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When you are sad, remember Sam Winchester’s laugh. Remember the way he refuses to give up on anyone. Remember the way he looks up to his big brother and would do anything to keep him safe and loved.

When you are lonely, remember Sam’s ferocious good will. Remember the way he sacrifices himself to keep others in the dark about what’s in the dark. Remember how he met Castiel and was a complete fangirl. Remember the times, over and over again, that Sam chose not to reveal his own suffering because other people had it worse. Remember the time he stood up for a kid being bullied, volunteered to take his place, and first tried to solve the situation without violence.

When you are scared, remember when Sam watched Dean die over a hundred times and viciously kept going until Dean was safe in his arms again. For good. Remember when he offered to say yes to Lucifer himself in order to fling himself and Lucifer both into the depths of Hell. Remember that he did this under the full belief that he would be stuck in the cage for eternity. Remember when he made Dean promise to live his life anyway. Remember when his fist unclenched, his pupils relaxed, and he took back control.

When you are hurting, remember Sam’s hugs. Remember the way he clutches desperately at Dean, holding tight to his rock, his safety, his comfort, his peace. Remember the way he melts into Dean’s arms, closing his eyes, lips soft and tugging at the corners, a quiet reveal of his joy.

When you are sad, Katie, remember Sammy. [source]

Elle. I have no words. This is beautiful, WOW. THANK YOU.