and the paramedics would be at a loss

Hospital for Souls

okay so this is the first chapter of my first Serious Fic Based on My OTP so pls read and give feedback!

warnings: #mental hospital mention, #suicide

Dead flowers, shriveled and old on the nightstand.

Eddie opened his eyes and he remembered where he was; Jasmine Springs Behavioral Health Center. Everything was slightly blurry, but somehow it all rushed back to him. The pills, the cuts, the blood, the ambulance…his suicide attempt had failed (again). He remembered one paramedic in particular…the one who found him. His vision was fuzzy and he was week from the loss of blood, but something about this paramedic stood out to him,

Maybe it was his eyes? Or the fact that he genuinely seemed to want to help…he had to thank him. At first Eddie was upset that his suicide attempt didn’t work, but he had be given the opportunity for a second chance. This time, he would find love.

Eddie walked into the common area and saw the other patients sitting around, practically decaying and evaporating. He went to the front desk, where he asked a chirpy nurse if she knew the number of the medical hospital he had come from. She quickly found the number, so he proceeded to pick up the phone and dial. He described the one he had seen. Shaggy blonde hair, heart-shaped face, blue eyes. The receptionist immediately knew who he was talking about, as this hospital was very small. Eddie explained that he needed to thank this man for saving his life, and the receptionist transferred him.

"Hello, Waylon Park, how can I help you?", said the voice on the other end of the phone. "Uh hi…Waylon. This is Eddie Gluskin, you and your team found me almost dead in my apartment…I just needed to thank you of saving me. I attempted suicide because I was searching for love that was never returned, but I’m going to try again. Thank you." …silence…and then, "Oh yes, I remember you. Honestly I haven’t stopped thinking about you since, I was just really hoping that you were okay. Glad to hear from you." After a long pause, Waylon said, "Hey I just want you to know that you aren’t alone. I’ve attempted suicide a few times before, too. For the record, I’m glad you’re still here." Eddie was surprised that this almost-stranger was opening up to him like this, but he was also very grateful. "Hey, this sounds weird, but do you want to hang out when I get out of here?", Eddie waited, nervous. Waylon did think this was strange, but he was too damn used to his normal life. "Sure, I’d love to!", he said. They exchanged goodbyes and set up a time to meet at a pizza place.

Eddie returned to his room. The flowers were somehow beautiful once again.