and the other girl is my friend jenny


1. Fav solo artist

If it has to  be someone that’s not already in a group, then I would have to say Ailee. “Heaven” is one of my favorite songs.

2. Top 5 bias groups

EXO, BTS, Girls Generation, BLACKPINK, Big Bang

3. Do you ship anyone?

VHOPE, SooTae, JeTi, XiuChen, Baekyeol, (I don’t know Jennie and Lisa’s ship name,) and Taoris are some of my personal favorites. <3

4. What fandoms do you identify with?

Ohhhh here we go. ARMY, EXO-L, Sone, Shawol, MeU, Blink, VIP, Primadonna, 4NIA, Blackjack, Star 1, Play Girlz, IGOT7, the ENTIRE Kdrama fandom.. and partially invested in numerous other kpop fandoms :-)

5. How did you get into kpop?

It all started about two years ago when my friend showed it to me and it kind of just consumed my entire life and my wallet.

6. Do you know how to speak Korean?

I’m trying so hard to learn guys

7. Have you gone to a concert?

No because SM doesn’t seem to know that the place I live in even exists on the world map…

8. Do you have any merch?

I have an EXO hat, jacket, two shirts, and shoes! I also own a BTS shirt and hat, plus a pig rabbit plush, (From drama “You’re Beautiful.”) AND some posters of my fav groups and photocards.

9. Do you watch any variety shows?

I only really watch variety shows when they have my favorite idols on them.

10. Top 3 biases.

Kim Namjoon, Kim Jongdae, and Kim Woo BIn. (What is with the Kims…) But since Woo Bin is an actor I will say Lee Taeyong from NCT.

11. What was the first kpop song you liked upon hearing?

Wolf by Exo. (DON’T JUDGE ME)

12. A kpop group you don’t like.

I don’t really dislike any groups but I can say that I’ve never been a huge fan of 9MUSES

13. Do you ever get the feeling your loof is on fiyah?

Hahaha B.A.P man

14. Least favorite idols male and female.

idk how to answer this, I’d have to think too much

15. Do you listen to solo artists as much as groups?

No not really

16. Favorite comeback of the year.

Since it’s only the beginning of 2017 I will say BTS “You Never Walk Alone.” Spring Day was SUCH a good video. SO proud of my babies, I hope they get rest soon :-)

17. Least favorite comeback of your favorite group.

I can’t think of anything for BTS. I’m gonna say EXO’s “For Life” not because I thought it was bad but because I was hoping to get a happy Christmas song for once.

18. Has your bias acted before?

If you count that v app live skit that they did, (which I do,) then yes!

19. Do you stan groups as trainees or predebut?

BLACKPINK, MONSTA X, and NCT <3 I’ve liked them since debut.

20. First bias ever.

Chen from EXO (Call Me Baby Era omg i can’t)

21. If you had a Korean name what would it be?

Cho Nabi. I’ve always like the sound of it and how it means “Beautiful Butterfly.” (Yes I’m a Tayeon stan)

22. Who would you want as an older brother?

BRO one time I legit had a dream that Sehun was my step brother. But IRL, my life would be so much better if Heechul was my older brother.

23. Older sister?

Jessica Jung :-) Her and Heechul  (and Krystal since they’re already sisters AYE) would make for such a fun family and childhood, and I feel like we’re really similar.

24. Funniest couple?

SeTao. It’s funny how they tease each other

25. What would you do if your bias kissed you?

I would be very confused at first but then I would start crying because I’m still confused but REALLY EFFING happy.

26. What would you do if your bias asked you to marry them?

Say yes of course, then live happily ever after until I wake up from my dream haha *laughs slowly turn into sobs*

27. Worst looking idol?


28. TOP or G Dragon?

Both are effing hilarious and I would sell my house to meet either of them, but I would have to say GD.

29. Which company is your favorite?

Artist wise SM. The company I would go to is JYP cause they seem to have a lot of fun over there.

30. In terms of looks which group is the best?

EXO, BTS, 2pm, SISTAR, Afterschool, and SNSD.

