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On Moffat’s Who, Gender, and Bill Potts

I’ve been upset about The Episode That Shall Not Be Named for a few days. I’ve been processing it, and I’ve finally got to a point where I could write it down. So, here goes. *deep breath* I’m going to talk about Doctor Who’s playfulness with gender, and then I’m going to talk about Bill Potts.

First of all, let me preface this by saying: I think it’s great that Doctor Who has been celebrating the spectrum of genders. Female, male, non-binary. I don’t want to diminish that, the attention on non-binary genders. I’m happy that my friends who are non-binary are getting a shout out and some representation.

However, there are a few things that cause me to doubt the sincerity, the intent behind it. In my opinion, It’s being used to distract from something else.

I don’t trust Moffat at all. If you are a Moffat fan, let me humbly request that you either scroll on and go your merry way to read something else, or you can respectfully read and consider what I have to say, but I’m not interested in hearing your defense of Moffat. To me, he’s indefensible. I would request that you kindly keep your arguments to yourself. Please do not come on to my very anti Moffat post with a Moffat defense. It’s tagged “anti Moffat” for a reason. (I said in my blog description that you can blacklist “anti moffat” and you won’t see any sort of post like that from me. I’ve tried to tag the best I can on my blog because I know some people don’t want to see it, but I still have the right to post it, and my opinion not wrong just because you disagree with it.)

Here’s the deal with the Master and the Doctor. Any slash tension between them beyond friendship has been subtext for a long time. And nowhere was it more slashy than with Simm and Tennant. There was something seductive about their tumultuous on-screen partnership (thanks in part to the actors themselves). I don’t ship it, but I can totally see why people do. (I don’t ship it mainly because the Doctor/Master relationship is historically unhealthy. If you ship them, I respect your right to do so. You do you, honeys, and I’ll keep my NOTP in a corner to myself, and let us all get along.)

Then Ten regenerates into Eleven, and Eleven regenerates into Twelve. And now we have a Missy. The Time Lord known as the Master has changed genders.

WOW. HOW NOVELTY. SUCH CLEVER. Pat Moffat on the back, mates, for pulling a huge bait-and-switch.

Suddenly, there’s an all but admittance of feelings from Missy to the Doctor. Didn’t they kiss in one of their first on-screen scenes together? Isn’t that why she turned all the dead people around the world into Cybermen? So the Doctor would have an army? She wanted to show she cared for him, if I remember right, give it to him as a gift. (Which was weird to me to begin with anyway.)

(putting the rest under a read more because this gets long)

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Blizzard is Basically Ruining a lot of Everyone Favorite Ships

First off, you can still ship what ever you want and go down with it such as Pharmercy, Gengyatta, Widowtracer, MercyKill and so forth (except Genji x Hanzo, that’s gross) 

Now that I got out of the way, it seems Blizzard is confirming a lot about their cast and yet, it making a lot ships sink and making a lot of people get upset

In the Overwatch Christmas Special “Reflection”. It’s confirmed that Tracer is a lesbian 

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Unfortunately, she isn’t dating Widowmaker. She’s dating a girl named Emily 

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The next pairing is pretty much confirmed with the many evidence shown in-game and the comics, Gency (Genji x Mercy)

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The Story

Mercy saves Genji from death by transforming his body into a cyborg. Even though Genji left Overwatch after disbanding his clan, she still has great concern for his health. 

In Game Voice Lines.   

The start of a match.

Mercy: “You seem well Genji”

Genji: “I am a different man now, I am whole”

When a Mercy revives a Genji

Genji: “You’ve rescued me again Dr. Ziegler”

When Mercy gets hurt

Genji: “ANGELA!” 

 When a Genji dies

Mercy: “Genji, I was too late”

Valentines Day Voice Lines 


Mercy: “I got you some chocolate, Genji. Swiss, their the best”

Genji: “Thank you Angela, perhaps you could share them with me?”


Genji: “Angela, I got some chocolates for you. Not Swiss”

Mercy: “(Sign) I suppose it would have to do. Thank you Genji

Now let me explain what the significant of giving chocolate on Valentines Day in Japanese tradition, When a girl (Mercy) gives chocolate to the one and only she has feelings for (Genji). In March 14th, White Day, the male (Genji) must give the female (Mercy) a gift, like chocolate, in return for the chocolate that the girl gave him.

In the Christmas comic “Reflection”. Genji is at Nepal, spending his Chrismtas with Zenyatta. While at Nepal, Genji is writing a letter to Mercy. When she receives the letter, she looks happy to hear from him. 

Before you guys write comment and complain to me about this. Remember, this is my opinion and you can still ship Pharmercy and so forth. It’s your love and joy, and I don’t want to ruin. 

Christmas Comes Early

Summary: Your mom forces you to go to a premature holiday party that you would rather not attend. To your surprise, you end up meeting one of your favorite actors, Jared Padalecki. 

Word Count: 4520 (oops)

Warnings: Smut!, unprotected sex (wrap it up), oral (female receiving), somewhat public sex, casual drinking, cursing

A/N: There’s a first time for everything! I’ve never written Jared before, but this fic came to me in a dream. Hope you guys enjoy! As always, like/reblog/send me some love if you enjoyed! Tagging some people at the bottom I think may enjoy(:

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“Y/N, for the hundredth time, yes you have to come to the party. I’m sick of making up excuses for why you don’t come to events with us.” Your mom sounded so exasperated over the phone, you could practically see her rubbing her temples. Your parents wanted you to come with them to your mom’s best friend’s holiday party around an hour away from your apartment, and you weren’t exactly feeling like going on your first free Saturday in a long time. Plus, the holidays were still three weeks away. Who has a party this early?

“Jake’s not going either!” Throwing your younger brother under the bus wasn’t a classy move, but you grasping at straws here.

“He has a tournament a state away. He can’t help that.”

“But Mom, I don’t think I have time to drive out there. I’m so busy,” you countered.

“You realize we share a Netflix account and that I can see that you’re forty-five minutes into a Black Mirror episode, right?” Shit, caught, you thought. You tried to think of any other excuse that could keep you firmly rooted to your couch for the rest of the weekend, but came up short.

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anonymous asked:

How do you feel about the Sense8(most diverse show ever) cancellation

hm, I mean canning it on the first day of pride was fairly tasteless. I’ve heard a lot of anger that it’s about race or sexuality (the cancellation that is) but honestly I don’t think that’s it, at least not directly. I really do think it was about money, they were shooting on location over 30 countries which is a huge outlay of cash. To compare Stranger Things literally didn’t have a costume budget, everything they wear was found at Good Will. What’s more is the directors, Wachowskis are Hollywood big shots who can do whatever they like, Netflix likely had to pay them a lot to get their time.

Speaking of, Season 2 only had Lana Wachowski, her sister Lilly ducked out. I won’t say if maybe conflicts with the Wachowskis had anything to do with it, but having only half of them show up for the second season seems telling to me.

Some people have claimed Netflix didn’t promote Sense8 aggressively enough, but really from my media consumption it was always in the top 5, maybe second only to Stranger Things in shows I saw ads for. The Christmas special was inescapable. 

I’m conflicted about the show in and of itself. On the one hand it was a highly diverse cast, of different races (though of 8 people 4 were white, maybe 5 depending how on counts Lito) and sexualities. However, a lot of the racial, societal and sexuality questions seemed to be being addressed from a clearly white POV and from a clear sexual point of view. @holyromanhomo put all the problems with the characters much better than I could

my main issue is the issue I always have with the Wachowskis, they come up with a really good idea, and do the least interesting thing imaginable with it. 8 People from around the world from very different points of view now have to live together in the most intimate way imaginable. So is it a story of their struggle to widen their own narrow world views? the fight to improve each other’s lives? nope. It’s a boring plot about a creepy shadow government agency that is out to get them for poorly defined reasons, i.e. the plot of so many many other movies and shows.

plus the Wachowskis always take their freshman philosophy class stuff and act like they are the deepest most smart humans who ever walked the earth. I ended up fast forwarding through the long Wachowski monologues in season 2, which cut the show in half, I missed no plot points and the show was a lot more fun. But over all I would have liked it more to watch up standing working class cop Will struggle with the fact that Wolfgang is a no joke mobster who kills people, lots of people. Or the fact that Sun, Capheus, and Kala come from homophobic countries and are now sharing head space with a gay man and a lesbian, for that matter Will is a working class Irish catholic cop and Wolfgang grew up a working class Russian immigrant chances are good they’re homophobic (more likely transphobic). Or Lito, who’s built his career (and life) around being super masculine because of internalized homophobia, a fear of being seen as a “sissy” well now he’s sharing headspace with a “man” who “became” a woman (as Lito would likely see it) And hey we’ve got 6 people fairly well off by world standards, Kala is no joke married to a billionaire, why did no one send any money to Capheus? when the mob was after him and his mom was dying because she needed HIV meds? or why did it take till the end of season 2 to break Sun out of prison? and did she really have to ride around in her underpants for that last fight? that seemed… hm

So basically, it gets style points for HAVING diversity, even if the ways it used it were often a little iffy, and it gets a lot of points for having a great basic idea. It falls down by being about the least interesting thing you can do with the basic idea. Also in avoiding what the diversity means (conflict between characters) 

I think it’s possible that the show didn’t do as well as it might have done because white middle Americans were turned off by the gay sex, which to their credit was as graphic as the straight stuff (a rarity in TV), I don’t know if race played a role given that most of the characters were white, and Will, Wolfgang, Nomi, and Lito always had the most to do, while Sun and Kala had basically nothing to do, and Capheus was there to have fights in Season 1 and have a subplot that went no where in season 2. (in fairness no one was less useful than Riley Blue who I keep forgetting is alive) 

meh, paired with The Get Down it’s sad to see less diversity on the screens, is Sense8 in and of itself worth saving/seeing, I won’t say so, as part of a widening of the stories told on TV it was a step, not a perfect step, in the right direction. Hopefully Netflix moves forward with more diverse projects, but I think it’s worth understanding they’re a business. People have bitched about “13 Reasons Why” getting a second season. I agree, it was literally unwatchable, leaving aside the bad messaging it sends, it’s just not interesting or good. However, I’m sure enough people watched it to make it worth Netflix’s time to make more. Maybe the Wachowskis were always going to back out and Netflix didn’t want to do it without them, same with Baz Luhrmann. However equally, maybe the expense of flying all over the world to shoot a Hollywood movie budgeted show wasn’t covered by the viewership, same with The Get Down, a much smaller show, but maybe one that didn’t have the viewership, I mean it didn’t even trend on here (or Facebook) when it canceled, Sense8 did but again, that was a lot more money spent. 

I guess what I’m saying is, if you like shows like Dear White People, or One Day at a Time, watch them, rewatch them, watch parties likely aren’t effective because netflix just sees that as one person. Make buzz on social media about it, Also the OA has the only trans character male character on TV right now, Orange is the New Black, Grace & Frankie deals with coming out late in life. 

