and the music swells and is perfect


twisted fairytales: THE LITTLE MERMAID (modern sapphic au)

Bet'cha on land they understand,
Bet they don’t reprimand their daughters.

And she sighs, and she swoons, and she’s hummin’ little tunes, even has a sorta glow!
What on earth could it be?
Any hammerhead can see! That sigh! That glow! That swoon!
Oh, no! She’s in love!

Somewhere there’s a girl who’s like the shimmer of the wind upon the water,
somewhere there’s a girl who’s like the glimmer of the sunlight on the sea,
Somewhere there’s a girl who’s like a swell of endless music,
Somewhere she is singing and her song is meant for me!

And her voice! It’s warm as summer sky,
And that sound, it haunts my dreams, and spins me ‘round,
Until it seems I’m flying…

Poor unfortunate souls, in pain, in need,
This one longing to be thinner
That one
wants to get the girl,
And do I help them? Yes, indeed!

Look at it all, hall after hall, perfect as you could please here!
Marvels galore, and even more, gee, did I mention she’s here?
And if - who knows? - all of it goes past even these extremes!
Just look at me and you will see someone beyond her wildest dreams!

Just let your emotions tell your body what to do, see how much a single gesture can reveal!
And every little step, every single step, is one step closer, to saying what you feel.

Sing with me now! Sha la la la la la, my oh my,
Look like the girl too shy ain’t gonna kiss the girl,
Sha la la la la la, ain’t that sad?
Ain’t it a shame? Too bad, she’s gonna miss the girl.

And at the ball, what will occur?
Maybe I’ll find that voice…
But I’ll lose her!

But fathers have to learn their daughters have to grow,
And if you truly love them you must let them go…
And oh, I love you so, if only you could know….
You love her
very much, don’t you?

And now at last, love has surpassed each tribulation!
Mermaid and woman
finally can join and be one!
Now they can smile, walking the aisle, here at their wedding celebration!

Now they can be who their meant to be, now they can gaze on a new horizon!
Here between ocean and sky,
forever and on!
Now they can walk, now they can run, now they can stay all day in the sun!
Just you and me,
And I will be,
Part of your world!

Here, have another cute Victuuri thought:

When Yuuri runs to Victor’s bed to play the completed Free Skate music for him, Victor’s ecstatic grin isn’t just because the song is now beautiful and perfect for Yuuri’s routine.

It’s because he recognizes that the swell of violins signifies his arrival in Yuuri’s life - that he is someone Yuuri finds meaningful enough to symbolize with the number one musical indicator of grand, romantic love.

Prodigal Husband: update! Planning edition

So I’m not a planner, at least when it comes to writing, which i think is one of my biggest problems. I get lost in stories and don’t know where I’m going.

It’s one of those flaws about yourself that you know but never really do anything about. But I really want this one to be different.

All day yesterday I was talking with @thesmoljedi about ‘casting’ my story and we came up with a wonderful fake cast that just felt right. And it helped get the ideas flowing, it was so so hard, and it was really discouraging when we couldn’t find the perfect person but man when we did it was like music swelled.

I’m not sure I’ve ever been this consistently excited about my own project before.

I went home last night and worked out a partial timeline!

I’m pretty sure i have all the romance elements plotted and just need to add the thriller elements.

I’m awfully proud of myself.

This morning i wrote a little of Owen’s return for a mood board quote. It felt really good to be in the characters head for the first time.

I hope it doesn’t disappoint, it is only first draft after all!

If you are following the Prodigal Husband process you can look forward to some mixtapes soon! And feel free to come over and ask me questions I’m really excited about this. This must be what having a solid writing community feels like.

