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Pynch for 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!omg

things you said when you thought i was asleep

Ronan Lynch was known for his inability to sleep. 

Back when he lived with Gansey, that was a strength. At least he was awake and with company, but here, in the barns, with Adam Parrish in his bed, the night progressed so incredibly slowly. Ronan and Adam always ended up in each other’s arms, and when Adam fell asleep, and Ronan did not, but he was unable to move. 

Ronan passed the time with daydreams, or keeping his ipod close to his bed to play music or play a game. Tonight however, he wanted more, he could not sleep because he was not done with Adam. 

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B.A.P Party Baby NYC

Wow. I don’t really know what words I have to say about this concert. There are so many aspects, so many components, and all I can do is sit here, stunned.

This is officially twenty-four hours since the concert ended and I am still in a daze. I have been to four B.A.P concerts, and this one is really probably my favorite. I feel like I have so much to say but at the same time, I’m afraid that I will forget all words and just say oh it was good. But here goes~

Waiting in line was quite an experience. I was fortunate enough to make it to the second row, so I was literally right by the barriers. I have to thank the people around me for being so understanding that in a concert, there is no such thing as personal space and all the touching and bumping and accidental hair pulling is all by accident. Thank you for making the concert such an understanding, stress-free environment. Shout out also to the group of Daehyun stans in this circle. I should have known competition was inevitable :P

Now, the official concert. I have to say, the boys did not disappoint. As the concept this time was to truly party with the fans, the song choices were perfect, and their performances were, as always, A+. It was so funny because honestly, when the concert started and we all started screaming, the security guys at the guardrails had the most amused expression on their faces. They were like who are these guys and how did they garner such a fan base when I’m sure half of them don’t understand a single word they’re saying? And that look of half bemusement and impressed made me giggle, and makes me proud. I think just talking about the concert itself is so very dry because honestly, we know they are fantastic performers, so I will just go into individual members and moments I remember.

So first off, I knew Daehyun would be closer to the right, so I situated myself to the middle-right and it was so worth it because he was right in front of me so many times and I had a clear gap to see him and he is so beautiful. He is living, breathing perfection. All the members were all so larger than life and on stage, their charisma is infectious and just permeates. 

Yongguk. I think this concert has once again cemented him in my heart as number two. He is the bias I respect and love and revere as someone who inspires. (I also managed to write two individual letters to Yongguk and Daehyun and I hope I got my messages across to Yongguk just how important he is to this fandom, to B.A.P, to this world.) Throughout the concert, he definitely had his moments of quiet when it was the talking part, and it hurt me a little because I want him to know that he can be allowed to be tired. But right after, when the music started again, he was bouncing and smiling, and wow. Yongguk’s smile is breathtaking. I was also lucky enough to have him stand in front of me quite often. And when he smiles… it is like the whole world slowly lights up from the inside. The entire glow that radiates from him is soft, and his presence is both intense and comforting, and the whole time I can only think, our leader is back.  I think Yongguk’s presence actually was what made this concert so much more meaningful. Last year was important because B.A.P was back. But that time seemed rushed, seemed a little too desperate to resume to normalcy, but this time, to see Yongguk smile like everything was okay made me feel like everything was right in my world as well. Thank you, Yongguk. It also made me so so happy that when they were talking, when they got to Yongguk’s part, people could not and would not stop cheering. Yongguk was just standing there, laughing shyly, and I hope he felt that he is loved, and appreciated and indispensable. (I may have also said all of those to him in my letter too.)

My first impression of Himchan in the concert was seeing him walk out from behind the stage and laughing. I think his mic or something wasn’t working and someone from the stage was talking to him, so I just noticed him looking back and laughing and wow. Himchan. Kim Himchan is another embodiment of beauty. (They all are, but I feel the need to point it out every. single. time.) And he disappeared a little in the beginning to fix whatever problem it was, but it was that easy-going, genuine smile at the backstage that made me realize, and see with my two eyes, how kind Himchan is. And I’m not going to lie but he went up in my esteem. He also got to choose the fan, and Himchan is adorable. He took freaking forever to choose and it was because he cared so much, and the girl he eventually chose was a cutie patootie too, and the fan interaction was so sweet. She was so nervous, she spilled a little of her coke and Junhong immediately bent down to wipe with his towel. And it’s just ♥

Youngjae. Man, Youngjae is such a fluffball. His solo was quite unexpected. It showcased his bass voice very well, and I’m happy he’s finally singing a song within his range. He is such an energy bunny on the stage. But it is with a heavy heart that I have to admit I’m a terribly biased little shit and I sort of allowed myself to be distracted utterly by the other half of Daejae, to my regret because I didn’t really get to see Youngjae. “Fermata”, however, was beautiful because that was a showcase of his voice, and honestly, he is just such a great presence to have on the stage because he is so happy, and when he was reading the English off the teleprompter, he was so not subtle, but so adorable about it. 

