and the president of the whole universe

I mean I get wanting your child to have a unique name, they’re your baby you just spent months making and you love them and they’re unique in the universe so you want a name that fits them perfectly, but at the same time you gotta remember that’s a human with a whole lifetime of potential, they could become super rich and famous and powerful, and we’ll all end up talking about president karkat like th

  • Aries & Aquarius: Weird dweebs who make nacho baked potatoes while playing final fantasy, they act like friends.
  • Taurus & Pisces : "we are just friends" YA OK, and I'm the president of the universe.
  • Gemini & Aries: sporty cute couple where u use half of their names and refer to them both as such.
  • Cancer & Taurus: they are still your friend, they just don't leave the house, like ever, thanks to amazon.
  • Leo & Gemini: beautiful socialite power couple who knows everyone's secrets. Every. Ones.
  • Virgo & Cancer: the whole relationship is a battle of who can spoil the other more.its sweet, it makes you sick to ur stomach.
  • Libra & Leo: the beautiful socialite couple that talks shit about everyone. Not even their mothers are safe.
  • Scorpio & Virgo: one criticized your outfit and style, one criticized your soul. Then. They traded. You're traumatized but they seem happy.
  • Sagittarius & Libra: they ditch plans together and communicate exclusively with memes. Goals?
  • Capricorn & Scorpio: they will be our Supreme Overlords™ one day, but today they make oogley eyes at each other over sushi dates
  • Aquarius & Sagittarius: super casual but yet they are always together.
  • Pisces & Capricorn: classic dreamer/realist vibes, plot twist tho. Pisces is the realist and Capricorn is the dreamer.

“On the volleyball court, where she reigned as team captain, 5'11" senior Lauren Townsend was known for her graceful style and mean spike. At the animal shelter where she worked after school, she had a distinctively gentle way with the frisky inmates, whom she fed, bathed and exercised. (Her own pride and joy was a small Yorkshire terrier named Bailey.) And at Columbine, where her 4.0 grade point average had earned her President Clinton’s Award for Education Excellence and membership in the National Honor Society, she was a leading contender to be one of the Class of ‘99’s valedictorians.

Townsend planned to work as a technician this summer on a research trip to South America. In the fall, the future wildlife-biology major would have entered Colorado State University on an academic scholarship. But for all of Townsend’s accomplishments, what schoolmates remember best was the force of her personality. “She had a huge effect on everyone,” a teacher told her parents and three older siblings. “There’s a lot of Lauren in that whole school.”

I was born in 1886 in Quincy New England. MY mother left me on the door steps of a married couple. it was very obvious that something was wrong with me . ten years later i grew up to become a young healthyboy i was sent to school where i was bullied constantly everyday. i suffered and cried but my Parents cared for me and loved me. at 20 i attended an Ivy league school & graduated. but even though i had accomplished so much i felt i had nothing to be proud of. 

i decided to travel the world in the 1920s. during the great depression.  i went to england. china. and also germany. i avoided the draft which is great because that meant i did not die. war sucks. in the 1950s i became an astronaught and was the first man to walk on the moon. i put the aremia flag on the moon. in 1969. later that day i went home to 69 my wife. but yet. i felt no pride.

how ever it was in the late 1980s that i felt i had done something. i was the president of the united states and i met with mikalev gorebachev. i told him to break down the floor. and he fucking did. i ended capitalism as we knew it. i was finally proud to have united germany single handedly. 

and today i come to you and tell you my story. my sexy sexy story. it is 1999. the end of the world. and i’m glad i could have saved it with a bang. Our whole universe was in a hot dense state,Then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started. Wait…The Earth began to cool,The autotrophs began to drool,Neanderthals developed tools,We built a wall (we built the pyramids),Math, science, history, unraveling the mystery,That all started with the big bang (bang)! a big bang. 


anonymous asked:

aw could you write a little something about awkwardville dean trying to seduce cas and failing miserably?

Anon, it would be my pleasure.

I tried to combine as many of the prompt requests that I could into one drabble! Here’s @tenoko1 ‘s “Dean or Cas stumbles across fic” prompt, and the two anon prompts I got: awkwardville!Dean trying to seduce Cas, and frat boy AU.

It is so endlessly entertaining to write Dean as an awkward, sloppy mess.

Jo leaned back in her chair, head thrown back and eyes rolled skyward. “This is just criminal.”

Dean raised an eyebrow from where he sat beside her at their table. The student union was packed today, but Dean and Jo had managed to secure a small booth for themselves in the corner and were taking advantage of the space.

“Hm?” Dean asked, voice muffled by the enormous portion of pork fried rice stuffed in his mouth.

Jo groaned and turned her laptop around. “Look at this. There are hundreds of entries today on the Stanford Crushes page, and I’m not in any of them.”

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got7 as fratboys: masterlist

a/n: ok so this is kind of a sequel to this thread I’ve posted on twitter. I just felt like there was so much more to say about this au that I wanted turn this into headcanons. every member’s hc will be composed by an instagram edit - made by me with the help of some friends -, a small playlist and the hc themselves. there will be nsfw involved!!! be warned. so here it goes! I hope y’all enjoy this

meet Gamma Ommega Tau, the most popular and crazy frat house at Jin Young Park University, a prestigious private school in the country. it started off with 4 guys: im jaebum, mark tuan, jackson wang and park jinyoung. later on, the frat got bigger and also did it’s council. now, in addition to the original 4, GOT’s council has 3 other members: choi youngjae, kunpimook bhuwakul aka bambam and kim yugyeom. after only one semester, the frat was already the biggest one in the whole university. their boys are all well known, especially GOT7 (that’s the name given to their council). with a bunch of pledges and parties and having friendship and brotherhood as their most important values, GOT is definetely everything a fraternity wants and has to be.

im jaebum: president

⇒ mark tuan: vice president

⇒ jackson wang: athletic chair

⇒ park jinyoung:  academics chair/treasurer

⇒ choi youngjae: philanthropy chair

⇒ bambam: social chair

⇒ kim yugyeom: rush chair


True Crime Books Master Post

I received some asks recently asking me about my favorite true crime books so I decided to put together a list, not including any Ted Bundy books as I already made a list here. All the following books are available on Amazon.

