and the miracle mask

Back to the Future (...again)

According to The World of PL, Dalston was based on Biff Tannen, the bully character from ‘Back to the Future’. 

Character designer Nagano said this is how he’d imagine ‘an intimidating and arrogant guy like Biff would be if he was super rich’. (They do have similar hair and an intimidating appearance, but we can all agree Dalston really is a jerk with a heart of gold.) 

If Dalston is Biff, you know who Marty is meant to be, right?

This hipster, right here, who also happens to be friends with an eccentric old guy with crazy hair?

Obviously, there’s Angela being the supportive girlfriend, and the awkwardness of Mrs. Ascot almost falling in love with her own son, but we’ll avoid that.