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Burrito Blanket Batmom - Bruce Wayne/Batfamily x Reader

I kinda love the idea of a “burrito blanket” batmom haha, and since I thought the request from anonymous I received was quite similar, I mixed them up together. Hope you’ll like it, particularly you @dannysanime, as usual, feedbacks are very welcome :) : 

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-Are you alright mother ?

It’s early in the morning when your youngest son finds you in the living room, wrapped in a blanket on the couch, eyes wide open and not really looking at anything in particular. You don’t even react as he approaches you. 

-Mother ? Hey ? Mom are you alright ? 

Finally, you turn your head to look at him, blanket all the way up to your chin and wrapped around your head (and all around your body really, your face the only thing peering out of this burrito you made of yourself), you say in a croaked voice : 


Damian is immediately worried. It isn’t often, if not never, that you complain. That you let things get you down. You’re the cheery one of the family. You and Dick often are the ones that see the positive things in everything, so, seeing you there, laying on the couch without even the TV on, and looking as if you were completely done with life…Well, it worries your kid. 

You realize that he’s concerned about your well being when he kneels in front of you, and put his palm on your forehead. Oh, sweet boy. If only everyone could see him as you saw him, if only he’d be as nice with everyone as he is with you…No one would ever call him “brat” anymore. 

-I’m not sick honey, I’m just…I’m just….erf…

-…You’re just “erf” ?

You shrug your shoulder. Or at least, Damian thinks you shrug your shoulder, he isn’t really sure, seeing as you’re wrapped tightly in that damn comforter. 

He’s not sure what’s wrong with you, but he still wants to help. 

-Hum…Is there anything I can do for you ? Do  you want coffee ? Something to eat ? Or do you want me to go put a movie on or something ? Anything, really ?

You smile weakly at him, and it makes him frown. Your smiles are never weak ! They’re always so bright, warm, beautiful ! They always make him feel better, not matter what. Awkwardly, he brushes a few fingers against your cheek, and your smile widens a  little. Here. Better. 

-You’re already doing a lot my boy. 

“My boy”. He loved when you called him that. It made him feel…It just made him feel loved. And like a part of the family. Your son. But of course he was your son, you never saw him in any other way, even at the difficult beginnings…

He kept on brushing your cheek lightly, putting some strand of hair out of your face. You managed to take an arm out of your blanket, and caressed his hair lovingly, he laid his head next to yours, kneeling on the floor in front of you, and you just shared a sweet mom/son moment…So much that you both fell into a deep and comfortable slumber. 

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His - Part 3 (C.H.)

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A/N: Sorry that it took a while. I had writer’s block and too much school stuff going on. Also, I suck at writing endings so prepare for that as well. Other than that, I hope you all enjoy it.

Masterlist || Ask

Part 1 | Part 2


Remember the day we first started talking to each other?

Weeks have passed since that night and Calum and I have gotten a lot closer…and my crush on him has gotten significantly bigger.

I still worked on getting Calum to see just how important and loved he is and there has been some progress.

The bell rang, signaling the end of our anatomy class. Calum and I began putting our stuff away before he spoke up.

“We still on for later?” He asked me.

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A confession, not a request. If you have time, please read it.

Request: hey, i just read your rules and i was thinking, in support of you and your recovery a BTS reaction(or anything you prefer) to Y/N being a past rape victim and starting a charity or something that helps victims of it to come forward (: if not its totally fine! obviously, under your circumstances. if you do thank you, i love you ❤❤

Rather than doing a reaction, I will tell you a story. I’m sorry darling, but I really take those matters seriously and I just couldn’t bring myself to write it. Every time I started, my eyes teared up and I just couldn’t. But for you I’ll tell a story that’s very close to my heart and that will make you guys understand why I protect the kpop fandom so eagerly.

I was 14 when I was raped. Also it was January 2014. Until August 2014 no one and I really mean no one could talk normally to me, without my hands to shake or my voice.If they were able to talk to me at all. My connection to the world was stopped, I didn’t go to school, I took my exams,of course and went in the next class. However, until August, I was almost uncommunicating. I was suicidial and depressed. So, I was almost always thinking about just ending it all.

My mother knew that since I was 5 *my cousin was a first genaration kpoper* kpop made me move to the rythym and love the world. She gave me her phone and shepressed the play button of the video. And a melody started. “Sometimes you’ve gotta be bold, just rock the world. BUUYA!” It was Red Velvet’s Happines. Unlike all the other attempts to make me feel something, this one just hit home. I watched the music video in awe, amazed by the fact how beautiful they were and how happy they looked. I wanted to be happy too, but how could I? I was dirty, a whore, a no one. And after the music video ended I looked up to my mother and asked her if she’ll give me her phone tomorrow to watch the live performance. She couldn’t believe that I first talked to her after such a long period of time and of course she gladly agreed. And so on, day after day I watched Red Velvet evolving as I myself started being a new person. They introduced Yeri in the group, I went to a new school. Ice cream cake and Automatic thought me that family is all I have and I shouldn’t lose it. Dumb Dumb made me want to dance again. One of these nights made me remember the pain, but also come to terms with it. Russian Roulette made me confident and feel good about myself again. And Rookie helped me find the people I belong with.

I am very greatful to them. Those girls made me who I am today. The five hearts of the Kpop community. The underrated queens wiht music I always hear people calling childish, but let me tell you. Thanks to them I am alive. I am alive thanks to the power they gave, the fact that they told me that everyday I should be happier than yesterday, because something good will happen. 

So, don’t be afraid or ashamed to listen to kpop, because this “Chin Chong” as people call them, save and inspire people lives. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself, to tell your story.

My biggest dream is to have five minutes in my whole life in which I’ll be able to meet the girls. To tell them how grateful I am, what they did for me, how they are for me. I want them to know that they saved my life and that they are precious. And that girl groups can also be a big influence in someone’s life.

Red Velvet 언니들이, 고마워. 너때무네 나 한국어 공부해요. 너무 너무 감사합니다. 사랑해요. <3 

Irene, I write this for you. Happy birthday darling.

Love, Li.

French Girls | Shawn Mendes Imagine

A/U: I guess this is what I call a fucking blurb. HAAH OKAY . Also shout out to @nobravery for helping me with all this French!! 

Word Count: 2,918

Songs:   From Gold - Nova Amor (Shawn’s) & La vie en rose - Édith Piaf (Her’s) 

“Your music taste is so… nice.” I said as I crossed my legs on Shawn’s bed.

It was late in the evening and it was dark already outside. Shawn’s window was cracked open and I could hear crickets between song changes.

“You don’t sound confident in that statement,” Shawn said smiling as he stood up from this dresser that had his average sound system on top.

I smiled nervously. “No, no. I do mean it, it just that it’s a little different from mine, but I still really like it.”

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This week I decided to do something a little different–video recs instead of fic recs! Which will return next week, but today I wanted to cry over STAR WARS videos for awhile and, sure, there’s some absolutely hilarious vids or really exciting, awesome vids, too! But there’s also a bunch of them that totally put tears in my eyes because why are you like this, Star Wars?

Long post under the cut!  (Categories:  Humor, The Sads, Shipper, Meta, Awesome, Serious Fanvids)
(Last updated:  2017.06.28)


Fuck This Shit, sequel trilogy
  I thought, okay, I’m going to rewatch this one to write a quick rec, I’m not going to laugh this time. I STILL BURST OUT LAUGHING, even knowing it was coming.
Firework, sequel trilogy/cast
   I laugh every single time I watch this video, this is it, this is me as a Star Wars fan. It’s one of those that takes a serious moment and puts a fun song over it and the result is magic.
Turn Down For What, prequel trilogy
   I will rewatch Satine’s epic speech with dramatic background music every time.
Palpatine Shooting Stars + Shooting Star, prequel trilogy, original trilogy, sequel trilogy
   I love this song more and more every time I see these videos, they’re hilarious. It’s kind of the epitome of meme culture but goddamn if it doesn’t make me genuinely laugh.
BLOCKED, prequel trilogy
   Never has this been so accurate. 

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Dance For Me


Request: Can you do one where Shawn comes all the way from tour for you birthday and tells you that you are going to go on tour with him as his personal dancer ? Xx

Word Count: 1,813

A/N: I really hope you like this. 