The Texarkana Moonlight Murders : The Unsolved Case of the 1946 Phantom Killer by Michael Newton

In 1946, years before the phrase “serial murder” was coined, a masked killer terrorized the town of Texarkana on the Texas-Arkansas border. Striking five times within a ten-week period, always at night, the prowler claimed six lives and left three other victims wounded. Survivors told police that their assailant was a man, but could supply little else. A local newspaper dubbed him the Phantom Killer, and it stuck. Other reporters called the faceless predator the “Moonlight Murderer,” though the lunar cycle had nothing to do with the crimes. Texarkana’s phantom was not America’s first serial slayer; he certainly was not the worst, either in body count or sheer brutality. But he has left a crimson mark on history as one of those who got away. Like the elusive Axeman of New Orleans, Cleveland’s Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run, and San Francisco’s Zodiac Killer, the Phantom Killer left a haunting mystery behind. This is the definitive story of that mystery.

The Vanishing Hitchhiker - American Legends and their Meanings by Jan Harold Brunvand (maybe not really tc but truly interesting!)

The Vanishing Hitchhiker was Professor Brunvand’s first popular book on urban legends, and it remains a classic. The culmination of twenty years of collection and research, this book is a must-have for urban legend lovers.

Inside Alcatraz : My Time on the Rock by Jim Quillen

Jim Quillen, AZ586—a runaway, problem child, and petty thief—was jailed several times before his 20th birthday. In August 1942, after escaping from San Quentin, he was arrested on the run and sentenced to 45 years in prison, and later transferred to Alcatraz. This is the true story of life inside America’s most notorious prison—from terrifying times in solitary confinement to daily encounters with “the Birdman,” and what really happened during the desperate and deadly 1946 escape attempt.

Escape from Alcatraz : The True Crime Classic by Bruce J. Campbell

In 1963, just weeks before the original publication of this book, the last prisoner was escorted off Devil’s Island and Alcatraz ceased to be a prison. Author J. Campbell Bruce chronicles in spellbinding detail the Rock’s transition from a Spanish fort to the maximum-security penitentiary that housed such infamous inmates as Robert Stroud, aka the Birdman of Alcatraz, and mobster Al “Scarface” Capone. The chapters describing the daring escape attempts by Frank Morris and two accomplices from this “inescapable” prison became the basis for the 1979 Clint Eastwood movie. Discover the intriguing and absorbing saga of Alcatraz, whose name is still synonymous with punitive isolation and deprivation, where America’s most violent and notorious prisoners resided in tortuous proximity to one of the world’s favorite cities.

The Hot House : Life Inside Leavenworth Prison by Pete Earley

The most dreaded facility in the prison system because of its fierce population, Leavenworth is governed by ruthless clans competing for dominance. Among the “star” players in these pages: Carl Cletus Bowles, the sexual predator with a talent for murder; Dallas Scott, a gang member who has spent almost thirty of his forty-two years behind bars; indomitable Warden Robert Matthews, who put his shoulder against his prison’s grim reality; Thomas Silverstein, a sociopath confined in “no human contact” status since 1983; “tough cop” guard Eddie Geouge, the only officer in the penitentiary with the authority to sentence an inmate to “the Hole”; and William Post, a bank robber with a criminal record going back to when he was eight years old—and known as the “Catman” for his devoted care of the cats who live inside the prison walls.

Pete Earley, celebrated reporter and author of Family of Spies, all but lived for nearly two years inside the primordial world of Leavenworth, where he conducted hundreds of interviews. Out of this unique, extraordinary access comes the riveting story of what life is actually like in the oldest maximum-security prison in the country.

The Death of a President : November 20-November 25, 1963 by William Manchester

As the world still reeled from the tragic and historic events of November 22, 1963, William Manchester set out, at the request of the Kennedy family, to create a detailed, authoritative record of the days immediately preceding and following President John F. Kennedy’s death. Through hundreds of interviews, abundant travel and firsthand observation, and with unique access to the proceedings of the Warren Commission, Manchester conducted an exhaustive historical investigation, accumulating forty-five volumes of documents, exhibits, and transcribed tapes. His ultimate objective – to set down as a whole the national and personal tragedy that was JFK’s assassination – is brilliantly achieved in this galvanizing narrative, a book universally acclaimed as a landmark work of modern history. 

In Broad Daylight by Harry N. MacLean

Edgar-Award winning author Harry MacLean is bringing the New York Times bestseller “In Broad Daylight” back to print in a keepsake trade paper edition that also includes “The Story Behind ‘In Broad Daylight.’”  “In Broad Daylight” tells the story of the killing of Ken Rex McElroy on the main street of Skidmore, Missouri in July 1981. McElroy, an illiterate hog farmer, had terrorized all of northwest Missouri for over 20 years, until the town, and even law enforcement, was terrified of him. McElroy was shot as he sat in his truck in front of the tavern. Over 45 men witnessed the shooting. Despite two eyewitness accounts and three grand jury investigations, no one has been prosecuted for the crime.

Killer Clown : The John Wayne Gacy Murders by Terry Sullivan and Peter Maiken

He was a model citizen. A hospital volunteer. And one of the most sadistic serial killers of all time. But few people could see the cruel monster beneath the colorful clown makeup that John Gacy wore to entertain children in his Chicago suburb. Few could imagine what lay buried beneath his house of horrors–until a teenaged boy disappeared before Christmas in 1978, leading prosecutor Terry Sullivan on the greatest manhunt of his career.

Reconstructing the investigation–from records of violence in Gacy’s past, to the gruesome discovery of 29 corpses of abused boys in Gacy’s crawlspace and four others found in the nearby river–Sullivan’s shocking eyewitness account takes you where few true crime books ever go: inside the heart of a serial murder investigation and trial. 

Bind, Torture, Kill : The Inside Story of BTK by Roy Wenzl, Tim Potter, Hurst Lavigne and L. Kelly

For thirty-one years, a monster terrorized the residents of Wichita, Kansas. A bloodthirsty serial killer, self-named “BTK"—for "bind them, torture them, kill them"—he slaughtered men, women, and children alike, eluding the police for decades while bragging of his grisly exploits to the media. The nation was shocked when the fiend who was finally apprehended turned out to be Dennis Rader—a friendly neighbor … a devoted husband … a helpful Boy Scout dad … the respected president of his church.

