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Mystic Halloween Mash-up no.2 // Choi Saeran x Star Wars

“All I’ve ever known is darkness in my life, therefore I will side with it.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m really digging this Saeran and Star Wars mash-up. Like I totally see him siding with the dark side (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و.


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drunk texts:

  • ( ✉ → sms ) plea se eh elep me im drunk and i dotn know whe re i am
  • ( ✉ → sms ) i fukcing miss yo u
  • ( ✉ → sms ) i look so fuckigjn GOOD
  • ( ✉ → sms ) i csnst stop throwiging up
  • ( ✉ → sms ) fu ck you  for hurting me
  • ( ✉ → sms ) why dotn you ever call me anymore huh
  • ( ✉ → sms ) stop being so fuckigjn borign and coekm to my party
  • ( ✉ → sms ) i dropped my pzziza o nt eh floror im fuckgin pissed
  • ( ✉ → sms ) i j sut left you a 3 mintue long voicemail singing. sorry
  • ( ✉ → sms ) even when i’m durnk ic ant sotp thinking about oyu

hateful texts:

  • ( ✉ → sms ) you’re pathetic
  • ( ✉ → sms ) you make me miserable
  • ( ✉ → sms ) fuck you. delete my number.
  • ( ✉ → sms ) you never meant anything to me, anyway.
  • ( ✉ → sms ) fuck your apologies, you can keep them.
  • ( ✉ → sms ) congrats on always ruining everything
  • ( ✉ → sms ) my life would be so much easier without you.
  • ( ✉ → sms ) and next time you feel like calling me… don’t.
  • ( ✉ → sms ) i don’t want anything to do with you anymore.
  • ( ✉ → sms ) if your goal was to make me hate you, then congratulations. mission accomplished.

misc/random texts:

  • ( ✉ → sms ) i think my neighbor is an alien.
  • ( ✉ → sms ) help me think of a name for my new dog
  • ( ✉ → sms ) sooooo… what was your first impression of me
  • ( ✉ → sms ) should i get pizza or chicken wings for dinner?
  • ( ✉ → sms ) no one’s ever made me feel the way you do.
  • ( ✉ → sms ) i borrowed your weed. hope you don’t mind.
  • ( ✉ → sms ) why do they say drugs are bad when they make you feel so good
  • ( ✉ → sms ) today is the oldest you’ve ever been, but the youngest you’ll ever be again…
  • ( ✉ → sms ) [ File Attached: 001329.jpg ] of all the drunk pictures i have of you, this one is my favorite.
  • ( ✉ → sms ) i used your pics to catfish someone, and since they bought me a laptop… you have a date with them tomorrow.

