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Wanna Bet? 3 (M)

Rich Fuckboy!Jimin x Reader


Warnings: SMUT. Oral (both), face sitting, rough, daddy kink, dirty talk

Word Count: 1,707 

“I hope you don’t think I’m done with you, baby girl. I haven’t even fucked you yet.” Jimin looked at you with a smirk. He pushed you off of his thigh and moved down the bed so that his head was now on the pillow. He motioned for you to move closer to him, eyeing you as you crawled closer. When you got within his arm’s reach, Jimin grabbed your waist and brought you on top of him, facing his legs. He pulled you by your thighs, so that you were now hovering above his face, the realization of what he was about to do sinking in,“I’ve been dying to find out how you taste baby, don’t make me wait any longer.”

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Vengeance (Chato Santana)

words: 1,428

“I’m not going to be a part of your suicide squad.” You stated, not looking Amanda into her eyes. “You have no choice,” Amanda told you. “I know.” You told her and she furrowed her eyebrows. You finally looked at her and saw the confusion on her face. “I’ve read about you, the badass motherfucker who can make people do whatever you want by using something they hold dear to them.” You told her and she smiled.

“So, what’re you going to use against me?” You asked and crossed your arm. “You’re just a kid, Y/N. You’re not as tough as you think you are.” Amanda stated. “I’ve dealt with people possessed by other entities and I can help you.” She told you and you smiled. “I’m not…it’s more complicated than that.” You told her. “Explain.” She ordered.

“It…it first started when I was ten. I was terrified and began to investigate more into pyrokinesis and when I told my mom, she thought it was a sign from God. Turns out, she wasn’t wrong. When I turned fifteen, I found out that I was chosen to be the human form of the Spirit of Vengeance.” You explained to her.

“And what is the Spirit of Vengeance?” She asked. “An entity sent from Heaven to punish sinners.” You told her and she chuckled. “Heaven isn’t real.” She told you and you smiled. “And we thought we were alone in the Universe. Superman proved us wrong.” You told her. “And, that is how you justify killing people?” Amanda questioned. “Look into every person I killed, they all deserved it.” You stated. 

“I’ve done a far better job at protecting this world from villains than any government.” You said, defending your actions.

Amanda chuckled, “You want to help people.” She stated and you furrowed your eyebrows. “I can help you with that,” Amanda told you. “By joining your suicide squad.” You stated. “It would be in my and your benefit.” She stated.

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Of Mafias and Men (8)

Parts:  1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Note: Finally, here it is!!! So sorry for anyone who’s been waiting for me to update this~ I hope it was worth the wait. :D

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Pairing: Jaehyun/ Y/N/ Taeyong

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The afternoon Y/N met three foreign faces at the front of the coffee shop, she prepared herself for any possible attacks. She could never be too cautious especially since the most recent attack.

She almost ran. However, when Jaehyun placed a hand on her shoulder to assure her that it was alright and that he knew them, her fears melted. It was only then that she relaxed.

Y/N also learned their names. The youngest with the reddish hair color was Mark, the cute one that reminded her of a bunny was Doyoung, and the eldest but silent one was Taeil.

As she observed how Jaehyun interacted with the three of them, Y/N could not help but be reminded of Taeyong and his own group of friends. The memory made her smile.

‘I wonder how Ten, Yuta, and Donghyuck are?’ she thought. It had been awhile since she saw them, too.

Y/N wanted to work that day, but with no choice left, she got in the car with them.

“Y/N, are you okay? Where should we go?”

When Jaehyun asked her that, it reminded her of how Taeyong always asks her. She was free to decide their destination. Wherever she may be, Taeyong will always follow. That was how it has always been.

‘This is wrong,’ Y/N thought, frowning, as she watched Jaehyun’s face. His eyes were focused on the road but even so, she liked the look on him.

She felt wrong. Jaehyun was making her feel like how she would normally feel with Taeyong.

“Hm, I’d rather go to work, Jae,” was what she replied. And it was true. She’d rather not miss another day’s pay even though the prospect of going to an amusement park was extremely tempting. Besides, Y/N wanted to clear her head of Jaehyun. It seemed like he was the only thing in her head ever since.

