and the motherfucking brave

Clown fuckers are brave motherfuckers. Bowers gang fans all are quivering over what Henry or Patrick would do them but these clown fuckers will stare Pennywise right in the eyes and tell him exactly how they want it. #Respect

Neelix is honestly such a baffling character to me because here you have a character who for the majority of the show is either extremely annoying or downright uncomfortable to watch (I hate the fact that I have to live with the image of neelix having rough klingon sex). His only setting is «bride of chaotica» level of goofiness no matter what tone the episode or scene is otherwise going for. You have this character who spends 95% of his time on the show being irritatingly positive, but then you put him in a solo episode and allow him to deal with actual serious issues and the viewer is just left going ?I actually like neelix now?? Like youd think that his solo episodes would be absolutely painful but in fact theyre the only time he feels like an actual character with some sense of depth.

you know, when some people say “the two main characters of the show–” but hm… isn’t it three by now (not mentioning baby, of course)? cause… well… you liking it or not, there’s the angel… that was supposedly to stay for a few episodes (but got more and more)… and yes he dies a lot… but he always comes back? and its been what? 9 years? and he’s also sam’s friend? and dean’s best friend? and could have been charlie’s new adventure buddy (face it, i still cry about this almost friendship), and has a lot of baggage for a pretty amazing storyline if only the writers let him? the one that sacrificed himself many times and everything he once believed in for the people he now calls family? (winchester motto right there)… you know… the angel, leviathan, god, healer, human… who shares with dean a profound bond? and is sweet, kind, brave… a powerful warrior, a strategist, a resourceful motherfucker that can smite creatures in less than a second but also loves animals, nature, humanity? the one with the biggest heart, who should be treated with more respect.

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yo I still can't get over the last episode with deku snatching everyone's wigs with his full cowl can u supply us w/ more BAMF izuku? (not that he's not already a bamf 100% of the time)

Anonymous said: gimme pics of deku being the little badass motherfucker he is! ♡

he is a brave strong boy!!! i wanna be like him when i grow up

Okay so I’m rewatching season one, and I FINALLY realized where/why I started shipping Bellamy and Clarke. So I’m on 1.07, and Lincoln is being tortured and Clarke is trying to save Finn. So after realizing that finn has been poisoned, she goes to talk to Lincoln. Now, bell would have kept anybody else from coming up there but let Clarke up. When she’s explaining what’s happening, Bellamy looks at her with such respect and open ears. He sees her distressed and does everything possible to make her undistressed. He comforts her by putting his hand on her shoulder, and he even says Clarke doesn’t have to be there when he tortures Lincoln.

So um this is where I see a lot of chemistry. He respects the hell out of her and in this scene shows the lengths he’d go to get her what she needs.

Like legit after Clarke saved Atom in the woods, Bellamy went from “idc I’ll cut her wrist off see if I give a shit about that princess” to “get that motherfucking brave ass woman anything she needs”

let's talk about the characters in LOTR named their children

Pippin: Faramir (aww)

Samwise: Frodo (AWW), Elanor (after an elvish flower, cause she was as beautiful as an elf)

Faramir and Eowyn: Elboron (????)

Aragorn: Eldarian (???)

Eomer: Elfwine (E L F W I N E)

okay so here’s what happened:

Eomer went to visit Legolas in Ithilien. They partied hard and got super crunk. Ten years later, he sits his kid down and says son, one day you’re gonna be the king of rohan. like, lord of all these motherfucking horses. You’re gonna need to be tough and brave. So I named you after the strongest thing I could think of.

Anyway all hail King Elfwine of Rohan.



