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I am hoping next season of star wars rebels to have a scene with thrawn talking to vader. It would be soothing to hear their voices together

A Thrawn and Vader interaction would be interesting + their cool voices! I don’t even know how things would go if they had to work together. Vader seems to me like the guy who takes an extremely blunt and aggressive offensive approach while Thrawn plays the long game.

my mind just goes to:

Thrawn: Alright, hold back all forces – we’re going to do everything according to my meticulously calculated plan

Vader: [isn’t listening because he already launched himself into the vacuum of space, boarded the enemy vessel, and wiped out half their crew]

Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin has been out long enough for me to post spoiler stuff now, right?

Not gonna lie, when this happened in the game I freaked out, I was sitting in just the right spot for him to be directly in my face and I did scream a little. Then I got my friend to play the game and she screamed a lot.

I was going to put one of the little tables with dental stuff he pulls out in the background but that would make it a little cluttered so maybe next time I draw something from this scene.

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Somone mentioned that Jen said keep watching but there's an interruption to the proposal. That doesn't make any sense though.

A fan asked how they got through the proposal without Grumpy interrupting or a monster coming to town or something like that. Jen and Colin were just both like “Oh, just wait! Next episode!”

Didn’t the scene just end after they kiss in a fade to black kind of way? 

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I need u to write a wee fic about misha finding jensen "new tattoos" ASAP

The make-up trailer fell quiet after an hour had passed. Jensen and Misha would still say something here and there, but mostly—the two sat quietly in their chairs, staring at their phones as the artists did their work. A grueling fight scene had to be filmed next and both Dean and Cas were getting the brunt of the beating; therefore: both Jensen and Misha were getting the brunt of the make-up. Sam was the lucky one—out saving the girl as usual. So Jared spent all of ten minutes getting some fake blood smattered across his face before he bolted—talking about the giant burrito he was going to go eat while the other two sat and suffered. It was unfair, so Jensen and Misha spent the first forty five minutes devising some plot to get him back, but after they both got smacked a few times for laughing and moving too much—they decided to save the rest of the plotting for later.

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so the first thing on my list was dave/ryan and my therapy appointment isnt until another three hours so letS GET TO IT!!!!!!!

really wanted to draw this after having some a+ amazing convos with @graleister !! she came with character interaction recEIPTS so i ujst had to draw that good good dave/ryan,,,,,,,,,,,

also,,,, hc that dave can be a bit overly affectionate at times. like ryan, on set, preparing for the next scene, dave comes up and gives him a SMOOCH, is out

this is starting to turn into me rambling skfdskj just taKE IT !!!!!


Where do I even begin?….Tonight’s episode…Holy shit, if you guys could have seen my reaction? Priceless. Jaw open, one scene after the next. LET’S GET ON WITH THE REVIEW!!


The episode starts off with Jack “swimming” in the lake he fell into from last episode unconscious. The moment he awakes, he finds himself in the middle of no where and looks for shelter and a way to hide for the Aku Daughters. During his search, he still has visions of the ghost of what he sees. 

He later takes refuge and removes the knife in his stomach and passes out, but continues to fight with himself after killing the one daughter, his conscious, asking himself if he’ll be ready to kill them to, taking for granted it’s his first human kill and been use to killing robots.

 As he fades in and out, he remembers a part of his childhood from when him, his father, and mother are riding along in a cartage and is then taken over by “pirates” and I want to assume their leader was voiced by George Takei. Sounds racist, but I want to make sure first. 

As he comes back, the wolf that was attacked from last weeks episode comes to Jack’s aid since they both share a cave, bringing him food, cleaning his wound, and all and all, helping him heal to go on with his life. I also want to ad when they first meet for the first time, Jack is completely covered in blood, kinda reminds me of the end credits of Captain America The Winter Soldier. Marvel fan, you guys wouldn’t understand.

Before it goes to commercial, it’s implied that Jack has fully healed and both him and the wolf say their good byes. They don’t really say it, but given their body language and faces, it’s clear to us the audience.

The ep comes back with the Aku Daughters so strong, they can punch through walls. They bring out their still-unnamed sister and just lay her out. The sister voiced by Tara Strong, simply goes, “Death means failure.” I guess they don’t give that much of a fuck about their sister that JUST DIED! 

Meanwhile, they continue their search for Jack using his blooddrops from his wound. They stop at a tree trunk that has his bloodied hand print, but not before taking a moment to look at deers, given they’ve never been outside or seen anything like nature before (Except Ashi). They see the buck come to the aid of the doe and they assume from his antlers. he too is a follower of Aku. One of the sisters doesn’t like it and breaks up the scene via stepping on some leaves. 

What happens next is a battle with the remaining daughters and Jack lays down a quote he remembers from his childhood, “Your choices have clearly lead you here, as have mine. I will give you a new choice…. leave now and live. Or stay and face your destiny.”

And in that whole battle….No ONE…is spared. Jack uses the forest and stealth at his advantage, and not even a second into the fight, he stabs one, and goes for another after another, killing 3 of them with little to no hesitation. The remaining 3 take on a defensive mode given he’s out of their league, to where Jack finishes them off on the end of a log. One daughter after the other wanting a piece of him, all to be thrown or tossed off the log and plummet to their deaths. 

Ashi calls out Jack wanting him to die, given he just killed her sisters, but not before letting go of her chain weapon and letting her too fall to her death. Just when you think Jack has won and can go on, the branch begins to snap, and before Jack can move or think, it breaks, with him falling to his “death”. I mean come on, we’ve got 7 more episodes, AND he’s the MAIN character on the show, so of course he’s not dead. Also, talk about a literal cliffhanger. 

This was a fantastic episode, each one does each other better than the last one, and I’m hyped for next week’s episode.