Dance For Me

“That was so sick, for real tho!” Your friend said, giving you a high five.

“We killed it!” You said, clapping your hands.

You had been working on this choreography for so long, without getting it right, it had actually started to annoy you, but this time, this time, you both killed it.

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Summary: “So I read your Isaac fanfiction and absolutely loved it. And I have a request for you to do another Isaac one. Maybe like the reader gets jealous and is best friends with Scott so she tries to make Isaac jealous? You’re such a great writer and I love your stories!” 

Ship: Isaac Lahey x Fem!Reader

Warning: Fluff, angst, swearing, flirtation, minor smut, etc. 

Your P.O.V

I growled lowly, shuffling my books from side to side. Glancing back at Isaac, I wanted to scream. A girl, considered to be popular, primarily because she was well known, not because she was liked, ran her hands up and down his chest, laughing with such a strong facade, it made me want to throw up. I had to take deep, slow breaths to remain remotely calm. Ever since he turned, he was more confident, more outgoing, more flirtatious. It was as if he knew he was attractive, not the cool kind, the dickish kind, and used it to his dark advantage. And ever girl wanted to be with him or on him. The thought made me nauseous. 

I slam my locker shut, the sound echoing throughout the halls because it was that loud. For a split second, Isaac tore his gaze away from the girl, glancing my way, only to smirk. It was as if he knew I was mad- jealous. Not that I would verbally say it. I scoff, rolling my eyes as Scott made his way towards me. Scott Mccall, my best friend, since, diapers. (Yes, I just quoted Heathers. What can I say, I’m a slut for musicals.) He leaned against my locker, giving me his signature puppy dog smile. I could never ever say no or be sad around him. He wouldn’t allow it. Scott was always, always there for me. 

“Hey, (Y/N/N). What’s wrong?” I gave him a look, one that he has seen a thousand times before. “It’s Isaac again, isn’t it?” I lean against my locker, not daring to look at my best friend. I don’t want to. “I can’t help how I feel towards him. And the worst part, he knows and teases, practically taunts me.” I sigh, pondering. He puts his arm around me, giving me a reassure smile. “I’m sorry, (Y/N/N). I’m sure everything will be okay. Things will work out. I promise.” He lifts my chin up, kissing my head. In that moment, I could’ve sworn that I heard a low growl. I look back over my shoulder to see Isaac watching Scott, practically fuming. 

I turn my gaze forward before our eyes could meet. We walk to class, Scott’s embrace tight on me. People often looked at us and thought we were dating. But we weren’t. We were playful but not together together. Scott kissed my head again as he walked me to my class. “How ‘bout we get ice cream tonight? My treat?” I smile, nodding. “That sounds fun. I’ll see you later.” We do our signature handshake before I head into class. The rest of the day, my mind pondered and stirred. Why was Isaac so mad at Scott? He only seemed to be tense around me? And then a brilliant idea hit me like a brick. Tomorrow, I was going to make Isaac jealous. 

That night at the ice cream shop, I told Scott about my idea. The whole while, he was laughing, but in the end, he agreed. The next day, I put on the sexiest school appropriate outfit that I could find. We had let the others- well, everyone that wasn’t Isaac, know about the plan. Excitedly, I push the doors open. Everyone looked at me, their jaws down to the floor. Especially Isaac. Perfect. I head to my locker, winking at him as I pop it open. I could feel his eyes boring into me. Everything was set in place. Now, it was Scott’s turn. He came in next, looking incredibly attractive with his hair slicked back, black jacket and a tight shirt. 

If I wasn’t his best friend, I would pounce on him like the other girls were aching to do. But he was. So, no. He swaggers over to me, his smile practically swooning the girls around him. I almost have to cover my mouth to hide my laugh. But I don’t. I hold my books to my chest as he puts his hand over my head, like boys did in the old movies. “Hey, (Y/n). You look hot today.” He has to bite his lip to stop a smile from forming. “You don’t look to bad yourself, Mccall.” I smirk like I practiced. “How ‘bout you and I get outta here?” He says seductively, probably practiced too. I nod, taking his hand, pulling him to one of the empty classrooms. 

We close the door, waiting. The door turns to open, I push Scott towards me, kissing him passionately. It takes me a minute but his hands fly to my waist, pushing and pressing sensually. A low growl comes from behind us, someone pushes Scott off me. Isaac. Bingo. “Stay away from her.” I get up, standing between the two of them. “Why? It’s not like you care or you’re gonna do anything about it?!” And before I could even comprehend the situation, he pressed his lips to mine. Kissing me hard, I almost fell back. However, he kept one hand roughly on my waist and the other on my face. When he let go, he whispered, almost inaudible. “You’re mine.” I smirk, glancing back at Scott. 

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

“Thanks, Scott. I’ll see you at lunch.” He gave me a high five before walking off. Isaac looked between the two of us, completely bewildered. “What?” I giggle slightly. “Scott is my best friend. I’m not dating him. I’ve liked you for, god know’s how long. We came up with a plan to make you jealous, and it worked.” He nodded, wrapping his arms around my waist. “You’re such a tease.” I bit my lip, kissing him slowly. “You have no idea.” 

(I hope you liked it!!) 

anonymous asked:

Really ? People think CB is too "sophisticated" for SH? I mean she is classy and elegant and beautiful and talented and speaks quite eloquently amongst other things but who was the one who started throwing candy at the back of someone's head at ECCC & who is holding the" Cahonas "in the pic & who is the one that said they both have the sense of humor of a 5 yo ??? Sophisticated yes but also childlike at the same time when needed BEST of Both worlds imo

Everyone is a yenta, eh? 
Everyone perceives life through their own personal filters and experiences. 
Clearly Sam and Caitriona are connected, bonded, and the best of friends. For anyone to say they aren’t each other’s type then they just have their own personal opinion on what type of person would be sexually appealing to these complete strangers. They don’t know; it’s conjecture.
Perceptions of them from fans are based on limited public information. Photos, interviews, acting, social media activity…
Meeting Caitriona was amazing. I don’t even know how to describe it. Yes, she’s tall, willowy, and tiny at the same time. But she’s also solid and aware. At risk of exposing my hippie commune background, seeing her in person let me experience her frequency, her music, the notes of her energy. She felt ethereal but also calming and solid and present and grounded, really steady and smooth and full spectrum. That doesn’t even make sense but she feels nice :) And when she gave me a hug it wasn’t a fluttery soft bird feeling seeing that she’s so tiny that my arms wrap around her back and to the front of her again when I hug her. It was engulfing and strong and encompassing. She told gross stories and threw things at Sam and she was also so connected to each person she met in the moment. She’s an amazing human. So is Sam. He emphatically insisted that he’s an introvert while regaling us with stories and anecdotes of his life. I know he can say a lot of words without actually giving away a lot of his person and that’s a talent. He knows how to set and maintain boundaries that are important to him, to protecting himself, while connecting with hundreds of thousands of fans. And then the ginga ninja stood right behind me to photobomb Cait’s selfie and I had no idea he was there. 
Are they perfect for each other? Is she too sophisticated for him? Is he too pretty for her? That’s up to them and no one else, isn’t it? I just love how they interact with each other and the way their energy interacts to form a complete experience. I’m here for that. 

He Goes by the Name H. One [part 3]

Author: b0blegum

Pairing: DJ!Chae Hyungwon x Reader

Rating: 19+ (Kinda. Read at your own risk)(rape trigger)

Genre: Romance


Part: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - end

Hyungwon’s POV

The DJ was playing ‘Matches’ and remixed it into his own liking. Making people dancing to the beat. The room was crowded, people had to shout a bit when they were talking or flirting or even just to say a simple hi.

I Was standing here. Leaning on the bar counter with one hand rested on it while the other holding up my glass of Whiskey. Ice cubes clinking onto the side as i swirled up the glass.

And she was there. Sitting on the couch, feeling uncomfortable judging by how her eyes wandered around the room. I kept watching her through the sidelines of people who were busily dancing, before i decided to came over to her.

“You’re alone?” I asked her as i sat next to her. She looked really pretty upclose and she’s really my type of girl…

…to fuck with.