I don’t even know how to begin with Jongup. He is so perfect. He is so adorable, and he is just ugh ♥ Jongup Jongup Jongup. He deserves all the stars and hugs and kisses in the world because he is a precious angel. He started off where I was and I was able to watch him dance. And dance he did. During his solo, I swear I saw the veins on his neck and his arms and I had to take a moment to remind myself that this perfection was indeed my age, and it made me wonder what I was doing with my life haha. But honestly, wow. Jongup. He improved so much and his solo was so mind-blowing. That dance that went with it… ha haha hahahaha, no thank you. My dongsaeng also happened to scream his “Moon Jongup” when it was quiet and have him turn and wave at her. I wasn’t with her but when I heard that I had a moment, please tell me it’s not her. And it was. Shout out to the brave soul~ 

Junhong, Junhong. That boy needed to be contained. He was truly in his element and his English was so fantastic, and he engaged so well with the audience and I am so proud to have watched this little bean sprout grow up into this giant maknae. When he started his solo, he cutely said “ You all know me as a rapper so I have an extra special gift for you. This is my first vocal solo.” And I was so proud that he sang in English and was brave enough to tackle on a foreign language. He was so lively and always made sure to put in an extra effort to dance a little more, to speak a little more, and I am very proud of our Golden Maknae, because that he is.

Now for the one I always leave for last. Jung Daehyun. How do I even begin to describe him? There were so many moments. I will tell you this, B.A.P is amazing live, and Daehyun is phenomenal live. His voice, that power, and you just know that you’re hooked. He brings in energy, he brings in talent and he is just such a wonderful sunshine. Daehyun’s adlibs and his high notes, and every line that he sings is so beautiful. There was a moment when a high note didn’t particularly come out right, and he looked annoyed and it pained me because I know he was blaming himself, but I also want him to know that that little hiccup is not a mistake, but just something human. There were so many high notes and new adlibs (”No Mercy”, “Fermata”, “Body and Soul”, “Do What I Feel”, etc.) where I am just left speechless because the amount of talent that is in this man is just unspeakable. Gosh, I have so much to say about Daehyun but when it comes down to it, it can only be summed up as he is my ultimate bias for a reason. I am very bitter that he did not perform his solo. Last time, he didn’t get to do his solo in New York either and that made me sad. I was really looking forward to watching it because I love his self-composed songs so much and hope one day TS will allow them to release studio versions because that will be so necessary. Daehyun was just so cute and so into it and bless. 

I love the song list that they chose this time. Everything fit the theme so well, and they played songs that they normally wouldn’t (”DO WHAT I FEEL” ANYONE. I FREAKING LOVE THAT SONG.) The three set of baby making music was ridiculous. I was so thankful that Bangdae was in front of me during the whole body roll, and basically the whole choreography for “Body and Soul” so yeah my soul left my body and my body just basically collapsed. “Wake Me Up” had me so emotional because that song always has had that effect on me. From the first time I heard it until now, I have felt it with a bodily embodiment. “Skydive” with all six of them… it was beautiful. I loved the cute interactive dance part at the end, and I’m just so blessed I was able to be so close and I said this in my absolute awe, “I have never seen them in such HD before.” (I’m pretty sure there are more moments during the concert that I will remember as I scroll through pictures and whatnot but right now, that’s good). OH. The outfits. I loved what they were wearing. Yongguk in that red jacket and sunglasses…. death. Yongguk in that white shirt…. death. 

The water gun part. Let me tell you. The first time I got splashed with water was in the beginning of the concert was with Daehyun’s water bottle. Yep. The most precious few drops of water. I was surprised he did that. He just drank and then emptied the few drops on the crowd. And then there was a moment when Himchan was pointing the gun at the girl in front of me. That was when he let loose. My unnie was next to me and we were both wearing glasses and she had her finger out, scolding Himchan and that just made him more eager to spray with glasses. But yeah, that happened. And then Youngjae came by and decided to spray my front bangs with water, so that was definitely a thing. 

Now onto the hi touch. I heard so much about the nerves that can happen during a first hi touch and I even witnessed the speechlessness that happens after your first experience. I had all of these quick one liners in my head that I wanted to say and when I got to hi touch, they were rushing us. It was a bit of a weird experience. The boys were literally a mass of dark hoodies huddled together and I almost missed it because Youngjae was half covered by a security guy. 

Youngjae, I had wanted to tell him thank you for your energy. But I got there, was flustered and all I said was thank you. He is so flawless. His skin is wow, and it is true. He is so much better looking up close. His face is small and he just looks like he has this smooth skin that you can run your hand over and have it just slide down. 

