and the plays the drums


chris wood + musical talent ♡ It’s a little known fact that you can sing, you’ve had some training. Is there a music career down the line for you? Do you record music on your own?  I write but pretty selfishly for me. It’s something that I do to release and find comfort. I’m actually pretty shy when it comes to music. I’m better at, like on tour, playing the Pantages in front of however many thousand people. I’m better at that than like if there’s six of us in a room and someone hands me a guitar. I’m like petrified. I’ll sweat and get nervous. Do you play guitar and any other instruments?  I play drums and some piano, and a bunch of random, weird instruments. But yeah, guitar is sort of my go-to. It’s more of a comfort and a private time kind of thing for me at the moment. But who knows.


On this day in music history: June 27, 1989 - “Cosmic Thing”, the fifth album by The B-52’s is released. Produced by Don Was and Nile Rodgers, It is recorded at Dreamland Recording Studio in West Hurley, NY and Skyline Studios in New York City from Late 1988 - Early 1989. After the loss of original guitarist Ricky Wilson in October 1985 and the lukewarm reception to the “Bouncing Off The Satellites” album, the veteran new wave band take a three year long hiatus from the music business before regrouping. In the interim, Keith Stickland having switched from the drums to playing guitar (having learned Wilson’s unique guitar tunings), begin composing new material in 1988. Playing some of the new songs for his bandmates, The B-52’s begin writing and playing together again. Their first album of all new studio material in over three years. Returning to the studio in late 1988, the band work with Was (Not Was) bassist Don Was fresh off of producing Bonnie Raitt’s comeback album “Nick Of Time”, and Chic guitarist and producer Nile Rodgers. The album features additional musicians including former Gang Of Four bassist Sara Lee, drummers Steve Ferrone (AWB, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers), Sonny Emory (Earth, Wind & Fire, Bruce Hornsby), and Charley Drayton (Divinyls). It is an artistic and commercial triumph upon its release, and is the biggest selling album of their career. It spins off four singles including “Love Shack” (#3 Pop), “Roam” (#3 Pop) and “Deadbeat Club” (#30 Pop) “Cosmic Thing” peaks at number four on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified 4x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

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Listen listen listen. Tired emo Sav is thinking... What if Anti secretly writes poetry? Like he doesn't say it cause he thinks it's weird but he's actually pretty decent? Or is that too weird? I need thoughts. Halp.

I have a thing that Glitch can play the drums, proficiently, and is embarrassed because drums.

Sleepy Smol

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coolio. how about a percussionkind weapon for a knight of rage? he has an interest in drumming specifically and has a wide array of sticks, wooden and plastic alike. he's very impulsive, and possible ingredients scattered everywhere include various pocket/folding knives, video games, and books (mainly fiction). please let me know if that's enough info and ill be glad to add more. thanks a lot!

I very much recommend the Sound Of War.

It is a small, simple drum that you may bring into any battle. Don’t let its size deceive you however, for as soon as you begin to play a rhythm on this drum, you may turn the tide of the battle to your favor.

This drum is connected to all who are currently participating in the same battle as you, both allies and foes alike. Its’ simple rhythms may help or harm you, depending on your skill.

A skilled player may play a rhythm in such a way as to imbue their allies with razor-sharp focus, speed and strength beyond their normal abilities, and the will to live and survive beyond injuries that would normally end them. Likewise, a skilled player could turn the organs of their foes against the owners, filling them with glass shards and red hot magna and all other manner of awful things.

Should the player of this drum falter in their rhythm, then all hell might break loose. Enemies will fail to die, allies begin to have their stamina drained at a faster rate and become more susceptible to attacks, and the player of the drum might become lost in the Melodies of Carnage.

Take care O’ Knight of Rage, that you do not lose yourself to the Drum, for you would doom yourself and your allies to failure.

If you have faith in your abilities, then you may alchemize this drum using A Drummer Boy’s Bottled Consciousness, A Metronome, Medals of Honor and Power, and The Art Of War by Sun Tzu.

Use this drum well.