Ok so what if a Langst spy au??? Just hear me out……
•Shiro is still missing, everyone is expecting Keith to take over until they find Shiro
• they hear about prince lotor, but don’t have any information about him, so Allura and the blade of mamora are planning on sending in an undercover operative to have intel on him.
•lance accidentally walks in on the meeting, and over hears them talking about it.
• lance volunteers to go, thinking that this could be his chance to be able to lift his weight and not feel so much as the 7th wheel.
• Allura is not amused, refusing to send Lance in, cause she does care for him on some level, not that he knows this
• but Lance makes some really good points that it’s not exactly a secret that Lance and Keith don’t get along, that if Lance were to make a big enough argument with Keith, that it could get the Galra to be interested in trying to recruit him
• Allura concedes, cause it’s the best plan that she’s heard through the entire meeting. But she only lets him go on one condition: once they find Shiro, Lance has to come back as soon as possible.
•they all agree that the team shouldn’t know about the plan until after Lance has successfully infiltrated the Galra.
• the plan works great. And Lance is successfully apart of the Galra. And lotor is especially interested in Lance, which is good for the mission, not for Lance though.
•ALOT of creepy one-sided flirting. Lance promises to himself to apologize to Allura for all of his incessant flirting.
•bad news, is the team takes it HARD. First the lost Shiro and now Lance!
• hunk is just begging whatever god are out there that this is just some sort of nightmare and that he’ll wake up from it at any moment. He still believes that Lance will come back to the team.
• Pidge is pretty upset, and thinks that if they got Shiro back, then maybe he can talk some sense into Lance and bring him back.
•Keith is LIVID. He can’t believe that Lance betrayed them, that he had said all those things about him, and just turn his back on the team. Keith believes that Lance has completely turned his back on them, that he isn’t coming back.
• Allura can’t figure out how to tell the team that Lance didn’t actually betray them.
• fast forward to a week or two after the ‘betrayal’ they face off against lotor again, and lance as well.
• somehow Lance and Keith are fighting on a catwalk, about 5-6 stories high. And Keith isn’t holding back. He goes on and on about how lance is a traitor, and how he didn’t deserve to be apart of Voltron
• it definitely hurts lance, but lance has pretty much figured out that Allura hasn’t been able to tell the team yet. But he can’t tell Keith, or else his cover is blown.
•Keith takes swing at lance with his bayard, and puts a huge gash in his face.
• Keith kicks lance into the railing, only for it and lance to fall. But lance is able to catch himself barely on the catwalk, but his hand is too slippery, cover in his blood.
•lance calls for Keith, to help him. Lance knows Keith would let him fall.
•Keith lets him fall.
•it’s either, Keith was in a sort of angry frenzy that he didn’t realize lance was calling for him until it was too late, or something else.
•either way, Keith is sure that Lance is dead, and leaves. Not able to look at the dead body.
•but lance isn’t dead. He’s close to it, but not there yet.
•Lotor finds him and has haggar save his life. Of course, lance doesn’t come out of it whole.
• he had to have his complete spine replaced with one of haggar’s prosthetics. He has a scar on his face from Keith, and his arm had to be replaced as well. But he’s alive.
• to say that Allura is relieved when she gets communication from Lance is an understatement. Especially after Keith told them all that Lance was dead.
• lance still sends information and warnings about certain attacks and plans that the Galra have for months.
• then finally the others find Shiro, and Allura is so glad because that means that not only is Shiro back, but that Lance will come back as well.
• Lance sneaks back on to the castle during a battle between Lotor and the team. (Carrying a flash drive with as much information about lotor and the Galra as it can hold)
• Allura calls a retreat and the other paladins go to the bridge once they have successfully wormholed out of there. You can definitely say that they are surprised to see her talking to some random guy who looks a lot like…oh my god it’s Lance!
•you can definitely say that there are some mixed emotions.
•hunk is so happy! He knew it! Lance was alive! He’s back! He’s going to be okay!
•pidge is kind of weary of it. She’s not sure what to think, he might be back, or it might be a trick.
• Shiro is just confused. the others didn’t tell him about Lance ‘betraying’ them, or that they thought he died. He’s just trying to figure out where Lance came from.
• Keith is drawing his bayard and putting himself in between lance and the others, ready to strike.
•of course NOW is when Allura finally tells them all that Lance was undercover and spying on the Galra. Of course their pissed that they didn’t tell them, mostly at Allura cause she was suppose to as soon as Lance was in.
• Keith now feels like he is the biggest screw up in the room, cause he sees the scar on lance’s face. He realizes that he left his friend to die, even if he was under he idea that he betrayed them. He sees how lance’s eyes go stone cold when he looks at him. He knows that he lost Lance’s trust.

sincerelysky  asked:

Keith being lost and everyone thinking he's dead but lance sends messages to Keith everyday, at first mad with him for being lost but then it becomes all " I Know you're alive, I can feel it" "please come back, I need you. I LOVE you" until one day Keith answers him. (Sorry for my English, it's not my first language)

i loved this request so much you have no idea 😍 

(p.s. don’t apologize, your english is beautiful! 💜💜)




What’s Left Unsaid |  You’re his best friend, someone who he trusts and leans on for support. But he suddenly grows distant and hostile. What’s going on?

»  01 | 02 | 03→{knj,ksj,myg,jhs,pjm,kth,jjg}| 04 |5.1|5.2|

A/N: Made these convos myself, dont steal them! I’m trying something new. Is it too short? Anyways Let me know what you think…I’ll do these fake texts for all the groups I write for, not exclusive groups like I do with the AU series. Should I keep going? 


What’s been going on in this house isn’t just some affair. No. No, it isn’t.

