and the look on hope's face

BTS as police officers
  • Seokjin:gives himself a ticket because it's illegal to look that good.
  • Rapmon:tries to stop the criminal but accidentally tripping over and shooting his foot.
  • Suga:I'm going to the office (disappears)goes to sleep behind the coby-machine
  • J-hope:screams every time he gets called out to help causing everyone to panic and then he ends up fainting
  • Jimin:Ms. do you have a look this good ;) (winks five times and then gets slapped in the face).
  • Taehyung:chewing on his gun because...well it's Taehyung..
  • Jungkook:is the only cop that actually does everything right because well..he ain't called golden maknae for nothing!

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As an extreme Ennoshita fan, I'm so glad you draw him so often! Most people either don't know him well, or over look his importance, so thank you for giving Ennoshita a place as the "captain" of the new captains.

//tears rolling down face// THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LOVING HIM

[This fic was requested anonymously, I know I have done something similar like this before but I hope you all enjoy this alternate version too, this fic contains mild smut which will continue on into part 2 which will be out tomorrow]

          I must have looked like an idiot lying in the backseat of the car with my head resting in Mistah J’s lap as I absentmindedly turned my hand over and over in front of my face. My skin had become so pale, I half expected the glow of the street lights to shine right through it. I couldn’t help but wonder what chemicals were in those vats exactly.
           “How do you feel, gorgeous?” Mistah J asked, and I dropped my hand onto my stomach.
           I looked up at him, “Juiced,” I said.
           He smirked, “Oh Mister Frost, could you pick up the pace?” Mistah J said Frosty’s name in a sing song voice before ending in a harsh growl.
           Mistah J kicked the driver’s seat and like the obedient little soldier Frosty was, the car accelerated. I giggled and we road in silence for a while before there was a large bang. I gasped when the car suddenly screeched to a halt which sent me rolling onto the floor of the car.
           “What the-”
           I was in such an awkward position that I couldn’t see who pulled the car door open and jerked Mister J out. Pushing myself up I shrieked when arms suddenly wrapped around my waist and yanked me from the car. I noticed Mistah J was on the ground, his lip was split and he’d have one hell of a shiner. I didn’t need to hear his low and raspy voice to know it was Batman.
           “Doctor (Your Last Name), are you alright? Jesus, what has he done to you?” Batman set me down and I looked between him and my Puddin’.
           No one really knew it was me that lead Mistah J’s thugs into Arkham, I mean they had their suspicions, my career had gone down the drain none the less, but no one knew for sure.
           “I told you, Bat, she’s with me-”
           “I was so scared!” I cut Mistah J off and broke into a sob.
           I took a few steps towards Batman who looked suspicious.
           “I went after him, I wanted to catch him, you know? My career was ruined, everyone was blaming me for his escape!” I let out another sob and clutched onto Batman.
           His eyes softened slightly, “I found him but his thug knocked me out. Before I know it I am in a vat of chemicals and he’s dragging me off into his car.”
           I looked back at Mistah J whose anger was almost palpable but a quick wink put him at ease, he remained stony though.
           “I’ll get you help, Doctor (Your Last Name) you have my word-”
           “Hey Batsy?” I sniffled.
           “What?” (Authors note, this line was inspired by Gotham)
           “What’s the key to a good joke?” I jumped back from him, tossing his gun to Mistah J who was poised and ready. He caught it and pointed it at Batman before purring, “The punch line,” the gun fired and he kept firing.
           Frost had come to join the party (took him long enough), and he tossed a black can at the Bats feet. I felt a hand touch my back and I instinctively shot my hand out. Mistah J caught my wrist and a grin lit his face as the street suddenly began to be enveloped by a dense green fog.                                               “Let’s blow this joint, baby,” I laughed, his hand tightened on my wrist and we ran off into the night together like we were in a movie or somethin’.

