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A guide to being a vocal citizen

For people wondering how to take action post-election of a racist demagogue (pulled from Twitter and cleaned up):

Make a spreadsheet or a file for your representatives with names, addresses to their offices, phone numbers, and contact forms. Put everyone there. Make a note in your calendar app to check in on issues once a month.

Pay attention to news. If you get angry, upset, or worried, seek support from friends but ALSO shoot these reps an email, too. Be courteous but firm and blunt. It’s a numbers game. Often we remain invisible because we don’t go to events and rallies and can’t be physically present. But we can attach our names to emails, we can write letters, we can be vocal. We don’t have to be invisible.

You can do this with your national reps, state reps, and local reps. If someone reps you anywhere, note them. Open a line and revisit it. It’s hard work and slow. One email at a time. One letter at a time. One call at a time. Emails are easy these days, so splurge every few months on a stamp and send a letter if you can. Put your humanity in front of these people. Flout it. Some won’t care, but others will. Change ONE mind and results can cascade.

Rural areas are bubbles full of bigotry and now it’s newly revealed. But we white people who live here have the clout and power! We can speak up when our reps say terrible things, and do terrible things, and vote terrible ways. We can go “I am disappointed in you.” It’s work, but as we’ve seen the last six months, it’s time for us to do that work. If someone goes “who are your reps” you gotta know. If you don’t know and you’re mad about this election, it’s time to create that file and keep it with you and use it.

The time for social media rants only is over. Or, do those, but maybe pull those threads out into a paragraph and send them to your reps. And don’t ONLY email or contact when things go badly. Also reach out when things go right. Even if they voted AGAINST something. Treat them like you would want to be treated if you were wrong or mistaken. But we’ve gotta reach out and let them know we’re here.

Anyway, I know this is hard work. If you need help collecting your reps, give me a ping via DM and I’ll help you get started.


Well yeah, Wendy would be the least suspected one of the bunch, that’s for sure

I swear I’m never wasting so much time on stupid comics again. Out of all the asks I could’ve used, I chose this one. Someone shoot me please .+:。(ノ・ω・’ )ノ゙


how do you expect anyone to suspect her


I am a professional artist. I draw things, and I teach others how to draw things, for a living. And this is how I decided to spend my free art time

Drawing Egg-grab.

tfw u aint got any tricks left up ur sleeve so u decide on a whim that u just goTTA coach that one cute japanese skater that didn’t want to take a picture w/ the glorious u & somehow casually find his address and decide u and ur dog are gonna live with him while u teach him to find his sexuality & then u realize that he’s even cuter & stronger & sillier & more passionate & complex than u ever dreamed any one human could be & it dawns on u that all u wanna do now is be with him & bring out the best in him & it’s the most gratifying feeling when despite his crippling anxiety he starts to open up to u & u realize he’s kind of a dork too & he’s just the cutest thing & ur heart casually bubbles over when u realize how much he means to uUUUU MMMMMMdonT TOUCH ME

To the disgusting autism moms who claim they will never be proud of their child’s autism: 

You are teaching them internalized ableism.
You are teaching them lateral ableism.
You are teaching them to hate who they really are.
You are teaching them that they’re not allowed to be their real self.
You are teaching them that they have to be fake to please you.
You are teaching them that your love for them is conditional.

And any angry responses to this post will prove that I’m right.

I’m so tired of autism moms lamenting their child may never get married, say “I love you” or hold down a job. Funny how all these are things the moms want to do with the child. They act like an autism diagnosis is robbing them of experiences they see other moms have.

Yeah, and while you’re crying about all these things you want you’re missing out on the child right in front of you and you’re missing out on what they want.

It’s not all about YOU, autism moms.

Yes, it’s stressful. Yes, it’s frustrating. Yes, it’s hard. 

But you want to know what’s harder? Being autistic and surrounded by people who say “Be yourself…” and as soon as I flap my hands, somebody pulls me aside to say, “…but not like that.”

I stopped listening to those people. Do you want to be one of those people to your child?

