and the most traumatizing

I don’t know about you, but I have a gigantic need for Mr. and Mrs. Pines, the parents of Dipper and Mabel, to be involved in the greater Pines family clan that’s developed through the events of summer 2012. Their kiddos have formed such close bonds with all these people- both great uncles, Soos, Wendy, McGucket, etc.- and I’d really hate for that to have to be a part of their life that they have to keep separate from their home life. 

In nearly every fic I’ve read the parents never get the full truth about what happened that summer, and…? I dunno, but that kind of seems sad? That forces Dipper and Mabel to have to keep an entire part of themselves a secret, and at this point I think that’s the last thing they need. The stuff with Bill was traumatizing and what they need most is a support system of people who know and can help them with any lasting emotional scars moving forward. 

The kiddos may have Stan and Ford, but… I really want them to have their parents on their team, too. 

I want Dipper to get a skype call from Stan and Ford out at sea, and for the whole family to hear and rush into the room with excitement. I want the kids and their parents to all eagerly listen to Ford’s newest cryptid story. 

I want Candy and Grenda and Pacifica to all come down and visit Mabel one weekend, and for Mabel’s parents to allow them to all spend the night.

I want Mr. and Mrs. Pines to give emotional support to their kids when they both wake up at one am with night terrors. I want them to be able to hug their children and reassure them that Bill’s gone; the two of them defeated him last summer, and they’ll never let him harm them again.

I want the entire family to drive up to Gravity Falls that next summer when the working parent has their sabbatical, and for the parents to be able to experience the weird, incredible place that’s captured their children’s hearts. I want them to be on friendly terms with Stan and Ford, and to meet Soos and Melody and Wendy and everyone else…

to sum: I yearn for more content where Dipper and Mabel tell their parents everything about their summer

“As a therapist, let me just say: almost every trauma survivor I’ve ever had has at some point said, ‘But I didn’t have it as bad as some people,’ and then talked about how other types of trauma are worse. Even my most-traumatized, most-abused, most psychologically-injured clients say this. The ones who were cheated on, abandoned, and neglected say this. The ones who were in dangerous accidents/disasters say this. The ones who were horrifyingly sexually abused say this. The ones who were brutally beaten say this. The ones who were psychologically tortured for decades say this. What does that tell you? That one of the typical side-effects of trauma is to make you believe that you are unworthy of care. Don’t buy into it, because it’s nonsense. It doesn’t matter if someone else had it 'worse.’ Every person who experiences a trauma deserves to get the attention and care they need to heal from it.” —hobbitsaarebas

People who slam doors and stomp their feet to show how much they want to physically hurt you shouldn’t be trusted


Some men are born to plow fields, some live to be great physicians, others to be great kings. Me? I was born to serve you, Arthur, and I’m proud of that, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

  • Lloyd: *Talking to Nya* I remember being "evil" remember when you turned evil from the Overlord and Garmadon.
  • Nya: *Talking to Wu* Remember when you turned evil from Pythor and the Overlord.
  • Wu: *Taking to Cole* Remember when you turned bad from the Hypnobrai.
  • Cole: Talking to Kai* Remember when you turned evil from Chen's staff.
  • Kai: *Talking to Jay* Remember when you almost killed us for talking with Nadackan.
  • Jay: *Talking to everybody* Okay I'm pretty sure we were all bad.
  • Zane: *Sitting with them like the little cinnamon roll he is* Speak for yourself all I do is sacrifice my self to save you, cook all of your food, figure out how the Techno Blades work, found Destiny's Bounty, save you from the Tree Horns after the most traumatic point in my life, but yeah everyone.
  • Cole: Someone's a little salty.

I shouldn’t have to say this, but if an “educational method” is not okay to use on neurotypical children, then it’s not okay to use on autistic children. You wouldn’t spray water (or hot sauce) on a neurotypical child for making mistakes in math, so why is it okay to do to autistic children in ABA? You wouldn’t take away a neurotypical’s child favorite toy for misspelling words, so why is it okay to do to autistic children? You wouldn’t hit neurotypical’s child hand for having bad handwriting, so why is it okay to do to autistic children?

Even if you are trying to teach autistic children useful skills like tying their shoelaces or interacting with other people (and not trying to make them less autistic by suppressing their perfectly natural autistic behaviors, like most ABA “therapists”), you still shouldn’t use abusive and traumatic methods! Using ABA methods to teach neurotypical children school material is abuse, and you know it. So is using ABA on autistic children. For any reason. Please remember about that.

Voltron/ML AU

Okay, okay, okay, so I got this ask and now I’ve been thinking about it while I read trashy fanfic, so here’s a more “official” idea of my Voltron/ML AU. 

