and the littlest one writes

The Littlest Winchester - Hide and Meet

Character: Crowley

Warning: None

Word Count: 924

Request:  Hi! I was wondering if you could do The Littlest Winchester! It’s so adorable!! Can you please write one where she meets Crowley?? And he actually likes her(PLATONIC not like like and yeah) but won’t admit it.. Thank you so much for your writing. 💞


    In all her four years of living, Dean’s daughter has never actually seen very many supernatural creatures. Maybe a shifter, one or two witches, but they were the more helpful sort, the rare few that showed up at the motel with information or to make a deal. Even then, the little girl didn’t know what she was seeing. To her, they were just normal people who needed to talk to Daddy and Uncle Sam.

    So when she stumbles across Crowley in the halls of the bunker, she probably assumes the same thing. He’s a black-clad stranger in her home, and she feels no fear of him. Of course, she knows she shouldn’t talk to strangers, but her father and uncle are nearby someplace, and he’s in the bunker. She has no reason to be afraid.

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