and the paramedics would be at a loss

Losing the baby - Shawn Mendes

Request: can you write one where y/n has a miscarriage and almost dies due to an altercation with paparazzi?

A/N: I found this in my drafts and I guess I never got around to post it? I don’t even know if this was finished or not but here ya go

You were practically pushed out of the hotel into a sea of people, that were waiting for you and your boyfriend Shawn, wanting to see a glimpse of your baby bump.

Your hand was tightly holding on to the bodyguard, who was fighting his was through the crowd, but it was no use. You didn’t get very far before everyone’s yelling got even louder and people started to push from every direction, squishing you and making you lose your grip on the bodyguard. 

Panic rose quickly inside of you and breathing was becoming harder. What felt like hundreds of cameras were pushed in your face and your name was being yelled over and over again. Though it wasn’t in a concerned manner, but rather in a “I want the best picture, please look at me” - kind of manner. 

Suddenly your body became heavy. To heavy for your legs support and you collapsed on the floor, tears streaming down your pale cheeks. You desperately gasped for air, but you felt like our throat was closing even more and wouldn’t let any air get to you.

Rather then making space, and helping you out of the crowd, more cameras were held up, trying to document what was happening. Some Paparazzi’s even stumbled over you because they were pushed by the people behind them.

“Get out of the way! Move it!”

The booming voice of the bodyguards was the last thing you heard before you blacked out on the street.


Your eyes slowly opened, trying to adjust to the light in the room. You looked over to your right, where an exhausted Shawn sat.

“Hey”, your voice was hoarse.

“You’re awake”, he said as if he couldn’t quite believe it.

Something inside him started shifting though and he instantly turned away from you, tears welling up in his eyes.

“Hey, why are you crying… I’m here, I’m okay…”, you wanted to move over and reach out to him but a sharp pain in your stomach stopped you from doing so. “ouch!”.

Shawn couldn’t look at you in that moment. He felt as if it was his fault for getting you in this situation, he felt responsible for the weight that you two would have to carry for the rest of your life.

“Shawn… what happened?”, you warily asked.

He cleared his throat before starting to explain. “You got squished in the crowd outside the hotel… they kinda all came towards you, making you break out in panic and you passed out because you didn’t get enough oxygen”. Shawn had to stop and try his eyes with his sleeves.

“The paramedics said you must have been without oxygen for at least a couple of minutes. You weren’t properly breathing anymore and they instantly rushed you into the hospital… I nearly lost you back there”.

You were at a loss for words. You could remember some of the horrors that occurred in front of the hotel, but hearing what Shawn had just told you, you were quite glad most of it was gone

“And what about… the-”, you didn’t even get to finish the sentence before Shawn looked at you and shook his head.

Tears started to blur your vision as you slowly let your hand run over your stomach.

“They barely got you here alive. You were in such a bad shape, your body just shut down completely… there was nothing they could do for her”.

Chemical attack in Syria kills 22 members of a single family
The Alyousef family, one of Khan Sheikhoun's main clans, was hardest hit.
By Sarah El Deeb / AP

The grief-stricken father cradled his 9-month-old twins, Aya and Ahmed, each in the crook of an arm. Stroking their hair, he choked back tears, mumbling, “Say goodbye, baby, say goodbye” to their lifeless bodies.

Then Abdel Hameed Alyousef took them to a mass grave where 22 members of his family were being buried. Each branch of the clan got its own trench.

More than 80 people, including at least 30 children and 20 women, were killed in the chemical attack on the Syrian town of Khan Sheikhoun early Tuesday, and the toll could still rise. The Alyousef family, one of the town’s main clans, was hardest hit.

Another member of the family, Aya Fadl, recalled running from her house with her 20-month-old son in her arms, thinking she could find safety from the toxic gas in the street. Instead, the 25-year-old English teacher was confronted face to face with the horror of it: A pick-up truck piled with the bodies of the dead, including many of her own relatives and students.

“Ammar, Aya, Mohammed, Ahmad, I love you my birds. Really they were like birds. Aunt Sana, Uncle Yasser, Abdul-Kareem, please hear me,” Fadl said, choking back tears as she recalled how she said farewell to her relatives in the pile.

“I saw them. They were dead. All are dead now.”

The tragedy has devastated the small town. It also deepened the frustration felt by many Syrians in opposition-held areas that such scenes of mass death, which have become routine in the country’s 6-year-old civil war, bring no retribution or even determination of responsibility.

The U.S. and other Western countries accused President Bashar Assad of being behind the attack, while Syria and its main backer, Russia, denied it. Despite world condemnation, bringing justice is difficult in the absence of independent investigation of Syria’s chemical arsenal, which the government insists it has destroyed.

“My heart is broken. Everything was terrible. Everyone was crying and couldn’t breathe,” Fadl told The Associated Press on Wednesday. “We had many circumstances in Syria and we had many difficult situations. This is the most difficult and most harmful situation I ever had.”

In 2013, horrific scenes of Syrians flooding hospitals or found dead in their homes after a sarin gas attack that killed hundreds in the rebel-held Damascus suburb of Ghouta provoked international condemnation. A Russian-brokered deal followed allowing Assad to declare he has destroyed his chemical stockpile and joined the Chemical Weapons Convention.

But a year later, chlorine gas attacks became recurrent, killing scores of people.

However, Tuesday’s massacre was not caused by chlorine, an irritant with limited ability to kill. The high number of casualties, as well as the grave symptoms including convulsions, constricted pupils and vomiting point to a more complex chemical gas.

A Doctors Without Borders medical team that examined a number of victims in a hospital near the border with Turkey said the symptoms are consistent with exposure to a neurotoxic agent— at least two different chemical agents. The U.S.’s early assessment is that it involved the use of chlorine and sarin, according to two U.S. officials who weren’t authorized to speak publicly on the matter and demanded anonymity.

In Khan Sheikhoun, the tragedy was compounded because so many victims were from a single extended family, the Alyousef clan.

Witnesses say four rockets hit around 6:30 a.m. Tuesday, smashing a crater in the ground, but causing minimal structural damage. It quickly became clear this was not a conventional attack.

Alaa Alyousef said his family was sleeping and woke to the sound of the impact only a few hundred yards (meters) away. The first thing they saw was smoke. His father went outside then rushed back in. He had seen a woman walking near the strike suddenly collapse. The family frantically closed windows and dampened cloths with water and apple vinegar to put over their faces.

They were lucky, the wind went in the other direction, Alyousef said.

The rockets hit on the edge of North Harah, a district where much of the Alyousef clan lives. Frantically the clan’s members and their neighbors fled, running from house to house trying to track down relatives.

Fadl remembered her panic when the rockets woke her.

“My husband, where are you? Oh, where are you my lovely son?” she recalled calling out. “They were next to me but I couldn’t see them.” She said their eyes began hurting. “The air became very heavy. There was no bad smell. But the air was so heavy to breathe.”

