and the path

It occurred to me recently that Soren’s cynicism towards the rest of the world and his love and devotion for Ike is likely linked to the ability to read minds. It’s inferred in PoR that dragon Laguz may be able to mind read better than even the Herons and we know that Micaiah as a Heron Branded can read minds, at least to a degree, thereby as a Dragon Branded Soren may have the same ability to an even greater extent than Micaiah, he heard everything everyone thought about him as a despised child and it embittered him to the world, whereas Ike is completely honest and says exactly what he is thinking, so he knows if Ike says he values him, he means it.

proud of myself for powering through today & thankful for all the people that sent their love this morning.
i am constantly reminding myself that being sensitive and crying is not a sign of weakness. it is a sign on passion, growth, and strength. today something happened that kind of shook up my future plans and i’m still extremely frustrated, but i know i’m going to be okay. i hold onto the things i care about so tightly, and i’m not going to let one person saying ‘no’ to me stop me from moving forward.

i don’t even watch supergirl apart from binge-ing like half of the first season on netflix (as calista flockhart goes, so goes my nation)

but i really need to ask:

does literally anyone like this white dude that replaced james in kara’s heart?

SHOW, WHAT R U DOING??? just stop!!!!

I really, really liked this episode?? Like it was so good?? Bamf!Magnus, Magnus anf the cats, Maryse and the Lightwood siblings actually talking (except Izzy tho) Simon actually being happy (I don’t want Climon but at least he’s happy) Luke telling Clary and Jace off FINALLY!!