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Okay, just a few questions- One, does the annoying dog exist in this AU? Also, what about Catty and Bratty? If so on the latter, I want to see them more, because they're adorable girlfriends, at least in my headcannon ;)

In the AFAC verse Bratty and Catty live together and are best friends but both secretly wish they were girlfriends but for whatever reason they both think the other isn’t interested in girls. There is, however, a mysterious fat cat that seems to be trying to get them to be honest with each other through very roundabout methods, like causing Jenny by Studio Killers to be on high rotation in Trash Mart, and leaving coupons for various date locations on their doorstep.

thunderstorm, p.4 | yoongi

read p1, p2, and p3.

summary: p4/? | initially, the rumors about yoongi were what kept you so far away from him. after finally giving him a chance to prove he was more than the jerk every story made him out to be, he completely confirms everything you had come to no longer believe about him.

details/genre: badboy!yoongi, college au, angst/fluff, friend!jin, bff!jungkook, bff!taehyung

word count: 2.1k

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Doll House - Stiles Stilinski x Reader

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Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Prompt: Doll House by Melanie Martinez

Warning: None really…a little blood I guess? Mainly Fluff

Thank you to my Beta @lets-imagine-fanfics once again for fixing my screw ups! XD



You walked into the school, a smile firmly placed on your face as the girls spoke about their weekend. Jenny was talking about her date with Mark while Anna was laughing about something Hayley had said. You spotted your brother across the hall and waved as the girls started swooning over him.  

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Orbit 7 Branch - Part 2

I hope you enjoy the second part!

Pirating was a huge problem throughout the galaxy. People of all races would gather up, angry at others for the things they had. So, what better way to fix it than steal it and sell or keep it for themselves.

If you were caught, you could spend up to thirty years in jail. If you were a pirate and a murderer, well, there was a hefty price to pay.

Xylion had been trained to deal with threats like this, from a logistical sense. He was also taught exactly what to do when capturing a pirate.

It involved either taking them down with force, or managing to persuade them through talking and less violent means.

He recalled learning about the different species that mainly resorted to pirating. From the Roachons, Helbriggs, Donstans, Greymans, Hondlores, etcetera.

Xylion had never heard of a human pirate crew. Apparently they were out there, as he was now staring at them. He looked at the demonic voiced one and took in his appearance. He had a darker skin tone, similar to that of Human Isaac’s. His hair was dark and seemed to be pulled back in an almost perfect way. His eyes were a dark color that reminded Xylion of the chocolate syrup Human Mason so enjoyed. He had hair on his face, unlike the other humans on the ship. The only problem Xylion had with it was that there was basically nothing there, it was just a shaded version of his skin, but Xylion could tell it was hair. 

He clearly still had a lot to learn.

Xylion glanced at the other humans, and saw Human Isaac covering Human Quinn’s eyes as she struggled, yelling obscenities at him. Meanwhile, Human Jenny was staring slack-jawed at him, her eyes glazed over. Xylion frowned. What was wrong with them?

Human Fredrick stepped forward, crossing his arms. His gun was clenched tightly in his hand, still being shown to the pirates. Xylion shivered slightly before looking back up at his eyes. They were filled with…hatred?

The pirate who had revealed his face looked over Human Fredrick. His eyes slid over every part of his body, and Xylion watched his eyes light up. “Fredrick Matthews? Longtime no see.” His voice was cool and calculated, no longer demonic like it had been. It had a different sound to it unlike the other Humans. Similar to Human Quinn’s, yet also very different.

“Angel Kramer, it has been a long time.” Human Fredrick answered, his finger brushing the trigger of the gun.

Xylion glanced back at the other humans, who all looked confused. Did they not know this man? And Angel? Xylion had heard of angels, but eh did not believe that they were a name. When Human Jenny and him had hung out one time, she described the basics of one of the religions in her world. She mentioned there were a ton, but she knew more about this particular religion because she grew up living and breathing (whatever that meant) it. She said the angels were beings under God, and they were like his workers, helping humans and such. 

Why would this man be named after one? He certainly didn’t look helpful.

Human Angel smiled wickedly at Human Fredrick, lifting his chin up slightly. “You still enjoying the dusty cobwebs of the library? Or have you finally realized that being a true space explorer takes more than just brains?” Human Angel walked towards Human Fredrick and began to slowly circle him. “It takes a good amount of strength and muscle to even handle the basics of capture and saving, you know. Have you forgotten that? Or, rather, have you tried to embrace that? Because if so, you have failed, my friend. Oh so badly.”

Human Isaac stepped forward. “You know what, maldito? You need to step down, or I will open fire.”

Human Angel frowned. “¿También hablas a español?” 

Human Isaac chuckled. “Only thing my grandparents spoke, maldito.”

Human Angel’s frown turned into a scowl real quick. He looked back at the other humans before his eyes landed on Human Jenny. He grinned before walking towards her, but before he could reach her, Human Fredrick blocked him. Human Angel chuckled lowly. “What, is this your girlfriend?”

Human Fredrick tightened his grip on his gun which he now held tightly against his chest. He nodded. “Of course she is my girl friend.”

The whole room fell silent. Human Angel’s eyes widened. “Actually-?”

“She is my friend who is a girl.” Human Fredrick said, nodding. 

Everyone visibly relaxed. Xylion didn’t realize how tight he had clenched his tentacles or how much mucus had seemed to dry off his skin. He wasn’t scared. No.

He realized he had just been extremely pissed off.

Xylion forced himself not to think about it. Human Jenny’s face was beet red. She looked down at her shoes. Human Angel chuckled. “I think you hurt her feelings, Freddie.”

Human Fredrick said nothing, not daring to move. The two stared at one another for a while. The tension in the room skyrocketed, and Xylion felt even more mucus begin to secrete off of him. 

It had felt like eternity before someone spoke. “God, keep the testosterone in your pants boys.” Human Quinn knew how to break a silence.

Human Fredrick and Human Angel stiffened. A few moments of even tenser silence passed before Human Angel chuckled, running a hand through his hair. “How intriguing. What a mix of a crew they’ve got, yeah? Humans and aliens, mixing together…how strange.”

One of the other pirates stepped forward. It wasn’t the robotic speaking one, but their mask was also terrifying. It looked like some old, sagging man’s face, with strange orange skin and decaying blond hair. Xylion could see their eyes through the eye sockets. They laughed before pulling their mask off. 

They had a seemingly similar skin tone to Human Fredrick, but slightly lighter, if that was at all possible. His eyes were a light blue, and held some sort of life and laughter within them. His dark hair fell around his face, and he clearly wasn’t the strongest of the group. He was frail looking, but Xylion had learned to never underestimate humans. Especially the frail ones.

“Look at ‘em, Kramer. They all look like they came straight form the academy, no past experience whatsoever.” Xylion didn’t like this guy. He spoke with the same sort of voice as the majority of his human crew, but that didn’t make him like the others at all.

Human Angel nodded. “They’re quite the group, Turner. Now, I suggest we finish picking them off and leave with the cargo. Who’s with me?” He cried, pumping a fist in the air.

