and the other guy obviously knows this too

You know I’m pretty sure Marinette spends FAR more one-on-one time with Chat Noir than any other specific guy she knows, even if most of said time is spent kicking various akuma in the face, and I am just picturing her sloooowly and subconsciously starting to expect all boys to be cats. Like. Dudes are cats. That’s just how it is. That is a totally normal way to interact with boys, obviously?? 

“Girl, what the hell,” Alya says as Marinette distractedly gives Nathaniel headscritches after he comes over to attempt to talk to her while she’s concentrating on a design. Nathaniel is too busy internally screaming to say anything himself. What is this, what is this about, what does this MEAN????

Somewhere Adrien Agreste spends an entire photoshoot seething with pure feline envy and has no idea why.

“but how can you headcanon that male character with the other male character? he was dating a woman!”

“but how can you ship him with that guy sometimes but with that girl too?” 

“but he has such great chemistry with this guy, if you ship him with that girl you’re erasing queer representation!”

“i know he’s shown canon interest in women but he’s with a guy now! he was obviously just a closeted/confused gay!”


Some of my favorite questions and answers from the Facebook Live video:

Question: If you’re driving in your car, what are you listening to?

David: Well, honestly the last couple days I’ve been listening to my album because I’ve been rehearsing in the car. And I’m just happy that I didn’t have an accident where my car goes off the road and my own album is playing and I die. Because that would be horrible. The worst.

Okay I have a couple of questions. Your kids.

David: Yeah

They look just like you.

David: Mmm

I mean, I know we don’t want to talk too much about your kids obviously, but they look just like you. Jeez. That’s cool

*David Laughs*

I guess you’re the dad

David: Yeah exactly

Can I touch on the other stuff? I mean, 1993 your life changes

David: Yeah X-Files stuff, yeah

I mean these guys they’re my assistants but they’re truly here because they’re freaks with X-Files

David: X-files, really? At your age?

*off camera* Yeah!

I mean they said “Tommy, do you think he could call Scully?”


David: You know, when you’re not rolling

That last question though… 👀

ladylucina28  asked:

RFA members (+ V and Unknown if you want) reacting to S/O having mostly guy (Or girl for Jaehee) friends.



• he isn’t too worried or anything, he trusts MC and they are allowed to have friends obviously 

• so what if they happen to have more male friends than female friends?

• but if said male friends dare to make a move then he got a problem but other then that, no prob bob. Friends are important and Zen knows that 


“Cool. Do you think i could meet your friends sometime?”

• he would be excited to meet MC’s friends regardless what gender they might be. They have more male friends? alright. Or more female friends? alright. 

• Friendship is magic and it should be treasured no matter what. what a precious sunshine 


• she have stated that she never really had many other female friends so MC would very much so introduce Jaehee to their friends

• girls night out!!!!!!!! rule that city man 

• she wouldn’t be bothered by the fact that MC had so many female friends, she’s just happy that they have found so many good friends 


• probably the most saltiest about the fact that they have so many male friends than female friends because jealousy HOWEVER

• he gets over it because they are MC’s precious friends and he loves MC, he wants them happy 

• turns out later when they officially meet that MC’s friends and he gets along pretty good


• he isn’t bothered by it either. Friends are friends 

• if one of MC’s friends made a move on them or like flirted with them with the intention of ;) THEN he’d be bothered af but obviously who wouldn’t 

• He gets along just fine with MC’s friends and probably gets an accomplice in pranks with one of them

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Guys! I just reached 300 followers!! I can’t believe it! I have another blog that I have around 500 followers on, but I collected those followers within 5 years of being on tumblr, so to gain 300 of you amazing people in under a month is the most crazy! I don’t know anyone irl who loves these 7 dorks like we do, so it’s really comforting to know that you guys care enough to follow my blog and like/reblog my stuff :) You guys are the greatest and you’ve made me so happy!

