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What do you love about Sansa Stark?

Oh wow anon the real question is what don’t I like about Sansa Stark. Sansa is literally my daughter. I feel like I gave birth to her, like she came out of my womb and let me tell you, I’m not a average bitch so my daughter isn’t average either.

But seriously to answer your question…..what do I love about Sansa Stark:

1. Her femininity

In this misogynistic world femininity is seen as weakness and in the fantasy genre the only women who are applauded are the ones who reject femininity in favor of masculinity (think Arya). Sansa won my heart early on because she was delicate, she believed in songs, and was excellent at needle work, she dreamed about marriage and motherhood, she wanted to be rescued by knights and marry a prince. She is a “girls girl”‘in a narrative that usually shows only masculinity as strength. Sansa doesn’t want to fight, she doesn’t want to yield a sword or command armies, she sees value in what she’s been socialized to do as a woman.

She also never fell into the trend of using sexuality to compensate for the “weaknesses” and lack of power that come with femininity (think Ceresi and Margery). Sansa is as innocent sexually as one can be. She has never and still doesn’t truly see herself as a sexual being despite being beautiful and desired by men around her. I find that sexual innocence refreshing and authentic, especially since she started the a series as an innocent young girl. Her femininity hasn’t been corrupted by the idea that women have to be overly sexual in order to gain power and respect in the world. With Sansa I got to see a naive and idealistic girl much like a lot of young girls are in the real world. With Sansa I got to see a young woman struggling to navigate a world where she lacks autonomy much like a lot of young women we see in the world. With Sansa I’ve been able to see a woman stand firm in her femininity and ascend to leadership without having to change who she is.

2. Her strength.

Sansa doesn’t get enough credit for being a strong woman. She has endured so much and has survived it all, all without drastically changing who she is. She’s been able to hold on to her identity as a person and as a woman despite being in a world that tried to strip it from her at every turn. Whether is was when she was been beaten and tormented by Joffrey, or manipulated and sold by Littlefinger, or raped and beaten by Ramsey. She never let go of who she is and she never let the weight of her trials crush her completely. Through all the humiliation and pain she suffered in King’s Landing she held her head high and never let them truly break her. She was in the most precarious position she could have possibly been in immediately after her father’s death but she was forced to look at her father’s head on a spike and taunted with her father’s death she stood strong and didn’t let him see her break and even told him her brother would bring her his head. When she was slapped she took every one of those licks without even flinching and again never shed a tear. When she was tormented with the idea of being raped by Joffrey or abused by him she still held her head high. When she was taunted with her brother’s death as his wedding she never let them see her break down. She never let them see her cry over her mother or her brother. She remained a lady and kept her head low enough to endure and survive.

She suffered greatly at the hands of Ramsey but never let him break her and had enough courage to escape, even risking her life by jumping from the top of winterfel. She had to face hounds coming after her and freezing cold water to get away. When she finally made her way to safety at the wall she didn’t just sit there content with being safely in the confines of castle black, she pulled herself together as if nothing had happened to her and told Jon that they needed to take their home back. She didn’t crumble even tho she knew she would be facing a monster, she instead boldly asserted herself in a way she had never done before and pledged to take her home back with or without Jon. When Sansa should have been at her lowest she was strong and even managed to be the strength that Jon needed to find his purpose and fight again. She stood strong in her name and who she is as she went around the North looking for soldiers to fight for her. She looked her rapist and abuser in the eyes on the battlefield and told him he was going to die with zero fear or hesitation, and she triumphed over the biggest monster she had ever faced in the end, empowering herself even more. Sansa has been through more than most of the characters on the show and Sansa has endured and survived and had come out stronger, wiser, and more resilient all while holding on to her identity and I find that incredibly inspiring and empowering.

3. Her evolution.

Sansa has had one or the worst wake up calls out of anyone on the show and yet she came out of it more intact than most people would. She was a naive, innocent, and idealistic girl and all of that was stripped away from her violently. She’s changed, she’s hardened a bit, but she hasn’t let her hardships corrupt her. She’s shown incredible strength and resilience in the face of unspeakable dangers that most women would have have survived and now she has her home back, she has the autonomy she never had, and she has power and loyalty behind her. She’s evolved so much, more than any other character in this series. She went from pawn to player, from being powerless to powerful, from a scared naive girl to a brilliant and brace woman. She went from being a follower to being a respected leader. She went from being silent to finding her voice and having the confidence to assert it. She went from being unsure of herself and her future to being confident and grabbing a hold to the future that she wants with no hesitation. She went from being content with being in the disrespected in the background to demanding the respect that she deserves and had earned. She has blossomed into such a well rounded, brave, compassionate, intelligent, and confident young woman and it just makes me feel so proud.