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ironic dyslexia

pairing: lin x reader (go figure)

prompt: dyslexic author writes a book that lin loves and he meets her and invites her to see hamilton

warnings: hastag makeout and swearing

word count: 3,069

a/n: happy to write some more for you all. this is one of my favorites. kind of pointless, very sweet. i love lin, but what’s new honestly (ps mY SISTER GOT ENGAGED AND IM SO HAPPY)

Masterlist / Prompt List

Today was hard. You could usually manage, but there was something about today that just made writing so fucking hard. God, you couldn’t even get through a paragraph without the little red line haunting every mistake you made while typing. You had an interview today with a publishing company - what if they asked you to read a chapter from your book? The job would be gone the first time you messed up your w’s and m’s. You groaned, pushing your computer away from you seat at the diner.

It was strange. You would go to type a ‘g’ and think, “g is the lowercase version of G,” and “G looks like a 6,” so you would type a 6. It took much longer for you to get your thoughts out, and you often had to stop and think about what you were writing. God, you hoped they wouldn’t give you a typing test. Do they even still do those?

The waiter brought over a plate of hash browns and your cup of coffee. You ate silently, hoping that maybe the food and caffeine would lift your moral. Dyslexia was hard enough, but being an author made it ten times worse.

Your mom laughed - actually laughed out loud - when you told her that you were writing your first book. She thought you had been completely joking. You pushed it though, not only proving her wrong, but more importantly proving to yourself that a disability wasn’t your definition.

And you did. Your first book was off the charts, every day gaining more attention and praise. You even did a segment on The Ellen Show; that’s what happens when you work your ass off.

You had just started packing up your laptop when a voice startled you.

“Excuse me?”

Your head turned quickly as you jumped back slightly. You settled when you realized it was just a young girl. She was kicking the ground, embarrassed. You laughed lightly, “Yes?”

She looked back up to you - she couldn’t be older than ten. “Are you Y/N?”

You nodded, “What can I do for you, love?”

Her smile grew. She pushed a piece of hair from eyes behind her ear, “My mom read me your book and it’s my favorite.”

Taking in a breath, you grinned. This was a whole new community of people that you hadn’t expected to reach, “Thank you so much, that means the world to me.”

She smiled a little bigger, “I have dyslexia too,” she said. Then, instantly embarrassed, she looked back down.

Your heart swelled; you were rarely confronted about your reading disability. Still, rather than being sheepish over the comment, you felt empowered - inspired even.

You leaned in a little closer, touching her shoulder. “Don’t ever let it stop you from doing what you love, okay?”

She looked back up, then nodding a little, she gave you a hug before running back to the table where her dad sat. He gave you a nod of gratitude before looking back to his daughter.

Honest to God, this had never happened to you before. Sure, you had met a few teens who had read your book, but never anyone younger. Even then, never someone who had felt empowered by reading your story. It was a story about a beach house for God’s sake. And they probably had no idea how many times you spelt ‘beach’ 'baech.’ Still, your heart smiled at the gesture. Maybe today wouldn’t be so hard after all.

Pulling your bag over your shoulder, you headed towards the door before you were stopped once again.

“Wait!” Someone called from behind you, your foot halfway out the door. You were rarely noticed in public - and especially not twice in one morning.

It was a man with a shoulder length hair, the top pulled back from his face. He had a book in his hand. It wasn’t until he was right in front of you that you recognized the cover; it was your book. You let a small smile escape, a blush flooding your cheeks. He was handsome.

He let out half a grin, “Y/N?” You nodded, cueing him to continue. “I’m a huge fan - I’m actually kind of awestruck right now and I’m rambling because you’re very pretty and very talented and -”

You laughed, interrupting him, “Thank you.”

He took in a sharp breath, shoving an outstretched hand towards you, “I’m Lin.”

You shook his hand, thinking about how Lin shouldn’t be too difficult to remember. “Y/N,” you greeted, hoping your hands weren’t too clammy.

After a moment of holding your hand too long, he quickly pulled back, scratching the back of his neck.

“What can I do for you?” You asked softly, bringing his eyes back to yours.

“Oh!” He laughed, extending the book towards you, “I was wondering if you could sign my book for me.”

You fished around your bag for a pen for a moment before realizing that he had a sharpie in his hand. You giggled before started writing in his book.

Lin -
     Thank you so much for reading my book. And don’t worry - your nervous ramble was adorable.

Rereading your note to make sure you hadn’t mixed any letters up, you debated on adding your phone number, but you figured that was much riskier than you felt like being.

He gratefully took the book back, shutting it before even reading it. Shaking his head slightly, he smiled, “My cast is going to flip.”

“Cast?” You questioned, suddenly confused.

“Uh, yeah - I’m in this musical about Alexander Hamilton.” He said sheepishly.

Your eyes went wide, “The one here?”

He nodded, “Why? Is there more than one?” He threw you a wink, making your heart skip despite your eye roll.

Still, you giggled before shaking your head, “I don’t think so. My sister just saw it a few weeks ago.”

He smiled with his entire face, “Really? What’d she think of it?”

“She said it was incredible.”

Lin laughed before doing a little dance, “I can try and score you some tickets - the cast would love to meet you. We’ve all read your book.”

You snatched his copy from his, causing his brows to furrow. Quickly, under your name you scribbled out your number. He smirked at the addition, accepting the book once more.

“Call me?” You asked, using your back to push the door open.

“Definitely,” he said, waving slightly as you walked off. Once you had turned around completely, he gave himself a power fist. “Go Lin,” he smirked.

And call he did. Ten minutes after you left the shop, actually.

“I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a fake number,” he defended.

Feeling flirty, you teased back, “Why would I give a cute guy a fake number?”

“Because you’re way out of his league?” He curbed, making your face flush red.

“Tease,” you mumbled under your breath.

He called that night too: “I wanted to double check it wasn’t a fake number.”

“Lin, you already called me. You know it’s real.”

“Okay, maybe I just wanted to talk to you some more.”

And again in the morning, you hadn’t even gotten out of bed.

“Good morning!” He chirped, eliciting a groan out of you as you quickly turned down the volume on your phone.

“Too early,” you mumbled.

“Noted,” he said before continuing. “I got you a ticket for Friday night.”

This seemed to wake you up, “Really?”

He nodded before realizing you couldn’t see him, “Does that work?”

“Yeah,” you said, sitting up and smoothing back your hair. “What do I wear?” You thought aloud.

He laughed, “A dress. But comfortable. It’s a long show.”

“Okay,” you grinned, “Thank you so much.”

“Of course,” he answered quickly. “But you have to promise to meet the cast afterwards - they’ll be pissed if they know they didn’t get to meet you.”

“Absolutely. I’ll be the starstruck one.”

“Doubtful,” he said. You could practically hear his smirk through the phone.

You were writing again the next day. Your mind was elsewhere, thinking about Lin and what dress to wear and Friday. Still, when you went back to correct your mistakes, your writing had a different tone to it; much lighter and more fluid.

Friday came soon enough and you were a wreck. You had called your sister and explained what happened. She instantly gushed about how attractive Lin was - and how talented he was. You called him after, frustrated that he hadn’t told you he was the star of the show.

“You’re telling me that my writing is good, but you’re an Emmy winner for your musicals! I feel like you gassed me up.” You heard him laugh through the phone, making you frown. “Lin,” you whined.

“Okay, okay!” He giggled, “I play Alexander Hamilton in Hamilton, but I didn’t gas you up. I’m actually obsessed with your book.”

“Shut up,” you grumbled. He only laughed again.

“You’re adorable,” he settled on, making you blush. “But seriously, Jasmine - you’ll meet her, she is so talented - was the first to read it, right? She gave it to Pippa - you’ll meet her too - and then Diggs -“

“His name is Diggs?”

“Daveed Diggs, he’s ridiculous. He’s a rapper.”


“And then they gave it to me because they wouldn’t shut up about the book, and they were annoyed that I couldn’t talk about it with them.”

You were smiling by now, listening smoothly, “So you’ve got a book club,” you teased.

He threw his head back, “I suppose you could call it that.”

The two of you talked for the rest of the night, by the time it was midnight, he suggested that you just come over.

“Lin, it’s the middle of the night.”

“Well, it depends how you look at it, in some parts of the world -“

“Lin,” you laughed. “For someone who has a never ending supply of energy, how is it that you don’t need sleep? It’s so ironic.”