Most of all, if you don’t see yourself out there in media, make some. Write, draw, act, make your own movies and web shows, we live in a time where sharing that shit has NEVER been easier. If you’re sad that a show is gone make more, and I know easier said than done, and maybe it won’t be as good or whatever, but honestly being upset doesn’t change it, you can sign a netflix petition but I doubt that Netflix doesn’t know the viewership levels of the show, they know just how many people saw it. The only thing you can do is prove there’s a market for diversity be that racial, cultural or gender and sexuality, write make up film new and interesting characters that reflect you and what you want to see, share them, because it’s all you can do, you can’t wait for people in cold towers to green light stuff for you, shows like Sense8 or The Get Down came from a demand for them, they came because the people in the towers saw that those were stories they could sell, they failed because they didn’t sell quite well enough. Maybe the White people, maybe the straight people, weren’t ready to watch, we can change that, you can teach them better.

So don’t give up, and thanks for reading my ramble. 

Obit of the Day: “King” of the Jewel Box

Stormé DeLarverie “was born into adversity and lived in adversity her whole life.” Born in New Orleans on Christmas Eve 1920, Ms. DeLarverie was the daughter of a white father and a black mother.

There is little information available about Ms. DeLarverie’s childhood or youth but by the 1950’s she was living in New York City. Finding a home in the city’s gay community, Ms. DeLarverie, who was a lesbian, began performing in night clubs. Noted for her surprising baritone she was convinced to perform as a male impersonator by the producers of the famed Jewel Box Revue. Taking some time to make the decision, eventually Ms. DeLarverie joined the group as “King Stormé.” “I did it and I’m glad,” she was quoted as saying.

She toured with the group (“Featuring 24 men and a girl!”) for more than a decade performing in venues across the U.S. including The Apollo Theater in Harlem.

After leaving the revue, Ms. DeLarverie remained active in the LGBTQ community working as a bouncer at various lesbian clubs in the city. (She was well known for carrying a straight razor in her sock for self defense.) But she gained her greatest fame for her role in the 1969 Stonewall Riots.

According to Ms. DeLarverie when the New York City police department raided the Stonewall nightclub one of the officers mistook her for a man saying, “Get out of my way faggot.” When she protested her treatment, he pushed her. In response, “I instinctively punched him right in his face. He bled! He was then dropping to the ground — not me!” History records this punch as the action that ignited the riots that followed and is considered the seed of the modern day gay rights movement. Ms. DeLarverie is sometimes referred to as the “Rosa Parks” of the LGBTQ rights movement.

Note: It is important to note that not all historians agree on Ms. DeLarverie’s role, some going so far to say that she was not present at the raid. Although there is scant evidence supporting her story, many of the records from the Stonewall raid and resulting response are considered “incomplete.”

Just weeks later Ms. DeLarverie joined others as a founding member of the Stonewall Veterans Association. She eventually rose to the position of vice-president in the group. In 1987 Michelle Parkerson produced a documentary about Ms. DeLarverie titled Stormé: Lady of the Jewel Box

Sadly much of her history was forgotten as she aged and she often struggled with issues of eviction, poverty, and ill health. She earned notice with a 2010 New York Times profile and was honored by Brooklyn Pride, Inc. for her contributions in the following years. One month before her death she was honored with a proclamation from the Public Advocate for the City of New York.

Stormé DeLarverie died on May 24, 2014 at the age of 93.

Sources: The Advocate, Huffington Post, Slate, and Wikipedia

(Undated image of Stormé DeLarverie, as “King Stormé,” surrounded by other members of the Jewel Box Revue cast is courtesy of


I’ve been intrigued by the trailers for Humans and the first ep tonight didn’t disappoint me. Where I thought I knew where it would be going, it took a big swerve with the introduction of Colin Morgan’s character and his compatriots. 

This series is an adaptation of the original Swedish series Real Humans but truthfully both owe a huge debt to ‘90s SF. Greg Egan’s Permutation City came out twenty-one years ago and, as ever with mainstream culture, it’s only now that TV can deal with the themes and tech that SF dealt with back then. Delving further back, every contemporary film or TV series (Ex Machina, The Machine, Black Mirror White Christmas) seems to have some version of Gibson’s Wintermute lurking as an AI baddie. Obviously, Mary Shelley has ultimate dibs on ‘created being kills its creator’ though I prefer my nemeses to be more Arnie metal machine music and less dead-body collage. 

Humans at least acknowledges the vast history of fantastical fiction it inhabits in the scene where the ‘synths’ (synthetic humans) are said to be be bound by Asimovs, as in Isaac Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics. It was a nice touch and probably made many an elderly sci-fi geek like me a little sentimental.

So, because I’ve been loving robots since I was a tiny, tiny child, I find TV/film SF to be too simplistic when it comes to androids. It’s nearly always an excuse for bludgeoning male gaze, handily gorgeous fembots undressing for no narrative reason (hello, Ex Machina) or some kind of wittering about ‘human essence’ or ‘soul’ or other god-bothering bobbins. 

Humans doesn’t seem to be falling into any of that so far. Yes, there’s been one sexbot scene already and yes, she was female (why do we never see male sexbots, hmm?) but I don’t feel the scene was too prurient, it was played more to be disturbing, to have the viewer identify with the bot and not the grubby human using her. 

Since I’m being utterly spoiler-free, I shan’t talk about plot details but what I can say is that the cast are all tight, on it and beautifully embedded whether they’re playing synths or humans. The Brit lawyer family could be any average Brit family (barring the robot) and it’s the attention the director has paid to setting up that mundanity that makes the intrusion of the synth more believable. 

Similarly, I don’t actually know what Colin Morgan’s Leo character is. Is he a synth? Doesn’t sound or act like it but I’m prepared to be surprised - maybe he’s a new model who’s great at looking grizzled and being fancied by every girl I know. That’d be a sure-fire moneymaker. 

For the actors playing the synths, Gemma Chan, Ivanno Jeremiah, Emily Berrington, Sope Dirisu, it’s not an easy job. They have to both portray absolute synth-ness and, on occasion, deviations from that. The actor is acting a robot with sentience that’s acting at being a robot without sentience. Gemma Chan, in particular, handled this brilliantly. In ep 1, she created a complex synth character that was simultaneously terrifying and sympathetic, KILLER BOT and Runaway Slave. Which leads me to… 

For those of us born with genetic sunblock, Humans will inevitably make us more uncomfortable. We will realise that if this was 150 years ago, we could be the property owned by these whites, we could be harmed or raped or killed and no-one would care because, after all, we aren’t human, we’re just things. And then, of course, we remember that slavery isn’t dead and that human trafficking is a thriving trade but it’s been mostly displaced from our Western eyes. 

Humans does what the best of SF does: by changing one thing or saying ‘hey, what if…’ it creates narratives that move beyond middle-class comfort fiction. It holds up a mirror to us and it makes us examine our lives, our societies, our identities and what being human means. Is it flesh? Is it thought? If we create beings who are sentient… will we enslave them? Will we treat them with the inhumanity with which we treat other humans? 

I’m looking forward to episode two. 

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pls tell me some brilliantly cliche hallmark xmas movies to watch im begging


  1. Possibly my favorite is The Nine Lives of Christmas, which I found inexplicably charming and enjoyable. There’s a hot man, fireman banter, many cats, hot men holding cats!, a female character who actually prioritizes her success, and a male character who actually respects that. Incredible! 10/10 have this one saved on my dvr
  2. Holiday in Handcuffs is an ABC Family/now Freeform movie, but it will always be at the top of my list. The forced marriage plot….but with kidnapping??? Mario Lopez and Melissa Joan Hart??? How many times can I see this movie?? It’s illogical and ridiculous, and unlike any other TV movie. 11/10
  3. Christmas Under Wraps is possibly the most surreal made for TV movie I’ve ever seen. D.J. Tanner goes to Alaska, gives up her dreams, and with no explanation, Santa is real and pulling the strings. No questions are answered. It’s a winner. 10/10
  4. Starring the actor who played the shit Coleman Wasserman, he’s back for a much more cheery role in Christmas in Homestead. Our prototypical story—a successful woman with no soul learns the meaning of Christmas by falling in love with a grumpy but attractive small town boy—except this acting is half way decent. Coleman looks good in a quarter zip sweater. 9/10
  5. Crown for Christmas is a FAV. A New York woman takes a job as a governess for a princess and falls in love with the king of a small, made up European country. Wholesome fun. I like the main actress a lot, she’s believable and the only one they hire that’s vaguely ethnic looking. Like maybe she’s Italian. Better than the hoard of blondes. 9/10. She also stars in this less interesting, but still decent one (My Christmas Dream) where she plays a department store manager. Weird. 6/10. 
  6. I also love Baby’s First Christmas, which has a complicated plot and some REAL interesting banter. Worth it. 9/10. 
  7. A Princess for Christmas stars Katie McGrath and Sam Heughan, and even though he’s all buttoned up in this, he’s still pretty cute. The children are annoying, but overall, a classic. 8/10. 
  8. Looks like Christmas—unlike most Hallmark movies, they actually hired some actors who aren’t in their early 30s and shockingly, they can act. This one is full of banter and nearly believable performances. 8/10
  9. More fake engagements! I’ll watch them all!!! Holiday Engagement is an unconvincing but enjoyable one, where a woman hires a man to be her fiance after the real one dumps her. 8/10. Hitched for the Holidays takes it a step farther, and has a Jewish woman and a Catholic man fake a relationship for Christmas, so much religious bumbling ensues. The girl is extremely cute. 9/10. In The Mistletoe Promise, two mostly unlikable career people sign a very business like contract to fake a relationship for the holidays, but fall in love anyway! 6/10. I do love Snow Bride, in which a reporter pretending not to be a reporter pretends to be the fiance of a hot rich dude to make his brother jealous. Intrigue! 9/10. A December Bride has bad acting, but some decent bantering and a lot of cool Christmas decorations. 7/10. My Fake Fiance is great, but not Christmasy. 4/10.
  10. There’s something about this red head actress that I really like, I think it’s her voice? She talks in this bizarre way that makes her slightly less generic then the other white women they cast in these movies. So here are some of hers: Christmas List, another career woman learns the error of her sinful working ways via a small town man. 7/10. I’m Not Ready for Christmas, another career woman is cursed by Santa Clause to only tell the truth all Christmas season. A dark but ultimately heartwarming movie. 8/10. In A Merry Mix Up, she’s supposed to go to her fiance’s house for Christmas but accidentally goes to a strangers. Ridiculous! There’s a lot of weird clock imagery! 9/10.
  11. Broadcasting Christmas is Melissa Joan Hart’s newest contribution to the franchise. She actually has some chemistry with this actor. Wacky hijinks, as always, ensue. 7/10.
  12. In yet another movie about women fall in love on public transportation, in A Christmas Detour, D.J. falls in love with a surly bartender when her flight to her fiance’s house gets snowed in. Another is One Starry Christmas, which includes a cowboy….classic. 8/10. 
  13. More movies about one person trying to shut down a Christmas-y business, and the other person stopping them by falling in love: Christmas Incorporated, which features a toy factory and Darcy from Degrassi. 6/10. Christmas Cookies, which features a COOKIE factory and some decent banter. 8/10. Christmas Land, which features a Christmas theme park. 7/10. Let it Snow features D.J. and a Christmas themed hotel. 7/10. I’m gonna count The Christmas Parade, which includes a children’s art center being shut down. 6/10. In Hats Off to Christmas, Hillary Duff’s sister’s Santa hat selling business is in peril. Absurd performances. There’s a pumpkin carving contest? And a go cart race? Vaguely surreal. 6/10. 
  14. A Bride for Christmas and A Boyfriend for Christmas sound the same, but they are NOT. In Bride, they rip off How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and it’s decently entertaining. 8/10. In Boyfriend, there’s a completely illogical plot involving a potentially real Santa Clause and a creepy dude appearing on a girl’s doorstep as her present. Some fake relationship stuff in this one, plus the surreal Santa aspects, give it a 8/10
  15. And of course there’s Family for Christmas, which will haunt me for the rest of my life. Upsetting and at the end, all the children basically die. Dark Hallmark channel. 2/10.
A Date Like No Other: Part Two

Originally posted by theatremama

Author’s Note: This is just a filler chapter. It’s really boring in my opinion, but I have a few things in stored for you guys if you are interested.