The other four pirates mimicked his action, crying out. The humans glanced at one another, and even Xylion could tell how they were feeling.

They were conflicted. Xylion could understand the thought of senselessly killing for protection from a different species other than your own, but killing your own? That had to be forbidden in human society, as it was in many others.

Xylion glanced at Human Mason, who’s faces was completely void of any emotion. His mouth was slightly ajar and his eyebrows resting cleanly on his forehead. There was something else, though. His eyes. They were wide and seemed to be shaking almost. Xylion could feel the fear in his eyes whenever he looked into them. He understood the pain, even if just for a moment.

If Human Mason was terrified, then they had little chance of success, it would seem.

I love finishing writing a part/chapter as a song ends and a new one starts. 


What do you think of this part? 

I like it.

My favorite part if looking up bad words in Spanish. They never taught us this stuff in school. 

I think you’re gonna like part three where you really get to know the rest of the pirates. I’m trying to through in a ragtag group from throughout the world, so let’s hope that this works out.

Friggin’ Aussies with your weird slang. Not that I’m judging, but why in all of god’s name is liquid laugh a term for friggin’ vomit? I mean, this website could be wrong, but holy crudola.

So anyways, I hope you liked this part! 

What do you think of Jenny perhaps liking Angel, appearance wise so far? And Xylion? *wink wink*


Thanks for reading!

Friends With Benefit [Part 2]

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Author: b0blegum

Pairing: College Student Lim Changkyun x Reader (x Yoo Kihyun)

Rating: G

Genre: Smutty-Fluff

Status: On Going

Part: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - …

a/n sorry it took too long for chapter 2. I just got back from vacation and finally could edit on my laptop! Anyway, here goes the chapter 2 with addition of (the satan in this relationship) Yoo Kihyun. ENjoy, hope you like it xx

You saw him literally everywhere on campus. In his building, hanging out with his friends between classes, cafeteria, eating with lots of appetites with his circle, library, picking up some books for his research and in this very corridor, walked passed you without saying anything.

It actually was the third times today he was acting like this and he was acting like this since a week ago, the day the last time you fucked each other. He has been ignoring you, pretending like you weren’t there ever since.

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Fallen for you

Request: Jeff x reader have been best friends since they were 10 and Jeff confesses his feelings. ***fluff and cuteness overload🙌🏼 —————————————————–——————– You and Jeff have been best friends for about eight years now. Eight fucking years. Seems long but it never felt like it. It feels like yesterday, when some rude boys who you now know as Marcus, Zach and Justin( your low-key lovely friends) kicked a ball straight at your head, and a cute little kid with his big blue eyes came to help you. You never thought that kid would turn out to be your best friend, but it did. Gosh, sometimes you feel that why couldn’t you both be more than just best friends. Well, right now wasn’t the time to think of all this. You could reminisce the past later. Today, your best friend Jeff was taking you to a Los Angeles Dodgers base ball game. That was the second thing that connected both of you. Since he age of 11, you both supported the same team. Loyal fans you know. You picked up your phone to call Jeff when you got a text. Jeff Rider : {I’m outside Rupanzel ,hurry up😊} He called you Rupanzel because he said that the first time he saw you, you reminded him off her. Even though your hair was brown but still. So when the actual Disney Rupanzel came out, you saved him as Jeff Rider (Flynn Rider) just to take the piss. You both were goals. (Jeff’s POV) “Ready for the game, Rupanzel” I said and (Y/N) just nodded your head in excitement. God she looks so beautiful. “We are going to have so much fun” she said and I couldn’t agree more. I was about to do something special today. Something that even I didn’t think I would do. (30 mins later) “OMG Jeff, you better get catch today” (Y/N) and I just stared at her. Everything about her was so perfect. She was so balanced, girly yet like a lad at the same time. “ Don’t worry Rupanzel, I’ll defo catch one for you” I said as she laughed and cheered the team. I’m nervous but it’s now or never. Everyone’s been telling us that we’re goals, we look cute together and that we’re meant to be. I couldn’t help it. Everyone constantly saying all of this and (Y/N) amazing self made me fall for her. Fall for her so damn hard. It’s been like three years since I’ve realised that I really like her. She’s always been special but something just clicked which made me realise that she’s the one. (Your POV) He’s so cute. Taking care of everything. Got me food, cold water, a cap to protect me from the sun. Heck, he even got me sunscreen. Can he get any better? But there’s something weird about him. He seems to quite for a baseball game you thought. You didn’t want to ask him but you were getting worried, you thought something was wrong. “What’s up Jeff?” You said as Jeff looked up form that gray, dusty ground. “Nothing (Y/N)” he said and started looking at the game, acting like he’s worried wether the team will make a home run or not. “Atkins, you just called me by my first name and not Rupanzel! Wtf is up with you? I’m worried” you said. He started going red, mumbling and fidgeting. It took him a good five minutes before he could say anything. “… I need t…to say something.” Jeff said and you just nodded letting him know that you’re there to listen. “ but promise me you won’t punch me cause I don’t know how you’ll react” he said chuckling and you just lightly punched him in the shoulder. In your head you had thought that he has done something stupid like got a girl friend and you were ready to cry. “I like someone” he blurted out. You just stared at him waiting for him to tell you who it is. You were boiling form the inside. You don’t know if it was the anxiety, anticipation or just your heart breaking. “I’ve liked her for a long time now. She’s this perfect girl and I know she understands me and I understand her. We’ll be perfect for each other” he said with a grin on his face. My days you were so angry and upset. You were thinking of all the girls he spoke to. Sheri, Jess, Bonnie, Betty, Amanda or even worse Jenny. But you were his best friend too, so keeping your feelings aside all you said was “ Go for it Atkins, get her” but your heart break was visible on your face. “ It’s a HOME RUN” said the commentator and you were about to turn around to cheer acting like nothing happened. It was then Jeff grabbed your wrist, turned you towards him and locked his lips with yours. You were surprised but then kissed him back. The kiss was soft, sweet and everything else you ever imagined. “ God I’ve waited for this day for so long” said Jeff as he backed off. You were still in your la la land thinking this is one of your day dreams. “ So that means I’m the girl-” before you could finish Jeff gave you an other peck. “Who else idiot?” He said. “You’re the only one who understands me and I understand you” said Jeff which made you blush. “So will you be my girlfriend?” said Jeff and this time you kissed him letting him know that it was always a YES from your side. —————————————————–

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Blackpink Reaction “Girl crush confesses (highschool au)


- so like it would be in music class

- she’d be sitting there with the blackpink squad waiting for class to start

- you’d walk in the classroom and she gets kind of really quiet and the other girls know why

- and you have lump in your throat because you’re about to confess

- you walk up to her and small talk her a little and the others are lowkey dying because you aren’t even a couple yet and you’re really cute together

-so when you confess she gets this boost of confidence tell you exactly how she feels about you and maybe even kisses you


- so like it was a friday night

- blackpink went out bowling after a hard week at school

- and another group from school was there too, you were there with that group

- you had liked her a long time and had no idea she liked you too

- but you kinda thought fuck it today is as good a day as any

- You walk up to her and kind of pull her away from the others and she’s really flustered about being alone with you.