He smiled into the phone, “Says the dyslexic author.”

You let out a hard laugh. It was new to laugh so freely about something that had limited you for so long. He wasn’t using it against you, simply acknowledging it.

“Too far?” He asked, suddenly nervous.

“Absolutely not. It feels good to laugh about it. To recognize it.”

Lin smiled, “I’ll see you tomorrow at the show?”

“In a dress,” you returned.

“Goodnight,” he said, lingering.

“Goodnight, Lin,” you said. You waited a moment before handing up the phone. You fell asleep smiling that night.

You spent an hour picking out a dress. An hour. Even then, you settled on a simple low cut red dress - it wasn’t even that excessive! Still, you curled your hair and did your makeup, giving yourself ample time to get to the theater.

The show started at seven and you arrived around 6:30. A few people noticed who you were, a pair of teenage girls even asked if you were planning on writing more.

“I’m working on something right now, actually,” you smiled, playing the tease you knew you were.

Their eyes lit up as they begged for details. You laughed as you shook your head, “Sorry! You’ll just have to wait.”

After snapping a photo with them, you found your seat, still clutching your playbill. You flipped through the book, a paper falling out with the cast list on it. The cast changed frequently, so they used scrap paper instead of printing the bios and photos of the new actors. Your heart leapt when you saw Lin’s name across the dotted line of Alexander Hamilton.

The lights dimmed and the show began, the beat instantly pulling you in. You had no idea what you were in for, but boy, did you love it.

You weren’t sure what to do at the end of the show to be completely honest. After the final bow, you were overwhelmed to say the least. Sure, you had written a book. But that? Hamilton? They just made magic onstage.

You waited a few minutes before deciding to text him. What was he thinking? What were you thinking? You had absolutely no idea where to go or who to talk to. Before you could get your phone out of your bag, however, an usher had placed a hand on your arm.

“Miss L/N?” He smiled. When you nodded, he continued, “Mr. Miranda asked that I invite you backstage.”

A smile rushed your face as you followed him towards a back door, still gripping your playbill as if your life depended on it.

The guy who had played Hercules Mulligan was waiting for you behind the door. Thanking the usher, he pulled you back into the dark hallways with a grin so big it filled his face. He hugged you, making you jump for a moment before accepting the gesture and returning it quickly.

“I’m Oak, I love your book.” He said as he pulled away.

“I loved your performance,” you smiled, feeling awestruck.

He laughed but was abruptly shoved away, “Oh my gosh,” the girl behind him said.

“Jas, this is Y/N,” Oak introduced.

A curly head bobbed over, instantly hugging you, “You are one of my biggest inspirations.”

You took in a breath, softly thanking her before hugging her back. When you pulled away, you squinted before asking, “You’re Jasmine, right?”

She nodded quickly, slightly slapping Oak on the chest before turning and whispering, “She knows who I am.” Suddenly, Jasmine was pulled away from you to reveal a dressed down Lin. He had on some sweats and a black Hamilton tee. The sight of him made your heart skip. Who the hell looked that good in sweats? He was unreal.

He puffed up his cheeks before slowly breathing out.

“Hi,” you said.

Lin shook his head slightly before offering a hand and leading you away. Gratefully, you accepted. His hand left yours, resting on the small of your back, flooding your body with fire; making you burn.

His lips trailed to your ear, slowly breathing out, “You look incredible.” Electricity traveled down your spine as his words hit you.

You tried to push your smile down, but his hand fit perfectly and his hair was messy but he was so damn hot and you couldn’t help it.

“Only one person to dress for,” you quipped, moving a little closer to him, as if there was any room between you. He let out a soft groan, moving you more curtly to his dressing room.

He took a deep breath when he got into the room, as if to calm himself down. Lin pulled you to the couch, sitting much closer than two friends would.

“So what did you think?” He asked, nudging your shoulder, “Was your sister right?”

You let out a laugh before you nodded, “For the first time in her life.” You turned to face him. His grin made it’s way to his eyes, “You are ridiculously talented,” you said, still starstruck.

“Then I won’t let you see Javi play Hamilton. You might like him more than me,” he laughed. His laugh was breezy, like the conversation wasn’t filled with heat.

“Who says I like you?” You said, your brows furrowed, a teasing tone making its way off your lips.

“That dress,” he said quickly, easily. You let out small gasp, rarely allowing yourself to flirt so liberally. Speechless, you shook your head with a smile on your lips. He played off of this, taking your hand in his. “But seriously, you liked it?” He asked, turning the subject.

You nodded instantly, “It… was the best thing I’ve ever seen.”

He rolled his eyes, “That’s exaggerating.”

“Maybe, but it was still amazing.” You shrugged.

He was closer than he was before. When did he get so close?

“You’re amazing,” he tried.

You crinkled your nose, “Cheesy.”

He giggled, placing his other hand on your cheek before touching his lips to yours. Melting immediately, your hands found his neck and you pulled him closer. His hands dropped back to your hips as his lips molded yours. Your lips parted as his kisses got longer, hotter. You sighed into him, tugging his hair lightly when he nipped your bottom lip. The fire in your chest had traveled to every part of your body and you had never felt so good.

“Dude! Why didn’t you tell me Y/N was here - oh shit!” Someone yelled, barging into the dressing room and causing you two to pull apart. Accidentally, you smacked Lin in the face as you jumped back to the end of the couch.

“Shit,” you both groaned, you in embarrassment, him in pain. Reaching towards him, your placed your hand back to his jaw where it had previously been in much different context.

He laughed lightly, “I’m okay,” he assured you. Your eyes were still worried so he leaned forward and pecked your lips once more, making you smile.

A curly haired boy walked in sheepishly alongside Jasmine. Lin laughed, flopping back on the couch. “Go figure.” He laughed.

The boy furrowed his brows, letting out a slight huff.

Throwing a hand up, he introduced you, “Anthony, this is Y/N. Y/N, this is Anthony.”

You offered a small wave, your blush undeniable. Quickly, Jasmine broke the tension with a laugh, “You couldn’t even lock the door, Lin?”

Lin face palmed, slapping a hand over his eyes. You looked down, trying not to giggle (and failing). Maybe it was the way Jasmine leaned so easily against the counter, like this was something enjoyable for her to see, or maybe the way Lin had kept one hand around your waist during the entire affair, but you weren’t nearly as embarrassed as you should be.

“We’re going to get some pizza if you want to come,” Anthony said, scratching the back of his neck.

Jasmine was quick to kid, just like Lin, “Unless you guys are preoccupied.”

Lin groaned, standing up and ushering out the door, mumbling something in Spanish before turning back to you, “I am so sorry.”

You shook your head, “Don’t worry about it. I love your cast.”

He was back to the couch, sitting just as close as he had before. “Oh yeah?” He grinned, giving you no time to respond before his lips were back on yours.


Summary: The day before the big wedding, Hook and Regina discuss the events of 6x15. (References to Captain Swan, Captain Cobra, Swan Queen friendship, and Regal Believer)

Notes: I’m taking the chance to have two of my favorite Once characters discuss what happened in Storybrooke when Emma believed Hook had abandoned them. Because both Hook and Regina care about Emma and Henry, and words need to be said. Spoilers for that episode, as well as upcoming episodes.

Read on AO3!

It was the distinct clack of stilettos on the upper deck of the ship that startled Killian from his book. He had retreated to the Jolly to relax. His and Emma’s home had been overrun with wedding decorations, and though he was counting down the moments he could finally make her his wife, the overwhelming clutter had given him a headache. Judging from the distinct sound of Regina’s gait above, Killian doubted he would get a reprieve. 

He had just sat down his book, and was making to stand when the hatch to his quarters was unceremoniously thrown open, and Regina’s voice carried down, “You down there, Captain?”

“Aye, just let me–" 

His response was cut off when Regina appeared suddenly in a cloud of smoke. At his raised eyebrow, she simple replied, “There was no way I was climbing down that ladder in these heels and skirt.”

It was a valid explanation. Emma had often made asides about the difficulty of navigating the ladder in the more formal attire she wore on special dates. That he minded too much, as her climbing down had always given him a delightful view of her arse. Still, it rankled him that Regina had appeared without warning. No on ever approached his quarter’s without express permission – he was the Captain, after all – and he had half a mind to tell her such. But the set of Regina’s expression, and his own unwillingness to cause a verbal sparring match, made him bite his tongue.

