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I disagree but I totally respect your opinion. See, the GP never analyzes lyrics deeply unless she encourages them to, if anything they'd be like "oh she was really in love with that DJ guy" they aren't hardcore fans so they don't anlyze timelines or those kinda things. And Swifties... like you said, she could be publicly single and write a song about "being in love with a tall giraffe from the Lou" and they'd still be like "OMG Tayvin was so real." so idt she needs to do all this with Toe.

I’m not saying they analyze it, I’m saying that every time she releases a new song, people (non-swifties) make quick assumptions about who the song is about based on who she’s been seen with in the media. Hence, all the “he shouldn’t date her, she’ll write a song about him”. The fact that they don’t analyse is exactly WHY she does this, the more she’s seen in the media as being with him, or even just having his name mentionned, she easier it is to get the GP to automatically link him with everything she does. No one knew who he was 2 months ago, she is publicizing their relationship so that the public doesn’t HAVE to speculate, they will automatically “know” who it’s about. 

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How would Penny react to music such as (motionless in white, Amity Affliction, Asking Alexandria, etc.)???

I am v sorry for the lack of posts lately, life is quite busy 😟

- When Penny first hears it, he’s a little confused. He’d ask you a lot of questions, like “what are they saying?” or “I like that sound… what is that?”

- “They sound like me… is that why you like it so much when I growl?”

- I feel like he would really enjoy heavy music, he’d always bob his head to the beat. Songs that are especially heavy probably make him want to destroy something (*cough* you *cough* 😉)

- He’d fuck you to certain songs and growl the lyrics to you. For an example: Hatefuck by Motionless In White. The Final Dicvtm is good too.

- Sometimes when the two of you would be laying down, he’d ask you to put music on because he knows how passionate you are about the music you listen to

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A : Age | 14 although i turn 15 tomorrow ! (oct 19)

B : Birthplace | somewhere in asia

C : Current time | around 6 pm

D : Drink you had last | yakult !!

E : Easiest person to talk to | smol @dropsofletters and sarah my child @booyunbaekhyun

F : Favorite song | as of now, i’m into gd’s untitled 2014! there’s just something in that song that makes me feel a lot of emotions and the flow and everything, the way he sang the lyrics beautifully and just,, art

G : Grossest memory | i’d prefer to not say

H : Hogwarts house | slytherin !!

I : In love? | hmm do i want to consider myself as in love when i see renjun

J : Jealous of people | not really

K : Killed someone | no

L : Love at first sight or do I walk again? | you should walk by a lot of times tbh

M : Middle name | savage

N : Number of siblings | im an only child

O : One wish | one wish isn’t really enough for me, because i have a lot to wish for

P : Person you called last | one of my friends

Q : Question you are always asked | i have really small writing so “can you read that?” or “dont you get headaches from reading that? it’s too small”

R : Reason to smile | there is food

S : Song you sang last | drunk / ed sheeran

T : Time you woke up | around 5 i think

U : Underwear color | is this really necessary

V : Vacation destination | japan! and probably every asian country (i live in one tho lmao)

W : Worst habit | doing things on the last minute otherwise known as, procrastinating

X : Xrays | what

Y : Your favorite food | anything edible tbh

Z : Zodiac sign | libra !!

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Hopes and dreams for the sixth arctic monkeys record?

tbh idk if there’s actually a specific style or genre i’m hoping for, as long as they keep up the quality of music that they have so far i’ll be happy. the most recent thing alex worked on was belladonna of sadness and that sounded like it had a hint of humbug-esque writing in it to me, both instrumentally and lyrically, and i’d be cool with that continuing in am6 too. i wouldn’t necessarily want a record that sounds just like humbug (tho i probably wouldn’t complain about that) but a record that has it’s own distinct style with a dash of humbug’s lyrical intricacy and darker sound. 

that being said, this isn’t like…the style i’m hoping and praying for or anything, but i’ve always thought it’d be interesting if they went slightly psych rock since that isn’t a genre they’ve delved too deep into yet. or maybe a little blues rock?

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Who does Kylo prefer: The Smiths or solo Morrissey (before he went lame)?

Tough call.

I mean, he clearly loves Morrissey- that’s a given.  But I’m gonna have to say that he’s a bigger The Smiths fan. Just look at lyrics for “How Soon is Now”

I am the son, and the heir, of a shyness that is criminally vulgar
I am the son and heir, of nothing in particular

You shut your mouth
How can you say
I go about things the wrong way
I am human and I need to be loved
Just like everybody else does.

Yep, I’d say those lyrics are practically tailor-made for Kylo’s parental issue feels plus deep desire to be loved. Can’t you just see teen Kylo shouting them out after slamming his bedroom door shut (cause I can and now I’m emotional, hah)

Also, “There is a Light That Never Goes Out” is his favorite song and deepest fear.