4. Her Vulnerability

I love that we have seen Sansa cry, we have seen Sansa feel afraid, that we have seen her want to give up and break at times. I love that we have seen real vulnerability from her, even when it worked against her and was seen as weakness. I love that she opens up to people, even if she was opening up to the wrong people at first. I love that we get to see a female character who hasn’t always worn a mask of strength, who hasn’t always forced herself to be unemotional. Even after all she has been through we can still see her vulnerability. Like when she’s opening up to Jon, or like when she’s moved to tears as seeing Bran again, or like when she’s under the heart tree with Bran with a child like vulnerability wishing Jon was there and trying to understand her brother. Vulnerability is a part of human life. Emotions are natural and it’s been refreshing to see Sansa go through the full range of emotion without beating herself up about it or without feeling like she’s weak because of it.

5. Her Grace

She’s handled everything that has come her with with such grace that it leaves me in awe. She’s still such a lady and so gracious and so kind and compassionate. In many ways her hardships have made her even more compassionate and gracious than she was before. She owns up to her old childish behavior and strives to be better. She shows people appreciation and kindness regardless of their standing. She’s handles everything with a graceful calmness that many people don’t have. It’s one of the qualities that I believe will make her an excellent and beloved queen one day. Their is a tenderness to her personality that’s just really endearing without coming off as weakness. You still see the steel underneath but on the surface you see grace, beauty, and gentleness.

6. Her intelligence

She’s so smart. Granted she was naive for a while due to her age and her upbringing but she’s really really intelligent. A lot of people like to pretend that she’s only just not showing us how smart she is but she’s been smart since the beginning. She found ways to manipulate Joffrey. She found ways so manipulate the people around her and present herself as disarming enough to stay alive when she would have otherwise been dead. She’s taken all the things she’s learned over the years and has applied them in many ways to her advantage. She’s close to being one of the more brilliant political thinkers on the show and has shown herself to be astute in the game and capable of hanging though with the likes of Littlefinger and Ceresi.

I’m sure I could say more but these are just the first few and most important things that come to mind when I think about what I love about Sansa Stark

Guys I’m seriously about to cry okay so you know that new movie Storks? I found it online (sorry in advance for the quality) and this movie is not only really good, but look at these families getting babies from the storks (okay disclaimer this is near the end, but this entire movie is about families that aren’t ‘normal’ and is centered around friends-become-family trope)

It’s so cute, it means so much to them

There’s shock and confusion but also that awe of “Our baby?”







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One thing I want to hear Mark's explanation (and your opinion) on is when Damien and Celine become Dark, why do all of their good qualities and kindness disappear so suddenly? Also for the very good OT3, how about "Old Times Sake"? It's a little out there but what do you think?

ooh definitely! i’m honestly so excited for his explanation of everything. hopefully it’ll give us more insight to everything! 

aw, that name seems really cute! i’ll keep that in mind. 💛

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Helllooo, I'm sorry this is a bit random but is there any list/posts about other artists or celebrities praising shinee around here??

oh wow, i’m not sure if there is so i’ll try and write one up? there, for sure, won’t be everything but it was all that i was able to remember / could find in searches. 

 • big bang’s g-dragon was asked during an interview with section tv back in 2013 if there were any junior groups that caught his eye to which his answer was: “whenever i see shinee i think they’re doing really well.” (source)
• also back in 2013, tiger jk made asked a group of children if they like him or shinee more to which they remained silent and he answered “for” them by saying: “i like shinee more as well.” (source)
• in an interview that t-ara did late last year, both jiyeon and soyeon praised them.

q: have any rookies or hoobaes caught your eye lately?
soyeon: could i mention one more team? they’re not rookies but i think shinee are so amazing. i felt chills throughout my whole body when i watched their “everybody” stage. as someone who also performs on stage herself i know exactly what kinds of moves are difficult, what formations are possible or impossible, very well. but shinee’s “everybody” even made me respectful / in awe of them. because, honestly, it’s really difficult to demonstrate that level of quality. not just me, but everyone who’s on site at the music program gave thumbs up at shinee’s stage. did you see taemin’s “괴도 (danger)” music video? his ability to communicate emotions with each look, each gesture, gives me goosebumps. that power to communicate is a lot more difficult than you’d think. maybe it’s because i’m still lacking in that area but, when i see people who pull that off really well, they look amazing. shinee are no longer “idols”.
jiyeon: shinee appear really well on tv, but if you see them in person, it’s just art. they just pour all their energy they have themselves onto one stage. it’s enough to say: “if shinee does one prerecording they have to be boosted / helped down from stage by managers. we need to follow that example.”. (source)

