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BTS reaction when you accidentally touch their boner (M)

(requested by anon: hello, can you do a reaction of bts ( and seventeen vocal team ) to their girlfriend accidentaly touch their (…) boner?)

→  Seventeen vocal unit version

warnings: smut

As you grazed his boner not even aware he had one by that moment, your embarrassed eyes met his shook yet dark ones


He tilted his head to the side a bit, grinning. „Now you’re gonna finish what you started baby“ he pulled you onto him so that you were straddling him. He started kissing and biting your ear as his dick got harder beneath you, making you moan his name softly.


He was super embarrassed and he started laughing nervously, covering his face with his hands. You took his arms from his face and started kissing him all over it. Once you reached his lips he pushed you softly on the couch and hovered over you, returning the favour plus a little extra.


He was so shook he stared blankly at you. „Oppa it’s okay“ you said laughing at his dumbfounded face. He was still stiff and shook and it made you laugh even more. You leaned in and kissed him softly. It didn’t take long for it to turn into a hot make out session.


He licked his lips and pouted making you blush harder. As you slightly moved he grabbed your wrist tightly and pulled you close to him. „No running away from me“ he said as he watched you with his dark eyes. He slowly put your hand down on his hard dick, making you gasp.


He smirked, staring at you with his dark, playful eyes. „Oppa don't“ you shifted on the couch, knowing exactly what those eyes meant. He made a low sound almost a growl and he was on top of you in seconds. „What did you just say?“ his hips thrusted against yours, making you cry out softly.


He smirked playfully at you. In seconds he was standing in front of you, looking down on you since you were sitting. He grabbed your hips, pulling you towards him and kissed you needily. He picked you up by your thighs, not letting you detach your lips from his as he carried you to the bedroom.


He bit his lip and looked at you with dark eyes. „It was an accident“ you said with a low, whispery voice. „I knew you’d say that“ he jumped from one side of the couch to the other where you were. He pinned you down and whispered in your ear. „Liar“ he growled making you shiver.

xx hope anon is satisfied with both pieces; keep requesting xx

anonymous asked:

can you help me? what songs have shinee members worked on like writing and composing and stuff? solo and group stuff?

group releases 

the shinee world / amigo
1) love like oxygen
rap making: minho
2) 사랑의 길 (love’s way)
rap making: minho
3) “그녀가 헤어졌다 (one for me)
rap making: minho
4) 화장을 하고 (graze)
rap making: minho
5) 내 곁에만 있어 (best place)
rap making: minho 

1) juliette
lyrics: jonghyun
rap making: minho 

2009: year of us
1) get down
rap making: key / minho 

lucifer / hello
1) up & down
lyrics: jonghyun (co-written with misfit)
rap making: minho
2) 욕 (obsession)
lyrics: jonghyun
rap making: minho
3) wowowow
rap making: minho
) your name
lyrics: onew
rap making: minho
) hello
rap making: minho
) get it
rap making: key / minho
) shout out
lyrics: all members

1) 알람시계 (alarm clock)
lyrics: jonghyun
rap making: minho
) 낯선자 (stranger)
rap making: minho
) 늘 그자리에 (honesty)
lyrics: jonghyun
rap making: minho 

misconceptions of you
1) spoiler
lyrics: jonghyun
) dream girl
rap making: minho
) girls girls girls
rap making: key / minho
) 방백 (aside)
rap making: minho
) 아름다워 (beautiful)
rap making: minho
) 다이너마이트 (dynamite)
rap making: minho 

misconceptions of me
1) shine (medusa i)
rap making: minho
) 오르골 (orgel)
lyrics: jonghyun
rap making: minho
) dangerous (medusa ii)
lyrics: jonghyun (co-written with jo yun kyeong)
) excuse me miss
rap making: minho
) 떠나지 못해 (sleepless night)
rap making: minho 

misconceptions of us
1) 버리고 가 (better off)
lyrics: jonghyun
2) 너와 나의 거리 (selene 6.23)
lyrics: jonghyun 

1) 상사병 (symptoms)
lyrics: jonghyun
2) destination
→ rap making: minho
3) 닫아줘 (close the door)
→ rap making: minho
4) colorful
rap making: key / minho 

odd / married to the music
) odd eye
composition: jonghyun
lyrics: jonghyun
) view
lyrics: jonghyun
) romance
rap making: minho
) 이별의 길 (farewell my love)
→ rap making: minho
) alive
rap making: key
) chocolate
lyrics: jonghyun (co-written with yankie)

1of1 / 1and1
1) prism
composition: jonghyun
[note: co-composed with jamil chammas, deez, etc.]
) 투명 우산 (don’t let me go)
rap making: key / minho
) lipstick
→ rap making: minho
) don’t stop
lyrics: jonghyun / key / minho
) u need me
→ rap making: minho
) so amazing
lyrics: onew
) 한마디 (beautiful life)
lyrics: onew


solo releases

ace (taemin)
1) pretty boy
lyrics: jonghyun 

base (jonghyun)
1) déjà-boo (co-composed with zion.t)
2) love belt
3) neon
4) 일인극 (monodrama)
) 시간이 늦었어 (beautiful tonight)
6) 포춘쿠키 (fortune cookie)
all composition: jonghyun
all lyrics: jonghyun

7) crazy (guilty pleasure)
) hallelujah (co-written with wheesung)
lyrics: jonghyun

story. op. 1 (jonghyun)
1) 하루의 끝 (end of a day)
2) u & i
3) like you
4) 산하엽 (skeleton flower)
5) happy birthday
6) 미안해 (i’m sorry)
7) 02:34am
8) 그래도 되지 않아? (fine)
9) 내일쯤 (around tomorrow)
all composition: jonghyun
all lyrics: jonghyun

press it (taemin)
1) press your number (co-written by tenzo and tasco)
2) soldier
lyrics: taemin

) 벌써 (already)
composition: jonghyun (co-composed with teddy riley)
lyrics: jonghyun

she is (jonghyun)
1) she is (co-composed with crush and philtre)
2) 우주가 있어 (orbit)
3) moon (co-composed with ldnnoise)
4) aurora (co-composed with deez)
5) dress up  (co-composed with ldnnoise)
6) cocktail (co-composed with bryan michael cox)
7) red
8) suit up
all composition: jonghyun
all lyrics: jonghyun

2) white t-shirt
lyrics: jonghyun



1) elevator
2) 가을이긴 한가 (it must be autumn)
(co-composed / written with go young bae.)
3) 애월 (愛月) (aewol)
(co-composed / written with jung joon young.)
4) 한마디 (your voice)
(co-composed / written with heritage.)
5) inspiration - jonghyun (co-composed with imlay)
all composition: jonghyun
all lyrics: jonghyun

6) 따뜻한 겨울 (warm winter)
7) 멍하니 있어 (staring into space)
8) my friend
9) love is so nice
10) 1000
all composition: jonghyun
all lyrics: jonghyun


songs for other artists

1) 우울시계 (a gloomy clock) - iu
2) red candle - son dam bi
3) playboy - exo
4) no more - lim kim
5) 한숨 (breathe) - lee hi
all composition: jonghyun
all lyrics: jonghyun

(*) unless otherwise specified jonghyun works on the majority of his compositions with his composition crew / group, wefreaky.