The Alyousefs brought their dead to a family member’s home that was outside the worst attack area. The courtyard was turned into a makeshift morgue where surviving relatives tried for hours to resuscitate loved ones already dead.

That’s when Fadl finally collapsed, she said, only to wake up in a medical center.

While Fadl recovers along with her son at her parents’ home in a town north of Khan Sheikoun, her husband is still looking for survivors from his extended family.

Alaa Alyousef said not all homes have been searched for survivors yet.

“We are still in shock, a big shock. Our family is devastated,” the 27-year-old said. “Many are still missing. We are afraid to enter homes sometimes lest we find more people dead.”

On Tuesday, he and other family members buried the clan’s dead in the mass grave.

On the way to the grave, Abdel Hameed Alyousef asked a cousin to video his farewell to his twin son and daughter as he sat in the front seat of a van being loaded with bodies.

When the airstrikes hit, he was with the twins. “I carried them outside the house with their mother,” the 29-year-old shop owner told the AP. “They were conscious at first, but 10 minutes later we could smell the odor.”

The twins and his wife, Dalal Ahmed, fell sick.

He brought them to paramedics and, thinking they would be OK, went to look for the rest of his family. He found the bodies of two of his brothers, two nephews and a niece, as well as neighbors and friends. “I couldn’t save anyone. They’re all dead now,” he said.

It was only later that his relatives could bring themselves to tell him that his children and wife had also died.

“Abdel Hameed is in very bad shape,” said his cousin, Alaa Alyousef. He’s being treated for exposure to the toxin, “but he’s especially broken down over his massive loss.”


totally self-indulgent.  I wanted to write fluff but this happened instead…

thanks to @potato-fan-girl for inspiring me :)) you need sleep babe please sleep

Word Count: 1304

           Hinata had called Kageyama and told him he was going to be just a few minutes late to practice.  He told Kageyama to run to practice, to not wait up.  Everything was normal with Hinata save for the delay in his schedule.  Kageyama, however, was not having a good day.  His alarm did not go off because his phone wasn’t plugged in and charging all night like it normally was, so it died.  Kageyama rushed around his house shoving food into his mouth and brushing his teeth and charging his phone as much as possible.  In a moment of peace in his already hectic day, Kageyama noticed that he was feeling off, but he chalked it up to him just being anxious over the possibility of being late.  

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Don’t Cry

The stories will be short because I want to write a lot in a day so if I write long, it won’t happen. As always though, enjoy!


Sylvie and Gabby walked back in the Firehouse after a call. Before Sylvie could sit down, Chief Boden walked in the room.

“Dawson. Did you get any calls from Chicago Med?” He asked.

Gabby looked at him confused. “I’m not sure. My phone is on silent and I haven’t checked it.” She took out her phone to notice a few missed calls.

“Well, Antonio was shot.”

Both Sylvie and Gabby looked at each other. Sylvie was the first one to speak. “Is he okay?”

“He was heading in surgery when they called me.”

“Chief, I know we still have a few more hours on shift but I need to go.” Gabby said in a pleading tone.

He nodded his head. “Both of you go. I have relief paramedics coming in. Let us know what’s going on.”

They nodded their heads and walked out of the firehouse. Sylvie was grateful that he let them leave because she wouldn’t have been able to concentrate on anything. Her mind would have been constantly on Antonio and wondering if he was okay.

Although Gabby was worried about Antonio, she was used to getting a phone call that he was hurt. However, this was all new to Sylvie. “Let me drive.” Gabby offered.

Sylvie nodded her head and she walked over to Gabby’s car. She got inside the passenger side and buckled herself.

Sylvie was loss in thought, wondering if he was okay. She was praying that it was a simply gun shot wound and he would be okay. He had to be okay, she wasn’t thinking of anything less than that. Before she knew it, Gabby pulled up to Chicago Med.

“He’ll be okay.” She reassured her. “I have been here plenty of times before, and he always made it through.”

Sylvie looked out the window, processing her words then she turned to Gabby. “Is this why Laura left?” She asked softly.

Gabby sighed and she nodded her head. “But you are stronger than Laura.”

Sylvie sighed and she unbuckled her seat belt and got out of her car.

As they walked in the hospital, they noticed a group of people waiting in the waiting room, including Laura and the kids. ‘Great’, she thought. As much as she loved seeing the kids, she hated seeing Laura.

“Before we go in there, let’s see what’s going on with Antonio.” Gabby suggested as her eyes followed where Sylvie was looking.

She nodded her head as they walked over to the nurses station. As Gabby talked to Maggie, Sylvie thought this wasn’t how she expected to spend her day. Last night she was with Antonio, and even before they departed from each other this morning, they said their usuals ‘be careful’ to each other. Because although Antonio’s job were much more dangerous than hers, it was still dangerous and he still worried about her.

“Sylvie.” She heard Gabby calling her name to get her attention as she snapped back to reality. “He’s out of surgery and is recovering. He isn’t awake yet but go see him. I’ll go check on the kids.”

“Are you sure?” She questioned. “I know you want to see him too.”

“And I will. But I think he’ll wake up faster if he hears your voice so go.” She urged Sylvie and she nodded her thanks to Gabby.

A few minutes later she stood outside of Antonio’s room. She always considered herself a strong person, especially after moving to Chicago. She didn’t feel like she would last in this city if she wasn’t strong. But at this moment, she felt so weak.

After composing herself, she walked in his room and walked over to his bed. Why the hell did she feel so weak? Maybe it was because the love of her life was laying in a hospital bed fighting for his life. or because she realized how dangerous his job was. Of course she would never pull a Laura move on him because she knew he loved his job.

As she sat down on the chair beside him, she took a hold of his hand. “You need to wake up because I can’t do this on my own.” She fought back the tears that were threatening to fall.

“I think it’s pretty clear that I can’t do this on my own anymore, Antonio. I didn’t realize how much I depended on you, even just for the little things. You need to wake up because you have so much people who loves you and who needs you, so please, wake up.” At this point, there was no use trying to fight back her tears because they were just falling.

Sylvie let go of his hand as she placed her hands on her face. With her hands covering her face, she didn’t realize that Antonio opened his eyes until he started speaking. “Hey, it’s okay. Don’t cry.” He said in a hoarse tone.

Sylvie moved her hands off her face and looked at him. She knew deep down inside he would be okay, but seeing his eyes open and him speaking made her happy. It made it more realistic.

“Don’t cry?” She repeated. “You got shot, of course I’m going to cry.”

“But I’m fine.” He promised. “No bullet is going to take me from you.”

Sylvie smiled and she leaned in and kissed him softly.

❝ I broke my wings pt.2 ❞

Plot: When you finally find a different side of your boss and you start asking yourself who’s really that person.

Pairing: JinkixReader

Words count: 3,9k+

Genre: RealLife!Au / Sorry for the plot twist lmao 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

The italics part is a flashback!

