and the plays the drums

Dylan Klebold Facts

- Baseball was one of Dylan’s hobbies. He played as a kid & tried out for the Columbine High School baseball team but didn’t make it

- He was in a fantasy baseball league & his team was called “The Border Hoppers” - a reference to old Taco Bell commericals with the slogan “Make a run for the border.”

- Origami was another pastime, & in elementary school he led the class in making paper cranes that were mailed to Hiroshima Memorial Peace Park & laid beside Sadako Sasaki’s statue. 

- Dylan was his father’s devoted chess partner & was in the chess club in elementary school. 

- He played trumpet in the school band & the drums for Brooks’ Brown’s band in middle school. 

- He considered Broadcasting as a possible career alternative if Computer Science didn’t work out. He also considered being a drummer.

- He liked to try new & different foods, like barbecued duck & calamari. It’s been said his favorite food was scrambled egg pizza. 

- Uma Thurman was supposedly his dream girl. 

- In addition to DOOM with Eric, he played Quake alot w/ Zack Heckler. 

- He was as beta tester for Microsoft.

- Sue could sometimes hear him up in his room banging on his computer.

- He had a dark sense of humor, & made jokes about things people normally don’t joke about, like death & dark things. 

- He was a fan of Trance music (i.e. Ceiba, Prana). 

- But he wasn’t much of a fan of dogs, & was scared of Devon Adams’ Siberian Husky. 

- He was more of a cat person & had a white cat named Rocky, who he’d gotten in the 3rd grade & still had at the time of his death

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Coldwave band/music-centric AU

1 - Len writes the clever lyrics and the word-play and the puns and the twisty themes that you don’t understand until ten minutes later and then it all comes together. Mick is the one who writes the music that rips your heart out and makes you thank him for the privilege of it.

2 - Len sings. Mick plays guitar. Lisa plays the drums (she says it helps her get her aggression out), and her boyfriend Cisco basically signed himself up to do their tech support.

3 - Len accidentally got into a fight with a particularly pretentious rapper because Len thought they were comparing actual bullet wounds, not nearly-but-not-really ones, and was a little over-enthusiastic about trying to get the guy’s opinion on the best way to bandage them.

4 - Mick refuses to go touring for long periods of time because it makes him anxious, which makes him want to burn stuff. They ended up compromising by going on very limited tours and always incorporating pyrotechnics into their finales.

5 - Len will not talk to any music reporter who does not include the fact that Len is black and Jewish in his bio.

6 - Both Len and Mick have a new favorite music reporter: Barry Allen, who only does the job because his sister Iris got it for him so he could pay the bills while he’s suspended from the CCPD CSI for tampering with evidence to help his foster-dad’s cases. They eventually tell him it’s not because he’s a good reporter (he’s not, really), but because they know his dad from back in the day. Barry is relieved because he was starting to worry that they thought he knew what he was doing.

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Name: Darien Mallira

Age: 21 years old

Gender and sexuality: Female, Lesbian

Eye and hair colour: Brown eyes and brown dark hair with the front highlighted purple at the tips

Height: 5’8 (approx 177cm)

Siren Bird: Gyrfalcon

Personality: Stubborn, hot-headed and protective. Hates losing at anything but once attached to someone, loyal as hell

Music: Likes to sing, play guitar (bass) and has always wanted to try the drums. Tends to pick more masculine songs.

Background info: Joined up to a company but didn’t take the job seriously enough by misbehaving, not listening or completing her quota. As a result she was punished with damage to her right wing. Now she meets the requirements and even goes over sometimes though has kept her stubborn attitude around.

@iloveinflames tagged me for 11 things about me, thank you darling! ^_^

1. I usually overthink many things.

2. I love what i study and I always research articles whenever i can 

3. I love to cook.

4. Even tho i relax with metal music, i relax even more playing bass or drums.

5. I’m afraid of failure (a lot)

6. I’m the friend that usually doesn’t say anything (to go out, or just saying hello) not because i’m an asshole, but because i was always the first to talk and i was tired to start conversation (always) even they didn’t care (btw, thank you @morbidmacabremin and @pugdestroyer666 for all the love :) )

7. I wish i could meet my mutuals, even tho many are from other countries (like @just-one-more-bridge-to-cross (she seems amazing)) :D

8. I have 3 cats and i love them very much ( and no, i’m not a cat lady xD)

9. I love to go out once in a while with some old friends and have great conversations while drinking an ice cold beer.

10. And speaking of beer, i love to taste beer from other countries. :)

11. Sometimes, when the weather is good, i stare for hours at the stars at night

I tag @hanzaroobear, @my-sxe-world, @just-one-more-bridge-to-cross, @disposable-spleen, @mareavera, @metalthrasingmad, @adalbertfrigidus, @sludgebeard, @baronessofmoonlight, @letshidetogether, @annihilation-your-masturbation, @innerdaemmon (and whoever wants to ) :)