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader

Warnings: none

Previous Part: here

The view out of your hotel window was picture worthy as the sun was held high in the bright, blue sky. A warm breeze blew throughout the city, making the trees dance with the wind. New York City’s skyline was not peaceful but welcoming, as the sounds of millions of people’s lives accompanied the view.

Releasing a content sigh, you snuggled further into the chair you sat in as you watched the New York skyline. You were trying to get your mind off of time, as time ticked by slowly. Chris was supposed to pick you up at 2pm and it was 1:54pm. You were anxiously ready, hands gripping the strap of your purse.

Something about people watching always calmed down your nerves. You saw so many people go different ways with their own intentions. Each one of them had their own stories, their own goals, their own intentions, their own lives. You played with your scarf again, before smoothing down your cardigan.

Your nerves were getting the better of you. This was your second ‘date’ with Chris, and you didn’t want to mess it up. You knew that so many would kill for this opportunity, and you didn’t have alcohol running through your veins to help guide you. You were so lost in your thoughts that you didn’t realize that time was passing by. Your heart jumped when you heard a knock at your door.

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Through a feminist lens: Disney Channel's "K.C. Undercover"

In case you were wondering, the reason why you probably haven’t heard of K.C. Undercover is because it’s the newest show on…Disney Channel. Why, you may ask, am I reviewing a show on Disney Channel? Do I - dare I say it - watch Disney Channel?! In one word, yes. It’s a problem. But that’s a conversation for another day.

I’ve taken a particular interest in K.C. due to it being not only a show with a female lead who (literally) kicks butt, but also the only Disney show centered on a family of color since Wizards of Waverly Place and the only Disney show centered on a black family since That’s So Raven. Though the pilot hasn’t officially aired, I was able to watch it early on the Watch Disney app (yep, I have that on my iPhone; no shame). So, without further ado, here are some of my thoughts on the K.C. pilot.

Yes, that’s Zendaya. If you haven’t listened to her debut album, DO IT.

Black representation

To my surprise, K.C. isn’t riddled with stereotypes about black families (unlike every Tyler Perry comedy). The family is upper-middle-class, made up of two employed parents, a mother and father, both accountants; an older daughter; and a younger son - in other words, pretty much like every other (cough cough white) family on Disney Channel. Well, except that they’re secretly spies. NBD. Most of all, I’m happy that the predominantly privileged, white producers over at Disney Channel didn’t try to incorporate their strange interpretation of “urban slang” into the script.

K.C., the daughter, attends a predominantly white high school, but that hasn’t been dealt with explicitly yet. In the first episode, the only POC outside of her family with whom she has prolonged interaction is a rival black male teen spy. They find themselves instantly attracted to each other, which makes me wonder if Disney decided to choose a black character for K.C.’s first love interest in order to further diversify the cast, or if they assumed that of course a black girl would be attracted to a black guy. In any case, black women on TV are often romantically paired with white men (Annalise and Sam in How to Get Away with Murder, Olivia and Fitz in Scandal, etc.), and it’s great to see Disney creating black characters outside of K.C.’s immediate family.

This is the rival spy. Sadly, we probably won’t see too much more of him.

Feminism & gender stereotypes

K.C.’s parents invite her to join their spy missions because she’s a frickin’ genius. Actually, though. She’s a perfect student, does robotics for fun, and apparently fitted her family’s house with solar panels. The fact that Disney made K.C. a girl in STEM is the coolest thing ever, IMO; if anyone needs an extra push into math and science, it’s the preteen girls watching Disney Channel.

Oh, and did I mention that K.C. is a black belt in karate? The show opens with an epic showdown between her and an adult spy dude, and obviously she kicks his ass…in a sexy evening gown and heels, no less.

Basically, K.C. is Disney Channel’s best female role model: brave, super good at math, physically tough, and hella assertive.

Whoops, time to run - gotta go be a supermodelsuperspy. 

On the other hand, K.C.’s best friend Marisa is her polar opposite: a super party girl who does badly in school and cares only about boys and clothes. (This isn’t a surprise; Disney Channel is riddled with girls like this.) The show’s heteronormativity issues start with Marisa, who tries desperately to get K.C. to act more like a stereotypical girl. When K.C. finally decides to attend a school dance (secretly because she needs to spy on the hot teen spy dude), Marisa grabs a bunch of dresses and cries, “It’s a girl!”, as if a) girls need to be interested in feminine pursuits like fashion, and b) ONLY girls can get excited for dressing up. However, K.C. basically rolls her eyes at this reaction, encouraging the audience to do the same.

Nerdy vs. popular

Traditionally, Disney Channel has treated academically-motivated kids with disdain. If a character studies hard and gets stellar grades, they’re usually ridiculed by their peers (see Farkle and his nerd buddies in Girl Meets World, Ravi in Jessie, and Kevin Covais’ character on Good Luck Charlie, just to name a few examples). Fortunately, Disney flips the script in K.C. - even though K.C. can be socially awkward like most Disney nerds, she gains confidence in herself and learns how to embrace her inner goddess, attracting her crush, making the “popular” girls jealous with her beauty, and breaking into an impressive tango routine at the school dance.

Yep, this what Disney Channel nerds usually look like. Nice sweater, bro.

Marisa, the kind of character who we’re supposed to look up to on Disney Channel shows, instead comes across as pretty silly. (Disney REALLY wants make this idea blatantly clear for viewers, even giving Marisa the line, “Studying: bad. Partying: good!”) The one issue I have with the show’s portrayal of Marisa is what I call “slut-shaming lite”: even though you never see her even kissing a guy, and nobody directly calls her out for her boy obsession, it’s obvious that we’re not supposed to take her too seriously. In one scene, she comes into a room with a guy for some “alone time,” and once she sees K.C. and the other teen spy in the room, she leaves to give them privacy, prompting the spy dude to joke that Marisa must not be very good at school. Why, spy dude? Are girls not allowed to party and be smart, huh?!

Weight & disability

When K.C. is in the school cafeteria, she sits next to a fat girl in a wheelchair who’s sitting alone, assuming that the girl is probably lonely. Suddenly, a bunch of the “popular” girls storm in and sit with the girl, who had been reserving their seats, and the girl starts bitching out K.C. for stereotyping people with disabilities. In one fell swoop, Disney Channel tackles the pervasive assumptions that kids who are fat and/or have a disability are outcasts and that all people with disabilities are “nice.” Even though typecasting the overweight girl as the brassy/sassy fat chick - popularized in contemporary film by Rebel Wilson & Melissa McCarthy - was a little disappointing, the show’s representation (and humanization!) of people with disabilities made my heart swell three sizes (too late for a Christmas reference?).


Aaaaaand that’s it. Usually I wouldn’t recommend Disney Channel shows to anyone (seriously), but so far, K.C. Undercover is pretty entertaining, and it’s exactly what the current white-washed Disney Channel needs. I’m not sure if the show will have staying power, since the writing and plot aren’t spectacular, but honestly, as long as it outlasts goddamn Dog with a Blog, I’ll be happy.

P.S. The (awesome) theme song for the show should drop on January 15. You can check out a preview of it in the show’s promo.

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I hate not knowing who the next doctor is gonna be ugh and I hate the fact that we'll only get to see them in the Christmas Special and then fully in autumn. Also I thought it was Chibnail not chinball? But then it turned out it's actually Chibnall lmao

same oh my god my stomach is held tight in anxiety bc i just want to know that chibnall has come through for us and a non white male doctor has been cast

literally tho, his name is a bit silly either way, lmao

The One with All the Candy

Title: The One with All the Candy

Summary: Christmas has become just another day for Dean, not worth celebrating. Donna, on the other hand, loves Christmas. Can she instill him with the Holiday Spirit by Christmas Day?

12 Days of Dean and Donna: A Christmas Story

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x Donna Hanscum

Word Count:  2279

Warnings: nsfw, explicit language, explicit sexual content, oral sex (male receiving), Donna feels insecure about her sexual abilities

Author’s Notes: Thank you @mamapeterson and @climbthatmooselikeatree for your always invaluable help. Written for the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge from @waywardlullabies. Day 7 of 12 Days of Christmas, Prompt: Stockings + Candy

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Ons Light Novel 3 Chapter 2

Title: In the Absence of the Demon

Disclaimer: This is a fan-made translation from Chinese translations! Please go easy and enlighten us on any mistakes or deviations from the original light novel. All credit goes to the original author and illustrators. - Hyaka and Kuro Shion


‘This is Ichinose Guren-sama.’

This was heard in one of the classroom of First Shibuya High School.

Until recently, everyone here should have been an enemy.

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drabble request! Could you do a post break up with Ron Hermione like right after the war with Charlie? NSFW They are one of my more obscure otps, along with cemione

“This isn’t working.”

The words tumbled out of her before she could really examine them, almost in a panicked rush – like she understood that if she didn’t say it now, then by the time she realized she should, it would be far too late. Ron froze where he sat on the couch beside her. His eyes didn’t leave the television – he’d gotten very into football, since she’d introduced him to it – and for a moment she wondered if he hadn’t heard her.

But then he spoke. His voice was a whisper, ragged, like his heart was shattering. “I know.”

Hell, maybe his heart was shattering. She felt like hers was, too. Feeling tears sting her eyes, she slumped against the couch, pressing her fingertips against them to try and keep from embarrassing herself. Within seconds, she was gathered into his arms, tucked into his chest as she cried. 

She could hear him crying, too. It wasn’t fair, really. How could two people want something to happen so badly – and then it just didn’t? Love was capricious and cruel. 

She wanted nothing more to do with it.

Ron picked the pieces of himself back up, first, as he always did. It was a weird few months after the break-up, and she wasn’t going to lie to herself and say she didn’t feel a stab of jealousy when he began dating Luna. She liked to think it was okay as long as she didn’t act on it, and examined it long enough to realize that it was an infantile reaction.

Which it really was. She couldn’t possibly demand that she not have him and that no one else have him, either. A small part of her was happy for the both of them, and she could only hope that it would eventually grow larger than the part of her that wasn’t.

As for her, she dated no one, and threw herself into her job.

Romania was cold

Her boss had selected her to accompany him there to discuss the possible procurement of dragon eggs – someone up in the Highlands wanted to breed some, but unfortunately there weren’t any dragon experts to provide any details as to whether or not that would be feasible. It would be cheaper than importing them, though, so the Ministry was eager to see if it was possible.

And Hermione Granger was going because she was best friends with the brother of one of the leading experts in the field. Naturally. Did it matter that she only saw him on the occasional Christmas? 

Apparently not.