RED LION - Goes to Marinette. Like Keith, she’s kind of the semi-leader, but is lacking in some leadership qualities (like in the canon show). While she’s very strategic and is willing to go to great lengths for the cause, she’s also rash and tends to be swayed by her emotions. Much like she struggled in ML with becoming a superhero, the temperamental red lion fits her as well, as it was the most difficult to obtain and the last to be acquired. Once she gets her lion, however, she forms a very deep bond and is the most competent in combat. Her backstory, however, isn’t nearly as traumatic as some, as she grew up fine with her mom and dad on Earth. This does make her sometimes unsympathetic to other’s issues and short-tempered when personal things hold her teammates back. 

GREEN LION - Adrien gets to be the Green Lion. He’s very bright and full of ideas, even if he doesn’t always know how to execute them. He learns quick, however, and soon becomes quite the technology junkie despite lacking a general education of such things. He’s also very soft-handed diplomatically and gets along with everyone, meaning he’s good to have on missions. He’s very protective of his teammates and uses any and all knowledge he gains to help the cause. He does have a bit of a sad backstory, however. He doesn’t know either of his parents and has spent a good majority of his life alone. Which makes him all the more protective of the little family he’s formed around Voltron. Still, his heritage haunts him and he wants desperately to know where he came from, which–combined with his curiosity–can lead to some messy situations. He also has a huge crush on Marinette, but she’s hyper-focused on the mission and barely notices, not that Adrien is trying really hard to make his feelings known XD

YELLOW LION - Alya, all the way. While she doesn’t have the inherent knack for figuring things out that Adrien does, she has the educational means of execution. Together, she and Adrien form quite the intimidating team. She’s very much interested in knowing how everything works and taking lots and lots of pictures. She’s also kind of the mom of the group, which is reflective of the Yellow Lion being the stability and support. She views everything rather unbiasedly and with a mature eye, though she will always take her friends’ sides and does tend to meddle a little deeper than she probably needs to (like in canon). She and Marinette were group-mates at their academy. 

BLUE LION - Chloe. She’s the first to get her lion as it’s the one found on earth and because the lion chose her–instead of being somewhat assigned later on–a few others are bitter over being stuck with her. She’s her normal, bitchy self–and fights constantly with Marinette–but learns to pull her weight once she realizes the dire straights they’re all in. She and Mari were rivals at the academy, which translates some to their working relationship (hence we have fire and ice). Still, they do begrudgingly learn to respect one another, especially after having to save one another’s lives a few different times. She does know Adrien, though she doesn’t reveal to anyone how and neither does he. They’re pretty friendly with one another. 

BLACK LION - Gabriel. Like Shiro, he was out in space when he was kidnapped and experimented on. While he is Adrien’s father, he doesn’t know it and isn’t exactly thrilled at having to take up the mantle of babysitter. Still, despite lacking in social etiquette, he’s led squads before and manages to keep everyone together. He can see the big picture and is a good rock for everyone because of his age and experience, even if few know how to approach him. While Chloe and Mari tend to argue over petty things, Gabriel and Marinette do fight over things that matter–mostly because Marinette is very much fueled by her morals and passions, while Gabe tends to try and eradicate all such things from his plans. He gets along particularly well with Adrien, despite his cold demeanor and unfortunate habit of being overly-critical with them all. Eventually, he’s kidnapped again by the Galra and the Black Lion will go to Nino. Though Nino will then pilot the Black Lion, Mari will basically be the leader. 

PRINCE NINO -  Altean prince. Very knowledgable, as expected, and is very good at keeping the peace. Pretty chill most of the time, much to some of the others’ chagrin, but he can and will take charge/put his foot down when it’s necessary. Pilots the castle and becomes very good friends with Adrien, who’s the least confrontational out of everyone. Bickers a lot with Alya, but mostly over trivial things. Not particularly fond of Gabe, but sees why he’s needed in the group. And while he does eventually pilot the black lion, and is good at keeping everyone steady, he’s not quite inspiring enough to lead, which is why Mari is the “head” despite being an arm (which is where her combat abilities are most suited to anyway). 

FU - He’s Coran, basically. Though he and Nino’s attitudes clash a little differently than Allura’s and Coran’s. Fu is quite serious and tends to get after Nino for being to easy about things. Though Fu has his own ridiculous moments as well, to be fair. Knows a lot about the lions and is always full of weird facts that tend to help the team at the most opportune time.

HAWKMOTH - Equivalent of Haggar and serves Zarkon. Is always coming up with plans and monsters to try and stop Voltron, but it never really works (sound familiar?) 

ZARKON - Mama Agreste–cuz ya’ll know I love me some Evil Mama Agreste. Aside from having been the previous pilot of the Black Lion, she and Gabe shared a short and fleeting past while he was captured, so that complicates matters more when she’s trying to steal the Black Lion from Gabe. She is Adrien’s mother, which does make Adrien of mixed-race, but she dropped him on earth because, well, she didn’t want him. Basically she’s evil and Hawkmoth is her henchman.    

