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Reblog if:

  • You like posts about a members body/appearance as an appreciation post not an objectification post.
  • You embrace their flaws and don’t discriminate.
  • You love something stupidly specific about them like the way they blink or how they run.
  • You don’t ignore other qualities and personality characteristics.
  • You admire qualities they’re proud of like producing, singing, rapping, being supportive members.
  • You respect them as people
  • This ain’t u: “holy shmoly he’s a fine-ass being and that’s all I care about”
  • You don’t let the title ‘idol’ mislead you down a path of worship and objectification.

😍 A Mandragora officinarum is getting ready to bloom! I certainly wasn’t expecting anything from any of these this year!

This one is only about 7-8 months old. I thought the one that flowered around 8 months last year was a lucky fluke, but perhaps officinarum flowers like years sooner than autumnalis…? Or maybe autumnalis just hates me and takes years longer out of spite lol?