and the man still has one hell of a heart


I love Kara for her bright and ever optimistic personality. Her ability to find good in people. Her passionate to protect those she loves. Superhero or not, she’ll fight like hell to keep the world alive just to see the sun shine another day.

Alex. Man. She’s a badass sister. She sacrificed a lot to protect her aliens sister. She chose that because of her undying belief and love for her sister. Underneath all of that badassness, there beat a heart that yearns to dance with its match. I believe she has found that match.

Maggie. Damn. She is one tough lady. She has that armor so high yet she still breath. She went through motions most of her life until she has met her match. Her heart beats as one with the one who has stole her breath the second she laid her eyes on the soft brown eyes.

Lena. What a strong woman. She went through hell literally with all of the negative association to her last name. She has a beautiful heart. Her wanting to be better than her family says a lot. Especially when she is in the presence of a beautiful bubbly personality of certain reporter/superhero.

Alex/Maggie & Kara/Lena deserves the world to be with their love ones.

anonymous asked:

Why would you interact with that stupid Rubberlegs... He is just a stupid disabled cripple with PTSS. You better talk to a real man!

A). This is fucking disgusting.

B). I feel really sorry for you. That you have to go on someone else’s blog and bash someone. That’s honestly so pathetic.

C). What constitutes a “real man”? Real men help others. Real men have hearts and emotions. Real men cheer on other people. What defines a “real man” has nothing to do with outward appearance but everything to do with the inside of a heart and mind. 

D). He’s one of the nicest guys I’ve seen offer support to tons of us on here and has gone through a hell of a lot from what I’ve read. Did he give up? No. Is he still trying and succeeding and learning? Yes. And that’s amazing to me. 

E). Fuck off. We support each other here. If you’re not going to be one of them, see yourself out.