Written by four award-winning crime reporters who covered the story for more than twenty years,Bind, Torture, Kill is the most intimate and complete account of the BTK nightmare told by the people who were there from the beginning. With newly released documents, evidence, and information—and with the full cooperation, for the very first time, of the Wichita Police Department’s BTK Task Force—the authors have put all the pieces of the grisly puzzle into place, thanks to their unparalleled access to the families of the killer and his victims.

Serial Killers : The Method and Madness of Monsters by Peter Vronsky

In this unique book, Peter Vronsky documents the psychological, investigative, and cultural aspects of serial murder, beginning with its first recorded instance in Ancient Rome through fifteenth-century France on to such notorious contemporary cases as cannibal/necrophile Ed Kemper, Henry Lee Lucas, Ted Bundy, and the emergence of what he classifies as the “serial rampage killer” such as Andrew Cunanan.

Vronsky not only offers sound theories on what makes a serial killer but also makes concrete suggestions on how to survive an encounter with one—from recognizing verbal warning signs to physical confrontational resistance. Exhaustively researched with transcripts of interviews with killers, and featuring up-to-date information on the apprehension and conviction of the Green River killer and the Beltway Snipers, Vronsky’s one-of-a-kind book covers every conceivable aspect of an endlessly riveting true-crime phenomenon.

American Legal Injustice by Emanuel Tanay

Forensic psychiatrist Emanuel Tanay has testified in thousands of court cases as an expert witness, including such notorious cases as those of Jack Ruby, Sam Sheppard, and Theodore 'Ted’ Bundy. Tanay walks the reader through his experiences in the courtroom, explaining the role of the forensic psychiatrist in the litigation process and providing a 'behind-the-scenes’ view of our criminal justice system, including individual chapters on some of his most interesting and infamous cases. Tanay also provides clear examples of the rampant injustice that he has witnessed and argues that the potential for injustice is built into our legal system in the form of incompetent lawyers, the imbalance of resources between the pricey defense lawyers hired by large corporations in civil trials and the inexperienced lawyers often hired by plaintiffs, and the political concerns of elected judges and prosecutors.American Legal Injustice: Behind the Scenes with an Expert Witness is a must-read for Law & Order, Court TV, and true crime enthusiasts.

Among the Lowest of the Dead : The Culture of Capital Punishment by David Von Drehle

There is no light darker than that which filters through the cells and souls on death row. Now David Von Drehle, the prizewinning journalist of The Washington Post, takes us as never before into the world of death row inmates, the world of those who have been the victims of their crimes, and the world of those who have the power to punish by killing. Among the Lowest of the Dead introduces us to the lawyers who run their lives into the ground fighting to save killers, and the equally frazzled lawyers who fight to execute them. We sit with the survivors of murder victims, waiting - sometimes for decades - for justice to come. We oversee the deliberations of governors as they sign death warrants, then sit passively by the telephone as the appointed hour passes. We go inside the courtrooms where judges intone the awful words "and may God have mercy on your soul”. And we delve into the world of the sick, the vicious, the changed - even the innocent - men and women who spend their days in tiny cells waiting for the moment when time runs out. A book of enormous and profound insight, cloaked in a prose poetic, stark, and stunningly revealing, Among the Lowest of the Dead is much more than one of the most powerful books ever written on crime and punishment in America - it is a look into the souls of the guilty, the innocent, and ourselves. There is no light darker than that which filters through the cells and souls on death row, but David Von Drehle’s masterpiece of prose and power illuminates this deepest, darkest realm like a prolonged flash of lightning.

Whoever Fights Monsters by Robert Ressler

Face-to-face with some of America’s most terrifying killers, FBI veteran and ex-Army CID colonel Robert Ressler learned form then how to identify the unknown monsters who walk among us–and put them behind bars. Now the man who coined the phrase “serial killer” and advised Thomas Harris on The Silence of the Lambs shows how is able to track down some of today’s most brutal murderers.

Just as it happened in The Silence of the Lambs, Ressler used the evidence at a crime scene to put together a psychological profile of the killers. From the victims they choose, to the way they kill, to the often grotesque souvenirs they take with them–Ressler unlocks the identities of these vicious killers of the police to capture.

And with his discovery that serial killers share certain violent behaviors, Ressler’s gone behind prison walls to hear the bizarre first-hand stories countless convicted murderers. Getting inside the mind of a killer to understand how and why he kills, is one of the FBI’s most effective ways of helping police bring in killers who are still at large.

Join Ressler as he takes you on the hunt for toady’s most dangerous psychopaths. It is a terrifying journey you will not forget.

The Killer Department: Detective Viktor Burakov’s Eight-Year Hunt for the Most Savage Serial Killer in Russian History by Robert Cullen

This is the story of an obsessive 8-year hunt by a Russian detective, Viktor Burakov before savage serial killer Andrei Chikatilo was caught.There were 53 victims ranging from 8-40 years old.This is probably the worst serial killer worldwide

House of Evil: The Indiana Torture Slaying by John Dean

In the heart of Indianapolis in the mid 1960’s, through a twist of fate and fortune, a pretty young girl came to live with a thirty-seven-year-old mother and her seven children. What began as a temporary childcare arrangement between Sylvia Likens’s parents and Gertrude Baniszewski turned into a crime that would haunt cops, prosecutors, and a community for decades to come…

When police found Sylvia’s emaciated body, with a chilling message carved into her flesh, they knew that she had suffered tremendously before her death. Soon they would learn how many others―including some of Baniszewski’s own children―participated in Sylvia’s murder, and just how much torture had been inflicted in one house of evil.

In Cold Blood by Truman Capote

On November 15, 1959, in the small town of Holcomb, Kansas, four members of the Clutter family were savagely murdered by blasts from a shotgun held a few inches from their faces. There was no apparent motive for the crime, and there were almost no clues.

As Truman Capote reconstructs the murder and the investigation that led to the capture, trial, and execution of the killers, he generates both mesmerizing suspense and astonishing empathy. In Cold Blood is a work that transcends its moment, yielding poignant insights into the nature of American violence.

