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Do you still love Daryl?

Yes, Anon. I still love Daryl. And I assure you so does Rick. Maggie. Rosita. Carl. And the rest of the gang. As we all know, Daryl is a victim of child abuse. Imagine how he might have felt watching someone like Negan beat and humiliate his family. The taunting with Rosita made him react. These are all broken people living in an unimaginably savage world and they are sometimes going to react. He surely had no idea what the repercussions would be. Daryl has always been selfless. Has always offered his life for others. (Rick’s and Aaron’s quickly come to mind). He was trying to give his life up to take a chance at this evil man and his expectation, I’m sure, was his own death.

Daryl will carry the weight of this forever. He will feel responsible for Michonne and Glenn and Rosita chasing after him. He will feel guilty about Glenn’s death. But the thing is- they will all put this on their shoulders.

Maggie already showed that she feels guilty that the run to Hilltop was for her. Rick clearly feels guilty that he led them all into a trap. There is plenty of guilt to go around. But it’s none of their faults. It’s Negan’s. He is the one who terrorized and tortured and killed.

Rick has had many breakdowns. Glenn has. Sasha has. And Daryl has. It makes them human.

I do not blame Daryl. Nor would I blame Glenn if Negan went for Maggie and Glenn tried to attack, earning Daryl the date with Lucille instead. I would grieve Daryl, yes. But never would I blame one of our beloved core characters for reacting to such horrors.

I hope everyone can understand. Daryl did nothing but try to protect his family. And as for the fandom right now, well… Everyone is grieving. We had two horrific, unimaginable losses. And I’m sure once the dust settles, we will all continue to watch and hope for team family to come out of this stronger.

Peace and Love,


Charlie Brooker on San Junipero

EW: You could have done this same story with any kind of couple. What made two women the best choice?
It was a heterosexual couple when I first put the story down. And then I thought, “Well, what if it wasn’t?” And I think it gives it an extra resonance because they couldn’t have legally got married in 1987, so we’re gifting them that in this world, in this story of second chances. And that added an extra layer to the whole subtext about reliving your life and exploring things you didn’t have a chance to do.

That deliberate-looking shot of the plane flying in the background at the beach near the the end — does that mean you can travel to other places and not just stay in ’80s dance club heaven?
You know what? I never thought of that! The idea is there’s almost different channels for decades you can select to enter in the same environment. So going to another place would be like in Grand Theft Auto going from Los Santos in GTA V to San Andreas. But I dare say there would be a nostalgic version of Britain and Spain and New York. So now, I’ve talked myself around to say: Yes, that’s what that plane is there to do!

Can you talk about the credits? The Belinda Carlisle song adds so much, not just to the ending but to everything you’ve seen before it.
I know, and I’m praying people don’t just stop the episode as soon as they see the first credit, because it unlocks [the rest of the story]. I started writing the script and I put together a Spotify playlist of music from 1987. I go running every so often and that song came on while I was jogging I was like, “Well, that’s gotta go in.” And that basically gave me the ending scene. So one of the first things we did is check if we could clear this song [for use in the episode] and I would have been absolutely distraught if we couldn’t have done it. It’s something we’ve done in previous episodes, where we have story continuing to unfold throughout the end credits, but it’s the only time we do it in this season. It feels like an nice way of adding an extra coda. It’s also a wry joke in a way, that heaven is literally a place on earth, as we reveal the absolute cold reality of what’s going on. Hopefully it leaves people with a smile on their face, which is an alien experience after watching Black Mirror.

EW Interview with Black Mirror Showrunner Charlie Brooker on Season 3

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Is it really possible Sam has NO idea what Shatner has been doing/saying?