Seventeen vocal unit reaction when you accidentally touch their boner (M)

(requested by anon: hello, can you do a reaction of bts ( and seventeen vocal team ) to their girlfriend accidentally touch their (…) boner?)

warnings: smut*ish*

As you grazed his boner not even aware he had one by that moment, your embarrassed eyes met his shook yet dark ones.


He widened his eyes threatenly at you, his boner getting more visible than it was before. „You shouldn’t have done that“ he said as he slowly hovered over you on the sofa, looking into your eyes with his hungry ones.


He bit his finger while looking at you, making you shiver. „Um wh-why are you looking at me like that?“ you stuttered, as if you didn’t know why. „Because I can’t decide if you did that on purpose or not but either way this is going to have the same outcome“ he threw you a dark look.

♡ Joshua ♡

He got even more turned on and acted all sweet but actually he almost had devil horns poking out of his head. „Okay I did that accidentally“ you said while blushing a bit. „Wouldn’t say so babe“ he started to fake stripptease, giving hints of what he wants you to do.

♡ DK ♡

He was startled and needy so he looked into your eyes with a hungry, serious expression. „I-I’m sorry..?“ you said like you asked if that was what he wanted to hear. He couldn’t keep a straight face as he saw your anxious one so he bursted out laughing, making you giggle too.

♡ Seungkwan ♡

He was confused which was noticeable on his face but he was also turned on. He was more of a type to talk or laugh it out so he looked at you and started laughing. „Accident or purpose?“ he said as you blushed. „Accident“ you blushed even harder and laughed together with him.

xx awh my first seventeen reaction yehet, hope anon likes it.. keep requesting and also a bts version of this is on the way xx

Oh my god.
It’s really you.
I used to just see your face in the heat of my restless dreams.
Now, your fingers are grazing my inner thigh.
One at a time.
I know your eyes are on the destination but I want you to get lost.
Explore all the parts of my body that have not been visited in awhile.
Love the vacant places,
with your soft touch.
I’m craving it.
that’s what i remember.
Gasping for breath,
and my chest rising up and down.
I feel the heat flush over my face.
Oh, the things you can do.
Your mouth is over mine,
and my silent moan for you,
slides through your teeth.
One hand over my mouth,
and one hand on the destination.
We should adventure more together.
—  You’re the greatest destination

“Can I look yet?”

“No, shut the fuck up and just keep walking, I’ll tell you when.”

“I’m gunna trip or something,” Izuku shuffled along the hallway, one arm out stretched out towards the wall, fingers just barely grazing the cool paint and the few pictures littered along the way, “can’t I just close my eyes when we get to the living room?”

Katsuki clicked his tongue from behind Izuku, a puff of hot breath washing over his left ear as he  closed in and placed his hands on his hips, gripping tightly. “You can get through here by yourself with your fuckin’ eyes closed, you’re being stupid,” Katsuki’s nose brushed Izuku’s hair every now and then as he swayed side to side, having to walk funny in order to guide Izuku the last few steps into the living room. “We don’t even have carpets to trip on, but I got you Deku.”

“That’s not he point, your Christmas present isn’t gunna be spoiled if you just let me see where I’m going until-”

“Just be quiet. It’s not wrapped, and I don’t want you accidentally seeing it in the reflection of one of your dumb vases or something okay.”

“Is it a new office chair!?” Izuku asked, turning his head a bit, right hand still pressed firmly over his eyes, “A new mattress?”

“No, and no,” Katsuki urged him forward, shaking his head despite Izuku being unable to see, “You think I’d tell you if was already going through the trouble of doing this shit?”

“No, but if it was either of those,” Izuku faced forward again, head cocked slightly as Katsuki gently turned him as they finally came to the living room, and carefully stepped through the threshold, “I’d tell you that I love you, but your surprise is kind of stupid.”

With a snort, Katsuki lifted a hand from Izuku’s hip and smacked his thigh, the shorter male yelping with a quick ‘Hey!’ in response. “My surprises are never stupid Deku. You’re confusing me with yours.”

“My surprises aren’t bad,” Izuku smiled, laughing softly as Katsuki moved to stand beside him, leaving one arm to wrap around his waist and slowly guide him forward towards the small, plastic Christmas tree. “Remember that time I got you new socks? Best surprise ever.”

“I dunno if this sarcasm is from you hanging out with hair for brains too much, or Mina, but it’s not cute!” Katsuki barked a laugh at Izuku’s stupid grin, Patting his butt fondly as he brought his boyfriend to come and stand in front of the tree. 

Izuku could see the warm yellow lights from behind his fingers, and imagined how the light bounced off all the multicolored decorations he and Katsuki littered the tree with, Tinsel twinkling along with it. He couldn’t help but sig wistfully as Katsuki tugged his arm, leaning in to press his mouth against his ear with a loud kiss.

“Sit down,” Katsuki breathed, a chill running down Izuku’s spine as he listened, slowly lowering himself down to his knees.

“You can take your hand off your face, but keep your eyes closed for a sec.” Katsuki moved away, Izuku’s arm reaching out blindly after him as a reflex, hand left hovering mid air with his fingers curled.

“Is everything okay Kacchan?” Izuku could hear Katsuki’s knees hit the wood floor across from, and the sound of something whapping against cardboard followed after. His smile turned a tad nervous, Izuku moving his hand to reach out in front of him. “Kacchan?” Izuku curled and uncurled his fingers, swiping at air as he leaned forward a bit. His brows crinkled when he didn’t get a response right away, and his nose wrinkled in confusion when he heard scratching the cardboard, and a few grunts, but kept his eyes closed as fingers laced through his own.

