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WHEW! A print I did for Bronycon! I wanted to do something featuring Rainbow Dash’s parents and Scoots because the episode was so cute and kinda heart-aching at the same time, and I just… I really want them to adopt Scoots man. ;_;

Sooooo here that’s basically what they did! Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistles have taken Scoots into their home as their second daughter and little Scoots couldn’t be happier. The scene is essentially Bow telling stories to Scoots until she ended up asleep, and Windy eventually comes in to help her husband tuck the little filly into bed. I’d imagine that if the Dash family did adopt Scoots they’d allow her to stay in Dash’s old room, with Dash’s approval of course. Basically wanted to do somethin’ cute. :3

This took me about 5 hours of work in Photoshop. I’ve included the progress GIF as well! ^.^

I hope you guys enjoy the image! c:


Also casually retconning a previous announcements on the TSSSF cards.

In favor of just not murdering myself, the TSSSF expansion that was previous mentioned is still planned but will be considered for the year afterward. Not only due to the fact drawing so many cards was admittedly unreasonable (and not worth the profit margin compared to other priorities atm), but we’re not 100% on the market for them.

Instead, I will be selling (~30?) sets of my OC cards (+ a Hayburger Pinkie card bonus) at BronyCon (and onward depending on sales impression). These designs may also be found on my dA with a rough text version. All of the text/names/ficlet/etc. have been reworked/improved now since then, with these finalized versions being con-exclusive. Yes all the Pony cards are Specials still.

“Wife of Shimizu, governor of Kazusa” (1893), Yôshû Chikanobu (1838-1912)

Print from the series : “ Stories of famous Japanese women”

The lady is preventing the ox from falling off the mountain path, pulling it back to safety with all her strength as two men watch her in awe.

#TGIF!🎉🎊🎉 The Roma Cartoon Festival starts today and I can’t wait! 😆 It’s been my dream to do a show here in Italy for years! 💖 I can’t thank Francesca and Sonia enough for having me!! You’ve made my dream come true☺💓Which is why “Diana Dreamcatcher” 🐍🦋🐞 is such a perfect fit for this show since she’s the goddess of dreams😪💭Diana’s as warm and sunny as Rome is right now! 💛☀Holy mamma yamma it’s hot! 😲🌡I hope you lovelies can come see me today and take a break from the heat! 😊 I really wanted to bring some special items with me for the festival✨✨ I’ll be here all weekend so you can check out “Diana Dreamcatcher” and my other fun goodies in my exhibition room 😀💞 I also have some live painting today and signing events scheduled too 🖌✏❤  Stop by and come say hi! 🤗 See you soon lovelies! 😄💝