Sure. I think it is. Remember that as a verified account his Twitter looks very different from ours. So he would have to go looking for certain tweets. For example….shippery ones. Add to it that he and Shatner follow each other so I am sure Paultner sends him DMs saying look at this! Or hey! I tweeted you in case you missed it! I’m sure it is never….look what I am calling your fans. Or Hey, I’m trolling again…check it out. Now, also imagine that Starz has told them NOT to get involved in this. AND that it is becoming more obvious that someone else is tweeting for him at least part of the time. Sure. It is entirely possible that he doesn’t know the whole story. But it is time he educated himself.

Only You || Newt

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A/N: This is a request. :) (Which I prioritize over my own ideas)


Q: Do you have other talents aside from writing?

     A: I don’t consider my level of writing skills worthy to be called a talent. But I do play various musical instruments and sometimes, I sing.

Q: What are your plans for college?

     A: I’m going to be taking Psychology, since I’m already counseling teens. I want to continue studying human behavior.

Q: What are/were* your other fandoms?

     A: House of Anubis*, Victorious*, Game Theory (MatPat), Shane Dawson, Twilight* (I love their AU fics, and some of them inspired my imagines), Avatar: The Last Airbender, FBE, Dan and Phil, The YouTube Boyband*… that’s pretty much all I could muster up.


You found newly formed friendships in the Right Arm. Being a Med-Jack, you immediately bonded with one of their doctors, Link. You’d spend many days in the tent where they keep their medicine, learning how he uses them and what they’re made of.

People were taken by Minho, capturing everyone’s eye with his speed and agility. Thomas was in the limelight, though, being labeled your ring leader.

Your boyfriend, Newt, has been gossiped as the intimidating yet handsome lad no girl dared approach. He kept out of sight most of the time which bothered you at first, but Minho simply convinced you that he just wanted time to reflect on everything. Newt was the type of person to do so – him always looking for the rational way of doing things.

You shrugged it off, then, but when you went to bed in your shared tent, he didn’t wrap his arms around you like he always had. He slept with his back to you, always. This went on for several days so you decided to tell Minho about it.

“I don’t know, Y/N, when was the last time you talked to him?” Minho poured you a cup of water.

“Thanks,” you muttered, and he nodded. “we always talk, Min, but since we got here, he’s been awfully distant. Especially the morning after we arrived.”

Minho stared at the ground, recalling what you all did the time you got here. “You were hanging out with their med-guy, weren’t you?”

“Yeah.” At Minho’s pointed look, you scoffed. “He can’t be jealous, Min. He was never jealous when I hung out with you guys.”

“Because we’re his friends, Y/N.” Minho sighed, wrapping an arm around your shoulder. “I’m only saying this because I care about you, okay? That guy – Link ­– he’s head over heels for you. Any guy would see that. And let me tell ya, he looks like bad news to me.”

“So what do you suggest?” you exhaled loudly. “You want me to ignore him for good? Just because my boyfriend doesn’t want him around?”

Minho smiled. “You’re not even my girl, Y/N, and I don’t want you around him. He, Fry and I were hanging out late last night, and the way he talks about girls… I don’t like it. He’s not a bad-looking kid – well, bad compared to this work of art,” he gestured to his face, “but still… plus, Newt is your boyfriend, you should be there to support him, especially now. He probably just misses you…” he trailed off, then stood up suddenly. “You shouldn’t be asking me about this, Y/N, I don’t even know if I ever had a girlfriend,”

You giggled. “Thanks, Min. You’re the best.” You stood up and squeezed him in your arms briefly before stomping off to find Newt.

“He’s up on those rocks,” Minho called out. (this is the place the guys sat on before Thomas went looking for Teresa in the movie)

“Thanks!” you waved, not looking his way.

And he was there, looking at the distance with his brows furrowed, figure unmoving. You climbed up, and he looked surprised when your face popped up at his feet. You got caught off guard, your foot slipping off the rocks. Newt took action immediately, pulling you up and you stumbled into his arms.

You smiled to yourself when he caught you, and you decided to stay in the position for a while. You pressed your cheek to his chest. You could feel his confusion.

“Hi.” You greeted in a small voice, not looking at him.