P.S. Our favorite cutthroat will soon have a series of its own, but in the meantime I’m really happy you enjoyed this little story. I’m glad that helped you and I hope that you’ll like this second as much as you liked the first. Love ya. ♥

P.P.S. Thanks to anyone who has read this scenario, I love all of you. ♥

- M.

The limo without Minho seemed more boring than the outward trip, but it had reassured you to go away without any problems that he would find a way back home.
Alone in the rear seats, you started to quietly turn that mysterious package in your hands, asking whether or not to open it. You had always had an incredible level of curiosity, but you almost felt uncomfortable accepting a gift from your own boss. 

“You’re incredibly beautiful.” 

“Aish, that bastard. I know you don’t believe it! ” You exclaimed by remembering that compliment said with sincerity, throwing the package on the seat next to you, “But was it really Lee Jinki? Or did I dream? He was so different.. ” 

You closed your eyes, letting yourself be lulled by the silence around you and the gentle movement of the car in night traffic. You had always loved the city at night, assuming the nuances that had always been its greatest charm. 

“C'mon y/N, open it.” 

With courage, you took the package and started to discard it with attention, almost frightened to ruin the contents of that small box. 

“Who knows what it is..” Curiosity was having the best and when you finally raised the blue lid of the box, your heart stopped for a few moments and the confusion made its way into your mind. 

They were a pair of wing-shaped earrings and they were so beautiful that had completely taken your breath away. With the fingertip of your finger, you caressed one of the two earrings, noticing they were embedded with small red stones that drew the outline of the same. 

“Don’t you–what the hell.. that man is crazy.. Rubies?!?!?!?! “ You almost screamed after observing your present, astonished and upset; “I don’t think he mad–” 

“Just accept them, miss.” 

“Holy shit!” You bite your lip, jolting on the seat and dropping the box at your feet. 

The black window that divided the driver’s seat to the rest of the limo had been lowered and a man in the 40s was observing you from the rearview window. 

“AHJUSSI! He made me frighten! ” 

“I’m sorry, Miss.” He apologized with a little nod, remaining concentrated on the road. “I was telling that you should accept them.” 

“But they would cost too much..” 

“Do you think it’s a huge cost for him? And anyway this is for her. ” 

At the first red light the man turned and handed a beige envelope and Jinki’s calligraphy stood out on the color of the envelope. 

“T-thank you..” 

“We’re almost there, anyway.” 

“Huh? Thanks, Ahjussi. ” 

You couldn’t understand why, but by squeezing that letter in your hands a strange and annoying feeling made its way inside you.
So much to make you wish you never accepted that gift or that passage to go home.

~ ~ 

The sound of your heels resonated in the hallway while in a hurry you headed to his office.
You didn’t care to be in the evening dress, you didn’t care about the looks of the guardians as soon as they saw you get off the limo. 

You were sure he was in the office because that was more of a house for him than a workplace. And the bright light of his office was the proof you needed. 

You wouldn’t knock, but as a fury, you opened the door and entered. You could feel your body tense, almost ready for a war that might not have arrived but that it was better to keep controlled. 

“What the hell is this?!?!” 

Jinki was turned from the shoulders, his gaze on Seoul Skydive and didn’t wear the jacket since he had never had the care of recovering it during the evening. It was the second time in three years that you saw him not dressed to perfection, he had rolled his sleeves right on his elbows and kept holding his hands on his hips. 

He was going to ignore you, at least it was what you seemed to be doing.
You approached the desk, violently beating the package and the letter was given to you even an hour earlier. 

The letter you had read and reread to see if it was a joke or not its content.

“Yah! Yah! Lee Jinki, answer me! ” 

“I had never heard you scream in this way; Y/N. ” 

“Answer me!” 

“I thought you knew how to read.” It was his answer and his calm made you only want to choke him, but when he turned that desire disappeared in the moment of a breath. 

His eyes were sad even though he was smiling and was watching you in a way that you had never seen. Perhaps he had looked at you other times, but you were always busy to hating him for his behavior that you never took the time to really look at him. 

He came up to the desk and drew the two earrings out of the box, looking them with satisfaction. He went to the desk and moved towards you, making you back a few steps because of the surprise of seeing him so close. 

“What are you doing?” 

“Wasn’t I your boss? Shouldn’t you be more respectful? ” 

“Not after that gift and that letter.” 

“I can always fire you.” You remained silent while he, gently, pulling out your earrings and made you wear the ones he gave you. He walked away from two steps, caressing his chin and observing them thoughtfully. It looked almost like a candid camera but you didn’t dare to speak. 

“Much better.”


“Those earrings are bet–” 

“Is it true, Jinki?” 

This time anger wasn’t the only thing your heart was experiencing, but also a sense of sadness that you couldn’t explain. 

“Why do you care so much?” 

“Because.. Because it doesn’t make sense. ” 

He smiled at your sentence, taking you hand and moving you to one of the chairs that were facing his desk. He made you sit and he rested directly at the edge of the desk, looking you from above. 

“Why does life have sense?” 

“Most of the time no but.. Why me? ” 

“Because you’re the only one that can really help me. If it’s a matter of money, don’t you–”
“I don’t care about your fucking money, Jinki.” You silenced him before he could end up talking, asking yourself when the respect taught by your parents disappeared; “Why the Gift?” 

“No, the gift is a little reminder of what I’ve told you before.” 

“We would need time, sir.. You’re dying and.. We need time to take care of everything.. ” 

“Then you remember how you should speak to me.” He chuckled, while his eyes thinned so much to disappear and the two front incisors slightly crooked made their appearance. He remembered a little bunny at the time, but it wasn’t the right one for some thoughts. 

“Yes, sir.” 

“I’m sorry to have involved you.. But you’re the only person who could make a choice like mine. I needed another me, Y/N. ”

~ ~ 

The truth was, you couldn’t see him in another light.
Every day you went to work, aware of the truth unlike all the others, and despite its coldness, its abrupt ways and your impossible times, you could no longer be angry with him. 

“The boss is looking for you.” Called you a colleague, shaking his hand in front of your face and you immediately jumped out of the chair, starting almost to run to his office. 

“Excuse me, sir, I know he was looking for me.” You panted, because of the short breath, entering the office and making a bow of ninety degrees because of the displeasure. 

“The documents?” 

“I had delivered them to the company’s legal department” 

“Well, Y/N. The other question? ” He lifted his gaze from the PC, laying it on you and almost trying to read your mind. He scared you when he looked at you that way, but his gaze still had some charm. 

“Go ahead..” 

“I’m really sorry to have you involved.” 

“I think I’ve always been tied to you with double-stranded sir, now I’ve accepted and I won’t pull back.” 

“Thank you” whispered, returning to watch the PC and leaving you unhappy with his answer. 

You would have wanted a moment more, just one, in order to understand why you, a moment in order to hear his voice, even just a reproach.
But he had begun to ignore you after thanked you and you didn’t know if you had a bipolar or simply obnoxious person in front of you. 



