and the most to lose

  • Most of the comments I've seen: lily collins losing weight in to the bone is dangerous bc it gives off the impression that all ed suffers have to be that thin and underweight to be concerned sick
  • Me: not wrong at all. But it's also dangerous bc maybe just MAYBE she could have fucking relapsed and damaged her mental and physical health and recovery progress

Eid Mubarak 🌙  A few thoughts:

1) Today is the worlds largest, most celebrated cheat meal.
2) Don’t lose sight what you learned this month and stay progressing.
3) Keep the oppressed and marginalized in your thoughts and prayers.
4) Eat sparingly and don’t waste anything.
5) Let go of any grudges and anger you have inside you and start anew.

All the best to my Muslim fam. May Allah keep you happy and prosperous. Ameen 🌺😄

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Krav and taako having a Rose/Kan relationship where Kravitz is in Roses position, Except in this case Taako would be flirting more, and since Rose=tentacles so does krav, and the first time Taako sees this canon lines from TAZ comes true with taako opening their first convo saying "Hey thug what's your name im about to tentacle your dick." in the most humorous way possible causing Krav to completely lose it and start laughing his ass off at the lack of manners and weirdest introduction he's got

thyis is beautiful

fanfic tag thing

MORE TAGS!!! I was tagged (again) by @clotpolesonly (Damn dude you get tagged a lot) 

Your first fic: 

I’m not gonna link to it, but it’s still up. It was a Tidus/Yuna fic (FFX) because that game broke me and I needed closure. I wrote it when I was 14 years old and I didn’t even have a proper grasp on the English language, so it’s extremely shitty and just. no

Your most recent fic: 

My Sterek Reverse Bang fic!!!! It was written for this gorgeous artwork and it’s kinda dark and angsty but I loved writing it ^^ It’s just a shame no one’s reading it but I already expected that ‘cause, like I said, darkfic….

Your all-time favorite fic: 

This fic took over 7 months to write and it’s the longest thing I’ve written so far. I know it might sound stupid, but I pushed my boundaries with this fic, and I proved to myself I can write something longer than 10k words, which is quite the accomplishment for me. I love the plot, I love what I did with it, and I hope y’all like it too. 

Your most challenging fic: 

Probably the one I’m writing right now. It’s a Sterek/Dishonored fusion, and I’m halfway done writing it and it’s 16k right now. This fic is draining most of my energy but I’m really proud of it and I hope you will all like it, even though I already know no one will read it :p

Your most self-indulgent fic: 

These are both self-indulgent in very different ways (they’re also coincidentally my first Sterek fics lol). Hiding Place is self-indulgent because I happen to have a soft spot for angst-ish, pretentious fics where characters smoke and destroy themselves. I’m a terrible person, I know. Be My Oxygen is self-indulgent because it’s cute and fluffy and domestic and cuddles and pasta and showering and camping and just !!!! YES

Your favorite line you ever wrote: 

You grimace when you wonder if even the rain can’t help but fall for him.

That one’s probably my favorite line. In my previous fandom I wrote some ficlets in 2nd POV and had people make up their own interpretation, and it kinda became a thing. This is probably the favorite thing I thought up - like I said, I have a soft spot for angst-ish, pretentious fics :p

You were never meant to last.

This might not be my favorite line, but it is the most personal one I’ve ever written and it’s able to instantly make me cry to this day. I wrote this when me and my best friend were growing apart and I was crying and all I could think was ‘We were never meant to last’ 

Your current WIPS: 

If you’re interested in them, look here

Next fics: 

Same ones as the WIPs :p

I am taggiiiiing: @anamelesstraveler and @matildajones and @toppunks

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Your most likely using zbrush for characters and youre going t lose your mind at first cause that program is a trainwreck HOWEVER once you get the hang of the horendous controls its basically playdoh from kindergarten and you just sculpt all you want! So much fun

Yeah my friend actually gave me a run down of the controls and what to expect. She had the class before I did so she helped me out. So far I have a little hang of z-sphere, but I haven’t really messed with dynamesh yet. Zbrush crashed on me like 2 or 3 times while I was just practicing the new controls IFDSMDGMS ;;;;

I will admit I’m really super not fond of zbrushes confusing hellscape of a layout. But I’ll deal. Character modeling is something I really want to make career out of if I’m good at it. 

