and the prices were amazing

Turn loose the mermaids(Part 1)

So this fic is inspired by @taulun‘s awesome AU. I hope you like it!

Also, this will totally have a sequel, I’m not letting it up in the air like this. 

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4| Etc

Alya often described Marinette as ‘the most curious mermaid that ever swam in the Seven Seas’. Marinette had her own opinions about it, the main one being the fact that curious wasn’t such a bad thing to be, there were certainly worse qualities. But try telling that to Alya. Or Tikki, for the matter.

But if you would have lived almost 160 years old without seeing a human ever, you would have been wondering about it just as much. And while swimming so close to the surface during daylight wasn’t the most cautious move, the curiosity simply ate her alive. She didn’t want to see a human for the first time when she will have to kill him.

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The Ghost of You // part one. (kyungsoo au)

Summary; whilst running from your ability of seeing the dead, you stumble upon a handsome man with wide eyes and a heart shaped smile, who just so happens to be what you’re running from.

prologue part two

You tried your very best to ignore his large eyes as he stared at you. You even averted your eyes, focusing on gathering up the various bags at your feet. You contemplated leaving, and telling the landowner you changed your mind and you wanted to leave. However, this was the cheapest apartment and you signed a contract, so technically, you couldn’t leave.

“You’re ignoring me. You can’t ignore me. You looked straight at me, not through me,” he continued to speak as you continued to do your best to ignore him. “Don’t ignore me. Please.”

You shuffled inside, dropping your bags by the sofa and glancing around the apartment. It was nice, very nice, and very cheap. You were sceptical at first, due to the price of such an amazing apartment, but now you knew why it was cheap. There was a ghost. It was haunted, something the landowner forgot to mention.


You wanted to ignore him, you really did. However, you could hear the desperation in his voice as he spoke. You could just about feel how desperate he was. You weren’t awful. You didn’t completely shut out ghosts all the time, you wanted to, but you didn’t have the heart. If they were desperate for help, you would try and help them.

“Hello,” you whispered in a small voice. You fiddled with the bottom of your jumper slightly as you spoke. They frightened you, the fact that you could see and talk to dead people frightened you, even though you had been doing it for many years.

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So I saw BoM last night

Hhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it was so good here are just some things (7/18/17)
~Connor Pierson, who plays Arnold, was so animated and dramatic and did the funniest hand movements he is my fave Cunningham now sorry I don’t make the rules
~PJ Adzima’s McKinley was just ?? So happy ?? The whole time ?? He was so cute I love him
~Like,,, “oh well how many have you baptized so far?” “Oh zero! :D”
~PJ Adzima’s dancing at the end of Turn It Off was a blessing AND HIS HIPS what a legend
~Myha’la Herrold is such a good Nabalungi ohhHHHH my gosh
~Her Naba is just so innocent and sweet and she has such a good voice I love her too
~Gabe Gibbs was !! Great and his Price was just Done™ the whole time I loved his Elder Price
~Also with Gabe Gibbs during Two By Two I was mouthing along and I swear he looked at me and smiled and I died
~I thought some of the other actors/actresses had looked at me too while singing along to multiple songs it was Great
~Two names Cunningham called Naba were “Nabisco” and “Namaste Namasta Mamatsusa”
~Hell Dream McKinley blew a kiss to Elder Price and then Elder Price tried to follow him they’re gay
~Sterling Jarvis was an amazing Mafala ?? He was so funny and he did a long pause after “oh yes you must be very careful around here……………… now let’s get going!”
~Jacob Haren’s high note during the encore had me crying he’s so good oh my goshhshhs
~The way Gabe Gibbs said “oh well ya know what guys? fuck him” so casually then was like ‘OH SHIT I SAID THAT HELL YEAH’ his expressions were amazing
~ Price: “Or we break the rules,” McKinley: “:o :) nods
~Man Up was better than I could ever imagine and Connor Pierson just gave his all and he was dancing so much gosh he’s amazing

So that was everything that happened in the show ! I’m making a separate post for meeting some of the cast


Guess who finally got their phone case after it was shipped to the wrong fucking country 😂 Well something as perfect as witch! Dipper and cat!Bill deserves to have taken its sweet time!

For those wondering, this lovely case is from @elentori-art ’s lovely redbubble store! Yes, it is as perfect as it seems! She has lots of things! Like shirts, laptop cases/sleeves, iPhone cases, notebooks, etc… For stuff like Gravity Falls, Over the Garden Wall, Adventure Time, and soon to be available Percy Jackson!!!

