and the other dude i do not know his name


So, as it turns out I have no self control!!! I just had to buy this beautiful dude. He’s a Rose Petal betta. Thinkin of the name Comet.
But do any betta people know what’s up w/ his eye? It’s all blurry. The other eye is half like that (like split down the middle type half). I’m just assuming he’s partially blind but I wanna make sure he’s not sick or anything 🙏🏻

amarguerite  asked:


@aporeticelenchus​ also asked for this KITTEN.

Their first name: Alexandre (STOLEN/borrowed from @robertawickham​). The only first name headcanon I have that I’m 100% on board with. In reality, he probably has a very long and very French string of names, but I don’t have the energy to think about that rn.

Their sexual orientation: More or less straight but would certainly be down with hooking up with a dude on occasion. 

Where they come from: Aix-en-Provence. Not original, and possibly stolen from you, Marguerite? I really don’t remember, but I know I didn’t come up with this.

What do they study or what’s their job: “Studies” law but also how to beat Combeferre in a debate and beat his other friends at billiards.

Their family: Mom, Dad, and a mess of older siblings (4, at least 3 of them sisters), probably some cute little nieces and nephews who adore him, and a lot of cousins. Just a massive family. A lot of them are aristocratic monarchists. :(

Their hobby: Playing cards and billiards, reading novels, being charming, flirting, adopting strangers named Marius.

The running joke about them among les Amis: Always ALWAYS cries at the theater. Plus the hat thing.

A random fact about them: Has a pretty impressive library. A good chunk of it is smut and romances, but HEY.


I drew some birthday presents for @justanotherrattata !

The first one is a quickie because her Rattata gijinka is so hecking adorable

And for the second one I had asked her what she would like me to draw and she gave me a couple suggestions and of those I picked this Homestuck guy.

i havent gotten to this character yet so i dont know his name but thats okay because he still looks like a cool dude and i will probably draw him once i reach that part in the story

AU where Kaneki and Hide are not childhood bestie from start.

Kaneki had a bad and very tiring day. When he was sobbing into his pillow, he received a phone call out of nowhere. Without thinking anything and looking at the contacts, he just picked it up.

“Dude, I don’t know what’s going on but there your bunnies in my room and they’re doing a very intimate activities on my bed! When are you going to pick them up?”

Kaneki was very confused, who is this person? He never heard of this voice before. And what is it about bunnies?

“I’m sorry but… Who are you?” Kaneki asked.

Cue silence moment.

“You’re not… Kimi-senpai?” The voice on the other side asked. Kaneki could sensed his embarrassment.

“My name is actually Kaneki, sir…” Kaneki introduced himself. He wiped off his tears, feeling amused with this situation.

“Oh, shit! I must have been mistaken to dial up your number. I’m very sorry!” The other voice sounded frantically nervous and guilty.

“No, it’s fine. It’s not everyday for me to receive a call from stranger about bunnies,” Kaneki chuckled. His bad mood was gone and replaced with good mood. Why was this stranger made him feel good?

“Anyway, thank you for not mad at me. It’s really nice of you. Oh, the name’s Hide by the way,” the stranger cheerfully introduced himself.

Ever since that day, Kaneki and Hide had been phone-call buddies. Kaneki was so, so glad that he received a wrong number from someone.

the moment our painting teacher decided to call us by our names [and by extent, calling me by my birthname] to grab our projects, the dude who sits next to me [and who i got along pretty nicely with] asked me why i lied about my name and started talking about how he refuses to call me anything but my birthname

and he said that with a smile on his face and as if it was something playful to do. as if somehow thats not cruel. i politely asked him not to, he refused to stop and proceeded to deadname me every chance he got, in front of other people who didn’t know my birthname.

transphobes are a fucking trip.