Frozen heart au

K so another au I’ve been thinking about recently is about Blue Lion and why she’s the most friendliest lion out of all of them.

What if the reason why she is the friendliest Lion is because she has to be. In this au the Blue Lion is usually the first of the lions to really connect with her Paladins, and the more she connects with her Paladins, the more the paladin can use her ice powers, use her ‘magic’. But there’s a down side. Like all magic, there’s a cost. The more the paladin uses her powers, or the more deep the connection goes between her and her paladin, and sometimes if the paladin has to much stress or has a major rift in their emotions, the more likely they can becomes overwhelmed by her magic. Which can result in many different things, either their body starts to freeze, which can lead to death. Or their hearts become frozen; they can’t love or their view on love or just on the world can become twisted and cold.

She has to be the most friendliest and the easiest to accept new Paladins because she has to be.

Now I remember that there was another post about how haggar (I think that’s how you spell her name) was the original blue paladin, I don’t remember who posted it, but if you know who please tell me so I can tag them. Anyways, I’m kinda on board with Haggar being the original blue paladin, but her heart had become frozen and twisted from using blues magic too much. And because of this she joined Zarkon and helped him.

Edit: it was @ftlosd who came up with the original blue paladin theory. Wanted to give a shout out cause I absolutely love it and it helped me come up with this au, so thank you!

Now think about all of this, and then think about Lance. Who is very connected to Blue, and because of this has very easy access to Blue’s ice powers. Lance who is already dealing with anxiety and some serious self-doubt. His heart starts to slowly freeze. Now the poor boy doesn’t know this is happening, at all. And Blue tries her very best to keep him happy, because she doesn’t want to lose him, she doesn’t want to lose another paladin because of this. She loves this little Cuban boy too much. So she listens, she encourages him as much as she can, all the while knowing that their bond is getting deeper, knowing that it’s putting him more at risk.

And then Shiro disappears, and Lance knows that until hey can find Shiro, someone has to lead Voltron. And Lance sees this as his shot to finally prove that he’s worthy of being with the others, even if it’s just as a temporary leader. But Keith hen says that Shiro asked him to lead Voltron. And it break Lance’s self-esteem to new heights. Once again, Lance is second to Keith. Once again, Keith is better than him. And it freezes his heart even more.

Now fast forward, to a fight with the Galra. Lance is fighting on his own when suddenly Haggar shows up. And she can see that Lance’s heart is slowly freezing. And she sees this as an opportunity to taking down the Paladins. She starts to fight Lance, and has him cornered away from the others. She starts telling him how the others don’t need him, how he could do his planet more good by joining the Galra. At first, Lance isn’t budging, no way is he going to join the bad guys, but then she starts talking about how Keith is so much better than him, how everyone thinks so, how he would always come up short compared to Keith. But if he joined the Galra, she could help him prove to everyone how he was better than Keith, that she could help him beat Keith and finally prove himself. She says that if he joined the Galra, they would leave his planet alone, that it would be safe. And Lance hesitates. He can’t really see a down side at first, but before he can say anything, Keith’s voice comes up on the radio, kind of berating Lance for disappearing on the team, to get back to the others before he does any more damage. And that makes lance snap. He takes Haggar up on her offer, it doing this makes his heart freeze.

Not completely, but just enough to twist his judgement.

And all the others hear are Blue’s pained roars as another one of her Paladins are lost to the darkness that hovers over all of her paladins.

That’s all I got for now, but there might be more coming sooner or later.

forrestwyrm  asked:

Keith gets hit on by some random royal. literally yells 'i'm gay' to get her to stop. cue others reacting/dying in the groupchat XD

let’s just say that as soon as lance got involved, any confusion she felt was quickly cleared up ;)

Angst/Horror Text Message Meme

Send my muse a symbol and receive a text message.