-You tell her how you feel and she gets mushy and shyly accepts going out with you


- you kinda knew she had a crush on you because she gets incredibly clumsy around you

- “hi jisoo how are you?” *Jisoo trips over a table*

- But you feel the same as her and all of your friends can see it, only she doesn’t. So it takes drastic measure to let her know

- Like a dramatic prom-posal and youwrite these giant cards confessing to her and simoultaniously asking her to go to prom.

-Poor girl practically faints and then accepts your offer after you check if she’s okay


- So at lunch she was eating with the others and kind of admiring you from afar

-She had told you once before she liked you more than a friend, but you weren’t ready at that time

- But you were ready now

- So you told the other girls about it and whent hey saw you approaching their table they all get up leaving you two alone

-Poor lisa is soooo confused, but just rolls with it

- And when you confess she’s just so relieved

- “Ahhh finally” 

~not my gifs~

79. Blackpink x Supergirl crossover pt.1

Summary: Jennie Kim didn’t think her first day out in the field as a DEO agent would involve another kryptonian pod crashing and having a beautiful alien pop out. She also didn’t anticipate being tasked with helping you acclimate to life on Earth. With her friends, Lisa, Jisoo, and Rose, Jennie will try to help you make Earth your new home.

Note: Sorry I couldn’t find the creator of the gif. Hope you all enjoy this, it was a blast to write! It’s definitely Jennie x Reader but I include the other girls in as much as I can.

Note 2: Just to be clear, Jennie and Lisa work at the DEO. Jisoo works for Catco and Rose for the Daily Planet.

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Genre :: Angst 
Pairing :: Taehyung x Reader
Warning(s) :: Strong Language, Violence, Drugs reference, Some Sexual Content (mostly later in the story)

Author here~~ I hope you enjoy this series TuT im working hard on it i swear, PT 1 is a little bit of a mess just bare with me <333 Ok ily all

12 years ago
Loud crashes and bangs rumbled in the lower area of a some what drab house. The creaking of floor boards was loud against the crash of plates and chairs being thrown about. This was your lullaby, your drunken mother throwing fits, combating your older sister as she struggled to get her to take her medicine and sleep.. Usually these fights lasted no more than an hour, but tonight it felt like an eternity.
You, 8 years old at the time, pulled your gray covers up to your nose, tear soaked cheeks burning with anger and sadness. The frantic sound of your creaking stair caught you by surprise. The door to your bedroom flung open before quickly slamming shut, the lock clicking. You pulled your covers over your eyes, closing them tightly as you heard your drunk mother screaming from the base of the stairs. Your sister stumbled towards your bed, taking you in her arms to embrace you, “Y/N, look at me” She pushed your hair from your face, looking at your doll like features, such a young child… “Just go to sleep ok, no matter what you hear just sleep” She kissed your forehead softly, tucking you in…
She stood, despite your begs for her to stay she opened the door, clicking the lock and shutting it once more…

“You bitch what did you tell her!”

“Nothing, go drink yourself to sleep!”

“Im not a drunk!”

You had enough, you pushed yourself from your bed grasping your school bag, slinging it over your shoulder, you took a blanket in arms… You quietly tiptoed to your window, opening it causing it to creak softly.. Lucky for you, your living room/kitchen area was more like a luxury basement (meaning it was underground) so you could carefully step out of the window.. Once you did you took off down the road, you didnt look back, not even for a moment.
You ran all night, sleeping on a bench near your school, the only place you knew in town besides the slums you lived in..
“Y/N-ah~ Wake up you cant nap outside silly!” a little boy’s voice echoed in your brain, prying you from your sobbing slumber. You linked your eyes open, wincing at the light in your eyes.. “Taehyungie?” you grumbled pushing yourself up, wiping the crust from your eyes.. “Come on Y/N-ah its time for school” He said gripping your wrist, pulling you towards the building.. Taehyung was too a boy of a not so good past, only having his sister and her shit bag of a boyfriend. Always pushing him around, hitting him, yelling at him… You two lived in the same ratty neighborhood and had been friends since you could remember…
You yanked your hand from his grasp “No Tae… I-I cant go to school..” You turned away heading towards town when you heard his bag jingling behind you-

“Well i guess ill just have to come with you- where are we going?”

“i dont know..”

Present Day-

The yell echoed from the bathroom of your apartment, you rolled your eyes at the call. You and Taehyung, ever since that day, had been together, when your sisters found you, when  you graduated, when you got jobs, met your bestfriends, entered college, and now in this apartment.. You werent dating, but you were very close, if that wasnt obvious enough-

“UNDER THE SINK TAEHYUNG I TELL YOU THIS EVERY TIME, I swear you shirt wayyyy to much”
You heard the cabinet door slam then the flush of the pipes, the door to the restroom creaking open. “I heard that you know” Taehyung huffed adjusting his belt. He wore a blue leather jacket, black jeans, and a white crew neck t-shirt. You only chuckled at him, the boy smirking at you as you walked closer to him.
You gripped his jacket at the collar, adjusting it so it folded evenly, moving your hands to smooth out the leather on his shoulders. “I know, you were meant too” you smirked up at him, he only offered a roll of his deep brown eyes as he playfully nudged you.
You chuckled turning on your heels heading for the kitchen. “Y/N-ah you should get dressed, we are meeting the boys for dinner rememberrrr?” he cooed to you from the doorway of the long horizontal hallway which had your bedrooms, bath, and a small closet.
You turned towards where is voice was, the small open area of your apartment was quite simple. A couch, small coffee table, a lamp, tv, and a large bean bag chair was all that took up the living area.
As for the kitchen it was simple, the counter covering the small wall near the entrance of your apartment, an L shaped bar area branching off along the wall the hallway entrance was located on. Of course you had your fridge, oven, sink, but other than that was a small fold-able table with 2 plastic chairs. You looked to where your balcony was located, a wall of windows with a rickety old sliding glass door. Out side the vertical shades was another small table and two chairs, just for when you too wanted to laze about.
The walls were a meek off white, faded in age, the floor scratched but still a deep brown…

“Hello? Y/N?”

“Oh yeah, i should change”

A few hours had pasted, you all had finished your dinners and you were now sitting at a long table just hanging around, 6 boys, not including Taehyung, were seated around you. Along with 2 girls, clung to the arms of Jungkook and Jimin. It hurt a little to see them laughing a kissing, that emptiness in the pit of your heart ached everytime. However, Taehyung was there to remind you he had your back…
You were seated close the wall, a close friend Yoongi sat on your right, Taehyung to your left, and in the three seats in front of you were Jin, Namjoon, and Hoseok.. Leaving the love birds at the far left side. The boys were all talking and having fun, reminiscing about the old neighborhood you all lived in, the school you went to which was now shut down, even the old park you all played in… You were all so grown up now, but they all agreed the one that neer changed was you..

