and the others have no idea what's going on

Someone throw out your theory about what is happening, please?

I have been spotted in my workplace when I am not there. Once, about 13 years ago, I actually saw MYSELF walk across a common area of my work place. I thought I was going bonkers but my co-worker saw the other me walk across the common area too and started speaking to the other me as she turned around to walk around the desk. She literally bumped into me and was  so frightened and surprised to see the real me standing behind her she had a panic attack. She saw the other me too! Neither one of us could explain it but we both described what the other me was wearing (which was what I was wearing that day). I made sure to never wear that tank top again. We decided to never speak of it again. BUT THEN….

Earlier this week a client was shuffling through some papers at my desk and was shocked to look up and find me sitting right in front of her. She got completely freaked out and was adamant that she saw me across the common area (the same place as last time other me was spotted). She won’t be around me now and she’s told the other clients there’s something wrong with me. 

A couple of years ago another client experienced the same thing but just accused me of being a mutant a la X-Men and laughed it off. She was with several other clients who were very uneasy about it until she laughed it off. They saw the same thing but luckily were easy enough to persuade. 

So what is going on? I’m not doing it on purpose. Any ideas? Explanations? Ideas? I’ve heard the doppelgänger theory but since the first time was over 13 years ago, I doubt it’s a death omen. Has anyone ever had a problem with splitting before? 

Please reblog if you think someone might have any ideas. This starting to freak people out and I don’t want to scare anyone. 

Waxing Gone Wrong

AU Bucky Barnes x Reader Fic

Another in the pornstar!Bucky series. This is a mostly true story, something which happened to a friend of mine. I nearly wet myself when she told it to me so I hope you all get the same enjoyment out of it as I did. As I have always said, anything you tell me can, and likely will, be used in a fic at some point in the future.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader |  Word Count: 2161
Warnings: The painful truth about what some women go through when waxing. Language.

You didn’t know what had ever possessed you to think you could get away with trying something of this magnitude. It had been a ridiculous thought, a very bad idea, and asking for trouble all wrapped up in one.

But the other girls did it, and Wanda and Natasha had sworn up and down it really wasn’t that hard. Just spread on the wax, rub on the linen strip, pull the skin taught, and tear. Easy peasy, right?


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Why we can’t trust this Shiro

after Shiro returned in season 3 a lot of theories have been going around on how this isn’t our Shiro. I even posted a theory about this of my own after s03 aired but season 4 gave me some new ideas into this. 

Read my previous Theorie about Shiro here

In my previous theorie i talked about the two possebilitys as what happened to Shiro. One of those being that the Shiro which returned being a clone and the other theorie was about Shiro somehow being mindcontrolled.

I’m going a bit more into the mindcontrol theory here,Since i pretty much said everything bout the clone thing in the previous theory. But also because s04 led me more down the path to believe of mindcontrol. 

In the previous theorie about Shiro i talked about how Voltron always has some way of foreshadowing. 

There is this moment in the second season were Hunk talks about the possebility of the Galra having implanted the memory of Ulaz aiding in his escape, talking about how it would be possible through his arm. 

and during Keith’s trails of Marmora his fear showed us Shiro going in against Keith and his decisions making him doubt and telling him how going on like this would have him end up allone, followed by Shiro leaving him. 

Reminds me of a certain Paladin who dissapeared at the end of that season, and a certain Paladin who left the team after he and Shiro started to clash

and let’s not forget the episode where the Paladins entered into an alternate reality where the Alteans, Who were the enemies in that universe, had taken control by mindcontrolling the other people in the universe. They took away their own free will.

What if Project Kuron spoke about some sorth of brainwashing, something that was the purpose of the time the Galra wanted to putt him under, the time when Ulaz helped in his escape. a brainwashed Shiro would surely explain a lot more here and there. for starters the lacks of memory from his time of prisoner . 

Which are the foreshadowing parts i’m talking about, but now with the new season i’m really led to believe its some sort of mindcontrol. 

There are many things in the new season that could let us to believe this. first of all the new quintessence that has started to appear and the hidden source and routes of the quintessence. It’s being more guarded than the previous quintessence meaning its different, more powerfull pherhaps. 

than there is the fact that Haggar somehow was capable of controlling and seeing through Narti. If this was because of Narti her own ability to control others or her ability to see through Kova’s eyes i don’t know. But i do know that she was being controlled by Haggar in the end somehow. 

