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I was going to make something really nice for your birthday, @markiplier, and I spent hours working- working on a drawing of your face, and then one of Chica, and then I tried one in an Animal Crossing style for some reason, and then at one point I think I had a Darkiplier phase- but everything just looked horrible.

Then I panicked and drew a pigeon. 

Sorry Mark.

I hope you like the pigeon anyway. His name is Henry. 

Hey I just realized that I’m almost to 100 followers!! :‘3

I’m so tired, man.

My sister is getting married this weekend and I’ve been trying to get ahead of marksandrec for some number of days and the posts just keep getting progressively more burnt-out, lol.

idk, they aren’t terrible, but there are places where I could have done better and I can just see where I was like “fuck it good enough” and passed out. XD

anonymous asked:

i dont even believe shes dropped the and the diamonds. disconnect is credited as and the diamonds everywhere but youtube. i think if anything with the next album theres just going to be less emphasis on the and the diamonds portion of the title. its not like people during interviews in the past havent just referred to her as marina alone lol i kind of feel everyones just reaching for a rebrand that isnt even truly happening but thats kind of how she made us feel i guess so i cant like BLAme any1

idk at this point im just so confused lmaooo. clean bandit introduced her simply as “marina” but yet shes credited as matd like u said…im just so…??? my head hurts

honestly im neutral on her dropping at “atd”…i see both sides to the topic and first and foremost i support marina as a person and second as an artist, so whatever she does is fine by me as long as shes happy.

a rebrand would be exciting and refreshing but also stressful…so yeah lets not get ahead of ourselves….cuz ive already had like 5 existential crises thinking abt the new edit tag and if i have to change my marina data blog url dfhgdflg

“ think if anything with the next album theres just going to be less emphasis on the and the diamonds portion of the title.”

ALSO THIS IS SO BEAUTIFULLY SAID. AGREED. im just so excited for matd4, shes rly gonna outdo herself i just know it

i want a plot based on green light by lorde. muse a & muse b dated for a short time and muse b ended the relationship because they were afraid of catching feelings for muse a. muse a is extremely jealous of muse b’s new fling and equates going to get their stuff from muse b’s home to letting go of the relationship. meanwhile, muse a is doing everything they can to make muse b jealous, like sleeping with other people and hoping muse b hears about it. basically it’s just a super messy breakup with hidden feelings and secret agendas.


  • they probably end up hooking up behind muse b’s new s/o’s back and then muse b feels guilty.
  • muse a threatens to tell muse b’s s/o about their hookup if they don’t keep meeting up to hook up or even just hang out.

basically muse a has extremely strong feelings for muse b and goes to wild measures to make muse b jealous and ultimately break up their new relationship with someone else.


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