BUT, obviously, all of my content isn’t my original stuff. A lot of my content is from reblogs from other super cool blogs and I wanted to share those blogs so you guys can check them out too!
[I’m listing all of the blogs I follow in order from the blog i followed first to the blog i followed most recently]

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I need to follow more blogs I know, If you guys follow some p dank blogs then tell me! I would love to check them out :D

Easy Co. as a trivia team
  • Luz: isn't actually listening to the question and constantly talking over the announcer and requesting songs on the jukebox
  • Toye: perpetually telling Luz to shut up, he's trying to listen to the question. doesn't really speak up to answer unless he's 100% certain because he doesn't want to look dumb.
  • Nixon: knows all the pretentious history and geography things from going to fancy schools
  • Winters: good at reasoning out answers when the team is floundering
  • Webster: obviously the literature guy on the team
  • Liebgott: pretends to know more about literature than Webster and always suggests changing Web's answers before they turn them in
  • Roe: human anatomy, biology, science boy extraordinaire
  • Guarnere: sports man
  • Babe: knows entirely too much about pop culture
  • Lipton: is the one who always says "good answer!" as if they're on Family Feud, even when they get it wrong
  • Sobel: the guy on the other team who is persnickety about the rules and is constantly asking the announcer to clarify questions

People need to stop fucking touching me or asking about my personal life. Like??? I’m 17! And you’re touching my arms or shoulders, calling me sweetie (or my own name which makes me flinch), offering your hand to shake, or asking me where I go to high school!?!?! Listen… I know I can look like a 20 something because I’m average height (most of my other female coworkers and managers are p short), I’ve usually got shadows under my eyes, and bc I’m a little “shapely” even in the uniform, but fuck off! Guys that do this are like 30-60 or something too, obviously really old compared to me. You need to stop before I call over my loving managers to wreck your shit, or my big buff dude friends from the back.

Lance’s Family

So I’m trying to plan out Lance’s family for my story right, so I found the screencap here:

Now, my initial thought (before I properly looked this up) was 2 older brothers, and older sister, and younger twins. Clearly that’s not the case.

Now I’m thinking… grandparents, parents…. 2 older sisters, 1 older brother, 1 younger sister, 1 younger brother, and a young niece and nephew??

What do other’s think? what’s your take on this? I did think that maybe the guy on the far right is his sister’s boyfriend, but it seems to be direct family so I doubt that. Plus he looks too much like the rest.

But do you think the 2 on the right are younger or older? And do you think those little ones are children of the lady in yellow/orange? or more siblings?

Obviously, we can’t know for sure yet, but I’d love to get people’s ideas! basically, I’m trying to work out how many names I’m going to need lol

Mystic Messenger and Honorifics/Titles

I’ve been looking for info on this but can’t find it anywhere.  Can anyone link me or explain to me what everyone in Mystic Messenger calls the MC, and what they call each other? 

I remember watching one of the “After Endings” and noticing/hearing that Yoosung addressed Rika as Rika-noona, or sometimes just “Noona,” and then while replaying the game I noticed that sometimes he calls Jaehee “Jaehee-Noona” too.  I looked it up and supposedly it means something like “older sister,” but can be used towards women you respect who are older than you.  I also noticed him and Zen refer to some of the other guys with “-Hyung” at the end, which is the male equivalent.

Since obviously I don’t speak Korean, I’ve had a hard time actually hearing what everyone else calls each other (and the MC).  I have noticed that they use different names for her, I just don’t know what they are.  I do know Seven addresses her as “Nim,” which is a title of respect, but I don’t know much else.

Can anyone point me in the right direction, please~?

While walking back from classes today, I left my headphones in my dorm, I noticed two guys walking at about the same pace. They obviously didn’t know each other, one had his eyes trained on his phone the other had headphones in, and didn’t notice how close they were. Phone Guy swayed too close and brushed hands with Headphone Guy, they both immediately froze then jumped back and yelled “BRUH” at the same time. I kinda laughed, Phone Guy immediately turned the opposite direction, walking back towards campus and Headphone Guy stuck his headphones back on and continued on his way.

