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Ronaldo is in trouble with the tax authority so Liberman, the argentine journalist that is chewed and spit out by his own country men and good friends with Ronaldo, has made up a lie that Leo’s foundation hid millions of euros. It is fake and hopefully Messi will sue that ******.

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Mark proposing

 - He needed multiple ( !!! ) tries

- He wants to make it perfect but everytime he wants to do it something happens. One time you two were at home having dinner when Pete showed up unannounced. Another time it had started to rain when he wanted to propose in a park. 

- After a while everyone knew except for you

- It became sort of an inside joke between the other guys. whenever Mark came to the locker room looking frustrated they knew he had tried and failed again. “What happened this time?” “Just ask her, mate!” 

- He ended up carrying the ring everywhere waiting for the right moment to just drop to one knee and ask you 

- One day you were just sitting on the couch with him, going through his old merch and watching a wrestling match. You had messy hair, no make up and were only wearing one of his shirts and he had never seen anything so beautiful in his life. 

- He couldn’t wait any longer and leaned in to whisper into your ear 

- “Marry me?” “Wait .. what?” “I said ‘marry me?’“ he looked at you with hopeful eyes. You just jumped into his arms and kissed him. “Yes.” you whispered against his lips. 

- A little while later: “oh fuck! I forgot the ring!” 


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Goodnight doodles ❤
Wolf!Cas and I-don’t-even-know!Dean
Aka when you are an Alpha of a tiny pack and all you want from life is good coffee and 8h of sleep, but you get a beautiful, extremely rude man instead.
Gods, why.

Stay for the night

So… I had this idea earlier today and I’ve been working on it since 3PM. I hope you guys enjoy it and please let me know what you think! Lots of love, B xx

The house is empty and silent, much different than when you first arrived and the last bottles of beer and wine have been tossed in the bin just outside of Harry’s kitchen. You’ve managed to tidy things up a bit, make the house less messy than when his drunk guests left almost half an hour ago and now, after washing your hands from the sticky remnants of beer that got all over them while you cleaned up, you can finally try and find him and bid your goodbyes.

When you do find him, he’s sitting on his couch, legs spread open and a hand resting on his tummy, his head tipped back and resting against the back of the couch, a frown on his forehead and his lips pressed in a tight line - if you didn’t know better, you’d say he’s fighting nausea but you know the truth. You know he’s just about to pass out and sleep for the rest of the night on his couch and the only thing he’s waiting for is for you to leave - he’s too much of a gentleman to let you just leave without saying goodbye.

Smiling, you stand between his legs, one knee resting on the small bit of the couch that’s available and you lean forward, hand reaching for the curls that fall across his forehead, your fingers pushing it back in a slow rub against his scalp and he hums in appreciation of the gesture.

“Everyone’s gone.” You inform him, thumb smoothing across the frown lines on his forehead and he relaxes under your touch, his face turning softer, his lips opening around a sigh of contentment. “I’ve cleaned up so you don’t have to do it tomorrow.”

“Didn’t have to.” He says and you can see his sleepy green eyes open to glare at you, but the effect of his intended angry stare is just a grumpy and pouty, too sleepy to look menacing stare. “‘M a grown man, can do my own cleaning.”

“Know you are…” You giggle, cupping his face in one of your hands and rubbing your thumb across his pouty lips. “Just wanted to help.”

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“It was a perfect night, one where everything went right, where I got everything I wanted. I scored two great goals against Real Madrid inside the Bernabeu, with the second coming in the last minute to win us the game. And then you have the fact it was my 500th goal for Barcelona, too!

I couldn’t have asked for anything more. If I had not scored, in that moment, we would have said goodbye to the league title. It was a goal that gave us the drive to carry on fighting to try to win the league. We deserved to win this match and it was an emotional night for all Barcelonistas.

When I saw Jordi Alba get the ball out wide, I knew where I needed to go as it was a movement that we practice. We know each other’s games so well and it wasn’t the first time we had done this. When Jordi gets in the final third of the field, I’ll always look to drop back near the edge of the penalty area, to collect the all and finish – and that’s exactly what we did here.

Luis Enrique was really complimentary after the game, saying that I was ‘the best player in history,’ but I should say it was his arrival that motivated us all to compete again. We were down as group but when he arrived at the Camp Nou he immediately lifted us to train and play at our best - he gave us all the will to be a great team again.”


Dipping Sauces for Ice Cream!