Katsuki pulled his hand, coaxing him forward, and Izuku had to shuffle forward on his knees to get closer. Izuku was about to ask what was going on again, or if he could open his eyes, but couldn’t help himself from doing the latter when his hand was released, and lowered to press against plush fur. 

“Wha-” Izuku blinked rapidly, eyes snapped wide open as he stared at the wiggling, fluffy puppy being held captive in Katsuki’s arm, squirming as it tried to worm it’s way closer to Katsuki’s face, who’s mouth was already being licked in affection and from excitement. Katsuki’s mouth was sht tightly, but he was still smiling, and looking back at Izuku as he was assaulted by the little puff in his lap. “Oh my god Kachan- He’s- It’s, He?”

“Shwee-” katsuki tried to speak, the puppy managing to lick inside his mouth, and causing him to sputter as he threw his head back.

“She’s adorable!” Izuku exclaimed, shoving the box between them out of the way so he could sit knee to knee with Katsuki, “What’s he name!?”

“That’s your job,” Katsuki, lowered his head again, leaning to the side to try and get a grip on the wiggly dog with both hands before trying to hand her to Izuku, “You get to name her,” He swiped his tongue over his teeth, staring down at the little tail that waved side to side rapidly as Izuku scooped up the puppy from under her arms, immediately nuzzling his face against her puffy little dorito-chip ears. 

Izuku could feel his eyes stinging, more from happiness than anything else, staring up at Katsuki through his bangs as he gave little kisses to the top of (what he assumed to be) the huskies head. “I love her” Izuku muttered, heart swelling as Katsuki crossed his arms, grinning ear to ear.

The puppy in Izuku’s arms wriggled ad struggled to get closer, licking his neck and chin before she was lifted into the air. “I’m going to name you… toaster!”

“WhAT-” Katsuki’s voiced cracked from disbelief, red eyes narrowing as Izuku lowered the licky puppy back down to his face to rub noses with her. “That’s a stupid name, why would you even-”

“Because she’s going to keep me toasty warm! Yes she is!” Izuku cooed, accepting the kisses, and the little tongue that made it half way up his nose every now and then.

Katsuki stared, hands on his knees, looking over the energetic puppy who would grow to be a beautiful dog, and who was now named toaster. He loved Izuku, and he was pretty stupid sometimes, so Katsuki supposed he could love a dog with a stupid name like Toaster.

From the couch, two large eyes watched the scene, a fluffy black cat waving her tail behind her as she dropped down from the couch with a light thud. She gave a soft meow, padding her way over to Katsuki, and rubbed against his side out of jealousy for the new addition to the family. Katsuki wasn’t about to let his original baby feel left out, so with a little smirk, he scooped her up and held her close to his heart, continuing to watch his idiot roll around on the floor with Toaster.

He wrapped a finger around one of the curls that framed her face, his fingertip just grazing her jaw. “Do you think you can tame me, daughter of Athena?”

She could see now why countless others had failed to gain his favor. He didn’t wanted to be softened. The sea ran in Percy’s veins – there would be no controlling or corralling him, and those that tried wouldn’t last long before drowning. He wanted someone who could withstand his strength, who would bend, but not break, when matched against the depths of his will. An equal.

A challenge.

“No,” Annabeth said, pressing a hand to his chest and stepping close to him. “I want to see if you can tame me.”

an anon asked for “deliciously dark roman!percy” a while back 

i’m working on it

Forbidden - Damian Wayne x Reader

Prompt: Can you write one where all of Gothams villians team up to raise the reader to destroy Batman, but she ends up falling in love with Damian and he helps her get out. (requested by anon)

“Robin! You have been a thorn in my side for far too long. It ends tonight.” You snarled drawing your blades.

“Ha! I’d like to see you try.” He taunted brandishing Batarangs in his hands. He threw them your direction. You managed to dodge one and knock another out of the air with your blade but you allowed one to graze your arm. You hissed at the sting of the blade and brought your hand up to press your hand against the stream of blood trickling down your arm.

“You’ll pay for that hero.” You spat.

“Bring it.” Robin challenged. With a loud cry you charged at him but just as you swung your blade towards him he threw down a smoke bomb and grappled away from you. You growled and coughed at the smoke.

“Well what are you waiting for, you stupid girl? Go after him!” Your guardian and trainer Deathstroke commanded as he fought with his own foe.

“Yes sir!” You called back and ran after the direction Damian disappeared in. You soon picked up on his trail and sprinted after his billowing cape. The two of you weaved in and out of alleyways until you came to a dead end. He stopped with his back turned towards you and you sheathed your sword in your belt.

“You followed.” Damian stated looking back towards you.

“I’d follow you anywhere.” You said softly. Damian turned around and you ran into his arms burying your head in his chest. Damian squeezed you to him and softly stroked your hair.

“I’ve missed you, Beloved.” He whispered kissing the top of your head.

“I’ve missed you too, my love.” You said looking up and resting your hand against his cheek. He leaned into your touch and you stood on the tips of your toes and gently connected your lips with his. You didn’t know how long you would have together so you wanted to make the most of every second.

“You’re hurt. You could have easily dodged that.” He whispered as you pulled away. You looked at the wound on your arm and shrugged.

“It looks better to my handlers if I come home injured. They seem to think I put in an effort when I come home needing stitches.” You explained. Your “family”, the majority of Gotham’s villains had lately been getting suspicious of where your true loyalties lie so you needed play up your battle with your secret lover to appease them. You hated fighting Damian but you didn’t really have much of a choice.

“Leave them, [Y/N]. Run away with me, Beloved. You don’t have to stay with them.” Damian pleaded gazing lovingly into your eyes. You shifted your gaze to the ground and pulled away from him wrapping your arms around your side.

“I can’t.” You insisted.

“I don’t see why not. You don’t belong with them, [Y/N]. You’re so much better than them.” He argued trying to take you back into his arms.

“As horrible as they are they’re the only family I’ve ever known. I don’t know if I can leave.” You said.

