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heartbreak chronicles {1} | M


Contains: bad crack, smut {fuckboy!jimin}

Words: 10,164

Summary: Park Jimin had it all — good grades, a place as the soccer team’s captain and, more than that, the broken hearts of at least half the campus’ population. Though, one thing he did not have was someone willing to break his heart and, after you were dragged inside a miraculous plan to play that part, the last thing counted on was the preposterous idea that, perhaps, you could fall for him as well.

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A/N: I tried out a “lighter” writing style for… whatever this is. Hope you guys like it! | This fic is based on the movie “John Tucker must die” | SUB!BTS COLLAB

The girl’s request echoed on the warm air of your living room, dancing on silence as your body was covered in shock. For an instant, you truly believed you had misheard her words, replacing them for something much more unrealistic. Regardless, as the quietude fell like a blanket over the two of you, you noticed, at last, that your friend could not be more serious. “You want me to do what?” You finally asked, flabbergasted.

The night had started normally — and that was all that you could ever wish for. All that you wanted was to rest after an exhausting week, merely putting your your pajamas and watching shallow TV shows until your tiredness forced you to go to sleep. You wanted to get some pizza and gossip with your roommate about the most frivolous of subjects, allowing for the storm of stress and unfinished projects to disperse from around your head.

However, she had a different idea of how that night would unfold. “We want you to break his heart,” Lisa told you with utter serenity, as if the words that had left her mouth were no more than mundane. “Thought that was quite clear.”

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Fallen for you

Request: Jeff x reader have been best friends since they were 10 and Jeff confesses his feelings. ***fluff and cuteness overload🙌🏼 —————————————————–——————– You and Jeff have been best friends for about eight years now. Eight fucking years. Seems long but it never felt like it. It feels like yesterday, when some rude boys who you now know as Marcus, Zach and Justin( your low-key lovely friends) kicked a ball straight at your head, and a cute little kid with his big blue eyes came to help you. You never thought that kid would turn out to be your best friend, but it did. Gosh, sometimes you feel that why couldn’t you both be more than just best friends. Well, right now wasn’t the time to think of all this. You could reminisce the past later. Today, your best friend Jeff was taking you to a Los Angeles Dodgers base ball game. That was the second thing that connected both of you. Since he age of 11, you both supported the same team. Loyal fans you know. You picked up your phone to call Jeff when you got a text. Jeff Rider : {I’m outside Rupanzel ,hurry up😊} He called you Rupanzel because he said that the first time he saw you, you reminded him off her. Even though your hair was brown but still. So when the actual Disney Rupanzel came out, you saved him as Jeff Rider (Flynn Rider) just to take the piss. You both were goals. (Jeff’s POV) “Ready for the game, Rupanzel” I said and (Y/N) just nodded your head in excitement. God she looks so beautiful. “We are going to have so much fun” she said and I couldn’t agree more. I was about to do something special today. Something that even I didn’t think I would do. (30 mins later) “OMG Jeff, you better get catch today” (Y/N) and I just stared at her. Everything about her was so perfect. She was so balanced, girly yet like a lad at the same time. “ Don’t worry Rupanzel, I’ll defo catch one for you” I said as she laughed and cheered the team. I’m nervous but it’s now or never. Everyone’s been telling us that we’re goals, we look cute together and that we’re meant to be. I couldn’t help it. Everyone constantly saying all of this and (Y/N) amazing self made me fall for her. Fall for her so damn hard. It’s been like three years since I’ve realised that I really like her. She’s always been special but something just clicked which made me realise that she’s the one. (Your POV) He’s so cute. Taking care of everything. Got me food, cold water, a cap to protect me from the sun. Heck, he even got me sunscreen. Can he get any better? But there’s something weird about him. He seems to quite for a baseball game you thought. You didn’t want to ask him but you were getting worried, you thought something was wrong. “What’s up Jeff?” You said as Jeff looked up form that gray, dusty ground. “Nothing (Y/N)” he said and started looking at the game, acting like he’s worried wether the team will make a home run or not. “Atkins, you just called me by my first name and not Rupanzel! Wtf is up with you? I’m worried” you said. He started going red, mumbling and fidgeting. It took him a good five minutes before he could say anything. “… I need t…to say something.” Jeff said and you just nodded letting him know that you’re there to listen. “ but promise me you won’t punch me cause I don’t know how you’ll react” he said chuckling and you just lightly punched him in the shoulder. In your head you had thought that he has done something stupid like got a girl friend and you were ready to cry. “I like someone” he blurted out. You just stared at him waiting for him to tell you who it is. You were boiling form the inside. You don’t know if it was the anxiety, anticipation or just your heart breaking. “I’ve liked her for a long time now. She’s this perfect girl and I know she understands me and I understand her. We’ll be perfect for each other” he said with a grin on his face. My days you were so angry and upset. You were thinking of all the girls he spoke to. Sheri, Jess, Bonnie, Betty, Amanda or even worse Jenny. But you were his best friend too, so keeping your feelings aside all you said was “ Go for it Atkins, get her” but your heart break was visible on your face. “ It’s a HOME RUN” said the commentator and you were about to turn around to cheer acting like nothing happened. It was then Jeff grabbed your wrist, turned you towards him and locked his lips with yours. You were surprised but then kissed him back. The kiss was soft, sweet and everything else you ever imagined. “ God I’ve waited for this day for so long” said Jeff as he backed off. You were still in your la la land thinking this is one of your day dreams. “ So that means I’m the girl-” before you could finish Jeff gave you an other peck. “Who else idiot?” He said. “You’re the only one who understands me and I understand you” said Jeff which made you blush. “So will you be my girlfriend?” said Jeff and this time you kissed him letting him know that it was always a YES from your side. —————————————————–

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Genre :: Angst 
Pairing :: Taehyung x Reader
Warning(s) :: Strong Language, Violence, Drugs reference, Some Sexual Content (mostly later in the story)

Author here~~ I hope you enjoy this series TuT im working hard on it i swear, PT 1 is a little bit of a mess just bare with me <333 Ok ily all

12 years ago
Loud crashes and bangs rumbled in the lower area of a some what drab house. The creaking of floor boards was loud against the crash of plates and chairs being thrown about. This was your lullaby, your drunken mother throwing fits, combating your older sister as she struggled to get her to take her medicine and sleep.. Usually these fights lasted no more than an hour, but tonight it felt like an eternity.
You, 8 years old at the time, pulled your gray covers up to your nose, tear soaked cheeks burning with anger and sadness. The frantic sound of your creaking stair caught you by surprise. The door to your bedroom flung open before quickly slamming shut, the lock clicking. You pulled your covers over your eyes, closing them tightly as you heard your drunk mother screaming from the base of the stairs. Your sister stumbled towards your bed, taking you in her arms to embrace you, “Y/N, look at me” She pushed your hair from your face, looking at your doll like features, such a young child… “Just go to sleep ok, no matter what you hear just sleep” She kissed your forehead softly, tucking you in…
She stood, despite your begs for her to stay she opened the door, clicking the lock and shutting it once more…

“You bitch what did you tell her!”

