and the others have no idea what's going on


And you shaved your head for that movie! (Deep water Horizon)

“I think it all plays into the idea of being your own hero and not feeling like you have to live up to other people’s expectations. I am not my beauty. Who I am is not my f*cking hair, and to be an actor is to transform. To represent a community is to commit, to give my entire all. So if I’m going to represent Latinos in the industry and in art, if I’m going to represent my little cousins in Chicago, they’re going to know that I went full out. Who are we afraid of? What are we afraid of? The worst thing that can happen is we die. Anything else you can handle.” Gina for Latina Magazine

DA Trick and treat

Myself and @simbelmine​ had this idea and have prepared for you a little event. As you well know, Thedas can be scary. As can be Fade… or finding out that your mabari stole Morrigan’s … yet again. What better way to celebrate this than by giving each other some TREATS? 

The principle is, people who will want to participate are going to give each other some treats in the form of fandom related art, for example fanfiction or fanart.

Rules and guidelines:

- Anybody in the fandom can apply, it doesn’t matter that youre nw, shy, or do not consider yourself a talented artist. Despite this event being Halloween event, you are not requird to make your treat spooky.

- All media are acceptable, see below. 

- Apply via this document. Your name, URL, and preferences will be needed.

- Preferences of media type or the level of spookiness are acceptable. NSFW and triggers are mandatory to specify - participants must obey these.

- Be polite, ask nicely and respectuflly, any hateful acts will result in you being banned from this event.

- You can apply until 14th September, then each of applicants will be asigned a person to trck and treatMake sure there is a way of contacting you - either keep your ask box open, or enable mess to be sent to you.

- All treats must be posted on 31th October and tagged properly by the tag #datrickntreat and the #person. You can also @ the person.

In case of succes we will make a blog for this event for the next year! Signal boost, reblog or like, all is appreciated.  

Remeber, this event is for YOU, and for others in this fandom, to make their trick and treating IRL make happier, brighter, funnier and even make nw friends, so do not shy away just because of reasons :) We are looking forward seeing you and stay tuned for Valentine’s.

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The 36 Questions That Lead To Love: A Fitzsimmons Love Story spanning time, space, and generations.

When a New York Times article excites S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy students, they have the genius idea of testing the questions out on the inseparable Fitzsimmons. A pair who by everyone’s bets, should have gotten together way before now. The way the students see it–It’s a win-win. Either Fitzsimmons proves The New York Times wrong—which Fitzsimmons will love, or the pair will finally fall for each other—which the students will love. Then again, it’s a stupid psychological experiment. What could possibly go wrong?

Question 6: If you were able to live to the age of 90 and retain either the mind or body of a 30-year-old for the last 60 years of your life, which would you want? When Fitz refuses to let go of the infamous element that Milton forgot, the reveal crosses personal boundaries…And when the 90-year-old Fitz gives away his nobel-prize winning technology, the decision will have drastic (but opposite) effects on different family members. 

Read it here or from the start.

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Hello, so i've been following you forever and I've always seen you story and have no idea what is going on so I just read it from the start omg I fucking love it. Everyone is sleeping with each other. So much scandal and Matty is mm mm mm. Damnn boy. Anyway just wanted to say that.

Omg I love you and thank you for such a nice words <3 It means a lot to me knowing that there are people who still read the Blakes from the beginning! You literally just gave me power to go in game and make some screenshots. Huge hugs and kisses and here’s some extra Matty for you:

i didn’t get this done for fantasy week so here’s a pirate/witch/siren?/various other mythological creatures AU for time periods!! (its like 16/1700s)

when i first heard that there was gonna be a fantasy day, my mind immediately created huge AU that i became OBSESSED with.. and i was originally gonna type up basically the entire plot for my submission but i thought, literally nobody cares/will read it so i wont waste my time (but if anyone is interested in this i WILL literally talk for forever about it)

for the characters pictured here: hazel (the main char!!), calypso, and rachel are witches. reyna and annabeth are pirates (reyna is the captain!!). aaand piper is a siren/nymph.. the main ships are reynabeth, hazel/calypso (idk the name) and pipazel… 

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Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you've written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿)

OMG I didn’t see this though??? Lord I must have been the only one who didn’t do this yet. I have NO IDEA who to pass it on to XD

BUT ANYWAY! Yeah let’s do it!!

