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okay so when I saw the first picture of Dan something hit me about it. besides him being extremely gorgeous and perfect something seemed different? and I was thinking about it and I realized it’s because we never see him from that angle, never from that side of his face. and then I started thinking about it and I realized we never fucking see that side of his face bECAUSE HES ALWAYS FUCKING STARING AT PHIL AND wE LITERALLY ONLY EVER SEE HIM FROM THAT SIDE OKAY BYE


Oh gosh;; i was tagged by wyldsnowsjaegerman to do the twenty beautiful people thing. So, here’s my face! Im not really sure how these things work, omg; so heres some people that reblog a lot of my stuff;; ((theres not actually twenty omg)) feel free to do it if you’d like! ;u;

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Do you have any techniques on how to draw faces in different angles? (Looking up looking down, etc) I love your art style, it's lovely!

(Thank you, dear! Sorry I answered this so late!)

Alrighty! There are many ways to draw the head at angles, but here is how I do it:

For more explicit details on the proportions of the head, watch this awesome video, and here’s another one about extreme angles x. Using these general strategies will make drawing heads a lot easier with practice. 

For more info about heads, here’s a reference board x.

I hope this helped, and if you need more clarification, or just questions in general, feel free to ask! If my explanation wasn’t good enough, I’m happy to lead you to some other helpful tutorials/references that are better at teaching art than I am.

Happy drawing!

Taylor, good luck on the first day of The 1989 World Tour!!! You can literally just sit on that catwalk and we’d still lose our shit because that’s how amazing you are.

I hope you know how grateful we are that on special days like today, you take time off your busy schedule to talk to us and show us how you genuinely care.

Have the time of your life, and I can’t wait to see that big smile on your face when you look stare out into the crowd of swifties. I love you so much my friend! <3


Did I ever tell you guys that I totally look like Connie Maheswaran fron Steven Universe? Personality-wise, we’re a lot alike too!

It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a character that I look like and can totally relate to from her style, to her compassion, to the faces she makes, to the parents she has, and the relationship/love she has with Steven. Just knowing a person like this is loved by so many, it gives me hope about people and I know that I am loved.

I made this makeshift cosplay for a college party at school. People actually knew who I was trying to be, loved that I did it and even thanked me for doing so.


I was tagged by the gorgeous plantion to do the 20 beautiful people challenge 🌸

Does anyone have those days where they looks at themselves and it just bring down their mood? Sometimes it is hard to look at myself and think that I am beautiful. I have those days where I do not want to go outside because I do not want people to look at me. I know I am just being dramatic but feeling like people will laugh at my face gets to me. Learning to love yourself is a long process, but I really wish it would move faster. I want to be able to say that I am beautiful and attractive. I hope that everyone who struggles with the same think can see how beautiful they are one day, and if you don’t struggle with it I hope you never do.

Here are 20 beautiful people I want to see 🌸🌿
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If anyone else wants to do it go for it!

I am sorry if you have done this already or don’t want to!

Today it was confirmed that my Grandma had a stroke last Wednesday. My mom said it was very obvious that it was a stroke because she was very confused all the time and very very forgetful. My 83 year old Grandma is pretty bright and she is a diabetic so she has always been very good about what she eats and taking her pills. But her blood sugar was through the roof like she had forgotten to take her pills or that she ate something before taking her blood. She isn’t as talkative anymore and there appears to be a slight droop to one side of her face. There is no paralysis in her arm or leg so at least there is that but it is officially time to look for a home to transfer her to.

That being said I may need to move in with her to keep an eye on her until we have someone who can look after her properly. I don’t know what thats going to mean for me and this blog but I hope I can still be here.

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Just curious is there a reason you don't like the new Spider-Man news? (I know... I'll really miss Andrew Garfield and I still wish Dyan o' Brien could be spidey.) P.S. You are amazing and so beautiful! Keep being awesome.

aww thank you!

Well i don’t mind  Tom Holland, i mean, he’d do a pretty good Peter i think 

But Asa Butterfield… naah, not so much

I’m not saying Asa’s acting skills are bad, i actually really loved him in Hugo (haven’t seen anything else with him though). He just looks too young to me? And yes, yes, i know Peter is 16 and all… but…???? i don’t think Asa would look convincing. Maybe it’s just me. ALSO i haven’t seen Tom Holland in anything, so i pretty much judge by their faces and i think Tom looks more like Peter. I just hope they don’t pick Asa and for some weird reason i feel like that’s exactly what’s gonna happen. 

But guess what, i’m still 100% sure i will love new Spider-Man no matter who plays him xD

Hello! I am that one person that sent you a snapchat of this long ago. I hope you like it! (u w u)/ But anyway, let me point out that you are very cute and handsome and that your drag is very nice! :’D

Look at this!! Oh my gosh, thank you so much!! This is so adorable and I really appreciate it!

Little White Lies || Theo & Lucifer

Lucifer walked through his empty apartment, fumbling with his keys in his hand. He had made plans via Twitter to meet up with his friend Theo for drinks. He was curious as to who the boy’s angst-filled tweet was about. Locking his door behind him, Lucifer left for the parking lot. The brunette haired boy had been having trouble with his car, and hoped that it would pull through for him tonight. Hearing the same roar from his car’s engine, a smile formed on his face. He retrieved his phone from his pocket, typing up a message for Theo. “on my way!! (:”

Holloway drove through the heart of South Creek, looking around at the town. The town didn’t show any signs of the fear or panic that had run through it. In the back of his mind, Lucifer know the killer was out there. A small sigh escaped his lips as he drove through Willow’s Creek. He passed by the road that led to his stepsister’s house, continuing on the long stretch of road. He arrived a large set of gates with a small voice box. The boy pulled his car up close, pressing the red button. It rang for a few moment’s before hearing a familiar voice. It was Theo. “Let me in!”

i was going through photos i’ve taken of myself and a trend is my inability to look directly at the camera

“no camera i didn’t ask for you to be here”

“sure hope there isn’t a camera here”


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Yooo, any advice on drawing jawlines?

I’m not an art major so I apologize if this isn’t the most technical or accurate advice, but this is generally how I look at jawlines. 

Basically if you can draw triangles you can draw a convincing jawline, regardless of what type of face you wish to draw also I’ve been away from my tablet all day, thus why this is on scrap paper. Hope it’s still readable. 


throwing his phone halfway across his bed, luke flopped back with a sigh. did he want to do this? he was unsure. but he knew that it was happening regardless. he took one of his pillows and put it right on top of his face, hoping to pass out from lack of oxygen before bo got there, but..– he heard the knock before he knew it. so luke groaned, yelling a simple come in before the pillow on his face was being chucked in bo’s direction. he didn’t know if it hit him or not, he didn’t care to look. instead, all he said was, “is there like…. a specific time frame for this? like a standard amount of cuddling time?”