“Nothing, go drink yourself to sleep!”

“Im not a drunk!”

You had enough, you pushed yourself from your bed grasping your school bag, slinging it over your shoulder, you took a blanket in arms… You quietly tiptoed to your window, opening it causing it to creak softly.. Lucky for you, your living room/kitchen area was more like a luxury basement (meaning it was underground) so you could carefully step out of the window.. Once you did you took off down the road, you didnt look back, not even for a moment.
You ran all night, sleeping on a bench near your school, the only place you knew in town besides the slums you lived in..
“Y/N-ah~ Wake up you cant nap outside silly!” a little boy’s voice echoed in your brain, prying you from your sobbing slumber. You linked your eyes open, wincing at the light in your eyes.. “Taehyungie?” you grumbled pushing yourself up, wiping the crust from your eyes.. “Come on Y/N-ah its time for school” He said gripping your wrist, pulling you towards the building.. Taehyung was too a boy of a not so good past, only having his sister and her shit bag of a boyfriend. Always pushing him around, hitting him, yelling at him… You two lived in the same ratty neighborhood and had been friends since you could remember…
You yanked your hand from his grasp “No Tae… I-I cant go to school..” You turned away heading towards town when you heard his bag jingling behind you-

“Well i guess ill just have to come with you- where are we going?”

“i dont know..”

Present Day-

The yell echoed from the bathroom of your apartment, you rolled your eyes at the call. You and Taehyung, ever since that day, had been together, when your sisters found you, when  you graduated, when you got jobs, met your bestfriends, entered college, and now in this apartment.. You werent dating, but you were very close, if that wasnt obvious enough-

“UNDER THE SINK TAEHYUNG I TELL YOU THIS EVERY TIME, I swear you shirt wayyyy to much”
You heard the cabinet door slam then the flush of the pipes, the door to the restroom creaking open. “I heard that you know” Taehyung huffed adjusting his belt. He wore a blue leather jacket, black jeans, and a white crew neck t-shirt. You only chuckled at him, the boy smirking at you as you walked closer to him.
You gripped his jacket at the collar, adjusting it so it folded evenly, moving your hands to smooth out the leather on his shoulders. “I know, you were meant too” you smirked up at him, he only offered a roll of his deep brown eyes as he playfully nudged you.
You chuckled turning on your heels heading for the kitchen. “Y/N-ah you should get dressed, we are meeting the boys for dinner rememberrrr?” he cooed to you from the doorway of the long horizontal hallway which had your bedrooms, bath, and a small closet.
You turned towards where is voice was, the small open area of your apartment was quite simple. A couch, small coffee table, a lamp, tv, and a large bean bag chair was all that took up the living area.
As for the kitchen it was simple, the counter covering the small wall near the entrance of your apartment, an L shaped bar area branching off along the wall the hallway entrance was located on. Of course you had your fridge, oven, sink, but other than that was a small fold-able table with 2 plastic chairs. You looked to where your balcony was located, a wall of windows with a rickety old sliding glass door. Out side the vertical shades was another small table and two chairs, just for when you too wanted to laze about.
The walls were a meek off white, faded in age, the floor scratched but still a deep brown…

“Hello? Y/N?”

“Oh yeah, i should change”

A few hours had pasted, you all had finished your dinners and you were now sitting at a long table just hanging around, 6 boys, not including Taehyung, were seated around you. Along with 2 girls, clung to the arms of Jungkook and Jimin. It hurt a little to see them laughing a kissing, that emptiness in the pit of your heart ached everytime. However, Taehyung was there to remind you he had your back…
You were seated close the wall, a close friend Yoongi sat on your right, Taehyung to your left, and in the three seats in front of you were Jin, Namjoon, and Hoseok.. Leaving the love birds at the far left side. The boys were all talking and having fun, reminiscing about the old neighborhood you all lived in, the school you went to which was now shut down, even the old park you all played in… You were all so grown up now, but they all agreed the one that neer changed was you..

“Y/N is still as quiet as she was in school”

“Yah! She really still is”

You just smiled, resting a hand on Taehyung’s knee, he offered you a smile as you rested you head on his shoulder. The whole night you had been pretty quiet, the only thing crossing your brain was how many times you beat Tae in games of rock paper scissors you held under the table.

“so are you two a thing?” The girl linked to Jungkook asked, gesturing to you and Taehyung.. You just looked at each-other for a moment, smiles creeping onto your faces as you both busted into laughter. Your loud chuckles echoed in the drab and rather empty restaurant, the girl, Jennie, was rather new to the group, so this sparked a confused look on her features.
Through loud chuckles you spoke “Oh nooo, Taehyungie is my bestfriend” You wrapped your arms around him, hugging him tightly
“Yeah Y/N-ah and I are just friends”

“Shes too cute for Taehyung anyways” Yoongi said slyly, craning his head to smirk at Taehyung, they always teased eachother. Even when you all were younger, Yoongi was 2 grades ahead of you and some of the others. But him and Tae always playfully butt heads, especially over you.. You found it cute, even now, knowing they couldnt possibly be serious… right?

“Hey now” You said gently shouldering Yoongi as you settled back against Tae, you played with his long fingers, gently tugging them and moving them, in your own little world.