“[Y/N] what have they ever done for you other than force you to be something you don’t want to be?” Damian asked. You knew he was right but that didn’t make leaving any easier for you. Harley and Poison Ivy were like mothers to you and you would probably miss them the most. They were probably the only ones who showed even the slightest inkling of affection for you. The other rogues simply used you to meet their own ends in their plans to take over Gotham.

“I-I’ll think about it. Just give me some time alright?” You asked. He looked hesitant to agree but eventually nodded. “I need to leave now, my love. Deathstroke is going to get suspicious of my whereabouts soon and I need to get back before that happens.” You explained pulling Damian into a tight hug. He tilted your chin up and tenderly pressed his lips against yours. You closed your eyes and savored the feeling of his lips on yours, not sure when you would be able to feel him again.

“Come back to me, Beloved.” He whispered against your lips.

“My greatest foe, I look forward to the moment we meet again.” You responded pulling away from him. As you stepped away your hands remained connected until you reluctantly turned away to retreat back to where your handler was occupying himself.

Deathstroke berated you when you came back for not being able to capture and kill the Robin. If you couldn’t handle the simple side kick how could you be expected to destroy Batman when the time came, he argued. You took your reprimanding in silence mulling over the idea of finally running away with Damian. By the time you entered Poison Ivy and Harley’s apartment your mind was already made up. You had to leave, and you had to leave tonight. You couldn’t stand to be apart from Damian any longer. You didn’t want to hide anymore.

You texted Damian the address to meet you at and started to pack what little belongings you had into your backpack. You planned just to walk out the front door. Harley and Ivy usually didn’t ask where you disappear to anyway.

“Where ya goin’ suga?” Harley asked when she caught you with one hand on the door.

“School.” You lied readjusting your backpack on your shoulder.

“Okay! Have fun!” She said.

“Harley!” Ivy reprimanded. “It’s the middle of the night and she isn’t even enrolled in school.” Ivy reminded her and stepped between the door and you with her arms crossed.

“Oh yeah.” Harley said.

“Now tell us where you’re really going.” Ivy commanded.

“I’m leaving.” You said simply.

Where?” Ivy repeated.

“Away from here. I can’t be what you all want anymore! I don’t want to be a criminal anymore!” You yelled trying to push past Ivy.

“What? Why?” Harley asked.

“The girl’s in love, Harls.” Ivy stated as if it was obvious. You blinked in surprise and stuttered over your words.

“She is? Awww! Our little baby’s all grown up Ivy!” Harley cried excitedly

“Wait. You knew?” You asked incredulously. You had been so careful to hide any signs of your relationship with Damian. You were very thorough so you were surprised to find out that Ivy knew and never talked to you about it.

Of course I knew. It’s hard not to notice when you come home reeking of the same man’s testosterone every other night.” Ivy rolled her eyes,

“Who is he? Who is he?” Harley asked excitedly. “Oooh! Is it that nice pyro boy down the street or the Red Hoodie or whatever? He seems like a nice trouble maker to have fun with!”

“No. That’s why I have to go. He’s not like us, Harley. I’m sorry but I can’t do this anymore.” You said turning back towards the door. You had the door open and one foot out the door when Ivy’s final words froze you in your tracks.

“It’s Robin isn’t it?” She asked. You hung your head and hesitated walking out the door. That was all the answer Ivy needed to confirm what she had suspected for months.

“Eh, what can ya do? Love is love ain’t that right Ivy?” Harley piped up. “Have fun with the bird brain suga! Call us often! Oh and don’t get pregnant!” Harley shouted advice as you walked down the hall and out of the apartment building.

“They grow up so fast, Red.” Harley sighed resting her head on Poison Ivy’s shoulder.

“Indeed they do.” She agreed closing the door when you disappeared from sight. “The boys aren’t going to be happy that we let her go.” Ivy mentioned casually.

“Eh screw ‘em. What do they know anyways?” Harley shrugged tossing herself casually back onto the couch.

You quickly made your way across town to where you told Damian to meet you. When you got there he was waiting with his car running, ready for a quick getaway. As soon as you made eye contact you sprinted towards him and ran into his arms. You held him like you were never going to let go ever again.

“You’re late. I was so worried that something happened to you.” Damian whispered into your hair.

“Harley and Ivy caught me on my way out but they let me go. We’re free Damian!” You cried with happy tears brimming in your eyes.

“They caught you? But won’t they tell the others about us?” Damian asked with a worried frown.

“I don’t think so, not for a while anyway. They seemed happy for me but the others might not be so willing for me to move on.” You agreed. Damian pressed a kiss against your forehead and moved to rest his forehead against yours. His fingers dropped down to intertwine with yours.

“I will stop at nothing to protect you, Beloved.” He swore. You brought your hand up to rest against his jaw and you angled his face closer so you could bring your lips to his. The two of you kissed slowly brushing your lips together for some minutes before you pulled away.

“As long as you’re by my side, Damian, there is nothing we cannot do.” You swore with a free smiled gracing your lips.

A Guide to the Batjokes Fandom

Welcome! Welcome!

Come one, come all to the “Inevitable Slash Fandom”! Whether you grazed across it on Squidge back in the day, Batjokes it hasn’t been as widely acknowledged as the OG Kirk/Spock Star Trek ToS fandom but is easily as important to the slash/yaoi trope.

I will not be giving away any spoilers but will direct you as to where you can expeditiously find #batjokes in the media.

Please feel free to add! These are what have sustained me for all of this time.

Some facts for you, if you’re new.

Batman 60’s Series has Adam West and Caesar Romero, who refused to shave his mustache for the role and had it painted white. Adam stayed campy throughout and Caesar just a tad bit foppish. He played very similar to the comics without compromising his ego.

Batman 1989 had Michael Keaton (fresh off of 1988’s Beetlejuice) as Batman/(curly haired) Bruce Wayne and Jack Nicholson as the Joker/Jack Napier. The universe is fun but screwey as director Tim Burton made the Joker’s back story a bit well too known.

Batman Returns has Keaton back as Batman but no sign of the Joker. Danny DeVito (pre-prising a version of Frank from IASIP) as the Penguin/Oswald Cobblepot and Michelle Pfeiffer as (a very well done) Catwoman/Selina Kyle. Fun facts about this flick, 1) Paul Reubens (Pee-Wee Herman) plays Oswald’s father, reprising the role today in Gotham. 2) Christopher Walken plays Max Skreck, Selina’s boss.