“There he is,” she told her boss, pointing at the patch of red hair in the distance. Charlie was unmistakable, even from a distance – burly and so covered in freckles that he almost looked tan. He was much shorter than the other Weasley boys, she recalled, only a few inches taller than her instead of the usual towering twelve inches of difference.

“Good,” Halfweather puffed. He was a heavy-set man, and the trek up into the mountains – they couldn’t allow Apparating too close, for safety reasons – had rendered him into a sweaty, red-faced mess. 

Charlie turned and waved at them, and Hermione waved back. As she approached, she smiled. “Hi Charlie. Thanks for meeting with us.”

“Anything for family,” he said, promptly, his teeth flashing white. She felt her cheeks heat a bit; since her break-up with Ron, the other Weasleys had gone to incredible lengths to assure her that she was still an honorary Weasley, whether she married in or not. As his eyes shifted to her boss, he extended a hand. “Charlie Weasley.”

“Argle Halfweather. That’s quite the hike,” her boss gasped, clasping Charlie’s hand and pumping it. “I trust you got my owls about the situation?”

“Yep. And the highlands might be a bit chilly for this species. I’ll go over the numbers with you, but if it’s too cold, the eggs won’t incubate properly. Even with artificial heating, the young wouldn’t grow up as strong, either.” A roar tore through the mountains, making Hermione jump and swallow a surprised squeak. Charlie chuckled, and cocked his head to indicate a building a few hundred yards away. “Let’s go inside and work the numbers, hey?”

The discussion lasted for longer than Hermione’s interest – mostly because a lot of it was Charlie patiently repeating the breed’s limitations while her boss tried to figure out a way to make the proposal work. When it started to get too cyclical, she excused herself and headed outside to take a walk.

The building overlooked a basin that was a breeding grounds, and for a moment she just meandered along the edge of the cliffs, watching the females wander around. Fascinated, she watched as some of them nosed against each other. She was pretty sure that in the wild, dragons hadn’t lived in anything resembling packs, but ever since landing on the endangered watch list about fifty years back, wizards had begun to take more care to ensure they were procreating. She wondered if this was simply a result of those needs.

“Half of them are pregnant.”

Startling a bit at his voice, she turned, her hand clasped around her neck. Shooting him a chiding look, she glanced around for her boss. When she didn’t see him, she turned back to the females. “Only half?”

Only? That’s an amazing success rate, thank you very much,” he huffed, mock-offended. 

“Is it? My apologies. It’s just that it sounds so unimpressive,” she retorted, laughing when he threw a hand over his heart and stumbled back, as if wounded. “So where are the males?”

“Oh, scattered,” he chuckled, indicating the mountains. “They don’t share very well.”

“So, when do they lay the eggs?”

“Sometime in the next month,” he said. “My best guess is a little less than twenty days, but I know one of them will probably be early, judging by how quickly she threw her nest together.”

“Nest,” Hermione repeated. “What do they put in them?”

He opened his mouth to explain, and then closed it, shooting her a sidelong look of mischief. “Want to see?”

“Is it safe?”

“It is if you’re with me,” he said, grandly, and she scoffed a bit. Flashing another easy grin, he started around the edge of the basin, waving her along after him. “Come on.”

They picked their way along the edge, Hermione slowing substantially as the path thinned dangerously. But Charlie skipped along the narrow cliff with the effortless ease of someone who walked it several times a day. She was torn between trying to keep up and not wanting to trip and fall arse over teakettle to her death. 

Her will to live won out, and he ended up waiting impatiently for her at the entrance to a cavern. “Any day, now.”

“If I fall to my death, you can explain that to the Boy Who Lived. And your mum,” she called back. When she finally made it to him, she sighed with relief. She was not relishing the walk back. It was better than flying anywhere, but not by very much. 

He drew his wand as he stepped into the cavern, spinning it around in his fingertips.

“What, are you showing off?” she demanded, laughing again. He flashed another smile, but stopped, looking a little sheepish. She was still chuckling as he cast lumos and led her down one of the tunnels. It looked like it had just naturally formed this way, but the uniformity of the tunnel’s measurements seemed to indicate that it had been man-made, just with a cave aesthetic

Casting her own lumos, she followed him carefully. 

After about ten minutes, he slowed a bit. “It’s coming up,” he whispered. “She should be out in the basin with the other females, but just in case, keep quiet.”

When they turned into the little cave, though, it was empty. The nest reminded her of a bird’s nest, if a bird was a hundred feet high and had a carrying capacity of several hundred pounds. Branches, fur, soft grasses, even some stolen bits of cloth from someone human – they were all piled in the corner.

“I thought there was supposed to be gold, or something.”

“No, that’s for mating. The males make those,” Charlie responded, gingerly entering the little cavern and looking proudly at the nest. “They want it to look vibrant and shiny to attract mates. Those nests don’t last longer than a season.”

He stopped, suddenly, and cocked his head, his eyes scanning the cave. Calmly, he placed a hand on her shoulder and steered her towards the far end of the cave, into a little alcove. 


Raising a finger to his lips, he tucked her firmly into the alcove, putting his body between her and the cave. 

Then she heard the breathing. Sucking in a harsh breath, she tried to calm the rapid beating of her heart as the breathing and clambering came closer, and closer, and finally entered that very same cave. Just around his arm, she could see the massive form of the dragon moving to the corner to inspect her nest, and she sucked in another breath and held it.

They had nowhere to go if she realized she had intruders and decided she didn’t like them being there.

She knew her eyes were wide as saucers as she looked up at him. In the pale blue light of her wand, he looked calm, his finger still raised to his lips. He even smiled a little, and she felt some of the panic leech out of her.

As it did, she became poignantly aware of how close they were.

If she moved so much as a millimeter, she’d end up pressed against him. Awkwardly, she tried to press back against the alcove a bit, but there was nowhere to go. She found herself staring at his collarbones, peeking out from the collar of his shirt. They stood out in sharp relief above a broad, powerful chest, and she began to fidget as her thoughts easily carried her to somewhere she’d much rather they hadn’t. Charlie was kind of like a brother.

Well, maybe not that close. Like a cousin. Or something.

It was definitely strange to think about him in any sort of sexual capacity, that was for sure. She felt her face began to heat, and hoped that the blue glow of the wands would make it less apparent. 

She heard some rustling echoing through the cave, and her mind went blank when Charlie leaned in, putting his lips against her ear. He breathed the words, careful to be quiet. “She’s checking to make sure it’s perfect. She’ll do this four or five times a day and fix any perceived imperfections, obsessively, until she lays.”

Swallowing, she tried to jerk a nod to indicate she’d heard. He didn’t say anything else, but he didn’t move away, either.

Finally, she turned her head to see what he was doing, and froze when he did the same, their faces lining up just centimeters from each other. His eyes scanned hers for a moment as he went still, and for a second her thoughts went completely haywire: Oh my God, he’s going to kiss me

But he straightened, and she sucked in a shaky breath as the space between them increased to a few inches, again. 

The dragon finished her business and lumbered back out, and they waited there for another tense minute to be sure she was well and truly gone. Then he eased out of the alcove, and she shot past him, desperate for a little more space. They avoided each other’s eyes as he murmured, “Let’s head back.”

“Mm-hm,” she agreed, her voice a little high-pitched.

The trek back to the opening of the cavern was silent and extremely awkward. He waited at the opening, offering her a sheepish smile before picking his way along the thin strip of cliffside. 

Her yelp whipped him around. She’d stumbled, and she hadn’t fallen, but was clinging to the wall of rock in terror. 

“You alright?” he called, heading towards her.

“Yeah,” she managed, her face turning bright red. “Sorry, I tripped over this stupid… Sorry, I’m fine. Really.” He continued approaching her, anyway.

“Be careful. I really, really don’t want to explain your disappearance to my mum,” he joked.

She nodded, casting a pained look down the cliff. “I really just hate heights.”

“Oh yeah, you do,” he murmured, frowning. “I’d actually forgotten that. Why didn’t you say something earlier?”

Shrugging weakly, she managed a tight smile. “I wanted to see a dragon nest.”

Sighing theatrically, he clapped her on the shoulder. “Alright, come on. Do you want to grab the back of my shirt?” he offered, reaching behind himself and pulling it off his broad, muscled back. “That way, if you fall, you can take me with you.”

“That does make the spiteful, petty part of me feel a bit better.” She gripped the fabric, breathing a little easier for the anchor. 

As soon as they made it back to solid ground, she let him go, and he turned to face her. She could see from his face that he was gearing up to ask about that moment in the cave, and she steeled herself for it. “Hermione,” he began, but stopped short, looking faintly bewildered. 

She just stared at him, silent.

Finally, he asked, “How’s Ron?”

Blinking at the sudden shift, she stumbled through her answer. “Oh, he’s uh, he’s fine, he’s planning on proposing to Luna soon, actually. I figure it’s safe to tell you since you can’t ruin the surprise from all the way out here.”

Nodding, he smiled. “Good. That’s good. I’m glad. Good for him.”


He turned to head back around the basin, and she wasn’t sure if she was relieved or disappointed that he’d apparently lost his nerve. As she was warring with herself over it, she took a step forward to follow him, and that’s when he whipped around and gripped her chin, holding it steady as he pressed his lips to hers.

The kiss was soft and warm, and so utterly shocking that she felt like she’d been doused in ice water. She froze up a bit, responding slowly.

He pulled back before she could fully relax into it, still holding her chin. He was looking at her as though she’d just revealed herself to be a three-headed serpent, frowning as he considered her. She knew she just looked surprised, her eyes wide and her lips parted.

“Huh,” he finally said. “How about that.”

Then he let her go, and she just stood there and stared at his back as he turned to head back to the building. 

The feminist Rudolph takedown you never knew you always needed
My friend Michael Whitney is one of the best feminists and funniest people I know. For Christmas, he wrote a takedown of the Rudolph claymation special that is absolutely brilliant, and I asked if I could share it with you. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. Happy holidays!smooches, kate12 Fucked Up Things About Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer I just watched the claymation version of Rudolph for the first time in a while the other day, and I can confidently say it’s a tool of a patriarchal capitalist oligarchy.   This is just stupid, mostly, but the more I wrote the angrier I got about how messed up this story is and how laden with capitalist and patriarchal undertones and I kind of hate myself for writing so much about it. But there we were, 6pm Christmas Eve, and I had like 800 words about this.   Sorry.   Here are 12 fucked up things about Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.