I think it’s hilarious that Obama won overwhelmingly two terms in a row but there are still people acting like the whole country was against him just so they can act like their attacks on Trump are all justified. Like damn I don’t like Trump either but y'all sound delusional. Plenty of people in “Amerikkka” loved and supported Obama, or even just tolerated him if they weren’t a fan of his policies. How the hell do you think he was president for eight years? Acting like Obama was the only president in the whole history of earth who wasn’t universally liked and it’s just because he was black makes you sound like a crazy person.

College!AU Joshua
  • major: history
  • minor: religion 
  • sports: tennis team 
  • clubs: student council vice president, plays guitar for the college choir 
  • is the definition of a Model Student 
  • like to the point where the university used photos of him on their pamphlet for freshman orientation. literally like freshmen get it and the first thing they see is joshua smiling holding up a ‘History of the Roman Empire’ textbook
  • joshua regrets agreeing to do the shoot though because jun and hoshi have yet to let him live it down (they once covered his entire dorm room in the pamphlets it took joshua three whole days to get all of them down)
  • his gpa is 4.0 and he’s basically guaranteed to graduate summa cum laude (with highest honor) and he’s already getting emails from prestigious schools that are interested in having him come to then to get his phd and basically joshua is living the Good Life in terms of his future
  • and not only is he book smart, he’s also an angel that donates his time to volunteering to play guitar for free with the college choir on sundays at local churches and giving kids tennis lessons at a nearby orphanage and he’s just a blessing 
  • all of his friends are always in awe of him because like how does he do it,,,, how is he so,,,,, intelligent,,,,,and handsome,,,,,,and then also kind from the bottom of his heart??
  • like sometimes seungcheol is like “joshua, tell me the truth - you’re a robot.” and joshua’s like “seungcheol that’s literally impossible.” and dk makes like robot noises and seungcheol is like “joshua tell us come on tell us the government built you-” and joshua rolls his eyes like please
  • but yeah he’s just an all around genius who’s good at a sport and also sweet to the bone and everyone idolizes him and thinks he’s amazing
  • except
  • for
  • you
  • see joshua’s the vice president of student council and you’re the student affairs organizers and this is the year that the president, who is graduating, is going to pick the new president 
  • and ofc usually vice president steps up to the position but no - you’re going to change that. 
  • see the only reason you didn’t get to be vice president is because you transferred and the almighty joshua hong was already in that spot but you worked your way to one of the top spots next to the president and yOU beT yOUR bUTT haS Got A CHanCe especially considering the fact that you’re the reason every student event the council has planned so far has been a major success and treasurer wonwoo basically loves you because the council budget??? itS LIT (thanks to the entrance fees you made sure got paid for said events)
  • the president even complimented your monthly speed-friendship event, which is basically speed-dating ….. but for making new college friends
  • and joshua, as clean cut and all smiles and rainbows as he seems, knows you’re gunning for the same spot as him
  • and when no one’s looking you two are practically at each other’s neck in sarcastic comments and threats 
  • like he’s always making offhanded criticisms about your events and you’re always bringing up his mistakes in the memo briefs to the council or in the way his stupid glasses get askewed on his nose
  • and to everyone you seem like good friends because in council photos you’re standing beside each other smiling 
  • but then the minute you two get to be alone, it’s just jabs at each other like where he’s like “oh, another talent show? hope it’s not as boring as the last one.” and you’re like “aren’t you wearing that tie because the president wore it yesterday, you shouldn’t - it’s really not your color.”
  • you’re the only person on campus who sees joshua’s smile fade and his eyes turn sharp
  • and you know that he feels entitled to that position because of his dumb gpa and you just ///clenched fist all the time
  • because joshua has beat you in just about everything but this time you’re not going to let him
  • and it’s all going to be decided by the end of the year surprise graduation party the council is planning for the president and since you’re the student activities organizer, you’re the head of it but ever since you started getting ready joshua has refused to butt out
  • like you’ll be talking about budget with wonwoo and he’ll come in and make comments about how you don’t need to buy this or how useless it is to get that and you’re like “don’t you have other work to do like idk kiss ass to the president???” and josh is like “wow you’re so funny, it’s gonna be even funnier when the president ends up not liking the party.”
  • and you and joshua are just both on fire glaring at each other and wonwoo’s like ooooooookkkkkkaaayyyyy ill be going now
  • and literally joshua does not let you live and it frustrates you but you’re also like im going to make this party epic, he’s going to eat his words
  • and like the afternoon of the party you’re watching the volunteers decorate the council’s club room and you’re really happy and suddenly you see joshua and you think oh god
  • but then you see that he’s helping someone hang up the banner and you know,,,,,he seems like he isn’t doing something to ruin it and like for a second you look at him and notice that he’s actually really handsome when his glasses are off and he’s concentrated on something
  • but you’re like what no snap out of it, he’s evil and you concentrate on something else
  • and the night of the president’s celebration, you’re really glad that you went with like an upbeat party concept because the music is loud and everyones dancing closely and like you pull at your own clothes because they’re a bit tight because you’re like “as soon as the president names me the next president, im gonna get wild” 
  • and as you look around to find the president you see him but beside him is joshua and ok like
  • he’s your rival but you admit that he looks really nice wearing casual slacks and a button down that’s been opened at the top just a bit and like he doesn’t look so uptight and so you walk over
  • and the president’s like “this is great, im glad you didn’t make it all emotional with a speech and sad music” and you’re like whaaat ofc it’s 2016 we don’t need speeches (you crumple the speech you had in your hand lmfao)
  • and joshua’s like “it’s an ok party, i agree.” and you like snort like “it’s ok to you because you’re probably only used to parties with like what?? tea and old ladies??” and joshua’s like “excuse me” and you’re like “a goody two-shoes like you wouldn’t know how to have fun.”
  • and the president is like ??? are you two ok because he’s never seen you guys go at it but for some reason, maybe because you put a lot of effort into this, joshua’s comment really pisses you off and you grab his wrist and you’re like come with me
  • and you lead him out of the room and into the hallway and you’re like “why are you saying that in front of the president?” and joshua’s like “because - because-” and you’re like ???? why is it because i did another good job and you’re mad??? and he’s like no … i just im used to arguing with you- and you’re like