***Mister J’s P.O.V***

           "How long to we have to lay low here?“  I asked Frost.
           Laying low is not really my style, but in lieu of recent events I figured the doc would like a little time before facing the Bat again, she had to be ready. She had come out to him in a way I was oddly proud and irritated with. Now she just needed to be primed and ready to come out to all of Gotham.
It had to be big it had to be sexy, it had to be… insane.
           I leaned back into a laugh and Frost gave me a look, but he had grown smart enough not to say anything or question me.
           "How long?” I asked again when I was done.
           "The Bat really wants to find your girl, we’ll be here for few hours at least.“
           I groaned, "Doesn’t he have a kitten to get out of a tree or a tower to brood on or something?”
           Frost remained silent.
           "Alright, where’s Y/N, I’m bored?“ I growled.
           "With Val and Reagan getting a makeover.”
           His eyes wandered behind me, widening only a fraction before he composed himself and went back to being the good little guard mutt he is.
           "Speaking of which,“
           Turning around Y/N stood on the second last glass step with Reagan and Val flanking her. Y/N’s  hair fell in soft curls to her lower back the tips of one side had been dyed pink while the other had been dyed blue. She wore a sparkly little number that made my hands tighten on my cane and if I was seeing correctly there was a small black heart on her cheekbone. I had taken her already when we washed the chemicals off but I wanted her again. I wanted to feel her warm little body under my hands, I wanted to hear her soft little pants and moans of submission.
           "Frost,” I said, never taking my eyes off Y/N who had her index finger between her teeth because she knew what was coming for her.
           "Yes, boss?“
           "Take Val and Reagan upstairs and show them my… gratitude,” Mister J purred.
           Frost didn’t move for a second before asking under his breath, “You want me to… kill them, boss?”
           Is that what I wanted? Is that what I was asking? Perhaps one day but no, today they could be rewarded for their service. I would decide whether or not I wanted to watch them eat each other’s eyeballs tomorrow.
           "No,“  I said simply.
           Frost nodded, stepping past Y/N and Val and Reagan lead him up the stairs by his burgundy tie.
           "We’re not goin’ home, Mistah J?” She asked, her Brooklyn accent stronger than ever.
           I couldn’t help but be amused, confused, pleased and angered with the fact that she was referring to my flat as home already. She hadn’t even been to my flat, but there was a little twinkle in her eye and a little curve in her lips that made me want to take her there. I wanted to drive to the flat and fuck her on every available service. I didn’t want her to be able to walk for days from the good fucking I wanted to give her, but patience is a virtue.
           "Not yet, doll, we have some time to kill,“ I purred, setting my cane down on the bar.
           "How do you like your new and improved Y/N, Puddin’?” She asked.
           I narrowed my eyes and clenched my fists. I was ready to be very angry at her for calling me something so annoying and ridiculous, but there was that delicious darkness in her, and the sparkle in her red dress matched that mischievous and sexy sparkle in her eyes so I forgave it.
           "Hmmm, I’m not sure if I like it,“ I sighed, leaning back against the bar.
           She didn’t pout, nor did she take offence, instead she straightened her back and took my words as more of a challenge. Oh, she’s going to be fun.

***Y/N’s P.O.V***

           I closed the space between us until I was only a few inches from him and he looked up at me with an expression that was hungry, playful, and bored. Sliding my hands up his chest I cupped the back of his neck and pressed my body against his.
           "You don’t like it, Mistah J?” I asked, my tongue barely grazing his lips and I heard a growl rumble in his chest.
           I… well, the ‘old’ me, the me from twenty four hours ago, hell, the me from a few months ago had never quite mastered this level of confidence. That’s the funny thing about madness, all your fears and all of your insecurities just float away.
           "What if I don’t, Y/N, what are you going to do?“ He asked, his voice was low and rough.
           My hand moved to his groin, he was hard but he pushed my hand aside.
           "No touching, you gotta earn it,” he whispered.
           Smirking I took a few steps back before I untied the dress and let it fall to the floor. His eyes darkened and he took a step forward but stopped for some reason. Fine, if he wants to be stubborn he can be stubborn. Sprawling out on the spare bed several feet away, I spread my legs and moved my hand between them.
           "Tell me when I’ve earned it, Mistah J,“ I said in a breathy whisper.
           Ever since I had met him, as crazy as it sounds I have had an insatiable hunger. I didn’t really understand it until he kissed me in the vats, I only realized what I was craving when Mistah J slipped into the shower with me.
           Even now, even when I had only just begun, I was already slick with my own arousal. Mistah J watched me intensely and I bit my lip to suppress a moan when his tongue glided across his teeth. It was only when I could feel the swell as my orgasm began to build, it was only when I inserted two fingers inside myself and began to rub my clit harder when Mistah J suddenly came down upon me and pinned my arms above my head.
           "No, wai-”
           "You don’t get to cum until I say you can, doll, got it? Do you know why?“ He asked and his hand curled around my throat.
           "B-B-Because you’re the boss,” I managed to choke out.
           He grinned and pushed off the bed so he was standing over me, “That’s right, now, put your fingers in your mouth,“
           Ever so slowly I moved my middle and ring finger, still glistening with my cum to my mouth and seductively licked them clean. His breathing became heavier and he began to undo the rest of the buttons of his silk dress shirt.