“Y/N is still as quiet as she was in school”

“Yah! She really still is”

You just smiled, resting a hand on Taehyung’s knee, he offered you a smile as you rested you head on his shoulder. The whole night you had been pretty quiet, the only thing crossing your brain was how many times you beat Tae in games of rock paper scissors you held under the table.

“so are you two a thing?” The girl linked to Jungkook asked, gesturing to you and Taehyung.. You just looked at each-other for a moment, smiles creeping onto your faces as you both busted into laughter. Your loud chuckles echoed in the drab and rather empty restaurant, the girl, Jennie, was rather new to the group, so this sparked a confused look on her features.
Through loud chuckles you spoke “Oh nooo, Taehyungie is my bestfriend” You wrapped your arms around him, hugging him tightly
“Yeah Y/N-ah and I are just friends”

“Shes too cute for Taehyung anyways” Yoongi said slyly, craning his head to smirk at Taehyung, they always teased eachother. Even when you all were younger, Yoongi was 2 grades ahead of you and some of the others. But him and Tae always playfully butt heads, especially over you.. You found it cute, even now, knowing they couldnt possibly be serious… right?

“Hey now” You said gently shouldering Yoongi as you settled back against Tae, you played with his long fingers, gently tugging them and moving them, in your own little world.

‘Tae youre drooling over there’
'am not’
'are too’

'stop fighting like children’
'youre not my mom Jin’
'might as well be’

You looked up at them all, heart strings being yanked in all directions as they all talked, “Joonie” you said softly, reaching your hand out to touch his. He looked at you a bit puzzled, smiling, cocking a brow. His dimpled tan cheeks a little red from your sudden touch, “Ah, Y/N what is it?” He asked leaning back in his seat, his gaze was always so seductive, even when just casually speaking, it was a quality about him no one could take away really-

“Why dont we go explore the old school or something, we havent really gone on an adventure and Jin’s truck has enough room”

“Ah that sounds fun!” the boys all rejoiced in agreement, however Jennie shifted a bit looking at Jungkook, then to Jimin and JiSoo, she seemed to whisper something to them before standing, “I-I think i might just go home”
You almost forgot, Jennie wasnt from around here, so she didnt go to school with all of you… You felt embarrassed, reaching across the table to grasp her wrist, “Hey, Im sorry, itll be fun we can show you around” You said smiling softly… It took a bit of convincing but before you knew it you all piled into the truck, You, Taehyung, and Hoseok sitting in the Bed of it while the others crammed into the cab.

As the car pulled into the abandoned parking lot and everyone made their way out of the truck, you yourself jumped out of the back, only to be confronted by a horrid scene. You felt your heart stop as a few figures came towards your group. The man in the middle of them stood with immense swagger, wearing a black crew neck, navy blue ripped jeans, and some sneakers… You knew exactly who he was by his slicked back blond hair which was under a backwards cap..

“Y/N, Hooligans, Fancy meeting you here~”

to be continued


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Gif credit as listed

Rose (Blackpink) x Reader

~by Admin Mari

Word Count: 6,700

A/N: So we have a few requests but I’ve had this idea for a while. We decided that Wednesdays will be for requests now and all the other stuff that comes from our brains will go up on Sundays still, so keep sending stuff in if you’d like posts on Wednesdays. Also you gotta love Blackpink. And Rosie. And balloons.

A girl sits on a bench with a balloon tied around her wrist, and all the boys walk around with needles. They tolerate her and her balloon, neither using their needles to sew the string to their own wrist as well or to pop it.

She wishes that she wasn’t so timid. That she could take her balloon and smack a boy with it to get his attention.

But she’s shy and worrisome and she can’t bear the thought of rejection. So on most days, like today, she sits on her bench and watches the boys that pass through the park. Usually they’re rambunctious and sometimes they will throw things in her direction: footballs, frisbees, but never their glances.

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Let’s Stay Together | three [m]

angst, fluff, smut, horror ⚠️: (drug/alcohol use)

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 7k

Summary: Your first party in Gateway…

A/N: OK Y’ALL… this chapter was SO fun to write. I was deadass milly rocking to Disco music for 6 hours while I wrote this. I loved the music so much, I put the links to every song in this chapter so that you can listen while you read if you want! It really sets the mood for the scenes.

Disclaimer: I do not encourage the illegal consumption of drugs or alcohol. This story is a work of fiction.

trailer/aesthetics | previous | next 


“Do I look okay? It’s not too much?” You shift anxiously, leaning against the passenger side door.

Jisoo finally found an outfit she said you had to have. It’s a set going for $200 dollars at retail price- she gave it to you for $25. The pants are in the bell-bottom style, but are made entirely of the softest, smoothest gold satin instead of the usual denim or corduroy. They hug your ass tightly and highlight the shapely curves of your legs, flaring at the bottom over your wooden wedges. They sit comfortably high on your waist, leaving a couple inches of your midsection bare. The pants came with a matching satin crop top. It’s not too low-cut, but shows enough skin to leave anyone who looks at you wanting more. The sleeves are long and offer a bit of whimsy with the way they flare out over your hands, similarly to the pants. Along with some big gold hoop earrings, the glow of this auriferous ensemble contrasts and complements your skin tone exquisitely. It’s no wonder Taehyung couldn’t wait to get you out of it earlier…

“Y/n, it is… a sin how good you look right now… if they don’t name you the queen of this disco then they’re out of their damn minds.” Taehyung looks up at you with adoration as he finishes fixing his brown leather shoe, then smooths down the silk of his own green Gucci top. It’s also long-sleeved, but loose-fitting and reveals the perfect amount of his tanned chest… you can’t wait to leave a trail of your lip gloss down the length of his abs…


Looking down with a demure smile, you try to wrangle your thoughts and carnal desires. You rub your hands together, keeping them warm from the slight chill in the air. Taehyung parked his truck a little ways away from the bonfire in efforts to avoid traffic on the way home, and you’re far enough from the warmth of the party to feel the reality of the night weather. The moon, a round beauty in full effect, smiles down on you with the promise of a night you won’t soon forget. 

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Trance- Jennie X Reader

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yesimusingaparamoresongforthiscomeandfightme this was another lovevly request by @sweetlittlequeer !! alsothismightbereallylongohwell

Alone in the room, no. But, thoughts to yourself and being somewhere else in your mind, Kim Jennie? Yep. Along with her members, they just finished recording, and were waiting to be given the green light to go home. Everything was peaceful, until footsteps became louder and louder from outside the room. Walking inside, a staff member came striding in, looking slightly out of breath, The building was pretty big, so it wasn’t hard to find yourself running along the corridors to get to meetings, recordings and practices on time. 

“Girls, good job today, go get some rest.”

“Thank you, we’ll be heading out now!”

Jisoo called out to the staff member, as he left the room giving the group a wave as he did so. Walking out of the building and into the street, the cool breeze of the night hit their faces, cooling them down from the practice. This was the only night in the week where they could eat without having any fans disturbing them. It felt the only time that the girls could connect even more, and it was special. Except for the fact that Jisoo and Lisa started to argue about what to eat. 

“Chicken sounds really good right about now.”