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the cassini probe. twenty years ago, we shot that little fucker into space aimed just so, because we wanted data on saturn and its moons. in 2005, cassini dropped off the huygens lander, and that bastard helped us find out that there were lakes of liquid hydrocarbons on titan. as i am not a scientist, the greater implications of this are lost on me, but it sounds like a Big Fucking Deal.

anyway, cassini’s out of gas. from what i’ve heard, it’s got ten units of fuel left, plus or minus twenty units. point is, the tank’s empty. saturn and its neighborhood seem…gravitationally complex, so if cassini is left to drift there, it could end up coming down on one of saturn’s moons. some of these moons could have ecosystems on them, or semblances of ecosystems, so if something carrying microbes and shit from another ecosystem, like a probe built on and launched from earth, were to land there, it could fuck things up.

so to avoid this, nasa planned a hell of a swan song for cassini. this motherfucker has been threading the goddamn needle between saturn and its rings once a week since the fourth of december, 2016. it’s gonna keep this shit up until september of 2017, getting us the closest look at saturn’s outer ring that we’ve ever had. and then? the real coup de grace. cassini dives into saturn’s atmosphere and sends us as much data as it can until it burns up like a screaming, majestic fucking eagle.

in a few hundred years, when we’re sitting in shielded habitats on mars, mulling over glasses of vat-grown whiskey from ganymede, we’ll look back on 20th and 21st century space exploration, and we’ll remark on how primitive our methods and equipment were. and we’ll look at the pictures of clunky probes with solar panels like wings, and massive rockets that needed oceans of fuel to pull free of earth’s gravity, and we’ll chuckle a little. and then we’ll remember shit like cassini. like the daredevils and madmen we had to recruit to fly our first spacecraft, and to die in them. we’ll remember, then we’ll feel the little fires of pride in our chests, smile and say “goddamn, we were some brave, beautiful motherfuckers.”

Today, at work (based on true events)...

(I prob don’t need to say this if you follow me but, intense language ahead)

Me and best work friend: *working and chatting about GoT*

BWF: …I just really hate Sansa… she’s so stu-


HOLD UP HOLD UP HOLD UP. Incredulousness! Blasphemy! I’m shutting this shit down rn bish! You don’t ever disrespect my brave, gentle and strong motherfucking Stark queen! House Stark pledged, jonsa trash till I die!!!!!

BWF: dude it’s not that serious…

Me: oh it’s motherfucking serious as a heart attack now bro. We will real deal holyfield be tossing these motherfucking packages onto this motherfucking conveyor belt directly across from each other for the next 3 hours in straight-up glaring silence…like total silence, but I glare at you the whole time.

BWF: dude calm down I just think she’s so-


z-z-zip it up man I’m getting hot now

BWF: dude…

Me: zzzip it

Me and BWF: *silently tossing packages, thinking*

BWF: :::what a fucking crazy bitch this bitch is, I am def NOT coming over to watch GoT with this lunatic. And she wants to watch S6? Uhhh FTS:::

Me: :::jonsa…jonsa…‘that’s QUEEN fuckin Sansa to you bitch’…jonsa…dadvos…jonsa…‘shit that dude Ryan from Jamaica is mad hot and smells fucking terrific, how did I not notice this man for a whole year?‘…jonsa:::

Me and BWF: *silently tossing packages*

BWF: ask Ryan something so you can talk to him. Tell him he smells terrific.

Me: He does right?!? You *so* get me man. I love you so much rn😢

And that’s how it’s done, HEALTHY if ANGRY intershipping relationships y'all! Don’t be like Jon; use your words! Use them to just shut that shit down!😂 And represent House Stark, and the K&QITN, always.💕

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Snape was a great character. But he was an asshole. You're allowed to like Snape because he was good at being this mean person who's always bitter and stuff. But to excuse his actions? What the hell. He bullied Neville twice (actually WAY more than twice) but TWICE IS ENOUGH. He shouldn't even have bullied him ONCE. You're allowed to like him. And James. In the books and pottermore it is clearly explained that James turned out to be in fact a good guy. He grew up, Snape didn't.

Snape was a great character - I know. But he was an asshole - I know. I’m allowed to like Snape because he’s a petty, asshole, diva, drama queen, brave, motherfucking hero. I’m allowed to like Snape because his speeches are woop woop 👌. I’m allowed to like Snape because dayum boi his eyes “glitter” and as a fellow Snape fan said once “what eyeshadow was he wearing?” This badass ninja spy, mindreading, skinny ass, diva bitch. I love him. I mean I don’t need you to tell me why I should love him lol.

Excuse his actions? You mean when I try to point out people’s double standards? You mean when I point out other people’s stupidity? Like this bullshit about Neville being traumatized cos blah blah blah boggart? No offence but the most traumatizing thing that happened to me is NOT NOT NOT my worst fear. Something that didn’t even hurt me is my worst fear. Fear is irrational and the fact that these dumb arguments are even being perpetuated makes me roll my eyes.