1. Plainly, the movie is ableist. A red nose is considered a disability from birth; Rudolph was only given a chance because they could use his nose during a crisis. Christmastown’s root discomfort with Rudolph’s identity remains unresolved. He is only used to further the town’s capitalist endeavors.
External image
2. Rudolph is forced into the closet with his red nose, as his father, Donner, attempts to mask his son’s nose with dirt. 
External image
3. Meanwhile, no one seems to care that there’s a reindeer named Fireball with a shock of blonde hair, like he’s also not some kind of misnamed different kind of reindeer.
External image


4. Female reindeer in the cartoon are depicted with lighter fur and without antlers, made to resemble their white-tail deer cousins and stripped of their true reindeer identities.
External image
5. Further, only cis-gendered male reindeer are allowed to fly the sleigh. None of the female reindeer are even given a chance to train.
External image
6. When Donner goes out to find Rudolph, “Mrs. Donner,” who apparently doesn’t have a first name, offers to come with. As told by the narrator, “Mrs. Donner wanted to go along, naturally.  But Donner said no, this is man’s work.”
External image
  7. After Rudolph saves his family from the Abominable Snow Monster, Donner says they need to “get the women back to Christmas town.”   Motherfucker, you were one of the ones captured by the Bumble and your cast-out son had to save you. Don’t deflect to the women. 
External image


External image


8. Hermey the Elf is given the false choice of making toys he doesn’t want to make, or being fired in an economy in which there is only one job function for his species. He is fired, and cast out into the Arctic to fend for himself.
External image
9. Yet Hermey’s motivation for leaving his indentured servitude is to join a bourgeois class, and begins to identify not by his name nor his status as an elf, but as a “dentist” – his aspirational position. 
External image
10. The Island of Misfit Toys itself is a place of exile of disabled toys and toys with nontraditional identities. As the origin is all from the elves’ workshop at Christmastown, it is through errors on the workshop floor that the toys became unwanted and then exiled to the Island of Misfit Toys. 
External image
Yet when Rudolph and Hermey – two non-toy outcasts from the same place – arrive at the Island, they are only allowed to stay one night because they’re not toys. “How do you like that? Even among misfits you’re a misfit,” said Yukon Cornelius. The trauma and struggle endured by the toys have left them raw and vulnerable and distrustful of those who can be united in solidarity against the oppressors at Christmastown.   11. Hermey extracts the Bumble’s teeth, rendering the native beast powerless and unable to eat on his own. Then Yukon tackles him, and ends up enslaving him to serve the capitalist Christmas enterprise he so despises. Yukon brings the Bumble into Santa’s workshop and forces the defenseless animal to put the star on the tree – representing the cherry on top of the total enslavement of the native in service of the conquering colonialists.
External image
12. Yukon Cornelius, an interloper capitalist explorer, shifts his sights downward in his exploration and mining. When he first meets Rudolph and Hermey, he says he’s looking for gold. He then changes his mind later:

Yukon Cornelius: You’re going to stay with me and we’ll all be rich with the biggest silver strike this side of Hudson Bay. Silverrrrrrr! 

But by the end of the movie, he considers peppermint sufficient – and deludes himself that it really is what he’s been looking for:

Yukon Cornelius: Peppermint! What I’ve been searching for all my life! I’ve struck it rich! I’ve got me a peppermint mine! Wahooooo! 

Yukon’s degrading aspirations represent the working class’s dwindling prospects at prosperity; his initial search for precious minerals winds up with him settling for a fictitious flavoring that will still end up exploiting the land.
External image
~~*~~   Jesus Christ I can’t believe I wrote all of this.   Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.   Michael
16 Reasons One Direction Are on Top of the Stadium Rock Game
Boy band's performance at New Jersey's MetLife Stadium proves their supremacy

1. For the past five years, the world’s biggest pop group has been the world’s biggest classic-rock band, doing their “Baba O'Riley” remake every night for 60,000 screaming girls. “People like us don’t get to play stages like this,” Harry Styles said last night at New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium, and he’s right. Strange but true: One Direction are on top of the classic-rock stadium-band pyramid these days.

2. Harry and Louis are the Stevie and Lindsey of the mermaid-tattoo-era stadium-rock eye-contact game. Louis’ eyes are dark, intense, controlling, with a surly “damn your love, damn your life” edge. Harry’s eyes say “I hear the darkness you’re expressing and it’s important to me but my heart tells me to twirl right now,” so he twirls and touches his hair. The brooding look vs. the beatific twirl. When one of them gets happy, the other gets wistful. When one of them gets bitchy, the other gets sugary. I could watch them sing together for hours. I could probably watch them do laundry for hours. (I doubt they do laundry.)

3. One Direction played MetLife Stadium a year ago to the day, and they were great that night—but very different, and nowhere near as great. 1D are massively better as a foursome, because their personalities all have much more room. Last year they were so competitive for stage time — Niall and Zayn seemed to be auditioning for their solo careers. Harry spent much of the 2014 show with his mop wrapped up in a headband — obviously ambivalent about the onstage traffic jam. (Harry covering his hair onstage is like Stevie Nicks in sweatpants.) Tonight, the hair was free, and Harry’s hair is always the window into his soul. Without Zayn they have to work harder — they’re all singing more lines and patrolling more turf — but they’re needy boys and they like it that way.

4. Harry Styles, master of the power flounce. For a band that formed on TV, 1D are not done justice by video, because Harry is a performer you have to see live. The way he covers space is insane — imagine if Mick Jagger had the warm and benign heart of Paul McCartney, cast under a magic spell by Stevie Nicks, and you’re about halfway there. Every limb of his body is an instrument he uses to express to girls how happy he is to bask in their presence. He uses his arms, he uses his legs, he uses his style and he uses his sidestep. He’s in a pop-star zone where he can seem totally self-adoring and cosmically benevolent at the same time.

5. Literally the first thing Louis does onstage is run to the corner and wave up to the nosebleed seats in the upper deck, a mile in the sky with only a side view. He’ll take care of the fans up front later, but his first order of business is making sure the cheap seats get noticed.

6. Harry announces, “You’re lovely to be in here. We can see you at the top. We can see you up in the back. You’re a beautiful, beautiful bunch of people.” So much of 1D’s brilliance is convincing everyone they can see the crowd, despite all the glaring lights in their faces. The key line in their new smash “Drag Me Down”: “All these lights can’t blind me.”

7. The screaming is like two and a half hours inside a jet engine, but in a good way. Loudest moment: The climactic shriek in “Midnight Memories.” Runner up: when the video screen show’s Harry’s boots.

8. Harry’s twirl game explodes in the second chorus of “No Control” — he romps off to his corner and spins in circles. He’s not singing, he’s not up on the video screen, just going into his happy place. During “Diana,” he went for a sprint down the catwalk and back, for no reason. Dude’s been on his feet 90 minutes at this point.

It’s like watching the footage of Secretariat running the Belmont Stakes in 1973 — he’s 31 lengths ahead of the other horses, but he speeds up madly for the final stretch because he’s so in love with being fast. That’s what it’s like watching Harry work a stadium. You instinctively think, “Dude, save some for later,” but the whole physiology of saving some for later is alien to the Harry lifeform. The harder he works to give every drop of his Harry-osity away, the more of it he has. Watching Harry spit water and touch his hair makes me want to be a better person.

9. Speaking of twirling, we know from the gossip columns that Harry is a hardcore Stevie Nicks fan — he even baked her a birthday cake. Why haven’t we seen pictures of this cake?

10. These boys love the whole 1970s rock thing — they call this tour On the Road Again, which should be the name of a double-vinyl live album from a 1974-era Southern AOR sextet who sing about rockin’ down the highway. The tour program has the size and heft of an LP, full of Time Fades Away–style black-and-white pics of boys near amps. The classic-rock-as-teen-pop thing is so avant-garde, the rest of the music world still hasn’t found a way to imitate it. Their Fleetwood Mac homage “Fireproof” even nails the precise John McVie bass throb.

11. After “Fireproof,” Harry takes a bow at center stage — he bends all the way at the waist and then whips his hair up to high noon. Hair flip of the night.

12. Niall has really grown — his guitar used to seem like a shield he hid behind, but he was killing it from the first song (“Clouds,” where he takes such visible pride in playing the Wings guitar hook and looks around to see if his bandmates noticed) to the last (“Best Song Ever,” where he air-keyboards to the Townshend synth intro).

13. 1D talked a lot about how much they love their best song, “No Control.” “You’re the greatest fans in the world because you all fell in love with a song called ‘No Control,’” Liam yelled. “You made it your own!” When they asked the crowd to yell out their favorite song on Four, everyone in my section yelled “No Control.” Is this even an issue?

14. A year ago, there were basically no males — no dads, no dates. I saw more guys onstage than in the crowd. It’s different now — 1D have achieved their longtime goal of conquering the dads. Maybe it was that Vine clip of Louis and Harry and Ron Wood their daughters made them watch over Christmas — a six-second tutorial in what friendship is all about, a Vine I have re-watched and shed tears over and re-enacted and only rarely felt silly about loving — but the dads were here, often wearing T-shirts their daughters made. My faves were “This 1D Dad Is Larry AF” and “Maddy’s Dad Loves No Control.” 1D have achieved this without compromising their core mission, which is singing to girls about how excellent they (the girls) are and how fortunate they (the boys) are.

(That Vine: Louis shares a mic with Ron Wood, Louis knows how much Harry loves the Stones, so Louis slides over to make room for Harry to shimmy next to Ron Wood. This is one of my 10 favorite moments of Ron Wood’s life and I own three of his solo records.)

15. Favorite fan signs: “You Are Currently Attending My Sweet Sixteen,” “Harry Smile! Your Happiness Is The Most Important Thing In My Life.”

16. When 1D blew up, nobody — not even people who liked them — figured they’d be anything more than 16 to 18 months of kicks. What the band and their fans have built over the past five years is unique. If the girls sound cocky and vindicated when they scream, they should. And 1D are brilliant because they know exactly who’s in charge.

klaroline-overdose  asked:

Hey could write something about 4x19: Klaus going around the house all worried because his Carebear needs a dress, thinking, picking out the perfect dress for his queen “Wife will look hot on this one” “Wife is gonna be prom queen”?

I’m pretty sure this isn’t as funny as you (or I!) initially wanted it to be, but hopefully you enjoy!


A Dress for a Queen

“Uh, Klaus? Are you doing alright in there?” Caroline tried to crane her head to look up into the attic, but Klaus had absolutely insisted that she remain down at the bottom while he looked through his family collection. At least, that was partially the truth.

“Be patient, love, I’ll be right down!” he called out, hoping to sound as casual as possible.

The problem, however, was that he wasn’t feeling casual. Not in the slightest.

Dresses of varying lengths, colours, fabrics and styles lay strewn around the room, hanging out of trunks and over boxes, haphazardly piled on top of each other as Klaus flashed around the room, pulling them out, each one leaving him completely unsatisfied.

“Too garish,” he muttered, throwing a yellow gown to the corner. “Not formal enough,” he growled, tossing aside a blue cocktail dress.

“Seriously, do you need help or something?” Caroline called up.

“Really sweetheart, everything’s fine!” he insisted, hoping she didn’t catch on to the slight edge of desperation in his voice. He had promised her, he had sworn upon his status as the alpha-male that he would find her something of royal caliber, something that would set off her beauty; present her as the stunning queen she was.

Apparently it was easier said than done.

“Okay, you were taking way too long so – what the hell happened here?!”

Klaus spun to see Caroline step into the attic, taking in the disaster scene in wonder. To Caroline, it was like walking into a candy store on Christmas; dresses, gowns, everything a girl like her could’ve dreamed of. Suddenly, Klaus producing a ball gown to drop on her front porch no longer seems ludicrous if he had the contents of Paris fashion week just sitting in his attic.

“You own all these dresses?” asked Caroline with barely restrained glee, running her fingers over the skirt of a red gown.

“Well, my sister tends to hoard pretty things but this is what my family has amassed over the centuries, yes,” said Klaus with an amused smirk, watching her flit from dress to dress. He grimaced when she held up a black and white number that would’ve looked awful on her, plucking it from her hands immediately.