“But ramen…? Come on Jisoo you like ramen too!”


Jisoo crossed her arms, her eyebrows furrowed and a pout on her lips.

“Rosé, what do you want?” 

“I don’t mind either. Jennie, what do you want…Jennie?”

Jennie’s mind was somewhere else. As the girls were walking out, Jennie noticed another group of girls, walking the other way. She acknowledged them, but one girl stood out for Jennie. Her eyes seemed to be stuck You were a new trainee for YG, along with 6 other girls. You guys were set to rival the likes of the new girl groups from SM and JYP, but not just yet. You had the most striking yet warming eyes that Jennie had ever seen, making her curious about you.

“Jennie? Hello?”

You heard about how cold-faced Jennie was, but you saw that she had a soft side to her, in those precious 15 second you guys had staring at each other. Her face was cute, which had your face up in flames, with your cheeks turning a burning pink colour. Honestly, if this was a movie, this would be the part where the two love interests give a smile to each other while passing each other, going the other way. It seemed like those 15 seconds were magic. Something clicked in Jennie.


One shout and she was out of the small bubble she was in. You walked along, your cheeks still looking like two ripe peaches. A pout and her arm extended to the group of girls. Jisoo, Lisa and Rosé were still pretty confused, and still had no idea what happened.

“Jennie? Do you know them?”

“H-Huh? I don’t know them Jisoo.”

“How come? They’re in the building the same time we are, and we’ve seen them around.”

“They’re trainees?”

“Yeah, they’re debuting in a like a year or so, after a couple more of our comebacks.”

“Really? Thats nice.”

Inside, Jennie did a fist pump to the air, and on the outside, she had the smile to prove it. 

“Yeah…Chicken or Ramen?”


“Oh come on!!”

A couple days had passed, and it was their day off. Jisoo and Rosé decided to go to see that movie that everyone was talking about, and Lisa just wanted to sleep. Jennie..however…had some other plans. Like going into the building and seeing that girl that she saw before. Coming into the building, she immediately saw her manager, so the best thing to do was…? Hide behind the soda machine, good job Jennie. But…

“Jennie? Why are you hiding behind the soda machine?”

“Uh…um…inspecting it!”


“Alright fine…I forgot my charger in the practice room.”

“Okay, go and grab it then. Jennie, wait! Don’t disturb the trainees though, they’re working hard today.”

“I won’t, thank you!”

Jennie answered back, quickly running down the corridors to the stairs. Walking up, she could see the same group of trainees walking down, smiles all round to Jennie. The group greeted Jennie, and Jennie greeted them back. They were pretty formal, but Jennie stated that they didn’t need to be so formal. It was easier for both of them. But, one thing she didn’t see- you. You weren’t with the group. Still, she was at least a little persistent to find you. Her determination to see you brought her up to the practice room, where she found you. You decided to stay back from going out to take a break, since you were keen on learning the routine to Boombayah for the talent showcase. The bridge and the chorus was pretty easy to master, but the other parts were hard to get the hang of. Sneaking in, Jennie quickly opened the door, watching you dance to the song once more. 

“Hey, I actually got the hang of this–!!”

Cue the shoelace that was untied, tripping you up.

“What?! I nearly had it…”

Noticing it was Jennie’s song, a smile spread across her face, watching you practice after doing your laces up. You practiced again, finally getting that part you failed before, completed. To sum up what she feels about you, every time you move, you attract her into a sort of trance. Jennie always stops and stares at you, like you’re a goddess or something, it’s quite astounding. Snapping out of the trance once more by herself, Jennie had the courage to walk up beside you, before the music decided to play again.

“Mind if I join?”

Jennie asked, you turning around in shock to see the elder in the industry take her jacket off, putting her things down, standing next you you before the music fully started.

“Oh my–s-sure! Be my guest!”

Now, on the inside, you were freaking out because, Kim Jennie, the person you looked up to the most in the whole entire world, the leader of the girl group that is the perfect group in your eyes, not to mention your biggest inspiration, was dancing to her song, beside you. Jennie…could say the same. You were her new crush. And jesus what she head over heels for you. Those 4 minutes felt like forever for you two, and it sure felt like it was. The song finally finished with the last “let’s go”, and both you and Jennie fell to the floor, with Jennie giggling to herself. You thought to yourself “oh gosh shes laughing at me right no this can’t be noOOOO” but, instead, after laughing, she smiled to you. You kind of…felt special.

“Man, that was so good. You put in so much energy, that was great. What’s your name?”

“L/n Y/n…”

“That’s a really pretty name. It suits you well. Have you got a nickname yet?”

“No, not yet.”

“Ask them if you could have your name for it. A lot of fans for idols with pretty names…and faces.”

A blush spread across your face, smiling shyly to Jennie. This was the first time in ages that anyone had ever said your name was pretty-wait did she just say you had a pretty face? Inside, you were freaking out again. Calm down, Y/n, she’s just…really pretty too. Dammit.You two actually started to talk for a while, just sitting on the floor of the practice room while the songs played out. Again, it was peaceful. It was, to quote, beautifully serene and calming. Just as the other girls were coming in, a fateful question in your direction was asked.

“If it’s not too much trouble…is it alright if I get your number?”

“M-My number?”

A shocked expression clambered over your face, trying to hide your excitement and happiness. A simple nd, and everything was set in stone. Over the next three months are you two became friends, Jennie…became distant. You two would have nightly chats over routines, how many stuffed animals could fit onto Lisa’s bed, Jisoo’s love for chicken and Rosé’s guitar collection-that was still growing. But…it ceased to exist from then. You thought it was just the stress from performing, but their comeback came and gone. You were also pretty stressed about the showcase that was coming up, so a little bit of encouragement? You got it from the rest of the BlackPink members, but not Jennie, which was upsetting. 

“Jennie…I wonder if you’re okay…”

You would say to yourself, genuinely worried about her. The same girl you were worried about was sitting in her room, looking up to the ceiling. She was worried. She came to accept the fact that she liked you ages ago, but…she was worried about how everyone else would take it. The door was closed, so nobody could hear her cry if she needed to. But then, the door swung open, with the three other members outside it.

“Kim Jennie! This has gone on too far! You need to–”

“What Jisoo is trying to say…is that we’re worried about you. Is there anything troubling you?”

“Okay…sit down for this one. So think about this scenario. I am walking along the road one day, and I see this person.”

“Where are you going with-”

“Just listen…and I saw them…and I…fall in love with them. This makes me want to know them more, and I do. I ask for their number…and they give it to me. We start to talk…and I know that they like me too.”

“Hm? If it’s with a guy–

“It’s a girl, Lisa. I like a girl.”

Jennie admitted, placing her hands over her face, feeling the full flurry of tears that were about to come down. At first, the girls were…astounded by Jennie’s comment, but soon came to realise one thing.

“Jennie…you can’t help who you fall in love with. Love works in really…really weird ways. But that’s life. and if the fans and the press can’t accept that, I’ll–”

“I’ll fight them!”

“Lisa no.”

Rosé had an encouraging smile on her face, climbing up to the bed that Jennie was on, holding her hand lightly.

