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While transferring old files to harddrives or over to my new computer, I found some REALLY old animation tests n’ things I did back from 2011, a whopping 5 YEARS AGO!

#1) I animated and designed some things for a client for a pitch he was developing involving aliens. In this case, I animated how a flying grub would move around. The project never ended up going anywhere. 

#2) While briefly working at Titmouse on MotorCity, I tried doing an animation test for SuperJail!. They gave two parts to the test: one was a general acting/dialogue scene between the Warden and Jared, and one where you had to have Jailbot kill Jackknife in 3 seconds or less. I didn’t clean up the shots, and I don’t actually remember if I submitted them, but either way I didn’t jump ship.

#3) A Christmas eCard involving Rudolph that I never finished because I was too wrapped up in actual paid work to finish before the holiday.

#4) A test of a cartoony rubber-hosed gorilla to prepare myself for animating something involving Donkey Kong, which I never finished (there seems to be a trend here)

#5) A test I did of Henrieke’s lemur Kiki I did for fun. Moves more like Marsupilami than a lemur, but it was fun to do nonetheless.

#6) A little test of my dodo character Randy opening a basket and taking at what’s inside. I draw him way too much it seems, but from an animation standpoint he’s a really fun character to move around. He’s chubby, has a standard pear-shaped floursack body, simple features and is a glorified squash and stretch demonstration. Kinda like a tubby Mickey Mouse. 

and #7) A pose test of Randy (again) tripping a guy over with a mop. Occasionally, I would do my keys, breakdowns and inbetweens in different colors for clarification.