Is it canon that Snape bullied Neville? Yeah. Is it canon that Neville is scared of Snape? Yeah. Is it canon that Neville was traumatized by Snape? If you understand real life and how fears work in real life, that’s not canon, it’s a headcanon.

My point is I only needed to see TWO or THREE scenes to realize that Snape bullied Neville consistently, because you know I don’t feel the need to try and make my fave better than what he was. Whereas some of y’all James stans see 2 scenes of the animosity between James and Snape and one scene where James chokes Snape with soap and reveals his underwear to the same school and then come at me with bs about how the 2 scenes don’t prove that James bullied Snape for years. Oh, they’re just 2 scenes, 2 scenes aren’t proof James bullied him for 5 years.  They’re just 2 scenes because Rowling didn’t have time to prove the bullying was over a period of years, just like how she didn’t have time to prove Snape bullying Neville was in every single potions class, despite their only being 2 or 3 scenes of it actually happening. But I know Snape bullied Neville consistently because I don’t the play the “dumb” act. I love my fave flaws and all. 

Kudos to James for growing up. He died a hero wandless for his family, and he obviously had some great qualities. That still doesn’t change the fact that his victim is still angry and TRAUMATIZED over what James did to him. That kind of trauma isn’t something that Snape can just “get over” without support. There weren’t any psychologists in the wizarding world to help Snape deal with what James did to him, and even if all James did was SWM, that’s more than enough reason for a person to be traumatized. James good acts do not erase his bad deeds, but on a more positive note, his bad deeds don’t erase his good deeds. 

The same applies to Snape any other character in any book or movie. 

Thanks anon for the ask 🙂

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There's a huge spider on Gabe's wall and he ends up calling Sam at 3 am to make him come over and kill it

I didn’t know I needed this till now. 

For all it’s worth, Gabriel Novak was one brave motherfucker. He squared off against bullies that towered over him because they picked on his little brother, and he’d helped a fellow prank master out when it went horribly wrong and Dean had ended up with glass in his arm. But as of right now, he was cowering in the corner of his bed because there was a giant spider on his bedroom wall, about the size of his hand. He was shivered, and trying not to just break down and cry because if there is ONE thing he is scared of… it’s spiders. 

He grabbed his phone, called Sam, his best friend, who lived two apartments down and thankfully had keys (the wall the spider was on was the wall near the door, meaning he was trapped by the bastard)

“It is three in the morning.” Sam said with a groan, answering the phone anyway. 
“Sam, please, you have to help me.” He begged, watching the arachnid. “Huge spider, my bedroom. Help.” He whimpered as it shifted a little, scuttling along. “Quickly.” He hung up, and burrowed himself down into the bedcovers, praying to the good and holy Lord for Sam Winchester to hurry up and get his fine ass over. 

Sam thankfully did, being very aware of Gabriel’s hatred for everything eight-legged. He crept into the bedroom with a glass and a scrap of paper, capturing the ‘beast’ as Gabriel would come to refer to it, and releasing it out of the window. 

  “Gabe, it’s gone.” He said with a smile, sitting on the end of Gabriel’s bed. He sat up, pulling the covers away from his head and rubbing his tearstained cheek. 
  “Thanks Sam.” Sam sighed at the sight of him and dragged him over for a tight hug. “And thank you for the hug.” He mumbled, the warmth and size of Sam making him feel sleepy. 
  “Would you like me to stay here so you can get to sleep?” He asked quietly, and Gabriel nodded. 

Waking up bathed in golden light and being the little spoon to Sam Winchester wasn’t a scary as he thought it would be, though gathering the courage up to roll over and kiss Sam was. 

Now Gabriel doesn’t need to phone Sam, he just has to poke his husband awake.

Okay so this is William B fuckin’ Travis. He was a prominent Texan during its revolution, he was a lawyer and a teacher, established a newspaper, and H O L Y F U C K L O O K A T H I M. Oh, he also is the guy famous for saying, “Victory or death”, then promptly dying.

In summary - william b travis was a 6’ tall motherfucker who was brave and smart and i love him.