Instead, he plastered on his widest smile, teething flashing as he asked, “To what do I owe you the pleasure, Your Majesty?”

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Okay, guys, can we talk about something?! I just came back from the cinema. The new Pirates of the Caribbean movie is like… AMAZING? I loved it! Really gave me goose bumps, especially when that beloved music of mine came up again. It’s way better than the fourth one, you really feel like watching a PotC movie again, so you gotta go watch it and fangirl with me, alright?! Alright.

And Jack is still outrageously hot. How does this never stop.

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Pyjama Cuddles

Rob Benedict x Reader (fluff)

Word Count: 2,776

Description: You turn up at Rob’s hotel door with hot cocoa. Cuddling ensues.

A/N: I pictured this being on the night before a Con starts.

This is my first RPF… I hope I have kept it as respectful and true-to-character as possible. Please give feedback - I love to hear what you think.

You stood outside Rob’s room door hesitating. In each hand you held a cardboard take-out cup full of hot cocoa and the warmth seeped through the corrugated sleeves into the skin of your palms.

You stared at the door.
Your first thought was ‘how the fuck am I gonna knock?’
Your second thought was 'What if I’ve misread this entire thing?’

You would obsessively re-check your phone for the message exchange, but you had no free hand to do so.

What had he said?

You sat down on the floor against the wall and carefully placed the cups down to get out your phone.

'I’m pretty tired. Think I’m just gonna chill with a movie.’

'Sounds like a good plan, I might do the same,’ you had said.

'Anyone who happened to stop by with cocoa would be a hero 😉’ he had added.

The wink face was what got you. That was definitely an invitation, right? Or at least an indication that you showing up in your pyjamas would be happily received.


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Say You Won’t Let Go

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Based off of James Arthur’s song “Say You Won’t Let Go”.

A/N: This song gave me huge Bucky feels when I first listened to it. So here you go. Also, this is pretty lengthy, so bear with me.

Warning: mentions of depression

Your best friend, Bucky, well…he was in a dark place. Now that’s not uncommon for college students. Statistics show that it’s very common for young adults ranging from 18 to 25 to fall into a depression. Bucky was one of those young adults. 

He felt like he wasn’t good enough. He was struggling to get by, academically and financially. He started to lack motivation in going to classes and getting out of bed. He just wanted to sleep the days away. 

But you were having none of it. During some of his darkest days, you were there to light him up. Although it didn’t really make the depression go away, it made him forget the pain with the constant temporary moments of happiness.

You came bursting into his apartment, “Luuuucyyy, I’m hoooome!” You announced. You dropped your bag and keys onto a nearby table and listened for any sign of Bucky. He was probably in his room. So you briskly walked over there and cautiously opened the door. Bucky was sprawled out on his bed staring at the ceiling. You ran over to him and plopped your entire being onto his stomach.

“Oomf! Whyyyy?” Bucky whined.

“Happy birthday, you dork.”

Bucky sighed and mumbled, “Thanks.”

You climbed off him and made your way to his closet looking through his clothes, “Let’s get you dressed. I have plans for you.”

Bucky groaned, “Can’t we just stay here and watch tv or something?”

You scoffed, “Psh. No. We’re going out.” You picked out a white t-shirt, black jeans, and Bucky’s favorite black leather jacket. You threw them at him, “Get ready. We’re leaving in ten.”

“Ugh. Fine.”

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Hi!!! First of all, good luck with the blog!! You're very brave starting a blog like this :) Can I request the first time for Todoroki and his female s/o?? (You can do whatever you want; headcanons or scenario, i don't mind ;3) Thank you so much~~

Hiii! :D Thank you, you’re very sweet! I hope I can manage this blog well! I’ll go with a scenario for this request - the more NSFW stuff is under the cut! It’s uh, actually quite long. I will probably not write NSFW posts this long anymore, but I got carried away with this! Thanks for your support! - Admin Soleil

It started with an embrace from behind, Todoroki nuzzling his nose against the crook of your neck. Nothing unusual - at this point in your relationship, you’d gotten to the point where the taller boy initiated such affection.

“Mm,” you hummed softly at your boyfriend’s embrace, “Is something wrong?” Though it wasn’t unusual for Shouto to behave like this around you, it happened more frequently when he was upset. Tough days with his father, especially, caused him to seek out your comfort.

“No,” he murmured, his breath tickling your skin, “…I just missed you.”

You smiled at his confession and at its honest, pure simplicity. It was nice to just be missed like that. “I missed you, too.” You pulled away an inch, just so that you could turn around and face him in the embrace, arms around his neck. You leaned up to press your lips against his, eliciting a gentle response from him. He kissed you again, but it was you who deepened the kiss. He let you, and the way his hold tightened around your waist told you he was enjoying himself.

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EXO (OT12) react to love at first sight

Xuimin: You would run into him at his secret coffee shop. The place where he comes to relax from his stressful life.  You walked up to the countered and ordered the same coffee as him. You sat at the edge of the bar. “You have exquisite taste in coffee” he commented. You flashed a small smile and the rest was history as they say. 

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Luhan: Backstage is where he first catches your gaze. In the chaos, you stood calm and poised. You gracefully commanded his attention. His manager told him he had a brief interview before the show. However, he hadn’t expected you to be so captivating. It clouded his thoughts and made it difficult to focus. 

“You sold out this arena. As a fan, I am proud. Thank you for agreeing to this interview.” He paused before responding.

“No, thank you. It has been a delight. I would love to do this again.”

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Kris: It was an early morning film shoot for him. He walked up to the chair tired and fatigued from the night. There you were pleasant smile and aura. The care you placed while expertly placing makeup on his face. He couldn’t help but crack a smile. Once complete, You looked back and admired your work as he admired you. He was already thinking about how beautiful you look wrapped around his arms. 

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Suho: Another SM mandated event. Suho was beginning to grow tired of these forced networking events. People just sucking up just to get on top. When you introduced yourself, he felt something different. You spoke of your modeling experiences and how excited you were for this opportunity. He hadn’t met someone like you. Many gorgeous individuals come here every day but not many with an intellectual mind to match. He made sure vouch for you for the new video as the main female protagonist. Just to ensure he would see you again and gain more courage to ask you on a date 

“Y/N would be a great addition to our new music video. She fits the concept and has the talent needed to add that extra magic to the video.”

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Lay: If there was one thing everyone knew about Yixing, he was disorganized. SM made he get a personal assistant after being late to 3 events int he past week. He wasn’t exactly pleased with the idea. You quickly changed his mind with your introduction.

“Hello, Mr. Zhang, My name is Y/N. I will be your new assistant. I have gotten your coffee along wth a special homemade treat. You have approximately 30 minutes before we need to go to the radio station for a brief interview. The following events for the day have been shared to your email. The ride should be here in approximately 40 minutes.“

He had a second to realize how professional you carried yourself. He noticed how you spoke in a firm but gentle tone. He complained at first, but now he was going to thank Suho for finding a perfect match for him.

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BaekHyun: Laughter and smiles can only hide so much. Today he needed someone to pick him up. You were training as a new vocal coach. You accidentally walked in on him. He was sniffling. You didn’t want to overstep your boundaries. However, you couldn’t just leave him like this.

"You have a fantastic voice. Believe in your talent and you will hit that note.”

He smiled at your comment. After the session was over, he treated you to bubble tea. It was the start of the beautiful relationship.

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Chen: During his free time, Chen enjoyed dabbling as a radio personality. He arrived a little early today. You were interviewing a new rookie group. Your quick wit and humor impressed him. The jokes you had were hilarious. The rookie group became comfortable with you. He even chuckled a few times. During the break, He stopped in gave his compliments. 

“You are doing great. Stop by my interview at 1 PM. I’d love to have you join in today as a special co-host” He smoothly said sliding his number on a piece of paper. You grabbed it and smiled. He knew he needed someone with your wit around.

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Chanyeol: Chanyeol is a musical genius, not a technological one. When his music engineering equipment broke, he nearly had a meltdown.You stood behind the counter and took the laptop. Distress was written across his face. You welcomed him with a bright smile. After about 40 minutes, You switch out one minor part. The laptop came back to life. He fell in love.