31. In terms of songs which group is the best?

Guy group, BTS and Big Bang. Girl Group, MAMAMOO and 2NE1.

32. Which group would you love to be classmates with?

SNSD for girls and BTS for boys (I would never be absent)

33. Who would you want to be your bestfriend?

Amber all the way :-)

34. Who would you want as a boyfriend?

Yixing is TOTAL boyfriend material.

35. Who would you want to be a husband?

Namjoonie of course :-)

36. How many kids would you have with them?

Three ideally, but I wouldn’t be mad at four.

37. Who’s body do you wish to have?

I’ve always been jealous of the girls from SISTAR’s bodies. (who isn’t lol)

38. Who’s face would you like to have your’s similar to?

I’ve always thought that Nana, Jessica, and CL have really pretty faces :-)

39. Which group would you want to work with?

A collab with 2NE1 and Big Bang would be lit but since 2NE1 has disbanded *cries* I would love to work with NCT or BTS.

40. Which kdramas have you watched?

I have watched EXO Next Door, Hello Monster, My Love From Another Star, Heirs, and I’m currently watching You’re Beautiful. I also watch a Chinese drama called Tiger Mom here and there because it has a lot of episodes. I hope to watch a lot more soon :-)

41. Which Korean food would you love to try?

I’ve been dying to try Bibimbap, jajangmyeon, injeolmi, teokpokki, and hotteok (they sound so yummy)

42. Who’s your favorite Kdrama actress?

Jeon Jihyun

43. Favorite Kdrama actor?

Kim Woo Bin and Lee Hongki. (Even though Hongki is a musician too, he’s still stealing my heart with his cuteness and cheerfulness)

44. Current favorite Kdrama?

You’re Beautiful <3

45. Lastly, what do have to say to your fave stars?

Thank you so much for all you do. It’s because of you that we get amazing songs, beautiful music videos, funny dramas, and something to look forward to everyday. What you guys do brings people together, and I couldn’t be more happy as your fan. Ignore the haters, they’re just jealous of your talent and pure inner and outer beauty. As long as I’m here, I’ll always love and support you :-)

Hope you enjoyed! Post this yourself and tag me, I would love to see other Kpop and Kdrama fans answers-

How long do you think it would take the haus ghosts to realize they were dead?

To get over it?

To be bubbly again?

Do you think they even liked each other in the first place? Were they close friends?

Was Mandy Jenny’s big? The opposite? Were they in the same year? How many of each other’s secrets did they know?

How many do they know now?

When they were first mourning their own loss, did they talk about missed opportunities? Were they afraid while they were alive to admit they liked girls?

Were they the girls who were “bi when they’re drunk/at parties?”

When the Haus wasn’t the Haus yet…just a house…their old house….do you think they became close friends over time? Fell in love?

Do they hold hands for comfort now when they feel their most scared and dead and alone?

All we really know is that they haunted Ransom since freshman year…..even though Ransom didn’t live in the Haus yet.

Meaning that yes, they can leave the Haus…apparently.

Do they go on adventures together?

When did they first leave the Haus? Where did they go? Did they even go together at all?

Are they limited to the campus grounds?

I don’t know what this post is.


Doctor Who/Ripper Street Crossover
↳ Madame Vastra and her assistant, Jenny Flint, are contacted by an old friend of the girl: a match-girl who is desperately looking for other girls, who had once worked with Jenny when she too was trying to make ends meet by selling matches, who have apparently vanished into thin air.

Mirror Within

Rating: G
Word count: 1.989

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Did anyone else find it kind of offputting that Jenny called Sadie “Donut Girl”… Like did they not even make an effort to learn her name? I get that they are “The Cool Kids” and all… But they can at least interact with the other teens around the city. Jenny is my favorite among them, but it really just makes me feel bad for Sadie… How do they really feel about her? Is she really that isolated from the others? Where are her friends? Where is her support group?

so the other day i went to an open mic night at my college and this really pretty girl sang a song about a girl and i was blushing A LOT and now i keep seeing her on campus so basically what i’m saying is look forward to my wedding in the near future