~Weapons Master Blu

Why you should go see Francesco Gabbani live

Okay folks buckle up because I just got back from his concert and it was a w e s o m e!!! Maybe I’ll post some pics tomorrow but in the meantime:

  • he has an incredible voice live
  • the band is awesome
  • the energy that transpires from every song!!
  • seriously you cannot physically stand still. it’s literally impossible. you’ll dance and sing and scream all the time
  • he can play like every instrument. and he does! guitar, piano, drums, he can do everything.
  • him singing Pachidermi e Pappagalli with the rainbow lights behind him should be considered a religious experience. I ascended during that moment
  • he’s such a gay icon tbh?
  • “non ho nulla contro i DJ, ho tanti amici DJ, ma…”
  • have i mentioned that he’s sooooooo sexy? he started off wearing a jacket and like 2 songs in he took it off and the crowd went crazy.
  • how do you say io gliela darei subito in english?
  • the way he moves when he sings made me weak in the knees tbh
  • the quiet and sad songs are equally powerful and his voice sounds raw and goes straight to your soul
  • okay enough waxing poetry about him
  • he sang Occidentali’s Karma twice and the whole public was dancing, even old people and the security
  • the second time he sang it, when he got to the bridge and in the choreography he’s supposed to kneel he said: “I know you know I have to go down here hehe… here we go then”
  • he’s so nice, he thanked us like a million times and you could hear in his voice when something made him smile!!! he’s so precious!!!!!!!!
  • the tickets are not too expensive either
  • if you get the chance go see him!!! seriously it was worth every last cent

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If the Fantomestein gang was a band, who would play what?

What kind of band? Rock band? A cappella band? Accordion band? Hmm…

I guess I can see Christine playing a variety of instruments…probably guitar, keyboard, and drums? Raoul on keyboard/piano too? Daroga would play a saxophone, for sure. TC would prefer behind-the-scene sound mixing or something…as far away from the stage as possible. 

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I miss you

Extended Imagine Requested by Anon: can you do am imagine where Shannon is on tour and you really miss him so you go out and get super drunk and he gets super worried and pissed. He comes home and wait for you and come in and he gets even more pissed seeing how drunk you are and it turns into a big fight and the reader yells “Maybe I just miss you !” And it gets really sweet and ends with smut
sidenote: Y/BF/N = your best friend’s name; smut

Your name: submit What is this?

