as whole, without us nothing would exist.

20 Questions with Dr Ferox #6

It’s barely been half a week and we’ve got enough questions for another round. You folks just keep ‘em coming don’t you?

Anonymous said: You don’t have to answer this, but I love your twenty questions posts. They’re such a variety and everything is so short and digestible. Kind of a fun way to start my day :)             

I’m glad you like them, and now you get to feature in one! Honestly they’re the only way I have any hope of keeping up with all your questions.

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Let’s talk about sleep disorders

My family is rampant with sleep disorders. My brother has narcolepsy, my other brother has insomnia, my mom appears to have narcolepsy, my sister struggles back and forth with sleep apnea, and I have delayed sleep phase disorder.

Let’s talk about mine. Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder. DSPD.

No one has ever heard of it, then they hear about it and are like, “Oh, yeah, I’m a night owl too!” You may also have it. Or not. I can’t tell you. Go to a doctor. 

Let’s talk about what it’s like.

DSPD means my body’s clock is different. It runs longer than 24 hours, and it goes through the preparing for wakefulness and preparing for sleep at different times than the societal norms. This means that my body starts to cool down for sleep in the early hours of the morning (4 or 5am), and to warm up for awake in the evening (4pm or so). It means my body reacts to sunlight by becoming tired for bed, and reacts to night time by wanting to become alert. I am literally nocturnal.


I basically live in perpetual jet lag. I am always exhausted and can sleep anywhere at anytime. I am forced to sleep out of my cycle, so my sleep is low quality, which makes me more tired, then I get sleepy during the day and all I can have is more low quality sleep at night. I keep a “normal” sleep schedule (9/10pm to 5am–a majority of my prime wakefulness time) so I can hold a job, but I feel like garbage. The longer I have to do this, the worse it gets. During a work week, by Thursday or Friday, I am painfully and breathlessly exhausted by 2pm and falling asleep around my house by 7pm. I use days off to sleep in until 3 or 5pm, getting some of the quality sleep a person needs to survive. The long term effects are that eventually I can’t get up as early as I need to. I get up at 5am for work but after doing that every week for 3 months, I physically can’t get up until 6am now. In my normal sleep cycle, that’s all bedtime. I would be going to bed but I am getting up.

Not everyone with DSPD has their clock set that late. Some are earlier in the night, like 1am. If you stick to a strict schedule and never ever waver, you can usually adjust your clock by an hour, but if you don’t maintain it, it will return to its normal times pretty much immediately.

Additionally, there is actually no cure or treatment. There are no drugs, exercise won’t help, weight loss won’t affect it, changing time zones won’t circumvent it (boy did I consider that). You just have to live like this. On top of that, normal jobs don’t exist for us in the desired wakefulness time. We can have low income night shift jobs as security or toll guards, or the like. And the normal jobs we force ourselves into don’t understand this disorder can disrupt your expected normal behavior, so you’ll struggle with being late and not being at full capacity for work, all of which only gets worse the longer you do it. And try to explain all of this to people. If I tell you I’m exhausted and that I have DSPD, don’t try to tell me you understand because you also get tired. Nothing feels worse than people trying to tell you that it’s normal, telling you that you just need to go to bed earlier or get some caffeine. I already feel like a societal failure because I can’t function.

I feel like people need to know this little known sleep disorder is super real. It’s not just being a night owl, it’s not just being a sleepy person, it’s not just staying up too late. It’s permanent exhaustion, diminished mental capacity, mental illness (depression, anxiety, etc) from sleep deprivation, and inescapable. 

I apologize if this isn’t incredibly coherent. I did my best, but I’m exhausted.

anonymous asked:

Millions of new jobs created, SCOTUS control taken away from Democrats, Illegal Immigration down 70%, pulled out of the TPP, debt lowered by 100 billion, yet you guys still think Trump is doing a terrible job.

It must be nice to be mentally handicapped, you get to believe just any bullshit you want, anon. I however have to live in the real world.

Millions of jobs created? Really? And yet workforce participation is still at an all time low and has shown no increase, further underemployment is still a problem. Granted I would never blame a president for these things in only their first six months, but you when there has been no change in the market whatsoever (you do get that there are always fluctuations from month to month, and even in terrible economies you can still have growth).