We can go straight to Batman: The Animated Series. Firstly, Kevin Conroy is a great vocal Batman/Bruce. He was asked back to the franchise to do the voices for the Arkham Series of games as was the voice actor for the Joker. (I will get to the games shortly) Some may know him from his work in the space saga, eh, what’s it called? Star Wars? I’m kidding, it’s Mark Hamill. He IS the Joker and he has nailed the signature laugh.

This series introduced Harleen Quinzel as the Joker’s henchwench; the idea being that she could be abused candy and J could come off less John Waters-y. (It didn’t work.) B:TAS has got incredible music, inspired by Danny Elfman but perfected by Shirley Walker. (Look up Batman 101, the music of Batman, it is wonderful and like 5 minutes). This series also has Paul Reubens as Bat-Mite (seems we have a Batfan.)The tv movie “Mask of the Phantasm” has a few fleeting Batjokes moments, namely the Joker being confronted about the Phantasm and saying it couldn’t be Bats because of the butt.

Batman Beyond doesn’t have much Bruce/Joker activity until the movie “Return of the Joker” which brings back Mark as the Joker while keeping Kevin as Old!Bruce.

Batman: The Brave and The Bold was actually hilarious for being the campiest ever. We had the return Paul Reubens as Bat-Mite but our hero is voiced by Diedrich Bader and the Joker a familiar voice in Jeff Bennett. This show had more of the Joker and Batman teaming up at times and/or tolerating each other but was very fun.

I regret that I have been somewhat ignorant of the more recent Batman cartoon series but perhaps I will be enlightened.

Real Quick… The Nolanverse. People tend to lean on Bale and Ledger for their handsome appeal but the lack of genuine interaction between the Batman and Joker was the ultimate disappointment. (Also, imho, the Joker could have been… y'know… a little funny? Maybe that’s just me…)

Onto the games!

Arkham Asylum brings back Kevin and Mark for several hours of the Joker taunting Batman about picturing him in a thong and other great, squeeable tidbits. This starts the arc of Joker being absurdly desperate for Batman’s attention. The first game only allows you access to Arkham Island and the Batcave but game play is great for what you get.

Arkham City… I have some MAJOR BEEF with but whatever, that is me. This game has more of the Joker directly harassing Bats, straddling Batman’s lap and other “!!!” Stuff. The open world is of old Gotham and still no Batmobile. The ending is 😬but it parlays into the next games.

ARKHAM ORIGINS! This is the least well game by fanboys but easily is the most Batjokes thing that existed until now. Young Joker meets Young Batman on Christmas Eve. They show down and then there is a 9 minute video of the Joker telling the player how he fell in love with Batman. This link shows you the cut scene where you start gasping at how they interact and then so on. (Watch it : The game ends with a showdown in a wedding chapel… just sayin’.

Arkham Knight… hoo-boy. HOOBOY. This takes place after Arkham City (so the games technically go AO, AA, AC, AK) and has the Joker taunting you AGAIN but this time he is physically with you, lounging around, chit-chating and bs-ing. (There are a ton of screencaps on this very Tumblr) It is intense as the game starts with Frank Sinatra’s “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”.

It should be noted that all of the games after AA have the Joker singing to Batman.

Cold Cold Heart in AO -

Only You in AC -


I Can’t Stop Laughing in AK -

Really enjoyable and I mean, jaw dropping.

Next we have the comics but let me just start and stop at Death of the Family. No spoilers just get the Canadian version. (It wasn’t as heavily edited as the US version)

And now Lego Batman. See, the major issue with Batjokes has been how Bruce would handle it/take it out on himself. The callousness may habe always let Batman keep his true intentions hidden. But now… Now there is sort of a sense of catharsis with Will Arnett’s Batman just letting go of the Bat-machismo admitting the obvious (over and over) and Zach Galafanakis making the Joker rubbery and wonderful and ridiculous. A+ A+ A+

There ya go! Find more and add it here! And again, welcome to the darkness. The wound that never heals!

Hiraeth | Pt.3

pt.1 | pt.2 | pt.3 | pt.4 | pt.5 | pt.6 | pt.7 | pt.8 | pt.9 |

Words: 5,392.

Genre: Zombie apocalypse au, angst.

Summary: A world full of dwindling hope and lost loves and yet you and Jungkook are all the other needs to feel at home.

A/N: Inspired by The Last of Us.

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The Distance

Summary: Harry and Y/N drive to South Carolina to spend Thanksgiving with friends. This imagine includes fluff. :)


If it were me in his position, my eyes would been fluttering without a doubt. Even with assistance from coffee, seeing nothing but trees, road and taillights is enough to easily put me to sleep. I have the patience of an elderly woman. In a perfect world teleportation would exist. I’ve never liked driving on highways to begin with; they’re more times than never, too congested. One slight turn of the steering wheel and you’re nearly grazing an 18 wheeler.

Switching from lane to lane happens to be a bad habit proven out here, as well. I’ve witnessed too many cars dart in front of Harry out of frustration. He’s not by any means a slow driver, but he’s not wild either. That’s why I’m glad he doesn’t mind driving without switching rolls. I’d rather not be the one having to slam on the breaks every time a soccer dad thinks I’m going the speed of a snail. Especially on a busy traveling day as such. Everyone is focused on getting to family members, rather than putting safety first.

“We’re an hour or so away.” He rests his hand on my thigh. The warmness of his palm reaches my skin, bringing a smile to my face. “My legs are gettin’ stiff if m'bein’ honest,” he adds.

“Well, it’s your fault for being a giraffe,” I tease, glancing over at him.

Instead of responding, he purses his lips in attempt to stop a smile from budding. What I said was true. Not in a literal sense, but his legs are pretty long. Watching him stumble over himself from time to time is the most adorable thing. I’ll poke fun at him, but we both know it’s a feature I love. It doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s undeniably handsome. If anything, it makes him even more so attractive.

“M'gonna pull over at the next rest exit so we can get out and stretch,” he tells me. “That sound good?” He gives my thigh a gentle squeeze.

“Sounds perfect.” I slip my hand under his. When our fingers interlock, he briefly looks over at me with a smile; dimples and all.

Five minutes later, we’re pulling into the parking lot of an unofficial South Carolina welcome center. There’s a big sign and the building looks nice, considering it’s purpose. A few benches are lined along the sidewalk, along with a trail that led to additional areas to sit. When our car comes to a complete stop I slip my feet into my slides. That simple movement causes pain I wasn’t expecting to run through my legs. I need this stop more than I initially thought.