All I could think of afterwards was how great of a college au that would’ve been

Growing up, I used to wish really hard that I would have normal hearing. When I was younger, I used to think that I would wake up in the morning suddenly hearing things and not using my implant at all. All would be well and I would hear everything that I was missing out on. As I got older, I wanted to be struck by lightning so badly, and it would restore my hearing, because I had read a story on that actually happening. I remember going outside during a thunderstorm a couple times and wait for the lightning to strike. Obviously, that never happened. Then a few years back, I had accepted my fate on being deaf. Now, I have become so accustomed to it to a point to where I had forgotten that I was deaf. Some of my friends and family had forgotten too as well. Others have helped me make sure that I was being accommodated to. I just want you guys to know that whether being deaf or hard of hearing and whether you use cochlear implants/hearing aids or not, it gets better. No matter what happens, it gets better.

violetestockel  asked:

Hey Skittles, who do you ship and what are your favorite otp's?

“Well, obviously I ship these two nerds here! SB and the Toriel he hangs out with is pretty cute too! Lets see… I don’t usually hang around with these guys, especially after the smiledip incident, so I don’t know many others here besides these three… Wasn’t there another Sans named Cherry?”

Ok but

Imagine a scene where sanvers invites Kara to a game night and they tell her to bring someone so they can play in teams and Kara being a little too sensitive decides not to ruin the Safe Girl Atmosphere and instead of inviting a guy she invites Lena who could also use a company.
So they have a game night where sanvers is winning supercorp at almost everything and Kara pouts every time and Lena bites her lip just looking at her to hold the gay together.
Obviously Maggie aka the wise Gay Mom™ notices it and decides that this was a good idea and they should have many other nights like this. Who knows maybe during one of those nights SOMEONE can put their feelings on the tAble.

“I dunno, she’s too big”

I heard a dude say this today in regards to an inked-up, super strong woman who was grocery shopping.

She was GORGEOUS and obviously strong as hell. Her hard work and dedication were obvious.  Thick muscular legs, ripped arms, the works.  All adorned in beautifully inked tattoo sleeves.  Pretty sure my heart skipped a beat or two.

Then I hear guys say that sort of crap. 

And I know these douchebags say it to their girlfriends and call them “fat” or “manly” if they lift “too much.”  Women will say it about other women as well.  I’ve called them out on it at work.

Muscles, big muscles, are NOT a strictly male feature.

Strong women, both physically and emotionally, are a TREASURE.

Here I am busting my ass to better myself and praying I can finally find someone just like that woman…yet there are twits out there who want to tear these women down and are perpetuating a culture that continues to shun strong women.

Screw you weak, small-minded misogynist pricks and the horses you rode in on.

Give me a jacked woman with a gigantic heart and loving soul who wants to deadlift her car, who wants to squat an elephant and hopes every doughnut we eat afterward goes right to her great big thick ass and her gigantic thighs.

Badges of Honor

Here, some rough sex while I compile the final requests.

AJ Styles/OC. Choking, biting, binding. A lot going on here! For Anon: You spill your guts when you’re drunk to AJ, Finn, Cesaro, and Baron and end up ranting about how you like guys who can be quite rough with you and the next day, you wake up in AJ’s hotel room and he shows you how rough he can be.

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Choose (Newt)

{Requested by anonymous}

Request/description: The Gladers are fighting over which one of them is the hottest and decide to have Y/N choose. (Sorry the actual request got deleted so I paraphrased)

Warnings: None

Word count: 963


“Are not!” A voice was nearly shouting from Frypans kitchen. Your attention turns from the vines you were tying in the Gardens and you look to see a group of boys arguing.

“Oh please! We all know I am,” Minho shouted over the others. This only leads to more arguing and outbursts over the group and you stand up straight. You were too distracted to work now so you might as well go see what all this klunk was about.

You walk over to the group tiredly, hearing more shouts.

“Nuh uh!”

“No I am!”

“You guys are all wrong!”

“No obviously it’s me!”

You stop just outside of the raging group of boys and clear your throat to declare your presence. All the shouting stops and you put a hand on your hip as they all turn to stare at you awkwardly.