Author’s/Reader’s P.O.V

You hated it, hated being separated from your boyfriend for so long. Of course, you were happy for him, he got to live his dream and tour the world playing drums in a band with brother. But this meant he would be gone for months at a time and because you were working, tagging along wasn’t an option. Shannon would try and call you almost every day and facetime, but it just wasn’t enough. You hid it from him, though. You didn’t want him to feel guilty.
Shannon has been gone for one and half months now, on a tour through North America. You had planned on visiting him but your plans were cancelled when you colleague got sick, and you weren’t able to take some days off anymore. To say that you were upset was an understatement. Friday night came around and you just wanted to forget about missing him for a while, so you went out with friends to let loose and just get drunk.
You went to club and started the night with a few shots. As the night went on, you had downed a couple of cocktails, many shots (you lost count after 5) and now you were completely drunk, making your way to the dancefloor.
Your friends were starting to get worried. They were all for you having a good time, but they felt like you reached your limit. Of course, they knew why you were acting this way. The only thing, they thought might help, would be to call Shannon. As far as they knew, he was playing in a city not far from home, so they hoped he would come and look after his girlfriend.
“Hello, Shannon? Yeah, it’s Y/BF/N, can you come home? Y/N isn’t feeling all too well…”, she said with a concerned look in your direction. You didn’t notice them starring at you and it was too loud in the club for you to hear that they were talking to Shannon.
Hearing that his girlfriend wasn’t well, he immediately grabbed his keys and got in his car to drive home. Your friends pulled you from the dancefloor and drove you home as well, before you got anymore drunk.
“Guys.”, you slurred, “Why are we going home already? The night still young.” “Because you are completely drunk, Y/N, and if we had left you there, you’d only regret tomorrow.” You started to pout. “You’re all mean.” They shook their heads, they loved you but drunk-you could be a pain the ass.
After they had dropped you off at home and put you to bed, you waited quietly for them to leave. Then you went back into the living room to the liquor cabinet and pulled out a bottle of vodka, continuing to party on your own.
Almost 2 hours after Shannon got the call, he finally arrived home. He opened the door, to hear music blaring through the house. “Y/N!”, he called out. He walks into the living room and sees you dancing on the table with the bottle of vodka on your lips. “Y/N! What the hell?! Get down there, before you hurt yourself!”, he said angrily. ‘Not feeling well, huh’, he thought to himself. You finally noticed him, “Shannon, hi, come up here with me, it’s so much fun.” In your state, you didn’t yet notice how pissed he was. He walked over to you grabbed the bottle and yanked it from your grip. “What the fuck, Shannon. I was drinking that!” “A lot of it apparently.”, he said under his breath. “What was that?”, you asked him with your eyebrows raised. Now you were starting to get angry. “Am I not allowed to have fun? I mean, you can go travel around the world having the time of your life and I can’t even have a night-out, without the fun-police coming rushing home. Typical.” “What’s that supposed to mean, huh? Of course, you’re allowed to have fun, but do you really need to get yourself drunk?  Now get down off that table!”, he commanded. “No!” “For fuck’s sake, Y/N.”, he pulled you over to him and carried you down from the table. “Let go off me!”, you struggled in his arms. He put you back down, so you were now standing in front of him. “Why did you drink so much? It’s not like you.”, he asked, still pissed off but also worried. Your behavior was completely out of the ordinary.
“Maybe, I just miss you! …and needed to forget about it for a while.”, tears were starting to form in your eyes. “Do you even know what it’s like, to know that you’re who knows where, having fun, enjoying life, probably hardly ever thinking of me. While I’m stuck here.” Tears were now rolling down your cheeks.
His face softened, “Oh Y/N, why did you never say anything?”. “Sure, so that I’m the bitch who ruins it for you.” He walks over to you, grabs your chin and makes you look at him. “Don’t you ever say something like that about yourself again!”, he wipes away the tears on your face and rests his forehead against yours. “I miss you, too. So much. Every morning when I wake up, I think about you. What you’ll be doing that day, if you miss me…”, he takes a deep breath and lets out a sigh. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to make you feel like I just left you here alone.”, he pulls you into a hug.  “’m sorry, too. Maybe I should’ve just told you how I felt instead of acting out.”
You pulled apart and just stare at each other for moment.
“I love you so much, you know that, right.”, he tells you, while tucking your hair behind your ear. You nod, “I love you, too Shannon.” He leans down to kiss you. His lips feel so soft against yours. You wrap your arms around his neck, to pull him even closer. The kiss turns from soft to passionate. After being so long apart, you both want to feel each other close again. Shannon squeezes your bum, signaling to jump. You comply and wrap your legs around his waist. He carries you to your bedroom, not once breaking the kiss. He carefully lays you down on the bed. He takes off his shirt and reconnects you lips eagerly. “Shannon”, you moan his name. He lets his hands wander over your body, squeezing your breasts. He lifts your shirt, and removes it from your body. Your bra quickly follows. He attaches his lips to your nipple and starts sucking and swirling his tongue around it. “Shannon, I need you.”, you whine. You can feel him smirking. He places soft kisses along you belly until he reaches the waistband of your jeans, and takes them off, along with your panties. He stands up and steps out of his pants and boxers and repositions himself over you. “I can’t wait to feel you around me again.”, he groans. You can feel his erection between your thighs. “Please, I need you.” He kisses you softly as he enters you. You moan, finally feeling him again. “Fuck, baby you’re so tight.”, you moan in response and he starts thrusting.
“Y/N, fuck, I’m close.” “Me, too”. He slips a hand between your thighs and starts rubbing your clit. You buck your hips up, to meet his thrust and create more friction. He buries his head in your neck, “I’m gonna cum.”, “Then let go baby.”, you moan in his ear. You clench around him and he lets go. You both cum together.
Panting, you lie in his arms. “I love you so much Y/N. And we’ll figure something out, I’m not leaving you behind again.” You smile and place a kiss on his chest. “I love you, too.”

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Hey girly could you ship me? I'm 5'3" My hair is straight and brown. I'm probably too nice for my own good sometimes I love playing video games and listening to any new music. I also am in my schools marching band playing the Snare drum and love playing softball ❤️❤

I ship you with… Tobi!

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Heya girl.. I know the obvious choice is Chris but I thought I’d mix it up and I think Tobi and you would be so sweet together. Both of you are just as sweet and nice as one another and would always be on the same page. He would be nothing short of supportive in all of your extracurricular activities and would love that you like to get involved.  Considering his love for music, you would always be listening to something new and he would introduce you to all sorts of genre’s you wouldn’t normally listen to. And of course you wouldn’t have a short of video games any time soon…

i have spotify open, right now on my computer, do you want me to put you on blast? do you want me to blast you? cuz i got your history right here in the side bar: take it back by jimmy buffet; nautical wheelers by jimmy buffet; jolly mon sing by jimmy buffet; steamer by jimmy buffet; treat her liKE A LADY BY JIMMY BUFFET; MAÑANA BY JIMMY BUFFET; WHEN SALOME PLAYS THE DRUM BY JAMES BUFFET; HAVANA DAYDREAMING BY JIMMY BUFFET, what the FUCK HAPPENED TO YOU (i had a case of the mondays!) are you fucking HAUNTED? are you fucking POSSESSED? you USED to be my BROTHER 

(I had a case of the mondays! i had those old monday blues! i was just tryin to chase em away!)

