and the nose ring

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“Shiva stood with majestic splendour, Mesmerising eyes,full of grandeur; Matted hair, glinting coils, ‘Ganga’ held captive, full of poise; Round his neck, spreading his hood, ‘Seshnag’ winding as much as he could; Rippling muscles, body toned, Amulets and anklets, he adorned; Shiva blazed like the ‘sun’, glowing and warm, Beauty at its best in the masculine form.

Fused to his left was ‘Shakti’ full of grace, Fish like eyes, moonlike face; Glittering ornaments, shimmering white, Earrings and nose rings, glistening bright; Rounded, curvaceous, beautiful form, A grand silk saree, she did adorn; Shakti glowed like the ‘moon’ silvery and warm, Beauty at its best in the feminine form.

A sight to behold was this union, The masculine and feminine in perfect fusion; Giving, protecting, achieving, Receiving,holding,containing; Perfect balance, perfect blending, For all to see the ‘Ardhanarishvara’ emerging; Twin flames merging together as one, The God and Goddess glowing together as one.

In essence they are one and the same, Divine counterparts, divine flames; You see one with the other, when you lift the veil, Equal in every way, the male and the female.”

—Cosmic Fusion by Hema Venkat

🕉🔱Jai Shiva Parvati Mata Ki !🔱🕉

I like the blonde savior chick with the neck tattoo. I like her look. And her nose ring. She looks tough. And she hit on Spencer. She knows what she wants. Shes nice to Eugene. She gon die. She need to die because fuck her and Negan, but I like her.

All I could draw for tonight before I called an ambulance