“You should be careful about overheating. Our system could potentially lose your work.  No need to worry.” You said with a warm smile.“ I suggest you invest in a laptop fan. Install the upgrade. It backs up everything to the cloud.” You calmed his worries. During a distressful time, you brought a smile to his face. He watched in awe thinking about matching couple outfits already.

“(Y/N), you were such a delight. If you aren’t busy, I’d love to hang out with you.” You flipped the receipt over and saw his number. You wrote your number on his copy. The rest was history as they say.

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Kyungsoo: As the cooking mastermind, He enjoyed trying new cuisine from all across Seoul. He had heard a lot of buzz about your pastry shop. He strolled up to the counter and asked you what you recommend. You gave him his signature treat. From his reaction, You could tell he loved it. What you could not see is that he loved you. Kyungsoo went back to that pastry shop every chance he could to see you. Every day he would practice how he would eventually ask you on a date. 

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Tao: You were an up and coming designer working in China. Your client today was Tao. You stressed every single detail. Tao had to maintain his look. The outfit was presented to him. He fell in love with it. It was his style. After the shoot, He had to meet you. You were working in the back. Your mind focused on the next outfit. 

“The clothes were amazing. You have a good eye for fashion. I will be reaching out to you again. We’re going for hotpot. Come it’s on me." 

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Kai: You were given a chance to pitch your choreography for the new EXO video to Kai. He watched as your body moved to the music. The way you flowed. The way you embodied the feel of the song. Kai was beyond impressed. You deathly glance made him fall in love.He gave a standing ovation at the end. 

“You were amazing. I’m going to vote for your choreography for the song. Let’s get ice cream. It’s my treat.”

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Sehun: Saturday evenings were always busy at the shop. It was never like this. The parade had increased the amount of foot traffic to the store creating long lines. Despite, the bad attitudes from the wait. You remained your composure. You put the same attention and detail to each drink. Sehun caught a glance at his bubble tea princess. The drink that the perfect balance of ingredients. The pearls weren’t too cold. The initial sip was the most satisfying. Sehun came back the next day to properly introduce himself to the person who stole his heart with one drink.

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The first reaction is done. Hope you all enjoyed it -XOXO Admin YOLO

Hidden Rooms - Part 2

Part 1 

Jughead has followed a mysterious new girl to a room that provides students with escape. He starts to learn more about the girl to only find himself infatuated with her.

Jughead x Reader

Word Count: 2,578


Taglist: @sgarrett49

It was the final bell and I was off to my locker. As I turned a corner, there she was again. She was leaned up against the wall of lockers and upon seeing me, perked up from her position.

“You knew where my locker was?”, I gave an eyebrow.

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Bill Cipher x Reader Oneshot XD

Gravity Falls One-Shot????

AUTHOR’S BABBLES: HEY THERE! The reason I put the question marks behind the title is because I WILL continue this story if you want me to, so, it technically wouldn’t be a one-shot. I don’t know where I would go with this story after this “chapter” though, so if you want me to continue it, you dudes will have to give me some ideas. PM me some ideas for new chapters if you want me to continue this. Of course, I might just make this into a book of one-shots. So, I hope you enjoy this chapter I put together. Also, Bill’s personality is sweeter than it is usually in most fanfics. He’s still cocky, though. LOL Now, without further a due, Human!Bill Cipher x Reader x Dipper (theres a little bit of x Dipper in here) and enjoy the “Love Triangles” in this story (AHAHAHA see what i did there? I AM HILARIOUSSS!) NOTE: This was just for fun  and it was inspired by other fanfics, so don’t accuse me of stealing ideas. Also, this story is only for girls to read. Sorry..

((….)) = Author’s In-Story Babbles

Italics = you thinking

Bold Italics = Bill’s voice in your mind

(….) = Extra Thought

(Y/N) = Your Name

(F/F) = Favorite Food

(E/C) = Eye Color

(H/C) = Hair Color

(H/L) = Hair Length

POV = Point Of View

*Bold* = Transition

*Third Person POV*

You stepped out of the car and inhaled the crisp autumn air of Gravity Falls. It had been two years since you had been here, and you were thrilled to have come back. You ran up the porch steps and to the front door with your suitcase in tow behind you. Before you could knock, the door opened and you were tackled by a boy and girl about your age. “(Y/N)!” Mabel screamed excitedly. Mabel was hugging you tightly around the waist and Dipper was hugging around your shoulders.

You made you way inside and up to the attic, greeting and hugging Stan, Wendy and Soos as you passed. Up in the attic, you found that a little cot had been set up for you against the wall on Dipper’s side of the attic. You dumped your suitcase onto your cot and unpacked the clothes you wanted to wear the rest of the day. You unpacked a yellow tank top with black lace trimming the bottom edge, dark gray skinny jeans, a black cardigan with elbow-length sleeves, and black flats.

“Ooh…why all the fancy clothes, (Y/N)?” Mabel smirked raising an eyebrow.

“Well, I have a little, uh, date later.” You admitted, smirking a little yourself. It wasn’t a planned date, but you knew he was going to show up.

“Oh, gotcha,” Mabel grinned and gave a double wink.

Dipper sat on his bed and watched you. You admittedly felt a little guilty for confessing you had a date in front of him, because you know he used to have a crush on you. A sad look flashed across his face before he noticed you were watching him. He turned away and blushed a bit.

You retreated to the bathroom to change your clothes. You headed back up into the attic. “How do I look?” You said doing a little spin. Mabel gasped, and ran up to hug you excitedly. “You look AMAZING!” She exclaimed, jumping up and down with excitement. “Now we gotta do your hair and makeup,” She said, putting her hands on her hips. You laughed and turned around to face Dipper, deciding you needed a guy’s opinion on your apparel.

“Hey, Dipper, how do I look?” You said reenacting your small spin. His eyes went wide as he looked at you. A light dusting of pink pricked his cheeks as he said, “Y-you look beautiful, (Y/N),” You giggled at the heartfelt, if not somewhat forced compliment. An awkward silence crept into the room.

“KIDS! Time for dinner!” You heard Stan yell from downstairs. You glanced at Dipper who looked relieved.

*Le Wild Time Skip Appears*

After dinner you went back up to the attic and let Mabel do you up for your date. She put your hair in a styled up-do and put light brown eyeshadow on your eyelids. She put a light dusting of tan foundation on your face and neck and dusted your cheeks with pinkish-orange blush. She put on the finishing touches by putting a small amount of mascara on you and touching up your lips with natural color lipstick. You looked in the mirror. Her work was flawless.

By the time you got done with your makeover, it was 7:45. You figured you should probably get going. You grabbed some dangly golden earrings from your suitcase and hastily put them on. You started down the stairs and out the front door. Mabel stopped you and put a delicate gold chain around your neck. The silver heart pendant rested just above your collarbone. It was beautiful. You thanked Mabel as she hugged you and gave you a wink. “Be careful with that guy.” she said smirking from the doorway.

Butterflies fluttered around in your stomach as you made your way to a clearing in the woods that you had claimed as your own a few years ago.

You hadn’t seen him in two years. Was this going to end up awkwardly? You carefully twisted around roots and trees and eventually walked into the clearing. You checked your phone to see the time and the screen flashed 8:02. The sun had already gone down and the moon above you shone down brightly, making the necklace Mabel had given you glint with every movement you made. You stared up at the stars in wonder. In the city there weren’t nearly as many visible as there were tonight.

You crossed over to the opposite end of the clearing and sat down beside a small stream. You laid back on a rock and listened to the sounds of the water rushing over the stones and small logs that made up the stream bed.

*Your POV*

Suddenly, I felt a warm presence beside me. I looked over to see the same golden blonde hair, yellow suit, bowtie, top hat and black slacks that he had had two years ago. He hadn’t changed at all. He looked over at me with a smirk. “Missed me, did ya (Y/N)?” He moved his hand down to grab mine. He intertwined our fingers and said sweetly, “I missed you.”