The Northerner

So this is a little oneshot about @s-kinnaly‘s zelgan child Kanisa and her love interest Vidar, set at the moment they first met (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

I may or may not have gotten slightly carried away with all the gooey romantic stuff going on, whoops, but I can’t help it! I really love Kanisa, she’s awesome

Rinku belongs to @figmentforms, of course! :D

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You're My Person

Luke was the love of your life. Growing up everyone dreams of finding their person. Luke was your person. There were so many things Luke did that made your heart melt. The way his nose crinkles up every time he laughs accompanying this high pitched giggle that made your heart swell up to where it felt like elephants were marching on your chest. The way his eyes light up when talking to you about their new music. The passion he feels for his “job” always portraying through his baby blues. The way his hair, whether he thinks it or not, always looks perfect on him. Here recently you had began to love it even more than before. The flatness to it where some pieces would fall behind his ears or over his forehead made him look all that more adorable. You could never hold yourself back from running your fingers through it constantly. Some days he’d have it hidden behind one of his many snapbacks, but you could always see little bits and pieces of his blond locks push out. Luke knew that you had a thing for him in snapbacks and he knew that you couldn’t control yourself when he adorned the scruff on his face. His newly added feature, the beard, was something you never wanted him to get rid of. As everyone could probably tell through the 5SOS on the wall videos, Luke sings everywhere, everything, and anytime. It ranges from R. Kelly ignition to Blink I miss you. Honestly whatever was in that boy’s head was going to come out, and boy did it sound beautiful. It always amazed you how beautiful of a voice Luke had. He didn’t only sing of course. Talking to Luke was one of your favorites. You two could have the most pointless but meaningful conversations. No matter how stupid of a problem you had, Luke was all ears. He never put down your feelings. If you were upset, he was there to help you get through it all, never wanting you to be scared to come to him. Luke had so much love to give and you couldn’t imagine yourself with anyone else.

That’s why you were heartbroken to see your boy look disapprovingly at himself in the mirror, picking at his stomach with a disgruntled face. He was shirtless with a pair of light grey sweatpants on, shocked when he heard your voice.

“Baby what are you doing?” you asked him in a calm soothing voice.

Luke quickly turned around, embarrassed that you had caught him looking at himself with so much hate. He didn’t know what to say to your longing stare only shrugging to your question.

You walked the short distance to him so you could wrap your so much smaller arms around him. Trying to engulf him in the love you wanted him to feel. Both of his arms limp at his sides. Wishing he head heard you coming up the stairs a few minutes ago to avoid the conversation he was about to have with you.

You see, Luke would be there for you and listen to anything you needed to talk about and even though you constantly told him that you were always there to listen to him, he hated talking about himself. He was one of those people that would rather bottle up all of his emotions and insecurities inside to the point that no one knew about them. It hurt you too much to see him in pain with himself.

“What’s wrong Luke. Please tell me baby. I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what’s wrong love.” you told Luke. Hoping that he would unbottle what was bothering him.

“I wish I looked better for you” Luke mumbled with his eyes closed.

At that very moment you wanted to cry. How could such a beautiful person, your person, feel as if they didn’t look good enough, weren’t good enough. You were so incredibly in love with Luke and suddenly began to feel guilty that you didn’t tell him you loved him enough or assured him that he was more than enough in your eyes.

“Baby” you whined while hugging Luke more than before, “how could you ever think you don’t look good enough for me. You’re all that I ever wanted and needed. More to be honest”.

“I see the guys you work with. Look at me. I don’t have the 6-pack they do. I don’t have big guns for arms” Luke exclaims as he raised his arms to show you his “un muscled” arms. “The only thing I’ve got working for me is this beard and lip ring.”

“You couldn’t be any where near the truth Luke. I love you for you. I love your stomach. When I lay my head on your chest before bed, not once do I or have I ever thought about you being any different. And I don’t even know where you have gotten this idea that your arms are small. They’re perfect. They feel even more perfect when they’re holding me. Baby. If I wanted to be with those boys, which is what they are. Immature boys who have no brains or talents besides flexing their muscles and going to the gym, then I would have a long time ago. I’m sorry to say it but your stuck with me for a very long time.” You said smiling up at your boy, “There’s no one else I’d rather spend my weekends with eating chocolate strawberries and watching how I met your mother. You’re my person, penguin. And I don’t ever want to lose you because if I lost you I’d lose the other have of me” you proclaimed to Luke.

Luke eventually wrapped his long arms around you engulfing you, making you feel safe.

