and the preformers

  • Psychic: *reads my mind*
  • Me: Veronica! OpEn ThE- OpEn ThE dOoR pLeAsE! vErOnIcA, oPeN tHe DoOr-WhY dO yOu WrItE lIkE yOu'Re RuNnInG oUt Of TiMe-oMiGoD oH mY gOd YoU gUyS lOoKs LiKe ElLe'S gOnNa WiN tHe PrIzE-pOpUlAr YoU'Re GoNnA bE pOpUlAr I'lL tEaCh YoU tHe PrOpEr PoIsE-lEt yOuR FrEaK FlAg WaVe LeT yOuR fReAk FlAg FlY-GOOD MORNING BALTIMORE-wHat TiMe iS iT? sUmMeR tImE-SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS-i'M fLyInG FLYING FLYING FLYING-wHeN tHe WoRlD hAs ScReWeD yOu AnD cRuShEd YoU iN iTs FiSt-tHe PhAnToM oF tHe OPERAAAA-BIGGEST PLAIN FOOL IN THE JUNGLE OF NOOL-GREASE LIGHTNING-lItTlE sHoP lItTlE ShOp Of HorRor-ANYTHING GOES!! *endless loop*
  • Psychic: WTF

when i told you
that i liked girls instead of boys
you said you had to mourn the loss the of the child that i’ll never be
but you don’t realize
the amount of times you almost had to mourn the loss of who i am now
i don’t need your acceptance because i accept myself
so i’m sorry that you don’t agree with who i am.
but the truth is,
i’m really not sorry
because i’ve done nothing wrong.

Richard Kahlenberg has spent decades stumping for a different way to work with the educational system. His idea: Create public schools that are more integrated. He helped innovate the use of social and economic indicators to do that — instead of race and ethnicity, the use of which is prohibited by a 2007 Supreme Court decision.

His strategy could be summed up as: Give poor kids the opportunity to attend school with not-so-poor kids.

Try This One Trick To Improve Student Outcomes

Illustration by LA Johnson


Everybody that you see on this stage, we’ve all been talking about it so much lately how, um, this has been the most magical year of our lives, thanks to you. And… and now it’s gonna end, you know? It’s… it’s wild. It’s so many emotions. Um, and, you know, one of the things that’s been amazing is that I’m able to keep up with you when I’m not here, you know? Like, of course we’re all always gonna come see you in Melbourne. Of course I’ll be back on the next tour, obviously. But in between, in the meantime, I love checking up on you and seeing what you’re doing. And the way I can do that, because we live so far apart, is I can go on Instagram, I can go on Twitter, I can go on Tumblr, and I can see what you’re doing, make sure you’re okay, and everything. And I do that a lot. I’ll always check in with you. One of the coolest things about technology and all of that is I’m able to keep up with you like that. One of the things that scares me, however, about this whole thing where we all have these online identities, is that it opens up a lot of other channels for people to criticise you, and I see it every day. Um, I’ll go on your profile and look at your pictures, and every once in a while I’ll see a picture that you posted that was just cute, you know? You with your friends, you’re not trying to do anything wrong, you’re not trying to annoy anybody, and then you’ll see somebody just post a comment that’s completely unnecessary, and it’ll just be like “ugly”. That’ll be the whole comment. It’s, like, not very thought out, but it can ruin your day. And that’s… I look out into this crowd of people who have been so kind to us – you’ve been so welcoming to us being in your city, and you’ve been so warm to us, and so I never want anything bad to happen to you. I never want people to say terrible things to you, and have it ruin your day. But I guess these things are inevitabilities. And I guess I just wish that you knew that you are not the opinion of somebody who doesn’t know you, or care about you, okay? Every day of my life for the past ten years has been peppered with the opinions of other people on what I look like, who I am, whatever. And, um, lately I’ve started to prioritise your opinion so much higher above their opinion if they don’t care. I was in London, and I was going through it, and I was having a bad day, and I realised that I didn’t care anymore. And, um, the way that the idea hit me, I knew exactly what I wanted to say. And I had a writing session scheduled with a wonderful singer-songwriter named Imogen Heap, and we wrote a song, and we called it Clean. Will you sing along with this one?” - Taylor Swift

Mark Lee @ SBS Gayo Daejun

Please do not disrespect or call Mark Lee (Lee Minhyung) untalented in anyway. If you look carefully in SBS Gayo Daejun, Mark isn’t there for the last part of chewing gum. Then at the very start of Seventh Sense, he comes running in, syncing perfectly with the rest of the members. Mark only had 20 seconds or less to change, remember the choreography of the seventh sense, and then to perform it all. Mark preformed three songs in one day, changing concepts very quickly. This boy is 17, in every single NCT unit, and has done practically every dance for his group there is. NCT members are allowed to leave at anytime as stated by SM, but Mark enjoys what he does. He’s growing up quick guys, appreciate him. This is also the same kid that auditioned for Highschool Rapper without saying he was part of NCT because he wanted to audition as, “Mark Lee the highschool student,” not, “Mark Lee from NCT.”

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