Taeyong was gong to fetch her, too, anyway. Y/N worried about what he would do if he found her missing at work.

However Mark’s face convinced her otherwise, as much as she didn’t want to. It was hard to resist.

When Y/N saw how deep Jaehyun’s dimples got when he smiled, pleased with her decision, she couldn’t help but say it out loud then poke it.

“Hey! I’m driving!”

She only laughed in response. “Are your bruises healing well?”

Jaehyun nodded, and Y/N said her next words faster before her mind could even process.

“Good. ‘Coz you’re cute and I don’t want you to bruise.”

She was taken aback and Jaehyun was too, causing him to press on the brakes all of a sudden.



She didn’t have a good response. Good thing was, the other three at the back of the car interrupted the moment.

When Jaehyun stepped again on the accelerator, with face and ears still red, she found him adorable.

She had to look outside her window so he wouldn’t see the small smile on her lips.

And that was how she got her first trip to an amusement park. 

Y/N bit her lower lip. It was supposed to be something she wanted to share with Taeyong. She wanted all her firsts to be with him, but again, Jaehyun came into the picture.

Oddly, Y/N realized that she didn’t mind.


After ages, Y/N finally got to have fun. She felt like she was a kid all over again, experiencing the rides for the first time.

She especially enjoyed the rush of adrenaline as the roller coaster reached its peak, before it sped down, leaving her heart in the twists and turns.

Even when she was breathless, Y/N took a large gulp of air as she heard what Jaehyun screamed into the air.

He might have thought she was too scared of the height to notice, but she heard him loud and clear.

“Y/N, I like you!”

Deep down, perhaps brought about by the rush of adrenaline, Y/N somehow wanted to scream that back, too.

After the roller coaster ride, Y/N felt the hunger eating her stomach out. But with no extra money left, she just thought of bearing it out than borrowing some from Jaehyun.

It was then she noticed the shift in the air about him. 

He was more caring and more sincere than usual. Her thoughts went back to his confession. Perhaps he thought that she was blissfully unaware. But even just thinking about it made her blush. Y/N had to fight the urge every time.

However, just as she was enjoying her food, she heard Jaehyun whisper a name.


‘Ten? What’s he doing here?’

Panic gripped her. Ten might get the wrong idea if he saw her with someone else. Extra trouble if it was a guy. Every one of Taeyong’s group of friends, Taeyong included, were overly protective of her.

Things got worse when Jaehyun and Y/N were about to ride the Ferris wheel. Ten, out of nowhere, pushed her into one of the compartments. She didn’t really doubt Ten’s intentions (who knows? Maybe he just wanted to talk in his weird way of asking) but Jaehyun had other ideas.

Jaehyun punched Ten square in the face which caught Y/N by surprise.

Clearly, Jaehyun does not like Ten.

They were almost like enemies.

Y/N was itching to ask Jaehyun what was going on when they were in the car, escaping the scene. And just as Jaehyun was about to share, Ten caught up and interrupted them again.

“Leave Y/N or face his rage.” She remembered Ten saying.

‘Who? Taeyong?’

There were more questions than answers. And Y/N was determined to find out.

“Hey.” He tapped on her shoulder. “Are you okay?”

Y/N was startled back to reality. She was staring into the worried face of Jaehyun.

“I am.” She tried to smile after the confrontation earlier. “Are you?” Her eyebrows then furrowed in worry.

Jaehyun softened at the sound of her voice.

“Yeah,” he replied. “Let’s get you home?”

All the weariness of the day’s adventure suddenly soaked Y/N to the bones. What little energy she had left seemed to have been sucked out of her. So instead of a reply, Y/N just nodded.

The ride back to the coffee shop (at Y/N’s insistence) was pin-drop silent. Only the low whirs of the car’s air conditioning unit served as the background noise.

When Y/N got tired of the view outside, she turned her attention to Jaehyun who was focused on driving. As Y/N observed, Jaehyun seemed distracted.

“What are you thinking?” she could not help but ask. The quietness finally got to her and she had to talk about anything just to break it.

