and the model was hilarious

arm wrestled dum-e today. does it count as arm wrestling when his whole body is an arm? or is it just wrestling then

steve drew me, and then tony added dum-e to the sketch. nice to see them getting along.

this is just before the table snapped under us. that red stuff is blood from the nosebleed i got, and that white is when dum-e decided that spraying me down with the fire extinguisher would help with the nosebleed

it did not.

You can get Bucky’s shirt on Redbubble!


Casting director Douglas Perrett of COACD released a book called “Wild Things” in which he unveiled Polaroid pictures from 2000 to 2010 of future models at their first castings and his first impression of them.

Miranda Kerr – First impression: “She would always do her castings with her blonde friend, another Aussie who would always get the job. She never booked the jobs.”

Chanel Iman – First impression: “Realized how young these kids are. She needed a hug that day.”

Arizona Muse – First impression: “Didn’t get at first; Her hair, her face.”

Elettra Wiedemann – First impression: “Meh.”

Candice Swanepoel – First impression: “Didn’t like her; Found her very Barbie-like.”

Hilary Rhoda – First impression: “Her first season, they begged her to do my shows. Too tall. She later did Balenciaga that season.”

Abbey Lee Kershaw – First impression: “They kept sending her over to hang out. I wasn’t sure why, neither was she.”

Daul Kim – First impression: “We just connected in a nerdy bloggy kind of way; lots of staring and grunting sounds.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley – First impression: “Upbeat character, she seemed to have her eye on the big picture.”

Liu Wen – First impression: “Professional, in and out. Class act.”



Just got this announcement from Hot Topic that YOI tees are available now! Finally, a way for fans in North America to get in on a piece of the action without having to import from Japan.

It’s hilarious that they even got the models to have Victor and Yuuri hairstyles for this promo.

Here’s hoping they’ll carry more than just T-shirts in the near future!


Chat Noir is approached by a lot of animal shelters to do ads and PSA’s about animals since he’s a cat.

Being the model he is and being the pure soul he is, volunteers instantly!

My favorite things about this is:

-Chat (Adrien) really enjoying modeling because he’s helping animals

-Chat on a hilariously embarrassing PSA of ‘Neuter your pets’ with a terrible slogan/pun and seductive pose

-Ladybug teasing him for the PSA

-Ladybug joins in on occasion for cute poses with animals, but it’s mostly Chat since he’s the animal superhero


-Other PSA’s: Check for fleas and ticks (Chat scratching head or LB checking him), Keep pets in for bad weather (Chat shivering or curled up in blankets with kittens), and there’s probably way more

-Chat Noir helping animals gives me life


hippo campus pictures as ads (thank u @ the bippo cambus gc for making me laugh at the idea of nathan as a model. and then this happened.)

featuring Levi’s (Go Forth campaign), Converse (Shoes Are Boring Wear Sneakers campaign), Urban Outfitters and Abercrombie & Fitch

don’t delete caption please!