If I listed every single one of my Soulmates ‘Verse it would basically take up the while list so let’s do some others…

Everything is Going to be Alright - Otherwise known as The Spinner!Verse of course this was going to make the list! It’s got a whole tag with more than just the fic there. It was the first fic I did that was entirely prompt-based after the initial first couple chapters, and that’s really what made it my thing. This fic is my baby. I love it.

Snow on the Roof, Fire in the Hearth - In this one, Belle is The Dark One who makes a deal with a spinner for a son. Yes, Spinner Rumple is my weakness. This fic also has a big tag and even though I haven’t been able to compile all the prompts and questions into proper chapters yet, things are a-brewin’ and will heat up eventually. After all, Belle can’t stay in denial forever, Baelfire must one day learn the truth of The Dark Lady’s baby, and Rumple has a lady to court!

The Pen is Mightier Than the Heart - Okay, no this isn’t Rumbelle but damn if this wasn’t SO MUCH FUN to write. I believe it was @mrgoldsdearie that first made the prompt that “Omg what if The Author had a great big crush on Rumpelstiltskin???” and I HAD to run with it. I then called for GoldenAuthor prompts and filled EVERY SINGLE ONE within this fic. It’s probably the most fun I’ve ever had writing a crack fic and lord I’d love to fill more prompts for it someday. There’s no tag for this fic, after all. Clearly we need to fix that.

Her Dark Guard - Y’all probably knew this one was coming too. This fic features Belle and The Dark One making a deal for an heir to Avonlea since Belle’s husband, Gaston, cannot give her one. Of course, Belle and Rumple fall in love but it’s not until Gaston is murdered that they meet again, seven years later. It’s got action, Romance, mystery, and a Jefferson! Who doesn’t love a bit of Mad Hatter with their Rumbelle eh? This fic was based off the romance novel Highland Guard by Hannah Howell and also has its own tag!

Sidekicks - And last but not least, my Superhero AU. Based off a Tumblr prompt that spawned this here tag this fic features the Superhero pair Belle as an empath partnered with Rumpelstiltskin, who has the uncanny power to simply make things go his way. When Belle discovers that Rumpelstiltskin is actually a Mr. Gold, who she has been dating, things get understandably complicated. I’m planning to do WAy more with this fic and ‘verse but for now it simply must remain a prompt ‘verse in which all are welcome.

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It's a bit pathetic how much the Grant/Candice pics made me smile. The fandom shenanigans and other stuff that happened in the last couple weeks put me in a bad mood. Seeing them be so cute and adorable makes me happy. What is he doing in the pic where she's laughing? Lol.

I have no idea. I’m going to guess telling a story?


OMG I rarely draw cuddles. This was so weird for me and I probably did a terrible job but I tried!! And I over thinked(??) it and now I have a lot of ideas so I’ll probably do more drawings. THANKS @elder-ballchange :D:D  I love it 

Okay, as for the questions like nighttime/daytime blabla imma write it under the cut because I’m probably going to explain a lot!

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Can I just add one last thing to the September 3 Headcanon?Massachusetts would just bring their own coffee instead and shamefully stare at all the other states who are drinking tea.The aftermath may be some broken teacups flipped by Massachusetts.

This is great because Massachusetts was completely obsessed with tea in the colonial era– all thirteen of them were. Tea being unaffordable wouldn’t have been half as big a deal if it wasn’t the only thing they ever drank. England was smart about it and only taxed the things they bought the most and used every day

Brilliant idea, what could possibly go wrong, such an ingenious way to fund that ongoing military occupation

The southern colonies were mostly English ancestry and were more Loyalist-leaning. The northern colonies were from all over Europe and very strongly Patriot, especially Massachusetts

Nowadays the southern half of the original 13 drinks sweet tea just as often as the northern half refuses to, drinking coffee instead. Massachusetts freaking lives off Dunkin Donuts coffee

Sometime after the Rev War, the states most involved in it had a complete 180 in drink preferences. So mysterious, what could have possibly caused it?