Junhong I had wanted to say I’m proud of you, our Golden Maknae. But instead all he got was a thank you. Because I was feeling rushed. He was so cute because he was bending down a little to probably reach our heights. And he is so pale. Definitely in charge of white chocolate in B.A.P.

Daehyun was third and I nearly missed him. I nearly did not realize. I had all these big plans. I wanted to switch to my left hand so my one hand can be forever marked and I wanted to say, I love you, you’re perfect in Korean. And I even practiced it a little. But instead, in my flustered state, I started to say thank you, I got out tha- then I realized GIRL THIS IS YOUR ULTIMATE BIAS, and I blurted out a I love you, and I was so mortified because I don’t think I actually ever wanted to say that to him. But my friend had warned me that he does eye contact so I made sure I looked him in the eye and those beautiful eyes and that eye smile smiled wider when I said that and it made everything all worth it. Thank you, Daehyun, for that.

I almost missed Jongup. I’m sorry to say that I almost didn’t realize it was him. But he got an I love you too (which I don’t regret) but I wanted to say, hey, we’re friends, because we are! (Even though according to the Lunar calendar, I am technically a late 94-liner, I still am a 95-liner because puppy line!) I just remembered Jongup’s hair and him smiling.

Yongguk was next. Yongguk was staring straight at me and his curly hair and his eyes, and his smile and his chest tattoo peeking out. He is perfection. I was determined to say what I wanted to say to him and I am so proud that I was able to. I told him a very simple, “Love and Respect” and he smiled. He smiled and like I said before, that one smile is like grace and blessing itself. And I’m so glad I was able to say it out loud to him because those two words really describe how I feel towards him, and to see him smile harder made it worth it.

I almost missed Himchan because he was the only one in a gray suit. He looked slightly alarmed that it seemed like I was just going to pass him, thank goodness I didn’t. I said love and respect to him too even though I had wanted to tell him he was beautiful the way he was, but again, I do respect him so much for all that he’s done.

I made sure I high fived each of them soundly, and it was very satisfying. Very fast but ultimately, I think I’m happy. I got my two most important members and I did right, and therefore, I am happy and content.

Overall, the concert was worth everything. I didn’t mind standing in four inch stilettos for two and more hours because I need that height. It was an amazing experience, from standing in line with my friends, to the hi touch, to spending after concert, sharing post-concert details with my friends. 

Thank you, B.A.P. I don’t know what else to say. I know staying domestic is important and I hope after this tour, you’ll be able to go home, rest up and go on all the programs you want to, and do all the things you want to, and do what you love. But I still cannot deny that I am grateful you came. Thank you for coming to New York, despite everything. Thank you because this experience has touched me deeply, and I still go to sleep, feeling a slight tingle in my right palm, and my head swimming with visions of gummy smiles, and eye whiskers, and talent and I can only say, I am so proud to be a Baby. So proud of you and all that you have done.

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Could you do a smut with Yoongi where you 2 hate each other but your forced to ride on his lap in the car and the bumps and turns cause some problems for Yoongi, you notice and decide to make it worse. O////O.

*fans self* Woo!! I’m imagining this lol. First, I apologize for how long this took!! Second, it’s not FULLY smut but it’s still smut.

You get what I mean? Eh you will.

Lol I hope so. Anyway, I seriously hope you still like like it because I enjoyed making it.  <3333



“Pile in.” you hear Hojung, BTS’ manager, tell the boys.

As you finish shoving your camera equipment into the back of the rental van you hear a wave of complaints.

“Hyung, this van isn’t big enough for all of us!” Jimin complained.

“It would be if she wasn’t coming.” you hear an annoyed voice put stress on she.

Jin sighed. “She is our photographer Yoongi.”

“And my friend.” Jimin added quickly. You could hear Yoongi scoff. You closed the trunk with a huff.

Coming around the side of the van you placed a hand on Jimin’s shoulder and narrowed your eyes at Yoongi. ”Yoongi, you may not want to get on my nerves today. After all I’m the only person who can make your big head look presentable on camera.” Placing a smile on your face you directed your attention to the rest of the group. “We should get going. The light on the grass will be perfect soon! Where is everyone sitting?”

Hojung scratched nervously at his neck. That’s when you noticed all eyes were on you.


“I still don’t get why I have to sit on your lap.” you mumbled. Your foot played with someone’s luggage. Kicking it softly, you hoped it was Yoongi’s.

He looked up at you, of course not bothering to hide his annoyance. “I don’t either but complaining isn’t helping.”

The two of you were stuck in the very back of the van on the one sitter row with equipement and clothes at your side.You looked over the row in front of you at Jimin laughing at something Taehyung said while obediently holding the makeup bag. Each member was holding something in the over packed car. This is what happens when Hojung has to rent a van for a last minute schedule.

With your back to the window and your head resting on the back of Jungkook’s seat, you sighed and stared out the adjacent window.

“Hang on.” Hojung suddenly warned.