☠  for a frightened text message
☮  for a desperate apology via text message
☯  for a text message in which my muse confesses to a lie
♠   for a text message in which my muse feels threatened
Ω  for a text message after making a horrible mistake
♤  for a text message from beyond the grave
♣  for a frantic text message
♧  for a series of text messages during a paranormal event
♥  for a break-up text message
♡  for a text message about a heartbreak
♦   for a text message about an injury
♢  for the goodbye text message they intend to send before death
♔ for a confrontational text message
♚ for a last text message before running away
⚜ for a text message after just committing a crime
★ for a text message from a stalker
☆ for a text message while hiding during a home invasion
☄ for a text message spilling a horrible secret
☾  for an angry, violent text message
☼ for a worried text message
☀ for a text message while being held hostage
☁  for a manipulative or abusive text message
☂ for a confused, delusional text message
☃ for a threatening text message
☻ for a “secret code” text message while in trouble**
☺ for a warning via text message
۞ for a text message accusing the other muse of something
 ۩  for a text message about something disturbing they’ve just witnessed


☢ for a gruesome photo via text
✉ for a seemingly-harmless photo via text, but something is hidden in it
♰ for a paranormal photo via text
❦ for a photo of a stalker via text
© for a photo from beyond the grave via text
✄ for a message/photo via text that wasn’t taken by the owner of the phone

**: refers to “secret codes” to use in troubled situations so as not to be suspicious to anyone watching/listening to the conversation. Example: “I forgot my toothbrush” = “pick me up, I’m uncomfortable”.

ilovechickensofttacos  asked:

continue. it. I need to know what he says??? pls??? Sorry if i came off as aggressive

(don’t worry love it didn’t come off as aggressive lmao! i’m excited you want to see where that post goes!)

@ all of u anons (and all the lovely people that sent replies to the original post lmao), i hope you like part 2 ;)

read part 1 first!!


(part 1 here!!!)

(uh oh i could probs make a part 3 to this tbh i have zero self control but likeee… don’t worry i’ll only do it if people are interested lmao i really hope all of these “to be continued” and “part 2” posts aren’t super annoying i’m so sorry)

Taking Chances [Part 8]

[part 1]  [part 2]  [part 3]  [part 4]  [part 5]  [part 6]  [part 7]

Warning: none

Wordcount: 2402

*A/N: okay, so for now this is supposed to be the last part unless anyone wants more than the bonus chapter I wanted to add. :)

Aaaalso AGAIN thanks to @jaxonah for going over ideas with me. this part would definitely be different if she didn’t help me. ILYSM bby 💘


You were sat in the back of a taxi to the Korean BBQ place the boys had picked. This was a bad idea. Recently it seemed like you were always making the wrong choices. You shouldn’t have agreed to sleeping with Jungkook and again, you should have stayed home tonight. The conversation you’ve had with Namjoon weighed heavy on your mind. Was it possible that Jungkook actually had feelings for you? You had never even thought about it. The last two days you had franticly been piking your brain, trying to remember times when you had hung out with the boys. It all didn’t make sense, he had never made a move on you, nor had he been really shy when you were around. Could this be a prank to scold you for agreeing to the dumbest idea ever?  It was possible but unlikely; you knew the boys well enough that this wasn’t the type of prank they’d pull on you.

When you got out of the taxi, you straightened out your clothes and readjusted your bag on your shoulder. You were hoping that the nervous feeling, which was brewing in the pit of your stomach, would subside once you were actually hanging out with them. Maybe you were overreacting, it couldn’t possibly be that bad, now could it? They were your really good friends after all.
You made your way inside; the restaurant was quite busy for a weeknight. “Noona, over here.” Jungkook got up and waved with a bright smile on his face. “Hey.” You said shyly and made an awkward wave-like movement with your hand when you arrived at the table. Normally, they’d all get up to hug you but Namjoon and Hoseok didn’t this time. So it definitely wasn’t a prank, they were clearly not happy to see you tonight. Jungkook pulled you into a tight embrace. “You look so pretty.” It was a faint whisper in your ear, so no one could hear him apart from you.

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Angsty break up with bf Jungkook

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 5.2

Send your requests!!

