and the ppl who watched it

warning for my fellow ppl who can’t stand watching things that have tickling in them with other people there: the netflix show mindhunters is INCREDIBLE if you’re a criminal minds fan or a fan of murder/psychology of a killer. there is an episode where a principal is tickling his students innappropiately and i haven’t watched the episode but my sister had a full convo with me about it, and i had to pretend i was mentally killing myself

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Hi nacho, I was just wondering- what are your thoughts on the hp role playing community?

Hi there, thanks for the ask!

I do have a few friends who roleplay on occasion, but overall I don’t really follow anyone in the community or see a lot of roleplay on my dash. I generally prefer reading stories as opposed to watching them. Just the way my little goat brain processes best, I guess.

That being said, I admire the hell out of every single person who has the guts to put themselves out there. I know how scary it is to put your stuff out for public consumption, whether it be art, roleplay, fanfic, headcanons, podfic, etc. 

<3 <3 <3 to everyone who creates for this fandom, in every capacity!

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Do you know what time the show starts on Friday? I’m off work for holidays and hoping I might be able to catch a livestream. But I’m a new exo-l and this is my first time so also do you have tips for watching or ppl to follow to get links? Thank uuuu 😘😘😘

hiiiiii it starts at 6am est and u can come to my blog to find some links ill reblog them the day of, cus rn we dnt kno whos gonna livestream 🚶🏽🚶🏽🚶🏽

gay ppl who inject the concept of homophobia into the social structures of their magical fantasy worlds bc they want to use their own work as an outlet to talk and vent a little about their personal experiences:

straight ppl who inject the concept of homophobia into the social structures of their magical fantasy worlds bc the concept of gay ppl being happy and accepted is too “unrealistic” and they have absolutely nothing to actually say about the issue and just included it for the sake of watching us suffer: 

why do ppl hate being critical of the shows they watch and start screaming ‘can’t we enjoy anything anymore?!’ like it costs literally nothing to admit your show has problems/has fucked up and that they’re wrong for it but we have grown adults on this site who can’t seem to wrap their heads around that concept lmao

99% of ppl who say gay bars are too sexualized have never been to a gay bar in their life and are just assuming so based on homophobic tv shows they watch

im always shocked that ppl really genuinely love and care about hux from star wars because while i was watching the movie my literal ONLY thought about him was “god that guy is ugly” and then after the movie i saw all this shit about some dude named hux i didnt even know who the fuck he was i had to look him up on google dot com like what the fuck movie were y’all watching that this was a character that mattered even for a second cuz it sure wasnt star wars the force fucking awakens jesus christ 

10 Reasons To Watch Gintama

1. Character designs—go google Sakata Gintoki. Or Hijikata Toshirou. Or Okita Sougo. Or Kamui. Or Katsura Kotarou. Or Takasugi Shinsuke. Or Kagura. Or Tsukuyo. Or Kyuubei. Or any Gintama character for that matter. 

2. It makes you laugh. And by laugh I mean desperately muffling your face in a pillow with tears streaming from your eyes at 2:00 a.m. because you’re watching Gintama’s Owee or Vacation Arc while everyone else is asleep. 

3. It makes you cry. And by cry I mean desperately muffling your face in a pillow with tears streaming from your eyes at 2:00 a.m. because you’re watching Gintama’s Shinsengumi Crisis Arc or Beam Sword Style Arc while everyone else is asleep. 

4. Characters and character relationships—tired of the same old Mary/Gary Stu? Watch this anime. Even a side character who only appears once or twice will be ingrained into your mind. All characters have multiple layers; there is no flat, boring character without depth. The relationships are solid, and the characters do not need to say “I love you” every 21 seconds to get the point across. Love is seen in their familiarity and actions. 

5. It is a perfect blend of genres—want some sci-fi? Watch Gintama. Want some tragedy? Watch Gintama. Want some peak comradeship/shounen fighting? Watch Gintama. Want comedy? Watch Gintama. Want some historical Japan? Watch Gintama. Want samurai? Watch Gintama. Want action? Watch Gintama. Want slice of life? Watch Gintama. Basically just WATCH GINTAMA.  