Solarpunk: Education

Education must change in many ways in order for it to be acceptable within a solarpunk world.
Today, is it undervalued and yet considered necessary, and wholly inaccessible for so many.

And idea to change parts of that follows:
Imagine that you are a student enrolled in a course. You know that the course is just six weeks long, followed by two weeks of break before the next term starts. There is a clear timetable detailing when you have classes, and what you would be learning in them.
The course is short, but it is just one of many that you plan to go through. The plan may change, though, and that is fine, as you discover what things you like to do over others.

You could have taken another course on top of this one, but you decided against that. You wouldn’t want to tire yourself over too much work, you couldn’t do your hobbies then.
If you needed or wanted to you could have applied for an extended course, covering the same work over two or three terms, you have a friend doing that.

The teachers that you have love their job, and you know that they are paid fairly for their important work. A teacher is a crucial role, and they worked hard to get where they are.

There are assessments, but they aren’t nearly worth what the lab work is, and the instructions are always clear as to what you need to do for them. For this course you have one test, and you can bring whatever you want in to help, and there are teachers there too to help explain, the only rule is that no-one is allowed to give someone the answer.

And even if you fail or get less than what you wanted, you can repeat it without having to repeat the course! This makes sure that people are far less stressed.
The teachers also have plenty of similar questions to go through in detail if needed. Some people use a list of them to study, but others prefer the groups organised to learn through explaining them to someone else.

It’s pretty easy to get around campus too, there are plenty of signs and maps and a couple of apps, it’s set up in a way that is easy to navigate, and not a staircase in sight. Even so, if you need to you can apply to have classes in a place closer to your dorm, or there will be a way found to make sure that everyone can get to any classes.

You hope that in future you can be a part of making discoveries that will make the world an even better place.

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I cringed when someone mentioned Gray as SasGray (based on the latest chapter*cough*SpoilerAlert*cough*). Likely, Gray is going to succumb into darkness as same as Sasuke. Sad but true.

while certainly not uncommon to gain inspiration from other works for your own…to completely take the idea of having your character fall into despair under the same circumstances as another character from another work is incredibly sad. 

boy, oh boy, i sure do love that one anime where the black haired due fell to despair due to some tragic, atrocious, horrible incident! and his hot-blooded ex-(boy)friend is going to go out to save him and there’s a damsel in distress that, while she could be written better, is used almost entirely for fan-service and to cater towards the ship!

what anime did i just describe? or did i just describe the upcoming arcs in fairy tail? 

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i just got suddenly curious about what your top 10 fave characters are because i know rachel and i'm assuming spencer too but i feel like i have no idea what other characters you like please enlighten me if you feel like it thank you

given that i have a massive #type none of these should be a surprise but i love ‘em so:

  1. blair waldorf -:- she comes in at numero uno because i’ve loved her the longest. i PREFER book!blair because she’s a tiny brunette psycopath but i love tv!blair because she was really good at showing her compassionate side even if it was to people who didn’t Deserve Her Love.
  2. rachel berry-:- the only reason i ever watched glee was bc i was like ‘oh i like spring awakening and lea michele is in this’ and then within like 2 minutes i was like ‘i would die for rachel berry’. she is the ONLY reason i spent six years watching that shit live, she is the ONLY reason i give a shit abt what lea’s existence is these days, and she was not only one of the biggest CLICKS i’ve ever had with a character, but through loving and writing/rping her i have met some truly amazing people. 
  3. spencer hastings -:- she’s in number three because she’s my newest love, but she’s right up there with the two original baes. i can’t believe i just said bae. she’s 100% everything i love in a character: ambitious as fuck, borderline crazy, hella loyal and supportive and Needs To Be The Best. i just. i would straight up die for spencer hastings sry not sry idk why it took me so long to watch pll but between the show and the books i am Done For.
  4. lydia martin -:- the first non-brunette! she might be! the only one ! but my tiny little genius who has gone through SO MUCH CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT in five seasons ! i weep. lydia martin deserves the world and i love her. 
  5. rachel green -:- the rest of these aren’t really in any sort of order, just kind of who i adore. but i’ve been watching friends for half of my life and even when i was just watching it on television in syndication every day, i l o v e d rachel. she’s another one who goes from this giant transformation and while some may not think she fits my ‘type’ as much, she really is!? and like i know everyone loves rachel bc everyone loves friends in general but. sometimes i think she’s just so underrated for all her humor and generosity and strength because somehow people will still see her (and, really, all of my favs) as the spoiled rich girl
  6. speaking of; jackie burkhart -:- okay but have you seen jackie burkhart because she’s as cute as a button and as bitchy as they come and yet she still ! she loves with all her heart !! and i am F O R E V E R B I T T E R that she and hyde don’t end up together okay. forever. 
  7. stefan salvatore -:- the only man on this list. which gives him his own category in so many ways but it’s the LOVE THING god i am a sucker for someone who will die for those they love. and stefan literally would. and tries. on many occasions. and when he’s not busy brooding he’s the funniest fckn asshole ever. 
  8. summer roberts -:- !!!! i could talk for YEARS about how the o.c. was such a Formative Influence on me (i mean, it started my freshman year of high school and ended my senior year of high school, so) but summer was always my die hard favorite because she was so cute and spunky and not afraid to be a complex individual 
  9. fiona gallagher -:- i may not watch shameless anymore (rip in pieces my 18 thousand channels i had when living with my dad) but the first time i watched it i literally restarted it right from the beginning because i just ! i needed to. i love fiona SO MUCH she tries SO HARD and she just wants to be HAPPY can’t SOMEONE LET HER BE HAPPY PLEASE so yes. i love her. 
  10. meredith grey -:- i think my love of meredith probably stems from her mommy issues matching with a lot of my mommy issues but also she was another one who was just ! fuck all of you ! i will do and say as i please ! and i LOVE it so 

basically to sum up my type: aggressive, loud, short, opinionated, ambitious, insecure, selfish and loving. because honestly 99% of these characters have hella in common if anyone bothered to dissect it further. 

h o n o r a r y m e n t i o n s: amy santiago, katherine pierce, michaela pratt, mona vanderwaal, bob belcher, blaine anderson, alex karev, seth cohen, santana lopez, louise belcher, and i think that might be it. 


Where Is Pink Diamond?

After the reveal in Back to The Moon that Pink Diamond was in fact shattered, speculation about her whereabouts ran wild. I’ve seen a lot of theories, some saying lion is partially Pink Diamond, others saying Rose is Pink Diamond hiding in a Rose Quartz body. I’ve come up with a theory that I haven’t seen around, and hope to explain in this post.

First of all, because this is about the whereabouts of Pink Diamond, I’m not going to get into how she was shattered, (if Pearl was involved, how Rose did it while being significantly weaker) and for simplicities sake disregarding the idea that Rose is Pink Diamond.

So, Pink Diamond is shattered. According to what we know from Pearl, “…shards have a powerful partial consciousness…You see, any shard inside any sort of container could become a monster!” So a gem’s consciousness remains in some way even after shattering, and no matter where you put them that entity is still a threat to others. Of course, a simpler explanation would be that the shards are bubbled and in the temple, but I don’t think that’s the case.

Firstly, there’s the matter of Beach City. Why would The Crystal gems have settled in one place for so long? They likely landed there after the war, built the temple, and settled in what would develop into Beach City. I say it likely happened after the war because Bismuth did not recognize their location when she was unbubbled. Settling in one place during a war would’ve been impractical, but after there was the matter of corrupted gems to attend to. Having one spot to keep them all bubbled is safer, and keeping an eye on them is logical. A second incentive is the potential of hiding Pink Diamond somewhere nearby. If they placed her shards in the human world, Rose would need to be able to to monitor those shards closely. And, it wouldn’t be just a few gem shards, either. Pink Diamond was huge, and her gem would have been too. So it needs a huge, maybe ever lasting container.