SCOTUS control taken away from Democrats. WTF? We replaced a conservative with a conservative. Even after Scalia’s death it was a 4-4 split so at no point were Democrats in control. Must be nice to just make shit up.

Yes illegal immigration is down. Of course that 70% number is only from the Mexican border and most illegal immigrants aren’t from there anymore so praising a decrease in what is now a small problem while ignoring the bigger issue is the typical kind of stupidity you see in the Trump admin and his braindead followers. It’s again finding a problem and then going about the wrong way to solve it. But hey if it’s down so much then I guess we don’t need the stupid wall. Because they’re afraid of the fucking psychopath in charge of the nation. Just like no one visits the house of the crazy cat lady. Being insane does tend to keep people away, but it’s not a recommended path through life. Keep in mind also legal immigration is also down and that is a sign of serious problems in our economic future as that will mean other nations will get the best and brightest who would otherwise come here…so expect even more jobs to be lost as other nations benefit from our stupidity in not wanting the best to come here.

“pulled out of TPP” free trade is best thing for our economy and the world’s. By pulling out of TPP you have guaranteed a lower quality of life, fewer jobs, and a general worse economy. Congratulation you dim motherfucker you’re praising someone actively destroy the US. In my book what you praise I call treason, idiocy, and for those behind it a crime against humanity.

Actually Trump said $12 Billion not 100 but what’s a whole order of magnitude when it’s horseshit to begin with. There are fluctuations in the debt. He had nothing to do with that temporary drop. Now I’m sure you won’t admit that because you probably believe the sun rises because Trump your God-King wills it, but Trump has as much to do with the debt going down and the sun going up as he also does with actually doing ANYTHING in America’s interests. But if you’d like to talk about the huge cost he personally is providing the taxpayers with his unjustied trips to Maralago, we can certainly talk about that.

So everything you listed is horse shit. Added to ruining any chance of eliminating Obamcare, getting real tax reform, getting real regulatory reform, and his destruction of the Republican party. Yeah Trump is a terrible person, a criminal who should be in jail, and all around a piece of shit loved only by idiots.

parakavka replied to your photo: one of my favorite things about discord servers is…

is the ditch ‘do not disturb’ or ‘dungeons and dragons’

dungeons and dragons ditch, check out the characters


goremonger - the half dwarf half orc that should not be, full of holes and became a gardener after the townsfolk were too afraid of him to let him into public schools. wears a tattered pink floyd t-shirt (thats my artistic freedom with the shirt)


boothardt - the boot menace of our team, has insanely high health pool and rolls like 4 d10 to attack which is fucking insane because i am supposed to be the damage dealer and him the tank but he keeps using his special “The Peoples Elbow” ability to roll 8 d10 


slippery stem - slime partner who force feeds us healing slime. basically the healer. also has the abilities “bio nade” “caustic nut” and “eat”

lint - technically owned by slippery stem, lint is a Slitherbuck (deer with snakes for antlers) that was convinced to join our team. slippery stem has devoted themselves to keeping lint alive with constant healing, thus creating a “pocket lint”

and finally my character

keith j. cuccey is a gun-mancer who summons guns around existing bullets, so i carry around a bag of bullets and then make the guns myself. the quality of the image i use to represent myself on the battlefield consistently gets worse, and it’s part of my “jpeg aura” ability. I expect by our 9th session the image will be completely and utterly undecipherable. 



Hey guys, long time no post, but i’ve been in a huge money pickle for the past couple months, and it just keeps getting worse. My phone also got stolen too while i was at work, and i dont know if i have enough funds to afford it. 

i didnt really state it on the info sheet, but i cannot draw the following:
–NSFW (i can try but not guaranteed good quality woops ;;;)

i really appreciate those who are helping and supporting me in these trying times. take care <33

Remarks on the Eight Essentials

1. Internally, the Center must rise.

This refers to lifting the perineum & anus in order to store qi in the dan tian. Without building up the qi here, it is useless to try anything else, as Xing Yi is an internal style.