Reasons to ship Scott x Malia
  • He calls her Lia
  • He was the one who changed her back into a human
  • He was the first person she saw as a human
  • He teaches her
  • “What if I told you that you’re the only one that I have left?”
  • He saw her naked (a lot!) but it isn’t a thing for them
  • They respect each other
  • “What’s wrong with you?” “Nothing” “Your heart is pounding like crazy. Are you nervous?”
  • She sends him home when he wanted to help her with the desert wolf to protect him
  • ”I’m not asking. I’m offering. I’m just saying its okay if you want to [talk]”
  • They both broke up and are free for new love
  • “I can handle Peter” “You can handle him better with me!”
  • ”Malia. It’s okay. You’re safe.” 
  • “Scott you need your inhaler! Scott use it, use your inhaler!”
  • They saved each other many times

-She turns against her own father to protect him

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“not just nostalgic, this is like fetus nostalgia.”

“was i even alive?”


aka six-year-old phil teaches two-year-old dan how to play his favorite game

As soon as I learned that Phil played this game when he was about six or seven, I knew this was exactly what I wanted to draw. (The entire video was like a really young kid playing a video game with an older kid who secretly saves their lives every level.)

Check out my other doodles here!

So what if one day Jack really wanted to impress Bitty with his knowledge of history, cause your boy was a history major and all that jazz, and so he researches the history of Georgia and then he casually drops tidbits of info about the state and finally Bitty turns to him and goes, “honey, as much as I love listening to your fun facts, not a single one of them has been right”

I just had a long discussion with my parents about how basically and given Discworld book would be a better thing to read in school than Lord of The Flies.

Reason number one: all of the same lessons are taught.

In LoTF, the reader is supposed to learn about mob mentality, oppression, and general prejudice, yes? Thud! is a good example of all of this. You’ve got two different groups of people fighting because Reasons, and the main character coming to terms with his own subconscious racism. What a damn good thing to teach high schoolers!

Reason number two: none of them are nearly so depressing.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I can not think of a single Terry Pratchett book that ends on a bad note. Not one. LoTF was painful for me to read, because all of the characters were making horrible, murderous decisions because… plot??? Boys will be boys?? The base instincts of humanity?? I am the author and everyone else sucks??? 

Reason number three: they are fun to read!

This kind of goes along with the last one, but the fact that Pratchett combines relatable characters and a good sense of humor with real world scenarios (going back to Thud! with the internalized racism) makes the books a joy to read! I have, out of the six books I’ve had to read for school, been indifferent or even hated four of them. I didn’t want to read any of them! I read two books a week for three frippin years! And I didn’t want to read the books they chose! I, just. 

In conclusion: LoTF sucks, Thud! would be a much better choice.

An Insight: Thoughts, Feelings, and Baggage

Quick disclaimer: This is not an “Oh, pity me.” sort of a thing, just some genuine thoughts I’ve been having.

Do you ever wonder if you’re just not cut out for a relationship / supposed to be alone? (I know ‘supposed’ is an indicator of a faulty thought process and my use of the phrasing ‘to be alone’ further develops negative self talk, because being alone, in and of itself, is not a bad thing.)

I’ve found that, looking back, I’ve been the one to end all of my relationships (except one). All of these relationships *could* have been happy, healthy supportive relationships, but they just didn’t feel right at the time. It was like there was something more I had yet to learn; there was something I had yet to experience. 

I’m constantly bouncing back and forth between desiring that connection and closeness that come with a relationship and the incredible independence I value so highly. 

Along the way I’ve met a lot of people who maybe I would have ended up happy with and who might have ended up happy with me - but I tend to look at their lived experiences and where they are currently and compare it to where I am and where I want to be. I suppose it stems from being with someone for 4 years who, when I finally got my dream job with my dream nonprofit, decided to make me choose between it and him. I don’t want to be held back or miss out on my personal goals and ventures because of who I’m with, but being made to choose was an easy decision that has hurt ever since - I’m wounded, and worry that the memory will always impact how I interact with potential partners. I’m worried I’ve become self-sabotaging. 

Or maybe I am meant to dedicate myself fully to my work so I can better serve my underrepresented students, my students from rough home lives, my students of color, my students from low socio-economic backgrounds, and my students who just need someone to care. I know I can do and have both, but I’m wondering if I’m supposed to.

Every time I meet someone who I know would stay and we would both be happy together, I talk myself out of it. Usually for the fear of losing the friendship, but it all ends up with the same result.