“We’re here to support you no matter what, Jennie. What friends would we be if we didn’t support you?”

“Thank you guys…I haven’t talked to her in a while…wait…what should I say to her?”

“First of all, who is it?”

Picking up her phone, she picked out one of the best photos of you- a selfie with Jennie.

“It’s that trainee! I’ve seen her around! Good choice.”

“Good choice?!”

“I think Lisa means that…she’s really talented and pretty.”

“She is…I’m glad that I danced with her that day.”

A languishing sigh came out of you as you sat on your bed, looking at the ceiling. Your phone on your stomach, hoping that at least one message from Jennie would come through. You finally accepted the fact that you, a trainee, had a crush on Kim Jennie, leader of one of the best selling girl groups out there. You couldn’t wait to debut and share the stage with Jennie but…Your doubts took over. You thought that you couldn’t do it, your dream was over if Jennie happened to find out about you liking her. What would everyone say? Would everyone still support you as the trainee you were? Would people even support the group, finding out that you were gay as hell for Jennie? All these thought sin your mind made you nearly insane.But then, a single buzz and a ring projected from the phone to your ears and touch, shooting up to read the message.

“Hey!! I’m sorry I haven’t spoken to you in age, good luck for tomorrow!”

A little heart was placed at the end of the message, making you slightly less nervous about your performance the next day. You were also so fucking happy  the other trainees thought you were possessed the way you were rolling on the bunk like that. But, that didn’t matter, as all the doubts that you were thinking, somehow dissipated in one measly second. People were going to like you, people would support your group, and people would still support you and Jennie. Well, that part was in your brain, But there’s hope . A good night sleep turned into a somewhat scenic and beautiful morning. Flowers bloomed, the sun was shining, and everyone was in a generally happy mood. Training then rehearsals for the showcase went by so quickly, you could of sworn that it was only an hour since you got. 

“L/n, Lee! Over here for a second.”

Your director called over you and another trainee, Lee Hyerin, who you had been training beside ever since you came to the company. She was also studying with you as well, so you two became good friends in the long run.

“We decided to switch your parts around, Lee, you’re dancing as Rosé, and L/n you’re dancing as Jennie, you guys know the parts right?”

“Yeah, I think so…”

You said, unsure about what to say next. But, Lee Hyerin came to save the day.

“Don’t worry, we practiced with everyone’s parts, so we’re a-ok!”

As the director nodded, you let out another exasperated sigh, met with a pat on the back by Hyerin.

“Hey, don’t be nervous, let’s switch outfits quickly and then get backstage, okay? Besides, you’ll do Jennie proud and make her like you even more!”

Lee Hyerin always knows what to–say what now? How did she know that Jennie liked you? Hyerin is a mystery. A confused face with a sly smile, as you left to go to change outfits. Then, the time was near. You entered the stage, looking at the audience. For a split second, you could see the members of BlackPink in the audience, standing at the back. And there was Jennie. Rooting you on.

“Do your best, Y/n!”

You could hear her shout out your name, which obviously, made your little butterflies come back around again. The performance went well, the audience were supportive and enjoying the dancing and the whole vibe you and your team gave off. You could also notice the PDs and the staff members also enjoying the performance too. Magical, serene, beautiful. And like always, Jennie was in a trance whenever she saw you perform on the stage. You and your group did one more song together, and that got the audience pumped up and enjoying it too. Again, magical, serene and beautiful. The staff backstage gave you compliments about your performance as Jennie, saying you did a really great job. They even said that you were the leader type, just like Jennie. These compliments made you even more prepared for the future, with hope and love. Speaking of love, you noticed Jennie at the other side of the hallway, but she didn’t notice you at all. 

“Jennie, there’s Y/n, go get her!”

Lightly pushing Jennie towards you, she started to walk a little faster than anticipated, until she found herself running towards you.


“Huh? Jennie! How did I–”

Sudden conversation stopped, as Jennie wrapped her arms around you, pulling you in for the biggest hug you ever received in the amount of time you were at Yg. Returning the favour and hugging her back, you wished that this moment lasted forever. 

“You did amazing! I’m so proud of you. Here.”

Backing up from the hug, she pulled out the bouquet of flowers that Lisa was holding for her before, giving them to you. You mentioned your favourite flowers before, which were bright red roses, full of bloom. Your smile was larger than life, as you were looking to the flowers.

“I…also have something to ask you.”

“What is it?”

“So…you see, we’ve been hanging out and stuff, and you’re a really cool girl…and I was wondering…if you would like to go out with me?”


“Oh…really? I’m sorry for–excuse me? You said yes?”

“Of course I would, silly.”

“Guys!! She said yes!”

Grabbing your hands, the both of you jumped up and down, smiles all around. The three at the back smiled too and gave the thumbs up, talking amongst each other.

“See what happens when you don’t give a damn about what people think? Beautiful things bloom.”

“I’m still going to fight them.”

“Lisa nO.”

It seemed like everything was like it was before; magical, serene and beautiful. And everything you did, made Jennie go into the same loved-up trance. 

the first halloween

Author: @surpeme-bean

Words: 1,639

Warning: bullying also angst but some fluff

A/N: what’s up @ anon who sent me this prompt yoU THOUGHT ID POST IN A DAY OR SOMETHING HUH well guess what it’S HERE AND honestly a lil weird tbh HERE IT IS FOR U #65 hi hello ily

#65  PROMPT: “Why don’t you take that broomstick and shove it!” *warning*** i didn’t bold it so have fun trying to find it hA

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PROMPT: “Why don’t you take that broomstick and shove it!” “Oh my god, y/n, remember this?” stiles flipped through her photo album as she packed her clothes into boxes

“Stiles, you’re supposed to be helping me pack” she sighed

“I know, i know, just look at this picture” he slipped the picture out of the plastic sleeve and handed it to her.

“Oh my god” she smiled, remembering the night the picture was taken

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Just Once | Jennie, BLACKPINK


1. “What the hell are you doing?”
2. “I’m gonna pretend like that never happened.”
3. “Don’t tell anyone.”
117. “Just once.” 
129. “Just wait a second.”
130. “Here, let me.”

Word Count: 1,199
Summary: Just another normal Friday night hanging out with your best friend, Jennie. It was all fun and games until it became something more.
Prompts are located here.

It was just another typical Friday night, hanging out at the dorms with Jennie. Currently, she wasn’t in promotion mode and we were able to hang out more frequently. Fridays we would stay in the dorms, and Saturdays we would hang out at my apartment. Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé were always welcome to join us, but for some weird reason, Jennie would get a little defensive when I mentioned the others. Here’s an example of such conversation that happened just recently:

“How come Lisa and the girls can’t come and hang out with us?” I asked one evening, inquiring.

“Yes, please! I really want to!” Jisoo backed me up, pouting at Jennie.

We want to hang out with you guys too!Lisa and Rosé joined in, and we were a group of pouting puppies in the middle of the kitchen dorm.