Why not bubble her? This part gets a little less cut and dry. I think its due to Rose’s personal nature. Pink Diamond was Rose’s Diamond. She had likely worked under her from birth, and as a Quartz soldier would have known her personally. Rose is shown as a deeply feeling character who believes in second tries, in the beauty of everyone. And, from what we know of Bismuth, she refused a weapon to shatter any other gem already having done so herself. This suggests shattering Pink Diamond was so traumatic, she refused to ever do it again. Rose is also a character plagued by guilt, she even tells Greg its a good thing he knows nothing about her. I believe that kind of guilt, and her sentimentality, would have kept her from locking the shards away.

So where is she? I think the answer is right in front of us. What is something that Rose tended to and controlled all her years? Something nobody but her cared for, and Pearl showed disgust for? Something proven to be a creature with semi sentience? Something magic and shown to have many, many, gem shards within it?

Her moss.

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Hey guys! As school is coming really soon, I decided to make this masterpost in which I compiled some of my favorite/most helpful posts. I hope you like it and hopefully you’ll learn something new out of them! xx

(Inside of almost every one of these posts there are other posts linked at the end which is a plus!)






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The NCT Stans...
  • Taeil Stans:Are always confused because they don't know if he is actually a sweet and smol child or a hot and sexy man. Questions almost everything he does because they don't know what's going on and probably never will. They think he's very unpredictable. Stans newer to him see him as a really lovable and squishy baby child, very innocent and what not. Some people who have stanned him for a while also see him like that, those stans are rare. They're really nice and sweet to talk to, they love talking about their bias but they also like to hear what others have to say about their own biases. Most of his stans act exactly like him.
  • Hansol Stans:They either have no idea how he managed to creep into their hearts, or they know exactly how he did. They're extremely loyal and most of them are like the mom friend. When they talk to you, you'll notice that they really act a lot like their bias in the sense that they're lovable and kind! Some are dirtier than others. From my experience talking to them, if they do have a dirty side then they tend to hide it a bit, not wanting to corrupt anyone. They want the absolute best for their bias, they're so dedicated to Hansol it's unbelievable. They're the people that are most devastated about him being stuck in the dungeon.
  • Johnny Stans:Y'all are really weird. In a good way though. All Johnny stans are really enjoyable in one way or another. Some innocent and really super duper kind to everyone they meet. They're all the type to spam their best friends with pictures of their bias and spam their even better friends with pictures of johnny. Also very very funny people, I think they pick up a lot from their bias. If you talk to them then you're guaranteed to feel happy and upbeat, even after 3 minutes of conversation with them. The johnny stans I have met were really creative and artistic, in many ways.
  • Taeyong Stans:Literally they're all 110% angels, but if they see even the slightest rude thing about Taeyong they will go off and the person being mean will never see the sun again. Even if the Taeyong stan doesn't say anything to the person being offensive, they're still thinking sadistic things. Overall, though, they're all really nice and sweet. They act a lot like their bias, they're caring and loving and kind of cheesy. They will usually have Taeyong as their wallpapers on their phones and/or computers. They like to hear other nct fans talk about their biases because they probably think it's really cute. They usually won't talk about TY unless given the chance. Usually more listeners than talkers.
  • Yuta Stans:They all (or like 99%) are actually really sweet when you first talk to them. They almost come off like Hansol stans, but once you dig down and talk to them a lot you will realize they need Jesus. They all love his tumbleweed hair and maxi skirt, they think he looked really attractive. They will always find any thing he wears to be the best thing he has ever worn, they constantly praise him. From my experience, Yuta stans say a lot of dirty things, they're not usually weird things but just simply filthy. If you ask them to talk about Yuta then they will make a whole paragraph filled with frustration, confusion, and unconditional love for their bias.