2. The Three Centers must merge.

This refers to the centers of the crown, palms, & feet being engaged in the internal training of San Ti Shi. Also known as Five Gates Breathing, as the basic idea is the same. When the Three Centers breath with you, you’ve taken a huge step towards “Threading the body into One,” which is a major mechanical & energetic concept in Xing Yi.

3. The Three Intentions must link.

This refers to Xing Yi’s Inner Three Harmonies, which forms the root of power generation. In this context, the Intention’s ability to control & refine the Xin, qi, & strength is emphasized. Again, the Internal Style is obvious, as the body is progressivly subordinated to the mind. Ideally, thought & action become simultaneous.

4. The Five Phases must be smooth.

This refers to the proper practice of the Five Fists. If the Five Fists are not understood & trained properly then nothing else can possibly be correct. The Five Fists are the essential motions of this style, the clearest presentation of the fundamental mechanics. In addition, the Single Training Method of Xing Yi is detailed very well in the most common versions of the five Fists. Everything else is a matter of variation when the Five Fists are well practiced & understood.

5. The Four Tips must be even.

This refers to the tongue, teeth, nails, & hair, which are considered the external manifestations of ones internal condition. The tongue is the tip of the muscle. The Teeth are the tip of the bones. The nails are the tip of the tendons. The hair is the tip of the blood. This is usually confusing to people when they’re just starting to learn Xing Yi’s Internal Methods, but it’s not all that complicated. Essentially, the quality & quantity of qi permeating these Four Tips indicates the level of development attained internally. The Four Tips are a sort of biofeedback type of exercise, in that the focus is on leading the qi from the dan tian to distal points in order to improve sensitivity & articultion.

6. The Heart must be relaxed.

This refers to keeping calm when practicing & fighting. Calm must be the foundation for all practice, in order to advance in an orderly fashion. Losing sight of the big picture during a fight can get you killed, or worse.

7. The Three Tips must match.

This refers to an extremly important concept with many names. The Three Tips are the nose, index finger, & big toe. “Matching,” means keeping them in alignment, also know as Three Points on a Line, & Outer Three Harmonies. When standing, the lead hand & foot are oriented according to the nose, which is short hand for the central line of the body. When the lead hand & foot align with central line, then everything along that line is protected. Crotch, Solar Plexus, Throat, & Nose are all on the central line, & all favored targets of anyone who has ever fought or practiced martial arts.

8. The Eyes must be poisonous.

This refers to the proper spirit. Fighting Spirit, the drive to never give up, is key to winning. Xing Yi’s Spirit is brave, strong, & resolute. When you have a strong & brave Spirit, your eyes will shine brightly. But why is it said the eyes are “poisonous?” Xing Yi’s Strategy is aggressive, & the spirt of a Xing Yi Boxer must reflect that. An enemy should feel uncomfortable when facing you. Your fighting spirit should be strong, reflecting your intention to win quickly & decisively.

pale-silver-comb replied to your post “Life fact: going to the gym when you’ve had shortness of breath all…”

AU where Stiles is you and Derek is the judgy gym dude.


Stiles would be the first person to tell you that he isn’t in the best shape of his life. The best shape of his life was when he was 21 and played division 1 lacrosse at Berkley. Now he’s a 28 year old guy who stands at the front of a classroom most of the day and drinks a few beers on the weekends. He’s not in bad shape, it’s just not great.

Which is why he joined a gym when he moved back to Beacon Hills and started teaching full time. He may have joined Hale Fitness because he wanted to see if Derek Hale had grown up as well as everyone said, but mostly it was about keeping in shape, or at least that’s the lie he told himself.

“I wouldn’t go to the gym today Stiles,” Scott said. He had called Stiles at 3:35 because he knew that was when Stiles headed over to Hale Fitness for his daily run. “The forest fires are getting worse and the air quality is dropping.”

“Don’t worry about me buddy,” Stiles said, putting the Jeep in gear and pulling out of the high school, “I have great lungs, I’ll be fine.”

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How to Treat Swim Bladder Problems

Is your pet fish swimming oddly these days?

