and the other I walk with but she's always talking to her best friend

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from a writers perspective do you think julie knows stelena was written better and that's why she goes for this whole "love isn't perfect" trope with delena? like that's why damon can't fight compulsion, that's why delena always argue and can't talk "like friends", he doesn't let her make her own choices but THAT'S OKAY BECAUSE THEY LOVE EACH OTHER SO MUCH NONE OF THAT MATTERS? lmao because I feel like she feels that's the only way they could compete with se without completely copying them

Yes I do. I always say that Julie was a writer when it came to SE and a fangirl when it came to DE and to make up for that she uses the blanket excuse of “love”. It’s become this narrative that Stefan is the smart choice, better choice, best choice but Elena has such overwhelming love for Damon that she can’t walk away from the relationship despite how fundamentally incompatible they are. Except she doesn’t portray that overwhelming love at all because everything SE has done because they were a multifaceted, multidimensional relationship so all Julie can do is rely on song lyrics and dialogue.


Thankfully, the walk was short, and Golden wasn’t very talkative when Blaze wasn’t around. The two had an interesting dynamic. Best friends? More? She didn’t know, nor care. Harbor liked Blaze. He was interesting to talk to, and the only one who seemed to give a reasonable explanation to her when she inquired about Nautilus. Demitri seemed to treat his settlement as the pinnacle of civilization and humanity. The others acted as if they were the center of the universe. Blaze had good things to say about it, but looked at it from a more personal perspective. That carried more weight for her. “Here we are,” Golden said with a smile. “Sunshine? We have another joining us today.”

“Ah, it’s you again. How are you feeling today?” Sunshine was bright as always. “Ya keep startling us sweetie. You need to take it easy.”

“I’m fine,” Harbor replied. “Taking it easy is not an option.”

“You’ll hurt yourself worse,” Sunshine said.

“Hey! Emerald city!” She groaned when she heard that nick name. “Why don’t you come here and stop bothering Sunshine will ya?”

“No thanks!” Harbor waved him off. “I’m good.”

Gabriel was sitting by another golden haired woman, and the men she recognized as Xavier and Spencer. But he wasn’t taking no for an answer. “Come on, there’s a seat right next to me.”

“I’m really okay,” Harbor said.


Isshin walked Orihime down the wedding aisle, I’m calling it. 



Chad, Uryuu, Renji, Keigo, and Mizuiro all fought about who would be Ichigo’s best man, so Ichigo just said “Look, you’re all important to me so I’ll have no best man!”

I’m just gonna need a Momo and Orihime friend talk, like “congratulations!” because yes, my two favorite girls should acknowledge each other’s existence!

A sorta drunk Rangiku had ‘the talk’ with Orihime before the wedding and she cried because the girl is grown up now and she always considered her as a little sister. 





ISSHIN AND KISUKE HAVING THE TALK WITH ICHIGO BEFORE THE WEDDING. Meanwhile, Ichigo’s like “.. Don’t you think I know this-” and Isshin is all emotional and he starts pulling his son into a hug.

Ichigo and Orihime definitely bonking heads before they kiss at the altar.


After Rangiku has her talk with Orihime, Rukia is next and LET ME TELL YOU, these two are joking at first and then it gets so heartfelt that both Orihime and Rukia cry and Rukia’s like “No! Don’t cry! I should be crying! You can’t get your makeup messed up!” and now they’re both laughing and hugging

You thought Orihime wasn’t going to give that iconic 5 lifetimes and one love speech to Ichigo? THINK AGAIN. SHE DID. AND MY… MY HEART… I’M TEARING UP JUST THINKING ABOUT IT.

Ichigo gives this speech about when and how he fell in love with Orihime, and he starts off with, “I opened the door…” AND DAMN IT ORIHIME IS CRYING.

Rangiku was the one who caught the bouquet!

Ichigo and Orihime were both giggling ducks when it was time to slow dance with each other and the reception.


GRIMMJOW STILL WANTING TO FIGHT ICHIGO, but he holds it off for THIS moment

Shunsui was drunk before the wedding even started, Nanao and Lisa just had to watch over him



So I just live for Toshiro and Ichigo having their moments, (IDK I just feel like Toshiro is an older brother to Ichigo but that’s another story) so yes yes why not have Toshiro congratulate Ichigo! 


Ganju and Ichigo for once not arguing with each other and Ganju pulling Ichigo into a hug and he’s like “I’m proud of you, kid.”


*cough cough, I must get my hitsuhina feels in here somehow so YES THEY’RE CANON IN THIS*

Orihime, Rukia, Tatsuki, and Rangiku photo!

Ichigo, Renji, Uryuu, Chad, Keigo, and Mizuiro photo!

For the Kurosaki + Squad 10 + Shiba family photo, Ganju and Ichigo start arguing with each other and Kukaku punches them in the head, Orihime, Yuzu, and Karin are smiling awkwardly, Rangiku’s shocked at how hard Kukaku punches, Toshiro’s annoyed, Isshin is laughing and SNAP the camera takes the photo, so this is the Kurosaki family for you guys! (They take more pictures later, but this one is GOLDEN.)