6. Soundtrack—so good. Go listen to any Gintama opening. The song will surely be stuck in your head. 

7. It is unique and original. Tired of the same old shounen, with the underdog tween hero and the big dream, training montages, and unrealistically relentless determination? Gintama presents to you a fresh protagonist, Sakata Gintoki. If you can name another anime that has an arc based on a popularity poll then darn, you got me. If not, then GO WATCH GINTAMA. 

8. There’s Elizabeth. That’s it. Just Elizabeth. 

9. The stories are so beautifully told. In 3 episodes, it can convey the same messages and stories that another anime may take 20 episodes to tell. Are you busy? Can’t go on an anime binge? No worries. Just watch one of arc Gintama to pass your time. Maybe 2-8 episodes. Plus the backstories hurt. 

10. Gintama blows everything out of the park. (You can trust me, as I’ve seen tons of anime but once I found Gintama it was like I found something I never knew I was looking for, as if this whole time I’ve just been watching anime in search of Gintama.) I can’t watch anything else anymore. It all seems mediocre compared to Gintama.  

Look i love my son keith but honestly?? We were introduced to Voltron as a show that revolves around five main characters and logically we’d expect that the crew would provide us with equal screentime and development FOR each character and BETWEEN each character. Nobody said this show would revolve around keith while the dark-skinned characters get the worst treatment as if that’s not common enough in media. Nobody signed up for this kind of story.

“let people ship what they want!!!”

yes, i will. except for people who ship abusive, incest, pedophilic, racist, or ships that erase someone’s sexuality, i’m not gonna sit here and watch that.

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Have you seen an anime called inuyashA?? I binged watched it and couldn't help but think it would be such a cute au for bakudeku!!

this is as far as my Inuyashi knowledge goes ;;; 

Think Like A Taurus

Taurus gets so much flack for being “lazy,” as in slow-moving, apathetic, or unmotivated. 

Because really, what’s the rush? Why is every little thing such a big deal? Why go to a concert when u can hear music even better with a pair of decent headphones? Why stress urself out worrying about what people think when everyone’s more or less an idiot? Why leave the house and go to a party with obnoxious strangers when u can order a pizza, watch a movie, drink wine, and pass out on the couch?

Why bother to speak when no one ever listens? Why listen when other people rarely say anything interesting or intelligent? Why spend time with people, making little compromises to accommodate them, when u can spend some quality time alone doing whatever the fuck u want.?

For Taurus, life is like a shitty old sitcom. It’s all been done. They know what’s going to happen next, because this sign (similar to its sister sign, scorpio) is good at spotting patterns and looking beneath the surface. Taurus are disinterested because everything (esp people) are predictable. 

They might be perceived as boring because they don’t really seem to… Do much… (To the untrained observer. Like Scorpio, Taurus is somewhat secretive about what they do in their free time.)

[This is false; many thinkers, and scientists have prominent taurus influence. Taurus placements are actually an indicator of intelligence; wit and humor are inherent qualities of intelligent people, and the antithesis of being boring. 

Examples: Leonardo DaVinci- Taurus sun, Nikolas Tesla- Taurus rising, Freud- Taurus sun, Carl Jung- Taurus moon, Descartes- Taurus moon, etc. Note how, despite the ‘lazy’ stereotype of taurus, these people got A LOT done!] 

But at least they’re not trying to bore anyone else. It’s a small price paid to see the world for what it is and having your priorities straight.  Life actually takes a long, long while. It’s not as short as people like to believe. So enjoy every moment. Take it slow. Savor the silence.

Think like a Taurus.

excuse me did someone say autistic keith headcanons???? [[it was me, i said autistic keith headcanons]]

