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the best part about kk slider is that he started out every saturday doing shows at a train station sitting on his box and givin’ u free EPs and then for two games started playing in the roost like shit dude he’s gonna make it big someday, still give u free music and chill advice though, and then he started gaining fame and preforming at the club in new leaf still givin’ out eps and being a chill af dude even stopping in to the cafe when u work there helping out a small business,  like glad the fame didn’t get to him man he’s a good boy

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Okay but Ketch indicating to Dean (and notably not Sam) that he should have preformed the necessary "cavity search" to find his lock pick 👌👀

Yep. I like how the lil emojis there appear to be performing the aforementioned cavity search. :P

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Your bio says you're a singer I hoenot isn't rude to ask but like does that mean you like musicals? What do you like to sing? Do you ever preform? Would you ever record a video of your singing?

Its not rude at all! Thank you for your interest :) While I’m not a professional by any standard, I do really enjoy singing and was very musical at school (I played piano and tuned percussion, the latter of which I did in bands and orchestras, and was actually going to go to university for). In terms of singing, I have done musical theatre since I was 11, and I absolutely adore musicals. While I’m not sure how easy it would be for us to record anything like that at the moment (we do not have have the right soundproofing/recording equipment etc), if it was something enough people wanted, I might try and do some sort of video on it at some point

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Um just to clear things up they are not homophobic bcz if they were then halsey or brendon would of accepted them | how are they anti black they literally did a cover of a rapper that wasn’t white AND preformed with a rapper that wasn’t white | blowing ill teens minds?? Really they like being cryptic and that happenss to every fabdom when something unexpected happends

Oh and how are they sexist?? I can agree that sometimes they mess up and make mistakes but that will be something normal that people do bcz we are not perfect but you can dislike them if you want to just plz do not hate on them

Look i understand that you don’t like twenty one pilots and that’s ok but saying false facts about them is not a valid reason for you to hate them

What I have to say to girls who are hyper feminine: just try it.

Just try not shaving, going barefaced, wearing comfy clothes, not doing your hair. If you truly tried and prefer to do feminine things then I applaud you and support your decision! I’m only saying that you should try it. The hair can be shaven and plucked, makeup can be applied, tight spandex can be worn; all of these things can be quickly amended in a couple of hours it’s not something you have to do forever. Get to know your body and how she works! How do you know that you truly wouldent appreciate your own natural body, over your augmented one if you haven’t even met her yet? And if you dont like it you can have your money back guaranteed!

I was at Ben Platt’s last show !!?

So uh, I’ve been super privileged with DEH stuff. I have one of the casts, I have a signed egg costume, some other signed stuff, and y’know just?? But recently I got to go to Ben Platt’s last show and here’s some things I noticed!!

- During sincerely me, when Ben does the little taps at “I’m just glad to be your friend,” this time he full on put his hand on Mike’s shoulder and briefly stroked his hair. It was super quick but super cute??

- Also in sincerly me, when Jared was kinda mocking Evan and stuff,, without looking Ben reached back and slowly shoved Will’s face away. Like full palm to the face-

- When Evan said the “why would you write that thing,” he said it like a classic valley girl and?? I don’t know if it was intentional but there was a pose and everything-

- I’m skipping back a bit, but in the very beginning of the show, no one would stop cheering. There was a solid 1-2 minutes of clapping when the lights came up, and it actually made Ben start to laugh. You could see the boys nose crinkle !!

- all of his poses were super exaggerated this time,, so like whilst talking about how he likes jazz but not all jazz mostly jazz band jazz, he did a few snazzy velociraptor motions,

- all the way to ‘To break in a glove,’ and Michael park is having trouble getting his words out. Sniffling and trying his best not to cry :0

- I’m skipping around so much because my memory is already fogging up but during if I could tell her Laura looked so wistful and she kept having to wipe her cheeks

- in so big so small during the hug, Rachel was kinda struggling with her words it seemed, and during this little pause, her and Ben had this cute little chuckle and everyone in the audience was driven to gentle laughs through their tears

- I realized that Heidi might be talking to her husband in gooD for you!?

- at the bows, you could literally see bens lip quivering. The poor boy was trying super hard not to cry too much! No one would stop clapping, and they brought him back to stage for two other bows!!

I have a low quality audio boot of the first act, and two videos of bens bows if anyone wants em. Notify me!

The really bad part 2 is up!!

just so yall know

art block is your brain telling you to do studies.

draw a still life. practice some poses. sketch some naked people. do a color study. try out a different technique on a basic shape.

art block doesnt stop you from drawing, it stops you from making your drawings look the way you want them to. and thats because you need to push your skills to the next level so you can preform at that standard

think of it as level grinding for your next work.