‘Tae youre drooling over there’
'am not’
'are too’

'stop fighting like children’
'youre not my mom Jin’
'might as well be’

You looked up at them all, heart strings being yanked in all directions as they all talked, “Joonie” you said softly, reaching your hand out to touch his. He looked at you a bit puzzled, smiling, cocking a brow. His dimpled tan cheeks a little red from your sudden touch, “Ah, Y/N what is it?” He asked leaning back in his seat, his gaze was always so seductive, even when just casually speaking, it was a quality about him no one could take away really-

“Why dont we go explore the old school or something, we havent really gone on an adventure and Jin’s truck has enough room”

“Ah that sounds fun!” the boys all rejoiced in agreement, however Jennie shifted a bit looking at Jungkook, then to Jimin and JiSoo, she seemed to whisper something to them before standing, “I-I think i might just go home”
You almost forgot, Jennie wasnt from around here, so she didnt go to school with all of you… You felt embarrassed, reaching across the table to grasp her wrist, “Hey, Im sorry, itll be fun we can show you around” You said smiling softly… It took a bit of convincing but before you knew it you all piled into the truck, You, Taehyung, and Hoseok sitting in the Bed of it while the others crammed into the cab.

As the car pulled into the abandoned parking lot and everyone made their way out of the truck, you yourself jumped out of the back, only to be confronted by a horrid scene. You felt your heart stop as a few figures came towards your group. The man in the middle of them stood with immense swagger, wearing a black crew neck, navy blue ripped jeans, and some sneakers… You knew exactly who he was by his slicked back blond hair which was under a backwards cap..

“Y/N, Hooligans, Fancy meeting you here~”

to be continued

chapter 1

Mayday || Jinyoung

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Reader (you) x Jinyoung

Warnings: violence, suggestive of being forced into sex (read at your own risk)

Word Count: 2309

note: hey, everyone! new series of bad boy jinyoung! this series will be updated every friday at 7pm mountain time. I wrote this chapter three times because i thought it wasn’t good enough… I’m soooo sorry for the really bad and horrible beginning but I tried my best. happy reading everyone! also happy chinese new year! -admin

A flash of bright light blinded my eyes but I still kept a straight face. The music booming in the background with a few people surrounded behind the camera that sat in front of us. My best friend, Jenny, sat next to me while the rest of the girls scattered around us. Another flash of light and a click meant another picture that probably wouldn’t even make it in the magazine. Tons of photos were taken but only a few were selected. And most of us wanted to get out of the studio, after a long day of modelling.

“One more, ladies.” The photographer yelled as another flash went by.

“Good,” The photographer smiled, “You’re free to go, girls. Have a wonderful day!”

“Thank you!” We all simultaneously said as we walked away from the white backdrop. I grabbed Jenny’s hand as we went over to the board where our solo photos were printed and pasted.

“These pictures aren’t as bad as I thought.” Jenny noted, analyzing her photos.

“Maybe because it’s a load of photoshop.” I scoffed, slightly cringing at my photos.

“Oh come on, (Y/N).” Jenny said, nudging my shoulder. “It’s for a good cause.”

I stared at my photos and and gritted my teeth. No matter how cringe-worthy my photos were, it was to campaign to raise awareness to cancer through a famous magazine. Around twenty models of different races and sizes gathered in the studio today to contribute to this campaign. This was what I liked about my agency. They accepted anyone who applied and provided a good pay. In all honesty, these kind of things was something that gave me happiness. It’s for a good cause for sure.

“I guess you’re right.” I sighed as I smiled at Jenny before walking off with her into our change rooms.

“Hey, (Y/N) and Jenny!” A voice called for behind. We both turned around to face a model that worked with us today. “I’m having a party at my house and I was wondering if you two wanted to join?”

“Uh,” I opened my mouth to speak, turning my head to make eye contact with Jenny.

“Sure, why not.” Jenny answered for me. “I just need your address.”

I widen my eyes and looked at Jenny, hoping that she would reject the offer last minute. I definitely didn’t want party especially after a long day of work in the studio. And I planned to go home and watch a little bit of Netflix before I went to sleep. But of course, Jenny took that address and confirmed that we’ll be at the party.

“Are to serious?” I huffed out, eyeing Jenny down.

“What?” She smirked as she grabbed my arm. “There might be cute boys there.”

“You’re the one going, not me.” I noted, pointing a finger at her.

“Fine,” She huffed out, “But you’re dropping me off at the house.”

“Deal.” I smiled at Jenny as we entered the change room. I grabbed my black off-shoulder romper from the rack as I changed out of the company clothes and waited for Jenny to finish changing. We thanked everyone again for their hard work and started to make our way into the parking lot. Spotting a small white car, Jenny and I both entered the car as I drove off to the destination.

“Have you ever met someone who’s strikingly handsome but also a gentleman was well?” Jenny suddenly asked out of nowhere.

“No, why are you asking me this?” I replied, keeping my eyes on the road.

“Because I think I met someone like that.” Jenny sighed. I turned my head to get a quick glance at Jenny and scanned her face. Knowing Jenny’s past relationship, I’ve noticed that no one has treated her right. And as a best friend, I always wanted her to find the right guy to care for her. Not to push her down in the dumps. So when Jenny talked about her love life, I just suddenly feel protective of her. Maybe because I’ve known she had gone through way too much.

“Who is this? Yugyeom?” I guessed. Yugyeom was younger than Jenny by a year but the two of them matched perfectly together. But the problem was they are best friends. And Yugyeom once texted me, confessing he had liked Jenny for a year now. I never wanted anyone to be together other than Jenny and Yugyeom. He was just right for her.

“Maybe.” Jenny shyly said.

“You like him?” I suddenly yelled at the top of my lungs, getting overly excited about this. I tried to keep my focus on the road but Jenny was making it hard to drive.

“Possibly.” I heard Jenny mumble.

“You totally like him.” I laughed, teasing my best friend. She just brushed off the fact I said anything and remained silent throughout the whole ride. I sat there, smiling to myself, as I pulled up to a rather fancy house with a bunch of people scattered around the front lawn.

“Guess this is it.” Jenny sighed, unbuckling her seatbelt and grabbing her phone.

“Have fun!” I said to Jenny as I parked in front of a huge house. She flashed me a sincere smile before hugging me and jumping out of the car. I sighed as I watched her walk up the big steps and enter the lovely house. Maybe I should join her, just for safety. Incase some guy tries to force her into bed while she’s drunk or she needs a ride, I’ll be there to take her home and protect her. Sighing to myself, I drove around the block to find a parking spot and parked there.

Walking back to the house, I knocked at the door to find the same girl who invited us to this party, with a dress that was quite revealing. A boy behind her, grabbed her waist and smiled at me too, obviously drunk.