• multiple members of the pledis rookie group, seventeen, have praised shinee since their debut earlier this year. you can a handful of instances here and here.
snsd all agreed early in july that shinee’s latest album was good and that they’re “very watchable” on stage. (source)
snsd’s sooyoung and super junior’s eunhyuk complimented shinee for being hard working on stage / feeling their passion for performaning in a snippet from sm’s newest documentary, “smtown the stage”. (here)
• back before they became friends, iu praised both shinee and jonghyun himself during a press conference for the reality show they did together for a short time, “immortal song 2”. she personally recommended him for the show due to a liking of his voice. (source)
• back in 2010 jessica jung praised and recommended for a musical role which he ended up getting / it was his first role to date. (source)
• during their “why so serious” promotions, secret’s hyosung was asked which group she finds best in terms of performance in which she replied: “shinee. i don’t know how they can be so good.” (source)
• in a survery put together by sports donga back in 2013, twenty two idol groups were asked to cast their votes in the: best vocalist, rapper, dancer, visual and factor / talent categories. jonghyun tied in second place for best male vocalist (alongside beast’s yoseob) with seven votes, taemin tied in second place (with super junior’s eunhyuk and jay park) for best male dancer with six votes, and minho tied in fourth place (with jyj’s jaejoong) for best male visual with three votes. the groups that participated in the survery were: girl’s day, nine muses, rainbow, miss a, big bang, snsd, b.a.p, shinhwa, cnblue, aoa, ft island, exo, mblaq, u-kiss, ze:a, jj project (back before got7’s debut), jyj,, 2am, 2pm, kara and 15&. (source)
• it’s pretty well known at this point but exid’s solji is a very big fan of shinee and praises them often. one instance can be seen here).
• there’s an old fan account (that i’m having a hard time finding, blegh) where a fan of shinee’s mentioned that brown eyed girls’ narsha, a pd and a lyricist ran to watch shinee prerecord for a music show when their recordings begun back during “lucifer” era.
• popular actress shim eun kyung (who acted alongside taemin in a drama back in 2009) is a very, very big fan of the group / praises them often. one particular time can be found here. she also often makes posts on her instagram about them and is seen around wearing one of their “odd” snapbacks frequently lately.
baek ji young has mentioned twice (once in 2011 and again earlier this year) that she enjoys jonghyun’s voice / would like to collaborate with him. (source)
• taemin has a lot of celebrity fans, like… a lot. here’s a long video of random celebrities / idols praising him, including: rain, sunny hill, ze:a, cross gene, kangnam, history, monsta x, dear cloud’s nine, and mochida kaori. soran’s go young bae also called him perfect once, lmao. bts’ jungkook mentioned being a shawol with emphasis on biasing taemin. vixx’s hongbin mentioned once that he’d like to collaborate with taemin / looks up to him. teen top’s niel admitted that taemin’s solo inspired him a bit when preparing for his own / has mentioned admiring him in the past.
• back in 2010, boa picked shinee as the group closest to her ideal type. (or, specifically, a mixture of onew, jonghyun and minho) (source)
• japanese actress aizawa rina is a fangirl of taemin’s. (source) as is haruna from the japanese girl band scandal. (source)
• onew has a lot of celebrity fangirls that praise him often, including: kim jung nan, a pink’s namjoo, f(x)’s luna, and wonder girls’ yeeun.
girl’s day’s sojin is a big fan of the group / often praises them. she mentioned them: here, and here.
• here’s a full video of some of minho’s celebrity fans / fangirls, including: kim jung eun, kim eun seo, 2ne1’s dara, and kim ji won.
• from akb48 / nmb48 / ske48: iriyama anna mentioned minho as her “ideal” type while kashiwagi yuki mentioned that she finds him handsome. shimazaki haruka mentioned maybe being interested in key, while ogasawara mayu admitted to being a shawol and liking jonghyun’s voice.
•  world renowned pianist yiruma praised shinee / being impressed by working with them and jonghyun’s skill in lyric writing specifically. (source)
• wwe wrestler xavier woods opened up about discovering shinee and becoming a fan of them around the start of “odd”. (source)
• teddy riley (who is a grammy award winning singer-songwriter, producer, ect. and member of both guy and blackstreet) has worked with and praised the group multiple times. specifically: he’s made comments about how much he likes jonghyun’s voice / how he enjoyed working with him and how fond he is of him as well. (source)
• bryan-michael cox, who’s also a grammy award winning songwriter and producer (known for producing such songs as: mary j. blige’s “be without you”, and usher’s “burn”, “u got it bad” and “confessions”) met with jonghyun in the summer of 2014 referring to him as a “super talented artist” and a “superstar”. (source)
• when questioned about who she found to be the best looking male idol 4minute’s hyuna admitted that she chose all of shinee together and mentioned that, rather than just liking their faces, she likes the group as a whole. (source)

like said: there’s probably a loooooooooooot that i missed and if anyone knows anymore i can add them in and reblog again later! but that’s everything i could find and remember as of now.

Season 15 Episode 21 Thoughts

So…one season arc huh? That’s unusual for Red vs Blue. I’m not until saying that’s a bad thing. In fact I quite like it, I’m not entirely sure I could take another cliffhanger ending, I just can’t help but wonder if this is supposed to be a wrap up for the show.

Anyway the episode itself. I’m happy for Vic. I mean he’s dead so that’s not great but you know he seemed satisfied and he can’t to be hero. There’s something I never thought I’d say when I watched the Bloodgultch Chronicles. I’m also very happy that Caboose got his goodbye and can start coming to terms with Church’s death. It’s a shame Church will never get to truly appreciate it (although the Alpha did sort of die twice. I’m sure he thought about that speech both times)

Now of course the moment that made everyone’s heart sing, Grif and Sister’s reunion. Rooster teeth I swear if you separate these two again for more than a season then I’m going to throw a hissy fit like the world has never seen. Can we please have an awesome sibling duo? *looks at North and South* That doesn’t end in death and awful emotional pain.

