and the look margaery and loras give her

What’s Destructed ‘round You

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Pairing: Jaime X (Tyrell) Reader

Word Count: 1600

Warnings: none

-Part 1- -Part 2-

With the better half of your family dead in a fiery blaze at the Sept of Baelor, you are now Cersei’s prisoner, the focus to take out her hollow frustrations, the prophecy inching her further into madness. Jaime can only stand by to watch, as his duty would bid him, for so long.

Jaime had never known what to think of you. Margaery and you were like night and day, Margaery joyful and bright, you reserved and stiff. Though you did have that shifty eye all Tyrell’s seemed to have.

And maybe in another time it would have been strange to see you crying, but Jaime heard about the destruction of the Sept of Baelor. How Mace, Margaery and Loras had been in there when it blew. At court you never shed a tear no matter how Cersei taunted. You were her prisoner now, but you held so strong in the face of her abuse. Jaime supposed he was witnessing a moment meant for no one, if anything he was being cruel just having stumble upon it.

All alone in the garden, sobs only coming in little gasps, Jaime wasn’t sure if he should just leave. But seeing you cover your face and somehow look even smaller tugged all the right strings. Giving a hard sigh, he quietly made his way to you. If you heard his approach, you didn’t show it, remaining by the small murky pool, trembling into your hands.

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i’m asking you (what you know about these things)

[jonxsansa, modern au, ~5k+]

said there’s no mistakin’
what i feel is really love

—sam smith (whitney houston cover)  

When Sansa had received the gold-leaf invitation to celebrate Loras Tyrell and Renly Baratheon’s spring wedding, her expectations were high. She had known Loras since high school—indeed, she was best friends with his sister Margaery to this day, five years after their graduation—and as such she had come to know the Tyrells to be the most extravagant of families. As a young woman with equally lavish tastes, Sansa had gotten on with them famously.

While never quite so bold or, at times, rather outlandish as Margaery and Loras, because of their influence Sansa had gained a sense of poise and sophistication well beyond that of her own family. That’s not to say that the Starks were not held in high esteem. But Catelyn Stark had always said that while all of her children had been born with silver spoons in their mouths, her eldest daughter had grown up to fashion hers into a crown. Sansa had once taken offense to that, thinking her mother meant to make a materialistic fool of her, but as she grew older she gained a better perspective.

Not one among their elite set did not have a taste for the finer things—not even her younger sister, Arya, much as she would like to pretend otherwise—and Sansa simply accepted her good fortune and used it to do good by herself and others. Margaery felt the need to point this out at every availability, usually when Sansa showed up to a social event with a less-than reputable beau on her arm. Which, even Sansa can admit in retrospect, is often. Loras’ wedding is no exception, although Sansa has yet to look at it in hindsight.  

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The Rose Wedding - Loras Tyrell x Reader

{Credit to gif creator} 

Fandom- Game of Thrones 

Character- Loras Tyrell {Includes Margaery Tyrell} 

 Word Count- 1264 Words 

{As its a wedding you needa dress, and I don’t know what every reader would like, so I won’t describe the dress too much, you guys’ll have to imagine what you’d want - PS it’s a Tyrell wedding, I’d suggest some flowers?

You were waiting for your call to your wedding, your wedding to the great Knight of Flowers- Loras Tyrell himself. You and him were set up by Margaery, she said he was perfect for you, but little did you know he had no interest in women…At all. 

“Lady (Y/N),” You hear and your eyes tear away from your hands that rested in your lap and at the woman in front of you. 

“Lady Margaery,” You allow a small smile and she takes your hand. 

“I’m sorry Lady (Y/N), I’m sorry I lied to you about Loras, but I promise he will try his best to give you a child,” Margaery says and you look up at her. 

“I have no interest in children,” You whisper and she laughs. 

“You will dear, you will,” She says and she stands you up and your handmaidens come rushing in, grinning and clapping. 

“You look beautiful my Lady,” One of them says and you smile at her. 

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anonymous asked:

Could you please post some quotes that confirm Loras's and Renlys relationship?? Because I never even thought about the possibility that they could have something together.

Sure. Like, I don’t think it subtle. And it’s no even so much a matter of quotes as it is this overall impression that everyone knows they’re together, and it’s this open secret. As well as the overwhelming impression of Loras’s love for Renly.

In aGoT, Loras and Renly are inseparable. They’re plotting together to bring Margaery to court so that they can pull a Katherine of Aragon on Cersei. When Renly crowns himself king in aCoK, Loras is made Lord Commander of his version of the Kingsguard, the Rainbow Guard. This is rather absurd favouritism, considering that Loras is seventeen and has no actual battle experience.

“From time to time, King Renly would feed Margaery some choice morsel off the point of his dagger, or lean over to plant the lightest of kisses on her cheek, but it was Ser Loras who shared most of his jests and confidences. The king enjoyed his food and drink, that was plain to see, yet he seemed neither glutton nor drunkard. He laughed often, and well, and spoke amiably to highborn lords and lowly serving wenches alike.”