I believe Haggar was only capable of this because there pherhaps had already been some things set in motion to take control over her, but she only succeeded into doing so after getting close to her. 

What if Project Kuron phase 3 reffered to them controlling the steps for possible mindcontrol or just complete their mindcontrol over Shiro. 

Let’s not forget that Haggar mentioned that Shiro could have been their greatest weapon. Something they might could have succeeded into getting when Shiro was gone. 

I believe that with the Blade searching for awnsers and the possebility of Prince Lotor joining up with Voltron will mean that things are about to change. Lotor knows as no one else what his mother is capable of, and he reconised that Narti was a thread before any of the others did. 

If Lotor joins the side of the paladins theres a possebility that he’ll find out that somethings wrong with the Black Paladin. There a change he’d reveal it to the other paladins but what would that mean for them. 

I doubt the paladins would believe Lotor but i think that Keith is willing to believe it, seeing as i still doubt that Keith truely believes in this Shiro. 

The look Keith has on his face when Shiro comes up to talk to him, it’s nothing like what we’ve seen between the two of them in the past seasons. It’s almost like this only drives him further away because he knows this isnt his Shiro. and i Believe that with Matt being back and Lotor telling him about the things Haggar’s capable off. I think it could cause for lots of trouble. 

as to why i still believe this isn’t our shiro is the fact that he just doesnt act the same. 

The Shiro from the first two seasons supported Keith and the others openly, He believed that Keith could take his place if something were to ever happen to him. Telling him that it might take some time but that he could do it. 

But the moment Shiro returns things have been different. This Shiro doesnt support Keith’s way of leading the team, he refused to listen to Keith many times, and gives him no real change to lead. He dismisses Keiths ideas and oppinions which he valued so much when Keith was still the Red Paladin. 

Shiro’s additude towards Keith has changed more in the short time he was gone, (i mean lets be honest people, he couldn’t have been gone for more than a few months) Than in the year he’d been gone during the Kerberose mission. 

Than there’s the fact that the Shiro we knew used to be carefull and putting the team above the mission. This Shiro is more reckless, he isn’t as carefull as the Shiro we knew. He almost got the team killed because he didn’t retreath Voltron from a Galra controlled planet that was starting to close a partical barrier. 

If i where him i would have backed away from the planet the moment Allura told them that something was wrong but instead he decided to stay putting the entire team and the entire rebellion into danger. 

I just wanna say that it’s so important to not drag others down, we have no idea what someone else is going through or struggling with, please don’t think that you know their fears and demons by looking at the surface, imagine if someone did that to you, we are all people and we are all trying to do our very best.

I’m not sure why it has become a thing to drag others down for learning at a different pace or walking their own road a little differently.

It’s so special to be your own person, and it’s also SO hard to be your own person, someone judging and having an opinion makes it harder.

The focus and energy you put into trying to make someone else unhappy, turn that into good and into a positive and you’ll be surprised what magic finds you.

It’s really not that hard to just love.

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There's only one pizza slice left and the sides being Thomas, they all want it.

Logan started it. He reached for the last slice, having no idea what was going to happen. He reasoned that they should have divided the pieces evenly before anybody got to eat. Nobody really cared about this suggestion, as it was already too late, and nobody remembered who had eaten the least.

Patton said it should be him. He gives a strange, ambiguous reason that doesn’t make a lot of sense, but is simply accepted by the others. But, before Patton could eat it, Roman had to make his argument.

Adventure makes a man hungry! He exclaims this quite loudly, holding one arm up in a dramatic pose. And while the others argue in this frivolous, stupid manner, Virgil watches.

He watches while eating the pizza. To busy arguing with themselves, nobody even noticed he took it.

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So ok, here I go: I have, like, a kind-of girlfriend. We call each other pet names and things like that, and are you generic couple thingy. The thing is, our relationship hasn't been confirmed yet, and that confuses me. Also, I'm still really unsure of my gender identity and sexual and romantic preferences yet, and I'm young and not sure if I'm ready for a relationship yet. Can I get some help please?

Woof ain’t this a question lasagna? 

Okay um. Oh, crumbs.

Are you not ready for a relationship or your idea of what a romantic relationship is? 

With that being said, ain’t nothin’ wrong with just askin’ this chick what’s going on with you two. If you want to go steady, go steady, if you don’t, don’t. 

It doesn’t have to be anything you don’t need it to be, let alone something you’d have to explain to others. It’s your business. 