“Another time. I want to spend time with my best friend.” And with that, she would dismiss us, and she’d grab me by the hand and lead us into her room. I looked behind me over my shoulder and mouthed a, “Sorry!” to the girls that were left idly standing in the kitchen.

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BLACKPINK[Jisoo]- Hogwarts!AU Now That’s Someone I Would Marry

Prompt: Jisoo is is a popular Gryffindor due to her looks and falls for a Slytherin girl after she chases away annoying suitors

Writer: Admin C

Requested[X] Not Requested[]

Word Count: 725

Female X Female

(Not that relevant but my opinion)Houses for the girls: Lisa- Hufflepuff Jennie- Slytherin Rose`- Gryffindor or Ravenclaw Jisoo- Gryffindor or Hufflepuff

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“Jisoo why don’t you just choose one of them and make your parents happy” Rose` suggests as she walks with Jisoo to Charms.

“Because I want real love. If I marry one of them then I’m stuck with them my whole life. Plus I don’t want an arranged marriage.” Jisoo says.

“You need to pick at some point” Lisa told Jisoo.

“I know” Jisoo said bitterly.

“Hey Jisoo” one of Jisoo’s suitors said walking up to the girls.

“What do you want” Jisoo asks.

“Is that the way to talk to your soon to be fiance? Oh no Jisoo we are gonna need to fix that”

“She will never be your finace. Never even be your girlfriend. Not even your friend or acquaintance.” I girl with with (y/h/c) and (y/e/c) said walking up with a pissed off expression and a girl with black hair and almost the same color eyes behind her.

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There’s a party the Friday before the first football game of the season, and all of the pep team and football team are invited.

Amber and Todd walk in together and Todd goes over to the other football guys and Amber heads for the first cheerleader she sees.

“Who was that?” Ari asks. “Your boyfriend?”

“Ug, no,” Amber says, rolling her eyes and looking over at Todd. “He’s just a friend.”

“If you sayyy so,” Ari sing-songs. “I don’t know why you wouldn’t date him, he’s cute.”

“Whatever,” Amber says. “I have my eye on someone else.”

“Oooh,” Ari says. Amber doesn’t give her any more information.

“Are you guys freshman?” a voice asks and Amber turns to see Jenny and another girl.

“Yeah,” Amber says, her heart thudding in her chest because Jenny is looking at her.

Jenny smiles.

“Hi Amber,” she says, and Amber tries not to visibly buckle at the knees.

“Hey,” she says. “Who’s that?”

“Oh, sorry, I’m Emma,” the other girl says, sticking out her hand. Amber shakes it. “I play the tuba.”

“Cool,” Amber says. “Ari and I are cheerleaders.”

“Are you ready for the game?” Emma asks.

“Sure,” Amber says. “Are you?”

“The tuba section is ready for anything,” Emma says, seriously, and Jenny cringes.

“It’s an inside joke,” Jenny says. “From band.”

“Ah,” Ari says. “Well, Emma, do you know Alex?”

“He plays tuba, too,” Emma says.

“Right,” Ari says in a tone that implies that she already knew that. She puts her hand on Emma’s shoulder. “Can you introduce me to him? He’s in a few of my classes and I need to meet him, like, yesterday.”

“Sure,” Emma says.  They walk away and Ari’s like, a whole foot taller than Emma so Amber says, “Are you sure she can even hold up a tuba?” and Jenny snickers.

Amber turns to her, blushing.

“You wanna ditch this place?” Jenny asks. “I don’t really want to be in close proximity with the football team for longer than I have to.”

“Sure,” Amber says, her heart racing wildly. “Where…where should we go?”

“Doesn’t matter,” Jenny says, and she motions for Amber to follow. They weave in between the people and out the gym door, and then Jenny grabs Amber’s hand and takes off at a run, Amber laughing all the way.

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Reign || Pt 06

Reign Masterlist

Word Count: 2.3k

Groups: BTS, EXO, Blackpink, Twice

Au: Royal

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader, ??? x Reader

Genre: Angst | Fluff | Smut | Au

Warnings: angst (if it’s that’s even a warning), also cuteness


“I’m so over this,” you groan, throwing yourself onto your bed, “Princes, Kings. Why can’t I be a peasant?”

“Because, you’re a princess and future queen,” Jennie said, her expression still quite sad.

You sit back up, “Someone tell me what is going on.”

“I’m not quite sure-”

“Jennie, that is an order,” You say, feeling yourself go into royal mode.

Jisoo sat down next to you, “Please don’t look down on her.”

“Why would I do that?”

Jennie looked up at you, tears running down her face, “I’m pregnant. With Jimin’s child.”

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She's clearly not interested: Nate Maloley

Your P.O.V.

I was just glad that after an awful day at work I would just be able to relax but I should have known my best friend wouldn’t think the same.

She thought it would be a great idea to have a girls night out. When it came to her and the other girls, there was no way out of it so I had no choice but to get ready.

Once I was finally dressed, I decided to relax until it was time to go. My moment of peace was disturbed by my phone ringing and I knew it was Jenny.

“Hello?” I said.

“Y/N, we’re here! Hurry up we need to get there so this night can be great!”

“Jenny, calm down we’re just going to a club. We all know that it will be a great night once you have too many drinks.”

“Ha Ha, so funny.”

I swear the girls looked like they already had some drinks with the way they were acting. We finally got to the club and I knew I just wanted to have a great time even though I had a bad day.

The girls went straight to the dance floor so I knew the first round of drinks were on me. I ordered some shots but I felt a presence right next to me and I didn’t like it.

I turned to see who it was and it was an older man that seemed to have too many drinks. I didn’t like how he was looking at me like I was something he was going to have. I decided to act like I didn’t see him and wait for my drinks but he put his hand on my back.

“What is a pretty girl like you doing here by herself?”

“I’m not here by myself and I am kindly asking you to remove your hand.”

“Well, where are your friends because I don’t see them here? Why don’t you stop playing hard to get and you come home with me and I’ll show you a good time.”

“First of all, I don’t have to give you an explanation as to where are my friends. I’m not playing hard to get, I’m just not interested in going home with you. I just came to have a good time with my friends and I would appreciate if you left me alone.”

“Feisty, I like it. Your one of those girls that needs a man to show her how to respect a man and his wants. I just want you for one night, that’s it. I’m not taking a no as an answer.”

I decided that I would come back for the drinks and walk away but the man had different plans. He held me from my wrist and he had a tight grip which was hurting me.

“Let me go, you’re hurting me.”

“I told you I’m not leaving until I have you.”

He had a tighter grip on me but then I felt his hand leave my wrist. I looked up and I saw a very attractive guy holding him from his shirt.

“She clearly isn’t interested in you so why don’t you do us a favor and leave her alone or else you’ll have to deal with me. That is no way to talk to a beautiful woman especially if you want her attention.” The handsome stranger said.

“We both know you just want to take her home so you can fuck her. How about after I have a piece of her she can be all yours.”

The stranger didn’t seem to go easy on him because he just laughed at the man and said I warned you. Before I knew it the handsome stranger threw a punch at the man which left home dumbfounded and scattered off.

“I’m sorry he said those things to you. It makes me mad how they treat women like that. My name is Nate.”