“And we’re here.” Harry slouches in his seat some and briefly closes his eyes. That’s when I bring his hand to my mouth and place gentle kisses over his knuckles. Hums of appreciation leave his mouth. “What are those for?” He then questions.

“Being an amazing person,” I tell him. “I love you.”

“I love you more.”

We sit together only a few moments longer, and proceed to get out of the car and walk down the gravel trail. The rocks crunch softly beneath our feet, and when we’re nearly halfway down the decline, I realize that there’s a small fountain where the ground evens out. I could see the shapes of coins under its clear water. Harry takes notice too, and looks at me.

“Do you have any coins?” I ask.

With furrowed eyebrows, he digs around in his pocket. “Uh, I do actually.” His hand comes back out holding three dimes. “You get two and I get one.”

“No, you can have two. I’ll be okay with have one wish. It’s your change,” I ramble.

He raises a knowing brow. “Be honest with me. If you had a choice would you rather have one wish, or two?”

My answer comes out in a matter-of-fact manner that not even I was expecting, “Well, I mean. The more the merrier, right? Who wouldn’t want two wishes?”

That makes him laugh. His nose scrunches up and his dimples carve themselves into his cheeks. When his eyes meet mine again they’re sparkling with amusement. I can’t help the smile that breaks my face. His laugh is contagious.

Before we knew it, we had made it to the fountain.

The smell of vanilla and laundry detergent wraps around us like a welcoming praise when we walk into our suite. It makes me want to curl into a ball and fall asleep. We were fortunate enough to have brought just enough bags that didn’t call for another trip back down the the car. The elevator ride was long enough as it is. Being on the 9th floor has its perks, but the slow elevator wasn’t one of them.

“Smells so good in here,” Harry comments through a deep breath.

“It does,” I agree.

This room could easily pass as an extra small apartment if it were on the market. There was a living area, a kitchen, two bathrooms, and the bathroom. The color scheme was different shades of blue, which gave off a very oceanic vibe. It doesn’t take long for my eyes to land on the wifi passcode written on a propped piece of paper where the TV was. I don’t have the chance to go to it because Harry hugs me from behind.

He nuzzles his head into the crook of my neck, causing an involuntary shiver to go down my spine. “Can you come lay down with me? M'sleepy,” he murmurs. “I was hoping we’d be able to scope the area out, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. We can just go out to dinner later on.

“Some of my buddies were tellin’ me about some good downtown restaurants. There’s like Chinese, and Seafood, and stuff. Whatever you’re up for.”

“That sounds good. Whatever works. You did a lot of driving today, so I don’t blame you for being tired,” I assure him. “Come on.”

He loosens his arms from around my waist and follows my footsteps to the bedroom. Once we manage to get the sheets situated and the extra pillows off to the side, he peels his shirt off before crawling straight into the bed. His sleepy eyes watch me as I pull down my sweatpants and step out of them. I join him in the bed afterwards.

“If you wake up before me just flick my ear or something,” he tells me softly.

“Whatever you say. Don’t say you didn’t ask for it.” I lean towards him and place a kiss on his nose. “Love you.”

“I love you too, baby.”


Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers! I hope you enjoyed this imagine. Make sure to like if you did.

Continue staying true to yourself.

-Nic 💗



The Spectral Moose was first reported in the 1900s, in many different areas of Maine. It is said to be a moose that measures 10 to 15 feet high with a ghostly white or grey coloring and enormous antlers. Sometimes the fur of the moose is described as glowing slightly. Hunters that approach the moose are left with nothing; as soon as they fire at the ghostly being, it vanishes before the bullets even reach it.

During a mass of sightings in 1938, a man only known by the name Houston claimed he saw a Spectral Moose along with a herd that were grazing in a bog. There were three bulls, but one made the other two “look like pygmies”. His detailed report included, “Beside the spectral coloration there were the antlers again, twenty points on one side, twenty one on the other, with a palm at least eighteen inches wide in the velvet.”


Title: Twisted Love

Pairing: Demon!Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: None

Imagine: Imagine Dean seaking you out once he becomes a demon because, even in his twisted way he feels a pull towards you. What he felt as a human. Love.

A/N: I am trying out some new fonts and ways to upload imagine. I saw this somewhere once and liked it but I am still playing around with this till I find the right one.

You buttoned up the last button and let your fingers graze softly over the fabric. You almost let out a shuddering breath as you took in a deep breath and his scent invaded you. Oh how you’d missed that scent.

One moment you were crying over his dead body and the other you were looking for him because sai body was gone. And on top of that? He was a demon. You didn’t know how to cope with that but as much as you wanted to, Sam hadn’t let you follow him. But of course you weren’t going to listen to him about something like this. Not when it came to the man you’d fallen in love with, demon or not.

At the moment you were in your motel room, having taken a shower and trying to relax. You were going to let Sam know you were a few rooms down from his and the next morning join him, without having to stay in the shadows in hopes of catching something new on Dean.

Dean. Even thinking about him made you want to cry, much less everything else. And that just so happened to be the shirt you were wearing at the moment. Maybe it was pathetic, hell maybe it was something more than just that but you missed him so much that yes you were being desperate. Wearing his shirts as often as you could at least gave you some sort of comfort like he did when he held you and smelling his scent while closing your eyes lulled you in a small dream that Dean was still the same and there with you and Sam.

You clutched the red fabric of the shirt in your hands, trying to blink away the tears that welled up in your eyes at all the beautiful yet painful memories. No you should stay hopeful, you were going to get Dean back and he was going to bealright. You’d make sure of that. You sniffled and cleared your throat, taking in a deep breath. You brushed away furiously a tear that rolled down and soothed down the fabric of the shirt.

You ran your fingers over the small details, smiling without realizing it. You remembered how this maroon shirt looked on Dean, memories of his dorky self when he messed with you and vice versa. Yes, you were best friends but that never stopped you from being close to each other in quiet an intimate way. You shared a bond you couldn’t describe in words. But even if it was love on your side, you doubted it was the same for him.

“Well if I knew you’d look this good in my shirt I’d have taken the chance earlier.” a voice said behind you and your blood ran cold.