Overall I found this season kind of mediocre. I certainly enjoyed it but it doesn’t really reach the story quality of previous seasons. Maybe it’s because season 13 left such an impact, maybe it’s because there’s been such a long gap between plot focused seasons that my expectations were too high. I don’t know. Either way I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as the Chorus trilogy.

See you next week when we’ll…oh…I guess I won’t be seeing you next week. Well then hopefully I’ll be seeing you next season when we BETTER BE SAVING DONUT and getting Carlos some therapy.

(Oh and Wash is okay so cancel the riot)

Poe headcanons:

-He used to work with alchemy before the accident. He misses it terribly.
-Used to collect black widows and thinks they are beautiful.
-He loves his hat. He had it since boyhood and refused to give it up even when it became too small. One of Magica’s first successful long-term spells was to make it forever change in size in accordance with its owner. Because the tiny hat looked ridiculous on his growing head.
-Magica borrows his clothes all the time.
-The “I Told You So” and “How Does it Feel, Now?” Sibling.
-He has a photographic memory, and recalls things in great detail.
-His peers are jealous of his library. He has some of the rarest books in the world. If Scrooge knew of the value of some of his alchemy books, he’d put down any price for them.
-Poe is chill. Really chill. The kind of chill that annoys people. Magica, on the other hand, is very dramatic.
-There really isn’t a situation that warrants talking about it, but Magica thinks her brother is the bravest person she knows. She doesn’t know anyone on this Earth who could’ve withstood being stuck as a raven as matter-of-factly as her brother.

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Congrats on 3k! You deserve it cuz you are an amazing person. I'm glad people get to see all the cool things that you make! Cuz they are awesome. You're a cool and brilliant artist, glad so many people can see that!

(Sorry for answering this so late, I had to do something aaah)

Thank you! And aw, man. It’s still pretty amazing and just jaw dropping. I never thought that people would actually love the things I do, no matter how simplistic they are!

If anything, those people who actually have super-quality drawings should have the 3k. Y’all are just so kind and cool :O

But thank you. From the bottom of my heart, to you and to all of the people who thought that my art was cool or nice, thank you. You guys really know how to make a person feel happy ;w;

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Hi, I'm glad for your blog. I just can't wrap my head around the video. The person sounds a lot like Johnny, and might be. Iirc, he was saying something like"did I do anything to you? No? Then you're alright". Do you know anything that could negate what the video seems to be showing? The video didn't seem to have any cuts in between.

Firstly, thank you for you words. It means a lot to know I help in any way.
Secondly… ah the video! I’ve watched it only once about a year ago & the act alone made me feel dirty, like a voyer without the sexual element.

His side never claimed it wasn’t him in the video, only that it was heavily edited and cut to show what she wanted to show.

“According to People, sources close to the actor claim the video of Depp was “heavily edited” and was used as a setup, with Heard encouraging his behavior. Heard has yet to respond to that allegation, but according to TMZ, she denied releasing the video and said she is looking to settle in court quickly, having “underestimated the toll” the divorce would take on her. In all probability, the video couldn’t be used in court, either, due to its probable editing and Depp’s lack of awareness that the exchange was being filmed. (Heard would need his permission for it to be admissible under California law.) Although the video might not be brought against Depp in court, TMZ reported that it will indeed be used in an exhibit by Heard’s team, which will reportedly include other audio and video files.“

Many experts commented that the video was indeed cut. Also, what kind of recorder could provide a video of such awful quality in 2016? Hm….

@lovingjdepp has a trascript of the discussion in the video here

I don’t know what you really think it shows & why you think it has to be negated though. All it shows is her taking advantage of his emotional distress and feelings. Depp was angry over something and from the looks of it, he would have been angry about it even if  Heard wasn’t there. The fact that she recorded him and then “released” (sic) the video after she signed to drop the PRO request -most probably to pressure him to stop her deposition- is -to me at least- a kind of controlling, abusive act on it own.

While anyone can be manipulated, expert manipulators tend to target people with and take advantage of certain personality traits. These traits include: “Fear of anger, sadness, and other negative emotions—either in oneself or from the manipulator.”

Anger is a natural and mostly automatic response to pain of one form or another (physical or emotional). Anger can occur when people don’t feel well, feel rejected, feel threatened, or experience some loss. What could have made Depp angry at the time? Did he learn about his mother’s serious condition? Did he learn his financial managers had been ripping him off for years? And very possibly they were assisted by family members? Either way, he still lowers his voice when he talks to her & takes his anger on his furniture. A decent person wouldn’t film him. We are talking about Johnny Depp here, not you or me. He is followed by photographers every time he takes a step out of his house, he’s globally known and loved. The only place that he can have a private moment is his home. And that was invaded. By his “significant other”, a person he thought he could trust.