Right now, God is working behind the scenes in your life! No matter what you may be facing, no matter what trial you may be going through, God has a plan to turn things around in your favor. Right now, He is working out a plan for your good. Right now, He is orchestrating the right people to come across your path. He is orchestrating the right opportunities to open up to you.

You may not see it in the natural, but look with your eyes of faith today. Keep standing. Keep believing. Keep hoping. Keep following His Word. Focus on His goodness in your life, knowing that He rewards the people who seek after Him. As you meditate on the faithfulness of God and show your love for Him by following His Word, you will see His great plan come to pass. You’ll experience His peace and joy and embrace the victory He has prepared for you!

Sorry(Peter x Reader)

AN: Hey guys. I hope you enjoy this!

Warnings: Cursing, fluff, and other stuff. SMUT!

You woke up the next morning looking on the side of your bed. Peter was gone, and so was the little pallet you made for him. 

He had neatly folded it and hid it under your bed. You got dressed and left out of the house. You checked the bush where you threw his clothes and found nothing. 

After arriving at school, looked for Peter. No sign,you sighed walking to your locker. 

“Hey doll face.” A familiar female voice said. You closed your locker to see a smiling Michelle. “Hey dearie.” You replied back sarcastically slamming your locker with aggression. 

 “Whoa, what’s wrong?” She asked. 

You grabbed her arm and pulled her into the empty girls’ room. 

“Peter and I had our first date Sunday.”

Michelle squealed, “You know you have to give me the dets!” 

“So after he got back from his internship thing, he took me to The View & Lodge Restaurant-”

“Holy shit!” She interrupted. “I heard that place was expensive!”
“It is, well was.” You guessed

“Was? What happened?”

You knew Michelle didn’t watch the News, so you didn’t hold it against her that she didn’t know about the attack. 

“Well, he bought my mom roses and he got me flowers.” You blushed. “So Tony Stark’s driver takes us into Manhattan-”

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Lmao Erwin lived his life with the main principle that “once u regret your choices you start to let others make decisions for you and then all ya have to do is DIE” and remember that iconic moment when zackley outdid himself in ch 70 and totally roasted Erwin by saying lmao I hope u find what u looking for is really in that basement 

the camera then pans and zooms on Erwin’s face and he’s like boiiii what if I don’t find what I’m looking for why is life such a bitch MA (listens to eminem and angry cries like the white boy he is)

 fast forward to that climactic scene where he and levoto did rthe do…talked about Erwin’s backup plan 

Erwin hesitated to tell levoto his plan this time bc *drum rolls* he be may regrettin’ his choice and u know what happened after that? Erwin let Levi make the choice for him!

conclusion: zackley is a piece of shit

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Did you know that if you look up "Nino Lahiffe" on Google Images, there's that picture of you dressed up as him in the few first lines of results ? I think that's awesome ! (Also, there so many turtle!Nino pictures !!)

It is my hope that my face will be synonymous with his name and then i will BECOME him. I cosplay young his easily, because my face is rounder since i’m female. But there are plenty of cosplayers who do a better older version of him. I’m thinking about making a genderbend cosplay, which is just an excuse for me to have a female cut eye shirt. everything else is the same


Submission :

Looks like our boy isn’t actually that shy… My friend told me she thinks his shyness is actually an act. I’m just hoping he kinda grew out of it.
BUT THE SECOND PIC.. she sent it to me saying that he was seen with a girl on his lap and when he saw a camera he pushed her off… That makes me kinda sad, we can’t tell what actually happened, but like still :( sad face… what do you think…

My response :