“Nothing,” Jaehyun replied. Yet, his hands gripped the steering wheel tighter.

Y/N sighed. So did Jaehyun. “I’m sorry our day had to end like this.”

She shook her head. “No, it’s fine. I had fun.” That, she meant.

They finally arrived at the coffee shop. Before Y/N could go out of the car, Jaehyun asked, “You sure you’ll be alright?”

“Yeah. Someone’s coming to get me.”

Y/N noticed how his jaws tightened.

“How come you never let me accompany you home?”

Y/N smirked at how Jaehyun sounded like his age. “Because I just don’t want you to.”

Of course, Y/N couldn’t. She lives with the most powerful mafia family in the country. Bringing Jaehyun with her would risk, not only his, but the security of everyone in the mafia.

“I wish I could meet your ‘better’ half.” Jaehyun frowned at the word ‘better half’.

Y/N laughed before she reached for his hair, ruffling it. “You’re so cute. But, uh, yeah. Gotta go. Good night, Jae.”

Y/N hugged him, surprising Jaehyun. She felt him stiffen up but just as he was about to return the hug, Y/N broke the contact.

“See you tomorrow.” It brought a smirk on her lips seeing how Jaehyun’s usually pale cheeks were red.

“Stop blushing. It’s just a hug,” Y/N teased.

Jaehyun cleared his throat and sat up straighter in the driver’s seat. A small smirk made its way on his lips and he kissed her cheeks in revenge.

She closed her eyes when his lips came in contact with her cheeks. Her heart quickened its pace and she felt herself blush.

“Good night, Y/N.” Jaehyun’s voice was so low it sent shivers up her spine.

“O-okay,” she said after, not looking Jaehyun in the eyes.

With that, Y/N got out of his car.

She was only able to walk a few meters before someone spoke in a low voice. “Where have you been?”

Y/N swallowed down a scream as her soul almost left body in fright. She saw who it was and said, “Tae, you scared me!”

She hit him on the shoulder before her hand came on her chest to calm herself down.

Taeyong, however, remained poker faced. “Who was that  in the car?”

“A friend.”

“Someone I don’t know or—“

Y/N held out her palm to stop him from saying anything more and sighed. It was obviously heading to another argument which she didn’t want or even have the energy.

“Tae, give it a rest.” Y/N resumed walking.

Taeyong sighed before catching up with her. Then, he placed an arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer. He inhaled the scent of her hair.

“Sorry. Let’s go home.”

Y/N only nodded. But she hoped Taeyong wouldn’t notice the pounding in her chest. Taeyong was being intimate more that day than he had in years.

Another blush crept up her face and Y/N was sure it would give her away. So, she tried looking away. But taking a glance at Taeyong, she was relieved to see his eyes so focused on the road.

When they arrived at the mansion, Y/N thought that was where they would part ways, just like the usual. But instead, Taeyong led her to her favorite part of the mansion: their garden.

The garden looked like the Lee family tried fit an entire forest. It was filled with plants and flowers of all kinds and colors. The landscaping was unbelievable. It displayed the refined taste Taeyong’s family had.

Everything was quiet except for the rush of water in their pond which snaked around the garden. It also housed their huge collection of kois.

A light wind blew and Y/N inhaled the smell of roses.

“I’m sure you’re hungry,” Taeyong said. He led them to a table set-up in the middle of the garden. “You’ve always been working too hard, Y/N. Are you sure you’re not going to accept my proposal?”

Y/N’s heart leaped at the word ‘proposal’. She had to remind herself it was not for marriage but rather a proposition Taeyong came up to help her and her family. She knew he cares for her, but she cannot accept any more of his money.

“I can’t,” she said. Taeyong frowned at her. “But I’m going to accept your fancy set-up for a dinner.”

Taeyong smirked but the playfulness did not reach his eyes.

“Let’s eat?” He sat at the end of the table while Y/N was on the other.

Ddeokbokki?” Y/N laughed at his humor. The set-up was too fancy for his homemade ddeokbokki. “You’ve always loved this.”