Amber Heard has the total control of that scene; she holds the recorder, she tries to control the discussion, she gives away the time of the day, she talks about his drinking (even though we can not be certain about either of that). I have said before that if the video was filmed by a hidden camera and Johnny Depp had attacked Amber Heard, either physically or verbally, I would understand how it could be used as evidence of abuse. The problem here lies that is not the case. Ms. Heard had the absolute control of the situtaion considering he’s emotionally distressed. It is insinuated she has called him crazy before and it wasn’t the first time she filmed him, showing a history of bullying or manipulation.

Anger doesn’t necessarily mean abuse; however anger, like every emotion, leaves you vulnerable to manipulation. And, that’s what she did.

Even if I had any doubts about the abuse before the release (seriously, what kind of a conceited person calls it release instead of selling or leaking? Ah yeah, A. Heard!) of the video made them all go away. Especially, when I saw she had already signed to withdraw the PRO.

I have written other things about the video. If you’d like to read them just click on #that video.

blogs i’m thankful for

so yesterday @i-am-avacado tagged me in a post called “blogs i’m thankful for” and i got really choked up about it.  it absolutely warmed my cold, black heart, and even though it’s no longer thanksgiving, i wanted to make a similar post in the spirit of it.  i hope i didn’t leave anyone out, but i’ve met a lot of wonderful people on this awful hell site, so i hope everyone’s here:

  • @gaily-daily & @itscomp-rick-cated for always having the best tags. seriously. your tags fuel me and give me life.
  • @steptotheotherside for being the kind of person who sends me high quality fandom content throughout the day and always offers a supportive comment when needed.
  • @yeenr & @leoravioleo for being #goals, for being the kind of fandom friends who got me a cake when i got out of the hospital, for sending me positive messages to keep me going through some of the harder days, for a lot of unconditional love that i never felt i deserved, for being two wonderful people with a lot of kindness in their hearts
  • @forgivemebutimustsin for being ADORABLE, for sending me supportive rick and morty doodles on the hard days, for being a hard-working, funny, compassionate person with a lot of insight and positivity to contribute 
  • @corrosivebeauty for being the kind of person who draws me art when i’m in the hospital and cheers me up, for all the good vibes through the hard times 
  • @damnavidans for being such a sweetheart whose enthusiasm is contagious!! for always inspiring me and motivating me, for always offering insightful and funny commentary, for the most amazing podfic ever (seriously, i still can’t get over it)
  • @i-am-avacado for being a positive force of nature!! for being incredibly nice, authentic, open-minded, and just an all around admirable human being.
  • @pringlesaremydivision for amazing fandom commentary, for also being #relationshipgoals, for always having something kind and funny to say and having my back in a fight
  • @keenveins for being one of the most open and welcoming creators in any fandom, for all the inspiring and fun talks, for the quality content, for the honesty, for not being afraid to be vulnerable and pursue what you love
  • @scissoredbutthole for being one of the sweetest, funniest followers, for always being someone to rely on for words of encouragement 
  • @thankyouliebe for having some of the best meta in the game, for always being open and critical in a way that only shows growth, for being kind and fair and never compromising their own beliefs or identity
  • @ HEATHERS u binches know who u are. ur my binches. thank u for putting up with my salty ass and being the best support group a guy could have.  if it weren’t for the heathers, i would constantly be mugatu screaming IS EVERYONE TAKING CRAZY PILLS??? throwing lattes etc. u guys bring me life.
  • @hencemyname for your great eye for memes, for your compassion, for your talent, for your insight, for your undeniable strength as a person, for your wicked sense of humor that always lights me up 
  • @schwifty-rick for being to so many people  the undoubted beating heart of a fandom, for always going out of your way to be kind, for making me laugh, for all the times i sat at the back of an empty parking lot to duet karaoke with you, for the way your passion seeps into everything and inspires me and the rest of the community
  • @riankosugar for giving us the pastel aesthetic and quality art that we don’t deserve, but we definitely want.  for your style and positive attitude and encouragement.  
  • @dovalbun for your strength and honesty, for getting me into YOI hell, for always having my six, for your mean, wonderful sense of humor that never fails to make me laugh, for how you work through your hurt and inspire me 
  • @ehmorty for your amazing artwork, for your cute, individual style, for your ear, the tough love that you’ve used to coach me through multiple rough patches and made me a better, stronger person
  • @nsanchezfw for your soft aesthetic, the amazing notes you always leave creators, for the passion you show for fandom and way you encourage everyone to create, to be better versions of themselves
  • @baalstorms for telling me to always “STAN UR GROUND” 
  • @mthrfuckn for always being open and emotionally available, for talking beer and life and love, for inspiring me constantly and creating alongside me, for making me smile on some of the most difficult days
  • @icantstopsinning for being a gotdamn inspiration, for our mutual love of our cats, for the late night calls and laughs, for the honest integrity in your work and the way that your art is an inspiration to not just me, but thousands, because you always capture so many layers and nuances with it.  even when your art is humorous, it’s multi-faceted, and i’m so lucky to get to know you and hear your insight and interpretations.
  • @toxic-boner for your strength, fearlessness, sense of humor, for the way that you always surprise me with your creativity and compassion, for your huge, huge heart, for the times we’ve laughed so hard we’ve cried together, or just the times we’ve cried together.  for your wonderful soul and for the art you’ve blessed a community with.
  • @mrdespondency for the strength you’ve shown in the hardest times, for the ghost stories we’ve shared, for the times we’ve built stories and ideas and amazing worlds together, for the postcard that’s on my fridge from you, for the amazing depth you have and give to all of your works.
  • @mharti-mcfly for the way you always lift my spirits, for your support, for the beautiful art you create that feels like you’ve carved out of your own soul.
  • @skullopendra for being the friend i don’t deserve, for being so open and giving, for the nights you’ve texted me for beer advice, for your sweet yet rational side that has helped me through a crisis or five.  
  • @kouskousx for being my rock in the past year.  for being the writing partner i never knew could exist, for filling all of the holes in me and giving them definition, for inspiring me and making me grow as a creator ten-fold, for eating oysters with me in a bar even though we were Too High, for the adventures we have, and the adventures i want us to have again, for making me laugh so hard when texting me i’ve almost driven off the road wiping the tears out of my eyes, for being too good for me, for all the times i’ve had a meltdown and you’ve been the one to gently corral the pieces of me back together, for any time that i haven’t given you the credit you deserve for single-handedly keeping me from the brink of emotional collapse, for being a kindred spirit i would fight for in this life and the next and the next.
  • @ladydorian for the way you’re brutally honest and raw, your sense of humor, for how brave you are and unapologetic, for sharing a love of rush with me, for the ass buffet cookies, for always being the better person even if you don’t believe it, for the fight in your heart that makes me want to be stronger
  • @radishwine for the art, for the time we were in a chat and you wrote a single sentence that inspired all of what became “college morty,” for the night we drank 15 long island iced teas together and are somehow still alive
  • @je-suis-imparfait for being strong for me when i couldn’t, for being real and solid and sure, for disneyworld 2017, for never giving a fuck what anyone else says, and just living your life so honestly and defiantly, for being an inspiration to me, for being someone i want to grow up and into, for always shocking the ugly laughs out of me, for south park and top gear and all the small things in between, for being the most fun to go from fandom to fandom with and listen to all the opinions and headcanons and dynamics roll out of, for giving me the strength i needed in times where i didn’t think it was possible to be strong
  • @beautifulmonster for being the first to ever make me feel like there was something better in me, for continuing to be a friend and on my side and more than meet me in the middle, for all the times we’ve grown together and continue to grow, for the rick sanchez sweater i wear on all the cold nights and can’t wait to wear into all my accounts on christmas eve.
  • @scarecrowfan for also making it through multiple fandoms with me, for reading a dumb story about derek hale and stiles stilinksi getting high and going to in n out to now, to watching harmonquest and everything in between (we need to do more movie nights!!), for our future road trip, for a long and winding and weird, wonderful road of friendship
  • @havingbeenbreathedout & @ajournalofimpossiblethings for somehow sticking with me after all these years and still being wonderful, beautiful human beings that i’m so lucky to say i’ve known, for the lives you have that inspire me to live as loudly and honestly as possible, for the work you’ve done as writers and editors that always make me want to be better, for the advice and drinks we’ve shared, for the future!!
  • @ all of the people who wrote to me and reached out to me with words of kindness and empathy and solidarity, who have consoled me or taken a few seconds or minutes out of their day to comment on something i’ve written: i tried compiling a list of all the wonderful names in my messages and asks, but pretty quickly realized that it would be difficult to have a complete list, and was worried about the people who would feel left out.  it’s a good problem to have that so many strangers have gone out of their way to be kind and make my day exponentially better.  thank you all x 

lastly the person i want to thank most is @wortwood: for the girl who reminded me what it was like to live, and made me want to be alive again; not just living, but alive.  for the girl who has a smile i want to see every morning when i wake up and every night when i fall asleep, who is devoted and affectionate, who has seen the worst sides of me and loves me despite them, for the hours we’ve spent together on the couch, at the table, on skype just existing together, and how comfortable that existence is.  for the girl i would sneak through a saskatoon flower pot border for if that’s what it took, for the girl who is so unique and funny, who has the most beautiful, optimistic view of the world that it transforms her own art and stories, and now, my own–but she also transforms my life and my worldview. for the girl who took the dumpster fire of a year 2016 and turned it into an adventure that i hope lasts for the rest of my life.  for my companion and wife who i can’t wait to grow old with.  this one is for you. thank you. 


Irene: I… Milo, actually I’ve got some news to tell you, and I don’t know how you’d react…

Milo: What’s wrong, dear? I know this look on your face. Let me guess, are you pregnant? Because if you are, it’s a total opposite of wrong.