“You could say no.” He pointed out, without looking at you but his hand trembled and you knew it was nervousness. It manifested itself that way, but you never made him realize that you noticed. 

“I don’t like to say no to anyone who needs me..” 

“I really need you, Y/N.”

~ ~ 

“Doctor Y/L/N, Doctor!” 

The thump with the floor and the pain made you wake up immediately and the confusion was the feeling that overwhelmed you at that moment. 

“Doctor!! There’s a patient in the E.R. who needs her! ” 

“I’M.. C-COMING…” 

When the nurse finally left you alone, you raised from the floor and your reflection in the mirror greeted you, remember with little joy to you how little you slept and ate for days. 

The dream you were doing had put roots in your mind and the images of Jinki kept tormenting you. 

You never knew that guy, but in that dream, he was your boss and he asked for help, even though now the reason seemed suddenly vanishied from your memories 

“Ah.. Y/N, you have to look less drama.. ” 

You mumbled, wearing the gown and running out of the room to reach the E.R., where for the 36th hour in a row you would have done your job. 

“What do we have?” You asked once you reach your daily chaos, putting the gloves on while one of the paramedics passed the patient’s briefcase. 

“Car accident, critical conditions. Decreased pressure, loss of consciousness on the ambulance.” Minho quickly listed, while his white coat fluttered because of your race to the first free box where to do the triage of the patient. 

Your eyes moved from the briefcase to the patient on the stretcher and your legs almost succumbed under the weight of your body. 

Bleeding, intubated and between life and death. 

In front of you was Lee Jinki and you were the only one who could really save him. 

The boy you dreamed of until a few moments before was dying in front of you. And everything was clear, that was the help of those who really needed it. 

“Let’s get him to the O.R. now, he has a laceration of the pericardial. If we don’t operate him right away he’ll die. ” Your voice shouted against the nurses, as you dropped his briefcase at his feet and climbed on the bed, putting astride on him starting to practice CPR. He had to stay alive.  “I said Move!” 

“Yes, Doctor.” 

“Hold on Jinki.. Hold On. ” You whispered while forcefully continuing to practice the heart massage. 

His eyes opened for a moment and just as in your dream they met, while a violent shiver made you tremble from head to toe. It was so familiar that look that scared you. 

“Everything will be fine Jinki, everything will be fine.” 

“Help me..” A blood clot made him almost suffocate while with fatigue he said those words, and your heart almost broke at that sight. 

You couldn’t lose him and you’d do anything to prevent it. 

~ ~ 

“Congratulations, doctor, perfect surgery. That patient is alive thanks to her. ” One of the nurses congratulated with you as you left the operating room, completely exhausted and covered with his blood. 

Everyone applauded your passage, but you couldn’t enjoy that moment. The pictures of you two at that dinner, the black dress, the earrings.. Everything seemed so real that you couldn’t figure out what the dream was like between the two. 

“Y/n! Nice work first in the O.R.” 

“Taemin.. Thank you for your work, where can I find a good anesthesiologist like you?!? ” He smiled at your compliment and you caressed his shoulder as a Thanksgiving, moving away almost immediately because you were too exhausted to really hold up a conversation. 

Your feet seemed, however, to have their own life and without realizing you found yourself in front of the door of the intensive care unit. 

He was there, who still fought against death but with more weapons in his side. 

“Oh, Dr. Y/L/N. Must you see her patient?” Asked with kindness a nurse just out of the automatic doors, smiling at you. 

You simply nodded your head, overgo her and headed for your patient’s room.
In silence you entered, noticing that no relative or friend was at his bedside.
It was just like in your dream. 

You paraded the white coat, carrier to the bar of the bed and sitting on the armchair usually used by the family. You had no right to stay there, but you felt oddly the need. 

“Lee Jinki.. How is it possible? ” You hummed, taking his hand between your own; “How can I made such a vivid dream..? You looked so real, the things you told me.. Not to break my wings.. And then you barged into my E.R. What should I think? God.. My head bursts. ”

“I’ll become a doctor!”

“Sure and I’ll create from nowhere a billionaire company!”

“Jinki don’t kidding!!”

Jinki’s laughter filled the air while she’s observing her best friend who kept passing the rice cakes that his mother used to do.

“I’m older, bring me respect yah!”


“Y/N, if you become a doctor you must promise that you’ll save many lives and help me to help the neediest.” The little and chubby 10 years old child said with a serious tone, looking at his best friend, a cute girl of only six years.

They made a deal shaking their hand and spitting on the ground, a way they had seen to do in an American television show and that they had always wanted to try.

“Y/N, let’s get one thing!”
“What?” The little girl asked, looking Jinki as if he was the most beautiful child in the world.

“That whatever happens we will always be together and never allow anyone to break our wings. Mom always says that you and I are destined for great things and that we’re special. Promised? ”

“Breaking the wings..? But we’re not angels! ”

“For me you are.” He whispered, approaching her and giving her a kiss on the forehead, making her blush immediately.

Two days later, however, they both understood that the promise couldn’t be kept. Jinki’s parents had decided to leave for Europe and everything they left to that little girl was a void that she failed to fill.

But her brain protected her. Instinctively it erased completely Jinki from her memory, leaving her happy after all. The doctors weren’t surprised, it happened more often than what has believed that the human mind erased something painful to preserve himself It was strange that it had happened in a child so young and full of vitality.

Y/N had deleted Jinki because of the pain, but Jinki had never forgotten that one person and their promise.

“Doctor? Doctor?” Someone was shaking your shoulder gently and you snapped up your head, noticing you fell asleep in the chamber of Jinki. 

You immediately checked the parameters on the monitor, pulling a sigh of relief seeing that the situation hadn’t changed. Neither improved nor worsened.

“Excuse me, doctor, but we saw you here and we thought you wouldn’t feel good.” 

“No, I’m sorry nurse Oh. I was coming to check but the fatigue had the best.. Do you have any news from his family? ” 

The nurse shook her head sadly and you nodded, thanking her for the kindness of waking you up. 

As soon as she came out, you would focus your attention on him. It was identical to how you dreamed him and a strange feeling of familiarity, not due to that dream, began to make you think more and more. You didn’t leave his hand even when you fell asleep but you couldn’t stay there forever. 

Getting plan you were trying to loosen the grip but suddenly his hand squeezed on yours, preventing you from leaving it. You lifted your face and watched him, feeling the relief start to dissolve that weight you wore in your heart since you saw him dying on the bed in the E.R. 

“Jinki-nim, do you hear me?” 

He simply nodded, not being able to speak because intubated, provoking you a huge smile. His reactivity was something that boded well, but still, the danger wasn’t yet quite pass away. 

“What?” You wondered when he began to point out his personal effects, completely bloody and enclosed in a transparent envelope. He was so insistent on showing you that envelope that left his hand you approached the small table on the other side of the bed, starting to rummage between them. 