Okay no. loll. That picture on the left happened when foreign students from thailand visited Sopa and Jungkook was chosen by his school as the representative so he posed with many foreign students. The pictures on the right are from 2014 in a bangtan bomb. Jeon was sitting with his coordi-noona and one of the staff.No she isn’t sitting on his lap and she’s clearly sitting beside him lmaoo The angle makes it look that way. You can see through out the video that jungkook and that guy staff try holding her back while she tries running away playfully.These pictures makes it seem weird looking as if he got caught doing something lmaooo but if you watch the video you’ll understand how natural it looked. They were joking with her and she got up to run away.It looked like a normal interaction between close workmates.Jeon is very close to his stylists,coordi-noonas and to his manager hyungs.He even thanked them in the wings album loll, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see that he’s playing with them backstage. ;) No need to feel sad fam. Jeon was just 16 at that time. Do you want stylist noona to go to jail or something LMAOOO. Istg, he was a baby. <3

Right now, God is working behind the scenes in your life! No matter what you may be facing, no matter what trial you may be going through, God has a plan to turn things around in your favor. Right now, He is working out a plan for your good. Right now, He is orchestrating the right people to come across your path. He is orchestrating the right opportunities to open up to you.

You may not see it in the natural, but look with your eyes of faith today. Keep standing. Keep believing. Keep hoping. Keep following His Word. Focus on His goodness in your life, knowing that He rewards the people who seek after Him. As you meditate on the faithfulness of God and show your love for Him by following His Word, you will see His great plan come to pass. You’ll experience His peace and joy and embrace the victory He has prepared for you!

- spiritual inspiration

"I'm tired of being angry" - dissection

I’ve so many feelings about this utter cracker of an episode, but many have been said by other people (and I’ve got a busy week) so I just need to look at something that hasn’t thoroughly been addressed yet in the tag (though I’m hoping others will do so in more detail.)

Serena says “I’m tired of being angry.” But:-

a) In terms of what we have seen - she hasn’t been angry (at least, not angry angry) all that long. Just since Hanssen told her that Bernie had chosen to stay. This very episode. You can see her anger swap from him (“You do it. You sent her.”) to Bernie in her face and her hands (she goes from stroking Bernie’s name to screwing the paper up. Bless you, you little cinnamon roll)

(I mean yes, she’s been frustrated: “she turns my life upside down” and, in Jason’s terminology, “grumpy” generally {which could constitute ‘low’ and/or 'depressed’ just as easily tbh} - but we haven’t seen that manifest in shouting at the ward to not mention Berenice bloody Wolfe until a certain BMAM decided to stay in Kiev. As the audience, we only see Serena’s actual anger come out post that revelation.)

b) This is Serena Campbell, whose hobbies include taking grudges to the grave. (Imelda…!) And she tired of being angry with Bernie first after a week or so, and now after less than one shift?

c) Further: if there has been no contact, how would Bernie even know if Serena has been angry or not? (And therefore the opening would be relevant.) Has Serena actually been angry (contrary to what we’ve seen) all this time and been sending a stream of angry text messages, to which Bernie has not been replying?

d) should it not actually read “I’m tired of being without you. I’m tired of wanting you and you not being here. I’m tired of dealing with this shit on my own when you’re the only reason it’s worth it.” Not that Serena would write that, of course. But perhaps it’s coded in to “I’m tired of being angry” in the same way “I need you” is coded in to “the Hospital needs you.”

And I have so many more feels about this and every other moment of the episode, but I have to get dressed and go to our devolved Parliament today. So.

Andre Burakovsky #3

Requested by Anon:  can you do an imagine about andre burakovsky? one where he brings you to the rink and teaches you how to skate and it’s rly cute? thank you!! love your writing!! *thank you so sooo much! I hope you like this. :)*

Word count: 946

Originally posted by lattsandhags

You adjusted the blindfold that has been covering your eyes for the last hour or so. You heard a door opening and a sudden gush of cold air hit your face, “If we’re at where we think we are, I’m going to hate you forever, André.” You said in a warning tone.

He chortled, “You love me.” He slowly untied the blindfold, the light momentarily blinding you. Once your eyes adjusted, you noticed that you were in a small ice skating rink.

You stomped your foot, “no.”

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You Owe Me

I don’t know if you are taking ideas/requests but I was just watching some funny Ellen videos where she sends people to haunted houses and tapes their reaction. In honor of Halloween coming up could you write an imagine where Harry and the missus go to a haunted house/trail? Thank you xxx

My Masterlist

Sorry it has taken so long to get this up! I hope it is what you were looking for (;

    Already, your heart was pounding. There was a slight sheen of sweat on your palms, even if the air was cool on the rest of your body. The wind whipped your hair into your face, and you blew a harsh sigh. Once you were free from the attack of your hair, Harry looked down at you. 

