and the miracle mask

Things Luke isn't allowed to tell his parents

That time they almost got run over by a ferris wheel

That time his consciousness almost got replaced by a dead girl’s

That time a guy dressed up as him and destroyed the city

The time Layton put him in a cage to test if it would be engulfed in flames or not

That time they all collectively tripped on hallucinogenic gas and thought they were being stalked by a vampire

That time when Layton opened up a box said to kill people with him in the room

The time he fell out of an airplane

The time Emmy held a knife to his neck

The time they all literally fucking died

Last specter

Layton: *appears*

Descole: What the hell is HE doing HERE?! Why does he know Triton?!?

Eternal diva

Layton: *appears*

Descole: Why does everybody know him?! Why is HE always involved in MY investigations?!?

Miracle Mask

Randall: By the way, apart from Henry there was another one, my best friend.


Randall: His name was Hersh-

Descole: *loud unintelligible screams*

Azran Legacy