When it comes to gender identity and romantic preferences, just try your hand in different things and see what makes you comfy!

Sorry these are so vague, but I ain’t got much to work off of here!!! BEST OF LUCK!

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Hi! So I’m going to study abroad next week and I’m a little bit nervous about it. Maybe some advice on living/studying alone in the unknown country?

So I don’t know exactly how to ask this, but do you have any advice for someone who will not only be moving out of their parents house, but to a different country entirely?I’ll be moving to Canada(from usa)& I have honestly no idea what to do. I know I need to get my passport, but other then that, I’m lost. I need to live relatively close to Toronto, because the school I’ll be going to (OCAD U) is right in downtown. I’ll be moving with 2-3 people, a child, & lots of pets. Any advice you have?

Ok I just saw the last post so I’d just like to ask: Any idea how to move to the US to work? Ideally I’d like to live in California or Florida (I been to and love LA, San Diego and Miami). I’ll be finished my degree in journalism and filmmaking at the end of 2018.

How to move across the country? I’m moving from Seattle to Richmond VA and it’s for school/work and the first time I’ll be living on my own soooo help?!?!

hi! I’m a sophomore in high school right now, and I’m planning on attending university of Toronto. however, I currently live in Ohio. I want to leave shortly after I graduate, do you have any tips for moving far away?

Hey! We’ve gotten a lot of questions recently about moving, so I’ll try to answer them in this post! I apologize if your specific question wasn’t answered; feel free to send in another ask with more details if you’d like!

Moving Out of State/Across the Country

Whether you’re moving for school, work, or just for a change of pace , make sure you:

  • have at least 2 months rent saved up (might not apply if you’re living the dorms)
  • know about transportation— is there a bus or train? Will you be bringing your car? How’s the parking situation?
  • once you’ve found an apartment, set up electric service and internet service with the local companies
  • know where the safer and more dangerous areas of the new city are
  • have an idea of where the closest grocery store will be
  • have all your important documents— social security card, passport (just in case), banking info, checks, insurance info
  • tell your credit card companies that you’re going to be moving to a new state so they don’t question any new out-of-state charges
  • decide if you’re going to register to vote in your new state
  • decide if you’re going to update your driver’s license to your new state
  • be ready to file taxes in your new state

Moving Abroad/Internationally

Admittedly, I know less about this, but I do have a few friends who went to college abroad. None of them regretted it, although there was some loneliness and homesickness of course. You may find that living abroad isn’t nearly as foreign as you thought!

  • if you’re going to be a student, you need a student visa
  • if you’re going to work, you need a work visa
  • make sure you know the local language, or enough to get by!
  • read as many travel blogs related to the country you’re traveling to as possible
  • Check Tumblr for other students living abroad.
  • See if the university has an international students office. Most do! See if they can put you in contact with other international students who can help!
  • make sure you have the correct currency
  • check with your university for all policies and procedures!

Moving to the US for work after graduating from school

Unfortunately, I don’t know very much about this! Check with your university and see what they say. I do know that it can be complicated, though, once you’re no longer a student.

General Moving Far Away Tips

  • Take advantage of all modern technology! WhatsApp, Skype, other messaging apps. These will help you feel closer to home!
  • How will you be transporting your stuff? When I moved from California to NYC, I shipped my stuff in boxes from UPS. You can also hire a moving company (very expensive), drive it all yourself, or buy all new.
  • Take some time to explore your new home before diving into work and school!
  • Do things that remind you of home. Put up pictures, call your friends and parents, keep a favorite stuffed animal, make comfort foods
  • Arrange holiday visits and trips home early, before the prices rise!
  • If you’re going to go, go! Don’t leave yourself with too much baggage or emotional ties back home; you’re just going to make yourself homesick. Embrace being in a new place. Usually it takes about a year to adjust, but you’ll be just fine!

Please check out our Moving tags for more details about packing, finding apartments, living in dorms, and more!!!– Mimi

to touch with the lips

Because I can count. Ten Kisses. Ten Days. I’m so going to fail at this, aren’t I?

There wasn’t much she knew for sure.

               She knew she liked coffee.

               She knew her favorite color was black.

               She knew was a morning person.

               And she knew Kurt Weller.

               She knew everything about Kurt Weller. Except for, well, how she really felt about him. Or what those feelings meant. Or what to do about them.