  • Kun Stans:They treat him more like a friend than a boyfriend, like the other stans. There are few Kun stans that are like other nct stans, they want to hug and kiss him a lot and always talk about him. Most Kun stans are like "he's literally a dweeb, his f**king magic tricks are legendary, this idiot... gotta love him." At the same time though, many kun stans are crying over him, constantly screaming because they're just waiting for him to debut and shine like the star he is. They all want to marry him, but they also think that WinKun is the best ship on planet earth. Personally, I think Kun stans are really funny, they have a dorky yet weird sense of humor.
  • Doyoung Stans:No joke, they will literally fight you so hard if you say crap about the Vroom Vroom Talk Show. They fall asleep while listening to the Vroom Vroom Talk Show, don't offend them please let them live in peace with the Vroom Vroom Talk Show. They're all 50/50. At some points, they think he's so beautiful. They want to just sit him down, feed him grapes, give him massages, and just over all treat him like a king. The other side of them is the, THAT'S MY MAN side. Whenever he becomes snarky/sassy, roasts someone, or give a troll face, they scream at the top of their lungs like "SLAY MY MAN YOU GO DONGYOUNG YESZZ". Like Kun stans, they're really funny in the sense that they can just come up with the silliest things and make it work. Some are 100% alike their bias, others are very sweet and pure.
  • Ten Stans:THE SIDE PROFILE AND HIS NOSE that is their one weak point. They can be incredibly strong people but once they get like 4 seconds into the nct u 7th Sense MV they cry because HE'S SO CHIZZLED! They die over his dancing, they think he's an actual god. Most of them are a little perverted, they're literally the creeper moon or smile emojis. They're all really nice people, deep down no matter what there is a good speck within all this perversion. They always root for him when he sasses someone or acts like a little butt hole. They absolutely die over his smile and wish they could always see it. They get aggressive when they become too mushy over him, they gush over him while clenching their fists and secretly wondering how they became so whipped. Ten/ten would lick brussel sprouts off his stomach.
  • Jaehyun Stans:They all have a really chill vibe. When you talk to them, they really know how to listen to you, really well actually. And when they do actually talk, they are really nice to you and surprisingly really funny, the thing is that they don't try to be funny so it's that much better. Like all NCT fans, they want the absolute best for Jaehyun; but they're incredibly dedicated to talking positively about him and making sure he's happy at all times. I'm not saying that all NCT fans don't want the best for him but seriously Jaehyun stans are so hype about his well being. They become really fluffy when people tag them in or send them Jaehyun related things, keep that in mind.
  • Winwin Stans:They're all absolutely pure. Some of them may not want to give off the pure vibe so the act out and stuff but deep down they purer than holy water. I've actually noticed that many of them are violent in a sense, they want him to stab them, choke them, spit on them. They'd literally sell their soul to Satan if winwin needed/wanted them to. Have fun talking to Winwin stans, they wild. At first they seem really sweet and generous and caring and chill... give it like 20 minutes or so and they'll be talking about a dream they had the other night where winwin choked them and how amazing it was. Btw, they're salty about Kun and Winwin being separated. They also wish to be one of winwin's hoes alongside Taeyong and Kun.
  • Mark Stans:They're surprisingly rare, actually. You may not ever meet one, you might see a post that a mark stan made but you possibly will never talk to one. The thing is, mark stans don't know what to say or how to think, they're always confused. Sometimes they think "omg mark is the cutest baby child in all the land someone tuck him in and feed him ice cream" BUT other times they make comments about how mature he is and how good he looks in hats and they love when he swears, and they could go on about how manly he is. If you meet one, treasure them and spoil them with Mark gifs. Why? Because their reactions are priceless.
  • Renjun Stans:Renjun stans see him as more of a cute son than an attractive boyfriend, if you know what I mean. These stans will take a bullet for him, get nasty when people say anything bad about him, and use the "catch these hands" meme a lot. Similar to Winwin stans, they are a bit violent because they don't want people messing with their baby Renjun. They will indeed fite you so hard, and they are very protective over him. If you talk to them please watch yourself, and let them talk about Renjun as much as they want. They get so busy protecting him that they forget how amazing he is so when they get the opportunity to talk sweetly about him, they surely will.