He hesitantly wrapped his arm around your waist, his hand cupping the back of your neck. “Hello.”

He sat down on the rock he was sitting on before you came, pulling you to his lap.

“I missed you.” You gave him a shy smile, kissing the corner of his eye.

“Mhmm.” He acknowledged, not looking at you. His grip on you loosened.

“I really did,” you pushed. “I’m sorry I haven’t been here.”

“Lost track of time, have you?” he asked bitterly, glancing at you once before his jaw clenched as he looked away.

“Newt…” you sighed, burying your face the crook of his neck. You felt him sigh, too, and sniff from the cold. You pulled away to look at him. He avoided your gaze overall, so you had to pull his chin up so he would be forced to meet your eyes. “I love you.”

He furrowed his eyebrows and frowned slightly. You kissed him everywhere – his cheeks, his nose, the bridge of his nose, his chin, his forehead, his eyelids, his jaw… his lips.

He hummed when your lips met, obviously missing the sensation as much as you did. But you had to talk, too. You frowned into his lips. He pulled away and looked at you curiously.

“I’m sorry I’ve been leaving you for Link.” You pursed your lips.

He breathed out loudly through his nose, his gaze drifting from your eyes to your lips, your faces centimeters away.

“I was bloody convinced you came up here to break up with me,” you were glad he finally spoke to you.

“I’d be stupid to do that.” You laughed through your nostrils. “You’re it for me, no turning back.”

Newt nodded slowly, his hand running down your side.

“What’s up with you? Minho hasn’t talked to you since we got here. Nor has anyone else.” you asked, trying to slide off of his lap, but he pulled you tighter to him.

“I’m tired of not being sure what will happen,” he confessed. “it’s quite tempting to keep you in our buggin’ tent, safe, until all of this bloody nonsense goes away.”

“Hey…” you tilted your head sideways so he can look at you. “I’m not going anywhere.”

That’s what Alby told me, too…” you heard him mutter. Then he spoke in a normal volume. “It’s not my fault you attract trouble as you walk, love.” he smiled for the first time since you escaped WICKED.

You smiled back. “That’s why you’re here,” you joked.

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so ratings are good? do you think we can expect season 9?

Ratings are definitely good so far this season.  Shows that have performed far worse are still going (not even just the ones LA competes with in its timeslot) and it’s doing well compared to the other CBS dramas as well.  (So far this season, it’s been the 3rd most popular CBS drama each week behind the mothership and Bull) and has been in the top 10 of all scripted broadcast shows each week (excluding the premiere week).

So, it seems like a pretty sure thing for a S9, but I honestly have no idea what other factors could go into that decision.  I am definitely far more hopeful for it than I was at the end of last season and over hiatus.  The show seems to have found a nice sweet spot with its new air time.

ok so i really really love fanart of the Voltron paladins + their lions in a human/earth size. like having a big dog or something. so hear me out:

mini-me voltron lion drones.

imagine if each of the lions could have their own mini-sized version of themselves, like a drone they could control or kinda transfer their sentience into (based on the idea they have more sentience than what we see so far).
so if the paladins had to go into an area where the full-sized lion would be too big or too noticeable, the lion could at least send their mini-me to help them with protection, surveillance, etc..

also consider: the paladins and mini-lions simply bonding. going on walks. cuddling on the couch. MiniBlack comforting Shiro during nightmares. MiniRed and MiniBlue helping Keith and Lance feel less lonely. MiniYellow forging in the forest with Hunk for foods and herbs. MiniGreen helping Pidge with repairs, tinkering, and reaching-of-high-shelves. They would be the best guardians, friends, and cuddlers, all in one convenient size! (^_^)