Irene: … really?

Milo: Irene, you shouldn’t be so anxious! I know what I said after the wedding, but if we’re meant to have a kid now… it’s not in any way bad. Actually, I… I just said so, because it’s me. I’m insecure about what kind of parent I’m going to be.

Irene: Aw, Milo! As our kids will be growing up, they’ll become helpful, reliable and kind people, and you’ll pass on your greatest qualities to them! We’ll raise them in the best way, I promise.

helenakey  asked:

Hello! How are you? Quick question, because I'm a curious girl. What do you think about FrostIron? I know that you are "in the bottom pit of Steve/Loki" as you say, hahah, but I'd like to know your opinion about them. I love your fics, and I freaking love your Loki. How would you see him getting into something with Tony, if at all?

heh, I’ve talked some about it before - it’s not so much my cup of tea, though a lot of that has been decline over time due to feeling oversaturated with it. I’m also not a huge Tony fan in general (I don’t hate him or anything! just not so invested in him), so that tends to make me less drawn to ships with him in them. 

that said, I have definitely read some high quality Tony/Loki fic (there are a heckuva lot of really good writers for that pairing, she said enviously). the primary issue for me, as I see it done, is that I cannot see Tony/Loki as a functional ship. 

Tony and Loki are people who…have a lot of similarities, especially when it comes to their negative qualities. performing ego to cover up deep insecurity, the belief that they’re the smartest person in any given room, snark and daddy issues - and while these things could, hypothetically, bring them together over their commonalities, I think in practice it would just bring the UN-A-DUL-TER-ATED LOATH-ING to unprecedented levels. 

the reason for this being very simple: another quality that Loki and Tony share is a very (un)healthy dose of self-hatred. and if you hate yourself, and you’re looking at someone who reminds you of yourself (especially, for Tony, yourself at your worst), that’s pretty much a quick recipe for really, really hating that person. 

the thing about that kind of intense hatred through recognition of yourself in someone else, though, is that you could really easily get some really hot sex out of it. 

and that’s the kind of Tony/Loki that I want. just them being awful for each other, and to each other, and in general bringing out each others’ respective worsts. 

unfortunately I feel like both Tony and Loki would be kind of into that. 

What each of my friends' types are underrated for: extraverts edition
  • <p> ENFJ: scary strong drive. When she wants to accomplish something, consider it accomplished. </p>
  • <p> ENFP: emotionally robust. This girl has suffered abuse of every kind, lives in a truly awful environment and still manages to lift her head high and laugh at life. I am in awe. </p>
  • <p> ENTJ: totally killer skills at that farm game on Facebook. Also killer skills on an actual farm. </p>
  • <p> ENTP: I know a few and they have a burning love of teaching. And not tearing kids apart, really building them up and explaining things in plain English</p>
  • <p> ESFJ: has her life together. Like, holy shit this girl is barely fifteen and she has a stable job, great grades, tons of quality friends and interesting hobbies. </p>
  • <p> ESFP: extremely generous. She takes every opportunity to help people in need, whether it’s buying a meal or talking through problems. </p>
  • <p> ESTJ: the ultimate authority with kids. She has pumped out five amazing children and is the only person that can keep other peoples’ kids in line sometimes. </p>
  • <p> ESTP: really likeable. It doesn’t matter how brash or stupid he acts, everybody still just enjoys him as a person. </p>

this is a psa

henlo my frens are you looking for a cool-ass blog to follow?? then you should check out my friend emily’s amazing blog ✨✨@swearwolflupin✨✨

honestly her blog one of the most quality™️ blogs i have seen on this website, it’s chock-full of wonderful hp content!!! like, the best!!!!!! you’ve ever seen!!!!! her original creations are 💫💫maGICAL💫💫 from her crisp edits to her fantastic fics!!! this is a blog that if you look at you’ll just be filled with fucking awe because this is just awesome?? where has this been all my life??

like honestly you’ll love her blog. it’s a satisfaction or your money back kind of deal, honestly. it would really mean a lot if you checked out her blog and gave her a follow, because she is only fOUR AWAY from her next hundred!!! and on top of that she’s defending her thesis tomorrow!! so it would be really extra cool if she could hit her goal before her presentation 🙏🙌

so please check out her blog!! i’m telling you it’s worth the two seconds it takes you to do that, and i’d never lie to you!! also maybe send her an ask wishing her good luck!! i’m sure emily’d absolutely slay!!! but a little extra luck never hurts!!

and emily this song is for you: you fucking did it by jason mraz
okay i know it’s fucking cheESY as hell but!!! my old russian major advisor (who was highkey obsessed with jason mraz) would send this song to me or play it to me whenever i had a Big College Thing™️ coming up, or if i’d accomplished anything remarkable, and so i’ve always associated this song with good luck and academic achievement!! so i’m sending it to you rn!! i know you’ll do fucking fantastic!! you’re so awesome it hurts!! best of luck friend 💫

anonymous asked:

Okay i just watch the new ep and usually with other series because i already read the manga, watching the anime of the same arc bored me but i really love gintama because even if i already know what’s coming, the way they animated it and voiced it keep making me chuckle at the beginning and by the end of the ep, i was a giggling mess and disappointed that ‘aw heck its already the end?’, i just really really love Gintama


anonymous asked:

About K's acting, I think she's the kind of actress that's deeply impacted by the quality of actor she works with. Her scenes with TG, whether love or fight or whatever, are really great. And it's bc they are in sync & bc TG is a damn great actor. I used to think BY was a really great actress. But that's just when she's acting with TG and Jeff Perry. With other peo she's AWFUL. And the scenes between K and BY are cringeworthy. Back to K, K's scenes with Scooter are awful bc he can't act.