Taeyong laughed with her at their inside joke. “Eat well, okay?”

“Yes, sir,” Y/N replied with a mock salute.

A few minutes passed with Y/N not saying a single word to Taeyong. But still, she enjoyed the silence. That was until she noticed a smirk on his lips.

She set down her chopsticks. “Tae, what are y—“

The rest of her sentence was drowned as the sprinklers burst to life. A light rain of cold water sprayed into the air. It didn’t take long for Y/N to be completely drenched.

“Tae!” Y/N cried out. Taeyong only laughed in that boyish laugh of his as he got up from his chair.

The kid in him came out. It had been ages since he played a prank on her.

Y/N stood up to chase Taeyong around the garden. However, he always seemed to be just out of her reach.

Their laughter echoed in the garden. It blew Y/N’s mind that no one came out of the silent mansion and told them to shut it.

Just as she was about to touch Taeyong’s shirt, he halted, causing her to ran right into his back. The collision made a wet smack.

In one fluid motion, Taeyong spun around, caught her, and then lied on the ground. He pulled Y/N towards him and made her use his arm as a pillow.

Together, they lied down in the middle of the garden, soaking wet, but admiring the stars in the sky.

“I miss playing,” Taeyong said. He sounded breathless, but it was masked by the sound of the sprinklers.

Y/N looked at him. “Didn’t you play when you were a kid?”

Taeyong smiled at her. “I did. With Ten, with you, with J—“

He caught himself before he could finish the rest.

“With who?”

Taeyong’s eyes hardened for a moment. “No one.”

“You’re not telling me something.”

“Should I tell you all my secrets now?” Taeyong had a teasing smirk on his lips. He stuck out his tongue at Y/N.

“I want to know everything because I think I missed out a lot of your childhood. You know, before we came.”

Taeyong made no response.

“And here I thought we were supposed to be close.” Y/N returned her gaze back to the sky.

Taeyong chuckled at her annoyance then stared back at the sky as well. “Are you sure it’s just that?”

Y/N felt her cheeks slowly heating up. “Y-yeah.”

“We used to call him ‘Casper’,” Taeyong finally shared. “It was because he was so pale.”


“Stuff between our families happened.” Taeyong waved his hand like it was unimportant. “They left.”

“Where’s he now?”

Taeyong gaze at Y/N sharply then back into the sky. Still, his eyes never softened. “I don’t know.”

Even as he said that, Y/N knew he was lying.

“Come on,” Taeyong stood up and held out a hand at her. “Let’s get you home.”

Clearly, the subject was closed for discussion.

Y/N felt a bit too cold. She pulled the sheets closer, but it did nothing to warm her.

Eonnie? Eonnie!”

Y/N woke with a jolt. She opened her eyes and was greeted by the sight of her sister. Her eyes held worry.

“You’re sick, Y/N.” Y/N noticed her mother beside her. Then, she pressed the back of her hand on Y/N’s forehead to check her temperature.

She tsk-ed.

Slowly, Y/N rose from her bed. Her body felt like lead and she ached everywhere.

‘Damn,’ she thought.

Y/N rarely cursed, even in her mind, but she thought it was one of those times that deserved it. 

Great. She got fever. From being soaked to the bones last night.

‘Lee Taeyong, this is all your fault.’

Note: Just curious, how many of you are rooting for Jaehyun? For Taeyong? Feel free to leave your thoughts on this update or on who you’re rooting for in my ask box! Can’t wait to read your answers~ :D

Everyone’s been designing their own Sombra concepts with her wearing a mask shaped like her supposed skull emblem. Gotta say I’m not really a fan of that look. Blizzard does a really good job at facial expressions and I’d hate to see them block a character’s face with something. I’m hoping for a Sombra that wears a hood with Day of the Dead face paint. I guess I should shut my mouth and get drawing it huh.

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N: N won’t fight with trying to teach you, so he’ll opt into purchasing you some training chopsticks. You can graduate to the real chopsticks when he sees fit or he’ll help you use regular chopsticks on easier food items. “These training chopsticks should help. We gotta get those finger muscles moving.”