    “What’s the matter w’ yeh?” In his eyes you could tell that he knew exactly what was wrong. There was no doubt in his mind that you were freaking out about the haunted house he was dragging you to. 

   “You know what’s wrong.” You melted into his side more, the line for tickets shrinking. The family in front of you were messing about, the two youngest boys play fighting. 

    “Love, if those kids can do it, you’re gonna be just fine.” You were positive the look you gave Harry could have killed. The boys were probably around the ages 11 and 13. You watched as they pretended that they weren’t about to walk inside of a house to intentionally get the life scared out of them. Why do people enjoy this?!

    As soon as the line dwindled enough that you could see the entrance, an accidental squeal left your lips. Your hand wrapped tighter around Harry’s and he laughed a bit but it had sympathy laced with it. 

    “Oh, baby… If you really don’t want to, we can just go home. Just watch a scary movie, yeah?” His brows furrowed, looking down at you. For a split second you almost agreed. Oh, what relief you would feel. Soon, that washed away and behind it was the reason you were here in the first place. 

    “Oh look! It’s a haunted house, it’s real close by too… Might be fun…” Harry wiggled his eyebrows to you, his face lighting up as he scanned the screen on his phone. He didn’t miss the look of disbelief you gave. Your hair was wrapped in a towel on top of your head, one also wrapped around your body. 

    “Fun?” You questioned, the towel falling from your head and your hair along with it. Harry watched it drop and cascade down your shoulders, damp, as you began to comb it. The towel on your body was inching lower and lower. He was trying his hardest to not notice. 

    “Yes, fun. It’s my turn to pick the date this week anyways… Maybe that’s what I’ll choose…” Despite his best efforts, Harry noticed your skin being more and more exposed by the second. You placed the comb onto the dresser, watching as he moved himself to the bottom of the bed. 

    “That’s what you choose, and you’ll be going alone.” His laugh, as he pulled you by the waist to him, made you smile. 

    “You owe me, little girl. Do we remember what you chose last time?” Harry’s hands rested on your hips as you came to stand between his legs. There was a slight pink rising to your cheeks from how God-awful your choice was the last time you got to pick the occasion for date night. 

    “I thought it was a good movie! I really am sorry,” You apologized. In your defense, you had been 12 when you had seen it last and back then it was a great movie. Something your pre-teen self would have loved. The 20-something you? Now that was a completely different story. 

    “S’okay, you just owe me. C’mon, you can hold my hand the whole time and I’ll protect yeh.” He squeezed your hip, smiling when he did so. 

    “Hmm, such a brave boy aren’t you?” 

   Now, not only do you have the guilt of picking the worse movie possible last time, but the wandering hands turned into much more. Harry convinced you to go with his lips, his fingers… and other methods. Convinced you so well– he really wanted to go to this damn haunted house. You weren’t going to take that away from him no matter how scared you were. 

   “No, I’m gonna go. We’re gonna go.” You said matter of factly and Harry wasn’t going to argue. 

   The line waned shorter and shorter. Each wind gust gave you a shudder, and the closer to the front of the house you got, the more screams you could hear. They sounded absolutely terrified, but you couldn’t think about that. If you thought about that, you would most definitely go running the other way. So, when it was finally your turn to purchase tickets at the forefront of the house, you got a good look. 

   Everything was dark. The siding, the shutters, the roof. It was a huge house– a mansion. There were the typical spider webs thrown about, blood spatters messily applied. The lights inside the door flickered, and likewise for the windows visible from the front. You had no idea what you were about to walk into, but you were positive you were going to hate it. 

    People– no, creatures, coming at you from all sides. Things jumping and screaming at every corner. The family in front of you were moving too slow, something chasing them in circles. Each of the little boys from the line were laughing at the half human-half animal figure terrorizing them and that made it all the more creepy. Your hands flew to your face, taking your hand from Harry’s for an instant until you realized that you didn’t want to chance getting separated from him and quickly reached for it again. A shrill scream came from your body when someone spoke deeply into your ear and you hid your face into Harry’s chest. You even heard a scream from him and his hand bearing down tightly onto yours. 