PRINCESS LILA - Prince Lotor equivalent. Adrien’s half-sister and Mama Agreste’s heir (doesn’t matter that they look nothing alike–Lila is a full Galra. At least they both have green eyes). Hate’s Mama Agreste and just generally tends to complicate matters. She’s quite interested in having Prince Nino all to herself and develops a very antagonistic rivalry over they-know-not-what with Adrien. Until she learns who he is, at which point all she wants to do is murder him. However, her plan backfires and, eventually, Adrien ends up captured and his brain messed around with. He turns evil, basically, and becomes the obedient, powerful child Mama Agreste always wanted and never got with Lila–he goes by the infamous Chat Blanc (because of his armor monster) and brings terror on team Voltron for a while before they realize who he is. During this time, Lila is spurred to “switch sides.” Basically, she lies her way onto team Voltron for her own gain and for some reason the green lion accepts her (probably because it senses she’s related to Adrien). 

So, uh, yeah, that’s it. Go Voltron, woo. 

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  36. What I find attractive in girls.
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  43. The last thing I ate.
  44. Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately.
  45. A random fact about anything
Working with Sonequa is my favorite. I love it so much, and this goes for everybody on the show, but there’s something that Sonequa and I share that just gets me very excited to go to work. Everyone gives 130 percent. Everybody. Nobody shows up to work and half-asses it. But Sonequa and I, we have this chemistry and it shows, I think. We can trust each other, and we have fun with each other even in the most dramatic scenes. The most traumatizing scenes are still somehow fun. It’s therapeutic in a way and we can rely on each other, and we know that each other’s going to give the other one everything they need to get to the place where they need to get to.
—  Christian Serratos on working with Sonequa Martin-Green [x]

This isn’t the kind of thing I usually post, however a lot of people have been writing stories and fanfiction with characters who suffer with PTSD which is great! and with voltron and red vs blue and marvel and a bunch of other shows representing characters with the illness a lot more people are writing characters PTSD.  So here’s some facts about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder so everyone is better informed.

The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD is an anxiety disorder that develops after experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event, or after traumatic event has happened to a loved one. DSM V defines a traumatic event as exposure to actual or threatened death, serious injury, or sexual violence. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder is identified as the development of characteristic symptoms following exposure to a traumatic event. PTSD develops differently with every individual and there are many different symptoms that present themselves, however there are three main symptoms that are present in most cases of posttraumatic stress disorder.

1.    Re-experiencing the traumatic event. This can present in nightmares, upsetting memories, and flashbacks to the traumatic event.

2. Increased anxiety. This can lead to trouble sleeping, outbursts of anger, hypervigilance, difficulty concentrating and constantly feeling on edge.

3.    Avoiding reminders of the trauma. This can be avoiding activities or places that remind sufferer of the trauma, or it could present as the sufferer being unable to remember aspects of the traumatic event.

PTSD is associated with suicidal ideation and suicide attempts, though exact statistics are impossible to prove, it is believed that PTSD sufferers have a higher risk of suicidal ideation.

The biopsychosocial model or BPS is a way of describing how biological, psychological and social factors combine and interact to influence a person’s mental health. Biological factors involve physiologically based influences, such as our genetic structure, Psychological factors involve the processes involved in our mental processing such as our beliefs, emotions and ways of thinking. Social factors are the environmental effects surrounding the individual including our skills at interacting with others, the quality of our interpersonal relationships, and the type of support available from others when needed.

The biological factors in sufferers of posttraumatic stress disorder are few, however there is a higher chance of experiencing the disorder when family members have suffered from it, indication that there could be a genetic factor involved in the contracting of posttraumatic stress disorder.

The psychological factors such as a person’s ability to cope with stress have an influence on PTSD is greatly affected when someone is suffering from the disorder. If a person with low self-esteem is involved in a traumatic event where they are treated as worthless, they are more likely to suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder because of that event.

Social factors surrounding PTSD are the main cause of the disorder. A traumatic event is more likely to cause posttraumatic stress disorder if an individual in in an environment where they feel unsafe (e.g. war zone) The symptoms of PTSD are more likely to affect an individual when they are in an environment where there is a high exposure to stressors or risks of violence.

PTSD is caused by a traumatic event being experienced or witnessed, but many environmental factors perpetuate that fear that caused the first symptoms. One of the most common symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder is the removal of oneself from situations that remind them of the event or memories of the event.

There are any treatment options available for those suffering from PTSD, the most effective being talking therapy and animal assisted therapy

Abstract from an article posted on the 21st May 2016 summarises that animal assisted therapy has had significant results in PTSD sufferers. In one study of the effect of dogs with patients, psychologists noted an 82% reduction in symptoms.