Leo: He’ll laugh to himself on the inside watching you fumble with the chopsticks, but he won’t say or do anything until you just so happen to look up with the expression of ‘help me’ written on your face. At that point he’ll just guide your fingers and hope for the best. “I was wondering how long you were going to sit there and struggle.” 

Ken: Tbh, he’ll think your frustrated expression would be extremely cute as your food slips from the chopsticks. Eventually he’ll help you with your hand position, by placing his on top of yours to guide your fingers. He won’t let go until you tell him too. “Look, it’s like this. Steady, steady…”

Ravi: Ravi would stop eating mid-chew to help you because 1) he doesn’t want you to starve and 2) it’s important for you to grab this important etiquette of his culture. However, you can look forward to funny mishaps of chopsticks and food falling because it’s easier to just demonstrate than to actually teach. “Look at my fingers and my thumb position. No copy me. Yeah, like that. Now grab the food-tighten the grip!”

HongBin: HongBin will watch you fail at using chopsticks and then immediately attempt to help because you need to learn the skill. But in his attempt to help, he’d confuse you even more and then you’ll end up still not knowing how to use them while he’s second-guessing his own manual dexterity. “You gotta put your thumb here…wait…no…*Looks at his own hand*…yeah…wait…yes! Now squeeze.”

Hyuk: For most things he’ll probably let you fend for yourself, but learning how to properly use chopsticks would be important to him. So he’d attempt to teach you–making you do unnecessary finger drills like you’re at a chopstick bootcamp–before giving up and just telling you a super easy way to cheat. “Bae, just fake your way. Stab it..”

Thanks for asking!
-Admin Cheezy ^_^

Oblivious Much? - Dan x Reader - Request

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Fluffy and cute and GAAAAAAAAAAR. Also a little bit of language.

Word count: 791~~

A/N: The request was: “Im in love with the idea of dan x reader fan fictions can you do one were the reader is best friends with him nd dan tries showing her he loves her in small ways but shes so oblivious that eventually he gets super frustrated and just kisses her so its all fluffy and cute???” Hope you like this anon!!

“You should’ve seen the look on his face when I said that!” Y/N squealed to me, practically bursting my eardrums.

I leaned back, and watched as she excitedly told the story of how she told her brother…uh, something. I wasn’t quite paying attention. But I thought it was adorable that she was so excited about the story.

She had this special glimmer to her E/C eyes, that I couldn’t quite figure out, but that I loved anyways. She was smiling and laughing as she told the story, which I loved, as well. I had been dropping subtle hints about my crush on her for the past month, but I was pretty sure she wasn’t picking up on it.

Which, to be honest, kind of frustrated me a lot.

“So Dan, do you want to go to lunch with me and B/F/N?”

“Sure,” I replied. “Yeah, let’s go.”

I fixed my fringe as she dragged me away from the comfort of my living room, and out onto the sunny streets of London.

As soon as we reached her favorite corner bakery, and we walked inside, another squeal threatened to break my eardrum.

“Y/N!” The squealing girl shouted. “You’re here!”

I waved awkwardly, but the girl ignored me. Y/N and B/F/N talked excitedly about everything they’ve been doing lately.

I stood beside Y/N awkwardly, until finally, B/F/N decided it was time to order our lunch. That was when she finally took notice of me. “You brought Dan here, too?” She asked.

“Yeah. He’s my best guy friend. Why not?” Y/N said. She seemed to hesitate when she said “best guy friend,” and I tried not to read too much into it.

“So Dan, I heard you tweeted something about surprising a girl you love. Is it Y/N?” B/F/N teased.

I smiled at Y/N, then said to B/F/N, “It’s no fun if I tell you who it is.”

She squealed, then turned to move forward in line. Y/N and B/F/N ordered their food, and then B/F/N whispered to me, “It’s definitely Y/N, isn’t it?”

“Yeah.” I admitted. I had slightly hoped Y/N heard, but she didn’t seem to have even acknowledged our conversation.

After ordering our food, we sat down to eat. B/F/N kept giving me side glances every now and then, smirking whenever Y/N started a conversation with me.

