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I HAVE MY DATA BAAAAAAAAAAACKI! that includes all my artwork!!! Thank you Universe!!!

It’s not finished yet, I just needed to share it! William is going to have a NY Knicks shirt as I said before ;)


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Hey Um,I don't know if you still do requests but if you do and you find the time,Could You maybe draw Seb and Jim Watching "Family Guy" for the first time and Seb just can't help but constantly point out how much Stewie reminds him of Jim and Jim just kind of laughs as he proceeds to secretly hold up a pocket knife behind Seb's back.ALSO I FRICKING LOVE YOUR ACCOUNT AND YOUR ARTSTYLE AND YOU'RE THE BEST MORMOR ARTIST OUT THERE ILYSM

I hate this a lot thank you


The shape of your warmth have been fading from your room like a favorite forgotten smell and I still try to keep your name on the tip of my tongue but it only tastes like an echo hit by the walls that hold the memories of you holding my tiny hands when I took my first steps. Memories some days hold me tighter than the last time I held your hand during your last breaths and I wonder if God ever sends back the love he takes away from us.

- In the memory of my late grandfather, inspired from the lovely piece “parting” by the very kind @dhritspoetry


Jigsaw Killer
Marjorie Ann Orbin

On the 8th of September 2004 in Arizona, Jay Orbin, on his 45th birthday, returned home from a business trip when his ex wife Marjorie Orbin was believed to have shot him dead and dismembered his body using a jigsaw blades.  

The following month, Orbin’s torso was discovered in a plastic container. His other body parts have never been found.

The former Las Vegas showgirl’s motive was to keep her multiple affairs secret whilst trying to take his money.

In October 2009, Marjorie Orbin was sentenced to life

Witcher moments (15) - The family

The Witcher cried, raising his sword. The rider saw him and hasted their gallop, steering the mount towards him. The Witcher cried again. Thunder boomed overhead.
In a blinding flash materialized a transparent sphere, inside loomed a form which was rapidly gaining form and shape. Dandelion recognized her immediately. He knew those black curls and that obsidian star on a velvet ribbon. What he did not know and had never before seen was her face. The face of Fury and Rage, the face of the Goddess of Vengeance, Destruction and Death.
Yennefer raised her hands and shouted a spell, from her hands poured a hissing spiral of sparks that cut the night sky and reflected thousands of times from the surface of the pond. The spirals darted like spears through the tangled cloud chasing the lone rider. The cloud gurgled, and to Dandelion it seemed that he heard the cries of ghosts, and he saw nightmarish silhouettes of spectral horses. He saw it only for a split second because the cloud suddenly shrunk, collapsed into a ball and sped up into the sky, stretching with the momentum and dragging behind it a tail like a comet. Darkness fell, lit only by the glow of a lantern that Petunia was holding.
The rider led the horse into the courtyard before the house and jumped from the saddle, he hesitated. It was then that Dandelion realized who it was. He had never seen this lean, ashen haired girl. But her immediately recognized her.
- Geralt… The girl said quietly. Lady Yennefer… I’m sorry… I had to. You know…
- Ciri said the Witcher. Yennefer had taken a step towards the girl, but stopped. She was silent.
To which of the two will she go to first, thought Dandelion. None of them, or the Witcher, or Sorceress. To whom will she first approach? To him? Or her?
Ciri did not approach any of them. She could not choose. So she passed out.


- Hey, he said, approaching suddenly and laughing. Is it nice to spy and eavesdrop? More discretion, little one. Let them be alone for a while longer.
Ciri blushed, but quickly opened her mouth.
- First, I’m not little. She whispered proudly. And secondly I do not think I’m bothering them, right?
Dandelion grew serious.
- Probably not, he said. In fact you might even be helping.
- How, In what way?
- Don’t pretend. You were very clever yesterday. But you didn’t fool me. You pretended to faint right?
- Yes, she muttered, turning her face away. Lady Yennefer realized, but not Geralt…
- They brought you inside the house together. Their hands touched. They sat next to your bed almost until dawn, but didn’t say a word to each other. It’s only now that they have decided to talk.

“Andrzej Sapkowski - Time of contempt”

This moment when a smart child knew how to bring her parents together after many years.

Rushing around packing the night before you leave is not advisable 😂 why do I always do this hahaha!