When you have a sick betta fish on your hands, it is never a good feeling, and especially since few people readily know how to diagnose or treat fish illnesses. 

I have experienced swim bladder problems myself with bettas and have done treatment and plenty of research on the topic. So, to help you out if your fish is swimming oddly, the following is what you need to know about swim bladder problems and possible treatments:

(Thank you, betta-adventures, for providing pictures of the female betta used in this article.)

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I just wondered if you had any advice. I just hit 24 and still have a few of years to go in my school and I already feel too old. Am I? Also, the school Im at sucks (and rhymes with Fart Lintstitute). Am I utterly screwed over in terms of getting a job somewhere like CN? Should I drop out while I still can? Theres no other schools in my state and I think Im worse than these kids, so Im feeling discouraged. And how do I get into storyboarding? I just recently realized its a path I could take.

There are a lot of different things to cover here so I’ll separate them out:

Are you too old?

You’re not too old. This isn’t like Logan’s Run where once you turn thirty you float around in a room where you explode on the ceiling. If it is, I’m in for a very rude awakening in a few months.

My school is shitty, does that mean I’m shitty and will never get a job?

If you think you will get better at your art by not being in school, then by all means, drop out. There’s no reason to put yourself into debt for something that isn’t helping you. I know lots of people that dropped out of school or went to schools that “sucked” that have great careers in this industry.

I’ve got plenty of complaints about my school from when I attended, but I know that overall it helped me even though it’s a lesser known school. A lesser known school, by the way, that produced Toby Jones, Madeline Queripel, Julia Vickerman, and many others that have good careers in animation in other studios.

There’s an unhelpful meme going around that says you can’t get a job in animation unless you go to CalArts. It’s simply not true. I will give you that if you ask someone where they’re from, the school that the most people have in common is CalArts, but the vast majority of people didn’t go there. What’s more likely, that an industry full of thousands and thousands of people only hires from one school even though they get someone from another school or no school submitting to them with high quality work? Or that someone who makes sub-par work has been submitting to studios for years, but they can’t find a job, they’re starting to get bitter, and they’re looking for someone to blame other than themselves so they choose CalArts? This is understandable, and it can feel immensely frustrating when people seem like they don’t take your work seriously. You have this drive and desire to get in, but people keep telling you no without telling you why, or even worse, not responding at all!

Then, on the internet, you have people like me who say things like “Just keep working at it” and “keep submitting! Draw all the time!” This can be somewhat misleading because we want to remain positive and usually leave out the part where we think “Also this process can take anywhere from 1-10 years or more and, if you get offered a job at all, it will most likely be at a small studio working on something you don’t particularly like or care about, but you’ll at least make money and after a couple years of doing that you might move on to something you like a little more!”

For most people, it takes a long time to get into these big studios. It’s intimidating, scary, frustrating, and unfair. It’s unfair because people who know people in the industry have an advantage over you, but that’s also the case in EVERY industry in the world. However, while it’s an advantage, it’s far from a guarantee. If you know people, they let you know when and where there’s a job opening and can vouch for you, but that’s it. People don’t just hire their friends, no weirdo introverted artist showrunner has as many friends as there are jobs to fill. That vouch still can’t actually get you the job. It’s art. If you can’t draw what you’re being asked to draw, it becomes quickly obvious and it’s really the one thing you have to do, so you either won’t be hired or will be out of a job as soon as they’re able to let you go. There’s simply no time for nepotism, we have a schedule and we need to get shit done.

Hell, after you work at a small studio, you might find you don’t even want to work at a big studio and all of this will be moot!

Should I drop out of school? I’m worse than everyone else.

Here’s some questions you should think about: Why do you think you’re worse than your peers? What qualities does their work have that, in your mind, makes it better? Why is that important to you? How could you get those qualities into your work? What separates you from them? What qualities do you have that they don’t have? Will your artistic education be better if you aren’t in school and are able to do things on your own, or will it be better with instruction and learning from other students around you? Is it possible you’re just burned out because this is an intense field of study? Are you actually answering these questions truthfully?