    The lights were flashing and made it impossible to see the entirety of everything around you happening. Each new creature you encountered seemed more creepy from the next and you found yourself wanting to push the family in front of you out of the way. One eye stay hid behind your free hand, the other eye was buried into Harry’s side when something particularly scary happened. A couple times you were sure you felt Harry pulling you in. 

    “Oh, god, god, god…” You grumbled when one monster that looked eerily like a pig followed you, snorting. Harry was laughing, but when the creature got in his face he jumped and his giggling ceased. A short ‘ahh’ sounded from his lips and finally the half pig-half man stayed behind as you moved forward. 

    Finally, you could see the door that lead to the outside. Well, at least you were hoping and praying it was going to lead outside. The family in front of you opened the door, and you were correct. In a rush to get there, you tugged Harry forward as the sounds were getting louder in effort of one last scare. You ignored them completely and focused on the freedom just on the other side. At last you reached your savior and stepped outside. 

    The air seemed cooler, but more comfortable than before when you were standing in line waiting to enter the house. It was nice to your warm skin that was heated in adrenaline and your heart was beating. You let go of Harry’s hand, wiping your sweaty palms on your jeans. 

    “I hate you,” You said as you started moving towards the parking lot, back in the front of the house. Harry jogged up beside you. 

    “No you don’t. It wasn’t that bad, was it?” He asked, putting his arm around your shoulders and kissing your forehead. 

    “Yes, it was terrible. Even you screamed, you brave, brave boy.” The faux scoffing sound from Harry made you laugh.

    “I did not scream,” He protested with a smile. You just raised your eyebrows and nodded. You both knew he had, there was no need to push it. Instead, you decided you would get something a little more out of this whole thing. 

    “I’m just sayin’, it was that bad. Makes me think you owe me a little something… You said it would be fun, and I have had no fun tonight.” Both of you wore a devilish grin as he opened the door of the car for you to hop in. Once you were settled inside, he leaned in and kissed your lips slowly. 

    “Hmmm, well let’s get home and I’ll see if I can change that? How’s that sound?” His lips connected and danced with yours again. When he pulled back, you nodded quickly. 

    “Wonderful, that sounds wonderful.” 

Cocoa with Cas

gif is not mine

Title: Cocoa with Cas

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word count: 552

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: I hope you all enjoy some Castiel fluff! I have been working on A Little Too Late, so I hope you are all excited for the next part! Soon I’ll be posting a Christmas drabble list, which I am still working on, but have no fear, it will be posted on NOV. 1st!

The sound of fluttering wings filled your room, causing you to look up from your book.  A smile spread across your face as you hopped off your bed, setting your book aside.  “Cas, it’s great to see you,” you beamed, padding up to the angel.

“It’s even better to see you [Y/N],” Cas spoke, his voice hushed.  Castiel’s day was always brightened when he got to see you.

You wrapped Castiel into a hug, quickly pulling back.  A look of worry spread across your face, “Cas, you’re freezing.  Where have you been?”

“I was searching for a Christmas tree.  I heard your thoughts and I wanted to help,” Castiel confessed with a smile.

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Not As They Seem... - 3 (Barry Allen/Reader)

Part One  Part Two

Originally posted by bobbimorxe

You walked into the lab smiling. Today was a better day. Better week all thanks to a kind gesture last Friday. 

You’d lost a friend that day and were hoping to find some solace in the arms of your boyfriend, but ended up making a friend. Who really helped you when you needed one. Since then he’d checked in on you and it was nice.

Julian looked over you, “Y/N…were we supposed to meet today?”

“No.” You walked over to him kissing his cheek, “I’m here to see Barry.”

“Allen?” He made a disgusted face, “What for?”

“We are having lunch.” You told him cheerfully, “We’ve become good friends recently and he offered to take me to Cajun Asian, since I know you don’t like spicy I thought it would be a win win.”

“…” He looked over toward Barry grabbing his coat, “Really…”

“Mmhm.” You smiled at him stepping over to Barry, “I promise to get Mr. Allen back in an hour and a half. I’m sure you’re both very busy.”

“Very…” Julian watched as you both moved to leave, “Allen, a moment…”

“Yeah, sure.” He stopped watching you walk out into the hall, “What’s up?”

“What’s up?” Julian repeated, “Why are you taking my girlfriend to lunch?”