She had a lot of kick ass scenes in S1 and 2 without Tony in them, so I think it is unfair to think she only acts great with him. But yes, when they are on-screen together, they bring out the best in each other. 

And no, sorry, BY is a horrible actress

how is tumblr not mad about this

the  “Dogged Runner” episode of the final fantasy xv anime is kind of..awful..i don’t mean in the quality way but Prompto’s backstory is kinda fucked up..He’s the really skinny blond dude in the game, right? 

but his backstory is that he used to be a fat kid who was so clumsy and awkward and ate so much!!!! 

Prompto is a really sweet kid! he helps a puppy . but didn’t think he was good enough to hang out with Noctis on account of his weight. but he constantly admires Noctis and wants to talk to him but he’s embarrassed about being fat so he’s like no..not yet..

so he works hard, loses weight and comes back “cool” and then makes friends with Noctis…and then episode ends on a really cheerful note about how they’re all on an adventure now.

 like…what is this promoting? I wish i could say there was a message about how “he was fine the way he was all along” but his backstory is like the exact opposite of that..

freelancers and cooking
  • york is a shit cook. i’m glad we all agree on this. there is exactly one day a year where he actually cooks something, and that is fourth of july barbecue. york insists on being responsible for the grill and only burns a couple of the hotdogs. if left to his own devices he would subsist entirely off of black coffee, ramen, and protein shakes.
  • everyone pity carolina. she had to grow up with leonard church’s cooking (or lack thereof). meals in the church household consisted entirely of microwave meals and mickey d’s. the one time church attempted spaghetti night it was an unmitigated disaster. that being said, some of carolina’s extended family (including her paternal grandmother) are very good cooks, so she managed to pick up some skills from them. generally, though, carolina doesn’t cook because premade meals are just that much more efficient. she’d be a good cook if she decided she wanted to be, though.
  • wyoming pretends he’s a classically-trained chef but really all he knows how to do is fry things and chop vegetables and just attempts to bullshit people into thinking he’s making haute cuisine. “and here we have some deconstructed spaghetti bolognese with a warm spring greens salad -” “wyoming, this is hamburger helper and microwaved spinach.”
  • north is decent. not a fancy chef, but he’ll make sure you get three solid meals a day. he bakes occasionally.
  • south is really good. like, really good. she’s kind of embarrassed about it so most people don’t know but she’s capable of turning out restaurant-quality food if she wants to. she’s equally good at butchering meat as she is making souffles. 
  • in contrast, CT is downright awful. any time she attempts to cook there’s a 33.3% chance she’ll start a grease fire. just about everything she makes burns.
  • maine has a very limited repertoire but what he knows how to cook, he knows well. it’s mostly indian food, but he learned a couple of mexican dishes from his wife.
  • wash is decent. he went through that whole “freshman in college diet” phase that york is perpetually stuck in, but when he joined the army he started getting serious about fitness and what he puts in his body, so that meant learning to at least be a semi-competent cook. he does a lot of bulk cooking so all he needs to do half the time is reheat leftovers.
  • florida does weird flavor combos. like, puts maple syrup on his spaghtetti weird. scrambled eggs mixed with applesauce. strawberry jam on his pizza. chili cheese peanut butter sandwiches.
  • tex doesn’t eat because she’s a robot. thanks to allison’s memories, though, she keeps craving specific foods (orange creamsicles, grilled cheese, tart green apples) and she can’t have them and it’s maddening.

if ultimate story time comes to your town please go support the show!! this show was amazingly written, casted, executed and all of the above. it was ridiculously diverse and contained something for everyone. the songs were absolutely incredible and went along perfectly with the plot. this show contains some seriously talented people that deserve a heck lot of recognition. with only 5 actors and a limited props I was in awe. I’ve never seen a show like this, and I think I never will again. this show was so rare and so pure I wish everyone could see it. I was kind of disappointed to see such a small crowd because these people deserve a lot more. while watching I could definitely tell how much time and effort that went into this show, which I really appreciated. so many important issues were addressed in a way that I’ve never seen before. this was such a quality production and I feel so honored to be one of the first to see it. I cannot stress it enough, PLEASE GO SUPPORT THIS SHOW!! tickets are relatively cheap!! I would definitely go see it again!! It was so creative and refreshing to see something so different!!