Sam and I went to a Halloween schooling show yesterday! The costume class was super fun, we got 4th for our Slytherin quidditch player costume (I will post pics if I can find someone who took some). First level test one went okay, a bit lacking in energy and engagement though - 67%. First level three was going brilliantly until the corner after the first lengthened canter; I have no idea what happened but one second we were cantering and the next I was flying through the air and Sam was going the other way. I landed right by A and he went barrelling down the long side. He squealed twice and did a couple of aerials as he went, it was quite impressive. Luckily both pony and I are fine, Sam stopped at C and the judge caught him for me :’) The entire thing was so out of character for him, all I could do afterward was laugh over his outburst. Who would have thought that quiet sleepy Sam would pull a rodeo moment? 😂

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Anonymous said: Things heating up in the churro fandom

if this is a fandom, I wanna make a self-insert


it’s just me but a better, healthier, happier edition

Anonymous said: Churros are present in Hispanic/Latino countries from what I’m aware of. There are no churros (as far as I know) in 90% of Europe. I’m from Poland and I learned about churros only couple years ago and didn’t have occassion to try one until going on Erasmus program to Portugal.

-points aggressively- SEE, OTHER ANON, I WASN’T TOTALLY OFF

I heard the word many, many, many times in spanish class, but I never had any idea what they actually were

I suspect my spanish teacher just wanted to teach us how to roll the r’s properly

@mr-oger said Chu….what? What is it and what it tastes like?

think belgian waffle stick with sugar and chocolate

at least that’s the kind I had

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I wouldnt use Aliens CM as an example because that shit was straight up fabrication. I think the better question is how much content do you reveal or how much do you tell the public at all

I dunno, I think there was a bit of both. On one hand, Gearbox pulled off one of the biggest embezzlement cases in the history of the industry (and somehow got away with it), but on the other hand, SEGA originally announced the game in like 2007 or 2008, despite being released in 2013. Sure, they had no idea that Randy Pitchford was going to dick them over or that Gearbox would make what was essentially a fake demo, but if they’d waited until it was further along in development to initially announce it, it wouldn’t have had five years in the public eye to draw scrutiny. So waiting to announce it wouldn’t have stopped Gearbox from fucking SEGA over, but it would have at least prevented the fucking-over from drawing gossip and negative press to the game.

…The real moral of this story is that Randy Pitchford is a douchenozzle and Battleborn’s failure was karma coming back ‘round.

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hey im applying for art schools currently do u have any words of advice??

Uhm tbh I applied to like 2.5 schools so maybe seek a more realizable source but like first thing is in wishing you lots of luck and happiness because for me personally it was a really tough and emotional experience but idk it’s good to show a lot of diversity in your portfolio and if you’ve got the opportunity check out national portfolio days near you they’re pretty helpful to give u an understanding of what schools are really looking for keep your options open understand that art institutions on just a general level are going to like… Wanna take ur money so like one schools evaluation of u doesn’t necessarily define ur artistic success uhm ask some students opinions if you have the opportunity this is quick and vague because i chose to answer this while I was in class but like yeah keep your mind open, trust your work, be open to the ideas other art resources give u stay positive keep making etc etc etc good luck bb

Blackhand’s sons in the movie?

Just look at these two guys who guard Gul’Dan’s tent. They have couple things the same!
1: These “things”? Have no idea what is this but both of them have it.
2: Belts - The same!
3: This small sachet next to the belt.

Go next:

1: They both are similar looking to each other.
2: This one on the right: That’s just Blackhand’s beard and almost his hairstyle!
3: This waepon looks very like Rend’s.


This guy from left was the one who killed Draka (what has no sense in movie timing but whatever XD). We can read on Wiki that “Durotan and Draka were killed by Blackhand’s people” and his sons fit to this very well.

Why they’re green? Durotan said in this deleted scene that “Blackhand’s ppl were pleased for Gul’Dan’s gift” so probably only papa Blackhand wasn’t green Blacrock orc.

What do you think?