  • “ive been trying so hard to get on his good side because it’s the one thing i might achieve that you haven’t taken away from me, seriously, could you please for once just let it go and not try to put me down??” and joshua’s giving you this confused look and he’s like “put you down?? you always start with me first??”
  • and you guys apparently decide that right now right here is where you just let out all your emotions and you’re like joshua you’re perfect at everything just let me have this and he’s like no i can’t i want to be president and you’re like WhY YOU Have so many other responsibilities like let me do this
  • and you’re getting closer to him as you argue and he’s leaning down to you and like it’s heated like usual and there’s this anger but then you can literally feel his breath on your skin and you’re like 
  • “seriously joshua why do you take everything from me?” and he’s like “why do you love annoying me?” and you’re like “you’RE THE ONE that always makes stupid comments about my work-” and joshua throws his hands up like “yeah because have you ever seen how cute you get??” and you’re like what and he’s like what
  • and you’re like cute? i ? get? and joshua’s like
  • “what i mean is your reaction is funny - yeah funny it’s too funny to pass up on and like you poke at me too-” and you’re like “joshua hong. you’re my rival, but do you like me?”
  • and joshua opens his mouth but no words come out and you’re like ,,,,,,,,O H  m y g o d
  • and joshua is like ….. “you like me too, c’mon no one bothers each other so much like we do if they don’t have….mutual feelings right….”
  • and you can see him nervous in front of you for the first time with his eyes darting back and forth and you’re like 
  • well. like you think back on how much time you spent envying him for being so capable of everything and then you look at him and oh god damn it you have actually always found him,,,,,appealing 
  • you just thought it was all jealousy and used it as motivation to want to win but now that he’s here in front of you, sweaty palms and shyly looking down, he’s not your rival he’s your ?@??@@?/ crush //?!?!?
  • and you’re like “i-i-”
  • but you don’t say it, instead you lean in and confirm it by kissing him and you pull back like holy moly i did that and joshua’s like yeah. you …. did that
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,i liked it and he’s like oh thank god i liked it too
  • and it goes from snarky rivals to shy college kids in love and it’s like neither of you can believe this is happening and you’re both like “we’re crazy.”
  • but then you remember that RIGHt thE PresiDENT is mAKINg his CHOice tonight and you both run back inside and there’s the president and he’s like already talking over the room and he’s like 
  • “that’s why im giving my seat to…..wonwoo the treasurer!”
  • you and joshua are like WHAT and wonwoo is like oh god no no not this and he’s being pulled up to the president and you look at joshua and you’re like
  • “i might yell so…..” and joshua takes your hand and is like “me too, let’s go make out somewhere and let the stress out.”
  • and that’s the beginning of a beautiful relationship
  • where instead of wanting to win over joshua, you support him as he’s obviously on his way to being someone amazing and joshua supports you
  • and like when you come into the room holding hands and being cuddly and cute wonwoo is like ????? dont they hate each other and everyone’s like wHat no they’re not capable of hating each other they’re both so sweet and wonwoo’s like yall don’t know the dark truths ive witnessed
  • but you and joshua are literally like the sweet couple now like you learn that joshua is such a worry wart about everything he’s always like are you eating?? are you cold??? did you study??? and it’s cute like before you wanted to see each other fail but now it’s all about helping each other out
  • you go with joshua to see him play with the choir and he’s so good and you feel proud of him and it’s a new feeling but you like it and you cheer him on and when you’re walking back to the dorms joshua asks shyly if you’d like him to maybe play something just for you sometime and ofc you say yes
  • you’re both busy with a lot of work but you always call each other over the phone if you can’t see each other because joshua says hearing your voice really heals him
  • sometimes you’ll jokingly like tease him like you did before and he’ll be like “i know you’re playing, but seriously i hope we’re never like that to each other again,,,,,”
  • wonwoo doesn’t become president because he politely refuses and says either you or joshua should do it but for some reason neither of you agrees and when asked why you like lean against joshua’s arm and you’re like “we realized neither of us wanted to be in the spotlight, we just wanted to win…….and we did”
  • the winning means finding your mutual love for each other like what a win true love is the real prize u guys this is the moral
  • when joshua tells you about the offers he received from schools you’re like omg you’re going to be an amazing author or scholar one day and joshua scrunches up his nose and he’s like “i just want to be a simple teacher and have a normal life”
  • joshua wears a lot of like cardigans and like what you call ‘grandpa clothes’ but they’re all big and comfy so you steal them from him and joshua’s always like ,,,,, “is that mine?” and points to something you’re wearing and you’re like wHAAAA,,,,,yes
  • he thinks it’s super cute but all he can do is bite his lip and look down shyly
  • you guys studying together in the library because you’re the brain power couple and everyone is coming to you for help but when it’s quiet and you two are sitting across the table you hook your legs together and smile to each other hehe
  • when he’s super tired from everything happening he loves laying his head in your lap while you read aloud to him and play with his hair and it just relaxes him when everything seems so hard
  • you find out secret nerd joshua who stays up on weekends till 4 am watching anime on his laptop while also skyping you or something and he gets all childish and giddy about his favorite characters and you’re like how is this the same boy who has like 5 offers from the top continuing colleges in the country???
  • seungcheol asks joshua if he’s a robot once in front of you and you’re like @ seungcheol like are you a parrot, for asking the same question over and over again? and joshua’s like this is when i love your snarky side coming back and seungcheol is floored and dk is laughing his butt off
  • before you and joshua were cold to each other but now he’s basically a soft mushy mess for you and it’s cute you see him blush so much and you’re like i never want him to stop he looks so damN cute you like squish his cheeks in your hands and joshua’s like ,,,,stopppp,, and you’re like ,,,,,,,,you’re so cute and he’s like don’t tease me and you’re like but it’s truE 
  • you’re like joshua when did you first start liking me and joshua’s like ,,, remember the first time we meet and you told me to ‘watch out’ because you were going to come and beat me
  • and you’re like omf ….i said that
  • and joshua laughs and he’s like no ones ever so confidently challenged me at anything, it was kind of a good feeling to have a real rival
  • and you’re like oh my god you liked me because i tried to fight you and he’s like kinda,,,,,,,but now we dont ever have to fight because we love each other
  • and you’re like yeah but what about - tICKLE fiGHts and you  go for his sides and joshua’s like kbadgfbgeirg N Ooooooo and it’s cute he like holds you close to stop you from tickling him and aww you’re like two cute kids
  • the past president of the student council somewhere: hmmm wonder if joshua + you are dating now, i always thought they had a thing for each other LOl