“What on Earth is going on here?” you ask with a little impatience. All you wanted was to get your work done for the day and relax.

“Perfect!” Thomas chimed in. “Y/N can decide!”

All the other boys swiveled around to Thomas to throw their opinions in, most of them agreeing with Thomas.

“Hey!” you yell over the noise. “What exactly am I deciding?”

Newt eventually breaks through to the front of the crowd with an irritated look. “Apparently which Glader is the most vain,” he mutters.

You scoff. That was easy. Minho. But you had a feeling that wasn’t what they were actually arguing about. You wait patiently for them to all stop talking again and for someone to actually explain to you what was happening.

You pull a frustrated Winston to the side and gesture to the group of boys. “What are you all arguing about?”

Winston smirks and pushes a hand through his hair. “Which one of us is the best looking. But there’s really no argument, I mean, it’s me.”

You take step back and let out a short laugh. Newt steps up next to you and folds his arms. “It’s all rubbish, I know.”

You begin laughing so hard it’s difficult to breathe and Newt gives a small smile to you. He liked to see you happy.

The boys finally turned around, silent, and looked to see what you were laughing at. Mutters sound through the crowd and thy wait for you to explain yourself this time.

“You…” you gasp. “You’re fighting over who’s the hottest?”

Gally rubs the back of his neck shyly. “Well yeah. Hey, it’s not funny.”

You straighten up and suck in a deep breath, putting on a serious face. “Yeah, totally serious business. Of the uttermost importance,” you say sarcastically.

Newt smirks next to you. Finally someone understood why he thought all of this was complete klunk.

Alby walked past you with an annoyed face on. “Just pick someone please. I can’t get them to work until they’ve decided.”

You shake your head. Were they serious? They wanted you to pick who was the hottest?

“None of you. All of you are all ugly shanks. Can I go back to work now?”

Roars erupted around you and you sigh. You weren’t getting out of this until you picked someone, were you? Of corse you already knew who it was; Newt. You two had been in a secret relationship for a couple months that none of the Gladers knew about. If they had, then Alby would end it immediately.

Thomas and Minho crowded you and started talking loudly at you and you tried to hear what they were both saying.

“Look! Do you see my hair?” Minho gestured. “No one else can do that!”

“But I have better eyes,” Thomas fought back. “And I smell better.”

You sigh and pray they would stop soon.

They didn’t.

Soon everyone was huddled around you and the warmth of Newts presence was pushed away.

Gally scooted close to you and motioned to his eyebrows. “They are on FLEEK, okay? The rest of them are amateurs. These take work you know?”

You groaned. “Fine! Fine I’ve picked someone!”

Everyone was quiet and almost every Glader smirked as if they knew you’d picked them. Wow, what a man would do for their ego.

You sigh and nod. “Okay. This is my final answer. Are you all ready?”

Everyone nodded or agreed. You take a deep breath and hold your head high.

“It’s Chuck.”

A single yell was heard towards the back of the group. “YEAH!”

Chuck pushed his way towards the front and the rest of the boys stared, dumbfounded. Chuck was still beaming when he finally got to the front and the other boys muttered quietly.

“I told all of you, but no one listens to me!” Chuck smiled widely at them all and finally Minho shrugged.

“I can accept that,” Minho nodded. He tussled the top of Chucks curly hair and walked back to retrieve his food from Frypan.

“Yeah, that’s cool,” Winston agreed and Thomas nodded too. The rest of the Gladers finally accepted your answer and parted ways.

You scan the area for Newt and see him leaning against a tree just inside the Deadheads. You jog over to him and come to a stop in front of him.

“Who’d you pick?” he asks with a glimmer in his eye.

“Chuck,” you grin.

“Hmm,” Newt mulled the idea around in his head and nodded. “Nice choice.”

You shrug. “I would’ve picked you but it’s a bit risky,” you sigh.

Newt nods understandingly and wraps his arms around you so your head is against his chest. “Well that’s alright. I mean, Chuck is quite the looker.”