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Pt2: that at all. Now people are commenting that something seemed off. S hates E & F is E gf's. D didn't interact with E from what people said. Who knows at this point. Honestly, with mid-season ending in what Nov & we know S isn't changing this situation any time soon how long will they go W/o seeing each other before filming starts up & he comes back to Vancouver. 1 month 3? Who knows if they are eve. Together at this point because it looked so cold between them all. It's depressing!!

First of all, I didn’t get a pt1 to this…

Second, we have no idea who interacted with who inside the party. There wasn’t much coming from inside the party except for stupid speeches and cake cutting. 

I don’t where you got that S hates E and F… that’s far from the truth. And F is E’s bff not gf…

You must not know a lot about their filming schedule either. They get 4 days to a week off for American Th@nksg!v!ng and about two weeks off for Chr!stm@s. 

From what I understand S & E are kind of always together. They can’t quit each other. Sometimes they take little breaks if things get too hectic around them, but even then their chemistry is still off the charts and they’re still around each other everyday for support. They always come back to each other. They love each other too much. 

I don’t know why you think they’re being cold around each other. That whole party was just a downer. We don’t know what happened inside the party.


Uh, so I’ve been working on this meta post for around 3 months now, gathering screenshots, gathering feedback, gathering more screenshots. The result is what could conceivably be called thorough.

Compared to the animation I made as the header, the post’s content was much harder to put together and write; I consider the animation icing on the cake. If you liked the animation, and like Chara (or don’t like Chara) then please consider reading the meta. It’s finally done!


Keep reading

Once interlinked, fates go around and return once more
All in accordance with the wishes of humans

being a girl was complicated. it was swallowing rusty nails and clawing our way towards something we didn’t even know we really wanted. // R.I.D.

What I tend to see happening more and more is people retreating into their own corners. People seem scared to get things wrong or be shouted at so they form villages in which they agree with every other member, and maybe they go out and shout at the people in the next village for fun, but there’s no interchange of ideas going on. I think we have to encourage the idea that you’re allowed to think things. I have thought a great many stupid things over the years, and I can tell you that there’s not one stupid thing that I ever thought where I changed my mind because someone shouted at me or threatened to kill me. On the other hand, having great discussions with good friends, possibly over a drink, has definitely changed my mind and made me try to do better. You’re allowed to do better, but we have to let people do better.

I said this a couple of weeks ago. Am really feeling it today.


A tip for people who either get a really good idea in their head for writing and then only end up writing one sentence to a page

I used to really struggle with this so I thought it would be good to post ways of getting through the first page.

I will go through the different kinds of ways this can effect people.

First things first. The first ten pages are the most tricky in my opinion, because you have no idea how to begin. Or it is the other way round. You can write the first ten pages easy but then struggle to think what to write afterwards.

Honestly, the best way to get over this kind of problem is planning. I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT PROCRASTINATION PLANNING. I have found that knowing who you characters really are and really knowing your plot line means that you could practically write a story you know so well you could type it (or write it) in your sleep. Above is a PowerPoint presentation of character development help, and it has helped me so much with character development. It explains the five Ps and has a mind map with all the things you actually need to plan. Our might what to do it when you has time on your hands because it take s me between an hour to a hour and 45 minutes but I am telling you, it is so helpful.

The second thing you can do is plan out your plot ON PAPER. I can’t stress this enough. It is often the case that your plot is quite mixed chronologically wise so it is vital that you write it down to disintangle your thoughts.

Another thing I know people struggle with is what is known as your inner crtic. Your inner crtic is that voice inside your head telling you that what you are writing is not good enough and holds us back, limiting us. Most people have an inner crtic.  They usasally are an echo of what other people have said that have been perticularlly hurtful. The best way to deal with this is befriend your inner crtic, as no one can get rid of it as it is so desperate to be heard, but you can change what it is saying. The best thing you can do is notice what your inner critic is saying and then nutralise it with an alternertive truth. For example if your inner critic is saying ‘this is too hard’ say outloud ‘I can do this’. If you do this on a regular bases your crtic will become your ally and you will start hearing it encourage you to write

The final problem that people have is just simply coming up with an idea. The best way to with this is to start small. Start by using the ever so cliche 5Ws. They are well known because THEY WORK:

When is your story set? Is it in a different world? A different era? What challenges will they face depending on the era e.g. if it set in the 1920s, then they may have trouble being taken seriously if your character/s is/are female.