*wiggles fingers* I’ve got sunshine! Hiya! Ellie here. I’m a singer/songwriter. I play the guitar and clarinet, a little bit of the drums, I must say. I love the colour pink and anything pastel, I reckon. In all, I’m a genuinely nice person.. I’m quite silly as well, so no need to be intimidated! I guess that it’s necessary to say that I’m basically a ball of sunshine… Also, I love to read books. You can reach me at gouldenglitter (google hangouts). :)


so it turns out i didn’t have any time to actually draw anything for this so im just posting my headcanons sorry folks maybe i can draw them later!!

-Beetle plays viola

-Foxy plays cello

-Beetle and Foxy love to play duets together!! Cello and viola!! i love them both v much

-Sam plays French horn and piano

-NICKO SINGS!! !! I LOVE HIM he can also play a bit of double bass

-Septimus plays guitar (MAYBE violin?)

-edd and erik maybe play drums?? Idk im still thinking about them

-simon is obviously one of the best singers in the world ok ok


Good afternoon everyone! Charlie Engen here, controlling the page for the day. Here’s a little introduction jam if you not know who I am. I play drums fro the bands @scalethesummit and @ideologyband. Big thanks to Joshua Berrios from Drummers Corner for letting me do this! I’ll post gear shots, some videos, and do a live stream at 7pm central time. So tune into that and follow the story for more pictures and videos.🤘🏻

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Drumming by Wolfgang Wiggers

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />Two Geisha playing different drums.

Handcolored japanese albumen print. Photographer: ?

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Post 10 facts about yourself and pass it on to 10 faves 💖💐🌟 (it's me again blowing up your inbox)

ily mel, i’m really bad at coming up with stuff out of the blue so heres 10 facts that jungkook and I have in common

  1. we’re both 97liners
  2. we’re both the youngest in our surrounding environments // tfw you start school a year early so almost everyone in your grade is a year older
  3. 200% tsundere sometimes
  4. overwatch? league? gaming overall? checkcheckcheck // almost dropped jungkook when I found out he was a filthy mccree main but he played widow and made up for it
  5. he’s learning to play drums? I play drums, basically fate // but real talk percussion was so much fun
  6. avid readers/watchers of manga/webtoons/anime 
  7. streetwear/casual fashion is my aesthetic, and I didn’t even realise but we have the same kuw hoodie
  8. kind of a clean freak and really don’t like heavy smells 
  9. drawings and/or other creative work, I definitely don’t draw as much as I use to, but its something that I really enjoy doing when I have the time // literally just mocked up a character sheet for my 3d modelling assignment earlier
  10. not exactly fearless but I’m really quite open to trying new things
Yuri on ICE
Yuri on ICE

Okay but guys remember how Viktor revealed that the part where the drums start is the part where Viktor became Yuri’s coach in the previous episode?

That just made the song so much deeper for me. 

The first part where only the piano is heard, represents when Yuri was all alone and depressed and lacked all confidence.
Then, Yuri meets Viktor, and the drums start playing. Notice how the piano starts to get so much more upbeat and how perfectly it flows along with the drums? That is the part where Yuri really starts to develop himself as a person; the moment Viktor came into his life. 

And then, the drums leave for a moment, and the piano suddenly get’s so much slower. I feel like this represents Yuri being alone with his thoughts again, trying to figure out why he was suddenly feeling so “upbeat”and happy, because it confused him.
Then, as the piano starts to pick up the pace again, that is the moment that he finally begins to realize: his true feelings for Viktor. His feelings of love. 

Then, the drums kick in again, Yuri opens up to Viktor about his feelings and Viktor “meets him where he is”, playing along with the pace the piano is already in to create the most beautiful music. 

Together they create such a beautiful harmony. The piano and the upbeat drums.  Yuri and Viktor. Yuri on Ice. 

can’t believe every member of bts can play an instrument, yoongi on piano, taehyung on sax, seokjin playing the guitar, jk with drums, hoseok in the corner playing a damn recorder with his nose, jimin playing my heart and namjoon clapping his hands bless. 

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I was just wondering, you tried to play piano and didn't like it and you play the drums but have you ever tried to take on another instrument? (Really love being part of this community. Everyone's so nice and supportive)

I tried Guitar before any of those and when I was super young I played recorder (damn well too) but the instruments that have notes and chords etc. never appealed to me. I’m more of a bang bangy man