“Hey, (Y/N)!” She smiled brightly at me, after opening the door. “Glad you could join us! Come in, grab a drink, and get partying.”

I smiled awkwardly and entered inside the house, admiring the decor. It was huge, and a house I could never afford with the money I had. But it was a great place for a party. I looked around, trying to find Jenny, as I see people all around partying their drunk ass like there’s no tomorrow. I could smell the strongest alcohol intoxicating the house with multiple people drowning themselves with drinks. I scrunched up my nose as I decided to push my way past people, trying to find my best friend. So much for Netflix tonight.

“Oh my god, it’s them. The golden trio.” I heard a girl shout out loud, over the booming music, to her friend.

“No fucking way. Who invited them here? I wanna know so I could grab their numbers.” The other girl said quite loudly. I stopped my tracks to listen into the girls conversation until the whole house started to go crazy. With a big commotion going around, I turned around to take a look at what these girls have been talking about.

There were three of them. One with blonde hair, his masculine features strongly presented in the illuminated lights in the room. He was muscular, and seemed like her could take anyone down. The one next to him was brunette with his hair swept back, revealing his gorgeous forehead. He was thinner than the blonde one and a pretty boy for sure, but he had all the ladies melting to their knees. The last guy took me by surprise. Plump lips, pale skin, and black hair the complemented his leather jacket. A strikingly handsome guy who stood in front of the other two, giving off a bad boy vibe. His hands tucked into the pockets of his jacket as he flashed a smirk. His eyes scanned the room, searching for something until, they made eye contact with mine. I quickly looked away, my cheeks rising in color from the sudden eye contact. Who was this guy?

“It’s Jinyoung. He’s actually here.” All the girls around me gasped. Looking back at the trio, I took a good look at the three boys before shaking my head. I needed to focus on my task which was finding my best friend. Who cares about Jinyoung or the golden trio. They’re just boys.

I turned my back on them as I pushed my way through the crowd. Spotting the stairs, I wondered if Jenny had gone upstairs and hung around there. But then my thoughts immediately thought of her and a random guy hooking up. I shook my head and decided to go upstairs anyways. Surprisingly, it was empty. Maybe because people were already preoccupied in the rooms or they’re downstairs, partying. But being bold, I walked down the hallways, hoping to find my best friend.

“Hey!” Someone yelled from behind, making me jump and turn around quickly. I came face to face with a random guy whom started to walk towards me. I was completely frozen at the spot since I didn’t even know what to do.

“Are you here alone?” The guy asked, approaching me rather quickly.

“Uh, no. I’m just looking for a friend.” I replied back, trying not to panic. My heart beat increased its rate as the guy stood in front of me, towering his tall body overtop mine.

“Find your friend later. Let’s have some fun.” The guy smirked, looking down at me. His hands grabbing my waist and pushing me to the nearest wall.

“No, please. I don’t have time for this. My friend needs me. Get away off of me, please.” I argued quite loudly, trying to push his figure away from mine. I started to slam my fists against his chest, pushing with all my strength but, his grip on my waist was too strong.

“Come on, beautiful. I’ll treat you right, tonight.” The guy growled, his face dangerously near mine. My breathing started to get heavy, my heart beating fast. This guy cannot take a no for an answer, so I had to use my voice.

I took in a deep breath and screamed out loud, “Get away from me!”

“What a naughty girl. Resisting my of-”

But before he could finish his sentence, a fist came into contact with his face, making him lose his grip on my waist and stumble backwards. I gasped up the sight as a guy in the leather jacket grabbed him by the collar and threw in another violent punch. Then with all his strength, pushed him down the hall, making him fall to his knees and stood in front of me, his back facing me.

“Can you not listen properly? The girl says no. Respect her.” The guy in the leather jacket growled. His hand stuck out as a barrier, pushing me aside so that I was shielded away from the scene.  

“She’s hot though.” I heard a whine come from the beaten up guy on the ground.

“What are you? A teenager? Is hot the only vocabulary word you know? Get lost man and go to school. Obviously you need to learn how to treat a girl properly.” The guy in front of me hissed before making a lurch forward just to scare off the other dude. I didn’t realize that I was holding my breath until the guy in front of me turned around and I let out a gasp. I widen my eyes in shock as I came face to face with one of the golden trios. The one who made eye contact with me earlier.

“You okay?” He asked, giving me a concerned look. I stared up at him, analyzing his face. He was handsome. A look like that could reel in any girl in this town. The leather jacket and a white tee-shirt paired with jeans was something a player would wear. But with his black hair swept to the side, the amount of visuals was stunning to the point where I couldn’t help but feel my cheek rise in color. So this is what the girls downstairs were going on about.

“Hey, I asked you a question.” His fingers snapped in front of my face, breaking me from my trance. His tone of voice sounded rude when he said that and it was obvious he was impatient. Can he at least let me piece together on what just happened and wait for my response? A guy almost forced me to sleep with him and he expects a girl to respond right away? Rude.

I blinked a few times before answering his question, “Yeah.”

“Good. Just don’t lure in any creepy guys anymore. I’m not here to protect you neither am I your guardian.” He said, leaning back on his heels and tucking his hands inside the pockets of his jacket. I stared at him with disbelief and crossed my arms. A minute ago, I thought this guy was fairly handsome. Now, I change my opinions about him.

“I’m not asking you to be my guardian nor did I lure in that guy. I was just looking for my best friend. But thanks anyways for saving me.” I said, trying to be polite and not rude.

“Yeah, you better be thankful.” He smirk at me, sending me a flirtatious wink. I was about to call him out on his rudeness until someone called his name from behind.

“Yah, Jinyoung. Get your ass down here and let’s party.”

Jinyoung held up his arm and shooed his friend away as he continued to stare at me. Before turning around to leave me standing alone in the hallway, he pointed his finger at me and smirked;

“If you’re ever in need of a man to come save you, just shout mayday…”

79. Blackpink x Supergirl crossover pt.1

Summary: Jennie Kim didn’t think her first day out in the field as a DEO agent would involve another kryptonian pod crashing and having a beautiful alien pop out. She also didn’t anticipate being tasked with helping you acclimate to life on Earth. With her friends, Lisa, Jisoo, and Rose, Jennie will try to help you make Earth your new home.

Note: Sorry I couldn’t find the creator of the gif. Hope you all enjoy this, it was a blast to write! It’s definitely Jennie x Reader but I include the other girls in as much as I can.