He sat up pulling me along with him. He picked me up bridal style and sat down on a nearby log. He positioned me so I was sitting on his lap with my legs wrapped around his waist. He looked at my face, studying it. “You haven’t changed at all,” he said with a cute grin. “Really?” I asked, puzzled. “I thought I would have changed so much. I was actually worried what seeing you again would be like because of how much I thought I had changed.” I said quickly and blushed. “Nope,” He chuckled and planted a kiss on my forehead. “You’re still my favorite little (Y/N). Everything’s the same. I mean, your body’s developed a bit more,” he said with a wide smirk. I blushed even harder. “But other than that you’re still the same.”

He brushed some stray hair out of my eyes and I laid my head against his chest. He kissed the top of my head and wrapped his arms behind my back. He started rocking backwards and forwards as if I were a little girl who was having trouble sleeping.

He took his hands away from my back and put one under my chin to let me look at him. “What time are your folks expecting you to be back?” He inquired. “I need to be back before 11:00.” I replied. He brightened up even more (if that was even possible). “Good,” he said with a wide grin. “We’ll have time to go do some of the things we used to do.”

He picked me up off of him and set me on the ground. He intertwined his fingers with mine again as we started walking. “Where do you wanna go, cupcake?” ((Yes, yes. it’s all true. I did take this nickname from another fanfic XD)) Wow. I forgot he used to call me that. I thought. Suddenly a voice came on in my head, Really? You forgot? Haha that was like my one and only nickname for you. The voice sounded as if it was mocking being emotionally stabbed in the back. I mentally face palmed. I also somehow forgot you could read my mind…

“Well, I asked you a question, cupcake. Where do you wanna go first?” He said out loud as he squeezed my hand. I immediately responded with, “The amusement park!” He laughed out loud. “You’re adorable.” He raised my hand up and kissed it. “Aw, c’mon. I’m not adorable,” I said, “You’re the one who’s adorable.” I poked at his stomach with my free hand. “Awww.. That wasn’t fairrr,” He said mocking tears. “Could we please just go to the amusement park?” I asked, putting on a pouty face. He straightened up and put a finger under my chin. “Now no need for that.” He said tapping my nose. I giggled. “Let’s just go…” I said with a smile. He picked me off of the ground and into his arms bridal style again. “Anything for you, babe.”

With that we were teleported to the amusement park. There were neon lights everywhere and in the distance I could see the ferris wheel. It was beautiful here. All the lights and the smell of various foods. The people all around were talking and laughing and there was carnival music coming from in the direction Merry-Go-Round. This kind of place just gave me a sense of being a little kid again. ((sorry for lack of good description here. i’ve never actually been to an amusement park like this at night so i didn’t have many foresights of how it would look and feel.))

Bill materialized twenty dollars and bought us tickets in. Once we were in, it was my turn to drag him places. I grabbed his hand and dragged him to a place that sold (F/F). We bought two orders of (F/F) and went to check out more rides and attractions for a little while. Bill stopped at one ride and just stood there and stared for a minute. It was a drop ride. ((Like Tower of Terror at Disneyland)) Bill grabbed my hand and started pulling me towards the front gate of the ride. There is NO way I’m going on that. I thought as I tried to pull away from Bill’s grip. He turned around and playfully tugged at some of my hair. “C’mon, It’ll be funnnn.” Bill said as he tugged me slowly toward the ride. Eventually I gave in and just resorted to my plan that when the ride started up, I would just hold on to Bill’s arm. We gave the ride operator two tickets and he opened the gate for us. Bill sat us on the side of the ride from which we could see the most of the park. He helped me into my seat and then proceeded to take his. He lowered the lap bar over us and the other ride operator came around to make sure all of the bars were locked down. He flashed a thumbs up to the operator at the gate who gave him a small thumbs up in return. It looked as if he pressed some buttons and then the ride started rumbling. My feet were picked up off the ground and we went higher and higher. I reached for Bill’s hand. He chuckled and let me hold onto him. I looked up and saw we were nearing the top of the ride. We traveled up a couple more feet before I heard a click. All of the sudden we were being dropped through the air. I felt weightless. It was a feeling that I adored and dreaded at the same time. I buried my face in Bill’s sleeve. I felt his other hand come and rest on the back of my head to comfort me. He was screaming though. Screaming in delight. He loved thrill rides thats for sure. We landed slowly at the bottom of the ride and then before I knew it we were being shot up through the atmosphere again.

After a few more of this cycle of raising and dropping us, the ride was over. Bill unfastened our safety bar and helped me down from my seat. My feet touched the ground and I wobbled, falling into Bill. “Whoa, whoa. It’s ok,” The tone of his voice made it obvious that he was smirking. I looked up at him to see that his hair was all messed up from the ride. It was adorable when his hair was messed up. I assumed mine was messed up too. He let me lean on him as we walked out through the gate. We stopped at a food vendor and Bill bought us some cotton candy. We sat down on a bench and he put his arm around my waist. I laid on his shoulder and we slowly ate the cotton candy. I looked at my phone to check the time. The screen flashed the numbers 10:37 at me. I nudged Bill.

“Yeah, cupcake?” He said. I showed him the screen and a small frown came to his face. he sighed and pulled me closer to him. “I don’t want this night to end,” he said. His face lit up all the sudden. “Wait! There’s still one more place we’ve gotta go before I take you home.” He squeezed me to his side before taking my hand and pulling us up off the bench. He threw away the cotton candy stick away and led me in another direction. “Close your eyes, babe,” Bill said in my ear. His breath was tickling my neck as he spoke. I did as I was told and closed my eyes. What came after that was unexpected. After my eyes were closed, he grabbed my shoulders and spun me around. “Ahhhh! Bill!” I said starting to open my eyes. “Nope! keep ‘em closed, Cupcake.” I closed my eyes again and he stopped spinning me. “What was that even about?” I asked, giggling a little. “I had to get you disorientated so you wouldn’t know where we’re going.” He said and laughed. He took my hand and intertwined our fingers. The other hand traveled to my back as he led me to our last ride of the night.

“Alright you can open your eyes now.” He said after a few minutes, and squeezed my hand. I opened my eyes to find that we were standing in front of the ferris wheel. ((ah, yes. the good old ferris wheel, where every romance story eventually ends up. sorry if this was too predictable… XD)) I stared up at it. From the other end of the park, it looked small, but from here, it towered in front of me. Bill gave the ride operator two tickets and we took our seats. The lap bar closed on us automatically and we were hoisted up into the sky as other riders got on.

*Bill’s POV*

I put my arm around (Y/N) as we were slowly brought into the air. Our legs dangled loosely off the edge of the seat and (Y/N) kicked hers playfully. I moved my arm so it was around her waist and leaned over to kiss her cheek. She blushed at this and I smirked. “You’re so cute when you blush,” I said lifting up her chin. This made her blush more and I chuckled. Soon we were at the top of the ferris wheel. “I brought you up here because this ferris wheel was where we ended our first date too. Remember?” I asked. She smiled and nodded her head. I leaned my forehead against hers and laughed a little. “You remember that but you don’t remember that I used to call you ‘Cupcake’? Come on!” I laughed, throwing my head back before letting it come to rest on her forehead again. I squeezed her to my side and she laid her head on my arm.

I put my hands on either side of her face and looked into her (E/C) eyes. She stared back into mine. ((sorry I’m making it so he has two eyes. deal with it. XD)) I caressed her cheek with my thumb. I could feel myself blushing lightly. I leaned forward and kissed her cheek and let my kisses trail down until I was pecking along her jaw. I let my fingers run through her (H/L) (H/C) hair (Her up-do had come out on the drop ride). She wrapped her arms around my neck and brought me closer. I nuzzled her neck with my nose, making her giggle and pull back a little. I smirked and continued, making her giggle more. “Agh! Bill! That tickles, stop it!” she said in between laughs.

*Your POV*

Bill stopped nuzzling my neck and snapped his fingers. The color slowly drained from everything and everyone except us. I gave him a questioning look. “What?” He asked, “Now we can stay up here as long as we want.” he smirked and pulled me closer again. He did have a point. In the Dreamscape, there was no time. We could stay out here as long as we wanted. Still, I thought it would be dishonest. “Yes, but not as long as you want.” I replied smirking at the pouty face that Bill made in response to what I said. “Aww, why not??” He asked while giving me puppy eyes. “Hey,” I said, “I never said that we couldn’t stay out a little later,” Bill brightened up. “But..” He narrowed his eyes. “We’ve gotta stay at the ferris wheel.” I finished. He gave me an ‘are you serious?’ look and rolled his eyes. “Party-pooper..” He said playfully under his breath. I laughed at his childlike attitude. He reached up and tugged at some of my hair, forcing me to come closer. I smirked and pulled at some of his hair also, forcing him to come even closer. Our faces were mere inches from each other.