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I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful story "Of Hearts and Hollows". I'm really enjoying the fusion of two of my favorite fandoms, and... Strange as it may sound, I just - really wanted to thank you for having Kaiza lose most, if not all, of her power. In fusions, the sheer ambient power differential between fandoms, if not handled correctly, just GRATES on my nerves, and - well. Now Kaiza can be an equal to people, be more approachable, not a ridiculously overpowered badass.

Thank you for your comments, and I’m glad you enjoyed the story so much~

The same thing bothers me as well, which is entirely the reason why I had her sacrifice her powers. 

Bleach suffers from what I like to call “Toriyama syndrome” (the mangaka for Dragonball, and the most widely cited person to inspire other mangaka) where the story is only driven by the concept of “stronger stronger stronger” with really no end in sight, so you get these ridiculous battles of “hold on let me power up/show you my secret technique.”

This is a big Shonen anime trope and one that while One Piece does employ, it’s not so much on a grand scale or the entire driving force of the story. Having characters with so many different types of Devil Fruits and other powers makes each arc interesting and unique in their own way, sometimes even forcing the characters to get creative to defeat their opponents… Whereas in Bleach it’s literally “I just need to be stronger than you” for the entire manga. (And none of the villains have much of a unique quality… except for the Fullbringers power-wise, but nobody liked them anyway.)

Thus any crossover with Bleach or others like it, needs to have those characters nerfed, otherwise the story would be just one blast away from “I win at everything.”


With the full AU released, I realized I should probably split this blog into verses. Verse 1 will be my main verse for now while verses 2 and 3 will be available upon request.

Verse 1 — Pre Season 5; The Dark Paladin (Default verse) 

The Paladin still has Kuni in his care and spends his time developing good traits like empathy and caring about people other than himself. In general he’s still pretty arrogant, goofy and confident and he views himself as the good guy (or at least a guy who’s trying his best to be good.)

Verse 2 — Mid Season 5; The Fallen Hero

The most angsty verse. After losing Kuni, Aku no longer feels like the hero he set out to be. Instead, he feels like a failure and is driven to continue his quest by a sense of guilt rather than purpose. Because of this, he may seem more grouchy, distant and depressed. He struggles with feelings of giving up and may be caught arguing with an invisible self.

Verse 3 — Post Finale; God Paladin

Aku has completed the quest given to him by the gods and has entered an enlightened state of godhood. Now a being of Light, his powers have been fully restored (and then some) and he has transcended into the realm of gods. But that doesn’t stop him from visiting Earth regularly. He’s a powerful and protective force but he’s also gentle and demonstrates greater patience and kindness. Which is not to say he’s perfect. He’s still a bit of a grump (and a troll) sometimes, but he grumps and trolls out of love.

Ever since I cut dairy out of my diet (for the most part) I’ve been losing weight so much faster especially in my chest and I’m honestly so happy

when i’m in public i wear the same clothes every day. jacket, sensible pair of pants, slip-on shoes with no socks because i lose most of them under a drawer and don’t care enough to retrieve them. even when winter ends and it’s above 100 degrees every day i wear the jacket

i should stop doing that though because it’s a factor into why i only attract geeks irl

imagine being so confident in your shit policies that you call a snap election and pal around with donald trump, only to then blow a 24-point lead and lose your majority.

The most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of loving someone too much, and forgetting that you are special too.
—  Ernest Hemingway

Sara Lance + Vowing Not to Alter Time / Reality

Signs as inspirational quotes

Aries: “Take the risk or lose the chance.” 

Taurus: “One day or one day. You decide." 

 Gemini: “Don’t wait for everything to be perfect before you decide to enjoy your life.” 

Cancer: "Do what scares you until it doesn’t." 

Leo: "If you see something beautiful in someone, speak it." 

Virgo: "When you find good people keep them close." 

Libra: "People will stare. Make it worth their while." 

Scorpio: "You’re only given one little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.”

Sagittarius: “Go where you feel the most alive." 

Capricorn: “If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it.” 

Aquarius: “No one is you and that is your power.” 

Pisces: "The best project you’ll ever work on is you.”

i still hate octavian but there’s no denying that the man was an absolute savage like “antony again sent word to octavian challenging to fight him one-on-one. when octavian replied [he said] that there were many better ways for antony to kill himself” i’m surprised antony didn’t just die right then and there from that burn