His hand moved more vigorously when your hands reached his wallet; but you couldn’t open it. It was something too personal, you already felt incredibly uncomfortable to rummage through his things despite his “permission”. 

“I call the nurses so we take the tube out and then you can tell me everything you want and look personally in your wallet, Jinki-Nim.” You assured him, dropping his wallet on the table and almost running out of his room. 

You felt suffocated and your head started to hurt, so much you just want to get away to your house and stay in the dark of your room for three full days. 

But you were a doctor and you couldn’t get away that way. With two nurses you came back to his room, trying to get back the tears that suddenly were threatening to make you crumble to weep, smiling at him with sweetness and explaining that would have felt a slight sore at his throat but then it would end immediately. 

You paraded the tube slowly, passing it to the nurse and focusing immediately upon him. He wasn’t even coughing, but he looked at you intensely. His gaze made you shudder, not because his face was, unfortunately, full of bruising and cuts, but because of his eyes, despite he was almost dead, were full of a happiness that you couldn’t explain. 

“Here.. Do you want some water? ” 


Hearing your name you froze, lowering your gaze on you to see where he could read it. But the gown was at the foot of the bed and no identification plate was pinned on the surgical “uniform”. 

How could you know your name, then? A shiver along you back made you come back to reality, while a small but pulled smile was delineated on your lips.


“How.. How do you know my name..? ” 

“You don’t have.. You don’t have.. Broken your wings, right? ” 

Immediately you walked away from the bed, under the astonished gaze of the nurse left with you to control the patient, starting to tremble. It had become so confused that now your head was a whirlwind of thoughts, without finding the slightest answer to any of your questions. 

“H-How do you know..? Who are you? ” 

“L-Look in the wallet Y/N..” 

With anger you took his wallet, opening it and looking through the banknotes and in every possible space.
You were about to close it when a yellowed and slightly crumpled photo captured your attention. Your hands now trembled so convulsively that it was difficult to take out the photo, but your heart took a dip when two seconds were enough to recognize the smiling face of the little girl who stared at you from the photo.
It was you. 

“How do you get this picture? Who are you? ” 

“Doctor, calm down ple–” 

“OUT.” You shouted at her and hesitant she bowed her head, leaving you alone. 

You shook the picture in front him, trying to keep a certain calm despite the difficulties. He was your patient, you should have let him rest but now you needed answers. 


“M-My mother.. my mother, t-taken it.. Y/N.. Please remember.. Your M-mother told me what h-happened.. I was c-coming here w-when that car took i-in full my.. I was coming to you.. ” 


“I-instead you know.. I built that billionaire company and you b-became a-a doctor. And w-we both kept t-that promise "He stammered breathless, making a little grimace of pain but without stopping to look at you. It almost seemed to depend on his life from that look, from you. 

“I REPEAT, I DON’T KNOW WHO YOU AR–” Your scream choked in your throat, while the memory of that day flashed in your mind, letting you collapse on the chair without force. 

His smile, his cheeks chicks, the way you look at him as if he were your personal hero. You remembered everything, as well as the pain of having lost the only friend you ever had. 

The tears began to slip onto your cheeks, falling on the picture and on your hands held almost without life on your own womb. The pain went to waves as if he wanted to recover the time lost in those twenty years. 


“Of w-which.. D-Dream you were talking..? ” 

“I was one of your L-lawyers.. But.. I didn’t even know what face you had.. H-How did I dream you..? ” 

“Do you think there is always a s-sense in things, Y/N?” He asked you, smiling with an effort and trying to sit down. 

You immediately locked him in bed, shaking your head and setting the pillow under his nape. He was even more beautiful than your dreams and his gaze was sweet, apprehensive and full of displeasure. 

“W-why now..?” 

“Because you were flying thanks to your talents, you’re an amazing doctor and I.. I didn’t want to break your wings, y/N. Not like I did with mine.. ” 

“I can always help you to stitch them.. That promise for me is still valid, Lee Jinki. ”

It’s Over, Isn’t It? - Dick Grayson x Reader

Prompt: Hi there, I love your stuff :D. I was wondering if you could please write a story with Dick, based off the song ‘It’s over isn’t it?’ from Steven Universe. I’m sorry if I’m bothering you ._. (requested by anon)

A/N: As promised last night this one is hella long. Needless to say, I’ve been thinking about this prompt for way too long. I also went outside the prompt and used some key dialogue from “Mr. Greg”

Word Count: 2,657

“Who’s that?” You asked pointing to Jason among the gala crowd. Dick looked over to who you were pointing at to see that you were making googly eyes at his adoptive brother. Dick pursed his lips together but answered your question.

“That’s Jason. He’s Bruce adoptive son.” Dick explained shortly. Dick has had a horrible crush on you for years and for brief sporadic moments he felt a glimmer of hope that you might have felt the same. This was not one of those times.

“So your brother?” You clarified.

“I guess.” Dick shrugged taking a sip of his champagne.

“He’s kind of cute.” You admired. “Will you introduce me?” You asked giving Dick your puppy dog eyes that you knew he couldn’t resist. Dick was completely and utterly taken by you. He would do anything for you even introduce you to the man who you would one day choose over him. Dick led you over to him, feeling a sense of dread in his stomach.

“Jason, I’d like to introduce you to the light of my life, [Y/N].” Dick introduced you. He may have laid it on a little thick but a primal part of him wanted to make it clear to Jason that you were off limits.

“You two dating yet?” Jason asked looking unimpressed.

“No. I’m single.” You laughed lightly. Dick frowned to himself. You didn’t notice but Jason did.

“Good. Here’s my number. Call me if you’re ever looking for a good time.” Jason winked handing you a napkin with his number and strode away from you. He and Dick passive aggressively bumped shoulders as he passed. Dick gave him a dirty look, Jason had the audacity to look just plain smug.

“Wow. Isn’t he great?” You sighed wistfully.

“Yeah. Stupendous.” Dick grumbled watching as Jason disappeared into the crowd. He was usually fine with the men that came into your life every now and again. This was different. Looking at the way you swooned after him, Dick realized that Jason was the first to really mattered to you in a long time.

You started going on dates with Jason every once and awhile. Dick, paranoid that he was losing you started to do everything he could to swoon you. He took you out on “surprisingly” romantic friend dates, sent you flowers and gifts, and showered you with his affections. But no matter how hard he tried, Jason effortlessly won your heart.

One day Dick’s feelings for you came to a head and he finally decided to admit to you that he was in love with you, hoping somehow that would change your mind, that you would choose him over Jason.

“Dick, I-I’m with Jason now. I can’t do that to him.” You said with the most heartbreaking look on your face. It was twisted in pain and remorse for what you had to tell him. In that moment Dick could see a brief moment flash before his eyes that once upon a time the two of you could have been together. You could have been happy together if Dick had said these things to you years ago.