college!vixx (here) & college!bts (here)
find college!woozi (here),  college!wonwoo (here)college!seunghceol(here),  college!seokmin (here) , college!jun (here) college!mingyu (here), college!jeonghan (here) & college!hoshi (here)
find special college!jb (here), college!mark tuan (here)
and please look forward to more college!seventeen + special college!aus

neoliberal centrists and the establishment wing of the democratic party keep calling for unity and claim that they want to defeat trump, but then they spend time making up smears and attacking bernie sanders. bernie sanders is currently the most popular politician in america, has an 80% approval rating among the democratic base, and continues to be one of the most vocal opponents of trump’s administration. you’d think that if their focus was actually on winning the 2020 election then trying to vilify bernie sanders and his supporters, and trying to prevent him from running again, would be viewed as counter-productive. the democratic party could learn so much from what happened with jeremy corbyn in the uk, who actually helped gain seats by moving to the left and presenting a genuinely progressive platform that was for the many not the few. the centrists in the labour party also did everything they could to try and vilify jeremy corbyn, but many saw through their manipulations and lies. i hope people can see through the smears about bernie sanders too.

if you’re ever in doubt whether centrists and elites would rather undermine the left than actually support things like universal healthcare, free college tuition, and taking corporate money out of politics just remember this: they actually tried to cruelly insinuate that bernie sanders was responsible for the shooting of a republican politician who had compared himself to white supremacist kkk leader david duke. and that the shooter’s actions called into question the progressive left as a whole. their ridiculous argument (that essentially legitimized far-right talking points) was that because bernie said things like: “perhaps [donald trump] is the worst and most dangerous president in the history of our country” he somehow incited violence. this is just another clear example of trying to smear bernie sanders (and his supporters) and permanently damage his reputation. it is an attempt to silence the left. don’t let them manipulate you.

The Two-Person Pride Parade

(or, in honour of Pride Month, the West Wing fic I’m too lazy to properly write)

Okay this got wayyyyy longer than I meant it to be, but here it is, my not-quite-a-fic fic. I may write more if I feel like it? Warnings for allusions to period-typical homophobia (late 1990s-early 2000s)

From the minute Toby brings CJ onto the campaign, she and Josh are dancing around each other.

There’s just something sitting at the back of her mind. It’s not until she overhears Josh talking to his assistant Donna that she recognises it – it’s the same thing that drew her to Joanna Leed in ninth grade, the best friend who became the girlfriend; it’s the same thing that led her to a group of nerds at UC Berkeley, the nerds who became the first community she ever knew. She figures it out because Josh is talking about a date, and he never uses a single pronoun. She figures it out because she’s been doing it since she was sixteen.

At some point, gay rights come up in Governor Bartlet’s debate prep, and there’s a split second where she catches Josh’s eye. They exchange a look, and it’s all they need. CJ knows that, for however long this lasts, he’s the only person who can know, and the only person who needs to know.

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anonymous asked:

in a homestuck hitchhikers guide to the galaxy au, who would you choose to be the main characters?

arthur dent: probably john or jane. they fit the “straight man” role that arthur plays pretty well, and john has the tendency to just accept all the bullshit that happens to him more or less without complaint, which is very characteristic of straight men in british humor. but on the other hand jane has the flat cynicism to pull off this role which i’m not sure john does, so on the whole it’s a tie

ford prefect: terezi. no joke. perfect combination of technical knowledge, adventurous charisma, and a sophisticated brand of not giving a fuck.

zaphod: vriska. the man becomes president of the universe just so he can steal something. he’s got an ego the size of a planet. douglas adams wrote the character of vriska but with two heads and in space

trillian: rose. this bitch runs away with a two-headed alien because she got bored and ends up being one of two remaining humans in the galaxy. please. rose takes one look at vriska serket and demand to be abducted right now immediately

marvin: dirk. enough said

oreo’s klance fic recs #1

All the fanfictions are completed, some may have NSFW content (please check the tags!)

* are personal favorites :)

Warmth by Rahar_Moonfire

Lance is Allura’s younger brother. During the mission to retrieve the Red Lion from Galra hands, he gets captured. His guard is a curious Galra halfbreed named Keith who may just be his ticket to freedom. He’s a bit small for an alpha, but Lance is sure he can handle it. A little flirting never hurt anyone after all. The fact Keith is good looking for a Galra and those ears wiggle (so cute!) doesn’t influence this decision. Nope. Not one bit.

Garden of Beginnings by needchocolatenow

Hunk gets a criminal record, Pidge might have blackmail on Keith, and Shiro’s wondering what happened to his shirt.

Keith and Lance fall into each other’s orbits and keep falling.

What a Healing Pod Can’t Repair by Remember_Me

The compromised wormhole was ripping apart at the seams, sending everyone spiraling away in completely different directions. Lance could feel himself being pulled and bent in ways he was definitely not supposed to be.

Stitching the team back together after everyone is separated is difficult, and for one Paladin rescue wouldn’t be coming for a very long time.

We’ll Be Counting Stars by southspinner

Keith’s just trying to navigate the collegiate mine-field of tests, social circles, and sleep-deprivation while still maintaining a fragile grip on his sanity. The last thing he needs is some snapback-clad fraternity president making him re-evaluate his entire existence, but of course, because the universe hates him, that’s exactly what he gets.

Dirty Laundry by Gibslythe *

“Two whole months of free laundry in exchange for two weeks of being my fake boyfriend. Deal?”
Keith hesitated for a moment. Was this really worth it? Hardly. Lance was an asshole, and he wasn’t sure what fake dating would entail. But, free laundry was free laundry, right?
“Alright, it’s a deal.”
Or: Lance makes the mistake of telling his Mom he has a boyfriend coming home with him for Christmas. Keith makes the mistake of agreeing to be Lance’s ‘fake boyfriend’.

My Youth Is Yours by MilkTeaMiku *

An unforseen blast in the middle of a battle de-ages Lance into a child for a week.