  • Jeno Stans:I love the Jeno stans I know, they're super nice. They're more on the chill and kool side, in a way they're different from their bias. If you take time to talk to them, you'll see that they don't seem very hyper. I guess they're just so tired of constantly being attacked by their bias... They usually listen more than talk, and just make silly comments along the way. Jeno stans are also the type to be really really funny without knowing or trying. They're the type of people that you're nervous to approach because they give off that super cool vibe, but I strongly suggest making friends with them because they'll flatter you a lot and never fail to make you laugh.
  • Donghyuck Stans:Similar to Jeno stans, they're the opposite of their bias, mostly. I know that all of them are actually really really sweet. Some of them have been corrupted by their bias, so they're both sour and sweet. Then there are the ones that haven't been corrupted at all and are literally smol beans and people will know them as the donghyuck stan that needs to be protected at all costs. Most donghyuck stans feel weird about calling him Haechan, and were a bit salty when he was first debuted as Haechan. Donghyuck can do anything and they would be very proud of him. He could roast a 10 year old and they'd be like "wowowowow 100% that's my baby hyuck oh my gosh he should get an award". They're usually really funny when you talk to them, more stans don't even realize they're funny as well. Cherish them if you make friends with one.
  • Jaemin Stans:So unlike Jeno and Donghyuck stans, they are the exact same as their bias. They're all really bright and fluffy and smiley and just so freaking cute. If you start talking to one you will quickly notice that they physically radiate sunshine and flowers. They can bring you up when you're down, they're more so silly than funny. They make puns and really cringey jokes but they're still funny. I strongly suggest becoming friends with Jaemin stans. Jaemin stans have 500% faith in jaemin, too, similar to the jaehyun stans they are the most dedicated to keeping jaemin happy. These stans usually stay out of all drama what so ever, they prefer to spread peace.
  • Chenle Stans:Like Renjun stans, most of Chenle's stans are his moms. Everyone protects him so hard, even though he can 110% for sure take care of himself. They're like those parents or grandparents who always bring up their kids/grandkids achievements, "oh yeah, well my son has 3 albums and had his own concert when he was 9... what did ur son do??" His younger fans are usually quite pure, sweet, and kind to everyone, his older fans are wild, always saying how everyone needs to stay in their lane and that they'll fight anyone that does something wrong (involving Chenle). Most of the chenle stans don't realize they're chenle stans until a while later, then it hits them like a bus... 11/10 recommend you make friends with one.
  • Jisung Stans:They're all either Jisung's age or Johnny's age. No matter what though, they're all really really nice and kind to everyone they meet. Protecting him is a must, no matter the age of the stan. If it's a younger fan, they're going to yell at the haters in an angsty teen sort of way. If they're older, they are the aggressive yet polite ones when fighting a hater, "lol okay i don't want to rip you to shreds but if you say one more thing about my baby then i will physically tear your limbs off with my teeth." All of the Jisung stans i've met are really silly actually, and despite their age they sound like an 11 year old (in a good way. Similar to Mark stans, Jisung stans are actually pretty rare. When you find one, love them, cherish them, protect them, and spoil them.

Riarkle + couple tropes

This was supposed to be part of Riarkle week but that was the week the new semester started so, by the end of the week, I was really busy and wasn´t able to finish it.

I didn’t have any idea of what to do for couple tropes and I ended up on reading about the main love tropes and this are some of the ones I feel like resonate with riarkle the most (IMO at least). There are SO MANY tropes and, as I said, I only looked at the main, there are a whole other bunch of subtropes. 

I would really recomend you to go check the site out and read some of the tropes. I found some that were more LR, LM, SF and so, and most importantly I feel like I get tv writting better now wich is never bad.

Anyway, I hope you like this, it took a whole lot of work but I really enjoy doing it.

I love Steve’s character development tbh he started out like the stereotypical famous asshole jock who only cares about making out with a girl and he picks on others but in the end he realized that his behavior was wrong and he turned into a badass like he could have easily left Nancy and Jonathan to die but instead he went back and helped them even though he was scared shitless and he literally had no idea what was going on I don’t get why people still hate him he even bought Jonathan a new camera