“I’m sorry I was being stupid. I just, sometimes I want to be the best for you because I know there’s no one else out there that could make me feel the way you do. I want you to feel the same about me” Luke mumbled while kissing your forehead, lingering his lips there for a few seconds.

“You. Luke Robert Hemmings. Are the best thing that has ever happened to me. And I will love you for the rest of my life. No one could ever make me feel like you do.” You told Luke looking in his baby blues.

Luke brought his head down to your level so he could softly place his lips on yours. The kiss, exchanging so much love between the two of you. Love that could heal each others hurt and move mountains if it wanted to. You pulled away smiling up at your boy.

If you knew anything, it was that no matter what, you would be helplessly in love with Luke, your person.

Sormik Tvtropes 43

Love Theme

“So your favorite couple is in the middle of a deeply romantic scene. The camera zooms, the lighting is perfect, and the music swells up. Chances are, the music playing is the couple’s love theme. May also be designated as such in official soundtracks.This music can take on several forms, depending on the characters involved, the setting, and the story moment when it is played. If it plays over a deeply romantic scene like a Big Damn Kiss or a Grand Romantic Gesture, it’s likely to be an epic, sweeping heartwarming moment. However, it may also be a Tear Jerker if played over a breakup, a Last Kiss, or when one lover dies in the other’s arms. Many themes end up as both a CMoH and a tear jerker at some point.”

For Sormik, we have Journey’s End, the song that plays during the balcony scene, when Sorey tells Mikleo about his plan to sleep with Maotelus. 

Lyrics are here

“But talesofsymphoniac!” you say. “The song doesn’t just play over Sorey and Mikleo’s conversation! It plays over the entire night, including Rose and Lailah and Zaveid and Edna. Isn’t it more applicable to the party as a whole?”

Well, you’d be right. Here’s the scene where it plays:

But, a few things to keep in mind: According to @minoath, at the Tales of Orchestra concert, “Journey’s End” was played along with footage of Sorey and Mikleo.

But even more than that, there’s also a variation of “Journey’s End” that is more specific to Sorey and MIkleo. According to @aruarudayo​, it’s called  二人の決意 or Futari no KetsuiIn English, its title is “Shared Determination” but another, more accurate translation is “Determination of the Two.” 

And guess where that one plays?

And finally, there’s one more instance where “Determination of the Two” plays, which is why I finally got around to making this trope today. In today’s episode of Tales of Zestiria X, “Their Respective Thoughts,” this variation of “Journey’s End” plays over Sorey and Mikleo thinking of each other and remembering their childhood days together.  @babymilliam made a video that shows part of the song (not the whole scene though) It’s here!

This team is really good at strategic releases.

They release Drag Me Down as we begin to head into a press blitz that is essentially a smear campaign against all of the boys and attacks their unity, integrity, and character, both as individuals and as a team. This track excites the fan base for what’s to come and swells support.

They release Infinity as a non-single bonus track to the fandom right as Apple Music Festival and the UK leg of OTRA begins, right as Simon really begins to act out and make his smear campaign even more obvious. This sates the fandom and piques curiosity. It is not the most loved song, but it leaves people wondering what’s next.

They release Perfect as HL interaction begins to gain huge amounts of traction. This reestablishes the two of them as a pair (albeit professional and platonic, but still a duo) in people’s minds and causes questions about its writing and inspiration to be asked of both of them. This also directly flies into the face of articles that will be published in the coming weeks that decry how much the boys hate each other, as they obviously stand each other’s company long enough to write a song together. 

On the heels of Perfect, they release the Perfect EP. This song has excellent remixes, displays talents of the boys, AND includes a song that plays specifically to the Larries (Home), a portion of the fanbase (large portion) who are currently losing their minds over the increased interaction. What people don’t realize en masse is that each “pull” (”slap” in the metaphor) is smaller and the “push” isn’t all at once, it’s snowballing. Because on the heels of the Perfect EP with Home, we get the first hug those two have shared in years, and then we have the first listen part with the leaked footage of If I Could Fly, which seems to be some of the only footage that hasn’t been taken down from YouTube as fast and furiously as others.

So with History….