You took in a sharp breath and stilled yourself. You didn’t even know whether you wanted to turn around and face him or not. Hell you didn’t even know if this was real to begin with. You’ve had so many dreams about it but it all turned into nightmares.

“What’s the matter sweetheart?” his voice was in a whisper and you shut your eyes tightly “Scared of the big bad demon?” you felt shivers run down your spine as his breath now fanned over your cheek, and a hand reached from behind you to push a few strands of wet hair out of your face.

“You’re not real. You can’t be.”

Because yes no matter how many times you had imagined seeing Dean again after all this time, reality was much harder. And all the more intimidating.

“Am I not? Come on princess, I bet you’ve imagined this meeting so many times. And I bet even more, you’re dying to see the new set of eyes I’ve got.”

“Dean” you swallowed thickly, shutting your eyes tightly.

“Yes, baby?” his voice was taunting but at the same time held a hint of softness in it. He grabbed your chin and turned your face, you not fighting against him, and turned to face; eyes opening to lock with, luckily, his green ones.

“P-please, Dean.” you almost whimpered feeling the need to hug him more than anything else.

“Please what?” he frowned, tilting his head to the side.

You pursed your lips, clenching your jaw and taking in a deep breath; realizing there was an even more important question to ask “What are you going to do?”

“To whom? You?” he raised an eyebrow “Are you that scared (Y/n)?”

“If you plan on killing me then I-”

“Oh easy, sweetheart.” he chuckled with a roll of his eyes “Don’t worry, I don’t plan on killing you or hurting this pretty face of yours in any way for that matter.”

“What are you doing here then?” you asked wearily, hating yourself for how you missed the warmth of his hand on your cheek or for how your self longed to just close the distance he now put between the two of you and wrap your arms around him.

“Shouldn’t I be the one to ask that?” he raised an eyebrow “If I remember correctly I asked you and Sammy-dearest to leave me alone.”

“That was not you talking.” you pursed your lips, shaking your head.

“Oh sweetheart, that’s what you don’t get-” he plopped down on the couch and grinned widely at you, arms wide open “This is all me!”

“No. No I can’t believe it. I won’t believe it.” you insisted, your fists balling on your side.

He sighed “If course you won’t, but that’s just why I like you. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to change your mind.”

“And that’s why you’re here?” you took a small step back, fear edging inside you.

“Why I’m here? Oh you want to know that, don’t ya?” his smile turned into a smirk and you found yourself recoiling even more.

“I’m not going to go down without a fight and you know that. And Sam is just a few rooms down, he’ll hear us and come running in an instant.” you clenched your jaw and he huffed.

“I told you-” he got up from his seat “I am not going to hurt you. Period.”

“Then what?” you breathed out a laugh “just here visiting me?”

He paused for a second his walking, thinking “Yeah, pretty much.”

“Right.” you scoffed “I know what you are, I am not going to let you just play with me, you know that right?” you tried to be as tough as you could but having him standing right in front of you looking pretty much the same, how could you not want to just let him hold you?

“Oh I know, yes I know. But so do you-” in a blink of an eye he was standing right in front of you only inches away “-and princess you already are giving in.” he smiled softly

“I’m not-” you tried to fight back but he had to take a step closer, too dangerously closer.

“Why deny it? Your body is already giving away everything. Besides-” his head diped down so that he’d be closer to you, his eyes locked with yours and for a moment you could swear you saw the old Dean, the one you fell in love with “-we both know it-” he whispered “-we knew it from the first moment we met-” his breath fanned over your face and you practically shivered when his nose brushed past yours, then your cheek, your jawline and then down your neck “-we were damned… to fall.”

“Dean” you whispered, hating how you already felt yourself giving in but that was until you noticed the mark on his neck. Of course.

You took in a deep breath, feeling although you’d never say it out loud th jealousy creep up inside you “Is that what you told to her too?”

“Who?” he mumbled, his eyes focused as his hand moved over your arm, up to your collarbone before he slowly dragged his fingers down to the first button of the shirt.

“Her.” you brushed his hand off “The one amongst the many that you decided to have fun with before in the end you came here.” you practically growled.

He rolled his eyes “Does it matter? Does she even matter? Sweetheart-” he gave a soft chuckle “-you have no reason to bejealous.” he said softly and casually but you clenched your jaw.

“Right. Because she is just one fo the many, isn’t she? With how many women have you been huh?” you hated yourself for how hurt you sounded and actually felt. He was a demon and you still felt helplessly in love with him.

“Yes, just one of the many that don’t matter. It’s just me passing my time, sweetheart and you know it. Just like you know-” his voice got lower as sincerity laced it as surprising as that was) “-that none of them could ever compare to you. Just like you know that you- you would not be just one of them. I thought you’d have picked it up by now, sweetheart. I thought you’d have realized everything by now.”

“What?” you wanted to breathe out a chuckle but failed “Like you ever feeling anything for me? And above all now, that you are a demon?”

“Ah no, feelings are overrated and you know it but the old me-” he stopped himself, giving you a you-know-it smile that made your breath hitch on your throat.

“Dean” you whispered, closing your eyes as his scent invaded you and it was exactly like the previous one. As if nothing had changed, and for a moment the way he acted now in front of you you thought he still felt. That some part of him somehow maybe was still Dean. The old Dean.

And then realization downed on you.

“Do you want to know why I came here?” he said more seriously, facing you now “It’s because I’m leaving this place, before Sammy comes to get me.”

And what he breathed out in addition made you think that maybe you were crazy but you actually contemplated on saying yes to him. Because maybe yes, there was a way to save him.

And you are coming with me.”

Stolen Valentine’s Gift (Newt x Reader)

“Ah Newt,” you shift nervously, bouncing back and forth on each foot because your not actually sure if he is going to like this.  But still you have gotten this far, now to just pass that final hurdle, “this is for you.” you pull the box out from behind your back, with your head bend forward your hair creates a physical curtain covering your face.

The box is a simple black box with a red ribbon. Inside are chocolates.

“Is this for Valentine’s day? Why must muggles need a day to show affection to those the love?”  His hand grazed yours gently as he grabbed the box with one hand. “Thank you for this. I don’t suppose you would like to go watch the Graphorns? The little ones have been quite playful lately?”

You nod you head eagerly, excited at seeing his creatures again.

You both are now sitting on a picnic blanket while the Graphorn family play in front of you, with the chocolates in between you both.

