and the middle pic in the 3rd row

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Sorry to be a bother, but would you by chance have the full-size pic of the middle picture in the 3rd row on this post? It's so cute, and I don't remember seeing it anywhere before! post/161377620374/mypapawinchesteri-learned-a-long-time-ago-that

You’re not a bother, anon <3

this one?

Some of you guys might remember a certain post regarding the TV airing of Tokyo Mew Mew episode 24 HERE. While I haven’t found the actual video file for that episode, I did find more screencaps. My favorite TV rip pic is the expression the guy in the middle of the front row gives in the 3rd pair. He obviously doesn’t want to be there and hates what he sees XD.

Lately, people have been frustrated over some recent anime that have been doing this, saying that it’s just a ploy to sell more DVDs/Blu-rays. This is not the case. While budget is part of the reason, it’s usually time restraints that are to blame. Unlike western cartoons where a few new episodes are shown followed by reruns to give animators time to make new ones, new anime episodes have to be shown on TV on certain days, usually weekly, with no delays (not counting holidays and special programs) and no reruns (as soon as one show ends another takes its place the following week). So animators have to finish on time, even if it has to be rushed. Fixing animation later for home video release is something that’s been common practice, at least, for well over a decade now.