Psychological treatment (talking therapy) is what people usually think of when people say therapy, it involves working through memories of the trauma, modifying unhelpful beliefs and thoughts, and gradual exposure to triggers which are being avoided. This has been found to be the most effective treatment for people suffering from PTSD

Antidepressant medication can also be effective for posttraumatic stress disorder and may be recommended if symptoms are not resolved using psychological treatment. they can reduce anxiety, fear, depression and anger and if there are no other options are useful to aiding those suffering from PTSD

There are many individual support networks for PTSD sufferers and their families; online chat rooms and groups who meet weekly or monthly are available all over the world to those who seek them out.

So there you go! 

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36: Where I would like to live
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40: Who wish I could be
41: Where I want to be right now
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But when you’re still in love with your ex, as I am now, all the new people you meet are stuck being compared not just with your ex, but with a romanticized version of your ex who is actually far better, smarter, and more attractive than they are in real life. It’s an unattainable standard. And you’re essentially a hypocrite: you’re completely emotionally unavailable, while also highly demanding of people’s attention. The combination is not so attractive.
—  Karley Sciortino 
OC Ask Meme /1

1) What is their one embarrassing secret favorite song?
2) What is one thing they do when they’re home alone?
3) Have they ever killed someone?
4) Describe their childhood in five words
5) What Pokemon would fit them as a partner the best?
6) Most traumatic experience?
7) Favorite smell?
8) Do they have any social media? What do they post there?
9) If they ever attended school, what were they like as a student?
10) Ever did any form of self harm?
11) Do they have a creative hobby?
12) How would they imagine hell if there was one?
13) How would they imagine heaven if there was one?
14) Where do they think would they go after their death, hell or heaven?
15) Thoughts on overweight, beauty standards and gender constructs?
16) Kinks, fetish, phantasies?
15) Songs that make them cry
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Imagine Your OTP: Movie Tears

Person A is the person that is always open with their emotions, almost too open. They wear their heart on their sleeve and that can get them into trouble. Person B is the more guarded person and learns to hide more of their emotions from their experiences. So on their 3rd or 2nd date, they are going to go see a movie. Little do they know that this movie has the most gut-wrenching, sob-worthy, traumatic ending ( cough Rogue One cough). So when the movie ends, A is down right sobbing but like trying to hide it from B because emotions and crying can scare people away. But then Person B asks A if they are crying and A responds with the most pitiful “No”. B grabs A’s hands so A has to look at B and B’s face looks like a waterfall there are so many tears.  B says to A “Really cuz I will feel awkward if I am sobbing alone in a theater, but it wouldn’t feel so bad if you were sharing this experience with me.” At this moment Person A realizes that Crap B is everything they want and how they need to protect this adorable precious person!!!!” And not to kiss and tell, but they can both confess that the occasional make out session can take the sting out of the depressing movies. 

  • What She Says: I'm Fine
  • What She Means: Stripped by Christina Aguilera is one of the most underrated albums of all time. She co-wrote and co-produced most of the songs and she sang about dealing with an abusive father from her childhood which is really hard and traumatic to sing about. Most of the songs were about self worth and confidence and being happy with yourself and she spread so many positive messages about the album. Also she sang about feminism and social issues in a time where feminism wasn't that popular. She also remained true to herself and the person she was despite the negativity she received and her label not approving of it and wanting her to be a typical pop artist. She defied social odds and sang about important and heartfelt shit.
Yoonbum is not going to turn into a deranged serial killer

I will be comparing an incident that happened with me and what Yoonbum did and why.

As someone who has PTSD from a traumatic time period of my life I have a faint memory of me torturing insects. I had been so emotionally numb and depressed that I, a person who can’t even eat meat before crying was torturing insects. I remember not feeling guilty and just mindlessly laughing. Nothing felt real.

I was disassociating.

To people who don’t know what disassociating is a defense mechanism that usually surfaces in PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) victims and can be most easiest explained as disconnecting emotionally.

Yoonbum was very much only acting as a triggered PTSD survivor.

He was disassociating. He had been cornered into a very stressing situation, he had been isolated for days by Sangwoo, he had his bad memories triggered by Jieun , basically his mind was at its highest alert and as a defense mechanism he started disassociating.

He stabbed Jieun on impulse as everything only started to make less and lesser sense, disassociating makes you feel like you’re not in your body, makes you wonder if you even exist and emotionally numbs you.

That’s why Yoonbum says
“Why don’t I feel remorse?”

But the effect of disassociating will eventually wear down and we won’t see a deranged Yoonbum, we’ll see a guilty, anxiety ridden, depressed Yoonbum.

Thank you Koogi, you seem to know what you are doing because I relate very well.