“Are you seriously going to play Tim Gunn right now?” she asked, eyebrows raised amusement.

“Who?” he asked, but she just shook her head and waved him off, going for another dress, only to have Klaus toss it aside with a look of disgust.

“Love, you wanted to look like Grace Kelley, not like a circus escapee,” he said, wrinkling his nose and Caroline couldn’t help the loud laugh that bubbled up in her throat, the sound of it echoing throughout the large attic, bright and happy and finally dispelling the dark mood Elena’s actions had cast over her perfect day. She felt carefree and young, like a teenage girl with nothing to worry about past college decisions and where to roadtrip after graduation. Not that she hadn’t done her best to capture that sense of normalcy with Bonnie and Matt by her side but she saw their smiles slip ever so slightly when they thought she wasn’t looking, she knew that their minds had gone to the town’s latest grave, wondering how long it would be before the next one was dug, and who the poor soul would be.

“What about this one?” asked Caroline, holding up something bright yellow, but Klaus simply arched his eyebrows and she set it aside with a sigh, both of them moving to sift through old trunks.

“I trust everything else about tonight is continuing uninterrupted?” asked Klaus idly.

“Well, I haven’t gotten a phonecall saying that the place is on fire so I guess Elena settled for stealing my dress,” said Caroline, a little more bitterly than she intended. She was going to rise above this, for God’s sake. She was going to hold her head high and show the emotionless bitch that she couldn’t ruin the one night Caroline had held onto for so, so long.

Klaus noticed her sudden shift in mood, and as he observed her silently, he noticed the persistent weight she seemed to carry on her shoulders. To be Caroline Forbes was no easy task, to constantly radiate light and strength when the world around you was determined to destroy you – a lesser person would break.

“This hasn’t caused you too much grief, I hope?” he asked her carefully.

Caroline rolled her eyes, “It wouldn’t be a Mystic Falls party without drama,” she said with a wry smile.

“I can’t say I fully understand your insistence that this dance be perfect.”

Caroline sighed and turned to him, “Let me guess, the Big Bad Hybrid doesn’t do high school dances?”

“Give me some credit love, I’ve shown up to at least two!” he said, feigning hurt, pleased to see a small smile on her face. “But truthfully, a thousand years does hinder you from seeing the importance in such things, regardless of Rebekah’s viewpoint.”

“But that’s just it!” said Caroline in earnest, “We’re not a thousand years old! We’re kids! We barely know what we’re doing; we could die tomorrow, and then what?” Caroline sighed again, deeper, wearier, running a hand through her hair. “I just – I just don’t want us to look back and only remember funerals, and fighting, and curses and murders. In a thousand years, if any of us even make it that long, I want to be able to look back at Mystic Falls and remember the good times. I want us to have something to hold onto.”

They stand in dead silence after Caroline’s speech, the full weight of eternity suddenly bearing down on them. For a baby vampire, Caroline had more perspective than Klaus ever did. He thinks back to those first few years of mayhem and bloodlust with his siblings by his side, he wonders if he ever once stopped to think about making memories to carry him through his lifetime.

He never thought to, but Caroline, Caroline stands in a class of her own.

“This one,” he says at last, reaching into the bottom of an old trunk and pulling out a dress worthy of a Queen. She gasped upon seeing it, running her hands reverently over the intricate beadwork and Klaus smiled proudly, knowing he had done well. Caroline took it from him carefully and he left the attic to let her try it on, ambling downstairs and mulling over her words. As he resumed his spot in front of the fireplace, he hears her come down and turns to see a vision that would put Princess Grace to shame.

Weeell,” she says with a small smile, “how do I look?”

Klaus stood speechless as he looked her up and down properly. Slowly, he walked forward and took her hand,  lifting her arm up and twirling her slowly, admiring the way the dress flattered her. “Stunning,” he said finally. “Absolutely stunning.”

Caroline preened under his praise and the rush of confidence she got emboldened her, allowing her to stand so close to Klaus without bolting. It was hard not to blush under his admiring gaze, and for a moment she let herself lose her sense of time and just enjoy the moment before the chime of the grandfather clock in the hallway snapped her out of her haze.

“Oh my god, is it seriously that late?!” she said, panicking. “I have to do my hair, makeup, I have to call the rest of the committee…” she rambled off her duties while Klaus just chuckled and she was quickly making her way to the front door, leaving Klaus in his solitude. The hybrid watched her go off with a small smile on his face and was ready to get back to brooding before he felt her presence behind him again, and he turned, confused, to find her marching up to him determinedly and after just a second of hesitation, she stood on her tiptoes and pressed a soft kiss to his cheek.

“Thank you, Klaus,” Caroline said softly, ignoring the pleasant brush of his stubble and the scent of his cologne. She pulled back, restraining a giggle at the dumbstruck look on his face and was ready to be on her way before one last thought pulled her back.

“Hey Klaus?” she said, frowning slightly. “One last thing – this dress, and the ball gown you got me – how did you know my measurements?”

Klaus smirked rakishly, a glint in his eye. “Love, do you really want to know?”

Marlene King -Answers..

Are we going to get a real A or member of the A-Team reveal this season?

This season, characters on the show will learn A’s identity and give a huge clue to the audience.

What time of year is it in Rosewood? It has been senior year for 2 whole seasons, and 1.5 seasons since halloween of senior year. I’ve heard rumours of a Christmas episode, which knowing you all could obviously be a flashback ep, but it we’re doing this Christmas then everything that has happened since the Halloween train has been less than 2 months of show time? Can you shed a little light?

Time goes VERY SLOWLY in Rosewood. It’s almost like a magical element to us, because we want the show to go on for a few more seasons, we move time slowly, but after the Christmas episode time will speed up a little bit and we will get to spring of Senior year more quickly than we’ve dealt with this Fall. Thank you!

So tomorrow night, in-universe, what is the date?

Fall? It’s Fall in Rosewood. And before the end of the season, we WILL get to Thanksgiving.

First, I feel like the fact PLL has positive representation of multiple queer people of color goes under appreciated. Intersectionality is appreciated so thank you! Second, will the fact that Ali drove Paige to self-harm ever come to play again?

Well, first of all, thank you. We have a lot of fun on PLL but we try to contribute to any positive role modeling we can. And the Piage /Alison storyline this summer is one of my favorites, and I can’t wait for fans to watch it play out. It’s very emotional, and I think it’s very real to what teens go through when they are bullied.

Which of the Liars do you relate to the most? And which of the couples do you ship the hardest?

In some ways I relate to all the characters, but the character I related to first was Hannah, because of the divorce story in the books and the divorce story we brought into the show. My parents were divorced, and I latched onto that.

When will we know who killed Wilden?

You will find out tomorrow night, actually!

After the Season 4 finale, are we led to believe that Mona was the “A” harassing Ali leading up to the night she got attacked? Or that Mona was inspired by Ali’s description of A after Mona picked her up?

We are led to believe that Mona was the “A” harassing Alison.

Will we get to find out what Ali had been up to while she was “dead”? I feel like there should be a spin off show showing Ali while she was away, have you ever thought of it?;)

Yes, I have thought of it! Alison: the Missing Years.

Hi Marlene! Is there a show that you have been addicted to in the same way that many of us are with PLL?

YES. Breaking Bad. The whole time I was watching that show, I was saying “This is how PLL watchers must feel.” I was staying up too late, getting up too early, I actually drove to work one day with it playing propped up on my iPad. So I know exactly how fans feel. And this was last year, so it was really great for me to feel that connection.

Is A a character that we’ve already met?

In theory and reality, yes.

In answering this question do you refer to a singular A or perhaps more than one person?

Well, I’m referring to a singular A.

Is the person who hit Ali, the A that was tormenting her? Or will it be revealed to be that the hitter and A are separate.

That’s the mystery that will be answered…

Why is there a framed picture of a wren in the picture of A’s lair you posted on instagram yesterday?

A is watching everyone. A is watching everyone.

Hi, Marlene! I know you’re a busy woman, but do you find time to keep up with all the fan theories? And do you secretly browse the PLL subreddit? :)

I browse as much fan theories and fan responses as I can! I really enjoy it, and it’s a lot of fun for me to see how involved and passionate the fans are. Sometimes the theories are incredibly great. They’re always fun, in any event.

Hey Mar! Will we get insight on both Ali and CeCe’s Red Coat journeys?

Yes! Also, tomorrow night!

Would you ever introduce a gay male character on the show?

Yes, we are already breaking the stories for season 5B, and there is a gay male character we think who will be joining the show!

Has there ever been a story line that ABC Family said no to?

There have been storylines that ABC family have said no to, sometimes because they paralleled other shows on the air, but not because of content - they want to make sure we are different from their other shows.

What are the chances of a “5 years later” sort of extension of pretty little liars? I understand the cast can’t keep playing high school students, but this could avoid that issue. Cause the cast is great

There will be a time jump, it may be on the TV show, or the movies we are starting to talk about, but there will be a time jump. We will “jump” college.

Will you ever kill off a major major character? like one of the girls or the boyfriends/girlfriend? maybe the parents? They sketchy as fuck

I could never say never. So Maybe.

Why is Wren so sketchy? Should we be considering him as a possible A team member?

Everyone is a possible A team member on this show.

Wil Alison’s journeys as Red Coat be touched on this season? Will we get insight on how she maneuvered in “hiding” so easily? Any flashbacks from her POV?

We don’t have many flashbacks from Alison’s point of view in the summer season, and we don’t touch on the past as much in the summer season. Because she’s back, it’s so interesting to see the girls in the present and moving forward, we’re trying to spend more tim in the present.

Will it be a white Christmas in rosewood?


I’m a huge fan of the books and the show. I know you and the other writers have said before that the show would never stray too far from the books, but it looks like the show’s going in a different direction now.

My question is, would you say that people who’ve read and love the books would overall be satisfied with the endgame you have in mind for the show?

The show always stays true to the characters and the truth of the characters Sarah created in the books, although I have lunch with Sarah as much as I can and we share our endgame stories, we decided a long time ago that it would be best if our endgames were not the same. Although it would be a weird coincidence if they were the same, since I don’t know hers and she doesn’t know mine. Although the books were so successful they may go on past the show.

how many characters bite the dust this season? give us a guestimate

There’s one significant biting of the dust this season. One call I won’t want to make to an actor. I have to make the calls to tell them they are dead…

I love Aria is A theories, but I find it hard to believe fans would allow the show to go in that direction. Mona’s comment about Aria’s wallpaper being very “her” was very telling. Does Aria have secrets from before the series run that we have yet to find out?

I think all the girls have secrets that we may not have found out yet. All the Pretty Little Liars, I should say…

Hi Marlene, Is there hope that Paily might reconcile in time for the Christmas episode?

Yes there is!

Who are your literary inspirations that gave you the ideas to create shows such as PLL?

Well, Sarah Shephard who created the books gave us the literary inspiration for this series. But I love a lot of great American writers, who we reference often in the show - Fitzgerald, Harpee Lee…

The first two messages Ali received in ‘The First Secret’ (The first message with a text, the second with the burlap doll) were not signed by 'A’. Could you shed some light on this?

A did send those, but A just hadn’t assumed the nom de plume of A at that time.