The Girl

pairing: min yoongi x reader

word count: 1923

genre: fluff that turned pretty angsty

A/N: This is for my beautiful little nugget @jaxonah. I hope you love it, just as much as i love you 💞💞💞


Yoongi had been locked up in his studio all day. He desperately tried to finish up the song he was working on, but something just wasn’t right. It didn’t flow like he had wanted it to. He leaned back in his chair and rubbed his tired eyes. When he glanced down at the silver watch on his wrist, he knew that it was time to go and get his daily dose of caffeine that would hopefully give him the pick-me-up that he needed. He got up, grabbed his hoodie from the couch and headed out the door.  “Where are you going?” Hoseok appeared in front of him. “Just getting coffee. Do you want anything?” The younger one shook his head and held up his thermal mug. “Thanks but I’m good.”
He could have just made coffee in the studio like the others usually did but he needed to get out. In his mind, he made up the same excuse every day. He just wanted to stretch his legs, get some fresh air and take his mind off for just a few minutes. It was easier than admitting the real reason behind his daily coffee runs. He quickened his pace as he was walking down the street.  Every step that took him closer to his destination made his heart beat faster in anticipation. He hated how much this was affecting him. Not only him but also his work. Sometimes he cursed himself for leaving his studio two weeks ago because back then, he had been able to concentrate on his music, and only his music but now he found his mind wandering off and nothing seemed to come out right. He stopped in his tracks and peeked trough the window of the coffee shop.

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you’re mad at Yoongi for constantly ditching last minute 

a/n: I made a lil continuation 

Manspreading (Part 3)

Word Count: 9k

  “Don’t bring the dog into this. He’s young and he doesn’t need this kind of stuff pushed on him. He’ll grow up to have issues.” 

“Very funny, Tae. You’re a real funny guy. You know what else is funny? Your chances of sleeping in the same bed as me this month.”

Part 1, Part 2, Part 4, Epilogue

It wasn’t at all unusual for you to wake up smothered by the sixty-two kilograms of pure heat and clinginess that was Kim Taehyung. What was unusual however was how inappropriately naked the both of you were at the moment, and the suspiciously hard thing pressing against your side.

You’ve been awake for a good while now having an internal breakdown and devising increasingly elaborate plans to get yourself out of Taehyung’s loving death-grip. You wonder if you could slip out of his arms for a quick reprieve in the shower before you have to really face him, because right now you couldn’t think very clearly when he was so close to you and his addicting scent was bombarding your brain. He was always a heavy sleeper, and you figured you had a fairly good chance of slipping away without waking him up. When your eyes opened up and met his entirely too awake ones, you nearly jumped out of your skin.

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anonymous asked:

Angsty #18 and #20 from 'Writing Prompts 2.0' for Jaehyun please!

“I came here to explain what happened, and I’m not leaving until you listen.”
“H-How long have you been standing there?”

Originally posted by mintokkies

pairing: jaehyun & reader insert
genre: angst
wc: 2.3k
note: this was inspired a little bit by weightlifting fairy! i also wanted to add more but my mind is tired and i just came back from a friends house ;; ill do the rest tomorrow! ^~^

It was not an everyday occurrence for your boyfriend, Jaehyun, to cross the demarcation of what was right and wrong in your relationship.

Rather than the boundary being prominent, it was a dashed line to Jaehyun; he was unable to differentiate from the good he had committed in the relationship, and the bad, but that never stopped him from working to his premier ability.

Though, tonight was one of the nights he had unpremeditatedly crossed the boundary.

It was a complicated situation—the series of events that had been spurred out of an irate twist. Jaehyun’s ex-girlfriend had came back to town in search of him, a plethora of apologies pouring from her mouth whenever she had the chance. Jaehyun was never one to speak about his ex-relationships; you assumed it was too scarring for him to voice a thought about, but you never saw it as a protective caution he committed to.

And that was one of the many mistakes.

You always assumed that you had a substantial part in Jaehyun’s life, considering the two and a half years you guys had spent together—thicker than thieves. Though, there was always someone else who had topped you, someone you were left unaware of until her presence had disrupted the peaceful milieu.

Her name was Eunha, and she was Jaehyun’s ex-girlfriend.

When she first saw you she had a bitter look sketching on her face, bitterness lacing her tone and poison coating each word that flew from her mouth. There was an unfair treatment between you and Jaehyun that was caused by her, and it was because her sole purpose was to win Jaehyun back.

Jaehyun never spoke much about his relationship with Eunha, to which you assumed was a positive turn to move on, but it was the polar opposite.

Because your boyfriend, Jung Jaehyun, never wanted you to find out a single factor about his ex-relationship with Eunha.

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