and the plays the drums

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headcanon that whenever anti plays the drums he makes a sound with his mouth to go with the drum he's hitting (ex: when he hits the snare he goes "TAT" and when he hits the bass drum he goes "BUMMM" and when he hits the crash he says "KA-TANNNGG")

AAWW THAT’S SO ADORABLE!! I can totally imagine it :D

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Is it safe to wear a binder while playing drums? It raises my heart rate depending on how hard I play but most of the time it's like a light exercise, and I heard binding while doing very light exercise is safe. Is that true?

Kii says:

Binding while doing any activity that affects your breathing is not safe, but you didn’t mention whether playing the drums affects your breathing or not. Here is a page on binding safely.



Line-Up: Max Roach : drums; Abbey Lincoln : vocals; Clifford Jordan : tenor saxophone; Coleridge Perkinson : piano; Eddie Khan : bass

Here’s the translation of the intro: "This, ladies and gentlemen, this is the drumkit of one of the great masters of modern jazz. Max Roach entered this special world of music in the beginning of the forties. When the end of the era of swing was marked by the bop revolution, the beginning of the real modern jazz. Max Roach was part of it in New York, of all these exciting events. His teacher wa Kenny Clarke, who is considered to be the pioneer of modern drum playing. But Max Roach developed very quickly his own personal style and became a major influence on his younger collegues. He is considered to be the prototype of the modern jazz drummer; he did elaborate studies of musical theory, plays several instruments, makes arrangements and composes. He knows better than anyone else to exploit the rhythmic and technical possiblities of his instrument. But Max Roach is also a musician who is very politically and socially involved. He says: “ I don’t want to make music without social impact.” He wants to spread a message. The message of the strive for freedom of the American and African Negroes. Tonight we will see an example of this. Maybe the most powerful work that was written about this topic in jazz, the suite FREEDOM NOW! He wrote it together with Oscar Brown Jr. and plays it tonight with his own quartet: COLERIDGE PERKINSON piano; CLIFFORD JORDAN tenor sax, and EDDIE KAHN bass. And as vocalist, his wife ABBIE LINCOLN. Modern Jazz with a motto: WE INSIST! WE WANT FREEDON NOW!“

remember in gold and silver how azumarill was just flat-out terrible it was a water-type with mediocre bulk and no offensive presence and no interesting moves outside of belly drum and even that was questionable, completely useless and outclassed

then gen 3 came along and it got huge power and suddenly its attack stat was actually fantastic but it still wasn’t all that good because it had nothing in the way of physical STAB since all water moves were special

then dppt with waterfall and aqua jet and it was such a boon, and people actually started using it for its stupidly powerful water moves and it had ice punch and superpower for coverage and it was pretty good

and then xy, it got the fairy-type, knock off got buffed, and now it’s a huge threat with ridiculously powerful belly drum aqua jets and play roughs and knock offs and it’s immune to dragon and it got into OU. no other pokemon has a success story like azumarill (excluding megas), god damn. i’m so proud of her

i love you azumarill

I realized that only thing that makes people special and unforgettable is their heart . Not their abilities or talents because there’s always someone else out there who has the same talents . Things like that is replaceable but you can’t replace the heart or seek out the same treatment a good person gave you in someone else .