Yoongi looked over. “Wha-?

The van hit a bad bump sending your head into the ceiling and your butt partly into the air before landing back on Yoongi’s lap. From the front you could hear the amused sounds of those who were enjoying the ride so far.

Being too busy rubbing your now sore head you hadn’t noticed the gasp from your side. Yoongi’s body tensed for a moment. He looked over to you and thanked goodness that you hadn’t noticed. Blinking a few times, he un-tensed his body tried to relax back against his seat.

“Sorry.” you apologized, slightly embarrassed. Embarrassed as well, he turned to the window behind you, completely ignoring your apology.

‘Bastard.’ you thought.

There wasn’t even time to settle before the road started to get uneven. Despite how irritated he made you, you felt bad about how uncomfortable you must have been making him.

But you had no idea.

A sharp turn sent your hand up to his chest for balance. Because it was an unconscious move you didn’t even notice it or how close the side of your face was to his. It dropped into your lap not long after but the damage to his nerves had been done.

Each bump and turn made him squirm more. He tried to focus his thoughts to keep his blood from rushing downwards. Every few seconds he would spare a nervous glance to see if you noticed.

By this point it was hard not to. His focusing was failing miserably.

You turned your head away from him to hide your growing smirk. Only Jimin knew this but Yoongi was your idol crush. It faded some after experiencing the way he treated you but you couldn’t deny the way your heart skipped when you had to sit on his lap.

The plan that was forming in your head made your smirk wider and your panties wet.

“I think there is a big bump coming.” Hyo jung warned again.

Placing your hand on the ceiling to keep yourself from lifting up, you pushed on it causing your weight to sink more into Yoongi’s lap. Your eyes were still focused on the front but you could hear his sharp intake of breath.

His legs shifted under you almost moving you onto the luggage. Carefully you sat back, moving your butt all the way back and leaning forward. He stopped immediately. “Jimin, how much longer?”

“About 30 minutes.” he answered. Hearing the time left you could feel Yoongi tense up. Jimin turned to you and whispered “Just hang in there a little longer.”

“Oh I’m good.” you answered, sitting back. Slowly your hand came to your side to graze Yoongi’s thigh. The movement was lazy enough to seem innocent but your next move wasn’t.

At the next sharp turn you overdramatically moved your whole body against him. Not bothering to apologize this time, you shifted yourself to move from against his chest but grinded your hips against him in the process. The music in the car covered his soft moan but you heard it.

As if you had planned it, Up & Down by EXID came on. It was your favorite song that you learned the dance to.

You moved rather obviously until you felt hands at your hips. With his lips near your ear he whispered “Stop.”

It was a tone you never heard from him before. Strained but seductive.

You glanced back at him. His face was serious but obviously tense. His hands slacked but never left your hips

“Stop what?” you asked. You smiled and continued to sing and move.

His hold on your hips grew tight again holding you in place. “What are you doing?”

Your smile faded and your eyes locked with his. “Yoongi I’m just having fun.” Slowly your hand moved to rest over his zipper.

“Y/N, What are y-”

Moving your hand steadily up and down, you sung along with the song. “Up and Down, Up and Down.”

“You’re so lame.” He released a breathy laugh barely audible over the music.

“Is that right?” you unzipped his jeans and moved straight past his underwear to palm his bare length.

His eyes went wide and he tried to shift in the seat but you laughed as you kept your hand moving. “Could have sworn you were a boxers man, Min Yoongi.”

His eyes fluttered before relaxing as he seemed to melt into the seat. You glanced over the row in front of you. The others were completely oblivious, dancing as best they could to Apink with their hands preoccupied.

Seeing a tunnel up ahead, you turned to meet his eyes as you smiled mischievously. He shook his head weakly, already losing his composure in the small space. You nodded in return, moving your hand up to go under his shirt and back down.

Approaching the dark tunnel, you leaned closer and closer into him. Finally covered in darkness, you kissed him feverishly. The loud music that surrounded you continued to cover the sound of your actions. He was taken aback by this but wasted no time in returning the intensity. He knew the tunnel wouldn’t last long so he made an apparent point to get as much as he could from the kiss.

His lips moved in rhythm with yours trying to go deeper but you wouldn’t let him. As much as you loved it there wasn’t much tunnel left. Besides, the whole point was to tease him.

Trying not to lose yourself in the kiss, you pulled down his pants and underwear just enough to touch him more freely. You moved your hand faster and kissed harder under your temporary cover of darkness. You brought your hand up to graze his tip before running it back down slowly with a tighter grip. His mouth parted as a low groan escaped. You traveled quickly to leave kisses against his neck while he released a heavier moan.

Sensing the end of the tunnel you slowed down your hand and met with lips once more. With a slowly drug out bite and tug of his bottom lip, you pulled away. His head subconciously tried to follow to your lips but stopped, sensing the light of outside once again.