“Do you love me, [Y/N]?” Dick whispered.

“I - yes Dick I do but I - I also love Jason.” You admitted tearfully. “I’m sorry.”

“Forget I said anything.” Dick said before leaving. His heart was bleeding, it felt like he had lost you. After all those years together as your friend he’d never thought he’d lose you to Jason of all people. But you inexplicably loved him and there was nothing he could do about it.

For the majority of your relationship with Jason, Dick sat on the sidelines silently hoping, praying that you would come back to him. He was disgusted with himself that he wanted Jason to break your heart.

He never did.

Jason was devoted to you like he had been to no one else. He truly loved you and the feelings were returned. When Dick got the wedding invitation in the mail he finally resigned himself to let you be happy with Jason. It’s over for you and Dick, there’s no doubt about that. Dick bowed out of the wedding by giving you a half assed excuse and his best wishes for your happiness. You were secretly disappointed that Dick didn’t come to your wedding, but under the circumstances you understood why he didn’t.

You and Jason had the picture perfect marriage. Your influence had really reformed the once former bad boy. The son that you had together a year into your marriage only served to make him even more devoted to you. You and Jason were inseparable, truly meant to be.

Then one night you got into a fatal car crash on your way home from work. A drunk driver hit you head on and you were pronounced dead on impact. The paramedics assured your husband that you didn’t suffer.

Jason found himself asking every night why this world would take you away from your family and not the other driver, why he was only allowed to be happy for a short time only to have his happiness ripped away from him so cruelly.

Jason fell into a depression over your loss but he found the strength to continue if only for your son Nathan. Being a single father now everything he did was to help his son have the life he never had as a child. As Nathan grew up, Jason could see you in every part of his features. Many commented on how much his son looked like him but Jason maintained that they were wrong. You lived on through your son.

Nathan really never knew you. You had been taken from him while he was still an infant so he had no memories of you. Instead Nathan clung to the stories his father would tell him about his mother and the few personal belongings of yours that remained scattered about your home. Jason tried his best to make sure his son knew his mother but it was nearly an impossible feat since he had so few pictures of you.

Eventually Jason and Nathan settled into a relatively comfortable routine. He did the Red Hood thing every once and awhile just to earn a bit more cash to support his son but otherwise he slowly started to back off from that life. Nathan already lost one parent, Jason wasn’t about to willingly run into a situation that would leave his son completely orphaned. But some money was too tempting to pass up.

Jason was offered really good money for a job that looked fairly straightforward at first glance. They money they were offering … it was enough to pay for Nathan to go to whatever college he could ever want to go to. Jason had to take this job, unfortunately everybody who usually looked after Nathan while he was gone were all out of town on their own missions. Everybody except for Dick.

Ever since what happened with you, Jason and Dick hadn’t been on speaking terms. The two of them avoided each other like the plague if they could help it. Briefly Jason contemplated just giving the job to Roy but he felt obligated to see this through for his son’s sake. So Jason swallowed his pride and old resentments and knocked on Dick’s door of all people for help.

“What do you want?” Dick asked when he opened the door with his arms crossed over his chest.

“Look, I know we’re not on the best of terms but I need you to watch Nathan. Believe me if there was anyone else in town right now I would ask them but you’re the only one.” Jason pleaded with Dick. Dick stared at Jason silently for a moment with cold hard eyes.

“So glad to know I’m always everyone’s last choice.” He grumbled, making a move to shut the door on Jason’s face. Jason caught the door with his foot and pulled it back open.

“You know what no. Shut up. She hated what she did to you when she chose me but she had to make a choice. We both know that. And you know what? I think if [Y/N] were here right now she’d slap us both for how we’ve continued to act.” Jason argued angrily. The mention of your name halted Dick’s anger. As much as he hated to admit it Jason was right. Dick sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration.

“Yeah she would, wouldn’t she?” Dick whispered to himself, remembering the way your nose would scrunch up whenever you got angry. God he missed you. “It’s over isn’t it, Jason? I still can’t believe she’s gone.” He said sadly, trying desperately to recall your features. After all these years the memory of the tiny details of what you looked like was starting to slip from his mind. He desperately clung on to the parts of you that remained. Dick didn’t want to forget the way your whole face lit up when you laughed or how kind and tender your eyes were when you interacted with children while out on patrol. Dick didn’t want to forget any of that but he knew there might very well be a day in the future when he would.

“Please Dick, let’s put this behind us, for her sake.” Jason prompted. When Dick didn’t answer he sighed sadly and continued. “Look, if I were you, I’d hate me too.” Jason conceded.

“I don’t hate you.” Dick admitted.

“But I knew how you felt about [Y/N], and I stayed anyway.” Jason said confoundedly.

“That wasn’t the problem.”

“Then, what was?” Jason asked

“She fell in love with you.” He answered sadly. There was a pregnant pause between them as they both absorbed Dick’s answer.

“Well, you know [Y/N].” Jason broke the silence with a sad nostalgic smile gracing his lips.

“She always did what she wanted.” Jason and Dick said in unison laughing sadly at the memory of your stubbornness.

“It’s over, Jason. Nathan’s safe with me. Go do what you need to do.” Dick instructed. Jason smiled in relief.

“Thank you Dick. I owe you for this.” Jason said gratefully.

Later on in the day when Jason brought Nathan over to Dick’s place, Dick was taken about how much he looked like you. He felt his heart clench as Nathan looked at you with your kind eyes. Jason said goodbye to his son, pulling him into a tight hug promising to be back in just a few days.

“Good bye, Daddy.” Nathan sniffled as Jason stood up to leave. Jason smiled at his son and ruffled his dark hair between his fingers.

“I’ll be back before you know it, bud. Behave for Dick, alright?” Jason reminded Nathan giving him a firm fatherly look. When Jason left and drove away an awkward silence fell between Dick and the young boy.

“Chin up, Nathan. Your dad will be back soon enough.” Dick reassured the child confidently. “Now how about we go get some ice cream?”

“Daddy doesn’t let me have dessert before dinner.” Nathan argued.

“I won’t tell if you don’t.” Dick grinned. The boy’s entire demeanour brightened and he shot Dick a brilliant smile that seemed to brighten the room. Yet another thing he seemed to inherited from you, he thought to himself.

Despite everything, Dick found it almost effortless to bond with this kid. He was genuinely enjoying himself babysitting your son. The two of ate junk food and played games together most of the day. Dick may have also taught Nathan how to do some of his easier acrobatic tricks.

After dinner Nathan took the time to scan through Dick’s bookshelf. One book in particular caught his attention when he opened it, Dick recognized it to be the photo album that you had made him just a month or two after you started casually going out with Jason. Dick tried not to look through it too often for obvious reasons. The book was filled with pictures of you and Dick, some of them even had Nathan’s father in it too.