“Hi, my name is Y/N. Thank you for defending me, he was starting to scare me and if it wasn’t for you, I think I would be in trouble right now.”

“No need to thank me I was just doing what is right. It disturbed me seeing how uncomfortable you were and I knew I had to help you.”

“I’m just grateful that you decided to help me so how about I buy you a drink? It’s on me for helping me out tonight.”

“If you want to thank me in some way I would love for you to go on a date with me. I know we just met but ever since you came in I couldn’t keep my eyes off of you and I was just trying to have the guts to come over and talk to you but then that man came. I understand if you don’t want to.”

“How about we have some drinks and get to know each other and I’ll decide if I want to go on a date with you.”

Throughout the night I got to know Nate better. I loved hearing him talk about how much he loves making music. By the end of the night I knew so many things about him and I knew I wanted to know more about him.

It was getting late and I knew it was time to go home due to the girls being wasted. I really didn’t want to go yet but I had to take them back.

“I have to get these girls back home but I had a great time. How about you give me your number and you can text me about that date.” I said.

He gave me a wide smile and took my phone and added himself and told me he couldn’t wait to see me again.

I did something unexpected which surprised him. I leaned up and kissed him, I have never felt the way I did. We pulled away but he leaned until our foreheads were against each other and gave me another slow kiss that made me feel butterflies.

“I can’t wait until I see you again.” Nate said.

We kissed one more time because he didn’t want to let me go. I’m so happy I came out tonight because I met an amazing guy.


Hello everyone. 2016 was a good year to me and i decided to make a thank you post for everyone who made my 2016 as good as it was despite all the shit that happened. if i forgot anyone im deeply sorry.

here we go :

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Fave source blogs of 2016 –aka the blogs I rely on heavily and I thank you so much for uploading so much and keeping me in the loop of info and fantaken photos- :

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Fave writers/fic blogs of 2016 –I love every single piece you wrote I adore you and you guys are my role model! Thank you for the amazing fics-:

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@horoscoups //I honestly didn’t know in what category to put you I hope you don’t mind//.

Fave humorous kpop blogs of 2016 –honestly your memes/jokes got me laughing in bad days thank you-:

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Fave blogs of 2016, senpais, friends, gif makers, the blessing of fandoms and more –thank you so much for filling and brightening my day and dash you are amazing and you look beautiful every single day, 17/10 blogs would always recommend–:

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006: Rehearsals

Rehearsals were set that Saturday, at ten in the morning. Rachel had every intention of coming in early, to set a good impression. Except when she woke up, bundled under warm covers and cuddled up against Quinn, the sun was already high up in the sky. She came to her senses abruptly. It was five minutes to nine in the morning, and Rachel still needed time to prepare. So despite her heart telling her to stay there in the comforts of Quinn’s bed and arms, she got up anyway. She showered and got into presentable clothes in her room—a black off-shoulder top with high-cut pants, something comfortable but still could pass as good impression. She was ready to leave, but scrambled to look for a notepad and a pen on her desk. She got a bottle of water and a piece of banana from the fridge, then the box of painkillers she kept in the medicine cabinet. Quietly making her way to Quinn’s bedroom, she left her little care kit on the blonde’s bedside table and scribbled a note.

Hey. Left for rehearsals. Sorry I didn’t wake you up but you seemed tired. I’ll see you later. :) Text me for anything! - R

She omitted the part where she’d ask if she and Quinn could maybe talk when she got back, about last night. Rachel would be lying if she said she wasn’t a wee bit disappointed, but she totally understood. Maybe this would mean that nothing about them had to change. Waking up cuddled up in Quinn’s arms was more than enough for her too. Putting on some high heels for the added confidence boost, she left the apartment, purse in the hand, as she hailed a cab. Her phone hadn’t had any messages or calls from Kurt, and she told herself to call him the day after if he still doesn’t give any indication of giving in. It’s not like Rachel and Quinn did sleep together. He could suck it up.

She arrived at the building that Jenny texted her the address of. They would meet at a co-working space where they rented a small conference room for, because the theatre they were supposed to rehearse at was still undergoing some minor renovation. Some stage work, if she remembered correctly. She smiled at the brunette she got in the elevator with. The girl pressed for the fourth floor, which was Rachel’s destination as well, and the excited extrovert in her couldn’t help herself.

“Sorry, but are you going to the Night Lights rehearsals as well?“

The other brunette seemed to light up at that and she said yes, yes, oh my god I am, and that was how Rachel made her first friend from her castmates. The brunette introduced herself as Marley Rose, who played Rachel’s character’s best friend. They had already broken the ice when they arrived at the conference room where Jenny and Natasha waited. The two women had welcomed them with excited chatter, and Rachel just knew that this project would be the highlight of her year.

The rest of the four-person cast came in after them, and they did a round of introductions before they started. Rachel introduced herself as a drama major in her senior year from the NYU Tisch School of the Arts, which earned a thrilled response from Jenny. Marley was a psych major at NYU as well—Rachel made a note of asking Quinn about her—who fell in love with theatre and wanted to try it out. Cassie July, an older, tanned blonde who seemed to be looking at Rachel like she was her next meal, introduced herself as a part-time dance teacher, full-time art enthusiast. Elijah Thomas, who looked like Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s twin brother, jokingly presented himself as just that, and told the group he was a struggling artist. Everyone chuckled at that—all of them, in a sense, relating to him. Jenny was a tall, redhead with tattoos on her arms, who introduced herself as the director and Natasha, the petite brunette beside her, as the writer. Jenny mentioned the two of them were a couple, “just to get it out of the way,” not without a bashful smile from the brunette. The cast aww’ed and gushed about them as Natasha blushed before she told the group to just get on with the rehearsals.

So they did. Natasha took them through the story—a short coming-of-age musical about Alex, Rachel’s character, who spends summer camp at a nearby city with her best friend, Penelope (Penny for short, Jenny chimed in), played by Marley. There she meets Cassie’s character, Samantha, one of the teachers, and Elijah’s character, Tom—Rachel snorted at that—one of the attendees of the summer camp. Natasha gave them a heads up that Rachel would be kissing both Cassie and Elijah, prompting the blonde to tease Rachel about it to the point that the brunette’s ears tinted red.

They gave the script a read-through. Jenny ordered some food for them during lunch, thankfully asking Rachel first before ordering so the diva had something vegan-friendly to eat, and spent the rest of the afternoon just getting to know each other. They were a fun group of talented people, and Rachel couldn’t wait to see the play come to life. Jenny reminded them that next rehearsal would finally be at the theatre and they’d meet on Saturday at ten in the morning again. Rachel asked the group if it was okay for her to bring her roommate, a photographer, to take some behind-the-scenes, and Natasha agreed without hesitation. It would do them good if they spread word about it on social media, too. They were let go before dinner and went their separate ways, and Rachel left with a huge grin on her lips. She hadn’t felt this pumped about anything before and she couldn’t wait to go home to tell Quinn all about it. She texted the blonde that she was on her way home. Would you like me to pick up dinner?