“Because…we’re friends…and friends do that…” He told him squinting his eyes as the obviously bothered man in front of him. He wouldn’t admit to him but he was happy to see Julian ruffled.

“Since when…are you two friends?”  Julian said curtly glaring at him.

“Since she came in here nearly in tears looking for you because he friend passed away.” Barry told him, “But you were too busy to pick up your phone, now if you’ll excuse me…I have lunch to get to.”

“Back off Allen.” Julian called after him.

“Yeah…whatever…” Barry muttered ignoring the comment. 

asgardiantimelord123  asked:

Police! Help! I've been robbed! All the candy I had is gone!

Little darling officers look at each other with big hopeful sparkling eyes. They had another case in their hands! This made them so happy. Word was definitely getting out that they were very good at their job. They both turn to face you and nod in unison, letting you know that they will take your case. You take them over to the crime scene where a bunch of crumbs and candy wrappers can be found. Sou pup and Rinrin carefully examine the crime scene and start looking for clues. It was pretty awful that someone would dare not only take, but eat all the candy too! Rinrin gets a funny feeling in his tummy… He feels like he’s seen this before many times… Or maybe he’s just hungry!

After not being able to really find anything in particular, they start asking a couple of questions and hope that maybe with what they hear they can solve this mystery.

Sou: Mmm… what kind of candy was here?

You let them know that they were just your average candies: chocolates, gum, lollipops, etc.

Rinrin: Fishie candy?

Both Sou pup and you look at Rinrin as he smiles from ear to ear. You think about it for a second though… Oh! Yes! You tell them that you indeed had some fishie candy in the pile! They were swedish fish that the thieve left behind. You didn’t think it meant anything so you had picked them up since the baggies weren’t open at all. Little Rinrin gasps at this. He quickly starts moving his fisted little chubby hands up and down in excitement.

Rinrin: Rinrin knows! Rinrin knows!! Souchke–Rinrin knows!!

Sou: Kitty…?

Rinrin: Come on Souchke!

Sou: Mmm!

Rinrin grabs hold of Sou’s hand and off they go pitter pattering as fast as their chubby stubby feet could possibly take them. They leave you a bit confused but you had faith they will help you out!

The little darling officers go back to Rinrin’s home and as soon as they open the door, Rinrin quietly tells Sou pup to be very very quiet… From that moment, they started whispering to one another. Sou pup wasn’t sure what exactly was going on or what and who they were looking for but he trusted Rinrin’s intuition and he knew he would solve this mystery!

Rinrin: Okay… we will go upstairs to my room… The thieve is hiding there!

Sou’s eyes widen.

Sou: Kitty? Kitty know?

Rinrin: Yesh~! Rinrin know who thieve is and we will catch thieve!!

Sou: Mmm!

They quickly but quietly make their way upstairs and slowly tippy toe towards Rinrin’s room. When they finally get there, they notice that the door wasn’t closed all the way. They decide to peek through the opening for safety purposes. Their eyes widen and both try their best not to make a sound at the scene before them. The room was dark, but they could still make out a small figure inside. It was sitting in a corner of the room, it’s back faced towards them, and munching away at what it appeared to be a small stack of CANDY!!!

Sou: FWEEZE!!!


Both darlings push the door open and wait for the thieve to show its face, but no movement. The thieve then stops munching on the candy but still does not face the darling officers. It just stayed there, still. They gulp but don’t back away. Sou pup takes a step forward in front of Rinrin. If this gets dangerous, he wouldn’t want Rinrin to get hurt!


The thieve suddenly whines in pain and before either darling officer could say or do anything else, he falls back! Sou and Rinrin gasp and pitter patter towards the fallen troublemaker. Rinrin pulls the curtain a bit so some sunlight can shine in and finally, revealing the thieve.

Sou: P-PUPPY?!!

Nagisha was laying flat on the ground with his chubby stubby hands on his bloated belly, mouth and hands covered in all sorts of candy and chocolate. Sou pup was so confused but Rinrin smiled proudly.

Sou: Kitty??

Sou turns to look at Rinrin, a worried expression on his face.

Rinrin: Rinrin knew it was Nagisha since Nagisha is always stealing RINRIN’S CANDY!!

He pouts but continues.

Rinrin: Nagisha no like fishie candy. That’s why Nagisha no steal Hawoo’s candy… Just Rinrin’s!! But Rinrin was smart and hide candy in new secwet spot!