If your work is at least like a 6.5 out of 10 in quality, then all you need is two of these three things:

1) You turn your stuff in on time

2) You’re easy to work with

3) You make incredible work

Neil Gaiman wrote those as a venn diagram and he’s absolutely right. I would say living in the area where you want to be employed also helps, but if you’re good enough, they’ll find a way. Someone who makes great work will always be more obvious to employers and, right out of school, those people tend to get hired first because it’s the easiest quality to look for. However, if that person doesn’t have either of those other two qualities, that person will quickly lose credibility. I would rather hire a workhorse who makes ok art, but I like working with them and they do it on time, than someone who makes the most incredible artwork ever but they never turn their stuff in and they’re an asshole.

Now all that up there is probably reading as a bit of a downer. It’s okay though, everything has its downers and its uppers. That’s why the whole world is so crazy, it’s meds are all mixed up.

You CAN do it. You can. Seriously. People work in TV. Los Angeles isn’t some mythical, faraway land that’s somehow better than where you live. We’re all just a bunch of flawed people, really mediocre people, that have somehow tricked other people into giving us money to make whatever art we want. You can join the rest of us con artists and we’ll accept you as one of our own and we can all trick everyone together.

What is the path for storyboarding?

There are a million and one ways to get into it. It’s more of a branching spider web than a path. I know a lot of people who got into it through comics. If a show runner can quickly read a comic you’ve made, then they know a lot about you: your writing style, your drawing style, your sense of humor, and the fact that you can finish what you start.

Toby got hired because JG said on twitter that he was looking for new board artists. Toby was making comics in his free time, responded to him via Facebook, and sent him some of his comics. That’s how Toby got the job and he immediately moved from Minneapolis to LA to take it.

My path:

Before I started school I wanted to do 3D animation, so I went to art school. While there, I found out that I liked 2D animation even more, so I focused on that. It was really hard because while I found I liked the look and idea of 2D more, I didn’t like drawing variations on practically the same thing over and over again for days just to make 4 seconds of animation. There were definitely other animators and artists who were better than me.

I considered dropping out at the end of my junior year. I laid down in the hallway of my apartment and cried while staring at the ceiling and ants crawled all over body (we had an ant problem). I didn’t know if I wanted to keep going through college or drop out. My parents said I sounded burned out. They recommended doing something completely, totally different, that has nothing to do with art or my career over the summer. My mom said she got a job in Yellowstone for a summer when she was in college, so I decided to give that a shot.

So I did! I became a housekeeper in Grant Village in Yellowstone. It was transformative. I met new friends who did things that weren’t related to art, I found new stories from new people, new ways to think. I even met some Chinese people who introduced me to the idea that it’s super easy to get an english teaching job in China if you’re a native speaker, a job I’d never even heard of until they mentioned it.

When it came time to answer whether I wanted to go back to school, my brain had had enough time to recuperate over the summer from doing completely different work. I felt healed and had a lot more insight as to what my life needed. I answered those questions up there and decided that yes, I did still want to finish school.

So I finished, but still felt burned out and decided to move to China to be an English teacher. I did that for 3 years, even though all my friends told me not to and said I was crazy. I agreed somewhat, but it felt like something I needed to do. I had no idea how I was ever going to get back into working in art.

While I was there I learned more about music production, made two albums, and made an animated music video. When I decided to move back to LA, I sent out some feelers to people and Toby, who had been my freshman year roommate in college, said they were looking for people on Regular Show. This was for a job position called “storyboarder/writer” and I’d never heard of that job before. They sent me the test, I took it, he showed JG some of my work (including the music video I had made while in China). JG decided to take the chance on hiring some random English teacher from China that he’d never met or even interviewed over the phone.

That is my path to storyboarding. You can try taking that same path, but as you can see, it all requires a bit of serendipity and preparation for when that serendipity happens.

Wow that was a lot of stuff. Why do you write so much? Jeez, summarize it.

Because I work in TV and I have to edit myself down all the time so THIS IS MY FREE SPACE OKAY??

You don’t have to go to the most amazing school in the world. You don’t have to be the most incredible artist in the world. You don’t have to know people. You DO have to have drive and decent art. You CAN do it, you just have be realistic about who you are and what you need in order to get there.