1) Is it ever really going to be addressed how Ezra was doing a book, and really taking advantage of Aria? Was that story intended from the beginning? What clues are there in earlier seasons to point this out? How are you going to write his redemption arc? Since this is a “favored” relationship, how are you going to come back from this really negative backstory?

Wow. Okay! The Ezra writing the book was not on our radar in season 1, but we started thinking about it in season 2, because fans were starting to look at him as a suspicious character already, so we started putting in clues from that point on, for example, making sure he was unavailable at certain times to Aria, but available to the “A” and showing up in odd places at odd times, like at the end of the Halloween train rather than on it.

2)Will everything eventually make sense when the series ends? I feel like there’s a lot of subplots that matter for a few episodes then are never brought up again and things contradict a lot and are hard to keep straight. Will all those things be fully explained? IS there a plan?

There is DEFINITELY a plan. I think it might contradict for a little while, but usually we explain in a way. We try very hard to keep things non-contradictory in the long term. We include a lot of red herrings deliberately, but we try to tie up all the loose ends before we move on to another subplot.

3) Have they known since the beginning that there was more than one A?

Yes. We knew in the beginning that we couldn’t sustain the series on one “A.” We let Mona be the original A, and let the audience guide us on how far we could go before answering that one question.

4) You have said that there are no plans to stop the show after season 5. Do you have a set end in sight, or do you just plan on dragging it out as long as possible?

I did not plan on dragging it out as long as possible. There is an end in sight. And we will hopefully announce what season that will be soon.

5)How do you decide what film elements to put in?

It’s really what’s organic to an episode. We love exploring Hitchcock and Hitchcockian themes, and if there’s a Hitchcock movie that’s relevant to a storyline, then we LOVE to use it.

6)What do you think of the dark themes like pedophilia, psychosis, pill addiction, murder, etc, in a show with a large teen demographic?

The Pretty Little Liars live relatable lives in a world that is filled with heightened reality. So darker themes sometimes tend to be more extreme than real life.

7)Who is your favourite character and why? What was audition process like for the main five girls?

My favorite character is A and you’ll understand why when A is revealed, and A’s motivation for being A is revealed. And the audition process for the 5 main girls was a lot of fun! We had a great time. We got to meet a lot of wonderful, talented actresses but when each individual girl who got the gig auditioned it was magical in the room, it was really fun and magical.

Will the girl who went missing at the same time as Ali, Sarah, and/or her clique make a come back?

I hope so. It’s a storyline we are still talking bout. It’s an interesting parallel to our world.

First has to do with Toby. From season one (or two I’m not sure exactly) there have been references towards Pretty Eyes as A, and it was revealed that Toby was A, however Mona said she recruited him after he got his buckscounty job in the middle of the third season. Is this an oversight? Also I feel like there has been such a huge shift in his character from that time, and him being A wasnt really explained. It was said that Toby was there in order to protect Spencer but she ended up going on a downward mental spiral and he almost framed Paige for murder. After this storyline it didnt really make sense for the whole mother storyline because it didnt give spencer the time to heal and question him over his dealings with A. Is there any chance that they are going to reflect on this further because I really feel like it puts a damper on their relationship.

My next question has to do with Ezra. The show does a good job at showing how Alison was abusive towards the girls in many different ways, however it paints Ezra in a very heroic/positive light and I really think that since your audience is mainly teenage girls and your show is about female friendship, it’s really irresponsible for this show to be painting that kind of message. Ezra didn’t know that Alison was underage when seeing her but he DID know that Aria was underage when he pursued a romantic and sexual relationship with her. AND THEN he became her teacher which put him in such a position that gave him so much power over her. Also, in the episode were Aria is in his cabin he shows really really abusive behavior towards her, he tells her that he needs to be the person she trusts most, that she needs to distance herself from her friends, and he also gaslighted her emotions when she said she was uncomfortable. Not to mention he was having surveillance done on them, now like Toby he said it was for his book on Alison/to keep them safe but he hasnt shown ANY indication that he was trying to keep them safe, considering he did NOTHING about A even though he knew about her/him. And now I feel like him getting shot is putting him on track for a redemption arc which is really troubling.

Also GRRM has talked about gardening/architect writing and I was wondering what you and your team are? Do you have a clear endgame planned from the beginning or do you sort of make it up as you go along?0

So the first question, the waitress in the diner (whose name is Marlene) uses Pretty Eyes as one of her go-to greetings. The Pretty Eyes she referred to the first time we saw her were to Mona’s eyes.

In regards to Ezra, after he fell in love with Aria, the book became irrelevant, and he used all of his resources to do surveillance on the Pretty little Liars to keep them safe and find out who A was.

Are we ever going to see an example of him keeping them safe? Because it seems as of right now he let A do so much to the girls even though he had A’s movements tracked down on a timeline.

I really think that Ezra’s abusive tendancies need to be adressed in the show but I didn’t really expect an answer. Falling in love isn’t an excuse for the way Ezra has treated Aria. He’s a sexual predator. He, a twenty something college graduate, seduced and manipulated a high school junior in order to further his own career. Thats literally being a predator.

We decided to be true to the storyline of Ezra and Aria that Sarah created in the book series, because it was a storyline the majority of book fans cared about.

can you please tell us something about the Christmas episode ?

The title of the Christmas episode is “How the A Stole Christmas” and I’m writing it with Kyle Bown.

Will we learn why CeCe was wearing the same top as Alison the night Alison went missing in season 5? And is it relevant in the long run?

We learn a lot about CeCe’s motivation. I just think we learn a lot about CeCe and her relationship with Alison tomorrow night.

Did you ever foresee PLL getting as big as it is now? It basically rules Twitter on Tuesdays.

We are ALWAYS grateful and overwhelmed by how big the show has become! Just recently I was talking to Ashley Benson about how we feel like there is an even bigger wave coming for season 5, we feel the swell of a new bigness for us being here and it’s very exciting.

Have you and the writers known exactly what will happen from the beginning of the PLL series? Or has a lot changed as you go further into the story?

We’ve known the mystery endgame, but a lot of the relationship stuff has changed along the way when we see how characters relate to each other and if they have chemistry or not.

How has Sara Shepard responded to the tv adaptation of her PLL books?

Sara and I have a wonderful relationship and she loves the show. She watches it religiously.

How do you personally feel about the dark themes in the PLL series? Pedophilia, murder, mental illness, ect…

Already answered!

What will the biggest reveal of the PLL series revolve around? Will it be A’s identity, or is there something even bigger in store for us?

There are lot of big answers to come. A’s ultimate identity and motivation for being A is huge.

Bonus: What has been the funniest incident on set of PLL? I imagine all the girls are a blast to be around. The one blooper reel of the show is incredibly hilarious. We need some more!

Shay is afraid of possums, and we once had a fake possum in a shot, and she ran screaming from the set!

And stay true to yourself. We are always thrilled to hear that we are making a positive difference.

The relationship the girls have with each other is great but will we see more of their friendships outside of the group? I miss Emily and Toby especially!

Yes, in season 5 we have a lot of fun scenes with characters we haven’t seen together for a while. We are pairing up new people for fun friendship scenes.

Will you ever show more of Hanna’s eating disorder/ body image issues? Like any new flashbacks or will it ever resurface?

Hanna in season 5 deals with her old identities when Ali was alive, and her new identities now that Ali is alive again, if that makes sense.

Is the black widow a person we already know


Is Alison heterosexual?

That’s such a great question. We’ve had a lot of conversation about that in the writer’s room. It’s a question that we’ve asked ourselves a lot this season. And the answer to that question will come this season.

1) How do you feel about Alison? Why do the girls want to help her even though she’s a horrible friend?

You know, that’s a great question. It’s a storyline we go deeply into this summer. And I would say when the Pretty Little Liars were younger, they were easily sucked into Alison’s manipulation because of their age, but now they are older and wiser, it will be interesting to see how far she can push them.

2) Where are we at with the timeline? Is graduation this season?

Graduation is coming but it’s not this summer. We have to have a prom before graduation.

3) Who is your favorite liar and why?

My favorites change all the time depending on the story lines we are dragging the girls through, I would say. So they are always changing.

4) Where did Holden go? I miss his cute face.

I miss him too! He’s back, he’ll be back this Summer, you’ll see him in the show.

5) When do you see the show ending?

I don’t want it to go on longer than it should, and we are starting to talk about when that end date would be, but there is no set end date yet.

6) Do you think most of the fans questions will be answered by the end of the show?

I think almost all of them, that’s our intention.

7) And FINALLY, do you and the writers have an endgame A planned?

We have an endgame A Plan that has been our endgame plan for a long time, since we revealed Mona as original A.

Why are the scripts leaking?! It was a little neat (the Aria/Ezra fans breathed a sigh of relief), but it sort of bunged up our show! (Not just here; it was on Twitter, FB, everywhere).

A set spoiler is fine; great fodder for speculation. But entire scripts?

I’ve read scripts that are not real scripts online. But to be on the safe side, we hire an uber-genius-anti-hacker-guy to keep all of our scripts a secret this year. the reality is people go out of their way to try to find spoilers and fans should not read them, that way nothing will get spoiled.

With so many characters turning out not to be how they seem (Ezra, Mona etc.), how do you balance a) not telling actors about future developments and plot twists and b) having their portrayals be genuine and true to the characters?

It’s a very tricky process. Sometimes we will tell a character a season in advance so they know how to play the part, but sometimes we won’t tell them until an episode before. Depends on the actor, usually.

As one of the moderators of /r/prettylittleliars I’ve observed times when seemingly CRAZY fan theories have turned out to be actual story lines a season later. Have you or the writers ever lurked our subreddit or Twitter for ideas or even just to get a good laugh?

PS, thanks for doing this! You rock!

No one ever intentionally lurks for ideas. But there are times when we see a wave of interest in a certain storyline and we will give it more life, maybe, than we originally planned.

Is the rumoured Ravenswood episode of PLL in 5A true?

There won’t be a Ravenswood episode in 5A, but Ravenswood will be discussed, and there may be a Ravenswood episode in 5B.

Are Radley Sanitarium and the Mockingbird Cafe named for To Kill a Mockingbird? If so, are those callbacks to season 1 and how much significance does that book have in the PLL storyline?

Radley was actually introduced in the books, but I think Sarah was using a To Kill A Mockingbird reference, and so we took that ball and ran with it and made it even a book that Ezra was teaching early on.

Which little project that I’ve probably never heard of is the one you’re proudest of?

Oh boy! Everything I’ve worked on has made some noise, so I’m waiting for the little ones. I mean, Pretty Little Liars was the little show that could and Now And Then was the little movie that could.

Will Tippi be making any appearances this season?

Not this summer!

If Mona wanted to be friends with Alison so much, why did she try to hurt her? Surely that would have pushed her away further?

Mona wanted to be friends with Alison early on, and I think Mona started gaming Alison before she became A.

Do you have a favorite episode of Pretty Little Liars?

Oh, that’s so hard to choose! It’s like picking your favorite child. But I think the season 4 finale, and tomorrow night’s premiere, and the 100th episode (which is coming up) are my 3 new favorites. And I’ll always love the pilot too. When the show’s all over, the pilot will probably be my all-time favorite episode because it really started the story.

With regards to PLL, Have you decided how the rest of the series is going to play out or do you continue to add new ideas/characters/story lines as time passes?