“That’s my mom.” Nathan whispered in bewilderment staring down in awe at the open page. Dick’s eyes softened when he realized he had all these memories of you but all your son had was photos and what other people told him.

Dick walked over and sat down beside Nathan on the floor. He leaned over to see which picture had captured the young boy’s attention. The photo was one of the few that had you, Jason, and Dick in it. Jason was behind you hugging your waist and nuzzling his nose into your neck. Jason looked happier in this photo than he ever had been lately. Dick’s arm was casually draped around your shoulder as he held the phone out for a selfie that the photo was made.

“Your mom was an amazing woman. Do you remember much about her?” Dick asked. Nathan shook his head sadly in silence.

“Would you like me to tell you about her? She was once my best friend in the entire world. I have plenty of stories if you’d like to hear about them.” Dick offered gently. He put a comforting hand on the boy’s shoulder and Nathan looked up to him with tears brimming in his eyes.

“Can you tell me a story about my mom?” Nathan asked tearfully.

“Of course.” Dick reassure before launching into one of his favorite stories about you that involved funnel cakes and one very hungry zoo penguin. Dick told Nathan stories about mom for the rest of the night until Dick felt Nathan softly snoring while resting against him. With all the gentleness and ease he had in him, Dick scooped the sleeping child into his arms carried him to the bed in the spare room. Nathan tightly gripped the photo album to his chest the entire night. Dick didn’t care to take it away from him.

A few days later Jason returned and was met with his son sprinting over to hug him. Jason laughed and bent down to lift Nathan up into his arms. Jason kissed his son’s forehead before curiously looking at the book in that he was still gripping in his small fingers.

“Whatcha got there, sport?” Jason asked curiously. Nathan beamed and pushed the book’s cover open to reveal the contents of the photo album.

“Look Daddy! It’s you and Mommy!” Nathan cried eagerly, pushing the book into Jason’s face.

“Wow … that’s … that’s just amazing.” Jason said in shocked awe as he started flipping through the photos of you that he had never seen before in his life. “Where did you get this, Dick?” He asked looking up at Dick who was watching the exchange from a safe distance.

“[Y/N] gave it to me.” He answered simply. “You know what? You guys keep that. I don’t need it anymore.” Dick insisted.

“Dick, you don’t have to -”

“I want to. Nathan could use it way more than I can. Besides, I figured it’s only going to be collecting dust here.” Dick shrugged casually. His heart ached to part with the last remnant of you that he had but it was time for him to move on. Your son needs your presence now more than Dick ever did.

“Thank you, Dick.” Jason thanked sincerely, looking down to see his son in his arms who was once again completely engrossed in the new pictures of you. With Dick’s gift to Nathan your memory was sure to continue thriving.

the things you can’t see, and the things you can *a grey’s anatomy fic*

featuringflashback to early/mid season 7, before jumping to 12x24. based around speculation/theories for 12x24. Japril. Word Count: 1,770 (approximately)

this is a sequel/companion to the things you can’t think about, and the things you can 

Jackson remembered his conversation with April in the supply closet. She had pointed out the spot where Reed had died, and all the red of the blood; he had remembered the elevators near where Charles had died, and thought of how his hands had been shaking when he heard there was a shooter. She was a virgin; he was awkward about it. Well, they were both awkward together, and they both left quickly. But that was then.

And this is now. And she is red hair and pale skin and pink lips and- and she has to still be breathing. She has to, he thinks, and his hands are shaking.  

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got tagged for a WIP thing by @bisexualpirateheart​, and I’ve been so busy this is literalloy all I’ve been able to work on

John had been working as a paramedic for four years now, and has been here at St Marc’s Hospital for the past three. Before that he had spent some time at Chester County Medical Center, both as a full-fledged paramedic and an EMT in training. It was a quaint little teaching hospital located near the city’s outskirts that had provided the perfect foundation for what would turn out to be his life’s true calling. It was one of the few things he had ever been certain of, even if it did require some time –and him suffering through the traumatic loss of his leg– to figure that out.

Despite the apparent epiphany, John had never been disillusioned with who he was as a person. He knew what was in his heart, as marred and twisted as it was, and he had always been forthcoming with it, at least to himself. Unlike the majority of his coworkers, he wasn’t some shining soul who had always dreamt of finding a way to help others in their time of need. He never played “Doctor” with the other kids when he was growing up, he never found his high school anatomy and physiology class particularly interesting, he didn’t “just know”. This wasn’t some path he had miraculously felt drawn towards since his youth. Even now, this was a career that he stuck with for entirely selfish reasons. Similarly, that was exactly how it started.

Ok so @goodluckdetective​ had an idea for an Emergency Services AU aaaaaand it just blew my mind. I started thinking how I would write it and pair things up. I’m trying to think of how Blood Gulch and Armonia would work (thinking city limits debate). It’s honestly really crazy and hilarious to me how it would all work.

Red Team are firefighters. All itching to go on the next call. In the mean time, either taking care of equipment, lazing around, or doing training drills. Haven’t decided if I wanted small city or small town volunteer station.

Sarge - Assistant chief at the local station. Always ‘fixing’ some piece of broken machinery. He’s still waiting on approval from county to get things upgraded. Until then he cobbles it together. He has a love/hate relationship with SOPs (Standard Operating Procedure) and County Command. Sarge LOVES to do practice burns. He’s always overenthusiastic about any fire. Car accident? He’s hoping (but not) it’s on fire. Sees smoke on the horizon? Clearly that’s a brush fire, not someone burning their leaves in their yard; Grif get the truck. Prefers riding Shotgun on the Engine.

Simmons - Simmons actually went to the Fire Academy. He knows the science behind fires, knows a lot about the trucks and pumps, also knows the formulas and geometry needed to calculate pressure loss (Grif gives him shit about being a nerd). He’s all about the SOPs and regulations. He’s usually the one fiddling with the walkies. Later on Simmons goes to get basic paramedic training, so the truck would have a paramedic. However he gets roped into taking a few shifts to help out EMS. Sarge and Grif rag him about being a “Blue traitor”. Simmons is more the “book smart” fighter, but still lacks the “on your feet instinct”. Simmons prefers to drive the Rescue over the Engine. During one bad call, a chunk of a building gets caught on his arm and leg. Thankfully he was on the side that wasn’t on fire. They were damaged to the point of being amputated. However, the skin tissue from the lost limbs as well as a kidney was donated to Grif who was badly injured in the same fire. He was given high grade prosthetics and continued fire fighting. However he usually stays by the trucks and mans the pump and gophers.

Grif - Best Driver for the engine. The most reliable at getting the engine through the tiny back roads however the laziest. Simmons has just giving up on relying on Grif to load the hose back on the truck or if he does it’s the shittiest job imaginable. He does eventually learn when the hose kinks when they were catching a hydrant and dents the fuck out of the bar on the hose bed. He also CONSTANTLY forgets to refill the air tanks and to change out the hose on the dry racks. He’s usually paired with Simmons since they’re pretty good at balancing each other. During the bad call, he was the unlucky one that was caught on the fire side during the collapse. He experienced 3rd degree burns on most of his left side. He went into shock which caused his kidneys to fail. The excess skin from Simmons amputated limbs was grafted to Grif. He makes a full recovery.