Note 2: Just to be clear, Jennie and Lisa work at the DEO. Jisoo works for Catco and Rose for the Daily Planet.

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Jenny Was a Friend of Mine

A/N: Holy shit. So I posted a (very short) preview for this about three weeks ago and then hadn’t worked on it much. However, today I got incredibly inspired and just spent the last 8 hours working on it and finished it. It’s way longer than anything else I’ve posted and completely different than my usual work so it’s a bit of an experiment for me :P It’s from Gary Nelson’s POV and set in the past when Finn is five. Passages in italics are flashbacks. Based/Inspired by Jenny Was a Friend of Mine by the Killers. I hope you all enjoy!

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Let me know if you want to be added/removed from the tag list and if I missed anyone :)

You can find my other fics here.

Jenny Was a Friend of Mine

She won’t even look at him. It’s her one and only son’s fifth birthday and she won’t bloody look at him.

My forearms tensed as I crossed my arms, looking over my wife.

Jennifer Nelson. Beautiful as anything, flowing blonde hair framing darkened brown eyes with flecks of gold when the sun hit and lips, smooth and full, set in an almost permanent look of contempt. Her brows were furrowed in  concentration as she stared into her book, paying no mind to our child’s birthday party happening right at that moment.

“Jenny…” I started, trying to keep my voice level and cordial. She barely glanced my way, raising her brows in response.

“Can you at least pretend to give a fuck for two minutes?”
Her eyes left the book and she met mine, anger set across her face.
“The boy’s not paying me any mind,” she answered, gesturing towards the crowd of kids across the field. Our Finn stood out against the rest, being the smaller of all the boys but was quick as a shot and kept up just the same.
“You’ve had your nose stuffed in that book all sodding morning, it’s Finn’s birthday,” I whispered to her harshly, watchful of the other parents around us. She just rolled her eyes, shrugging carelessly. I couldn’t help biting back.
“How old is he turning, Jenny?” I spat, my voice raising a bit. The chatter around us quieted slightly, murmurs following after. Jenny’s gaze turned icy but before she could retaliate, my best mate Richard Harris sidled up to our table.
“Alright?” he asked, looking from me to Jenny. Her face seemed to melt when Ritchie flashed her an easy grin. I rolled my eyes and stood.
“Watch Finn for a tic, yeah? Jenny and I need a walk,” I clipped, reaching for Jenny’s hand. She stared derisively for a moment before taking it and standing, starting towards the small hills behind the field.
“Sure thing, Gary. He’s with my Archie and the Peters boy anyways. Can’t miss ‘em.”
“Cheers, Ritch.”
I quickly set off after Jenny, steeling myself for yet another argument.
In her head start, she’d cleared the trees, standing in the middle of a barren patch and frantically smoking a rolled cigarette.
“Did you enjoy having a go at me in front of all our friends?” Smoke poured from her mouth as she spoke, her eyes squinted in bottled rage. I felt my own anger spike again.
“Oh, don’t even start with that. This is about Finn.” She closed her eyes and sighed roughly, her fingers flicking the rollie irritably.
“What about him?” she asked wearily. I tried desperately not to shake her.
“Where should I start? The fact that you can’t pay attention to him for longer than it takes to shove him off on someone else? Or that he genuinely thinks you don’t like him–”
“I love him.” she cut him off vehemently, eyes wide. I sneered, crossing my arms.
“Could’ve fooled me.”
A daunting silence filled the air around us and she looked away from me, taking a long drag. I seethed quietly as she took a couple more before stubbing it out and finally facing me, a blankness in her features.
“What do you want me to do?” she intoned monotonously. I stepped closer to her, grabbing her shoulders as gently as I could manage.
“I want you to try. We’re stuck in this together.”

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She's clearly not interested: Nate Maloley

Your P.O.V.

I was just glad that after an awful day at work I would just be able to relax but I should have known my best friend wouldn’t think the same.

She thought it would be a great idea to have a girls night out. When it came to her and the other girls, there was no way out of it so I had no choice but to get ready.

Once I was finally dressed, I decided to relax until it was time to go. My moment of peace was disturbed by my phone ringing and I knew it was Jenny.

“Hello?” I said.

“Y/N, we’re here! Hurry up we need to get there so this night can be great!”

“Jenny, calm down we’re just going to a club. We all know that it will be a great night once you have too many drinks.”

“Ha Ha, so funny.”

I swear the girls looked like they already had some drinks with the way they were acting. We finally got to the club and I knew I just wanted to have a great time even though I had a bad day.

The girls went straight to the dance floor so I knew the first round of drinks were on me. I ordered some shots but I felt a presence right next to me and I didn’t like it.

I turned to see who it was and it was an older man that seemed to have too many drinks. I didn’t like how he was looking at me like I was something he was going to have. I decided to act like I didn’t see him and wait for my drinks but he put his hand on my back.

“What is a pretty girl like you doing here by herself?”

“I’m not here by myself and I am kindly asking you to remove your hand.”

“Well, where are your friends because I don’t see them here? Why don’t you stop playing hard to get and you come home with me and I’ll show you a good time.”

“First of all, I don’t have to give you an explanation as to where are my friends. I’m not playing hard to get, I’m just not interested in going home with you. I just came to have a good time with my friends and I would appreciate if you left me alone.”

“Feisty, I like it. Your one of those girls that needs a man to show her how to respect a man and his wants. I just want you for one night, that’s it. I’m not taking a no as an answer.”

I decided that I would come back for the drinks and walk away but the man had different plans. He held me from my wrist and he had a tight grip which was hurting me.

“Let me go, you’re hurting me.”

“I told you I’m not leaving until I have you.”

He had a tighter grip on me but then I felt his hand leave my wrist. I looked up and I saw a very attractive guy holding him from his shirt.

“She clearly isn’t interested in you so why don’t you do us a favor and leave her alone or else you’ll have to deal with me. That is no way to talk to a beautiful woman especially if you want her attention.” The handsome stranger said.

“We both know you just want to take her home so you can fuck her. How about after I have a piece of her she can be all yours.”

The stranger didn’t seem to go easy on him because he just laughed at the man and said I warned you. Before I knew it the handsome stranger threw a punch at the man which left home dumbfounded and scattered off.

“I’m sorry he said those things to you. It makes me mad how they treat women like that. My name is Nate.”