The absence of your lips made the movements of your hand even more angonizing than your slow pace.

His hips bucked and squirmed slighty but you stayed with the same speed. His head rested against the back of the seat with closed eyes, he almost looked sleep.

“Up here?” you heard Namjoon ask Hyojung.

He turned down to music which was now playing a Trot song you didn’t recognize. “Anyone who is sleep, wake them up.” He glanced back through the rearview mirror at you and Yoongi. “Y/N, wake him up please.”

You smiled before he focused ahead again.

Removing your hand, you pulled his pants back up. He groaned at the dettachment and the tight feel of his jeans against his unsatifisted length.

You heard the Jungkook laugh. “I guess he slept well.”

“Come on, Yoongi, wake up. We’re here.” You pretended to wake him up, making sure the others could hear your acting as Hyojung parked.

Everyone began to pile out of the van to put their items down.

“I’m surprised he got to sleep.” you heard Taehyung say as he climbed out.

“Probably better that way. He would just torture Y/N.” Jimin said, helping you out of the van.

“Eh, don’t worry about me I am pretty good at torture too.” You told them with a quick glance to Yoongi.

Hyojung stuck his head in at the frustrated man. “Come on.”

“I am going to stay here for a minute. I need a minute to wake up.” He lied, still fully hard inside his pants.

Hyojung nodded. “Alright but don’t go back to sleep.” he warned.

Throwing him the same michevious smile from earlier, you added. “Don’t take too long either or I might have to come get you.”

Spent the late afternoon with a matinee showing of Hedwig and The Angry Inch!

Myyyyy oh myyyyy was it the best idea. My ears are still ringing and I’m still seeing stars but I just wish I could have stayed behind for the 7pm show!

I’ve heard so many great things about the production, but didn’t want to read/listen to much into it beforehand. The only song I’ve heard in its entirety (and adored) was Wicked Little Town - and to hear it live, with context was more than I ever thought it could be.

I love how intimate and personal HATAI is. The cast is wonderful. It’s narrated beautifully. Hedwig’s story shocks you. It makes you laugh. It breaks your heart. It makes you snicker. The political hits were, well… hits. The story telling is so incredibly effective, and it seamlessly worked as a time travel machine for the audience.

Hannah Corneau - I love love love.

Euan Morton. Euan. Morton. EUAN. MORTON. He is truly a gift - there’s really nothing more I can say. The overFLOWING TALENT my goodness - it leaves one speechless. I fell at first sight/listen, and his voice has always been one of my top top favorites; the versatility I saw tonight, how easily he can make that switch kept me at the edge of my seat and just left me wanting more. I NEED MOOOOAR’

The symbolism.
The symbolism of words both said, and unsaid. The way symbolism was used for clothing.
It’s so deliciously inventive. How do I move on from this genius?! /weeps/

Hedwig and Yitzhak.
The more I think about it, the more awestruck I am towards these characters. They made me feel so many things at once. How lucky we are to know of their journey together. The complexity, intensity and wildness of their layered relationship satisfies so much within - I can’t really produce coherent thoughts, let alone sentences at the moment, but wow guys, just wow.

Turn loose the mermaids(Part 16)

This turned out longer than expected, so sorry for the delay. Big things happening.


P.S. I’m shit at writing smut sorry

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Marinette never asked about the big tool in the back of the captain’s room. It was certainly looking a bit out of place and the mermaid wondered if it was normal for pirates to have it. It didn’t seem so, she didn’t recall anything similar on the shipwrecks she explored.

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How is it compared to tower of terror?

I enjoyed it more than ToT, and this is coming from someone who was initially upset about the change back when they announced it. 😅

I really enjoyed the theming of ToT and have always been a major thrill seeker, but this upgrade really impressed me. Plus I really adored the GotG films (especially Vol. 2) which made the riding experience much more enjoyable!

The ride itself is longer and the drops are intense (but not scary intense like ToT) but they actually feel secondary compared to everything else that is going on. It is definitely more story driven and there’s a lot of visual distractions and fun music playing the whole time. So if drop rides aren’t your thing I would still encourage you to try this one out! I was laughing the whole time and couldn’t stop smiling afterwards (possible vlog coming soon!). 

I still have gripes with the exterior design but overall it still felt new and it’s definitely become a new fave of mine. Plus ToT at WDW is better anyways! 😉

Seokjin Scenario: Attention Seeker.

Request: Hello~~ Can I request a scenario where Jin gets jealous and tries to get the readers attention back when she dotes on the maknae line especially Taehyung? I hope it can be fluff and funny~ Thank you ^^

Genre: Fluff / Friendship

It was all fun and games at the beginning, for real. Jin truly loved the fact that you managed to get along with the other members so well when he was deep down a little worried you’d find them too obnoxious when for Jin their behavior was an everyday thing and thus it because just plain normal. But you had bonded really well, taking your own place inside their group with such an ease that surprised him.