Keith does not understand babies.

Reignite by Hephy

Lance never thought his loneliness could bring him closer to someone.

That was before Keith.


After escaping a Galra fleet and crash landing on a planet Lance does his best to take care of an injured Keith while they wait for rescue.

pepsicola by corydalis *

It starts like this: Lance looking up at the scoreboard only a few days into his Garrison training and muttering to himself, “What the hell kind of a name is Keith?”

Or, Keith and Lance fall in love. Eventually.
DAY 2: love // hate


On this day in music history: August 27, 1975 - “Love To Love You Baby”, the second album by Donna Summer is released. Produced by Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte, it is recorded at Musicland Studios in Munich, Germany from May - June 1975. Summer comes up with the initial idea for the title track having written the lyrics and melody. Moroder and Bellotte suggests that Summer sing it in a more sultry and sexual manner, which at first she is hesitant to do. She agrees when she thinks the recording will be a demo for another singer. Before tape rolls on the song, Summer asks that the lights in the studio be turned off while she records her vocals. Moroder likes the finished recording so much that he insists that it be released. Titled “Love To Love You”, it is first released in Europe to modest success. After Casablanca Records president Neil Bogart hears the initial shorter single version of the song (#2 Pop, #3 R&B), he suggests that a longer version of the song be cut, which clocks in at nearly seventeen minutes, taking up one whole side of the album. It immediately creates a sensation in dance clubs (#1 Billboard Club Play) and begins to receive radio play. When some stations ban it, feeling it is too blatantly sexual, it only heightens its allure and popularity. Released on CD in 1992, it is remastered and reissued as an SHM-CD by Universal Japan in 2012. Out of print on vinyl for more than thirty years, it is remastered and reissued by Universal/UMe in 2015 to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of its original release. “Love To Love You Baby” peaks at number eleven on the Billboard Top 200, number six on the R&B album chart, and is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.


No one but you/UniLock.

*Johnlock small comic and sketch.

John Watson: Medical student at the University of Cambridge.
Sherlock Holmes: Ph.D. student at Oxford University.
Irene Adler: PhD student at Oxford University.
Molly Hooper: Medical student at the University of Cambridge.


Each year the universities of England make student exchanges where the most outstanding students in various disciplines spend a whole year collaborating with other students and projects.

Sherlock Holmes (doctorate student in chemistry) and Irene Adler (doctoral student in physics) were chosen to represent Oxford at Cambridge.
John Watson is a leading medical student, is a Member of the Student Society, President of the Science Club and Captain of the Rugby Team.
On the orders of the Rector of the University, all the students who are part of the Student Society must attend and guide the exchange students for a year, and on that occasion the young Watson will receive, host and guide Holmes and Adler By Molly Hooper.

After six months John and Sherlock came to consummate a peculiar but loyal friendship, but little by little and after some extraordinary events in which both are involved (resolution of school crimes), they realized that what they felt the one by The other was more than friendship. They both fell in love without even thinking or wanting.

* Summer Dance.

John: “Incredible how time has gone, it seems like it was yesterday when we met. Are you going to the summer dance?”

Sherlock: - “John, I thought I told you that I do not like social events, they are boring, I would not go for anything in the world besides … Do not dance …”: -

John: “You’re kidding, you come from an aristocratic family and you did not get dance lessons, Impossible, I do not believe you!”

Sherlock: “I had them, but I always left.”

John: “Too bad, I was thinking of inviting you to the dance, I could show you, you know, but since you do not want to go, I think I’ll invite Molly, even though I think Irene already invites her, and I’ll think of someone …”

* Both walk the campus toward the dormitories when Sherlock gives a jealous attack when listening to John say that he would go with someone else.

John: - “Wooooow Sherlock wait, let go!” -.

Sherlock: - “Not for the world would allow you to go with someone else to the dance … If you go to that stupid dance will be with me and no one else!” -.

John: “God, calm down … obviously I would not go with someone more idiot.

Sherlock: - "No” -.

John: “Sherlock, please, I’ll beat you.”

Sherlock: “I do not think you do that John. I agree to go to the dance with you, with a condision.”

John: What is it?

Sherlock: “Let me kiss you right now.”

John: “You’re a Drama Queen, did you know that?”


Ligia Pach Jara ♡♡♡♡♡

A/N: hello I’m back and yes, I’m not dead

A soft knock on the door snaps Steve out of his trance, a soft-spoken “Hey.” eases the tension on his shoulders. 

“What are you doing up so late?” Tony asks, wrapping his arms around Steve’s shoulder from behind, his breath ghosting his ear. It’s amazing how Tony’s weight on his shoulders makes him feel like he’s got less weight. “I was starting to wonder if I was going to spend the night alone.” 

“Sorry,” Steve exhales, the tension crashing onto him again like bricks being thrown straight at him. “I got caught up in work and-” 

Tony nuzzles his nose against his neck, softly saying, “I didn’t mean it like that,” He takes a step back and spins Steve chair around so their face to face with each other. “I get worried, is all.” 

“Yeah,” Steve sighs, running his fingers through his hair. “I’ll get these done, just wait a minute-” 

Tony’s hands stop him from spinning around the chair again, and suddenly Steve is staring into deep chocolate eyes that are a few inches away from his face. Tony smiles, gently and beautifully that Steve can’t help but bring his hand up to stroke his cheek. “Come,” Tony says as he takes Steve’s hand in his, guiding him towards the couch in front of the fireplace. 

Tony sits close to him, head on his shoulders, making him feel warm and content like he always does when he’s near. “I know sometimes you have to work long hours,” Tony says, ever the understanding person. “But why do I always get the feeling that you feel alone in this?” 

The question hangs in the air, Steve’s fingers that were stroking Tony’s side stills and suddenly, there are calloused fingers on his jaw, turning his face to the side, “Look at me, darling.” Tony whispers. “Believe me when I say this, you’re not.” 

“I know that.” Steve mutters. 

“Do you?” Tony asks, but he doesn’t let Steve finish because he says, “I know you feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders but sweetheart, you’re not alone in this. Not anymore.” 