THE NAKAMA SQUAD TAKE A GROUP PICTURE: Orihime’s sitting on Ichigo’s lap, and Ichigo goes to kiss her but they end up bonking heads again and now they’re both in pain + Nel just jumps into the picture, and falling into Ichigo’s stomach so now he’s in even more pain, Rukia and Renji are laughing, meanwhile Uryuu and Chad are both looking fabulous for the camera!

Orihime starting off a congo line and Ichigo follows after her, which makes everyone else follow and this ends off the night!


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Request: can I request a oneshot where the reader is in love with pietro but she notices him hanging out with her best friend Natasha a lot lately and she gets jealous? pietro finds this funny bc he is actually in love with the reader and has been asking advice from Natasha. lootts of cute fluffffff thank you (:

Warnings: none

You walked into the living room and found Pietro and Natasha on the couch together again. They were talking quietly with each other. You were getting tired of seeing them together. You walked out of the living room and back into your own room. Something was going on and neither of them wanted you to know. Of course, you suspected that they were flirting with each other every single time you saw them together. You maybe even thought that they were in a relationship together. That would be strange and upset because you had always liked Pietro and he seemed to have always liked you. Maybe you had just made the whole thing up in your head to make you feel better about yourself. The worst part was that Natasha was your best friend and you didn’t want to watch her have a growing relationship with Pietro while you were on the sidelines. It was tiring to never have someone that would love you. It had been years since you had really had a relationship with someone. You were always busy with the Avengers. A single tear fell down your cheek and you wiped it away quickly. Something silly like this shouldn’t make you cry. You were an Avenger after all, a conqueror of the world. After about 30 minutes of reading a book, you decided that you were hungry and went into the kitchen. You were making a sandwich when Pietro’s voice startled you.
“What are you doing?” Pietro wondered as he wandered into the kitchen.
“What does it look like I’m doing?” You asked sarcastically obviously irritated by his presence.
“No need to get defensive.” He defended himself. You ignored him and continued to prepare your meal.
Eventually words you weren’t expecting to say come out of your mouth. “So, you and Natasha have been spending a lot of time together lately.”
“Yeah, you jealous?” He wanted to know, which made you snort out a laugh.
“Not at all.” You told him and he raised an eyebrow. “Maybe a little.” You admitted, which made smile and laugh. “What? You think it’s funny?”
“Of course!” He continued to chuckle at you. You stared at him because you didn’t understand why he thought it was funny that you were jealous. “Y/N, Natasha and I have been talking about you.”
“What do you mean ‘talking about me?’”
“I have been asking her for advice. To tell the truth, Y/N, I am in love with you.” He admitted to you and you almost dropped the plate that you were holding. You were shocked to say the least. You never had believed that someone like Pietro could even like, let alone love, someone like you.
“I’ll tell the truth, I wasn’t expecting that.” You gave him a small smile. He pulled your waist to him and began to kiss you. You tried to not smile, but couldn’t help it. He hand knotted into you hair and you held his cheek. He pulled his lips away from you and led you to his room. There your kissing intensified and the two of you fell onto the bed. You couldn’t help it and began to laugh softly at your thoughts from earlier. Pietro took his lips from your’s so that he could look at you.
“What?” He was confused by your giggles.
“I was just thinking about what I was thinking earlier…”
“And what was that?”
“I thought that you and Natasha were dating.” He smiled at you.
“Well, you were wrong.” You nodded and he began to kiss your neck. You couldn’t believe that this was real.

“Aye, go ahead and start it without me. I’ve seen it, like, five times,” Joey spoke to his best friend, Tyler, before closing the bedroom door behind him. It wasn’t unusual for Joey to be spending the night, they’d been best friends since the third grade, and he’d become accustom to sleeping over; Joey’s parents were always busy with work or their personal lives, so Tyler and his family had become a saving grace to him whenever he found himself lonely or bored, which was almost always. He was, in all honesty, like a brother to him and he cherished their friendship greatly.

Walking along the warmly decorated hallway toward the bathroom, Joey gave a quick glance to one of the closed bedroom doors. It was the bedroom of Maisie, Tyler’s younger sister; although Joey had been around their family for a while, he’d never really took the time to talk to her other than the occasional greeting. She was beautiful, that was for sure, but she was Maisie. Now, Joey would be lying if he said that he’d never thought about her in that way but God knows he’d never admit it, especially not to Tyler. That would be a guaranteed way to get his ass beat.

With his head in his thoughts, he didn’t notice that the bathroom door was slightly opened and the lights were on inside. Not missing a beat, he swung the door open and there stood Maisie in all her glory. “Oh, shit,” he fumbled, tripping over his feet and nearly falling into the naked girl. His feet tangled in the towels and clothes scattered about on the soaking wet floor, he managed to slam the bathroom door shut while he clung to the sink counter. His face was level with her bare breasts; “Maisie,” he started, ducking his head and standing upright. “I… sorry.” Yet, he made no move to leave.