I know how the mystery plays out, but we are open to new characters and story lines that help us get to the endgame of answering the mystery questions.

When will it be revealed who is in the grave? 5A?

Yes. We will find out the identity of who was in the grave in 5A. Is -A and –A two different A’s or the same one? The dash and the dash dash are not relevant.

Will we ever find out who the black widow is from Wilden’s funeral? Also, what kind of impact will she have on the liars?

We will DEFINITELY find out who the Black Widow is, and there will be some clues given to the relevancy of the character midway through this summer. I love that character, that’s a great character too.

Does the show have a new opening theme?

It does not. We are sticking with the current theme. It’s iconic to the show, and we still love it.

I know you guys have said time and time again that you don’t stick to the books, but I have got to know is Courtney going to be entering in the story line?

I can neither confirm nor deny

Things always go awry!

re we supposed to be sure that Sarah was the person in Ali’s grave, or is that something we’ll find out this season?

You will find out this season the identity of the Jane Doe in Ali’s grave.

My five year old niece asks, “Will A ever die?”.

Well, we’ll have to see. This also is a mystery that will be answered.

What’s your favorite dessert?

I get asked this all the time! Pie. Key lime pie.

End Up Here Chapter 3

Previous Chapters: 00, 01, 02. 

Summary: Karma Ashcroft is practically a household name, currently being one of the biggest music acts in the world. Amy Raudenfeld is just a semi-closeted lesbian in a suburb in Austin, but when Karma accidentally sends her a message on kik, the two of them hit it off really well, and strike up a correspondence where they eventually share almost everything with each other… aside from their names and backgrounds. 


Keep reading


You are MINE as I am YOURS 

“I thought it was a dream. I don’t usually dream often. What kind of dream lasts this long?” - JH

It’s not a dream, though, it does seem that Christmas might have come 11 months earlier this year! I’ve pinched myself sadistically several times already and the same thing still keeps appearing on my computer screen. However, just in case this was all a dream after all, PLEASE, someone tell me which drugs induced it and where I can get them? Have they perhaps become available on Yesasia? This scene, those first 10 minutes of episode 15, is the reason for the existence of my proverbial smelling salts - the arrival of a kdrama male lead who knows how to make the most of the full potential of that expensive, enormous king size bed of his and use it for the purpose it was originally designed! I think the upcoming dramas can just stop trying because the 2015 winner of the most romantic, swoonworthy moment has already been decided! I didn’t expect this explicitness from SJN since the bed scenes in her works are usually of the vague and chaste kind. I imagine what happened off-screen must have been of the HBO/Starz quality - I mean, all that pent-up desire, that huge bed, no neighbors in the vicinity to worry about, the cold bringing the need for body heat…hmm,suddenly an abandoned factory doesn’t sound as such a bad place to live… 

I don’t know who decided to cast JCW opposite PMY but that person deserves a medal because she/her is a genius. Together they share a rare kind of chemistry which electrifies the very air between them and fills it with sparkles; THEY MAKE THE LOVESTORY FEEL REAL and that’s an art on it’s own not every pairing is capable of! From the very first second the camera focuses on YS and JH lying on the bed, you BELIEVE that they are LOVERS IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD, you BELIEVE they’ve spend the whole night making love to each other, whispering endearments and silent promises, holding each other in the darkness of the night; with their touches wordlessly conveying all the emotions and answering all questions they are not ready to voice just yet…

The sight of YS’s and JH’s clothing haphazardly discarded on the floor while they’re both lying in each other’s arms, their bodies interwined in the afterglow of their lovemaking and basking in the celestial light, reminds me of a painting masterpiece - a stolen moment between two lovers, spellbinding and magical in its intimacy, as if the time momentarily stopped for them (and lying among those white fluffy covers and pillows they appear as if they were flying on their personal cloud nine). How does a man react when he wakes up to the image of his beloved holding onto his injured hand while her gentle touch’s proving to be more healing than the bandage? He holds her wrist with his own hand to make sure she does NOT let go! SWOON! The expression on JH’s face speaks volumes - it’s a mix of bewilderment, disbelief and wonder - he’s awestruck by the fact that THIS ALL IS REALLY HAPPENING. Every woman should have a JH of her own - someone to watch her with such reverence, a man who would look at her as if she was the greatest mystery he needs to solve, as if she was the most fascinating and the most precious thing in the world to him. He keeps watching her intently so he wouldn’t miss any intake of her breath, any flutter of her eyelashes,… - literally devouring the woman he has loved so thoroughly, while not even daring to blink as if he feared she was merely an illusion, which could disappear in the morning light. 

JH’s been starved for love for so long, both physical and emotional, that now, when he finally has someone to hold, he can’t get enough of this newfound closeness. That’s why he turns into such sad, disappointed puppy after YS turns away from him -  not even a second goes by and he already feels deprived of her touch. Every gesture speaks of his need and yearning for physical intimacy and it must be soul-stirring for him to realize that YS feels the same - she only needs a slight nudge from him to roll back into his arms, instinctively following his lead. OMG! The sheer intimacy with which he touches her body (showing a knowledge of it only a lover would know), while positioning her in the crook of his neck and pulling her arm around his torso, so their bodies would touch as much as humanly possible; because touching and holding her proves to him that this is all real! Each touch, even the most simple one, an exploration and a caress on their own - possessive, protective and loving. And when he falls back to sleep with her being securely tugged in his arms and enfolded in his embraces, you know, he wants to bring her with him to the dreamland as well, too loathe to be parted from her even in his dreams. After YS wakes up, the first thing she does is to reach out for him and in that moment JH lets her see the deepest recesses of his heart - a heartwrenchingly open and vulnerable look full of longing, awe, love and fear while awaiting her reaction. 

And then she smiles at him and they both disappear under the sheets and there is a lot of movement and what happens under it is edited out because it can’t be suitable for audience under 15, plus no sane censor in South Korea would leave it in anyway. But everyone out there knows what this means - ENCORE!


This is a sneak peek for the precious @dorabellatrix​ from me, your OQ Secret Santa. :D  @secretsantaandsmores​! This work is still in progress (This One has consumed my writing time for the past two weeks), so please forgive my tardiness in completing your story.

I hope you are recovering, feeling better and have been able to enjoy your Christmas. Please know you are continually in my thoughts and prayers as you recuperate.

*Outlaw Queen, Hood Mills family, Swan Queen brotp and Charming/Mills family moments. 

She’s never minded the cold, has actually embraced it over the years, reveling in the sensation of allowing it to soothe her inner fire and calm overheated nerves. And today is no different, even though no demons have resurfaced nor any fireballs been summoned. Regina’s nose and feet are a bit too chilly for comfort, but that’s nothing she can’t handle, not when she’s surrounded by laughter and the occasional stray snowball whizzing by, the three males in her life knowing better than to lob one in her direction.

Then there’s a tug on her coat, and she turns to the youngest member of their family who now stands waist-high. She holds her gloved hand palm up, her lucid green eyes wide with wonder at the intricate patterns made by a cluster of freshly fallen snow.

“No two are alike, Elena,” Regina explains, her movements fluid and sure as she smiles down at the child’s uninhibited awe, wiping snow from her daughter’s glasses with a gloved finger. “Every snowflake that falls is unique.”

The girl stills and looks up at her, the question readable in her eyes before her hands move to speak.

Just like people?

Unique doesn’t begin to describe her daughter by choice and circumstance, and Regina swallows hard as she kneels to twirl long, nearly white-blonde locks through her fingers, watching dimples she adores peek out from hiding at her mother’s touch.

“Yes,” she nods before withdrawing her hand so she can answer. “Just like people.”

The spell that had accelerated Elena’s development in Zelena’s womb had marked the girl in ways that hadn’t been clear until she began to grow. Some of the effects were benign, such as the silver-blonde hue of her hair, vastly different than either Robin’s or Zelena’s but so like Emma’s had been when she’d put the girl on a path towards instant growth.

But other effects, such as the child’s inability to hear or speak, those side-effects had been devastating to all of them. And Emma has never forgiven herself for inadvertently marking the child with dark magic.

“Hey, Ellie!” Roland yells, prompting Regina to point over the girl’s shoulder in the direction of her brothers. “Come on!”

Roland and Henry have effectively teamed up on Robin, a fact which is just as irresistible to a five year old female as it is to the two over-sized lugs pummeling a certain thief with a barrage of snowballs. Elena jumps and claps her hands, her snowflakes now all but forgotten as she dashes to her father’s rescue, getting covered by snow in the process.

There will be hot baths and hotter cider for everyone tonight, it would seem.

“Save me, Ellie!” Robin cries, his plea followed by a chorus of protests and shouts from Henry and Roland before more snow is thrown about. Robin belly-laughs as he picks up Elena and swings her around, the girl’s mouth open in a smile that covers her face. But no sound emerges from her little body, no squeals, no giggles. Regina aches with the raw need to simply hear her daughter laugh or scream, to finally know what her precious little voice sounds like.

Her stomach clenches uncomfortably.

Robin still blames Emma for the loss of Ellie’s speech and hearing, although he has put aside his overt hostility for Henry’s sake. But Regina can’t help but wonder if the muting spell she’d placed on Zelena had left traces of that particular strain of magic in her bloodstream, magic that had been enhanced by a certain batch of onion rings and absorbed by the one innocent in what had been a horrific situation.

It was me, Regina, not you.

Her hair, and perhaps her deafness, but her speech…

Was all because of me. Her hearing loss happened because I was trying to shut out the voices when I cast that spell, trying to convince myself that what I was doing was for the best. And no matter what sort of muting spell you may have placed on Zelena, it would have never found its way into Elena’s DNA if I hadn’t…if I hadn’t brought about her birth prematurely. I did this Regina–not you. You’re not responsible for what happened to your daughter.

Emma is certain. Robin is certain. But at times, Regina still has her doubts.

They head home later, red-nosed and pink-cheeked, each of them receiving a mandatory brush-down before entering the house. Boots are discarded, coats are hung in the utility room before there is a mad dash into the warmth of home. The house smells of a ham and cloves, making four pairs of eyes stare back at her in exaggerated hunger.

“Just a nibble, Mom?” Roland asks as she shoos him up the steps towards the shower.

“That’s for dinner, and you know it,” she replies, snapping a warning glance towards her husband who has stealthily made his way towards the kitchen. “There had not better not be one pinch missing from that ham, or there will be no dessert for you.”

Her hands fly–signing is second-nature for all of them now–and she watches as Robin gives an exaggerated shrug towards Ellie before wiggling his eyebrows suggestively at his wife.

She’s making apple strudel, Daddy. Don’t cheat.

Robin laughs and scoops up his daughter, kissing her cheek before setting her back down.

“I won’t,” he assures her before tickling her belly. Her mouth flies open in a silent laugh, the joy on her features unmistakable. She pushes against her father until he stops and puts her down, placing her hands on her hips in a mock reprimand.

Bath, Ellie, Regina signs, watching with amusement as a small pink lip juts out in a pout that rivals Roland’s.

Can’t I wait until after dinner?


Regina shakes her head before Ellie’s hands still in defeat.

“Now, young lady, before everyone comes over for dinner.”

She may not be able to speak, but Ellie can stomp with the best of them, and she does so up the stairs, letting her mother know in no uncertain terms just how she feels about her fun being interrupted for something as mundane as a bath.