Sou was still surprised that Nagisha was the thieve but it made sense. Since Nagisha couldn’t find his brother’s secret stash of candy no more, he went and stole someone else’s! Rinrin went on and told Sou pup to take the left over candy and bring it back to its owner while he took care of Nagisha. Sou pup nods and does as Rinrin told him and leaves the siblings alone.

Rinrin: Nagishaaaaa~! Nagisha twouble!! Rinrin telling Makootoh!

Rinrin crosses his arms and pouts at his younger sibling. Nagisha couldn’t even defend himself. All he could do was whine and rub his belly and almost regret eating all the candy…

The mystery was solve! The leftover candy was returned and Nagisha’s tummy felt better after Makoto gave him something for his tummy ache but he didn’t go unpunished… Makoto took all sweets away from him for a whole week which made Nagisha cry, but Makoto wouldn’t fall for those crocodile tears this time. Another job well done!

anonymous asked:

if you're still doing the 500+ word drabble things, could you do Holsom and Pumpkins please? (Pumpkin carving maybe?) :) Thank you so much! I hope you're doing well and this writing stuff is fun for you :)))

This is so sweet oh my gosh you’re adorable thank you.

For the Monster Haus AU. Featuring Elf Holster and Sasquatch Ransom.

Honestly this could just be in canon though. I could see it.

“Hey so,” Holster shifted, turning his perfectly carved Jack-O-Lantern around and lifting it up in front of his face to show off to Ransom, “do you think this is what Dex’s dad looks like? Like, do you think I could send him to his room if I put it on my head?”

All Holster could see was orange, but from the other side of the pumpkin he heard a sound that sounded suspiciously like choking. With a frown he lowered his pumpkin, equal parts concerned for Ransom and annoyed that his joke hadn’t landed.

Across the wooden picnic table Ransom had a hand clamped over his mouth, his other arm resting far too casually alongside his own pumpkin. Despite how quickly Holster was able to finish, Ransom seemed to have only gotten one eye cut out.

“Dude, how are you so far behind me? What are you doing?”

Ransom’s eyes were wide but he shrugged, one hand still clamped over his mouth. Holster narrowed his eyes. As he stared at him, he found his gaze slipping to the side, falling over Ransom’s shoulder. He was kind of hard to focus on, almost like-

“HEY!” Holster snapped, brandishing his carving knife like a weapon. “Don’t you try to use your goddamn Squatchy powers on me!”

“Don’t call them squatchy powers!” Ransom retorted. His words were heavy and muffled behind his hand.

“Bro, are you eating something?”

Ransom swallowed hard and let his hand fall to the table. “What? No!” His eyes darted to the side and he licked the edge of his lips.

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kingcael  asked:

Tidus “I accidentally called you my girlfriend/boyfriend today.”

@kingcael I HOPE THIS IS OKAY;;;;

Tidus runs his fingers through his hair.  He messed up.  He really messed up today.  He’s messed up so bad that he really begins to think that maybe Auron had been right about him being quite the crybaby because hell, he sure felt the tears stinging at his eyes. 

He hadn’t meant to blurt out something so stupid.  The two of them had just met a few months prior.  Yes, of course they had been traveling together and yes, they seemed to get along fine, at least Tidus hoped so.  But there was no way it would be possible to think there was anything more there.  To be frank, it was impossible in his mind, absolutely impossible.

He stands in the mirror, facing his reflection with a stern sea-blue gaze. 

He looked a wreck


‘No,’ he thought to himself.  ‘No, that doesn’t matter.  I’ve gotta to fix this.  I’ve got to make this right.’

He takes a deep breath

“Yuna, listen.” So far, he’s off to a good start.   “I might have goofed up big time.  The Goers were talkin’ about you in the locker rooms a few days ago before the big game in Luca and they were saying some things that were–he chews his lip, trying to find the right phrase– “inappropriate.”

“And I really couldn’t stand it because you’re worth so much more than that.” 

His voice cracks. 

“You just deserve to be treated, and complimented with so much more respect, and kindness, you know, like what you, and the others showed me when I washed up here and–” 

And his heart along with it. 

“What I’m trying to say, is that I might have told them you were my girlfriend today…”

As soon as the words slip past his lip, he wishes right then that his statement had been true.