You roll your eyes and kiss him on the lips softly. He was the only one you had eyes for and that’s how things would remain.

Edmund x reader: I don't come for the coffee

*1st person Modern AU*

I tell my friends I go there for the mochas. Apparently, everyone is convinced that the only reason I insist on going to this same coffee shop every Monday is because of “Mocha Mondays”. There is no “Mocha Mondays”. The coffee isn’t even that good.

No, the reason I go out of my way to end up at this same café every Monday afternoon is because of him. HIM. The boy that’s always working behind the counter from 1-5 on Mondays.

I’m not sure if he works other shifts, but I always go on Mondays. Because I’ve always gone on Mondays. Because the first Monday I went there, the barista, Edmund, left me a note on the back of my cup. Nothing special, just a “This is my favorite drink too”, but it stuck with me.

Since then, every time I’ve come to this coffee shop he’s written something on my cup. Sometimes, he’ll draw a little star or heart next to it, and one time he even drew a little picture of a lion swimming in coffee.

“The usual.” I said casually as I strolled over to the counter. Of course, Edmund’s voice greeted me. “I wouldn’t have expected anything else.” He said cheekily, a smile now playing on his face as he ran up my order on the register. I smiled back and walked over to the end of the counter as I watched him making my drink.

I scanned the room. The clock was ticking louder than ever, the smell of coffee beans was still strong and satisfying, and that one hipster that was always sitting in the corner of the shop was typing furiously on his laptop.

“There you are.” Edmund said in his thick English accent. I grinned up at him as I took my drink, reaching into my pocket for payment. As I took out my credit card to give to him, the boy quickly pushed it back into the palm of my hand.

“This one’s on me. It’s about time.” I attempted to decline, as any polite person would, but Edmund wasn’t having any of it. “Look on the back of your cup. Consider that your payment.”

I frowned slightly as I turned my cup around. In his messy writing, Edmund had scrawled his number on my cup. The corners of my mouth tugged at my cheeks, slowly pulling into a smile.

“Okay. I’ll let you off the hook this time.” I said with a wink. Edmund returned it.


~Woah. Okay. Guys, we’re almost at 50 followers. It has been less than a week since I started this blog. LESS THAN A BLOODY WEEK! Well, I just wanted to say thank you for everything, you’re literally the greatest people on tumblr❤️~ 

anonymous asked:

Look, Ash. All this richonning and Danai praising coming from Andy is obviously amazing, especially on a worldwide stage, but it's getting a little one sided don't you think? I mean is a small "I agree" too much to ask at this point? I am getting "yeah whatever" vibes. Am I crazy? Please tell me I am.

By one-sided, do you mean from the other people on stage with Andy? I’m assuming so, since Danai is busy doing other stuff right now. But I don’t know. Far be it from me to defend those other guys, because I really don’t know or care about them like that, lol. But I wouldn’t hold that against them. They’ve probably heard Andy say all of this a hundred times by now. I think they’re just there to say what they need to say and get outta there. So I don’t think you’re crazy, but I also wouldn’t be bothered by it. Then again, out of the people on this press tour, I only care about what Andy has to say in the first place, haha.

anonymous asked:

I'm a fan of the Norwegian show Skam and I've noticed that some Skam bloggers are also larries. I'm a huge Evak shipper, but when I think of the particular brand of obsessive, entitled fetishizing that larries bring to bear on ships and fandoms, I have this visceral reaction: it literally turns my stomach. (I know this is random.)

On the one hand it’s nice to see them latch on to fictional teenage white boys to obsess over, on the other they’re obviously seeking to tinhat there too because they don’t know how to engage in fandom without believing they’re the owners of a young white man’s sexuality.

Larrie bloggers like to try and take over fandom by being the ones to post gifsets/exclusive photos/news and therefore use that platform to try and spread their Larrie ideas too. But it looks like you guys have so far marginalized most of their attempts to tinhat. Just know that any attempt at “jokey” speculation they make about white men secretly dating is never jokey and they will always try and make it into a secret oppressed white boys fucking and we’re their rescuers fantasy.