I kept awkwardly flirting with Y/N, but she kept not even noticing I was flirting.

God dammit.


It was finally time. It was 9:00 PM, the time I’d invited Y/N over for ‘an important conversation.’

I was going to surprise her, and I hoped it’d go really well.

“Dan?” Y/N called from the doorway. “I’m here.”

I checked my fringe one last time, then grabbed the flowers I bought for her off the bed. I was ready for this.

Now to be honest, going into these things wasn’t good for my emotions. In fact, they were all over the place when I decided to do these things.

For example, every time I flirted with her earlier today, my heart threatened to eat me alive, okay. This wasn’t going to go down well.

But yes, I still decided I was going to do this.

She smiled when she saw me, and said, “What are you hiding behind your back?”

With my heart pounding against my chest, I said, “Flowers. Your favorite kind.”

I handed her the bouquet of flowers, and she smiled. “Thank you, Dan. I’ll add this to the pile of gifts my friends gave me.”

God. Fucking. Dammit!

“Y/N, you’re so oblivious.”


“You’ve been doing this same fucking thing all month long!”

“What same thing?” Y/N asked, her mouth agape. She probably didn’t know, but that frustrated me even more.

“You’ve been ignoring my flirting, and acting oblivious every time I dropped a hint that I like you!”

“I’m sorry!” She said, “I didn’t know!”

I crossed the room in two strides, and pulled her closer to me. She stared at me like she was anticipating something.

I lifted her chin so that she was looking up at me, and I said, “You’re so God damn oblivious.”

When our lips connected, my heart started beating so fast I was afraid it’d ignite into flames. Her lips were soft and heavenly, everything I’d imagined they’d be like, and more.

She pulled away and said, “For the record, I was doing the same thing.”

“What?” I asked.

“I was dropping hints, too. You didn’t seem to pick up on them, either.” She smiled. “I guess we both like each other, then?”

“Yeah.” I said, awkwardly.

She smiled, and stood on her tippy-toes. She pecked my lips once more, and said, “I get to choose the movie tonight!”

“Oh we’re watching a movie, now?”

Cheer You Up - Finn Bálor


please don’t hurt me this is the first time I’ve ever wrote about this sweet bby. i hope he gets well soon bc omg i feel so bad for him.


You were there when it happened. You watched from backstage, horrified when you saw how he hit the barricade. Your heart nearly stopped when the look came across his face. You knew something was wrong with him, but somehow he kept pushing through until the very end. It was destined for him to become the champion tonight. Despite how horrible he may have felt, he had to keep it up.

After he won, you were more than ready for him to make it backstage. And when he did, that’s when everything broke loose. He had tears in his eyes as the medical team began assessing him. “Baby,” You breathed out, watching as he held onto his shoulder.

“Six months, (Y/N).” He stared up at you. He had begun the healing process, but when he found out he may not be back in the ring for six months, he was devastated. You walked over to where he laid on the bed and got beside him, your head resting on his chest as he wrapped his good arm around you.

“You’re going to be fine… There’s nothing you can’t handle. Plus, I’m right here. The entire way.” You assured him, your eyes finding their way to stare into his own. You could see the tears forming once again. He had been an emotional mess since the news was given to him. The shoulder injury was much worse than they had thought, and he only wanted to be back in four months or less.

“I just feel like I’ve let people down.” He admitted, biting down on his lower lip. “Devitt,” You smirked, staring at him with a loving look “You didn’t let anyone down. When you get back, the title will be back with you, no doubt about it. What I want us to focus on right now is getting you better so you can get the title back in your hands.” You pressed a soft kiss against his lips, feeling as he returned the loving gesture.

“What would I do without you?” He whispered, resting his head on top of yours. “I don’t know,” You sighed. “You would probably be crying a lot more. At least I’m here to hold you.”