*Bill’s POV*

It had been so long since I had been this close to (Y/N). This human body and the hormones weren’t helping much with my newfound anxiety. My breathing was becoming slightly shaky, and so was the rest of my body. My eyes kept darting over her face. I looked at her eyes then her cheeks and her forehead, her hair. Then finally my eyes started darting to her lips every so often. I think (Y/N) noticed a few times because she started blushing. I wanted to kiss her, but I didn’t know if she wanted me to kiss her. My hands went behind her back and I clung to her and I made the move.

I leaned in and my lips brushed against hers. She wrapped her arms around my neck and that was my signal. I closed the tiny gap in between our mouths and pressed up against her. My hands traveled up into her hair and she kept her lips pressed on mine.

*Your POV*

He was kissing me. I ran my fingers through his golden hair and he ran his hands through mine as we shared that embrace. I marveled at how much I had missed this. Two years without Bill was too much. I savored this moment as his lips moved slowly and smoothly against mine. Bill kept pulling me closer. He bit my lip slightly as he moved his hands to my waist again. I would need air soon. I pressed my lips up against his one more time before we both came up for air.

He leaned his forehead on mine and we both sat there and breathed deeply. I could hear the shakiness of his breathing and chuckled a little to myself. He looked into my eyes and smiled. Not a smirk, but a real genuine smile. He pecked me on the lips again before snapping his fingers. Color returned to the world and I leaned against Bill’s arm. He put his arm around my waist as our seat glided down to the ground once more.

We got off the ride and walked down to the other end of the park hand in hand. I checked my phone and the display flashed 10:54. “Bill, I’ve gotta get home now.” I said as I squeezed his hand. He looked at the phone and picked me up, carrying me bridal style out of the park. He transported us to the edge of the forest outside The Mystery Shack.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, right cupcake?” He asked. “Yeah,” I replied. “I should be available.” I smirked at him. With that he leaned down and pressed his lips against mine again. He pulled away and whispered, “Bye, babe.” and then he was gone.

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I Am Afraid of the Light

@catchthespade here’s my little gift to you as a celebration of the end of finals and for being my salt bae. So of course I’m giving you Eisuke angst to tickle your heart :’)

Author Notes: This is a songfic (surprise!) and the song is ‘You Know What I Mean’ by The Cults. You can listen to it here. Ironically  this fan-made video for this song was the inspiration behind it.

Genre: Angst

I, I can’t take things slowly
Come let away - that’s what they all do
Help me
‘cause I’m feeling shaky
Tell me what’s wrong with my brain
‘Cause I seem to have lost it

Underneath the soft-focus string lights, Eisuke smiled down at MC as they swayed rhythmically to the music. He found himself captivated by the sight of her delicate face illuminated in the warm glow. Eisuke found himself remembering their special moments that they shared together, getting lost in thought.

‘Cause I am afraid of the light
Yeah, you know what I mean
And I can’t sleep alone at night
Yeah, you know what I mean

“I don’t know what to do” Eisuke admitted, his shoulders slumping as he looked away. He had recently met with a business partner on expanding the Tres Spades, but a huge argument ensued. Eisuke mentally scolded himself for not being able to speak his mind and close the deal. He was sulking until he heard the soft thud of someone sitting next to him on the couch. Looking up, he met a pair of brown eyes full of passion.

“MC?” he asked, not masking his surprise. Her strong gaze quickly silenced him, however. He watched her ball her hands up into little fists and rest them on her knees.

“What do you mean you don’t know what to do?” she asked, her voice strong. Eisuke’s brow shot up in shock. “You need to stand up for what you know is right!”.

Eisuke an his large hand through his hair, a habit he picked up when he was anxious. He sighed and met the small woman’s gaze.

“I know-” he began, but was cut off.  

“So then do it! The Eisuke I know is strong and stubborn and a complete ass, but he always gets what he wants!” she shot back, clentching her hands even tighter. She met his eyes again, and Eisuke watched as the intensity fade from them. Almost as soon as it came, MC’s courage left her and she looked down at her hands. Slowly relaxing them, she cleared her throat.

“I’m sorry. It’s none of my business” she began, her voice impossibly small compared to just minutes before. “It’s just weird to see you like this”.

A strange feeling welled up inside Eisuke’s chest, one that he couldn’t quite pinpoint. Was it amusement? Pride? Embarassment?

No, he thought. This is happiness.

Eisuke stood up from his place on the couch and looked down at MC. Their eyes met and he gave her a rare – but genuine – smile.

“Thanks for the pep talk, woman” he murmured before walking out of the penthouse.

Lonely, that’s not quite my problem
I have all I need, haven’t quite lost it
I try
so hard to be happy
Cause something goes wrong once again

Sitting alone in his office, Eisuke poured himself another glass of wine as he flipped through a stack of papers. No, it wasn’t related to work or the auctions. 

Perhaps it should have been he thought. It would be easier than this 

Before him laid a small, yet vastly important stack of papers. It was all he had for information regarding his sister. All it was was her birth certificate and a few write-ups from Private Investigators Eisuke have hired over the years. There wasn’t much for him to sift through and he knew the paperwork by heart, so why did he do this week after week? Why did he do this to himself?

His thoughts were interrupted when he heard a soft knock on door. Sliding the papers off to the side of his desk, he called his guest in.

“You called me?” MC asked quietly, not wanting to disturb him. Eisuke had to keep himself from releasing a self-deprecating laugh. How pathetic he must look, sitting alone in the dark with a glass of wine. He wasn’t even sure why he called her there, but his hands were reaching for the pager before he could even process what was happening. Without saying a word, Eisuke motioned towards the coffee maker in the corner of the room. MC looked puzzled for a moment, noticing the wine glass.

“Alright” she said after a moment. She began the necessary preparations for the man’s coffee. Eisuke watched her back as she worked, and he felt his chest tighten. 

He was shaken from his thoughts at the sound of a coffee mug being gently placed on his desk. Eisuke looked up and found MC giving him a small smile. She smoothed down her apron and stood up straight.

“Don’t be up too late, okay?” she whispered. In an act of impulsivity, she reached out and gave his arm a slight squeeze. With another smile, MC slipped out of the room.

Eisuke could still feel her touch on his arm as he listened to the door close behind her.

Please, please come and save me
Tell me what’s wrong with my brain
Cause I seem to have lost it

The memories of these small moments left Eisuke with a storm of emotions raging inside of him. Bringing himself back to the present, Eisuke looked down once again and met her eyes, as he pulled MC closer. The music swelled behind them and Eisuke couldn’t help but scoff. 

They call this beautiful? As if this music could ever match her he thought without realizing it.

He gazed at her again, and a bright smile played across her lips. She squeezed the hand that enveloped her own as the song drew to a close. Eisuke couldn’t keep his eyes off of her, only to be brought back to reality by a tap on his shoulder.
Cause I am afraid of the light
Yeah, you know what I mean
And I can’t sleep alone at night
Yeah, you know what I mean

“I forget how good of a dancer you are sometimes, you know” Soryu said with a smirk. Eisuke forced a smile back at him and stepped away from the beautiful woman before him.

“One of us has to be the classy one” he said without an ounce of emotion. Eisuke watched as his best friend wrapped an arm around MC’s waist, pulling her close to his side. The sound of someone speaking into a mic made the three of them turn towards the venue’s stage.

“Ladies and gentleman” the Dragons member spoke into the mic. “Let’s hear it once again for Mr. and Mrs. Soryu Oh. Here’s to the Boss and his Princess!”. The room errupted into cheers and glasses clinking. Soryu laughed as he pulled MC off of the dance floor and towards the stage. Throughout the lively atmosphere, Eisuke had never felt so alone.

Eisuke realized that he finally figured it out. He straightened out his tie with a self-deprecating smile. He walked off the dance floor with only one thing on his mind.

I’m in love with you he thought.

Cause I am afraid of the light
Yeah, you know what I mean
Cause I can’t sleep alone at night
Yeah, you know what I mean