I do not feel hopeless or lost. I don’t feel despair or as if no one will ever love me, but I hope that, one day, I will be able to share my life with someone who has a similar motivation, ambition, and goals. Someone who wants to better themselves everyday. Someone who is a complete, complex individual who won’t lose those unique parts of themselves - interests, passions, hobbies - when they do become part of a relationship. It’s so important to me that whomever I date doesn’t lose their identity to become “a relationship” - it should still be me and that person as individuals, but also “us”. I want someone I can grow with, who can mutually grow with me. Someone who sees life as an adventure and isn’t afraid to go out there and tackle it head on. 

I’m happy on my own, so whoever I end up with should add to that, and I should add to their happiness, too. I’ve just got a lot of thoughts this morning.

Tatsu is has been teaching himself how to cook

an entry from Ta_2’s column “deep blue” in the Fixed Engine pamphlet (thank you @argeno for the scans!)

「Something Unbelievable」

I think I’ve said in the live streaming of Member’s channel or somewhere else that “I bought cooking utensils, and my next goal is to chop some vegetables with the kitchen knife.” Many days have passed since then, and recently –

I’ve been cooking.

I can’t make anything fancy, but I’m starting with simple things like stir frying vegetables/meat and making aemono (和え物, a salad-like dish dressed with miso or other sauces). I’d use knives and other utensils such as the peeler. Since I remember cutting my thumb so badly that it broke once, I always pay close attention to my hands when using knives and other cutting tools. Concentration is the key.

While it is a new experience to find out that I can make the food I like easily as I have fun in the process of cooking itself, one thing that I never knew before is that I like cleaning up dishes. It’s pretty obvious, but you’ll get dirty dishes after cooking. I think somehow I just enjoy washing the dishes and putting them away.

It feels good to watch the countertop getting cleaned up as the dishes I have to wash pile up in the sink.

By the way, my recent favorite is a simple dish that I can make by stir frying lamb with bell pepper, eggplant, lettuce, and tare sauce. This dish also allows me to intake vegetable and meat at the same time.

In this sense, dwelling in the fresh produce section that I’ve always ignored becomes something fun. Although I don’t fancy to make elaborate dishes like those from the restaurants, I do wish to get to the level where I can make whatever I suddenly want to eat by myself. I’ll try my best.

With that said, I’ll be able to laugh at the people who don’t cook in the future.

There is a big difference between 0 and 1, you know.

Note: the pamphlet is from last year, which means Tatsu should’ve been learning how to cook for months already, haha xD

An angsty hc I’ve been thinking about for a couple of days now,

One day Cass finds an old youtube video of the Flying Graysons and excitedly goes and asks Dick if he could teach her, because she thinks that it looks like dancing in mid air

And Dick is over the moon because of course he would love to teach her how to use the trapeze and so he goes and sets everything up and helps her get ready and he’s so happy

But then he gets her up there and freezes

Because the last time he saw somebody he loved up on the trapeze he had also watched them fall


there were many different versions of gansey, but this one had been rare since the introduction of adam’s taming presence. it was also ronan’s favorite. this version of gansey was gansey the boy. this was the gansey who bought the camaro, the gansey who asked ronan to teach him to fight, the gansey who contained every wild spark so that it wouldn’t show up in other versions. wild gansey. gansey on fire. // dedicated to carol.  

I actually really want to get Tar Vizsla’s story because I am pretty sure that he was the only Mandalorian to CHOOSE to be a Jedi.

Think about it:

The odds of there being only one Force-sensitive Mandalorian are slim to none.

Odds are that if the Jedi learned of a Force-sensitive Mandalorian and tried to recruit them, the parents said “No. We will teach them the ways of OUR clan.” They probably became formidable warriors, too.

Especially considering the history between the two, Mandalorian parents would LOATHE the idea of sending their children off to join the Jedi.

All of this means that either Tar’s parents respected him enough to break tradition and send him off, or he fought for his own destiny and made his own decision. And considering the Jedi Council’s stance on age, that decision would have had to be made at a very young age.

So I don’t care how much of a terrible OC he is, I want his story.

i 100% believe garrus had actual lessons from squadmates for being physically romantic with shepard, because with him being new to it, there’s no way he did that drop-swing thing with her on top of the freaking presidium willy nilly