Lopez -  (He’s the only one I don’t have a clear idea for) Lopez handles most of the truck maintenance. On car accidents, he’s usually the one wielding the Jaws. He’s bilingual, but refuses to speak English (he thinks the rest of them are a bunch of idiots and doesn’t want to deal with them). He’s usually paired with Donut since Donut’s the only one that can “understand” him. Has a HUGE crush on Sheila, one of the dispatchers.

Donut - Rookie who started volunteering after doing several years of the Explorers program at a different station. Very chipper and enthusiastic about everything. Donut usually takes care of the house chores at the station. He gets caught in a backdraft. He wasn’t wearing a Nomex hood at the time (his program was with a lot of vet fighters who hate the Nomex hoods because their ears are covered and can’t tell when it’s getting too “hot” in a room). He has some really nasty scaring on the right side of his face and lost most of his ear on one side.

Blue Team are EMS. Always bickering over who is driving or just bickering in general. When Washington joins full time, he’s always drilling them. 

Tucker - A people person. Not necessarily a good one. He is known to be mostly professional out in public but makes tons of inappropriate jokes in the truck and at the station. He’s the best at setting up for IVs and spotting locations or people in distress. Tucker tried to get the call number “69″, but was denied several times.

Caboose - is really great with kids and guys who need to be restrained when their insulin is too high. When something goes wrong he blames Tucker. Caboose is also known to accidentally inject his teammates instead of his patients. He really enjoys talking with dispatch over the radio.

Alpha Church - no bed side manner and is impatient as hell. Cannot hit a vein to save his life. He’s usually good at getting vital readings, symptoms for potential drugs, and noticing when a patient is about to crash. Alpha runs into a building trying to get to a patient and dies. Not sure if Alpha and Epsilon should be siblings or cousins with Carolina.

Epsilon Church - After alphas accident, his twin brother Epsilon is transferred to his station. (to the surprise of everyone at the station because Alpha never mentioned a twin). If the group didn’t know any better they would almost swear that twins were the same person. Epsilon however isn’t as high strung as his brother was, and gets along better with the crew, and is a little better with patients. However he can’t hit a vein either.

Freelancers are Police. Something happens with county/state police (haven’t thought this through much). Freelance was contracted to the Blood Gulch crew, but something happens that requires them to pull out. They were all specially trained in basics for firefighting and are at least paramedic status.

Eventually Wash and Carolina take police work at Blood Gulch. They’re always on call since they’re the only two regularly scheduled police officers. Wash gets EMT training and takes shifts with EMS as well as his policing duties (the man never sleeps). Carolina gets hired on as Police/Fire Chief at some point, but also goes and gets EMT training in case it’s needed.

Vic (early days, but mysteriously leaves with no explanation), Sheila, and Fillis are 911 dispatch.

Doc is a “Safety Inspector” from County. He makes a bunch of suggestions and changes that were made either too late are so ridiculous no one listens.

Ok cut below is an explanation of things back from my home. I was raised in a firefighting family in a small town. I know things are probably a lot different now and that other cities and areas would be run differently. 

Feel free to send asks, suggestions, and what not.

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David thinks that his heart might be breaking.

Only moments ago, he would have strangled Killian Jones with his bare hands, for putting them all in mortal danger. Now, he watches the gurney as the paramedics wheel it away, at a loss of what to do. It’s not him, a voice inside him whispers. It’s a trick. He’s always been good at tricks. He’s going to appear in a puff of smoke and swagger over and laugh about how they should have seen their faces.

Any minute now.

Emma is inconsolable, clinging to Snow as if she has no strength left to stand on her own. David reaches for her, his eyes still trailing the gurney, his arms unsure of where to go. He wants to make it better, but he can’t reach where she’s hurt, can’t take away any of the pain.

Any second now.

But there’s no smoke, no swagger, no pirate. No laughter.

He’s gone.

David doesn’t know what to do about that.

He wants to comfort his daughter, but for once, he doesn’t know how. It’s the kind of situation that he would normally trust Hook with, and before he can stop himself, he’s looking around for the pirate again.

Emma’s sobs subside into something quiet, and broken, and utterly lost. And David swears that he can feel his heart break.

Damn the pirate, anyway. He should be here. Emma needs him.

David’s fists clench, but still, he can do nothing. He cannot help the man who just gave his life for his family – again. He cannot help his daughter, his baby girl, who has just lost the man she loves – again.

The night is one of the worst of his life. Emma refuses to stay at the loft, refuses more comfort, refuses their offers to stay with her. She withdraws, and David is terrified that she will retreat back behind her walls, build them up higher than ever. He cannot sleep with the guilt of it all, the knowledge that he wasn’t there for her, that she thought she had to solve the whole problem alone. And with his memories back, there’s something else weighing on him, too: his doubt of Hook and the faith that Emma placed in him. A doubt that was not entirely unfounded, perhaps, but ultimately proven wrong. The pirate may have given in to the darkness, but in the end, he clawed his way back out of it. In the end, he was what David always hoped he would prove himself to be: a man of honour.

In my experience, honour causes death.

No, David does not get much sleep that night.

When Emma calls the meeting and announces her plan, he feels relief. It’s quickly followed by a burst of renewed worry, but that in turn is replaced by chagrin when he realises what Emma is about. She has found an answer, she has a plan… and she has come to her family with it. The pain is still there, lurking behind her eyes, but David can see the hope that has overpowered it. She looks at him, and her expression is so like her mother’s that any protests David might have had stay unspoken.

She has not retreated. She has reached out.

She’s going to the Underworld.

I’d go to the end of the world for her.

David doesn’t even need to look at his wife to know that they are going with her.

Hook’s absence in the loft is palpable as they discuss the logistics of travelling to Hades, and David knows he’s not the only one who feels it. Again and again, there are little gaps, little pauses in the conversation in anticipation of a sardonic remark, or strategic advice, or a suggestive comment.

They really do need him back, David thinks. It isn’t the same without him, not anymore.

Besides, they owe him. Hook – Killian – has risked and given his life for Emma and her family, and not just once. He’s the reason why they’re all here now, together despite Pan’s and Zelena’s machinations. He’s one of them.

It takes David a while to realise that he is still thinking of him in the present tense. He doesn’t adjust it.

There is a pause, eventually, when the matter is all but decided, and Emma’s determination seems to falter a little. David knows that feeling, when the plan is made and the strategy decided and everything is ready, and it’s time to take that last step that will make it all real.

Emma’s eyes slide to him, almost reluctantly. He meets her gaze steadily, and nods. “Okay then,” he tells his daughter. “Let’s go find him.”