Who is your story about? (This for me is the most important. Again, use the presentaion above. You use have good characters, you will find they come to life in your head, and they come to make their own plots, and where there is good characters, good plots and stories follow.) Also, remember that character development is very important. How do they change and grow from their adventures? Do they become a better person? Do they get a redemption arc?

Why is your person doing what they are doing/going on this journey? What are their motives? This is also good for chracther development.

Where is your story set? This is very similer to the When? question. Is your story set in the rolling hills of England? The beautiful beaches of California? Or maybe in a entirely different planet. It’s entirely up to you, that is the best thing about writing your own book. You control what happens to the chracthers, storyline and how it ends. This is your adventure.

What is going to happen in your story? This is the one that is most challenging for people. This is why we deal with this question LAST, so you have a basic idea who your characters are, when the story is set? If you still have not a clue what the story is going to be about, use the beginning, middle and end stragey. Every good story needs a good beginning middle and end. Try writing a list of the key events that happen in your story and puting them in order.

Once you have your plan, set a goal to how much you are going to write a day. Remember that 500 words = approximately 1 page. I know some full time writers who aim for 10,000 words a day, but remember they have it as a full time job, so if you are just starting as a part time writing and have a different job, then you might what to aim for 1 - 2 pages a day. You can even write half a page if you feel like that is a real strench. As long as your writing, it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to write the story, do it your own time. Best selling author Chris d’Lacey (the Fire series - I highly recommend reading it) took almost 15 years to write the first novel in the series, The Fire Within. Take your time and don’t rush. Also remember it is quality not quanity, 39 Steps by John Buchan (Again - highly recommend it) is only 108 pages long and it has become an absolute classic. DISCLAIMER: I was given this presentation 3 years ago by a friend before I even knew Tumblr existed - if someone knew it’s source that would be great so I can tag them.

Lovely phone calls you wouldn’t expect in the morning:

Client: “Maya, how was that One Direction song called, the one you made me listen to, that talked about stumbling with an empty heart until you meet someone who feels just like you and becomes your light and home?”

Me: “… You mean Home?”

Client: “Yes, yes, that one, thank you!  I can’t find it here in the album?”

Me: “ It’s wasn’t included in Made In The Am, It was released as a part of another single’s EP. Why’s that, anyway?”

Client: “Oh, I see, what a real pity, though. I’m engaging in one of our usual discussions with [friend and fellow artist] and I wanted to suggest Home as my monthly favorite lgbt themed song!”

Me: “… O_O …”

Client: “Maya?”

Me: “… Okay? That’s…that’s great…?”

Client: “Okay, ehm, thank you, see you later!”

While they were hanging up, I heard them trail off “It’s Home, by One Direction, you’ll love it!”

You got them, boys, I’m impressed (and very very happy and proud!) <3

Reoccurring imagery paints a picture...

October 2015:

And then almost a year later,

September 2016: “You have to look at it that way because it’s not a prison sentence. It’s an opportunity.”

Hmm, interesting thing to keep emphasizing with regards to One Direction…

Meanwhile, in what’s just a selection of imagery from the other side, June 2014 and February 2015:

I got stripes, stripes around my shoulders
I got chains, chains around my feet
I got stripes, stripes around my shoulders
And them chains, them chains,
They’re about to drag me down (Johnny Cash, I Got Stripes)

And the unforgettable month of November 2014:

Caged and caught perhaps but…

Whatever chains are holding you back
Holding you back, don’t let ‘em tie you down (One Direction, What A Feeling)

Yeah, I’d guess there could be a reason he feels the need to insist it’s not a prison sentence that they’re trying to work around…