American Gods: a proposal

Maybe the old and new gods could just settle their differences in a Eurovision style competition.

Technical Boy: plays his vape thing like a kazoo; it is on fire
Media: David Bowie outfit and surrounded by TVs that are on fire
Mr. Wednesday: sings old Viking songs while ravens play drums that are on fire
Bilquis: consumes an electric guitar with her vagina; the guitar is NOT on fire because ow
Shadow: mostly stands around looking baffled and flexes his muscles periodically; his undershirt is on fire 

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frank iero learned to play the harp just so he could play the intro to disenchanted when will ur fav ever learn to play a whole new instrument just for one song

  reasons why everybody should appreciate russel - 

  • he’s been through a lot of shit but still manages to be as kind as he can be
  • was exorcised and put into a coma and came out with a positive attitude 
  • was expelled from school for ‘excessive possession’ 
  • extremely talented in making beats and playing the drums 
  • he’s very kind when he can be and has an extremely low comforting voice
  • he joined the gorillaz after murdoc kidnapped him
  • he thinks everything has a value of life and calls animals his buddy or comrade 
  • he BROKE muds nose in five places for being a dick
  • was possessed by his friends spirits from a drive by shooting he was involved in
  • pretends to be a video game character with noodle 
  • in phase 1 he did all he could to translate noodle’s japanese and basically raised her 
  • he ate an entire day worth of catering 
  • he said before that he would like to wear diamante shoes like dorthy from the wizard of oz
  • he calls his band mates out on their shit 
  • he makes people laugh 
  • in phase 3 he ate a lot of radioactive fish / algae and turned into a soft giant 
  • he saved 2d from being eaten by a fucking whale  
  • he became a cities great attraction
  • he loves fezzes, video games, making beats, taxidermy, and food
  • he’s tired
  • soft belly 

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would you happen to have any ridiculous Lestat quotes? im looking for new tattoo ideas thankssssss

Oooh! That’s a cool idea… Fandom, let’s gather some ridiculous Lestat quotes for a tatt on this post. Mention the book it came from, too, if you can.

Here’s some I grabbed from IWTV, they’re not all ridiculous but they might work as a tatt, anyways. They all sound like canon to me, but check a legit copy of the book bc these are from an unreliable PDF.

Ridiculous Lestat quotes from IWTV: 

I’ll play the drum if I like! 

[^fanart by @garama]

  • Stop looking at my buttons,
  • Don’t fall so madly in love with the night that you lose your way!
  • You’re dying, that’s all; don’t be a fool.
  • You’ll have to bed down with me this morning. I haven’t prepared you a coffin.
  • If I want to sleep all day and drink all night, I’ll do it, damn you!
  • Now, I’m getting into the coffin, and you will get in on top of me if you know what’s good for you.
  • The hell I won’t!
  • He’s dead, you idiot!
  • Don’t be such a damned idiot. Haven’t you ever seen a rat?
  • Rats can be quite nice
  • [Re: a shattered crystal glass that he shattered] You don’t mind, do you? I surely hope you don’t, because there’s nothing much you can do about it if you do mind.
  • I’d like to meet the devil some night, I’d chase him from here to the wilds of the Pacific. I am the devil.
  • I ought to drive your horse into the swamps. You’d have to dig yourself a hole and smother!
  • You whining coward of a vampire who prowls the night killing alley cats and rats and staring for hours at candles as if they were people and standing in the rain like a zombie until your clothes are drenched and you smell like old wardrobe trunks in attics and have the look of a baffled idiot at the zoo. (<— This is probably too long but a piece of it might work, like “Staring at nature like a baffled idiot at the zoo” which is my tag for cool nature-related stuff, and some ppl have even adopted it from me.)
  • You’re being morbid! It’s almost dawn.
  • I can give you death more easily than I gave you life!
  • Did I kill him or did I not kill him! What’s your guess?

10 min prompt fills: ( @corruptedempires​, @charcoal-soul, @bisexualadotham​ (SORRY, I WILL FIX IT XD),   @skalidra, @loadthebases )

  1. Keith/+Shiro/+Allura “No, I’ll play the drums”
  2. Shiro with a lightsaber 
  4. Shiro as a king/royalty
  5. Shiro: down but not out
  6.  Pidge/+Hunk “I feel cheated."