“(Y/N), I can’t even give you a proper hug… With this sling in the way, it’s kind of limiting me with you.” He chuckled roughly. You rolled your eyes, tracing circles on his abdomen. “You’re the cutest. Since you can’t fully hug me, I’ll be here to supply all the hugs.” You nuzzled closer to him,

The two of you stared at each other once again, a content silence falling over the room. The only sounds that were heard were yours and his breathing which had synced in pattern. As you continued to trace small circles on his stomach, his good arm was pressing into your side gently.

“You know, I still can’t help but giggle at your name.” You broke the silence, causing him to roll his eyes and join in your laughter. “This was such a romantic moment and you ruined it by making fun of my name.” He sighed deeply. You scoffed, shaking your head. “Romantic?”

“Okay, despite the fact I only have one arm. It was still pretty romantic if you ask me.” Fergal smiled widely, showing his teeth.

“No, but seriously,” You pressed your forehead against his. “Fergal.” You laughed harder at yourself than at him. He just stared at you, a smile on his face. “You sure do know how to make me smile.” He said under his breath.

“I’ll always be here to ensure that there’s a smile on that beautiful face of yours.” You promised, leaning up to peck his lips one more time.

anonymous asked:

Is there any advice I could get on figuring out whether I'm trans or not?...

That’s kinda tricky as there is no definite questions for yes/no you are trans.

Key factors though (talking from experience) might include stuff like

- Being disgusted over how your body and especially face look in relation to gender features 

- Feeling like you never come along with/being an outsider with [assigned gender] people

- Hating the sound of your own voice

- Feeling uncomfortable wearing clothes traditionally matching [assigned gender]

- Dreams and hopes of one day just waking up as the other sex

- Not being able to see yourself in [assigned genders] gender role in a 5-10 years scope.

Everything has changed

Plot: After Stiles’ actions, Y/N struggles to deal with it. Until he shows up on your doorstep, when you’re least expecting it.

Paring: Stiles Stilinski X reader

Word count:  1881 

Warnings: Stiles acting strange, kissing and intimate scenes, gif isn’t mine and I’m sorry if I missed anything! 

Authors note: loosely based of Franklin by Paramore (not my video!). Totally random idea but as always feedback is appreciated and I hope you enjoy it x

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why-should-i-use-this  asked:

I see a lot of fairy kei makeup tutorials that have face deco (like sparkles or sequins or small buttons glued onto the face as part of the look). Where do I buy stuff like that? What should I be searching for?

It’s usually just sequins/glitter/confetti found at a craft store! You can safely stick them onto your face with eyelash glue, or use those fake stick-on earrings or cute stickers. I also found an amazing face glitter at Cyberdog, which lasts a long time (good for cons).

I hope that helps!

so I did not know this but apparently you can accidentally give yourself gray hair!!!! and also I can’t understand the sentences in my psych textbook anymore so it is definitely Time To Go To BED.

‘Night everyone I really hope you’re doing well and that you have a lovely lovely good day or night (whichever it is for you rn!) 💛🌟✨🌕

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♔ only if you want to though!!!

send me a: “♔” and i’ll draw you/your character

i drew you in your miitomo outfit, hope that’s okay!

send me a symbol


I’m no good at writing poem hahahaha i don’t write deep hahahaha it’s just for fun aryt dont judge. This is totally trash I’m telling you now. I just want it to rhyme hahaha this is for the actor I have a crush on. Hahahaha!

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Among all these spoilers, there are three things that really bother me. 1)No Daily Bugle? Even some analog? Damn, this movie should be unique, if he can afford it. 2)Flash and MJ. I very much hope that in the movie will be Mary Jane Watson. That is, she can be a nerdy and dress like punk (it's even cool), but she must be that Mary Jane! She should behave as MJ, and not just to say "face it, tiger ..." at the end. Flash same thing 3)This point follows from the first two. Spoilers look believable

We don’t know if there’ll be a Bugle or not? And if there isn’t, then it’ll definitely be in the next movies.

This is Tom’s first film as Spidey and there’s a lot of ground to cover. TASM2′s biggest fault was adding far too much and it ended up being extremely convoluted. We need to focus on Peter being a kid in high school at first, then branch out to other things, otherwise they’ll make the same mistakes again.

If MJ is in the movie I’m sure they’ll make her the fiery girl we know.