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Otherworldly supply run

Title: Otherworldly supply run

Pairing: Crowley x demon!Reader

Word Count: ~1.5k

Warnings: none

Request: Helllooooo. I have a request for a fanfic. Could you maybe write a French mistake verse fic where the boys and cas for are sent there by Rowena, but this time they come into our universe and the boys are there. It’s kinda surreal at first but then They get to know each other and they work together to find a way for the boys to get back. Can it be set in this year? Because Luci is back and Richard Speight jr is directing episodes and life is beautiful. Thanks! If you need to make any alternations whatever is fine with me.

A/n: This was requested by @casgrl. I know I took forever and I’m so so sorry. I feel like I accepted this too easy. Damn I didn’t know how hard it would be writing real people. I tried though and I hope you like it <3 It can be read as a kinda season 12 fix it. So don’t worry life is still beautiful <3 <3

Originally posted by oneshoeshort

You didn’t trust Rowena, never had and probably never really would. Although she was playing nice right now, having a low-key normal life and helping out with Lucifer’s newest tantrum. Why the devil couldn’t simply face the fact that his dad was a shitty parent and move on you would never understand. Both Winchesters, Castiel and Crowley all turned out decent despite shitty parenting, but no Lucifer of course had to be a dick about it. After being a freaking midlife crises rock star and the president of the United States the whole child thing was just the next idea on the bloody long list of terrible ideas he had.

Though the child of Lucifer did top a lot of ideas. How could a way too powerful nephilim child turn out even close to decent with Lucifer as a father? You all agreed on not at all. And that’s the story of how Rowena got involved, again, with the awesome plan of sending you and the boys into an alternate universe to get some stuff needed to weaken a nephilim’s power.

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STAR SIGNS! Here are my designs for Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer.


Aquarius, first born child of the Sun and Moon - Aquarius-born are shy and quiet , but on the other hand they can be eccentric and energetic. However, in both cases, they are deep thinkers and highly intellectual people who love helping others.

- Aqua is a fish girl. Of course, that needs no explanation. One look at her gives that away.
- Being a fish, she can swim at unbelievable speeds. Her top speed is 75 mph, but she’s working on going faster.
- Aquarius and people born under Aquarius are known for their intelligence as well as their playfulness. These two opposing traits somehow balance themselves out and make for a virtually perfect person. The only catch is that they are also the clumsiest of the signs.
- Aqua is so kind that it’s almost annoying. If you drop something in the water, she will offer to get it, but she will do it as slow as possible as not to hurt the object.

Pisces, second born -
Pisces are very friendly, so they often find themselves in a company of very different people. Pisces are selfless, they are always willing to help others, without hoping to get anything back.

- Picy is… boring, admittedly. He will talk and talk and talk, but his cuteness and friendly aura he emits makes him the most exciting sign to be with. Does that make sense?
- We got a dreamer over here! He doesn’t make simple baby steps towards a goal, he makes a really huge and unrealistic goal and lAUNCHES HIMSELF TOWARDS IT. That usually gets him in trouble.
- Aquarius is Picy’s best friend. They love to swim together and sometimes will put on shows for the other signs.
- Whenever Picy is in the water, he’ll grow gills and fins, and his hair will turn blue.

Aries, third born - The presence of Aries always marks the beginning of something energetic and turbulent. They are continuously looking for dynamic, speed and competition, always being the first in everything - from work to social gatherings.

- Aries doesn’t have a nickname and she’s really mad about that
- Aries lOVES sports. She’s the 5000-time world champion at Starball, and sometimes she’ll go and visit Earth and/or other planets to play the native sports. She wins every time. It’s really annoying.
- I would let Aries kill me and my last words would be “thank you”.
- Aries is very determined and will do anything to reach her goal. Granted, she’s not as ambitious as Pisces, but she’s ambitious nevertheless.

Taurus, fourth born - Practical and well-grounded, Taurus is the sign that harvests the fruits of labor. They feel the need to always be surrounded by love and beauty, turned to the material world, hedonism, and physical pleasures ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

- Taur is the most fun to be with, not gonna lie. He will do anything to make you smile, making faces, making dumb puns, and even, if you let him, tickling you.
- He likes to talk about himself. A looooooot. He’s careful with it, because he knows how it can annoy some people, but any chance he gets to talk about himself, he will. Mercilessly.
- He has a boyfriend on Earth!
- Taur is that one guy who looks like he’ll do something horribly bad and then blow the whole thing off with a smile and then suddenly everything is fine and nobody cares that he did the bad thing in the first place.

Gemini, fifth born - Expressive and quick-witted, Gemini represents two different personalities in one and you will never be sure which one you will face. They are sociable, communicative and ready for fun, with a tendency to suddenly get serious, thoughtful and restless.

- Ahh, the Gems. Troublemakers, they are. Gemmi (boy) and Gemma (girl) are the biggest tricksters in the entire universe. (they’re the ones who made Trump want to become America’s president. You wouldn’t believe how hard they laughed when he won.)
- The Gems are good-hearted, despite all the bad pranks they’ve pulled. They give good hugs too.
- Gemmi and Gemma are almost never apart. They are always by each other’s side, except for when one twin is in the bathroom, in which case, they’re not always together…
- dey wuv each other vewy mucho

Cancer, sixth born - Deeply intuitive and sentimental, Cancer can be one of the most challenging zodiac signs to get to know. They are very emotional and sensitive, and care deeply about matters of the family and their home.

- Cancer is really nice. His favorite thing to do is give you hugs and flowers.
- However, if you hurt him or his family, he will end you. He really will. You see how big he is? He’s pretty scary when he’s mad.
- Looks like a cinnamon roll, really is a cinnamon roll/will actually kill you
Take Me (To Your Leader) By luminousbeings -
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Universe: AOS

Warnings: None

Rating: Teen and Up

Word Count: 2675

Summary:  Written for the prompt: ok so like imagine an alien landing and doing the whole “take me to your leader” spiel, and you’re just like “aight” bc aliens are cool af, but the problem is the president is on the completely other side of the country, so you have to go on a cross country road trip with said alien—

“My name is Spock,” says Spock. He stares at Jim’s hand until the Human finally drops it back to his side. “What do you want in return for your compliance as my Human hostage?”

"The privilege of punching President Trump in the face?” Jim suggests.