“Hi, my name is Y/N. Thank you for defending me, he was starting to scare me and if it wasn’t for you, I think I would be in trouble right now.”

“No need to thank me I was just doing what is right. It disturbed me seeing how uncomfortable you were and I knew I had to help you.”

“I’m just grateful that you decided to help me so how about I buy you a drink? It’s on me for helping me out tonight.”

“If you want to thank me in some way I would love for you to go on a date with me. I know we just met but ever since you came in I couldn’t keep my eyes off of you and I was just trying to have the guts to come over and talk to you but then that man came. I understand if you don’t want to.”

“How about we have some drinks and get to know each other and I’ll decide if I want to go on a date with you.”

Throughout the night I got to know Nate better. I loved hearing him talk about how much he loves making music. By the end of the night I knew so many things about him and I knew I wanted to know more about him.

It was getting late and I knew it was time to go home due to the girls being wasted. I really didn’t want to go yet but I had to take them back.

“I have to get these girls back home but I had a great time. How about you give me your number and you can text me about that date.” I said.

He gave me a wide smile and took my phone and added himself and told me he couldn’t wait to see me again.

I did something unexpected which surprised him. I leaned up and kissed him, I have never felt the way I did. We pulled away but he leaned until our foreheads were against each other and gave me another slow kiss that made me feel butterflies.

“I can’t wait until I see you again.” Nate said.

We kissed one more time because he didn’t want to let me go. I’m so happy I came out tonight because I met an amazing guy.


Hello everyone. 2016 was a good year to me and i decided to make a thank you post for everyone who made my 2016 as good as it was despite all the shit that happened. if i forgot anyone im deeply sorry.

here we go :

Fave Phan blogs of 2016 –thank you for all the phan content on my dash-:

@dil-no, @angel-bean-d-slice, @internetcultleader

Fave non-kpop blogs of 2016 – thank you so much for bringing some aesthetically pleasing content and info to my dashboard- :

@beeclub, @rnashallah, @baesmillah, @softporn, @htttps.

Fave source blogs of 2016 –aka the blogs I rely on heavily and I thank you so much for uploading so much and keeping me in the loop of info and fantaken photos- :

@fyseokmin , @cottoncandycarat, @purplegirl-stuff, @int-carats, @what17says

Fave girl group blogs –tbh I need more girl group love in 2017- thank you for always reblogging and posting amazing girl group content :

@kgirlsquad, @eunjiyas.

Fave writers/fic blogs of 2016 –I love every single piece you wrote I adore you and you guys are my role model! Thank you for the amazing fics-:

@svtnimagines, @17mounteens, @vixx17andbtsimagines, @svt-husbands,

@horoscoups //I honestly didn’t know in what category to put you I hope you don’t mind//.

Fave humorous kpop blogs of 2016 –honestly your memes/jokes got me laughing in bad days thank you-:

@luvmyfunnykpop, @incorrect7teen, @amemericans, @lolfunnykpop.

Fave blogs of 2016, senpais, friends, gif makers, the blessing of fandoms and more –thank you so much for filling and brightening my day and dash you are amazing and you look beautiful every single day, 17/10 blogs would always recommend–:

@jejuboos, @floraljeonghan, @zeungkwan@bijoujisoo, @kimbap-uh-kidding, @youngmangos, @amillionwon, @starryjunhui, @jackoffjae, @honeyboobooseungkwan, @mangopixies, @vitaminhoshi, @wooziology, @hannie-jars, @wonnhao, @chasingyoungjae, @mc-gyu, @minghaeo, @lilchubchim, @c0ups, @converseconvict, @danisnotonnfire, @hanwooz, @eatmark, @seungkvvan, @leehongbins, @ottokaji-vixx, @actualminghao, @sandeulsbeautifultarget, @j-holy, @awwfuckno, @hypertone, @haramqueen, @merribaozy, @influentyeol, @cutiepatoodie, @linnilinh, @once-upon-a-nugget, @of-yehets-and-ohorats, @vitaminniedk, @eetjin, @junhan, @hughosh.

Fave followes of 2016, in 2016 ive gained over 120 new followers and tbh you guys made my year and I love you dearly:

@grapefruit-kwan, @tea-tiffuku, @mingyoose, @suni-hye, @angelyoons, oetori137, @chentangled, @golden-boo, @tsunderetrashheap, @red-raindrops, @ttamagucci, @crumbsyboo, @williane18, @boo-dynasty, @c0unter-fucks, @ink7, @floweringstarlight.

Fave people I met on tumblr 2016, I would like to take the time to thank them personally so if you wanna continue reading it will be under the cut:

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with age comes decadence: a grantaire fanmix