He wasn’t one to complain normally, it was something Seokjin had wanted to happen since all of you were important for him. But right now, right then, he actually wanted to complain.

–You’re aware I brought my girlfriend here so I could spend time with her right? – Jin asked the three boys who were surrounding you on the couch. 

They laughed and you giggled a bit, and Jin had to remind himself he was actually going to complain a little more when you walked over to him and pecked his lips tenderly.

–It’s alright babe – you said, giving him a quick hug. –I’ll help them out and then we can do something together–

–Old people stuff– Taehyung snickered on Jimin’s ears and Jungkook laughed along.

–I’m not that old! – Seokjin said looking at you for confirmation. –Am I? –

You laughed and hugged him once again, this time letting your head rest on his broad chest. –You’re not Jin–

–You have to admit you kind of are hyung – Jimin said with such a lovely smile, but you still turned to look at him.

–Don’t be mean to your hyung Jiminie, he’s not– you looked up at Jin and smiled, squeezing his middle.

The boys had practically cornered you on the living room the mere moment you crossed the threshold because it was urgent that they got a girl’s point of view and you had conveniently arrived there like heaven sent, in Taehyung’s words, to help them understand how an argument the size of a molehill according to them, turned into an avalanche precipitating over Jimin’s head.

Jimin was in the middle of a situation with his own girlfriend and they needed to fix it, more like patch everything up you thought, but you weren’t there to tell them that but to enlighten them in the fine and delicate art of handling a really upset girlfriend and coming up unscathed from it, at least for now.

–I’ll be with you in a minute, alright? – you wanted to be with him, but really who could say no to Taehyung’s begging face? The faster you finished helping them, the faster you could get back to your boyfriend.

–Promise? – Jin was looking at you with such eyes you started to wonder if he ever practiced that look on the mirror.

–Promise– you giggled and went back to sit on the couch with the maknaes.

Jin begrudgingly agreed, not without throwing a last bitter look at your little reunion, he would have to talk to them about interrupting you two. You laughed to something Jungkook said and covered your face with your hands, it was so cute honestly that Seokjin for a moment almost forgot he felt kind of left out because you were supposed to be laughing like that with him and not with them; almost, but not quite.

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Unremarkable | Dan isn’t popular, or unpopular - he’s average. Unremarkable. Flawed. Until he starts receiving encouraging messages in his locker, complimenting him, and giving him the confidence to be himself. | Phan | Gen | 2,044 Words

Disclaimer: In no way to I pretend this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

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moon signs and their emotions
  • <p> <b>Aries:</b> impulsive, basically those with aries moon don't hold anything back. they're honest, direct and reacts dramatically. aries moon are always dramatic but adds in humor with their emotions. sometimes you may find it hard to express yourself without making a scene. its okay to be dramatic and honest.<p/><b>Taurus:</b> taurus moons are very calm with their feelings and can express them easily without being overly emotional. they sometimes over indulged in things to avoid becoming extremely emotional. like drawing, reading, watching tv or eating to distract or pleasure themselves. they should learn that you can't always avoid feeling strong emotions. its okay to be dramatic once in awhile.<p/><b>Gemini:</b> gemini moon are very uncomfortable with this placement. their duality makes it hard to feel one certain emotion for a long or normal period of time. they are moody and need to learn that its okay to experience or explore an emotion for a long period of time. switching on and off from sad to happy can make you bottle up your feelings and become distant.<p/><b>Cancer:</b> having your moon in cancer is the perfect placement, only because cancer is ruled by the moon. they have no problem expressing themselves freely but other may think that they are the tiniest self absorbed. cancer moon need to makes sure that they aren't dependent on others to support their feelings and understand that their emotions aren't the center of attention.<p/><b>Leo:</b> leo in moon are very expressive. they need to feel like their feelings and emotions are valued by their friends and loved ones. they are self-centered and sometimes need attention. that is not bad but some may think you are clingy. leo moon love their friends and would take a bullet for them but feel that you should do the same, if not they don't feel secure or needed. they can also be dramatic. you must know that not everyone can support you and be just as expressive as you are.<p/><b>Virgo:</b> having moon in virgo can be a very awkward placement. they think logically and always want to find a reasonable meaning for feeling a certain way. that makes it extremely difficult to share their emotions. the worse part is that they want to express themselves, virgo moon long to be able to precisely express themselves. but always having an explanation to feel a certain way makes them worried. but that makes them super balanced and never overly emotional.<p/><b>Libra:</b> libra moon would love to be honest and express themselves easily but they a concerned with the peace of their environment. any dramatic or extreme emotion can make things chaotic and not very harmonious. this leaves their opinions and feelings sugar coated and not all the way true. libra moon must learn that holding back and keeping balance can hurt them and their friends.<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> those with scorpio moon find it difficult to express themselves. every emotion they experience are intensely felt. scorpio moon need to find way to easily do this. they should speak to their close friends they've made connections with, express it in poetry or writing, art and music. they eventually learn and realize that being super emotional is okay.<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> sagittarius moon express themselves out of complete honesty, because of this they do not hold grudges on the past or become emotional. this placement is difficult though because they can hurt people without knowing it. they do not act emotionally because to them, there isn't much reason to do so. they should learn to be more open than usual and actually express themselves. that task is difficult and irritating, but everyone must learn to fairly express themselves.
  • Capricorn: moon in Capricorn don't deal well with any dramatic or emotional situations. they do not like to have unbalanced feelings and when they do they become slightly irritated. they are rather calm and prefer to not go to any extremes. you should know that it's alright to be dramatic, don't get worried or mad when you have those days.
  • <p/> <b>Aquarius:</b> moon in aquarius don't openly share their opinions, they keep to themselves. but at the same time they want to have a one to one relationship where they can just speak their feelings and also want their friend to tell them how they are feeling. so they can nurture them, help them and give them advice. but when they actually get to that point they become uncomfortable. they need to know that they can do it eventually and to be patient, don't rush yourself into sharing anything you don't want to you yet.<p/><b>Pisces:</b> pisces moon share their feelings openly and become extremely emotional. they cannot handle negative activity. they are nurtures and excellent friends when you need emotional support. but so much negativity or sadness can take a toll on their own feelings. pisces moon should learn that its OKAY to feel depressed or blue. everything will be alright :)<p/></p>