It’s quite obvious to me that they have sex the night before Renly is killed:

“You might do well to pray yourself,” Catelyn added.

“For victory?”

“For wisdom.”

Renly laughed. “Loras, stay and help me pray. It’s been so long I’ve quite forgotten how. As to the rest of you, I want every man in place by first light, armed, armored, and horsed. We shall give Stannis a dawn he will not soon forget.”

An impression that Loras latter reinforces when talking about that night:

“She fled,” he said. “She and Catelyn Stark, they left him in his blood and ran. Why would they, if it was not their work?” He stared at the table. “Renly gave me the van. Otherwise it would have been me helping him don his armor. He often entrusted that task to me. We had … we had prayed together that night. I left him with her. Ser Parmen and Ser Emmon were guarding the tent, and Ser Robar Royce was there as well. Ser Emmon swore Brienne had … although …”

Like, not subtle. Their relationship was sexual:

“Lord Renly always said that books were for maesters.”

“This one is for us. The history of every man who has ever worn a white cloak is written here.”

“I have glanced at it. The shields are pretty. I prefer books with more illuminations. Lord Renly owned a few with drawings that would turn a septon blind.”

Jaime had to smile. “There’s none of that here, ser, but the histories will open your eyes. ”

After Renly’s death, Loras is described as “going mad” with grief:

“It’s said the Knight of Flowers went mad when he saw his king’s body, and slew three of Renly’s guards in his wrath, among them Emmon Cuy and Robar Royce.”

He takes Renly’s body away and buries it himself:

“I buried him with mine own hands, in a place he showed me once when I was a squire at Storm’s End. No one shall ever find him there to disturb his rest.” He looked at Jaime defiantly. “I will defend King Tommen with all my strength, I swear it. I will give my life for his if need be. But I will never betray Renly, by word or deed. He was the king that should have been. He was the best of them.”

He is noticeably upset that he doesn’t get to publicly grieve for Renly:

“That was when Lord Renly was killed, wasn’t it? How terrible for your poor sister.”

“For Margaery?” His voice was tight. “To be sure. She was at Bitterbridge, though. She did not see.”

“Even so, when she heard …”

Ser Loras brushed the hilt of his sword lightly with his hand. Its grip was white leather, its pommel a rose in alabaster. “Renly is dead. Robar as well. What use to speak of them?”

The sharpness in his tone took her aback. “I … my lord, I … I did not mean to give offense, ser.”

“Nor could you, Lady Sansa,” Ser Loras replied, but all the warmth had gone from his voice. Nor did he take her arm again.”

But he makes it clear, Renly was the love of his life:

“House Tyrell continues through my brothers,” Ser Loras said. “It is not necessary for a third son to wed, or breed.”

“Not necessary, but some find it pleasant. What of love?”

“When the sun has set, no candle can replace it.”

“Is that from a song?” Tyrion cocked his head, smiling. “Yes, you are seventeen, I see that now.”

Ser Loras tensed. “Do you mock me?”

A prickly lad. “No. If I’ve given offense, forgive me. I had my own love once, and we had a song as well.” I loved a maid as fair as summer, with sunlight in her hair. He bid Ser Loras a good evening and went on his way.”

And everyone knows that Loras is homosexual. The semi-taboo nature of homosexuality in Westeros makes it all allusions and innuendo, but it’s not subtle.

“Mace Tyrell actually thought it was his own idea to make Ser Loras’s inclusion in the Kingsguard part of the marriage contract. Who better to protect his daughter than her splendid knightly brother? And it relieved him of the difficult task of trying to find lands and a bride for a third son, never easy, and doubly difficult in Ser Loras’s case.”

“Jaime grabbed the boy with his good hand and yanked him around. “I am the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, you arrogant pup. Your commander, so long as you wear that white cloak. Now sheathe your bloody sword, or I’ll take it from you and shove it up some place even Renly never found.”

“Margaery looked very much like her brother, the Knight of Flowers. The queen wondered if they had other things as common as well. Our little rose has a good many ladies waiting attendance on her, night and day. ”

“ If the gods were good, he would give Ser Loras the glorious end he seemed to want. Assuming the boy does not drown on the way. There had been another storm last night, a savage one. The rain had come down in black sheets for hours. And wouldn’t that be sad? the queen mused. Drowning is ordinary. Ser Loras lusts for glory as real men lust for women, the least the gods can do is grant him a death worthy of a song.”

“ Cersei had seen how tight the bonds grew between squires and the knights they served. She did not want Tommen growing close to Loras Tyrell. The Knight of Flowers was no sort of man for any boy to emulate. ”

“This is the first I have heard of a new master-at-arms. You’ll need to look long and hard to find a better jouster than Loras Tyrell. Ser Loras is—”

“I know what he is. I won’t have him near my son. You had best remind him of his duties.” Her bath was growing cool.”

If you’re very determined, you can argue that, yeah, it’s never actually stated that they had a physical relationship, but I think the text is quite clear.