  • most of his favorite stims are tactile/bodily, but he tends to suppress them
    • spinning his knife around & sheathing and unsheathing it slowly
    • twirling/playing with small metal objects like screws and nails
    • crossing his arms tight across his chest (it has the unfortunate side effect of making him look moody 100% of the time, but oh well)
    • flicking his wrists quickly, like he’s shaking water off of his hands
    • loves rocking back and forth, but seldom does it in front of others
    • ripping paper when stressed
  • when he was little he stimmed thru echolalia & seldom talked otherwise
  • literally no tolerance for passive-aggression. literally none
    • this gets him into fights with hunk bc hunk is the queen of passive-aggression
    • really no tolerance for passive-anything tbh he gets IMMEDIATELY annoyed when ppl don’t just say what the fuck they mean
  • keith: *drops something on his foot* …… *now has to pick it up and drop it on his other foot to make it even*
    • also keith: *gets punched on the right side of his face and has to physically stop himself from punching the left side too*
  • paces constantly, usually while also flicking his wrists
    • tries to do it when he thinks everyone else is asleep, or keep it to his room, bc he thinks it’s a weird thing to do
    • once shiro hears him pacing in his room and knocks on the door like “what’s wrong keith do u need to talk” and keith gets kind of defensive bc?? nothing?? i’m just walking back off
    • once when he’s doing laps through the castle late at night he runs into lance. immediately his hackles rise and he’s ready for a jeering comment but lance just… nods at him and passes by, looking completely distracted
      • then he passes lance again on a second lap and gets another vague nod
      • the third time they pass each other keith realizes that lance has earbuds in and is doing exactly what keith is doing
      • kind of feels less weird about it after that?
  • picks food apart and eats it ingredient-by-ingredient, takes FOREVER to eat because of this. drives hunk bananas bc NO keith you’re supposed to enjoy those flavors together……. i made the meal that way…… wyd………
    • also has to eat individual things like grapes in pairs & he WILL NOT eat the last one if there’s an odd number, so don’t even ask
    • picky eater in general honestly… would eat plain white bread every single day if he could
  • hunk, looking up random facts online: hey keith did you know the average length of ‘acceptable’ eye contact is between three and five seconds keith, who just realized he’s spent his whole life staring unblinkingly at ppl bc he thought that’s how “good eye contact” worked: what. what theu fcuk. what the fuck,w hat the fuck
  • mild prosopagnosia (facial blindness)
    • hence why he didn’t remember lance….  he just didn’t look familiar at all to keith even tho they’d definitely talked to each other before
    • second guessed the fuck out of himself when rescuing shiro bc he wasn’t sure if it was actually shiro or not lol
    • keith watching deadpool: hey isn’t that that guy who plays captain kirk in those new star trek movies lance: no you’re thinking of chris pine. deadpool is played by ryan reynolds keith: oh, okay [later, when watching a chris pine movie] hey look it’s deadpool? right??
  • generally okay with being touched so long as he sees it coming or is asked for permission first & it’s from someone he likes/trusts
    • still, there are certain places on his body (his collarbones, the back of his neck) that if u touch he’ll basically just shut down bc he hates the sensation so much
    • half of the reason why he has a mullet is bc he feels like it protects the back of his neck
    • also there are  fabrics that he won’t touch & frankly doesn’t even like looking at, like velvet and felt
  • holds pencils “incorrectly” and his handwriting fucking sucks because of it
  • he finds out (thru lance being unable to keep his mouth shut) that other students at the garrison thought keith was intimidating and cold & that really surprised him…. and also kind of upset him
    • bc he doesn’t see himself that way at all?? like he knows he has an Attitude but he always thought he was more sensitive than other ppl
  • when he first joins voltron he kind of,, has a huge backlog of internalized negativity & shame in re: his autistic traits
    • but then he realizes…. wait…. literally almost everyone else on this ship is ND? and actually lance, hunk, and pidge are always stimming together, talking and joking about their stims/ND traits
    • hunk suggests specific physical sensations that he thinks keith might like since they have similar tactile stims
    • pidge teaches him some ASL (mostly signs for basic needs and requests, like “hurt”, “hungry”, “tired”, or “leave”, “quiet”, “don’t touch”) so that keith can communicate a bit easier when he’s too overwhelmed to speak
    • eventually realizes that lance is paying a lot of attention to keith’s energy levels and executive function. he picks up after keith without complaining and tells the others to leave him alone when he can tell keith’s had enough social interaction for one day
      • lance will never admit to doing this, keith will never admit to appreciating it. s’fine.
    • shiro: [explaining specific human social norms to coran and allura, who are curious] keith and pidge: lmao allistics… what WILL they think of next
  • every day he swallows a bit more of his internalized negativity. every day with the help of his friends he feels a little more comfortable, a little more natural, a little more grounded