               But when Patterson cried and hugged her and said those words, all she could think about was Weller.

               How he was the first person she trusted (and who trusted her).

               How he was always there for her.

               How she felt when he was there. And when he wasn’t.

               How she felt when he looked into her eyes.

               How right it felt when they danced (was that really just yesterday?)

               And how, all of a sudden, she didn’t want to have any more doubts about this. They dealt in life and death situations daily now (because of her, she thought ruefully). She’d already been shot once, and she knew it could happen again. To any one of them, but especially to Kurt.

               And there he was, right in front of her. And she tried to explain, but words fell away when their lips met.

theshadowsofevil  asked:

Are you excited for the graphic novel of the series? I wonder if there's an expanded adaptation of the pilot. If there is, I wonder what the difference is between the pilot film and the graphic novel adaptaion? More scenes, I presume.

I am! I really enjoy seeing other people’s take on art, and from the few frames we’ve seen, I love the art style. It still looks like brush strokes, and the panel shapes are so whimsical!

I have no idea if there’s going to be an extended plot or anything, but I presume the comic will covers stories that aren’t in the series once it’s done Tangled Before Ever After.

Last night I had a dream

It started with me getting ready for my wedding. I had no idea who I was marrying or what was going on. I peek to see who I was marrying and IT WAS A BOY FROM HIGHSCHOOL. Blonde, cute smile, soft eyes, extremely kissable lips. Anyway, I freak out and ditch. He finds me somehow (I’m a little sketchy on the details). He hugs me and kisses me and all of a sudden I remember everything seeming ok. I guess we get married after, but we didn’t have rings. So we go home (we live together apparently) and just kiss and love each other. Next I remember him coming home with a ring. And I am super wary about wearing it. So I hold it in my hand. After I remember losing it somehow. I tell him and he basically doesn’t care and says we’ll get a new one for me and we kissed. That was it.

The reason this is so impactful on me is because I have never been able to fully accept that I would be able to love guys the way I should in order to be with someone for the rest of my life. I look back at this dream and believe that I can feel that kind of love and acceptance in my life. I know it’s just a dream, but it felt so real. Unconditional love like that is something I have never been able to experience with a guy. I want to get there at some point. Hopefully soon! But for now, I’m just happy to finally believe in my ability to show true love to someone.

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How'd u figure out you were NB? Did it impact u identifying as a lesbian at all? Aaa I hope I'm not intruding, I'm going thru an identity crisis

oh no its okay dont worry about it you arent being intrusive at all!
me realizing i was nonbinary also was me just going through labels that at the time i thought were fitting but then i realized didnt fit over time. like at first when i learned about what being trans even WAS i went by trans guy bc i literally had no idea nonbinary was even a thing. i still went by she pronouns because i didnt really… know i was allowed to go by anything different. but after being exposed to other identities i went by genderfluid for a year or two! and after a while of that i realized. well. i dont really have gender ever i just like presenting different ways sometimes. so i went by a bunch of really convoluted kind of embarrassing labels to describe my gender but ultimately landed on like agender for a long time. i just call myself nonbinary now though bc trying to describe my experience w gender w jst one label is like annoying and confusing
it did kind of impact me identifying as a lesbian. i thought that lesbian was a Girl Only label so that was one of the main reasons i avoided it for long… but nonbinary lesbians started getting a lot more love and recognition which helped me open up to the idea. im really thankful for that and how coincidental it was because ive never been more comfortable with a way of describing my gender and sexuality and i probably wouldnt have realized i was a lesbian if it werent for that mixed w other things too

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au: what if northern Ontario had its own personification?

At Ontario’s house, you’re welcome to go anywhere at all, as long as you don’t make a mess or touch anything important - the only exception here would be the attic. Ont refuses to tell anyone why, it just is. No province, territory or state knows what’s up there but them - although Manitoba and Québec may or may not have a vague idea.

Even so - occasionally, while the other provinces are upstairs, they hear things - a creak of the boards above them, the buzz of an unseen black fly, sometimes even a raspy whisper or a soft cry for help. Some claim they hear distant fragments of a miner’s folk song. Once, they found a swab of red flannel wedged in the attic door.

Upon being questioned about it, Ontario will vehemently deny anything, despite being more or less fine and dandy with ghosts and the supernatural. It’s nothing, guys, they insist, nothing at all. Probably just the wind - you know it can get real mean around the Great Lakes, eh?