Southern Heart

Characters: Jensen x Reader, Jensen’s parents
Words: 1162
Requested by @livsly11 
Summary: Jensen and the reader are neighbors in Canada. They are also best friends. She sounds southern and kinda acts southern, but she’s from Canada. Jensen takes her to Texas and he reveals his feelings for her.

          “Y/N!?” Jensen walked into your house without knocking. That was how both of you always did. You were too close to bother knocking at this point. As long as you didn’t waltz into each other’s bedrooms without asking, you were fine.

           “Jensen!” you called back.

           “I have a super important question to ask you,” he said, walking into the kitchen where you were making lunch.

           “Yes, Dear?” you asked.

           “Oh, come on. Say what you normally say,” he begged.

           “Yes, Darlin’?” you smirked. Jensen loved to hear you talk. Somehow, even though you were Canadian, you had a Southern accent. So many people thought you were from Texas, but you had never even stepped foot in the state.

           “That’s more like it,” he grinned. Jensen, being from Texas, claimed to love to hear you talk.

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I feel like a constant thirdwheel

Jail // Cameron Dallas

So this was requested by 2 people, so here you go! Im sorry it’s sorta shirt and probably not awesome but I hope you enjoy it anyway❤️ I love you all and feel free to leave a request :) lots of love always xx

I was sitting in Y/B/F/N)’s backyard as we talked and just enjoyed each other’s company and the pool. Cameron was filming for his YouTube channel at our place so I decided to go out and spend time with my best friend.
“I’m gonna go grab drinks,” she said as she stood up and walked into her house. My phone began ringing and I picked it up, not recognizing the number.
“Hello?” I asked, unsure of who would answer.
“Y/N, babe, thank god you answered,” I heard Cameron, my boyfriend, say from the other end.
“Is everything okay? What are you calling from?” I asked.
“It’s a long story, but I’m kinda in jail right now, they told me I could call one person so I chose you,” he said. I began giggling.
“Nice try Cameron, I’ve watched enough prank call videos in my time, plus I know you’re with Kian and Jc,” I said.
“Honestly, babe, I wish this was just a joke,” he said. From the tone of his voice, I believed him.
“Can you please just pick me up?” he asked.
“I don’t know where the jail is!” I exclaimed.
“Look it up on Google Maps you’ll find it,” he said.
“Whatever, be there soon,” I said as I hung up. Seriously? He was in jail? I never thought my day out with my best friend would be cut short because my boyfriend was being a total idiot. I stood up and put my clothes back on and grabbed my things. (Y/B/F/N) walked out, two glasses in her hand.
“Where you off to?” she asked.
“I have to go pick up Cameron,” I sighed as I picked my bag up.
“From where?” she asked.
“Jail,” I said simply.
“Wait, seriously?” she asked.
“Unfortunately, yeah,” I breathed. I gave her a hug as I thanked her and apologized for having to leave early. I found the directions on my phone as I hopped in my car and began driving. I pulled into the parking lot and stepped out, walking in.
“I’m here for Cameron Dallas,” I said awkwardly, not exactly sure what I was supposed to say. The man nodded and walked off. I leaned against the wall, waiting. The man walked out, his hand on Cameron’s shoulder. We walked out and got in the car. The drive home was silent. We walked into our shared apartment and I hung up the keys as I walked into our room so I could change out of my bathing suit.
“Babe?” he asked as he walked in.
“What?” I asked.
“What’s wrong?” he asked.
“Oh maybe because I had to cancel my plans because my boyfriend’s committing criminal acts. Christ Cameron you have to be a little more responsible and think before you do things!” I said frustrated.
“I know, I’m sorry,” he mumbled.
“What did you do, anyway?” I asked.
“We were shooting paint in the apartment, it’s all clean now though. Apparently we got it in the halls and it was vandalism and we almost got in on someone else,” he said. I giggled slightly.
“That’s actually really dumb,” I said.
“I didn’t think that was a criminal offence,” I said.
“Me neither, and it was washable,” he said. We both laughed together.
“At least it’s clean, you would’ve been dead if I came home to an apartment full of paint,” I said.
“Am I forgiven then? I’m not a bad boy I promise,” he pouted.
“Yes, you’re forgiven,” I said as I walked over to him and pressed my lips against him.
“Although, you probably look kinda hot handcuffed,” I winked.
“Oh god,” he chuckled and I laughed along with him.
“Although I’d rather not have to pick you up from jail again,” I said.
“No worries, I got it,” he smirked.
“Since it totally killed the fun, how bout I take you out for dinner?” he asked.
“Sure, but you’re paying because you put me through this,” I smirked.
“Of course, I’ll always pay,” he smiled.
“Hopefully we won’t get arrested for dirtying the table,” I whispered as we walked out of the apartment, both of us laughing with our fingers laced together.