tracklist: 1. Survival Song-Andrew Jackson Jihad: “I gave a beer to a bum that was drinking/And I gave some sauce to my bestest friend for cooking/And I gave water to all I thought were thirsty/And that’s how I learned how to survive/And I give love to a lover quite deserving of it/And I give thanks to all of you for listening/To the story of how we learned how to survive.” // 2. I Corinthians 13: 8-10-the Mountain Goats: “Through the piece missing from the brick wall/We had an excellent view of the soldiers coming down the hall/And you held your hands up where I could see them in the dark and they formed a heart in the air/You held your hands up and they formed a heart in the air/I heard the old songs radiating from you.” // 3. Community Center-Passenger: “They say it’s the hardest step/But it’s the first one of many/And my feet are stuck to the ground/And I can’t seem to take any/I could tell them I just came/For the free cup of tea and the biscuit/And make my way towards the door/But I don’t think I can risk it.” // 4. From Here Til Utopia-Ramshackle Glory: “There’s gotta be something more/Than lying in the front yard, naked, screaming at the constellations./I want something more than an apology to say/When I look the world in the eye./I’ll tell you, man, my friend William came to me with a message of hope./It went: “Fuck you and everything that you think you know./If you don’t step outside the things that you believe/They’re gonna kill you.”/He said: “No one’s gonna stop you from dying young, and miserable, and right./If you want something better, you gotta put that shit aside./I thought about how for thousands of years/There have been people who told us that things can’t go on like this,/But the shit goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on,/Now, I’m not saying that we can’t change the world,/‘Cause everybody does at least a little bit of that./But I won’t shit myself, the way I’m living is a temper tantrum and I/Need something else, else to stay alive.” // 5. Bad Kids-Black Lips: “In Class/We are a minority/Got no/Respect for authority/And won’t/Play well with others/And steal/From all your mothers/They’ll try/To give us pills/Oh wait/Give us all the pills/Go cry/Mom I gotta go to court/Dad won’t/Pay his child support/Well you gotta understand/We only do these things because all we are is/Bad kids all my friends are bad kids/Product of no dad kids/Kids like you and me.” // 6. Sexy Dreams-Spoonboy: “Me and jenny had a good time laughing/And taking off our clothes to explore each other’s bodies./She said “I don’t wanna disappoint you, but you could never be my girl.”/Either way, we spent a lot of time together./There were questions over gender, but we settled in the mean time./She said “that’s how it is.” I said “that’s fine.”/Jenny’s dad had had a knack for condescension./He said “Girl, what you doing always looking for attention?/Could you get over this phase now? You embarrass me.”/So to my friend with the clever little question,/I said, “i know what i could do would be easier./But by and by, i shouldn’t have to.” // 7. Papa Was a Rodeo-the Magnetic Fields: “Papa was a rodeo - Mama was a rock'n'roll band/I could play guitar and rope a steer before I learned to stand/Home was anywhere with diesel gas - Love was a trucker’s hand/Never stuck around long enough for a one night stand/Before you kiss me you should know/Papa was a rodeo./The light reflecting off the mirror ball/looks like a thousand swirling eyes/They make me think I shouldn’t be here at all./You know, every minute someone dies.” // 8. Brave as a Noun-Andrew Jackson Jihad: “I could go off the deep end/I could kill all my best friends/I could follow those stylish trends/But God knows I could make amends/But I’ve got an angry heart/Filled with cancers and poppy tarts/If this is how you folks make art it’s fucking depressing./And it’s sad to know that we’re not alone in this/And it’s sad to know that there’s no honest way out/In this life we lead/We could conquer everything/If we could just get the brave to get out of bed in the morning.” // 9. St. Christopher is Coming Home-Frank Turner: “Friday evening, barely even begins/Before my phone begins to ring with people asking where I am/And I can’t suppress a smile, we talk a while/The chances are that I am far away and so I’m phased out of the plan/And that’s how I miss out, on another night/The kind of night where nothing really happens/Yeah but everything goes down/And at the end I’m just a promise to pick up the phone/When I’m in town/When the evening casts its shadows on the corners of my days/And I am old and I am settled in the place where I will stay/When my wandering meanderings have finally reached their end/Yeah whatever else maybe I will not forget my friends.” // 10. Charming Side of Drunk-The World/Inferno Friendship Society: “Stay on the charming side of drunk/And leave without saying goodbye/I’m sentimental/If you know what I mean/I hate the music/But I love the scene/Always find myself in bars/Always back to the tarot cards/And doing foolish things just to see/What change will bring/I’ve had too many drinks and not enough dinner/Time to go soon/Every foolish thing I never tried/Every foolish thing I’ve called mine/With age comes decadence, and look here it comes/It’s doing foolish things just to see/What change will bring.”

((listen)) ((enjolras companion mix))

not against it: why doesn’t ryan ross love himself?, a 2014 ryden mix


1. where i belong- ryan ross/ 2. do you remember- lydia/ 3. the predatory wasp of the palisades is out to get us!- sufjan stevens/ 4. kremlin dusk- utada hikaru/ 5. bridge to nowhere- the like/ 6. change is hard- she & him/ 7. white flag- dido/ 8. hospital- lydia/ 9. the other girl- the young veins/ 10. here with me- the killers/ 11. she’s not me- jenny lewis/ 12. lonely moonlight- ryan ross/ 13. i miss you- blink-182/ 14. nineteen- tegan and sara/ 15. train under water- bright eyes 

1. i know i should have never left. i’d gotten tired being buried/ 2. do you remember when you took off all your clothes? you said, “i wish i lived in ‘64”/ 3. my friend is gone; he ran away. i can tell you, i love him each day. though we have sparred, wrestled and raged, i can tell you, i love him each day (we were in love)/ 4. by the door, you said you had to go. couldn’t help me anymore. this i saw coming long before, so i kept on staring out the window./ 5. flashbacks of time past. i would just forget to make it last./ 6. i’m all out of luck, but what else could i be? i know he’s yours and he’ll never belong to be again. i did him wrong./ 7. i know i left too much mess and destruction to come back again. i cause nothing but trouble. i understand if you can’t talk to me again./ 8. it’s still not quite the way it was, but you promised me this love. so stay and watch the hospital that’s just across the street from your apartment balcony. i’ll never ever leave there./ 9. don’t wait around for love. you’re not what he’s thinking of when he’s with the other girl./ 10. spent the summer just laying out in the sun. time seems to move so slow when you’re taking it as it comes. maybe we were just too young./ 11. i took you for granted when you were all that i needed. but she’s not me. she’s easy. she’s not me, she’s not me./ 12. someone i love, loves someone else. another day i’ve lost, all by myself. i wandered through the sunshine, remembering when you were mine./ 13. don’t waste your time on me, you’re already the voice inside my head (i miss you)/ 14. i was yours right? i was yours right? i was nineteen (call me)/ 15. and don’t act strange. don’t be a stranger.

Today, I fucked up... by crashing a stranger’s bridal shower

This happened this morning. Names changed cause yaknow.

I was invited a few week’s ago to my friend’s bridal shower and RSVP’d. I’d never been to the house where it was being held but I had Google Maps so no problem. So this morning I mapped the address and drove out there and parked on this super packed street in the neighborhood. I’m looking at the house number in my phone which ends in “37” and I see a house that ends in “31.” Confused, I start looking around but can’t see house numbers very well. Just as I’m about to go walking around these two women were like “it’s this house” and pointed to the “31” house with the bridal bow on the door. So I’m like “well my address says ‘37’?” and they say “Well it’s this one!” so I think okay maybe it was just written wrong.

I go in this house and this tall beautiful girl I’ve never seen before answers the door wearing this pretty white dress and I ask her, “Is this Susie’s bridal shower?” and she’s like “yeah.” I’m thinking….why is this girl wearing white at Susie’s bridal shower? Isn’t that like a faux pas? Oh well. I look around and Susie and my other friend Jenny aren’t there. Figuring they were just late (to her own bridal shower?) I figured I’d just mingle for a bit until they got there. Also all the decorations for the shower were so PINK and I thought “wow these people don’t know Susie very well if this is what they chose for her.” It didn’t even match her wedding theme. I know, I know, red flags. Everywhere.