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so in the human au, what do you think exactly are MTT's intentions with Pap? Like how exactly does he feel about him? (basically i guess im just asking about your papyton hcs in general, but more specifically with the human au)

sit down children its time for me to tell you the tale of a lovestruck idiot and his skeleton

i’m gonna explain it all under the readmore by just telling you how they met [esp. since ive been getting messages asking about that as well]. i recommend you read this if you already haven’t before reading this, since it all happened after mettaton left the hospital and is supposedly doing better.

so. mettaton recovers [mostly], and is checked out. he’s a bit unstable but, for the time being, mostly back to normal. he’s forced to move in with his cousins after his dad disappears. He’s still in contact with Alphys, who’s his best friend.
since Mettaton was mostly disliked by his highschool classmates, the only ‘friend’ he’s got after graduating is Burgerpants, who he lost contact with, so Alphys offers to introduce him to her friend, Undyne, at an upcoming get-together at Sans’ house [about 12 people were invited].
This is after Mettaton and Sans had a fling, and Mettaton is still slightly enamored with him and wants to avoid him at all costs. He turns the invitation down and decides he’ll just make new friends at college.

a week before the get-together, he overworks himself and has a serious breakdown [eventually hurting himself in the middle of it], scaring the hell out of blooky, who had no idea what to do about it. the only thing they could do was to call alphys and tell her about it, since she’s still mettaton’s emotional pillar and helps him recover faster. she comes over and calms him down, and eventually convinces him he should go to the get together to relax and have a well deserved good time. she sleeps over and misses classes the following day to spend time with mettaton. she visits him everyday until they have to go to the get together.

mettaton is still on breakdown autopilot, anxious, wary, and silent. he doesn’t really wants to go but he promised alphys he would. so when they arrive, he tries his best not to be absolutely out of character, though he’s still visibly nervous and uncomfortable being around people. alphys introduces him to undyne, who’s her usual intense self and tries not to point out how weird the he’s acting [nothing like what alphys described him as]. eventually mettaton escapes the social interactions and sits on the couch, pretending to eat some of the stuff alphys offered him, just to avoid worrying her too much.
sans was nowhere to be found, which was fucking excellent because mettaton literally cant handle that shit right now, and sitting besides metta was papyrus. he didn’t know him yet, so to mettaton he was just a quiet, nervous boy who seemed unable to stop fidgeting. paps greeted him [and said something about being a master at partying or something, even though that get together was probably the closest thing to a party he’s ever been to], and mettaton really didnt want to talk to anyone at the moment but replied anyway, just glad there was something distracting him from his own self destructive thoughts.