The provinces, naturally, assume it’s some kind of vengeful spirit regardless. They call it Frank.

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no wonder you have such a shitty view of dark skin, you still watch pewdiepie lol way to out yourself and then backpedal when you get your ass handed to you because you have no idea what you are talking about half the time. you bitch about the canon queen and batter characterizations and how they arent followed by fans but somehow canon skin color is different. olive skin is dark skin get over it. just because its not white doesn't mean he's evil

What. I made the pewdiepie post before he said that thing on stream so you can’t use that as evidence. As for the other points;

What? I’ve always said that people can imagine things any way they want. That happens to go for both race and backstory, and of course sexuality. I don’t see how you can twist that in your favour.

Besides, I didn’t backpedal. I haven’t deleted anything, and I never backed down from any points I made. It was simply a topical post. Was I ever rude in my responses?

Also, my girlfriend has “dark” skin. My eyes are opened. She is evil, and I must leave her with immediate effect.

something-golden  asked:

Hi! Do you have an idea what to say back to people who say they already cut their meat intake drastically and if they would stop eating meat all together it isn't going to change anything significantly?

My default is to substitute some other unfavorable activity (i.e. I’ve reduced the amount of puppies I kick a lot, but if I stopped altogether, nothing would really change, people will still kick puppies, so I might as well kick some too, I just can’t help it, they look so kick-able, I really enjoy it, etc) just to make their argument sound ridiculous. 

-Admin Samantha

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I really liked your awkward Hanzo comics~ Could you make one where McCree compliments his hair (particularly the white little hair-wings part thing) and the next day someone (Genji? Symm?) finds him with a little smile trying extra hard to make them perfect? (not in a snooty/prideful way. more of a "i hope they look good today maybe he'll talk to me again" way) I am not sure if I'm allowed to make requests/suggestions so i hope this does not come off as pushy~ '3' Welp, 25 letters left so this -

im super glad you liked it omg thank yOU!!! i am 1000% down for requests & suggestions hehe there u go!!!

I do feel bad for plants in general.
Like, I know they are often as vicious as animals in many ways, just slower.
But, I mean, they just show up and they’re like, “I Think I Will Evolve To Eat The Sun And Also Make Oxygen And How Now Is All This.”
And, like, everything fucking dies at first (totally not plants fault, btw. okay maybe it was but they didn’t mean to) but then new things evolve.
And they’re like, “Fuck it, eating each other suuuucks. Let’s eat the plants which give us life.”
And so we start doing that.
And plants are all, “Oh Dear No, I Do Not Care At All For Being Eaten. I Will Make Myself Into Poison Sometimes.”
But, y'know, stuff kept eating plants anyway so plants, ever the bro, came up with a new idea. “I Have Made A Decision About Being Eaten And You May Eat Me Friends And Here Is An Especially Tasty Bit Packed All Full of Delicious Sugars Which I Have Produced At Great Cost (What They Do Not Know Is That My Seeds Are Within And Shall Be Propagated Near And Far By Their Dung)“
But that’s not good enough for animals, no, not at all.
We love the fuck out of some pomegranates but also alliums which are like, "I Have Not Decided To Go In For This Being Eaten Business. I Shall Be Very Foul Tasting And Also A Poison.”
But no, sorry, onions, you fucked up.
You accidentally wound up with a species that just doesn’t give up or fully comprehend the idea of things tasting “”‘bad’“’ or other concepts like not eating poison. (Sorry, plants, later we turn some of you who are not poison into a poison we consume recreationally. We really enjoy eating poison.) 
Legit, alliums are deadly to, like, every other species.
And we call them aromatics and throw them in everything.
Peppers are the best, though.
They completely got on the being eaten train.
Peppers are like, "You May Eat Me, Fair Avian, For You Are Sure To Spread Me A Great Distance. But, Mammal, Take HEED. Should You Eat Me Then I Will Burn You Most Terribly.”
And we were all about that.
“The FUCK, burning? I love pain,” said humans, presumably.
“You know, peppers, you and evolution have done a good job at burning us but I am pretty sure we could make your chemical agony even more potent. Come hang with us,” humans added to a very confused pepper just before creating the ghost chili.

Doing well is much easier said than done. The best tip I have is to just do the work. It’s going to suck, but there’s no secret other than doing the work. Though, there are ways to make doing the work easier!