So like, if you like cool stuff with hella art on it and good quality, I would highly recommend you going and getting all the shit from her store. Like all of it. Don’t ask questions, just do it, don’t let your dreams be dreams, especially as reality is an illusion and the universe is a hologram. Also you should buy it all in gold. Bye!

No but seriously, I’m in love with this case, the quality is amazing, and the prices were good for the amazingness! Thanks so much @elentori-art Best Mom 10000/10 💯💯

Ever since she was younger, Alexa loved to go out and have a good time. So when hearing about the event going on at the Warehouse, Alexa made it a point to be there. The atmosphere was euphoric, everyone at the warehouse seemed to be having the time of their lives. Drink prices were great, the food was amazing, and the over all feel made the event something out of the ordinary, but the blonde wasn’t complaining. After a good half an hour of dancing to the music, Alexa decided to head back over to the bar and order another round of drinks. The place was insanely crowded, and as she moved Alexa was being bumped left and right as people drunkly stumbled along the floor - herself included. At one instance, she was bumped so hard the blonde flew a couple of feet to the right and hit someone, dropping their drink on the floor, “Oh my god!” She claimed, looking down at the ground, “I’m so so sorry.” She told the other, her words slurred.



Those hippies are on to something…

Seriously look at your local health food store for hard to find magical herbs. Usually they’ll have a bulk herb section with really amazing prices. The most expensive herb here, were the rose buds at 5.99 and it’s a huge bag that will last me a while. Everything else was 1.99 with the little badia spices being 58c each. The chilies 2.10 but again will last a while. But the sheer size and selection is astounding. At my local witch shop these herbs would be in small jewelry bags and priced at 3.49 (if I’m lucky). I’m all about supporting pagan business but I’m not going to be stupid about it. A witch on a budget has needs.

Mica- Fake AH Crew

After their last successful heist some of the Fake AH Crew it raised some serious questions about how they all ended up here. Here being a high end apartment in Los Santos, covered in varying degrees of blood and gunpowder. Mica is the first to answer, being the newest and most outgoing member of the crew 

“Even rich kids get addicted. I just feed the addiction. When my father started taking me to wrap parties I got pulled in with some other kids. Those kids on so many drugs. Probably all of the drugs. I don’t do drugs, but it was so easy to get them. I just took most of them, pocketed them, acted high and then sold them to kids at school. The resale prices were amazing. I met up with Lindsay at some party and from then on we were inseparable. Mayhem, riches, explosions. It was great. Things got a little more high stakes once she got mixed up with the Fake Crew. But she’s my friend, I guess it can’t be too bad. Especially if I can have a little fun on the side because really, what girl doesn’t like rocket launchers?”

badgersinbowties because Mica is a ray of sunshine, but she may be a drug dealing ray of sunshine who loves rockets.

I got you (Sammy Wilk)

You were waiting for your boyfriend Sammy to come home from the studio, you hadn’t done much all day just some work stuff and watching TV. You had tried to stay off social media, sure Sammy was amazing but dating him came at a price. You were cooking dinner when your phone went off with a text from Sammy.

Hey babe I’m almost done here ill be home soon XX

You were about to reply when a twitter notification popped up.

@R/T/N: Why is Sammy even dating a girl like her

You were just going to ignore it but something made you look at your twitter

@R/T/N: Jenna is such a slut I bet she is only with him for the fame

@R/T/N: Sammy and Jenna? hahahahahhaha such a joke.

@R/T/N; I bet he doesn’t love her he just needed sex loll

@R/T/N: Seriously @sammywilk can do so much better than @Jennatrippy she’s so ugly

You suddenly heard the door shut, and the voice of your boyfriend calling for you “Jenna! Babe? I’m home” you wiped the tears from  your face just as he came into the room “Hey baby” he said you stayed quiet “babe?” he asked sounding more sincere and sitting next to you on the couch. Hewhat was on your phone and the tear stains on your face. “ no don’t listen to them okay? You are so beautiful and I do love you they are just jealous because I’m dating such an amazing, beautiful, talented girl” he said wiping your tears away “but…you could have any girl in the world why wools you want me when you have all these that are basically models throwing themselves at you” “I don’t want any of them because they are no match to my babygirl, you are so amazing and I love you, no one else but you” you looked up at him “promise?” he chuckled and leaned in giving you a kiss “promise.. now come on I wanna eat some food and cuddle” he said standing up and pulling you with him. “I love you Sam” “I love you too Jen.” He said kissing you before you walked back to the kitchen to get the food 

“To the moon and back”

A/N: Requested by @trippyyjrenee I don’t know how good this is but I hope you like it anyway, Oh and don’t let anyone bring you down you are beautiful no matter what other people say love all of you.