they kept talking about silly things [papyrus was doing most of the talking, but mettaton was surprisingly enjoying it, entertained by how pure this boy seems], and papyrus was just really sweet and nice to mettaton. they talked the whole night through [at first mettaton didnt want to leave because he didnt want to accidentally bump into sans, but at this point he’s having a great time listening to papyrus’ monologues], and eventually got into emotional territory, and mettaton felt so comfortable with papyrus he told him some stuff about himself he doesn’t tell anyone when he’s his normal self and interacting with random people [e.g. some of his insecurities]. of course papyrus was extremely understanding and cheered him up almost instantly by complimenting him and making mettaton laugh by complimenting himself, too.
[alphys couldn’t fucking believe she was hearing mettaton laugh just a day after having a breakdown, since he usually takes weeks to return to his natural self after a slip]
eventually mettaton got hungry and had to leave the couch to get something to eat. he only realized he was allowing himself to eat something for the first time in weeks after he had already taken a bite of whatever candy he found. he also noticed he wasn’t wary or anxious anymore, and was instead feeling very confident and enjoying himself. he immediately connected that to Papyrus, and just decided that paps was someone he wanted in his life, someone he needed to have around, because not even alphys could make him feel so confident and safe, even though he barely knew him.

so that’s how it started. mettaton bumped into sans during the party, eventually [and found out papyrus was his brother, too, since sans nervously commented “my bro’s the coolest isnt he haha” after a terribly awkward conversation], but he didn’t really care.

the following months, he and papyrus started hanging out more. mettaton was developing a pretty intense crush on paps, since paps made him feel so much better about himself and so safe, but nobody really noticed since he acted so cool about it and flirted with everyone equally. as the months went by though, both sans and alphys noticed mettaton was giving papyrus wayyy more attention than anyone else in the group.

mettaton kissed him one day, when they were lying on pap’s stupid bed, talking about old music. papyrus was like ’?????????’ and mettaton was trying to play it off as ‘its cool its just a kiss it just means i like you and you’re a good friend’, super relaxed, but he was actually fucking exploding inside, sure he had made papyrus uncomfortable and just gave away how fucking head over heels he is over him, fucking up their friendship. paps enjoyed it, though, so they kept doing simple couple things like cuddling and kissing and sometimes making out, in the pretense that “we’re just good pals who trust eachother and want to be close”.

they’re still at it. but really? mettaton is fucking in love with papyrus. like, really in love with him and wants to have him by his side because none of his other partners ever treated him like paps did, so genuinely loving without shady intentions. and he’s nervous because he’s not sure if papyrus would date him, he’s not even sure if papyrus is alloromantic at all.
in the current timeline, they haven’t made it official, nor have they done the nasties yet [only some frustrated grinding one time, of which mettaton can’t really stop thinking about], because mettaton is scared shitless of ruining what they have right now and papyrus really doesnt knows exactly how this whole dating thing works, because according to his guide, they skipped step 1 to 7 entirely, and now he’s lost and confused.

they’re a mess, which freaks mettaton out, since every single other relationship he’s ever had was way less complex [he could tell exactly what they were, and where it was going, most of the time]. he’ll figure it out, though. he’s a smart boy, and romance isn’t that scary.

Some more thoughts on Bitty and Carrie Underwood

So some of you may have already seen @actualhockeyrobot and I talking about the possibility of Carrie and Bitty crossing paths, but I have more thoughts. 

We know that Bitty hates country music, but let’s be real here: even if you hate country music with an intense, burning, hellfire-worthy passion, Carrie Underwood is your exception. If you hate her music, you have no soul. Plus, as much as we know Bitty has connected to Beyonce’s music, you just can’t tell me that he didn’t hardcore connect with a LOT of Carrie’s as well. Itty Bitty in 2007, when her second album was everywhere, probably latched onto songs like "Crazy Dreams”, “Flat On The Floor”, “So Small”, and others without really understanding why, but something about her just made him know that she got him. As he got older he started getting into more pop music, and gradually Beyonce and Nikki and others replaced Carrie, though he still listened to whatever new song of hers was on the radio when it came on. 

One day though he’s listening to a playlist Jack made, and one of her older songs (”Inside Your Heaven”) comes on and he’s just immediately taken back to those years where her music was all that he listened to, when he just about wore out the cd, and he remembers how her music got him through years of elementary school bullies, back before he even understood why nobody liked him. 

Jack comes back home from practice to Bitty blasting Some Hearts over the stereo. 

Understanding English

Wrote this last night when I was a little sad and couldn’t sleep. It was originally gloomier but I rewrote it to be a bit more positive.

It’s only a little over 1,500 words, but give it a go if you have the time. Not looking for reblogs, just wanna talk to you guys, especially if you’re someone I befriended online. The experience I’m about to describe is most definitely not the first of its kind, but as my own journey is the one I know best, it’s what I wanna share :^)

tl;dr: My experience learning English as a middle-class kid in the Philippines, how being introduced to internet fandom sent my learning curve skyrocketing (but in a bit of a nasty way), and why I’m grateful to English for helping me meet you.

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I like the English dub digivolution scenes more. I appreciate mixing up the music but it’s all so soft while the English dub music made it so much more intense! And the lady who says “digivolution” creates much more atmosphere than the robotic voice saying “evolution”. The downside is dealing with Henry making those sounds as he swipes the card, causing his poses to be the derpiest thing in the franchise