and the poem

i’m over him
it’s been months
as i spun my head around
trying to find any sign of him
in this crowded room
—  have you ever felt the way i’m feeling?
If you love me and another, do me a favor and don’t choose me.
—  Day 315

In these dreams it’s always you:

                           the boy in the sweatshirt,

the boy on the bridge, the boy who always keeps me

                          from jumping off the bridge

     Oh the things we invent when we are scared

and want to be rescued

Richard Siken // I Had A Dream About You

اللهمَّ طاقة، طاقة بها نعيش، ونتحمل، ونرضى، ونتأقلم ونتقبل، ونهوّن، ونتجاهل، ونغفر ونسامح، ونغامر، ونجازف، ونصبر كثيرًا.
—  يا رب

“E sei bella,

Te l'ho detto mille volte,

Non ci hai creduto mezza.”

—Sfera Ebbasta

I know I say it to much but I love you.
—  Day 318