I. Time Management

  • Have a planner to gain a general idea of your week.
  • Schedule your time for studying but also schedule time for breaks.
  • Every morning I check what needs to be done for the day.
  • I treat college as a 9-5 job with a lunch break. This may not work for everyone, but this thinking allows me to be done by 5, and I usually finish everything for the day by that time.
  • Take a break after you finish an assignment. Allow yourself to feel proud for finishing and give yourself a reward.
  • Break up projects into smaller parts, this is incredibly important. It’s easier to do an outline, then a few paragraphs rather than doing an entire essay at once.
  • It’s not time well used if you don’t focus on the task at hand. If you’re having trouble, get rid of distractions using apps that limit phone/internet usage.
  • Don’t waste time on techniques that don’t work for you. I don’t rewrite notes, it doesn’t help me study. Instead I do extra textbook problems or I watch a video on the topic. 
  • Sometimes it’s hard to motivate yourself to do the work, to study. Then just do a single problem, a single page or paragraph. Usually starting is the hardest part.

II. Studying & Learning

  • Be present during class by asking questions and answering problems.
  • Use phone-locking apps like Forest if you need to to stay focused on the class.
  • Skim lecture notes ahead of time. You don’t need to take notes on them, the professor will tell you what’s important.
  • It’s ok if your notes aren’t pretty as long as they’re functional.
  • Practice problems until you can’t get them wrong.
  • Try to teach the material to someone else. This will show holes in your understanding. Pretend to teach if you don’t have a friend in the same class.
  • If you need, study in the library. Honestly, studying at my desk in my dorm has worked just fine for me though.
  • Do the homework, there’s no way around it. This is probably the biggest tip here. Do the work.
  • Actually do the homework, don’t just copy answers. Understand the answers. You can’t copy on a test.
  • Speaking of tests, do as many practice tests as you can find. Once the real test comes around, you won’t be as nervous and it should feel familiar.
  • Nice pens and notebooks aren’t required. However, spend a dollar and get a pen that writes well enough that you’re not wasting time during class getting it to work. (I’ve been through this)
  • Do the extra credit. There’s no reason not to, and your grade will thank you.
  • Go to tutoring, not everyone knows everything. You might even make a new friend since most tutors at my school are also students!
  • Realistically, you don’t need to do every reading assignment as long as you know what your professor tests on. If you don’t have the time, its fine to only skim the assignment.
  • Make study groups. If you don’t have a friend in the class, it’s as easy as asking “want to work on the homework together?” In my experience, most people are happy to work with you.
  • Go to your professors office hours if you need help. Your professors are a valuable resource.
  • Ask your friends for feedback, I do this all the time.

III. Treat Yourself

  • Sleep and eat well. Coffee is not a breakfast.
  • Please, don’t force yourself to cram a subject overnight. This is where time management comes into play.
  • An over-stressed student is a bad student, but a little bit of stress is healthy.
  • Find what motivates you. Personally, I wish to become a researcher so I work hard towards that goal to get into a good grad. school.
  • You don’t have to join a club. I’m not in one, and my social life is just fine since I spend time playing games with friends at night.
  • But join a club if you want, even for a single day. You might meet some friends.
  • Really do whatever you want with regards to your social life. Do what’s comfortable for you.
  • If you need it, colleges have a therapist that you can make an appointment with.

So, let’s try an AU where the bats are complete isolationists.

I mean, they’ve had contact with the world outside Gotham and villains outside Gotham, but they’ve completely and totally avoided other heroes.

So, There’s a Justice League, but no Watchtower.

There’s a Teen Titans, but without the Robins.

There’s a Red Hood, but no Outlaws.

Tim’s Young Justice never existed because they just joined the Titans.

No one is allowed in Gotham - meta or not. Gotham is theirs.

So, you have all the other heroes and then you have the Bats.

And, frankly, the other heroes are a little wary of the bats. They have no idea who they are or what they’re capable of?

They’re from Gotham - they live in Gotham and take care of Gotham and Gotham is one of the most dangerous cities in America, if not the world. Gotham’s villains are crazy. 

And if the bats are taking care of that, then they have to be… well, pretty dangerous. No one wants to cross them. And even though they want to find out what their powers are, no one wants to risk going into Gotham after that time Superman tried it and came out 5 minute later with a sliver of kryptonite embedded in his arm (just because no one knows about the bats, doesn’t mean the bats don’t now about everybody.)

And then comes the moment when the bats have to break their isolation.

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