He gently picks up the box untying the ribbon. Instead of opening the box he surprises you by reaching over and tying the ribbon in your hair.

“There, now your hair won’t get in your face and that means I get it to see it all the time. It’s a win-win situation.” You blush furiously and look down but the hair doesn’t cover it like normal.

His hands leave your hair and grab the box delicately again. The lid comes off and what was inside surprises not only him but you.

“I don’t suppose the chocolates were wrapped in shiny foil.”

“Oh no.”

“I’m going to take that as a yes,” he shook his head knowingly. With his eyes downcast, he mumbled to himself.

“It’s okay, it’s not a big deal.” You place your hand on his shoulder reassuringly and he glances up at you.

“You bought me something; it’s a big deal to me.” His hand comes up and grabs mine, his thumb tracing soft circles on the back of it. He pulls you towards him into a hug with his head resting in the crook of your neck.

“Oh,” I stand there shocked. I have been dating for a couple of months now, but he doesn’t normally show this much affection, especially physical.

“If I knew I just had to get your Niffler to steal something I gave you for you to initiate a hug,  I would have done that a lot sooner.” You start giggling and he glances up at you with a slight blush on his cheeks.

“Don’t tease, it’s not nice,” he nuzzles into your neck obviously embarrassed.

There the Niffler was, surrounded by all the chocolate wrappers. How he managed to get the chocolates from the box without you knowing will forever baffle you.

Atleast he didn’t seem to smug about it, instead he looked slightly ill.

Newt leaves your side and picked up the Niffler carefully, holding it like a baby.

“That’ll teach you for stealing something that isn’t yours. And just for your information if you weren’t feeling sick I would be carrying you by your feet as punishment stealing our chocolates.”

You both walk towards the house he has set up inside his suitcase with Newt leading the way while he mumbles to his Niffler.

Newt wanders through the room, gathering different herbs and placing them into a bowl. From your seat you can see him crush the herbs  into a paste and then put the tiniest amount onto his tongue.

“Perfect, now Niffler, I am only going to give you this if you promise to stay out of trouble,” he keeps eye contact with his creature so he knows how serious he is. The Niffler hesitates but eventually nods his head lightly.

After eating the paste the Niffler scampers away, probably back to his burrow filled with shiny treasures. Filled with shiny chocolate wrappers.

“I’m sorry about that, he can be quite the troublemaker sometimes.” Newt  keeps his head down,  his eyes looking at the ground.

“I told you earlier, it’s okay. It was only a box of chocolates, I can get you another one tomorrow if you would like.” You give him a smile and hug him, you hands wrapping around his waist. His hands wrap around your neck, his head resting on the crook of your neck.

“I would like that very much,” his hot breathe fans over your neck as he speaks, before he nuzzles further into your hair.

With your head on his chest you can hear his accelerated heartbeat. .

His heartbeat is music to your ears, and could listen to it for hours.

Heat {Bucky x Reader}

Bucky walks in on you wearing his shirt.

words: 502 (ish)

warnings: swearing

A/N: I kinda want to write a smutty part two but I’ve never ever written smut and I don’t know if you guys are interested lmao rip 

I wrote part 2, read it here

Originally posted by buckys-backpack

“Hey, [Y/N], do yo-“ Bucky’s words abruptly cut off as he enters your room and is met with the sight of you in one of his dress shirts. With the shirt barely grazing your mid thighs and your hair up in a messy bun, Bucky clenches his jaw to stop a groan from escaping his throat. It was painfully obvious you hadn’t bothered to put on a bra. Fuck.

His brain short-circuits as he tries to remember why he had come into your room in the first place. Bad decisions, bad decisions.

“Buck?” you ask inquisitively as your brows furrow in confusion. Bucky was staring. His gaze traveling up and down your body repeatedly, like he couldn’t decide which part of you was more enticing. You couldn’t help the flush from creeping up you neck as his heavy gaze lingers on your now tightened nipples, which you guessed were very noticeable given you weren’t wearing a bra and the shirt you were wearing was incredibly thin.

Finally, tearing his eyes away from your body, he meets your eyes and his pupils are blown.

Eyes still on yours, Bucky’s tongue sneaks out to lick his lips and his lips look so soft and you find yourself wondering what they taste like. Not for the first time, not by a long shot.

Bucky clears his throat, praying that his voice doesn’t sound as affected as he is. “Wh—Why are you wearing my shirt?”

You blink at his words,now partially pulled out of the trance that is him, and attempt to string together words. “Uh, I’m sorry, I, uhm, didn’t know it was yours. I just found it in the laundry room, someone had left it behind but it looked too comfy not to take. Sorry, you can have it back though, I’ll wash it for-“

Before you can finish, he practically growls out a “Keep it, it looks good on you”

The tone of his voice goes straight to your core and you can’t help but press your thighs together to alleviate the quickly growing ache.

Bucky’s eyes catch the movement. Fuck, you were hoping you were subtle enough. You feel the flush on your cheeks spread over your chest and his gaze lands on your cleavage and he can’t help but wonder how far the rosy colour spreads down your body.

“Well, I’m going to, uh, I have training. Yeah. Training with Steve.” The words come out distracted and he’s still staring at you and you know that you’re not the only one affected by this, this heat.

Reluctantly, he turns around and starts heading to the door of your room, his hands smoothing down his pants, trying to alleviate the growing tightness over his crotch. Before he can step out into a safe zone he hears your voice calling out to him.


He looks over his shoulder and meets your heated gaze.

You tug your lower lip into your mouth before releasing it and running the tip of your tongue over it, his eyes following the movement carefully. You smirk at him, knowing that what you’re about to say has the power to change everything.

“I bet I look better out of it, though.”

~read part 2 here

Otayuri week, Day 4


Word Count: 900

Summary: Domestic times in the kitchen with a random proposal thrown in at the end.


“Can you pass me a saucepan?” Otabek asked Yuri as he was chopping up vegetables for their dinner tonight

Yuri got up from the kitchen bench and walked over to Otabek “Where are they?”

“Up in that cabinet” He said pointing to the large cabinet located above the stove

Walking up to it Yuri had to look up to see the handles, he sighed at his shortness, it may be helpful when he was doing figure skating jumps but with domestic day to day activities he struggled with some things, he tried reaching for the cabinet handles and the tips of his fingers grazed the handle, he huffed and jumped pulling one of the doors open as he did so

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