So then everyone is grabbing food so I go get a plate full of nosh and sit down with my food and sort of follow the convos of other people and then I eat some donut holes from the pretty donut display and just keep thinking “…Man I have never seen any of these people before. And where are my friends??”

About 15 minutes pass, at least, and I realize I have a text from Jenny that says “Are you lost??” and then… I realized. YES, YES I AM LOST.

I run outside and call her and she doesn’t answer and I go back into the house and ask a little old lady “WHOSE HOUSE IS THIS?! IS IT SUSIES? IS THIS SUSIES PARTY??” And she’s like “Well, Susie is the mother of the bride?” and I’m like “OH MY GOD IM IN THE WRONG HOUSE.”

I then realized my card was still on the gift table across the room so I couldn’t just back out the door, so I dart over to the gift table, yoink my card back and run out of the house without another word. I didn’t say sorry or goodbye, I just left. To which I then ended up literally NEXT DOOR at the correct bridal shower. Which was taking place at the exact same time. With two people with the same name. What are the chances?

At least I have a story to tell when people ask about my most embarrassing moment.

TL;DR: Went to the neighbors house for their bridal shower instead of my friends shower. Ate all their food before I realized my mistake.

by ohheyaubrie

Check out more TIFUs: Internet`s best fuck ups are here.

Did anyone else find it kind of offputting that Jenny called Sadie “Donut Girl”… Like did they not even make an effort to learn her name? I get that they are “The Cool Kids” and all… But they can at least interact with the other teens around the city. Jenny is my favorite among them, but it really just makes me feel bad for Sadie… How do they really feel about her? Is she really that isolated from the others? Where are her friends? Where is her support group?

anonymous asked:

hi! i saw your DIVERSE LIT MEME floating around and thats cool of you to do! can you suggest a list of your favorite books written by poc authors? im trying to diversify my reading and this would extremely help.

That’s so lovely to hear! And I am so glad you ask my friend. This is my favorite part. I just finished rummaging my shelf and here is it all:

Young Adult

Not necessarily my favorite YA books, but I greatly enjoyed them and it’s written by authors of color as well.


New Adult

authors of color whose books I haven’t read yet, but have an interesting premise.

I hope you’ll find this list helpful and that you’ll enjoy it as much as I do! <3


I’m a huge Killers fan.

Brandon Flowers has been releasing singles and videos from his new solo album The Desired Effect. The video here is from Lonely Town, where we see a girl dancing to his poppy tunes in a dark house.

When these singles first started coming out I was kind of suspicious that Brandon Flowers was going full pop, but after listening all three of the singles available, its becoming increasingly clear that there’s more in common with The Killers than is immediately apparent.

The last bit of the video takes a really dark turn, where we realize she’s being watched by someone outside. If you listen to the lyrics you start to get the impression that there’s definitely something more sinister going on here.

Now I’m standing outside your house
And I’m wondering, Baby
Do you hear the phone when I call?
Do you fill the void when I fall?
Do you hear the crack when I break?
Did you lock the door when it shut?
Can you see the knife when it cut?
Do you keep your ear to the ground?
For the kid in Lonely Town

This, coupled with the two other singles off the album he’s released “Still Want You” and “Can’t Deny My Love,” which are equally a little creepy, and it harkens back to The Killers’ original dark side. There’s three songs in The Killers’ library that are considered a sequential trilogy:

Leave the Bourbon on the Shelf (Sawdust)

Midnight Show (Hot Fuss)

Jenny was a Friend of Mine (Hot Fuss)

If you listen to the lyrics, the trilogy (in this order) is a song about a man obsessed with a girl named Jenny (Leave the Bourbon on the Shelf), who he then kills and buries in the desert (Midnight Show), with him being arrested at the end (Jenny was a Friend of Mine).

(There’s some other songs that you could tie into it as well, such as Mr. Brightside, about a guy obsessed with a girl he thinks is cheating, etc)

Is this a little weird and creepy? Yeah, but the band is called The Killers after all. It just makes me excited to see some more of this playful darkness that they started with coming back (even if its only a solo album by Brandon Flowers). It gives me some hope that The Killers’ next album will be a return to form.

First kiss ; Luke

{part one}

requested by @5secondsofloml

“I dare you to be (y/n)’s first kiss.”

You turned your head nervously to Luke, wondering if he could feel how your heart was beating out of your chest.

“Well,” Luke mumbled. “Only if it’s okay with her.”

“I’m sure she’s more than okay with it,” Calum’s girlfriend, Jenny, smirked at you.

“Jen!” You scolded. 

You’ve honestly thought about Luke being your first kiss, but not over a petty game of truth or dare where he’s being dared to kiss you. Your first kiss, to be more specific.

“Well, before you do it,” you said nervously. “I would just like to warn you that with my lack of experience with kisses, I would probably suck. Just a wwrning, not trying to make you so no or anything. Now, why would I do that? I am finally gonna get my first kiss after 18 years. And-”

“(y/n),” Luke said, shuffling closer to you. You looked up into his eyes, waiting for him to continue. “Shut up.”

He cupped your cheek, then gently pressing his lips into yours. You recalled what you’ve seen in movies before. You sat upright, your hand going to the back of Luke’s neck. You kissed back, feeling the need to smile, but you don’t. Luke’s lips were soft and tasted like strawberries, which made it enjoyable for you. He was gentle, making sure that your first kiss was as magical as any other girl had imagined it to be.

The boys and Jenny hollers as they watch their 2 best friends indirectly admit their feelings for each other.

Luke pulls away, trying to catch his breath. He lays his forehead against yours, smiling.

“Oh my God, this is beautiful,” Michael fake cries as he wipes his nonexistent tears away. “It’s finally happening!”

“Let’s talk, (y/n),” Luke says before getting up. He then leads both of you into the kitchen to talk.

cliffhanger bc i think people actually read my shit lol

part 3????

We Can Help You.

Hello love, can you write a long one about Austin Carlile? Where y/n’s mum dies and austin comes home one day and she’s just a mess and he finds out that her mum passed away. Weeks after y/n starts being so reckless and self destructive that austin gets really scared and asks the boys (tino, Phil, alan, Aaron and maybe the ptv lads) for help and they help her together xx


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